or any time… breakfast time… lunch time…


or any time… breakfast time… lunch time…
bowls, and
smoked salmon
accompanied with bagels
and cream cheese $9.79
per person
continental box
choice of bagel, muffin, or
scone with cream cheese
and jam, and served with
yogurt and fruit medley
$8.99 per person
pastries basket
assortment of our
freshly baked muffins,
bagels, scones, croissants,
and viennoiserie, served
with jam, cream cheese,
and butter $5.69 per
mixed greens with three
toppings of your choice,
served with house vinaigrette and ciabatta rolls
$11.99 per person
salad a la carte:
sliced fruit platter(s)
bread platter
fresh fruit salad
$5.39 per person
assortment of our
signature breads
with butter, jam,
and cream cheese
$4.49 per person
small serves 15 people
large serves 25 people
small $59.00 large $85.00
trio of salads
a la carte
$1.35 each
bagels plain, poppyseed, or sesame
butter croissant
chocolate croissant
muffins scones
fruit by the piece
$2.29 each
$2.29 each
$2.29 each
$2.29 each
$2.79 each
$.99 each
side of plain cream cheese
or jelly, 8oz.
mixed greens with a single
topping of your choice,
served with house vinaigrette and a ciabatta roll
sandwich platter
choose from the following:
grilled chicken and guacamole
salami and roasted peppers
prosciutto on walnut wheat
roasted turkey on brioche
smoked salmon on wheat
chicken and goat cheese
egg salad on olive bread
tuna salad on olive bread
grilled vegetable on baguette
ham and cheese on baguette
$8.99 each
sandwich platter
choice of roasted turkey,
ham, grilled chicken, and
grilled vegetable on a
baguette $8.49 each
breadline box
choose from the breadline a
la carte sandwiches, served
with chips and a cookie.
substitute a salad for chips
at no charge $10.99 each
salad box
mixed greens with topping
of your choice, ciabatta roll,
and a cookie (please call for
available toppings) $9.99
party platters
or any
small serves 15 people;
large serves 25 people
crudite platter
with garlic and herb spread
small $44.00 large $59.00
bread boule with spread
served with baguette crisps.
choose flavors from:
hummus, roasted red pepper,
and garlic and herb
8 – 10 people $39.00
sliced fruit platter
small $59.00 large $85.00
breadline daily soup
made fresh daily, served
with a ciabatta roll
12oz $4.99 16oz $5.99
sliced fruit and
cheese platter
small $70.00
large $92.00
cheese platter
small $81.00
large $102.00
a la carte
create your own lunch
boxed lunches
empanada box
two beef empanadas,
served with a side salad
and a cookie $9.99 each
route 11 potato chips
mixed greens side salad
cole slaw, 6oz
pasta salad, 6oz
egg salad, 6oz tuna salad, 6oz
guacamole, 8oz
hummus dip, 8oz
beef empanada
$1.99 each
$2.49 each
$2.49 each
$3.99 each
$3.99 each
$4.99 each
$4.99 each
$3.99 each
$2.99 each
menu items are served with appropriate plates,
napkins, cutlery, and serving utensils, plus any
appropriate condiments, including, mustard and
mayonnaise, unless requested otherwise
all the
and desserts
hot beverages:
“joe to go”
serves 10 people
$20.00 each
hot tea to go
serves 10 people
$20.00 each
hot chocolate
serves 10 people
$29.00 each
here at breadline, we make the food we serve fresh, right
here, everyday. from our breads and cookies, to our soups
and salads, and even our lemonade!
cold beverages:
bottled sodas
$2.39 each
bottled water
breadline is housed in a 3,500 square foot open bakery,
where customers can watch everything being made by our
bakers and our cooks.
here on pennsylvania avenue, we are preparing foods that
are new to the fast food culture, yet are really quite authentic, traditional, and health-conscientious.
sparkling or still
$2.19 each
fresh-brewed iced tea
serves 8-10 people
$9.99 each
orange juice
serves 8-10 people
$10.99 each
ordering hours
by phone…
assorted cookie tray
$2.49 per person
sweet treats platter
assorted cookies
and brownies
$3.49 per
202 822 8900
monday to friday
from 6am to 6pm
by fax…
202 822 1209
need help planning the menu
for your function? give us a call!
delivery is available for all group
orders. a delivery fee may apply
based on the destination.please
ask or see a manager for details.
we accept visa, master card, american
express, and discover for payments.
house accounts may be available.
by email…
[email protected]
1751 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20006

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