Crisp Toasts
Home Grown
Here’s the advice my lawyer gave me:
Say it with flowers
Say it with eats,
Say it with kisses,
One who goes on and on while his
hearers go yawn and yawn.
Say it with sweets,
Say it with jewelry,
Campaign promises
Say it with drink,
Like piñatas and eggshells, made to
be broken.
April 2008
But always be careful
Not to say it with ink.
Psychiatrists & Psychologists
To the psychiatrist, whom Mervyn Stock-
Crashes to ashes and rust to dust.
wood defines as “a man who goes to the
Folies-Bergere and looks at the audience.”
Diplomacy – Diplomacy is the art of
saying “nice doggie” until you can
find a rock.
~ Will Rogers
Smear today, gone tomorrow.
Diplomats – A diplomat is a man
who always remembers a woman’s
birthday, but never remembers her age.
~ Robert Frost
L&M Radiator, Inc.
Hibbing, Minnesota
L&M Radiator, Inc.
El Paso, Texas
L&M Radiator, Inc.
Independence, Iowa
L&M Radiator, Inc.
Yankton, South Dakota
Euclid truck after going over a bank, rolling over several times and
landing on her feet. The engine ran and the radiator (ours) did not leak.
The front page is actually a re-run of
the front page from our En’core dated
February 1991. We thought of running
the photo on that page in our recent
En’core dated October 2007 (right), which
contained a couple of pictures under the
title “Things Not To Do in an Open Pit
Mining Truck Operation.” We thought it
would be better to make a completely
new En’core around the picture of a very
rugged 20-ton capacity Euclid truck. Note
that the Euclid name no longer appears on
new mining trucks. Pity.
When we received the radiator in our A great display at trade shows for a
shop, we hooked up clear plastic tubing number of years. A rugged machine,
to a pump so we could show that we indeed, and a similarly rugged radiator.
were plumbing coolant through the
radiator. We left everything else exactly
like it came out of the mine, including
mud on the exterior of the radiator.
We happened to call on a zonolite mine
in Libby, Montana, a day or two after
the Euclid rolled. The maintenance
superintendent, without telling us why,
took us down into the mine, showed
us the truck and the radiator full of
coolant. It did not leak! He told us they
were going to scrap the truck. On the
spot we traded him a new radiator
core for the old bent up radiator on the
rolled truck, as he had other trucks of
the same size in his mine that might
need a new radiator core.
A better shot of
the back of the