Connecting Windows 8 to the Switch to the desktop - Crye



Connecting Windows 8 to the Switch to the desktop - Crye
Connecting Windows 8 to the CRYECRYE-LEIKE wireless network.
Switch to the desktop mode by pressing the “
” key on
the bottom right hand of your keyboard.
” key on the keyboard and while
Press and hold the “
holding it press the ““C” key to bring the
e “Charm Bar” into
view. Click on “Settings” at the bottom.
Select “Control
Control Panel
Panel” from the menu.
Select “Network
Network and Internet
Internet”” link from the window that will
Select the “Network
Network and Sharing Center
Center”” link.
Choose the “Set
Set up a new connection or network”” link.
When the next window comes up, select the 3rd option that
says “Manually
Manually connect to a wireless network.
network.” and click
1. In the “Network
Network name:
name:” field, type clagent.
2. Select ““WPA2-Enterprise”
in the “Security
Security type:
type:” dropdown field and “TKIP”” in
the “Encryption type:”” field. The “Security Key:”” field will grey out.
3. Make sure the box
boxes are checked next to
Start this connection automatically
automatically” and “Connect
Connect even if the network
is not broadcasting.”
4.. Click the “Next” button.
Click “Change
Change connection settings
Only check the first 3 checkboxes in the middle. If you have
more than 3, leave the remaining ones unchecked. Next, click
the 2nd tab at the top that says ““Security.”
1. Verify that the “Security
Security type:” is “WPA2-Enterprise
Enterprise” and the
Encryption type:” is “TKIP.”
2.Verify that the network authentication method is “Microsoft:
Protected EAP (PEAP)
(PEAP)” and the box next to “Remember
Remember my
credentials…” is checked.
3.Click thee ““Settings”” button in the middle.
1. Uncheck the boxes next to ““Validate
Validate server certificate.” and
“Enable Fast Reconnect.”
2. Verify that the authentication method is “Secured
Secured password
3. Click “OK” at the bottom.
Click the “Advanced
Advanced Settings
Settings”” button at the bottom.
1. Check the box next to ““Specify
Specify authentication mode”
mode and
choose “User
User authentication
authentication”” in the dropdown.
2. Leave “Enable
Enable single sign on for this network
network”” unchecked.
3. Click the “Save
Save credential
credentials”” button beside the drop-down
1. Enter the user name and password provided to you by your
local IT Department
epartment and click the “OK” button.
2. Click “OK” on the “Advanced
Advanced settings
settings” and “clagent
clagent Wireless
Network Properties
Properties” windows.
3. Click
lick “Close” on the ““Manually
Manually connect to a wireless
network” window.
4. Close the “Network
Network and Sharing Center Window.
Your Windows 8 computer should now automatically connect
to the CRYE-LEIKE wireless network. Please allow 30 seconds
for it to see and connect accordingly. If you have any difficulties
or questions,
ons, please contact your local IT support group for

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