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Big Book of Brew
Table of Contents
Force Sensitive
Alternate Exaltations
General Feats
Racial Feats
Exalted Assets
Sword Schools
Aphonic Wind
Dark Messiah
Eldritch Advent
Infernal Monster
Infinite Choir
Killer Doll
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Daemon Trigger
Divine Flame
Last Line
Munchausen Drive
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Ship Weapons
Ship Components
Setting, Creatures, and
Additional Rules
Dramatis Personae
Individuals of Note
Dramatis Personae
Being what amounts to a PDF stuffed with all the stuff I found cool, it should be noted that some of the stuff here may
not suit your tastes. You may even despise some of it! So, with that in mind, it should be mentioned that everything in
here is a bunch of crunch and fluff that the talented folk over on the DUNGEONS THE DRAGONING homebrew
forum came up with in their spare time, and should just be thought of as a bunch of ‘unofficial’ rules, and should be
treated as much. To quote LawfulNice in the first book, “Take what you need, ignore what you don’t, and run the best
damn DUNGEONS THE DRAGONING game you and your players can come up with.”
Long ago, before the Fall, when Lolth
was first staking her claim to the Webway, she
came across a girl-child lost there. The girl was
young, but full of hubris; the Spider Daemon
demanded her fealty, but the girl refused. Lolth
demonstrated her power, swarming the girl with
hordes of arachnids, filling the air with webs,
and still the girl would not kneel. Finally, she
asked what skills the girl had, that made her so
infuriatingly convinced that Lolth would spare
her insolent soul... and the girl complied.
Gathering the silk that Lolth's spiders had
created, the girl wove quickly, dying some with
her blood and more with ichor from the crushed
arachnids, until she had woven a scene fit to
display to the Spider Daemon.
And it was so galling that Lolth was fit
to be tied, and gave her the rope. She cursed the
girl, and all of her descendants, forcing her and
hers into the likeness of the animal she had
refused the fear of. That girl's name was
Arachne, now borne proudly by her descendants
as they pour out of the Webway to weave a
bridge across the Wheel.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.8-2.1m
Average Weight: 75-120kg
Languages: Trade, Arachne
Common Personality Traits: Focused,
decisive, predatory, blunt, patient
Common Physical Traits: Nimble,
twitchy, chitinous body, dark colors, multiple
Example Names: Achidna, Anansi,
Chakravartin, Iktomi, Rachnera, Silitha
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Wisdom or
Skill Bonus: +1 to Crafts and Deceive
Power: Spider Butt: Your lower half is a
giant spider, giving you Armor 2 on your Legs
and allowing you to scale walls and ceilings as
easily as walking on the ground. You can also
ignore most material requirements when making
cloth items, as you spin the silk yourself.
However... armor that can fit your arachnid
backside is hard to come by and must be
custom-made, increasing its rarity by one step.
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
Arachne are, despite appearances, large
spiders with the upper bodies of humans. Their
abdomens are covered in a fairly durable chitin that
sloughs regularly, some covered further in a fine sort
of fur. This fur is usually the same color or within a
shade or two of the Arachne's hair, which is typically
white (or at least very fair) or black (or extremely
dark), and generally complements the shell
underneath, which is most commonly black, white, or
brown in color. Any unarmored flesh is comparable
to a human's in range.
An Arachne's torso is built so that it could
pass for a human or Elf at a glance. The face,
however, is where similarities end; Arachne have
between two and seven additional eyes adorning their
foreheads, much like their arachnid ancestors.
Arachne eyes are monochrome in color, commonly
red or black.
Arachne are oviparous, and grow quickly
after hatching, reaching maturity after about seven
years. Females tend to be taller and heavier on
average than males.
Playing an Arachne
Arachne communities tend to be quiet and
something rather less than lively, with inhabitants
coexisting to the extent that they rarely have need to
interact with each other. Each family fabricates what
they can and can forage or hunt for the rest,
eliminating the need for trade among themselves. In
fact, most people are shocked when they arrive in an
apparently empty area, only for a horde of Arachne to
come swarming out to see the intruders.
A race of predators, Arachne are the ideal
that most others look to when they think of gender
equality. Every individual, from the smallest male to
the largest queen, is expected to hunt for itself and
defend itself, and none expects demands to be made
of others, let alone heeded. Children are a very minor
exception for their first year, taken along when
hunting in order to teach them the necessary skills,
while still supported by the parents.
Among other, more "diplomatic" races,
Arachne often find themselves annoyed by the
inability to say what one means, and so they tend to
develop an almost hypocritical demand for honesty,
while acting the ferocious tease themselves. An
Arachne will very rarely volunteer unimportant
information, preferring to help others along to it
themselves. But they will always give a perfectly
honest opinion when asked.
Arachne Heroes
On her homeworld, Carmine was a fierce
and solitary hunter whose red-streaked abdomen
struck fear into the hearts of her kin. She was faster
and more deadly than most. A visiting spelljammer
captain challenged her to a duel in the depths of a
cave, revealing himself as a Vampire... and
Embracing her when he won. She followed her father
in darkness off-world, to hunt more prey in the Great
Wheel at large.
At a young age, Nathra was sucked into an
Acerath-worshiping cult that traded information in
secret for their god, and was prized for her stealth and
ability to negotiate through fear. Her thirst for
knowledge and secrets led her to open a package she
was delivering, to find a luminous golden fruit inside
and, ever curious, she soon found herself tasting the
Fruit of Life. Her days as a courier for Acerath are
long over, but Nathra continues to be thrilled by the
cosmic insights brought on by her monadic nature.
Achidna was a fearsome fighter who used a
long-handled axe to cripple his prey, never knowing
defeat. A roving band of Orks fought him to a draw,
and were impressed enough to declare him one of Da
Boyz. He now travels with them across the Wheel in a
quest for strength and for moar choppa!
From time to time, around and about
the Great Wheel, you might come across a
person with the features of a cat. Slighter than
humans, not far from elves, these individuals
usually travel in groups, trading exotic wares or
hiring out their swords to raise money to send
home. These are the Catfolk. Their home
territories tend to be large plains and savannahs,
but you'll never see a city. It's said that they have
great hidden settlements, architectural wonders
that are forbidden to outsiders, but only the
catfolk know for sure.
Catfolk are not particularly religious, as
a group. Those who take a martial path often
offer Khorne his respects, and those in Catfolk
lands always have a shrine out to Pelor, but
strict dogmatism is uncommon. They pay
homage to the traditional Cat Gods, a faith
known as Catholicism, but these are simple
spirits to be honored and not a true Alignment.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 120-170cm
Average Weight: 35-75kg
Languages: Trade, Catfolk
Common Personality Traits: Curious,
Mischievous, Friendly, Surly
Common Physical Traits: Cat ears, cat
tails, skin stripings or markings
Example Names: Chen, Rin, Len,
Meowy Wowie
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity
or +1 to Composure.
Skill Bonus: +1 to Athletics and
Power: Cats Are Awesome - Catfolk
gain Catfall as a bonus feat, and Dark Sight as a
Trait. While wearing no armor heavier than
Light, Catfolk have +1 Speed.
