Nicole Moore (Nikki)


Nicole Moore (Nikki)
Nicole Moore (Nikki)
Ph.D. Advisor: Anita Grunder
B.S. - Earth Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha
M.S. - Geology, Western Washington University
Research Interests:
Petrology and geochemistry of primitive basalts, including: origin
and differentiation of Steens/ continental flood basalts, production
and petrochemical evolution of continental arc basalts, mantle
sources and generation of primitive basalt, as well as petrology/
geochemistry of the mantle.
Recent Publications and Abstracts Presented:
Moore, N.E. and Grunder, A.L., 2015, New petrologic and
geochemical insights into differentiation processes required to
produce the lower Steens Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Province, SE
Oregon, Abstract V41C-3090, presented AGU 2015 fall meeting,
San Francisco, CA, 14-18 December.
Moore, N.E. and Grunder, A.L., 2014, Variations in whole rock and
mineral composition of the lower Steens Basalt, SE Oregon,
Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 46, no.
6, p. 551.
Moore, N.E., and DeBari, S.M., 2012, Mafic magmas from Mount
Baker in the northern Cascade arc, Washington: probes into mantle
and crustal processes, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology,
v. 163, p. 521-546.