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tech immersion - Vancouver School Board
September - December
Starting the year off right!
Students took part in a workshop entitled “Civic
Engagement in the Digital Age.” It provided some
ideas on how to use technology and social media
to run a successful campaign.
Hidden Pasts and Digital Futures
Students were inspired by digital installations that
played music, brought World Heritage Sites to
life, and recreated Hogan’s Alley from 1948
Vancouver. See the App “Circa 1948” for a taste of
what the students experienced.
Remembrance Day
Students set the goal of trying to raise the whole
school’s awareness of Remembrance Day, by
creating posters, videos, and announcements.
Thank you to them for their hard work.
Take a Stand
Welcome to our Tech Immersion News Letter. We hope it
gives you a little glimpse into what your son or daughter has
been doing for the first part of the school year. We’ve had a
blast getting to know this year’s grade 8s and welcoming the
grade 9s back. We’ve done a lot; two field trips and our first
awareness campaign, not to mention all of our regular classes.
We hope to continue to provide experiences that will help our
students grow in their role as positive digital citizens.
On Nov. 30 past and present students were
awarded prizes for their conservation videos that
were entered last spring. Congratulations Trey,
Tobias, Delila, Sophie, Yana, and Stasi!
Check us out @techydragons
“seeking to prepare students to thrive in the
digital world”
Tech Immersion Program: Where are we going?
We use iPads and we love iPads. The power that we have in such a small device is truly remarkable. We can make videos, talk to
people around the world, type a paragraph, keep our notes and submit our homework. But as Spiderman has taught us, “with great
power, comes great responsibility.” Keeping that in mind, we have developed three goals that we are working towards in the Tech
Immersion Program:
To foster confidence and desire among our students to use technology in a healthy and productive manner.
To develop collaborative, creative, critically thinking communicators within a highly motivated and fast paced environment.
To provide opportunities for students to use technology to address issues beyond the classroom walls.