Size: 3
Physical Qualities
Catfolk tend to be similar in general
design, but vary wildly in the details. They're
generally fit and wiry, rarely stocky or muscular.
They have cat ears extending up from the sides
of their heads, and prehensile cat tails extending
from the base of their spines. They frequently
have skin markings, stripes or patterns similar to
tabbies, and have some facial deformation
relative to the human baseline to give them
more of the appearance of a cat. Catfolk tend to
dress in a revealing manner, enjoying the feel of
the air on their skin and leaving their
movements unrestricted.
Some Catfolk are born with two tails.
These lucky individuals are thought to be
blessed by the Cat Gods and are said to have a
great destiny ahead of them, and indeed
statistical analysis has shown a correlation
between twintails and magical potential.
Catfolk live about as long as humans, if
nobody kills them.
Playing a Catfolk
Catfolk are a loyal people. They know
where home is, and that's where their values lie.
Whenever they're out and about in the Great
Wheel, earning and whatnot, they always make
sure to return the lion's share of their wages to
their homeland. This connection to their clan
means that Catfolk don't form attachments to
outsiders very readily. They may be free with
their affections, but not so much with their
hearts. They know that if they die out there in
the wilderness, it's not just hurting them, it's
hurting their family, so they tend to keep a
healthy detachment from events.
However, that's not to say Catfolk keep
to themselves. At all. They're intensely curious
about the ways and habits of the outlanders, and
always enjoy a good romp. They're very playful,
prone to practical jokes, and are often very
physically affectionate. Just keep in mind, it's
likely that she doesn't really love you.
Catfolk Heroes
Lethe is a fairly unorthodox individual –
a catgirl who is also a werewolf. Suffice to say, it
leads to the occasional existential crisis. Still, the
catfolk’s latent curiosity coupled with a
werewolf’s ferocity lends itself well to Lethe, as
she’s quite capable of holding her own. Just so
long as she’s focused, anyway…
Mistra’s not your typical mage. Most
tend to think of mages as stuffy librarians
without the time for social interaction. Mistra,
on the other hand, is incredibly outgoing and
always looking to be the center of attention.
Considering her talents for performance, she
also has a tendency to break into impromptu
dances, using her magic to make all sorts of
special effects. Unsurprisingly, there’s rarely a
dull moment with her around.
Dullahans are an ancient race, one
whose origins have been lost to time. They
claim to be precursors, of which race varies
depending on how much the dullahan in
question is playing up the angst, cursed by the
gods for the folly of siding willingly with the
C'tan. The sad reality is that their forebears bore
witness to the War in Heaven, as one of the few
uplifted races who weren't terribly involved with
either side.
Regardless of their origins, Dullahans
belong to the Raven Queen, in body and soul.
Few openly worship other deities,
primarily rebellious sorts living away
from their thanes around the Ghoul
Stars. Most such Dullahans are known
to be doomsayers, popping up every so
often in the public eye just to spout
some inane prophecy of doom and
gloom before disappearing again.
Dullahans very rarely ply the Astral Sea,
showing a notable tendency toward
discomfort in most spelljammers; they
vastly prefer open-topped vehicles,
preferably with a basket for their heads
so that they can feel the wind on their
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.7-2.1m
Average Weight: 85-100kg
Languages: Trade, Unseelie
Common Personality Traits:
Eighth-grader syndrome, fatalistic,
patient, poetic, quiet
Common Physical Traits:
Detachable head, sinewy build, cold,
quiet footfalls, monotone voice
Example Names: Celty, Rigor
Mortex, Ashes of the Ivory Forge, Soul
Who Cries Crimson for the Yet to Fall,
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Willpower
or Composure
Skill Bonus: +1 to Stealth and Drive
Power: Don't Lose Your Head: Your
head can be removed as easily as simply picking
it up off your shoulders, and both head and
body can function normally as long as they're on
the same plane. You don't die if your head is
destroyed, though you are permanently Blinded,
Deafened and unable to speak without bionics.
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
Dullahans are pale, sinewy humanoids
almost indistinguishable from Humans at a
glance. They have nigh on universally pale
complexions, with a general range between
milk-white and cyanotic, and hair similarly
falling along a spectrum between black and
white. A Dullahan's eyes are most commonly
yellow or amber in the iris, and rarely an
ominous shade of red or red/green
heterochromia can be seen. Black sclerae are
relatively common among Dullahans.
The most telling difference, though, is
that a Dullahan's head separates cleanly from
the body at a point just below the voice box.
There's clearly some form of magic involved; the
headless body can still hear and see as long as
the head can, and the bodiless head continues to
live and even speak, and feels whatever the body
does. Most Dullahans are rather cavalier about
the state of their heads, since they're pretty
much vestigial at this point, while others make a
point of wearing stiff-collared clothing to keep
their heads in place on their shoulders. A
Dullahan's head weighs about 5kg on its own,
not accounting for hair.
This has a rather interesting effect on
the Dullahan's metabolism. Living so close to
death, head always separated from the body, a
Dullahan needs very little to eat, able to stretch
rations almost three
times as far as other
humanoids do. They
don't, however, have
much of a sense of
taste... or smell, rather.
Dullahans have an
exceptional ability to
detect base flavors
(which would help to
determine which of the
few things they eat has
necessary nutrients), but
lack the nuanced
olfactory sense that
allows other humanoids
to taste things other than
"salty," "sweet" and the
Dullahan Heroes
For Corvus, the idea that he is the
Raven Queen's envoy in the Materium is more
than mere crowing. Born with a raven-shaped
birthmark in the palm of his hand, he has
trained and studied the goddess's scripture
almost from the time he could walk, and
devoted head and heart to the Raven Queen's
ideals. Heretics, tyrants, and rebels alike have all
lain low before his grimscythe, and those
witnesses to his performance of the Raven
Queen's duty all dread his whispered command:
"Tremble. Kneel down before me in fear."
Princess Magnificent with Lips of Red
Coral is the daughter of a thane, or so she
claims. No one knows her true pedigree, only
that when she first stepped off that spelljammer
onto Dis under the light of an actual sun, all
were amazed to witness the odd arrow-shaped
scarring between her collarbones glow with
silver radiance. Now, the name of Princess
Magnificent begets more raw fear from the
populace than does Lord Dispater's thought
police, as her brutal mastery of martial arts has
been put to the test in the name of justice.
Secret didn't adopt her new name
because she wanted to sing the truth from the
rooftops. No... she changed her name to keep a
very important person safe. She claims to have
borne witness to the murder of Khaine, the
god's dying curse as his
killers supped from his
blood in an attempt to
attain godhood themselves.
As she recounts her tale,
one of the conspirators
turned on the others,
killing them in an attempt
to claim the power for
himself alone... and that
there have been others
asking after one of them as
if she were still alive. Secret
insists that this is not the
case, but remains on the
prowl for those who would
threaten her mother in
Also known as boggarts or night imps,
Dusklings are a quirky race hailing from a
perpetually dark crystal sphere that have an
almost natural affinity for "jumping" in and
out of the Umbra through shadows.
