Kosher Menu



Kosher Menu
Contact ClubLink to be your unique
venue to host your Kosher event
The enclosed items are only a selection of creative menu ideas that Zuchter Berk has to offer.
Our account executive or chef would be pleased to discuss alternative cuisine.
Menu prices are per person and subject to tax and administration fee.
Please consider our 33 unique ClubLink venues for all your Kosher function needs.
Open year-round and available for non-member and ClubLink member functions:
• Engagement parties
• Bridal showers
• Rehearsal dinners
• Weddings
• Thank-you brunches
• Business meetings
• Golf events
• ClubLink catering
To secure your date or for more information, contact us at 1-877-622-4196.
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Along with the following menu prices, ClubLink will levy a surcharge of
$37.95 per person for: Service Staff, Bartenders, Chef, Banquet Manager,
Cutlery, Linen, Plateware, Glassware, Facility and Set up fee
Served hot. Includes six choices in conjunction with dinner. $10.30 per person (six pieces per person).
Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce or Black Bean Sauce
Tarragon Brioche filled with Wild Mushroom Ragout
Sesame Chicken Batons
Potato Cup filled with a Herbed Meatloaf
Vegetable Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce
Lamb Kofta Pick Up Sticks with Black Current Chutney
Vegetable Tempura
Sesame Toasted Lamb Brochette
Vegetable Quesadillas
Oriental Chicken Potstickers with a
Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Soft-shelled Egg Rolls with Orange Plum Sauce
Blackened Chicken with Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa
Potato Latke with Maple and Pear Compote
Vegetarian Beggars Purse with Hoisin Sauce
Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce
Steamed Oriental Chicken Parcels with Orange Zest
served with Hoisin Sauce
Mushroom and Leek Strudel
Wild Mushroom Strudel
Mini Beef Wellington with Peppercorn Dipping Sauce
Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Phyllo Triangles
Charred Rare Beef on a Rice Cake with
Caramelized Orange Compote
Duck Thai Basil and Caramelized Onion Wonton
with a Chili-wasabi Aioli
White Fish Lemongrass Sticks with
Thyme-infused Honey Dip
Herb-crusted Beef Sticks with Red Wine Aioli
Thai Chicken Sticks with Pickled Ginger Dip
Spinach Leek and Roasted Garlic Triangles
Curried Beef Samosas with Mango Chutney
Charred Rare Tuna with Peach and Walnut Salsa
Oven-cured Tomato, Caramelized Red Onion,
Toasted Walnut on Puff Pastry Rounds
Duck Confit on Cornbread Crouton with Tomato Relish
Mini Taco with Shredded Chicken and a
Tomato Avocado Corn Relish
Twice-baked Mini Potato filled with Roasted Garlic
and Wild Mushroom Ragout
Sweet Potato Chips with Apricot Curry Chicken Salad
Mini Wieners in a Blanket
Mini Gourmet Pizza Squares
Full events only. Lobby Stations chosen in place of dinner will be priced on request.
H a r v e s t Ta b l e
A selection of crudités, Tuscan bean spread, lemon and
red pepper hummus with tahina, eggplant baba ganoush,
Turkish salad, warm pita and wonton chips
$4.70 per person
A p p e t i z e r S tat i o n
An assortment of grilled and marinated vegetables,
kalamata and queen olives, bruschetta, smoked salmon
mousse, hummus and black olive spread accompanied by
flatbreads, assorted crackers and signature chips
$5 per person
Sal ad Bar
Create your own salad with a selection of romaine lettuce,
baby greens, peppers, tomato, celery, croutons, green
onion, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, caesar vinaigrette,
mango kiwi vinaigrette, balsamic and sundried tomato
$5.60 per person
Add grilled chicken strips, baby spinach and asparagus
for an additional charge for each item
Ta pa s Ta b l e
Traditional Spanish table set with assorted tapas
favourites, marinated assorted olives, grilled spicy
Merguez, and marinated artichokes. Assorted rusticstyle breads topped with spreads of marinated grilled
mushrooms, sundried tomato and black olive, and roasted
red pepper and fennel
$8.10 per person
V e g e ta b l e G r i l l i n g S tat i o n
Portobello mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and garlic with
wine and lemon and asparagus spears with oregano, white
wine, lime and cracked black pepper
$5 per person
W o k S tat i o n
Create your own stir fry from an assortment of
Chinese noodles, water chestnuts, bok choy, snow peas,
bean sprouts, green onions, broccoli, peppers,
pineapple, mushrooms, oyster sauce, sweet and sour
and lemon sauce.
