a complicated banking world



a complicated banking world
Hikvision Smart Banking Surveillance Solution
Those who deal in money, finances and securities are under constant threat of loss and crime. We
understand the unique needs of the industry and offer reliable solutions you can bank on! Hikvision Banking
Surveillance Solution powerful functionalities embedded with advanced technology helps banks integrate
all facilities – from branches to service centers to treasuries – into a centralized monitoring solution that is
easy to deploy and manage and integrate. This allows you to conduct effective surveillance of bank assets,
manage safety of personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATMs with unwavering reliability, also
helps to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Tailored HD Solution for ATMs
Full HD series Network camera for Financial Institutions
Outdoor bullet camera
for banking surrounding monitoring
Light fighter camera,
ideal for entrance monitoring
Up to 8 meters
RJ-12 cable
Conventional camera
Hikvision Lightfighter camera
Hikvision WDR IR Bullet camera provides HD image for a wide open
Hikvision Light Fighter series camera provides a clear and detailed
area, like banking surrounding, with Strong IR capacity to work in
image in a strong backlight environment like bank entrance & exit,
day & night mode. (DS-2CD4212FWD-IZ,DS-2CD4312FWD-IZ)
making identification more accurate.
Up to 64GB On-board
Also ANRP function support is for car management
Fish eye camera
for bank hall, branch offices
Double-lens camera
for banking counters, VIP room
ATM dedicated NVR
Hikvision double lens camera offers you a combined and
Hikvision fisheye camera gives you a general, clear view of halls,
synchronized HD view and audio record of transaction details
offices while simultaneously offering the option of seeing more
happening in front of and behind the counters, effective tool for
details and PTZ control in each zone of interest.
investigation and disputes resolving.
Corridor mode support camera for aisle
Hikvision network camera support corridor mode to work perfectly in aisle,
> Covert network cameras with dual lens design are a perfect and economical solution for ATMs
Providing HD definition image with limited requirement on bandwidth and
> On-board SD card for primary or back-up storage ensures data security
> Dedicated ATM NVR: Overlay of Transaction data with video, convenient for installation in ATMs
storage resources.
Horizontal shape
Rotate Mode
Rich video analytics and smart feature support
An object left behind or removed from a pre-defined region is
Line crossing detection in sensitive area to
On-board ANPR analytics can detect and recognize a
Video push function, converting the smart phone of Security
detected and an alarm is triggered for prevention of crimes.
protect sensitive area
vehicle’s license plate and send license info to a Smart
personal (Android and IOS support) to a moving camera,
NVR or iVMS-5200P for access management and for post
realize real time on-site monitoring and reporting for crime
event investigation
prevention and handling.
Abnormal face detection and alarm generation for
Detection of items attached illegally for effective
detection of exceptional ATM operations
prevention of criminal purposes in ATM
Transaction data
RS232 or RJ45
Transaction data
Through advanced motion detection, audio exception
RS232 or RJ45
detection, abnormal door opening detection and video
linkage technologies, multiple incidents happening in
banks and offices can be effectively detected and recorded
for real-time handling or post-event investigation.
Customer transaction data is incorporated with video for
efficient investigation and dispute resolution.
Effective centralized monitoring of all branches
Banking Solution Architecture
Control Center
Bank C
iVMS-5200 Platform
Video Wall
Bank B
Network Cable
Decoder and
Multi-screen Controller
Singel Cable (Access Control)
Singel Cable (Alarm)
Bank A
A video wall supports overall monitoring in the control
center. Operator monitoring in branches allows for
Video Surveillance Subsystem
local or remote monitoring.
Alarm Subsystem
Access Control Subsystem
Video Superposition
Local C/S client supports single branch monitoring or multiples-branches
centralized monitoring, multiple screen support, up to 4 screens supported.