Gregarious by nature, but with an appearance
that lends itself to scaring the poor sods they
encounter in the Materium, Dusklings make
themselves worthy of alliance by dint of their
small builds and nimble fingers, allowing
them to slip into small spaces and easily
repair ship parts.
Dusklings tend to regard the ability to
have fun as more important than sticking to
commitments, favoring emotion over logic in
most cases. They form personal attachments
rather quickly, despite a marked tendency to
respond to differing opinions with biting
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.4-1.7m
Average Weight: 45-60kg
Languages: Trade, Abyssal
Common Personality Traits:
Photophobic, jumpy, curious, reckless,
Common Physical Traits: Lean build,
pitch-black skin, slitted pupils, razormouf,
barbed tail.
Example Names: Nightshade,
Daybreak, Shadow, Darko
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity
or Composure
Skill Bonus: +1 to Stealth and
Power: Creature of Darkness: Gain
Dark Sight and a free Stealth specialty to
Hide In Darkness.
Size: 3
Physical Qualities
Dusklings are possessed of slim, small frames,
adapted to dart and hide rather than stand and fight.
They tend toward wiry sinew rather than bulky
muscle, never building much in the way of mass.
They're almost reptilian in appearance, with fingers
and toes tipped by small, sharp nails, a face that
pinches forward into a small muzzle, and a long tail
with a barbed tip like a devil's. Duskling eyes are large
and most commonly a jaundiced amber color, with
vertical slits for pupils, but can also appear in shades
of red or green, or very rarely an odd shade of
lavender. Their skin generally ranges from pitch-black
to midnight-indigo, set off by vividly-colored hair,
most commonly a fiery shade of orange.
In terms of posture, Dusklings tend to stand
and walk on their toes exclusively, occasionally
scrabbling on all fours like an atavistic cat when
hiding. They generally wear simple, dark hooded
robes, that can easily hide their brightly-colored hair.
A Duskling's eyes and teeth shine brightly in the dark,
having an eerie effect on mortals native to the
Dusklings can live for centuries, assuming
they don't run afoul of a particularly nasty Wraith or
spook someone with an itchy trigger finger. They
mature around the same age as Humans do.
Playing a Duskling
Dusklings are, to be blunt, spastic little trolls
that treat scaring the living daylights out of cutters
like friendly handshakes. They prefer to creep about
in shadows like little perverts, no doubt stealing
whatever they can get their grubby little paws on.
Some Gnomes have theorized that Duskling
kleptomania is why socks go missing "in the wash."
Duskling society, however, is structured
around loose-knit clans in a state of perfect anarchy,
which at least explains why they think they can just
do as they please whenever they crawl into the
Materium. Dusklings generally have a hard time
grasping the concept of authority, what with generally
governing themselves and helping others simply
because they want to... in a Duskling territory,
nobody has any real power over anybody else, except
for pregnant women or the elderly, who actually need
the assistance.
Dusklings, then, tend to be communally
minded, with a strong tendency to share what they
have with someone lacking it, and generally assuming
that others will do the same. While they will tend to
pilfer ammo or weapons from fallen enemies or just
lying around (and a weapons locker counts) to share
with allies, they won't just take something from
someone who's still breathing, because of that golden
Notoriously contrarian by almost anyone
else's standards, Dusklings tend to show affection
with a snarky mouth and coquettish body language.
What the Humans call "Lima Syndrome" is very
common; the Duskling who spends her childhood
playing the bogeyman to someone often grows very
attached to him by the time they reach maturity,
eventually coming out of the closet (often literally) to
help the target of her affections more overtly.
Dusklings suffering from this strange affliction make
for incredibly loyal friends.
Duskling Heroes
Midna is a jaded soul, ejected from her home
at a young age by a psychotic uncle. She grew up at
Luna's knee, learning what she needed to return to
avenge her home. Never one to do things halfway, she
accepted the silver tattoos as well, transforming as she
did into the great black barghest... all the more
appropriate for tearing her uncle's throat out.
Nadir is a painful paradox... a Duskling
whose eyes burn in the light, cursed to be empowered
by it. The bright golden N burned across his chest is
to him the mark of some god's ire, and as much as he
wishes his seeking will turn up a way to remove it, he
isn't averse to using the power it grants him to make
the taller folk kneel before him.
Moonshadow is an oddity among oddities,
and living proof that Syrneth breeding plans
transcend Umbral boundaries. Born with a strange
pattern of platinum scales on her forehead, she soon
developed the claws of a dragon as well, all shining
like white gold in the darkness of Nostramo. She's
long since left, seeking out the source of the dragon's
blood in her clan.
Fairies are a tiny race, often spoken of
but rarely seen. They were formed by nature
herself, their blood flows with magic itself and
they can fly with but at thought...unfortunately
it also means that, in such a small race, there
isn't much room for a brain. They are found in
deep forests or near the ocean or...anywhere
really. Fairies can appear anywhere that nature
resides. It is even rumored that some have been
sighted in the Umbra, playing happily among
the dead.
Fairies normally care little for gods,
falling under the purview of Luna more often
than not but worshiping whoever won't bother
them much and is easygoing. Fairies of Khorne
are more than a little terrifying.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 30cm-1.0m
Average Weight: 5-10kg
Languages: Trade, Spirit-tongue
Common Personality Traits:
Mischievous, Vengeful, Playful, Emotional
Common Physical Traits: Strangely
colored hair and eyes, Slight Figures, Constant
Cheerful Expressions.
Example Names: Alyssa, Rossetta,
Iridessa, Daiyousei, Fawn, Ada
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity
or +1 to Charisma.
Skill Bonus: +1 to Arcana and Deceive.
Power: Happy Thoughts: While
conscious, Fairies have Flyer equal to their
normal speed.
Size: 2
Physical Qualities
Fairies are as varied as nature itself; this
is due to the fact they are formed fully grown,
not born. Fairies tend to have appearances
related to where they were formed, with fairies
formed near rocks being stockier and brown
haired for example, while a fairy formed by the
sea may be blond haired, blue eyed and totally
tanned dude.
It is unknown how long fairies live.
Some have been sighted living centuries but as a
whole they live short violent lives.
Playing a Fairy
Fairies are inquisitive and generally
friendly lot, though their weak sense of right and
wrong matches their childlike nature. Many
fairies would as soon ruin someone who makes
them mad as help someone who said something
nice. This nature along with their own fragility
leads to an exceptionally high mortality rate.
Fairies do not die when they are
killed...not quite. Soon after their death they are
formed again where they were first made. They
are still aware of who they were, vaguely, though
their memories are hazy, that of someone else
rather than themselves. It is frequently
heartbreaking to those non-fairies who knew
them, to see a changeling wearing the face of a
friend. Do not be fooled by the reappearance...it
is still the death of the fairy they were before.
Fairy Heroes
Alyssa is a fairy with a learning disorder.
