Katrineholm is located strategically



Katrineholm is located strategically
Katrineholm is located strategically
Katrineholm is a medium-sized Swedish
municipality in a strategically favourable
location logistically. We have consciously
developed from an industrial area alongside the railway line into a town close
to Stockholm where people can live and
work. Increasing numbers of major businesses have relocated to Katrineholm, and
the number of small and medium-sized
companies is growing.
Within a radius of 150 kilometres, we have access to a third
of Sweden’s population. It takes less than an hour to get
from Stockholm to Katrineholm by train, and two hours
from Gothenburg. Thanks to our proximity to Stockholm
Skavsta airport, with flights to around 40 destinations, you
can reach the rest of Europe in just a few hours.
Katrineholm has a population of just over 32,300. Apart
from Katrineholm municipality and Sörmland County
Council, major employers include SKF, Ericsson, Kronfågel,
Sörmlands Grafiska and Finja Prefab.
The community grew up in the 1860s at the point where the
main western and southern railway lines meet. Thanks to
the railway and the connection to the arterial road network,
which links the two European motorways together, we
have access to the major flows of goods in Sweden. These
logistical conditions mean that Katrineholm can now focus
on developing the town into a modern hub. Katrineholms
Logistikcentrum is evolving – the biggest business investment in the municipality’s history, in which the municipality
is investing more than SEK 150 million over a three-year
period. The Lövåsen development area and the logistics
area cover a total of 100 hectares and constitute an environmentally sustainable solution for transport, warehousing
and logistics.
The Lövåsen retail park has developed immensely in recent
times. Thanks to the fact that customers not only come here
Air photo: Bergslagsbild AB. 3D-illustration: JKAB Arkitekter
from Katrineholm municipality but also from a wider area,
Katrineholm is developing into a sub-regional retail centre,
which means a wider offering than what is normally available in municipalities the size of Katrineholm. Growth has
also gained momentum in central Katrineholm with several
new retail outlets, the latest being H&M.
For more information
Näringsliv och tilläxt [Administration for Business Community and Growth]
Land and development manager Björn Winnberg-Persson, tel +46 (0)150-571 68,
+46 (0)70-525 71 68
e-mail [email protected]
Corporate coordinator Carina Lloyd,
tel +46 (0)150-568 29, +46 (0)70-595 96 65
e-mail [email protected]
Katrineholms Industrihus AB
Magnus Österberg tel +46 (0)150-572 07,
+46 (0)70-339 43 84
e-mail [email protected]
Land for business establishment
The municipality is able to offer areas
designed for business establishment. Next
to the new business locations of Lövåsen
and Katrineholms Logistikcentrum, there
is almost unlimited potential to expand
eastwards. The new bypass scheduled to
be completed by the end of 2012 creates
the most favourable conditions and major
advantages for establishment in the best
logistical position.
Katrineholms Logistikcentrum, KLC
The biggest investment in the business community in the
town’s history to date is about to be realised. Through its
strategic location in the Mälardalen region, Katrineholm has
access to the major goods flows in Sweden. KLC is initially
exploiting around 50 hectares of land for the establishment
of logistics operations. Today, one intermodal terminal is in
operation, and at the end of 2010 a further electrified terminal will be commissioned, with the potential to handle 750
metre-long trains. KLC is one of Brinova’s logistics facilities
in Sweden.
The following businesses are located in the area: Setra
distributionslager, AWI koncernen, KILAB industrilackering,
Caraboo, Södermans Mur Puts & Kakel, Katrineholms Golv,
Färdig betong, EC plast, Vingåkers Taxi, Bosab, Katrineholms
Logistikfastigheter and Katrineholm Rail Point with Sörmlast
and Svensk Logistikpartner, which runs operations at the
Lövåsen development area
The Lövåsen retail park began its expansion in 2006, and
first out were the stores Cheapy and Willys, which set up
operations in the area. Since then, many more players have
come into the frame, and the area offers a further 50 hectares of land for business establishment.
The following businesses can be found in the area today:
Coop Bygg, Coop Extra, Mekonomen, Elgiganten, ÖoB,
Intersport, Willys, Cheapy, Möbelhuset, Skopunkten,
Djurmagazinet, Onoff, Colorama, Mixxit, ICA Maxi,
Katrineholms markis och persienn, Cykel & Sport,
Jysk, Kamin & kakel, Bygginteriör, Skobes, Kinnarps,
BringCityMail, Lernia, Posten, Kiark Arkitektur, Oppunda
El, Oppunda Svets & Mekanik, Sörmlands Maskinservice,
Solid Park, Claudias Restaurang, Entrade, Forss Webservice,
Bilprovningen, BTO, Bodycote Ytbehandling, Miljöteamet i
Sverige AB, SMZ Industrier AB, Z-lyften, OKQ8, Produktion,
Bröderna Gustavsson Plåtslageri, Ljuddämparservice.
Mogetorp development area
The area has four hectares of land available for further
development. To the west of Vingåkersvägen there are
several major businesses, including Skandinaviska byggelement, Sveaverken, Daxdoor, SIMS Recycling and Presto
Brandsäkerhet. To the east of this road there is the newly
constructed production and planning hall for Cesium and
The area also houses the head offices and warehouses of koncernen Axelsson DEA Mode, Däckcenter i
Katrineholm, Forssjö Buss, Byggcenter, Vårljungen, Wegern,
Värmepumpcenter i Katrineholm, Skanska, Teknikservice
i Katrineholm, Sörmlands Vattenrening, Hedlunds Glas,
Håkans Golv och kakel, Svensk Brandservice, NVS, PJ
Industrikablage, ISS Facilityservice, Gustafsson & Hjorth AB,
Dibo, Börje Jonssons åkeri.
Kerstinboda, Rådmannen and Värmbol
In these areas, existing industrial and office premises are
available to let

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