Lighting Kit for Sale


Lighting Kit for Sale
Lighting Kit for Sale
Calumet Monolite 750’s
3 x 750 w/s head kit with 3 Manfrotto 052B stands, 3 umbrellas [one all white], 2 umbrella reflectors, one
snoot and one Chimera soft-box ring. Built in switchable slave triggers. Also includes 3 sync cables and
one ‘splitter’ cable. Padded case for heads and reflectors, with stands carrying case included.
Replacement cost for kit $2,800. Everything in near new condition. Lightly used. Asking $1,400.
Plume Wafer 140 Softbox for strobe.
54” x 40” professional softbox. Includes removable diffuser and baffle. Also included is soft box
mounting ring, with interface for Bowens/Calumet Monolite Strobe heads.
Replacement cost near $1,000. Mint condition. Asking $700.
Contact Darryl - 250.538.7991
[email protected]
Medium Format Digital Camera Kit for Sale
Mamiya ZD Body [incorporated back] with 4 lenses.
Excellent condition 22MP medium format digital camera, with very low total actuations. This camera
is aprox two years old and has been very lightly used. Included are Mamiya 645AFD - 35mm, 45mm,
55mm and 80mm lenses, with lens shades and a collection of high quality Polarizer filters. Includes the
removable Infared Cut filter and a pair of 8GB CF cards, extra battery and cables for tethered shooting.
Medium format photography is the best choice for high end professional studio or controlled location
assignments. The larger sensor size offers a richness and depth that mere mega-pixel comparisons in
35mm systems can’t match. This is a great opportunity to invest in a medium format system. Mamiya’s
renowned lenses fit with the new Mamiya-Leaf camera models, ensuring long term compatibility to the
best digital camera system in the world.
Current best pricing [B&H Photo] for the equal system is near $16,000.
Asking price for the kit is $8,000 and I am open to considering a trade for a Leica M8 or M9.
Contact Darryl - 250.538.7991
[email protected]
While the image preview screen is on the
small size, this image shows my preferred
setting of histogram review, giving detailed
information on critical exposure values.
The tethered capacity provides for large
image review directly on your computer
as you shoot. Mamiya has a tehtering
software or Capture One can be used.