She learns. For a fairy? That's a disorder. She's
seen how the others play like children, never
focusing on the bigger picture. They are all
fools. A Syrne spirit has shown her that the
world is a much grander and bigger place than
some small forest and she is determined to see it
all. If anything gets in her way she has a
lightning bolt with its name on it.
Nissa likes people. She likes them a lot.
They are fun to be around and they like her
singing. A nice producer even said that she
could be the next idol, the Pixie of Sigil...it's a
big dream for a small person...she can't wait.
Fame, Friends and Fun await her and she's not
going to keep it waiting...
Ada isn't happy any more. One day,
when she was exploring a man in a strange
uniform knocked her out and tossed her in a
machine of dark soulsteel. For an entire day she
was trapped in there with slashing blades and
buzzing saws, torn and ruined but denied death.
She was saved by a traveler who freed her and
took her to the Church of Bahamut. The
wounds caused by soulsteel did not heal and she
begged them to not let her die so they took
drastic measures. She doesn't have wings any
more but they gave her little mithril engines so
she can fly again...she doesn't have a heart any
more but she has a pyros reactor. She's not
fearless of death any more...but she has a goal.
She will find who did this...and they are never
going to hurt anyone again. She swears this in
Bahamut's name.
The Gith were created in the aftermath
of the War of the Monster's Fall, to serve as a
race of slaves and livestock for the Mind
Flayers. As with all empires, though, the Mind
Flayers grew complacent, allowing their
creations more and more autonomy, until finally
a slave-warrior named Gith took up the blade
against them. Gith united the slaves, leading
them in guerilla combat and pirate actions
across a hundred worlds.
This, though, was not to last. Gith had
determined that, so as to never be enslaved
again, the slaves would become the slavers,
conquering all until none remained to crush
them underfoot. Gith's lieutenant, Zerthimon,
had other ideas. This betrayal cut a rift among
the former slaves; now Gith's followers are
known as the Githyanki, "those loyal to Gith,"
and continue to raid and pillage across the
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.2-1.4m
Average Weight: 50-65kg
Languages: Trade, Gith
Common Personality Traits: Brilliant,
paranoid, impulsive, intolerant, ambitious
Common Physical Traits: Frail build,
grey skin, monochromatic eyes, large head,
bionic implants
Example Names: Zim, Tak, Skooge,
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Intelligence
or Willpower
Skill Bonus: +1 to Tech-Use and Pilot
Power: Xenoheretek: Begin play with
the Hatred (Mind Flayers) and Mechadendrite
Use feats, as well as a set of Mobility
Mechadendrites. Mobility Mechadendrites do
not count toward the normal limit of how many
mechadendrites you can have attached.
Size: 3
Mobility Mechadendrites
Mobility Mechadendrites are a set of
four to six long, spider-like limbs that retract
into a central pod, usually mounted between the
shoulder blades or at the small of the back.
Extending or retracting these is a free action.
While extended, the mechadendrites act as
bionic locomotion, lifting the wearer a full meter
off the ground. The nimble structure of these
limbs allows the wearer to ignore movement
penalties based on terrain.
Physical Qualities
The Githyanki are an artificially designed
race, with very little variation across individuals. They
are universally small and lean, with perfect body
symmetry. Their skin is unusually smooth, and
generally appears in shades of grey, green, and blue.
A Githyanki's waifish proportions mean it has an
almost disproportionately large head, with equally
large eyes (typically a shade of red or purple all the
way across), and a pair of long antennae sweeping
back from the forehead.
A Githyanki's eyes are incredibly acute,
seeing much further and with greater detail than
other races in the Wheel. Bulbous eyes can't rotate
within their sockets, though; a Githyanki must turn
its head in order to keep something in sight, but its
greater field of view means it has wider peripheral
vision anyway. Githyanki have been known to turn
their heads almost 270 degrees in order to keep their
eyes on something.
Finally, as an artificial race, the Githyanki
are biologically neuter, incapable of breeding. For all
their ideals of freedom, they still use the breeding
tanks of their former masters, reverse-engineered and
now jealously guarded in the few crystal spheres
they've laid down roots. Githyanki newts are decanted
from the tanks fully developed after six months
incubating, and programmed with whatever
knowledge they will need for their initial tasks as
they're implanted with the pod containing the
Mobility Mechadendrites they're so famous for.
Playing a Githyanki
Githyanki are, on the whole, spastic, mad
geniuses... they would have to be, to operate,
maintain, and reverse-engineer the ships, weapons,
and breeding tanks they'd stolen from their former
masters. They have a strong tendency to act on their
ideas without stopping to think of whether it's a good
idea, to assume the cold knowledge programmed into
them on decanting is a substitute for hard experience.
Which is... not the best idea, when your race's birth
rate amounts to once daily.
They are, thankfully, surprisingly tough,
with the natural willpower that led to Gith's rebellion
aiding in their focus... nothing short of death will stop
a Githyanki from achieving its goal, whether that goal
is conquering a city or playing chicken with a sea
train. They are not, however, complete idiots; the
Githyanki are masters of lightning warfare, preferring
to fight only as necessary to achieve an objective and
then - quite intelligently - bugging the hell out. When
only children are smaller than you, you make a point
of remembering not to rile up the adults too much.
This is not to say that Githyanki are
cowards. Far from it, in fact: For all that a Githyanki
might rant and rave about a "rival" (that is, someone
who accidentally cut it off in traffic), it takes a coldly
logical approach to combat. Guns and armor support
are preferable to melee, and it's only logical to cut
losses and run when faced with a stronger enemy.
Githyanki prefer to gang up on key targets, or use
artillery strikes as cover while they go for the real
And, of course, a discussion of the
Githyanki mindset would not be complete without
mention of their... strange criteria for leadership.
After thousands of years, the Githyanki still fear their
former masters' ire; to that end, when things go
south, they instinctively look toward the tallest
humanoid present for instruction. Yeah, that's right,
berk: The Githyanki choose their leaders based on
height. Sodding barmy, the lot of 'em.
However, that courtesy doesn't extend to
their estranged cousins, the Githzerai. While a given
Githzerai may be taller, a Githyanki would sooner
walk into a dragon's maw than take orders from one.
If circumstances conspire to force them to work
together, be sure to have popcorn and a pict-recorder
at the ready, because they only foe that will prompt
them to stop insulting each other is a Mind Flayer.
Githyanki Heroes
Gith was the ideal hero, taller than any of its
followers and quite an imposing figure with the phase
sword in one hand and a needle gun in the other.
Skooge... isn't. A tiny, less than impressive specimen,
it was a runt coming out of the tank, and swiftly
culled from the main fleet on make-work missions.
Not that it minds, anymore... not since the golden
presence awoke in the back of its head, advising it to
ignore its taller brethren in favor of searching out
information about the Syrne.
Long ago, before Vaakith transcended into
lich-hood, it made a pact with an ancient dragon of
flame, intending to introduce more strength into the
Githyanki genome. Now, centuries later, Ven is the
first success of that experiment, decanted with
mustard yellow skin and burning orange eyes... and
vicious red claws, the first sign of dragon genetics
successfully introduced to the breeding tanks.
