The AsiaOne Network is Singapore’s leading news, business and lifestyle
online provider. It features a wide range of local, world and business news,
with special interest content including dining, luxury lifestyle, finance, motoring,
technology, health, travel and various lifestyle topics.
Our suite of over 25 highly-ranked and award-winning websites includes:
• SPHwebsites,,,,,, and many others
• SPHOnlinenewspapers,forinstance,,, and (Berita Harian)
• Partnerportals,forexample,,,,, and
Collectively, The AsiaOne Network has an online readership base of 14 million
With the large online following, advertisers are presented with the critical mass
necessary to spread their campaign messages across effectively and yet in a
targeted manner through the individual websites.
As the flagship website and winner of multiple awards from
Hitwise, Nielsen Online, Marketing Magazine and more,
AsiaOne is well-positioned as a powerful online platform to
help you engage with your customers.
Target audience
: Professionals, executives, managers
and businessmen (PMEB), aged
25 – 39
Monthly page views : 29 million
Unique audience
: 2.3 million
Average time spent : Up to 8 mins
The online version of Singapore’s No.1 newspaper,
impactful commentaries and breaking stories packaged
to give readers riveting and credible accounts of events in
Singapore, the region, and beyond.
Target audience
: PMEBs, aged 18 – 39
Monthly page views : 52 million
Unique audience
: 2.1 million
Average time spent : Up to 8 mins
Source: NetRatings (Jan – May 2011)
The Business Times features real-time updates on business,
investment-related news, as well as human interest events.
Accessible on a subscription basis in the day, it becomes
a free-access portal after 6pm.
Target audience
: Businessmen and CXO-level
executives, aged 25 – 44
Monthly page views : 2.7 million
Unique audience
: 260,000
Average time spent : Up to 5.5 mins
The web version of local Chinese broadsheet, Lianhe Zaobao,
is one of the most popular worldwide source for online Chinese
news covering news from China as well.
Target audience
: Chinese PMEBs, aged 25 – 39
Monthly page views : 87 million
Unique audience
: 11 million
Average time spent : Up to 7 mins
Source: NetRatings (Jan – May 2011)
As Singapore’s first FREE bilingual-friendly news and lifestyle portal,
omy features news content from SPH Chinese publications (e.g. Lianhe
Zaobao, Shin Min Daily, Lianhe Wanbao, U-Weekly, etc.) through a
comfortable and intuitive interface that is synergized with vodcasts,
podcasts and web 2.0 features.
Target audience
: Bilingual web-savvy students and young PMEBs,
aged 18 – 35
Monthly page views : 10 million
Unique audience
: 560,000
Average time spent : Up to 7 mins
STOMP integrates content and activities across 3 platforms – print,
online and mobile – encouraging interaction and engagement with
netizens in exciting new ways over a wide variety of interest, activities
and events.
Target audience
: Web-savvy Netizens, aged 15 – 39
Monthly page views : 71 million
Unique audience
: 1 million
Average time spent : Up to 20 mins
A novel free-access web TV service that combines the internet and TV
platform, featuring video-on-demand content.
Target audience
: Local online TV audience, aged 18 – 40
Monthly page views : 3.3 million
Unique audience
: 1.7 million
Average time spent : Up to 4.5 mins
Source: NetRatings (Jan – May 2011)

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