The BERETTA XTREMA2 Disassembly and Assembly



The BERETTA XTREMA2 Disassembly and Assembly
Disassembly and Assembly
Xtrema2DandA TS-2
Revision 0 Date 11-014-05
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
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Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Xtrema2 Locking System Overview
The breech bolt of the Xtrema locks into the oversize
barrel extension, not the receiver, for increased strength
and rigidity.
This image shot from the front of the Receiver
shows the “Dual Support Grooves” that stabilize
the bolt assembly bars.
“Dual reinforced bolt rails” offer the highest level of
stabilization and extends the reliability of the action
while controlling the orientation of the bolt assembly.
Dual Locking Lugs for superior strength.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Gas Operation System Overview
•Beretta gas operated shotguns offer one of
the softest recoiling systems around because
of our simple yet advanced design.
•Gas ports are self cleaning and rarely
require manual cleaning.
“This photo was taken from the muzzle end of
barrel shining a light through the gas ports.”
Gas operation occurs when the spent gases pass
through the gas ports inside of barrel as
illustrated on all three photos.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
•Chrome lining in our barrels aids in
corrosion resistance and minimizes cleaning
Magazine Cut-Off
Magazine cut-off button:
Simply depress the magazine cut off button and this
will allow you to manually load one round at a time
into the chamber while retaining any cartridges in the
magazine tube.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Check To Make Sure Gun Is Unloaded
Step 1: Before performing any
work on your Xtrema 2, always check
to ensure that the gun is unloaded:
chamber empty, magazine tube
empty and receiver cartridge carrier
Pointing the muzzle of the shotgun in
a safe direction depress the silver
colored carrier stop button in
towards the butt of the shotgun.
Step 2: Grasp and
pull the cocking handle
to the rear, locking the
breech bolt in the open
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Check to Ensure The Gun Is Unloaded
Step 3: Visually inspect
the chamber, carrier, and
magazine tube to ensure that
the shotgun is unloaded and
Follower After following these safety steps, you
are now ready to start the
disassembly of your Beretta Xtrema2
Step 4: Move the
Safety Button to the
“On Safe” position. The
red band should not be
visible on the safety
button shaft.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Safety Off !
Safety On
Removing Barrel From Receiver
1. Remove Cap
2. Remove Forearm
3. Remove Barrel
Exhaust ports vent surplus
operating gases created by
higher pressure
ammunition, adding to the
soft felt recoil effect of the
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
4. Remove piston from the gas cylinder
using your fingers tips, no tools are
required to perform this task.
Replacing Gas Piston
Step 1: When replacing your gas piston observe
that the gas ring “scrapers” are facing towards the
muzzle end.
Step 3: utilizing minimal force push the gas piston
back into cylinder.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Step 2: IMPORTANT NOTE: To prevent possible
damage to the gas ring, squeeze and hold the gas
ring in a compressed position as the piston is
inserted into the cylinder.
Step 4: Continue pushing the gas piston until it stops
flush with chamber.
Removing Bolt From Receiver
The bolt head has two visible grooves around the neck.
The groove closest to the chamber end of the bolt head,
highlighted in red for instructional purposes only, is your
visual indicator to facilitate removing the cocking lever
from the bolt.
As keyway recesses inside the bolt head aligns, the
“keyed” cocking handle will be free to pull out of the
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Push the bolt head rearward until the forward grove on
the neck is even with the front edge of the bolt body.
Simultaneously, pull on the cocking handle.
This picture shows the “keyed” cocking handle removed
from the bolt assembly. Note the alignment of the
keyway recesses in bolt head and bolt body.
Removing Your Trigger Group Assembly
Never attempt to remove the trigger assembly
with the bolt in the open position.
Drift the trigger plate retaining pin from the left
side of the receiver towards the right (bolt) side.
Pulling forward and down on the trigger guard will
free the trigger assembly from receiver.
Once removed, clean and lightly lubricate the
moving parts with the Beretta Oil supplied with
your gun.
Correct position of bolt to remove
trigger assembly
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Removing The Gel-Tek Pad
In this illustration we are utilizing the Beretta
shotgun tool, that has been specifically design to
work on any Beretta Shotgun.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Lifting the “U” clamp will free the Gel-Tek Pad.
The “U” clamps are secured to the posts as illustrated on these two photos.
Removing The Xtrema 2 Stock
1. Using a 13 mm
socket and extension
remove the stock bolt
nut and washer.
3. With the nut removed the stock assembly should
come away free but, if not, a gentle chopping motion to
the stock will free it from the receiver.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Beretta Shotgun Multi-Tool
2. Once nut is removed
continue the remaining
steps illustrated below.
4. When removing the stock, make careful note of the
orientation of your rear drop plate washer inside the stock
and front drop spacer between the stock and receiver. The
orientation of these spacers controls cast on/off and comb
Removing Kick- Off Recoil Reduction System
(on models so equipped)
5. Remove the swivel bushing plug or
swivel in order to gain access to the
swivel bushing that secures the Kick-Off
system insert.
7. Unscrewing the swivel bushing.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
6. Utilizing a 6mm Allen wrench, unscrew
the sling swivel bushing.
8. Completely remove the swivel bushing
in order to free the Kick-Off insert from
the stock. Separate the insert from the
Installing The Kick-Off Recoil Reduction System
1. Determine the previous
drop setting and properly orient
the shim.
2. Slide the rear drop plate
into the channels of the
The Drop Plate must be
installed with the desired cast
stamping facing the top and
rear of the stock.
Plate is located in channels and not
on top of them.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Drop plate
properly installed
orientation of the cast and
drop markings on the front
Drop Spacer must be
identical to the rear Drop
Plate. Failure to follow this
instruction may result in
stock breakage!
Installing The Kick-Off Recoil Reduction System
1. Align the Kick-Off insert with
the stock. Make sure your rear
drop plate washer is properly
Special notice: Area on
stock: Upon reassembly pay
close attention to the “bevel”
at the end of the stock. These
angles allow the rubber cover
to seat flush with the stock.
2. Appling gentle but even pressure, walk the rubber
boot around the stock with your thumb to ensure
that no kinks or buckling occur once installed.
1. Push
A closer look at a proper fit once the insert is flush
with rear of stock.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
2. Install
3. Firmly holding the insert to the back of the stock
install the swivel bushing to secure KO recoil
reduction system to stock.
Avoid Installing The Insert Boot Wrong!
Improperly Installed Recoil
Reduction System – boot has
pulled away from stock.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
Properly Installed.
The rubber boot is smooth with
the stock.
Installing The Xtrema 2 Stock
Photo showing the relationship of the front
drop spacer and rear drop plate.
2. Slide stock over the stock bolt tube.
Revision 0
Date 11-14-05
1. Orient the front drop spacer with the correct
Setting facing the top and rear of the stock.
3. Install the lock washer and nut.
Tighten the nut to 12 ft. lbs. or until
snug. Install the Gel-Tek pad.
orientation of the
cast and drop
markings on the
front Drop Spacer
must be identical
to the rear Drop
Plate. Failure to
follow this
instruction may
result in stock

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