When Gith led its people in revolt
against the Mind Flayers, it was thought that all
would be well. The slaves threw down their
masters, and in so doing, became free... but for
what happened afterward. On hearing Gith's
intentions, its friend and advisor Zerthimon
counselled against it, stating that Gith would
have their people become slaves to their fear,
when it would be wiser to become strong, so
as not to be chained again. Gith... didn't like
A second reckoning followed,
sweeping across the stolen fleet as the former
slaves divided themselves, some opting to
follow wise Zerthimon, while most maintained
that Gith was correct. Their leaders dueled,
and Zerthimon lost. Ever magnanimous, Gith
allowed Zerthimon's followers to take one ship
and do as they would, taking the traitor's body
and its counsel with them. They became
known as the Githzerai, "heretics of Gith,"
and have long since settled down on worlds
fringeing the Abyss.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.7-2.1m
Average Weight: 70-80kg
Languages: Trade, Gith
Common Personality Traits: Patient,
observant, cynical, pragmatic, austere
Common Physical Traits: Sinewy
build, grey skin, monochromatic eyes, nimble,
surprisingly strong
Example Names: Piccolo, Nail,
Dende, Zerth
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity
or Willpower
Skill Bonus: +1 to Acrobatics and
Power: Regenerative: Begin play with
the Hardy and Hatred (Mind Flayers) feats, and
you can regenerate lost limbs as if under a
constant Regenerate spell.
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
With only one set of breeding tanks, the
Githzerai set to work modifying themselves for their
inevitable failure before choosing a world to call
home. Like their cousins the Githyanki, they have
strangely smooth skin that usually tends to grey,
green, or blue shades, with eyes of a single, solid
color... but that's where the similarity ends. The first
Githzerai to set foot on a civilized world - and all
Githzerai since - only superficially resembled Gith's
followers. They had increased their muscle mass, no
longer bound to the ideal form of cattle for their
former masters, and - more importantly - engineered
a way to continue on when the breeding tanks broke
Raised on good planet-grown fare rather
than synthesized tube meat, Githzerai have gained
some length of bone over their estranged cousins,
comparable to well-built humans in size. A Githzerai's
color is more vivid than a Githyanki's, and a vestigial
pair of antennae sprout from its forehead, reduced in
importance now that they've given themselves ears
and a nose to better resemble their new neighbors.
Githzerai tend toward simple, serviceable
clothing, usually preferring long tunics tied at the
waist to more complex shirts and trousers... not that
they actually need it. While Githzerai are still
biologically neuter, among the tweaks made to their
genome is a form of asexual reproduction, similar to
parthenogenesis. What that means in non-greybeard
is that once or twice in its lifetime, a Githzerai will
puke up an egg that hatches into, well, a clone of the
This, unfortunately, has the drawback of not
coming with the accelerated development that
Githyanki enjoy; Githzerai take years to mature after
hatching, almost as long as humans do. The newts
can live off sunlight and water until their teeth start
coming in, at which point they're just too big to not
take solid food.
settlements are self-sufficient and have little need for
trade, though some have been known to extend
Zerthimon's philosophies to those who show interest.
Githyanki, however, can take the rope, all of
it. Their stunted cousins are mired in fear, unable to
let go of their past. And, more importantly, they
killed Zerthimon, who was martyred for its people...
that just won't be forgiven. A Githzerai forced to
cooperate with a Githyanki is a storm of barelyconcealed contempt and a vicious font of sarcasm...
unless confronted with a Mind Flayer, which they'll
both attack with equal gusto.
Githzerai Heroes
Cargo was always a bright newt, with an
affinity for healing magic that the sparring monks
rarely looked askance at. That is, until a fire caught in
the village, trapping a newt inside its home. Brave
Cargo ran headlong into the flames... and to
everyone's surprise, they turned green to match
Cargo's skin, whirling up into a column above the
astonished newts and finally flaring out into the
visage of a great bird before disappearing, revealing
Cargo carrying out the frightened newt... with wings
of fire flickering on its back.
Fife is - or rather, was - a rather promising
young adept, a veritable prodigy in the dojo and the
classroom. All of that promise, though, was cut short
when the Kythons attacked. Who brought them, Fife
doesn't know, but it fully intends to find them and
end them. For the murder of its clan... and itself.
Zerth is known to be a reclusive sort.
Keeping itself to itself, even among other Githzerai,
and going so far as to teach only a single apprentice at
a time rather than passing on its knowledge to all that
it can. Following Zerthimon's teachings led to an
epiphany, an awakening of strange power more gentle
than psyker practices, easier to simply let flow from
the mind. Zerth has mastered the use of this power to
humiliate would-be students by beating them with
sticks... without ever touching the stick.
Playing a Githzerai
Githzerai rarely use two words when one
will do. They tend to be cynical and suspicious,
generally expecting the worst in people. Githzerai
don't waste time on fools, and are rarely moved to
help those unprepared to help themselves. They are
pragmatic to a fault, slow to give trust, and cautious
in their dealings with others.
Many Githzerai disdain creature comforts
and live their lives in ascetic discipline. Their
settlements and strongholds resemble monasteries
more than villages. Unlike the Githyanki, who see
other races as slaves to be taken, the Githzerai simply
see others as irrelevant... they offer the respect due to
strength and discipline, but little else. Githzerai
Goblins are tinkerers and tradesfolk,
out for a quick buck and bigger explosions.
Hailing from a Sphere noted for torrential
downpour, the Goblins are easily recognized by
their large bat ears, short stature and often
carrying large sums of money or explosives
(often both). Constant tinkerers, where a
Gnome builds things that last, Goblins build
things for either cold hard Thrones or big
Their affinity towards using explosives
tends to cause them to live short and loud lives.
Even when they aren’t at the mercy of their
explosive love they still don’t live long lives
typically averaging at 40 years. Because of this
they tend to keep business in the family, if you
work with the father you can bet you will work
with his son. This hand-me-down attitude
means that a high regard for tradition is
unusually strong amongst goblinkind.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.3-1.6m
Average Weight: 45-58kg
Language: Trade, Goblin
Common Personality Traits:
Conniving, crazed, scheming
Common Physical Traits: Light brown
to light green skin, ornate but often grease
slicked clothes, sensitive to sounds
Example Names: Bruck, Na'Thak,
Q'uark, Squee, Ze'Jill
Racial Traits
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Intelligence
or Charisma
Skill Bonus: +1 to Tech-Use and
Power: Time Is Also Explosions! - Once
per scene, you may make one attack with a spell
or gun attack that gains the Blast property. If
the weapon or spell have the Blast property
already, add a +1k0 to it. You gain an additional
use of this ability at level 3 and again at level 5.
Size: 2
Physical Qualities
Equivalent to Gnomes in height,
Goblins are easily distinguishable from the other
common races. Their skin tones range from an
almost khaki to a pale green. Their hair tends to
be sparse on the men, though thick on the
women and tends to be rather dark and coarse.
They have most of their weight in the torso,
their arms and legs belying the strength they
Style of dress tends to vary depending
on profession, but even then most Goblins try to
snazz it up. Those in the business of selling tend
to dress in ways to imitate the cultures they are
trying to sell to, and those who build (to
destroy) tend towards leathers and other fire
and acid resistant clothing.