$5 per person
Additional items: chicken, beef and salmon
for an additional charge for each item
Pa d T h a i S ta t i o n
Noodles with Asian vegetables and our homemade
authentic Pad Thai peanut sauce. Cooked to order in front
of our guests and presented in small Asian takeout boxes
with chopsticks
$8.10 per person
S atay S tat i o n
Skewers of marinated beef, chicken breast and fresh
mini vegetables presented on hot granite stones with
Asian, plum, soy and spicy peanut sauces for dipping.
Accompanied by an Asian noodle salad
$8.80 per person
B e e f C a r v e ry S tat i o n
Hand-carved pickled pastrami and Montreal smoked meat
served with an assortment of sliced rye breads, mustards
and kosher dills
$11 per person
C h u n k y F ry S tat i o n
Chunky cut potato wedges served in paper cones. With
accompaniments of ketchup, mayo, garlic aoli, mustard,
Dijionnasie, vinegar and gravy
$3.90 per person
If requested Zuchter Berk can supply
paper newspaper cones for an extra $1 per cone
Fa l a f e l S tat i o n
Mini falafel balls with mini pita and flatbreads. Tahina,
Hummus, Baba Ganoush Israeli Salad and Spicy Olives
$7.50 per person
B u i l d Y o u r Ow n
W i m p y B u r g e r S tat i o n
Homemade mini beef burgers accompanied by grilled
portobello mushrooms, chutney, gourmet mustards and
jalapeno mayo (Also available as a plated entrée)
$7.20 per person
S u s h i S tat i o n
Authentic assortment of maki rolls, assorted sushi
and sashimi, California rolls etc. with wasabi, ginger
soy and pickled ginger, presented on authentic
platters and sushi boats. Chef, in traditional attire,
will be preparing to order in front of guests
$10.50 per person
Full events only. Lobby Stations chosen in place of dinner will be priced on request.
F r e n c h F ry S tat i o n
Yukon Gold and sweet potato fries accompanied by
assorted flavoured seasonings, ketchup, roasted red pepper
mayo and pesto mayo
$4.70 per person
Homemade Smoked Salmon
o r G r av l o x S tat i o n
Hand carved homemade cured Atlantic salmon served
on mini blinis, topped with Asian popcorn sprouts and
creamed horseradish. Accompaniments of chopped egg,
capers, chopped red onion and lemon slices
$8.10 per person
B r u s c h e t ta S tat i o n
Traditional bruschetta served with toast rounds
Tomato, basil, red onion and black olive bruschetta
Black olive and sundried tomato bruschetta
Diced roasted plum tomatoes, roasted corn and red onion
bruschetta Pepperonata
$4.70 per person
V o d k a I n f e r n o S tat i o n
Plates of flaming marinated thinly-sliced salmon and
fresh lake pickerel are presented to guests atop a visually
stunning station of colourful glass and rocks
$8.80 per person
M a s h e d P o tat o M a r t i n i B a r
Garlic mashed Yukon Gold and sweet potato mash served
with mushroom ragout, garlic pesto sauce or spicy chili
sauce. Toppings to include sautéed mushrooms, onions
and chopped chives
$5.90 per person
$4.70 per person
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Granny Smith Apple Concassée
Wild Mushroom Soup with Olive Oil Crouton
Potato and Leek Soup with Crisp Fried Leek Garnish
Chicken Soup with Mini Matzo Balls
Caramelized Onion and Sweet Potato
Consommé Atlantica with Mushroom Tortellini
Fish Bisque
Carrot and Ginger Purèe
Watercress and Potato
Y u k o n G o l d P o t a t o G n o cc h i
tossed in extra virgin olive oil, roasted Roma tomato and cracked black pepper
$6.60 per person
Penne Forestiere
with an assortment of woodland mushrooms
Farfalle pasta with pine nut pesto garnished with Mediterranean vegetables
$6.90 per person
V e g e ta r i a n T o r t e l l i n i
with smoked salmon, vodka and tomato blush sauce
$8.50 per person
Smoked Fish Cake
with a lemon-pepper mayonnaise and shredded endive and radicchio salad