Card Reader
Retainer Emergency
ATM Camera
PTZ Camera
Door Switch
Door Lock
Product Recommendation
iVMS-5200 Professional VMS Platform
• Centralized equipment and user management
• Support access control & license plate recognition
• Support business intelligence & POS integration
2MP Smart IP Bullet Camera
2MP Smart IP Bullet Camera
• Full HD1080p, up to 60fps
• Smart Auto Focus
• 1920x1080 resolution
• 2.8~12mm Motorized VF lens
• 140dB WDR
• 2.8~12mm Motorized VF lens
• Up to 60fps
• Full Smart Feature-set
• IP67
• 8~32mm lens optional
• Ultra Low light
• Smart Auto Focus
• Up to 100m IR
(-S) Audio/Alarm IO optional
• 120dB WDR
(-S) Audio/Alarm IO Optional
• Full Smart Feature-set
(-H) Built-in heater optional
• Up to 50m IR
(-H) Built-in heater Optional
• Maximum connected devices per system: 1024
• Control client: max 16, Web client: max 16, Mobile client: max 64
• 3rd party surveillance integration via ONVIF protocol and SDK
DS-2CD63C2F-I (S)(V)
3MP Mini IR Dome Camera
1.3MP Pinhole IP Camera
12MP Network Fisheye Camera
• 1280 x 960 high resolution
• 2048x1536 resolution
DS-2DF8336IV / 6336V-AEL
DS-2DF8223I / 6223-A
3MP 36X PTZ network camera
Darkfighter 2MP 23X WDR PTZ camera
• 1920*1080P Full HD
• Smart Detection
• 23X Optical Zoom
• Smart Tracking (auto/rule/manual)
• Ultra-low illumination
• EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
• 120db True WDR
• Up to 200m IR distance (for IR model)
• IP66
• Vandal-proof (IK10)
• 3MP(2048*1536) HD
• Smart Detection
• Up to 60fps
• 120dB WDR
• Up to 4000x3072, 20fps
• 36X Optical Zoom
• 200m IR distance (IR model)
• 120dB WDR
• 360º Panoramic View
• Smart Tracking
• Vandal-proof (IK10)
• Up to 10m IR
• Micro SD/SDXC, up to 64GB
• Support Heat Mapping Analytic
• Built-in Mic
• Triple video streams
• Support People Counting
• Support on-board storage (up to 64GB)
• Rotate mode
• Hardware /software de-warping
• IP66
• Audio & Alarm I/O
• Audio/Alarm IO (-S)
DS-2CD6812D (-W)(S)
• Dual lens unit optional
• IP66 & Vandal-proof (-V)
Dual-lens Network Camera
• 1.3MP resolution
• Built-in Wi-Fi optional (-W)
• PIP (Picture in Picture)
• Audio/Alarm IO (-S)
• Built-in speaker
• Table/wall/ceiling mount
• Independent lens adjustment
DS-2CD4085F-A (P)
2MP Smart IP Box Camera
8MP Smart IP Box Camera
3MP Smart IP Indoor Dome Camera
• Full HD1080p, up to 60fps
• 4096 x 2160 resolution
• 2048x1536 resolution
• 140dB WDR
• Auto Back Focus
• Real-time video
• Auto Back Focus
• 120dB WDR
• Full Smart Feature-set
• Full Smart Feature-set
• Stereo Audio Sampling
• Stereo Audio Sampling
• Triple Power Supply
• Triple Power Supply
• Support On-board Storage
• Support On-board Storage
• (P) P-Iris Optional
• (P) P-Iris Optional
ATM Dedicated NVR
Network Storage
• Up to 16 network cameras connection
• CVR(Central video recording) support
• Live view, storage and playback at high resolution
• Double controller, automatic service takeover when failure occurs
• Vandal-proof
• 2.8~12mm Motorized VF lens
• Up to 30m IR
• HDMI and VGA output, up to Full HD1080p
• Disk Detection, Repair and RAID Optimization
• Full Smart Feature-set
• Up to 8-ch synchronous playback
• Low Power Design
• Smart Auto Focus
• Up to 2 SATA support
• Massive Storage Space, 4U chassis with 24 HDs and cascade
• Audio/Alarm IO
• 4 independent PoE network interfaces
extension support

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