Playing a Goblin
Loud, proud, always wanting a fast
Throne or big explosion, Goblins tend to be a
boisterous lot. They always seem to need to be
moving, never being able to sit still for too long.
Their fingers especially always seem to be
moving, either twitching or working on
Most Goblins live in small groups,
whether family members or business partners.
More successful and well-to-do Goblins tend to
buy property that is large and espousing their
status. Buying moons seems to be a sort of
catch-all dream of the Goblins as a whole.
How they came to be is a matter of
contention among scholars, unsure if the Syrne
had a hand or if they came to be on their own.
Very little in the way of Syrneth archaeological
expeditions to the Goblin home spheres have
been done due
to the heavy
and expensive
legal paperwork
and mandatory
bribes prevent
almost all from
doing so. But
the Goblins
have been on
the seen for many, many years and have carved
a small little corner of the Astral Sea to call their
Goblins tend towards the unaligned
faiths which match their personalities the
closest, Vectron being rather popular as of
recent, though Goblins of other faiths are not
unheard of.
Goblins are seen in the Astral Sea as
both explosive experts and traders, though also
kept at a distance. They do have a code of
conduct, though few ever hear of it or can make
heads or tails of it since it is primarily spoken
and not written down.
Goblin Heroes
Teo'Lora never quite fit into Goblin
society. Where her fellows wanted explosions
and money, she sought education and
information. Why became obvious later in her
life when she awoke her Syrne spirit within
while exploring an exhibit on Syrne artifacts on
Sigil. Now driven to build, she has begun
studying in hopes of unlocking her full magical
Prahsig has always tinkered with
explosive he was a child. But an accident several
years ago left his body broken, though he hung
on for dear life. Using his life saving, he was
remade into a being of manufactured fluids and
artificial muscle and steel bones. But the men
who remade him failed to inform him he only
put a down payment on the new body. Not
wanting to be 'repossessed,' Prahsig now uses his
abilities to pay off the people who made him
what he is today.
Ruym is a trader known wide and far
not for any physical goods but for the secrets he
can divulge. Having large ears
can be a benefit, and he keeps
his wide open for any small bit
of info he can get his mitts on.
Some say he even has a uncanny
knack for it, but he simply
recites rules back to them so that
they may learn to be as
successful as he is.
No one quite recalls exactly which
crystal sphere the hulking brutes once known as
ogres originally hailed from, though most can at
least agree that they might have stayed there had
it not been for the incorrigible curiosity of
Humans. Regardless, Goliaths now
find themselves as widespread across
the Wheel as the races who first
uplifted them from their original
home, often pressed into service for
their enormous strength.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 3.0-3.4m
Average Weight: 295-400kg
Languages: Trade, Giant
Common Personality Traits:
Simple, straightforward, honest,
impassive, stubborn
Common Physical Traits:
Lanky, powerful build, thick skin,
coarse hair, hairy knuckles
Example Names: Thud,
Gouka, Argus, Nork
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to
Strength or Constitution
Skill Bonus: +1 to Athletics
and Intimidate
Power: Bulking Biceps: You
can wield two-handed Melee weapons
in one hand at a -2k0 penalty on the
attack roll, and take no penalty for firing a
Heavy weapon without bracing first… but your
powerful build means that armor in the sizes
required must be specially made, increasing its
rarity by one step.
Size: 6
Physical Qualities
Goliaths are enormous brutes that tower
over nigh on every other civilized creature in the
Wheel, looking down on Halflings, Elves and Aasimar
alike. Hard not to, with their long, gangly limbs. A
given Goliath's torso is as big around as an Aasimar in
powered armor, its biceps the size of fuel drums. Hair
is generally coarse and less than manageable; most
Goliaths end up with shorn heads as a result. Female
Goliaths tend to be slightly smaller on average than
the males.
Skin and hair colors among Goliaths vary
widely, from earthen shades of brown and grey to the
pale cream and white of those living in more civilized
crystal spheres and the hot crimson of Goliaths born
to more frigid spheres. Clothing in the sizes required
for Goliaths is more readily acquired than protective
gear; they generally prefer to remove the sleeves of
civilian clothing, favoring comfort over looks.
Playing a Goliath
Most berks out there seem to think it's easy
to outsmart a Goliath. Well, now, that might be true,
but the Goliath would respond that it's difficult to
outsmart a fist the size of your torso plowing into
your face. Goliaths are simple and straightforward...
easy to confuse for stupidity, until you realize that
"straightforward" often means three hundred kilos of
muscle tearing through a durasteel bulkhead to get to
the sorcerer on the other side.
Among the smaller folk, Goliaths are well
aware of their own enormous stature, and often find
themselves unconsciously restraining themselves,
especially among those they consider friends. They
tolerate orders from smaller creatures surprisingly
well, generally more amused than annoyed by the
situation, and gladly put their brute strength to work
when asked. As with most people, Goliaths have a
tendency to respond more positively to respect than
to jeering and snide remarks.
Among their own kind - and the occasional
Ork warband - Goliaths are much less inclined to
handle with care, casually cuffing others over the
head to gain attention or as punishment for saying
something particularly stupid. The same
stubbornness that leads to them ignoring nondamaging details in the task of "move this thing from
here to there" makes Goliaths very likely to get into
fistfights with each other over matters as trivial as
sleeping spots, or who gets to eat the best parts of the
Goliath Heroes
Gouki had an accident. Arms gone, most of
his flesh flayed away by Modron gauss cannons he
took to prevent them from striking the children of the
Eldarin world-ship that had taken him on, he cheated
death, escaping stasis only by the wraithbone crystals
grown into existence to cover the exposed muscle. He
chafes under the restrictive plating, unable to move as
freely as he used to, but welcomes the second life,
and the feeling of Modron plating crumpling under
his wraithbone knuckles.
Thanks to the Dark Eldarin who "cared" for
him, Krieg lost his mind long before the shooting star
hit him. Now the insane Goliath lurks through the
labyrinthine streets of Commorragh, an overturned
bucket upon his head and spiraling dragon tattoos on
his immense arms often the last thing that hapless
Dark Eldarin see before he takes his revenge by
turning them into new meat bicycles.
One day, Kuon felt a little peckish. So he
decided to eat all of the ship's stores. When the crew
came to reprimand him, he
ate them too. All of his
gorging eventually provoked
a daemon calling itself the
All-Consuming Devourer of
Chaos to show up out of
jealousy... and Kuon ate the
daemon, too. Now with the
daemon's hunger added to
his own, Kuon wanders the
Wheel, searching for
something that can finally
sate them.
A once-proud people, the origins of the
Ikhthys are largely veiled in mystery - and this is
suspected to be partly an effect of their curse,
and partly due to the cause of their diaspora.
Historians figure that, before their
transformation, they were regular humans who
headed a decadent, crumbling empire - but one
which went on to re-attain and surpass the
former height of their glory through the
desperate enlistment of the aid of an elder god.