$9.70 per person
C h e f ’ s Pa s t r a m i S m o k e d S a l m o n
with horseradish crème fraiche over a yellow-pepper coulis
$10.70 per person
Pa n S e a r e d H e r b C r u s t e d H a l i b u t
on ratatouille relish with rosemary and lemon
$11.40 per person
T e r i ya k i S a l m o n
over a bed of Asian lo mein
$10.70 per person
Grilled Chilean Salmon
served on a bed of brown and wild rice salad with dried cranberries, pine nuts and drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette
$11.10 per person
C h a r r e d R a r e T u n a o n A s i a n V e g e ta b l e S a l a d
with a mild wasabi vinaigrette, garnished with crispy noodle
$12.20 per person
Butter Lettuce
butter lettuce, radicchio chiffonade
with sliced kiwi, strawberries and
candied almonds, served with sweet
poppy seed vinaigrette
$7.60 per person
Baby Spinach and
Sprout Salad
garnished with a sundried tomato
tapenade and balsamic vinaigrette
$7.60 per person
L e av e s o f R o m a i n e
with caesar dressing
and pesto croutons
$6.30 per person
sweet peppers, red onion, cucumber
and kalamata olives in a vinaigrette
$7.10 per person
Five Leaf
Garden Salad
$6.30 per person
Mixed Green Salad
with wild mushrooms, red and
yellow cherry tomatoes served with
tossed herb vinaigrette
$7.10 per person
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Sherry and Sesame
Soya Vinaigrette
Grilled Portobello
Mushroom Salad
Roasted red peppers served on
a bed of five leaf lettuce with
tangerine balsamic vinaigrette
$7.10 per person
Basil Garlic Oil
Champagne Raspberry Vinaigrette
Mandarin Kiwi Vinaigrette
Baby Spinach Sal ad
Hearts of Boston lettuce with
roasted red peppers in a kiwi
mandarin vinaigrette
$7.10 per person
Sundried Tomato and
Roasted Pepper Vinaigrette
Baby Greens
a n d M a n da r i n
Orange Salad
topped with spiced nuts and
drizzled with a honey-mustard
$6.90 per person
Pa n - s e a r e d D u c k B r e a s t
with Grilled Figs
drizzled with balsamic syrup over frisée lettuce
$17 per person
Y u cc a C r u s t e d H a l i b u t
atop warm pear couscous salad
drizzled with a cilantro olive oil
$16.40 per person
Phyllo Cup filled with a
Wild Mushroom Ragout
topped with crispy fried leeks on a bed of roasted red
and yellow pepper sauce
$12.60 per person
Chai Tea Infused Grouper
with a pea shoot salad and pickled ginger emulsion
$16.40 per person
Penne, Farfalle, Fusilli
Vegetable Ravioli, Wild Mushroom, Tortellone
Gnocchi, Casarecce
Ask us about our extensive selection of specialty pastas
Tomato Basil, Pesto Cream, Arrabbiata, Vodka Cream,
Sundried Tomato Cream, Tomato Primavera
Includes assorted breads and either dips on table or celery carrots and olives.
Supreme of Chicken filled with
Wild Mushrooms, Wild Rice
and Pine Nuts
served with a red wine shiitake reduction
$32 per person
A p p l e a n d C r a n b e r ry St u f f e d
Chicken Breast
with orange demi glaze
$30.40 per person
C h i c k e n P i cc a t a
served with a light lemon broth
$29.10 per person
C h i c k e n At l a n t i c a
boneless chicken breast filled with sweet peppers and
spinach in a paprika cream sauce
$28.80 per person
T h y m e - i n f u s e d H o n e y- G l a z e d
Chicken Supreme
$31.10 per person
Herb-Crusted Chicken
topped with a burnt onion jam
$32 per person
Supreme of Chicken filled
w i t h S u n d r i e d T o m at o e s
and Black Olives
served with chardonnay sauce
$32 per person
Chicken Forestiere
boneless chicken breast in a red wine mushroom sauce
$25.90 per person
Boneless Grilled Cornish Hen
marinated in white wine, lemon juice,
garlic and thyme served with a lemon demi
$33.60 per person
Oven Baked Chicken Tenders
in a dijon mustard cream
$29.80 per person
Includes assorted breads and either dips on table or celery carrots and olives.
