Is Cloud-based Archiving The Right Solution for You? DocuLynx will


Is Cloud-based Archiving The Right Solution for You? DocuLynx will
Is Cloud-based Archiving The Right Solution for You?
DocuLynx will help you decide.
Why should I consider a cloud-based archive solution for my document storage and archiving?
• Excellent delivery tool for a geographically dispersed
user community.
• Offers 24/7 retrieval via standard web browsers, thus extending the business
day and information availability.
• Improves responsiveness to business conditions/situations and customers
requiring rapid access to the right information.
• Easy integration with suppliers, customers and other
business partners.
• Ability to store documents over a longer period of time.
• Inexpensive access from virtually any location via public or virtual private
networks – for instance, via public or private cloud.
• Streamlines operations by reducing costs via the outsourcing of non-core
activities (i.e. document delivery).
• Leverage the largest wide-area network (the Internet) for free.
• Easily integrates with existing web-based applications
docHarbor Cloud™ is a centralized, web-based archive that presents a single, unified view of stored documents for all authorized users.
docHarbor Cloud™ securely holds your most sensitive documents, including transactional material and e-mail traffic. docHarbor
Cloud™ delivers an integrated and massively scalable suite of content management technologies to address the competitive
environment of today’s Web-enabled enterprise.
docHaven Private Cloud™ is an on-premise archive solution, designed for high volume, high transactional users aimed at managing a
rapidly growing repository of digital documents on-site. The docHaven Private Cloud™ solution is a Windows-based document storage
and electronic distribution platform that enables users to easily manage compliance and retention policies for stored documents,
reports, images, voice and video data types for their high volume storage and access needs.
What about the issue of security and the Internet?
• Data Security: Our infrastructure is fully redundant within the data center itself. We maintain multiple copies of all your documents at
all times within the data center, for full data security.
• User Security: Users are authenticated based on user ID and Password confirmation. Unauthorized users are disallowed access.
Authorized users are given security association at the document level.
• Physical Security: DocuLynx has in place security policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access into secure areas, including
transport and access operations, network operations and data center operations areas.
Do you have back-up and disaster recovery?
We offer full redundancy at a geographically different facility (‘hot-site’) as well as CD Media or Microfiche.
Contact Info:
p: 800.991.9704
e: [email protected]
What is a document outsourcing provider and why should I
work with one?
A document outsourcing provider is an organization that hosts
software applications on its own servers at its own facilities and
makes them available to customers via private lines or the Internet.
The document outsourcing provider provides the infrastructure
(software, hardware and resources) on a pay-as-you-go
(subscription) basis to customers.
A document outsourcing provider helps your organization:
• Streamline operations, enabling you to reduce costs by
outsourcing non-core activities.
• Improve responsiveness to your business needs so the
right information gets to the right place at the right time.
• Leverage third-party infrastructure, eliminating the need
to invest in costly upgrades and maintenance; also avoids
the inevitable obsolescence of owned technology.
• Keep the focus on your core business strategies and tactics.
Why should I choose docuLynx as my document
outsourcing provider?
• When you partner with us, you’re partnering with one the
world’s leading document outsourcing providers.
• We’ve been working in document management for over
40 years.
• We can quickly get your documents to the web.
• We’ve developed a unique expertise in processing print
streams for storage, delivery and access.
• Since we control most of the infrastructure, we can
provide the highest service levels for document ingestion,
transformation, hosting, viewing and long-term archiving.
Just how fast can I get the documents I want, and what can
I do with them once I get them?
You get the documents you want within seconds. Once you
see the documents, you can:
• Search – predefined keys, global or string within an index,
Boolean, wild card, numeric or date range, as well as field,
multi-level or cross reports
• Index – field or multi-level, page, document or report level
• View: scrolling and bookmarking
• Print – by range or viewed pages only
• Fax or e-mail – as an attachment
• Cut/paste – to clipboard
• Export – 3211 data to report mining tools
Contact Info:
p: 800.991.9704
e: [email protected]
Benefits of Cloud-Based Archiving:
Total Outsourcing Solution
Web Enabled - 24x7
Standard Web Browser
Complete Security
Disaster Recovery
High Availability
Reliable, Fast Access to Documents
Cost Effective
What file formats do you support?
• Ingestion – 3211, ASCII, text, all intelligent print streams (AFP,
Xerox, PDF) and e-mail.
• Viewing – all documents are transformed to PDF or HTML for
viewing when requested by an authorized user.
What do I need on my desktop?
To support either docHarbor or docHaven, all you need is one of the
standard free Internet browsers. For PDF display, the user should
download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
How reliable is your infrastructure?
DocuLynx continually monitors systems and components to ensure
the utmost availability for the entire delivery chain. This includes
data transport and access, network operations, data center
operations, application support and business integration.
What if I want long-term document storage?
In addition to storing and presenting your documents over the
Internet, we can also create CD media or output to film as required.
How do I transmit data in a secure manner to DocuLynx’s
Data Center?
For large volumes of data, DocuLynx will install and support a Data
Transmission Server at the customer site. This will support
168-bit triple-DES encryption of all data. For smaller data volumes,
customers send data to a shared ftp server and DocuLynx supports
VPN tunneling and/or PGP and ZIP password protection.
How can I tell who has viewed which documents?
Audit trails are kept in our database for login access and document
views by user, data/time and document type. Summary reports of
audit information are made available to our customers.

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