However, they soon found themselves
increasingly shunned by their former fellows as
those among them who broke the Three Oaths,
the Oaths that their patron demanded be kept,
lost their biological humanity as punishment. A
war of genocide was inevitable after their “deal
with the devil” became common knowledge
among outsiders; interspecies tensions mounted,
and soon enough the remnants of the new
Ikhthys race were fleeing their Crystal Sphere en
masse as the people they had once ruled over
took up arms against the “forsaken.”
While previously suspected to be the work of
Tzeentch, past statements by reputable Ikhthys
- as well as recovered primary source texts have consistently indicated that no currently
active or extant deity of Chaos is to blame for
the surpassingly thorough curse of the
Oaths that runs in their blood. Interestingly
enough, the curse seems to have been
slightly modified - as a last act of spite following their break from their patron; in a
mirror, an Ikhthys will always appear to be
human, even though they - physically - are
In a fashion similar to frogs,
Ikhthys breathe through their skin.
However, cutaneous gas exchange isn’t
something they can do without moisture;
the need to stay hydrated goes double for
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.8-2.2m
Average Weight: 80-100kg
Languages: Trade, Chthonic
Common Personality Traits: Fidgety,
obsessive, paranoid, vengeful, secretive, patient
Common Physical Traits: Fishy odor,
numerous eyes, scales, spiny dorsal fins, sharp
teeth and claws, thick neck, natural “glasgow
Example Names: Marsh, Bahra,
Gilman, Dagon, Wade, Saul, Nile, Sarep
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 Willpower or
Skill Bonus: +1 Forbidden Lore and
Power: Devil Reef Deeps: Gain the
Amphibious trait. You must be in a highly
humid environment or rehydrate yourself at
least once every hour; otherwise you receive one
level of fatigue. Should you choose the Void
equipment starting pack, you may - instead of a
voidsuit - opt to come equipped with a speciallydesigned wetsuit which allows you to maintain
your body moisture indefinitely (and breathe
underwater) but does not protect you from
exposure to vacuum.
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
Since their curse, Ikthys have taken on
an appearance more suited for living in water.
Fins and spines of varying size and color adorn
their bodies, and skin colors themselves run the
gamut from a sickly green to an ocean blue,
though it’s all slimy. Most notable is the maw
most Ikthys possess, holding all manner of
sharp, pointy teeth.
As per their curse, Ikthys appear human
in mirrors. Just as they vary wildly in
appearance, so too does their human form.
Playing an Ikthys
The Ikhthys could not be called the
most trusting people; after all, they were moreor-less forsaken by an elder god and then driven
to near-extinction by their neighbors. They're
most comfortable in the water, surrounded by
nature, and thus they find isolated coastal areas
to be the most attractive and despise the
polluted, smog-thick air of cities. As they're
frequently the minority in any given settlement,
they tend to have a more cosmopolitan
perspective than other races and will very
rarely lash out violently - however, when they
do, it's most commonly the product of a longheld grudge as they don't forgive offenses
against them very easily. It can also get very
bloody very fast, depending on the perceived
severity of the offense. A very adaptable
culture, Ikhthys views on their lot in life can
vary wildly - from seething rage at the deity to
a pragmatic understanding that the "curse" of
the Oaths has, in fact, become a tool central
to their society. While most are unaligned,
they may end up taking any very real and not
completely made-up god that exists as their
Ikthys Heroes
Gile yearned for the days when the
Ikthys ruled. Sure, it may not have been the best
rule, but it was a rule nonetheless. Though
those days are long gone, he wants for the time
he would be at the top of the food chain, and it
was such thoughts that drew a Daemon to him.
Obviously not one to see a vicious cycle for what
it is, Gile made a pact with this Daemon and
allowed it to join with his body and soul. Now –
with the power of a Daemonhost at his disposal
– Gile intends to show the Wheel just how an
Ikthys rules.
Finley is an odd one. While others of
his kind have accepted their curse for what it is,
Finley actively seeks to defy it. Yet, the contract
of an elder god is not easily unwoven. These
things take time – which Finley doesn’t have
nearly enough of. However, there are ways
around such petty concerns as ‘will die before
finished’ – the most prevalent of which is a
vampire’s embrace. Coincidentally, Finley just
so happened to know a guy…
Kythons are highly adaptive nearhumanoids suspected to hail from any number
of worlds on the fringes of the Abyss. Due to the
constant flux of their home environments,
Kythons as a species have ceased evolving at
some point during a more primal stage of
development, instead adapting on an individual
level to meet the needs of whatever environment
they find themselves in. Kythons are highly
aggressive and very stunted with regard to
technological development, having gotten by
with primitive tools and their own strange
biological processes before their first contact
with the other races of the Wheel.
Despite their feral appearance and
primitive tendencies, Kythons are just as quick
to adapt mentally as physically, and the more
advanced races of the Wheel have since learned
to leverage both. A Kython's formidable
appearance lends it usefulness as a shock troop,
its ferocious strength gives it potential with
cargo, and the ease with which it can adapt and
learn means it can just as easily learn to take
position as a bridge officer if needed.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.3-2.7m
Average Weight: 80-150kg
Languages: Trade, Kython
Common Personality Traits:
Aggressive, feral, single-minded, atavistic,
Common Physical Traits: Chitinous
hide, big claws, sharp teeth, pointy bits
Example Names: Una, Zwei, Trace, Ivy
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity
or Constitution
Skill Bonus: +1 to Athletics and Brawl
Power: Autoevolution: Gain 1 racial
feat with the [Form] descriptor as a bonus feat.
You can take up to 3 [Form] feats, or 4 if you
gain the Perfection ability.
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
Most Kythons look like a vaguely
humanoid mass of bioweaponized "oh my god
what is that." From canine-formed monstrosities
with spikes everywhere to horrific avian
creatures of talons and teeth, just about the only
common features are the dangerous ones... but
they don't all start out like this. On a closer
medical examination, Kythons have several
deposits of non-differentiated tissues, which
react and develop according to certain hormone
spikes... basically, they can metamorphose at
will. Typically, these deposits won't be
replenished before the end of the Kython's
lifetime, so only a couple such transformations
can be counted on.
Kythons are an oviparous race, and one
that can control their fertility cycle to a degree
that allows them to only attempt clutching when
there are others of their kind around. Kythons
typically construct their dens around a
communal nesting site, with females becoming
yet more aggressive when there are clutches to
A Kython reaches maturity – if not its
full size – within weeks of hatching. Most of
them die before they're forty.
Playing a Kython
Few in the Great Wheel can match the
adaptability and survivability that the Kythons
possess. Even despite their natural talents, the
Kython mentality is one focused on ensuring the
survival of themselves and their packs.
Admittedly, the fact that
much of their interactions
with other races has
consisted of being forced
into slavery, most
Kythons have a hard time
caring for races other than
their own. However, it's
not unheard of, and a
Kython that has accepted
another's strength will do
all in its power to help
them survive.