Peppercorn Beef Filet
with a portobello mushroom demi glaze
$35.50 per person
Roast e d G a r l ic - C ru st e d
Prime Rib of Beef
with natural juices
$35.50 per person
M u s ta r d a n d
Beef Filet
served with a roma tomato jam
$35.50 per person
F r e s h H e r b - M a r i nat e d
Beef Steak
with a red wine jus
$34.30 per person
Braised Beef Short Ribs
with merlot reduction
$38 per person
Prime Rib of Beef
au jus
$39.30 per person
Includes assorted breads and either dips on table or celery carrots and olives.
H e r b - M a r i nat e d
Grilled Salmon
with peach and walnut salsa
$31.90 per person
Y u cc a - C r u s t e d H a l i b u t
with a mango and apricot marmalade
$33.40 per person
S e a r e d T e r i ya k i S a l m o n
with crisp fried onions and a lemongrass glaze
$31.70 per person
G r i l l e d At l a n t i c S a l m o n
with herb, lemon and chive beurre blanc
$34.30 per person
C i t ru s - M a r i nat e d S e a Ba s s
with orange reduction
$38.10 per person
Pa n S e a r e d S e a B a s s
dusted with porcini mushrooms with
lemon-dill beurre blanc
$33 per person
Grilled Tuna
with a black olive and sundried tomato nicoise
$35.50 per person
Baked Filet of Sea Bass
with tarragon oil and papaya salsa
$33 per person
M A I N C O U R S E S / Ve a l
Includes assorted breads and either dips on table or celery carrots and olives.
Roast e d V e a l C has se u r
$36.70 per person
1st Cut Grilled (12 oz.) Veal Chop
with a port wine reduction
$45.60 per person
Veal Ragout
with shallots, mushrooms and a chardonnay wine sauce
$36.80 per person
Grilled Veal Chop (10 oz.)
served with a citrus demi
$40.60 per person
Grilled Veal Rib Eye
served with a portobello mushroom demi
$40.60 per person
Veal Forestiere
veal scaloppini in a red wine mushroom sauce
$39.30 per person
V e a l P i cc a t a
veal scaloppini in a lemon-butter sauce
$39.30 per person
Includes assorted breads and either dips on table or celery carrots and olives.
Chicken and Veal Forestiere
$38.10 per person
Prime Rib of Beef and Chicken
$40.60 per person
V egetarian A lternatives
G r i l l e d V e g e ta b l e T o w e r s
served with a roasted red pepper sauce
$31.70 per person
Wild Mushroom Ragout
in a Phyllo Rose
$29.10 per person
M o r o cc a n T o f u W e l l i n g t o n
with a sweet pea purée
$29.10 per person
A n t i pa s t o P h y l l o P u f f
assortment of grilled vegetable in a phyllo puff
with tomato coriander salsa
$29.10 per person
Caramelized Red Onion
and Sage Risotto Cake
$29.10 per person
Pa s ta
Unlimited Pop and Juice
Caesar Salad
Penne, Farfalle, Fusilli
Dinner menu includes one appetizer,
one entrée OR one pasta
and one dessert
Crudite and Dip
S au c e s
Green Salad with choice of dressing
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Lamb Kebabs with
Greek Style Potatoes
An additional charge will apply for a
four course dinner including pasta
Mini Chicken Kebabs with
Lemon Rice and Tzatziki
Fish and Chips
$38.40 per person
Tomato Basil, Carbonara,
Roasted Red Pepper Cream
Trio Flavoured Sorbet in
Chocolate Cups
Trio Flavoured Parve Ice Cream
in Chocolate Cups
Includes sweet preserves, a selection of fruit juices, coffee and tea
C o n t i n e n ta l
Baker’s Basket
Freshly baked muffins, croissants, danishes
$3.70 per person
Baker’s Basket
Freshly baked muffins, croissants, danishes
French Toast
Farm fresh scrambled eggs
Breakfast Sausage
Eglinton Grand Signature Potatoes
Fresh Fruit
$7.80 per person
Add one of the following to either
the Continental or the Sunrise option:
Made to Order Omelets
fillings include onions, green peppers,
diced tomatoes, mushrooms
$3.70 per person
Made to Order Pancakes
fillings include blueberry, strawberry,
chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, banana
$3.70 per person
$7.10 per person
A p p l e a n d S t r aw b e r r y F e u i l l e t e
served with berry coulis
Trio of Sorbets
mango, raspberry and lemon ice in a chocolate cup
Ta r t u f o At l a n t i c a
chocolate ice cream with a raspberry centre,
served in a sugared waffle bowl
T r o p i c a l B e r r i e s a n d M a n g o Ic e
R asp b e r ry M ou s se i n a
C h o c o l at e C u p
C a p p u cc i n o P a r v e C h e e s e c a k e
Seasonal Fruit Fl an
P a s s i o n F r u i t B a va r o i s
served with chocolate sauce
C h o c o l a t e a n d P r a l i n e Pa r f a i t
served with a maple syrup crème anglaise
Pear Mousse Delight
served with a soft caramel sauce
Hazelnu t Macaro ons
served with a coffee anglaise
S t r aw b e r r y S f o g l i a
layers of phyllo pastry with a custard filling
and fresh strawberries
$8.80 per person
Sundae Station
chocolate and vanilla parve ice cream
with assorted candy toppings
$2.80 per person
Waffle Station
Belgian waffles with vanilla parve ice cream, seasonal
berries and fresh whipped cream
$3.10 per person
Sweet Table
A delectable assortment of fresh seasonal fruit and berries,
petit fours, tortes and flans, chalvah, gourmet cookies,
individual pick me ups, Zuchter’s own coffee blend
and assorted teas
$11.50 per person
Chocolate Fountain
100% warm Belgian chocolate cascading over skewers of
strawberries, pineapple and other delectable dried and
fresh fruits
$420 Flat Rate
Cappuccino Station
Espresso, cappuccino and lattés all freshly brewed in front
of guests with an authentic espresso machine
$288.70 Flat Rate
L e m o n C u r d Ta r t
with burnt sugar crisp over berry coulis
Frozen Lemon Meringue
Mousse Cake
over dark chocolate pond
Peach Strudel
with warm vanilla sauce
Fresh Sliced
M a r i n at e d S t r aw b e r r i e s
with late harvest riesling sabayon in brandy snaps
F r o z e n B e l g ia n C h o c o l at e
Café Mousse Cake
over berry coulis
F l o u r l e s s C h o c o l at e W e d g e
over orange coulis
Sw e e t T e m p t a t i o n
a selection of biscotti, seasonal fruit tarts
and chocolate truffles
B r u s c h e t ta
$3.40 per person
F r e s h F r u i t a n d Pa s t r y Ta b l e
$9 per person
B i s c o t t i a n d T ru f f l e P l at e
$4.30 per person
F r e s h F r u i t a n d Pa s t r y T r ay
a colourful combination of fresh fruit and French pastries
$6.10 per person
F r e s h F ru i t P l at e
$5 per person
L at e N i g h t D e l i S e l e c t i o n
assorted deli meats, condiments and assorted rolls
$9.30 per person
F r e s h F r u i t Ta b l e
an exotic display of tropical fruit
$4.80 per person
(up to 7 hours of service)
(up to 7 hours of service)
Premium beverage service during
your cocktail reception,
dinner and after-dinner
Deluxe beverage service during
cocktail reception, dinner
and after dinner
Wine service with dinner
Wine service with dinner
Premium and domestic beers,
premium house rail liquors,
premium red and white house wine,
soft drinks, coffee and tea
Imported, premium and domestic
beers, deluxe house rail liquor,
martinis, cosmos, choice of three
deluxe liqueurs, deluxe red and
white house wine, soft drinks,
coffee and tea
$34.95 per person
Or your bar can be customized
to suit your needs and charged
upon consumption
$38.95 per person
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