Kython Heroes
Most creatures would be dissuaded
from continuing a fight after being shot in the
face by a plasma pistol. The Kython known as
Old One-Eye isn't most creatures. Instead of
slumping over dead from the hole where an eye
used to be, he decided to repay the favor in kind
– by weathering a storm of bullets to tear the
offending party limb from bloody limb. Now,
Old One-Eye continues to wander throughout
the Great Wheel, a cauterized hole in his head a
baleful symbol of Kython vitality.
People speak of it in hushed tones.
Towering over most creatures, its hide covered
in a dark armor. Wielding blades seemingly
forged from the same material, it cuts a bloody
swath through armies. More frightening is its
dominance over other Kythons, commanding
them and more in cruel, methodical devastation.
None know its true name, but all know the title
given by others... the Swarmlord.
The crystal sphere known as Malan'tai
was a peaceful place... until somehow the
governor there attracted the ire of someone who
could bankroll a Kython assassin. The creature
would kill her way to the top of a different
skyscraper each night, and jump to the
governor's turbo-mansion, slaying everyone
inside... except for the governor, whom she
simply looked in on before leaving. Eventually,
Deathleaper's antics inspired the people of
Malan'tai to riots, killing each other in fits of
paranoid fear and the guardsmen stationed there
in terror-inspired anger... and the governor
himself to despair and suicide.
Hailing from a crystal sphere long
forgotten, the Limulians are an ancient race, but
one relatively new to the greater portion of the
Wheel. Their first spelljammers were liberated
from the Elves who made first contact with
them... stolen, disassembled and reverseengineered to suit their own physiologies.
Limulians have since made themselves a
reputation as raiders nearly as bad as or worse
than the Dark Eldarin, entering crystal spheres
to take whatever strikes their fancy and leaving
with it to study it at their leisure.
Limulian technology is reverseengineered from their plunder, ideas stolen from
others and redefined to suit their own claws.
Limulians have since been found to be
incorrigible researchers, all of their
"wrongdoing" since venturing out into the
Wheel simply the graspings of socially
maladjusted children. That hasn't stopped some
governments from going to a shoot on sight
policy whenever the lobsterfolk show their ugly
heads, mind.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 2.4-2.7m
Average Weight: 120-180kg
Languages: Trade, Limulian
Common Personality Traits: Curious,
intelligent, conformist, reckless, obsessive
Common Physical Traits: Bright
carapace, big meaty claws, sharp mandibles,
luminous eyes, hunched back
Example Names: Upsilon, Weavel,
Trace, Berserker
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to
Constitution or Intelligence
Skill Bonus: +1 to Athletics and TechUse
Power: Enemy Crab: Gain the
Amphibious trait as well as Armor Plating equal
to your level.
Size: 5
Physical Qualities
A Limulian is a rather striking mashup of
humanoid and arthropod, with long, articulated limbs
and massive scissor-claws taking the place of hands...
it's probably best not to question just how they make
use of most standard weapons with those. It stands
head and shoulders over most humans, with a slightly
hunched posture. The head is vaguely triangleshaped, with notable mandibles as well as mouthparts
resembling those of a crab or lobster. Limulians have
no bones, supported by their armored exoskeletons.
Limulian shells range in color from drab
grey to brighter shades of primary and secondary
colors, to shining gold. Clothing is a functional
vanity; with no nudity taboo nor any notable
dimorphism to prompt it, Limulians have no need for
clothing except as a means to carry things that they
can't dig out slots in their shells for... or to cover the
new, developing shell during their bi-yearly molt.
Armor, however, is still very useful, as some heavy
materials offer greater protection than the Limulian's
shell does.
Limulians spawn large broods during a biyearly mating period, dying after mating. The young
are raised in creches, reaching maturity before their
second year, and most die when pressed into military
service shortly afterward. A Limulian is biologically
immortal, incapable of dying of old age... but the
nature of Limulian safety regulations (there are none)
means that most are expected to die before they're
Playing a Limulian
For all of their intelligence and curiosity,
Limulians rarely develop the force of personality
required to become leaders themselves. A Limulian
society is essentially controlled chaos, with some
performing dangerous experiments, others dissecting
stolen technology in an attempt to replicate, and yet
more collating whatever minutiae is generated by the
first two groups. The Limulian tongue doesn't have a
word for "civilian," the closest being "spawn" and
"broodwarden;" every Limulian at its biological
maturity is considered a military asset.
Limulians have a strong tendency to obsess
over certain subjects. One who finds himself hounded
or stymied by a specific individual over two or three
incidents will quickly begin considering that
individual to be a fated rival, vastly overestimating his
own relevance to him. Another might continue trying
to engineer an armor module despite all attempts
invariably killing his test subjects. There is also a
noted tendency to design ships or structures with
linking tunnels that only smaller races can fit into, or
that require inserting metal spheres of oddly specific
sizes to function.
Despite this tendency to obsess, the
Limulian mind is generally cool and logic-oriented.
Cold, calculating, and sometimes cruel and callous to
others, but rarely malicious... most malice attributed
to Limulian "torturers" has been found out to be the
result of a total lack of understanding regarding other
races and their reliance on drugs before surgery.
Limulian compounds have also been known to collect
strange objects and creatures only to lock them away,
occasionally taking notes on their properties.
Limulian Heroes
Subject Delta was once a noted "scientist"
(as lightly as that term must be used when discussing
Limulians), who had the misfortune of being assigned
as a superior's "stick" when the time came to poke a
strange meteorite that had landed near her
compound. The thing cracked open at her touch,
unleashing a glowing blue slime that immediately
flowed over her and soaked into her shell. Now she's
the subject of a new series of tests, to verify the
abilities of the symbiotic ooze bonded to her nervous
Weavel could have been a general. But that
potential was cut short in its prime, when his strike
force met with a human settlement that had the
presence of mind to launch a counter-raid. Weavel
was broken in the resulting battle, half his body
gone... but he could be saved. The plans stolen from
the humans were pressed into use immediately,
designs for extensive prostheses sheathed in an eerie
grey metal. While he has his life, Weavel resents this
transformation... not least because the
"reconstruction" left him still on life support, and
because his shattered claws have been replaced with
hideous, disgusting human hands.
Spending most of his life on a ship based on
Tau designs, Sitri never believed in the Warp. He
never considered that his existence might depend on
a Gellar Field generator that none of his crew knew
how to maintain. That all ended when the generator
finally failed, and Sitri found himself surrounded by
wreckage on a daemon world, struggling to breathe as
a creature of black ink explained exactly what had
happened. Sitri had never believed in the Warp... but
he did value his own life. Accepting the being's offer,
he found his body suffused with sustaining
necrodermis, and stood anew.
Once, long ago, the Syrne ascended
beyond their own crystal sphere, and walked the
Wheel as beings like unto gods. Once, the Syrne
began to grow forgetful of their origins, and so
to keep themselves grounded and remember
their past mistakes, they uplifted the reptiles of
their home, gifted them with intelligence and
objectivity, and charged them with keeping their
history. Once, the Syrne forgot themselves, and
became embroiled in a great war with the C'tan,
and disappeared from history.
Their own history remains, etched into
panels of orichalcum searched for and kept by
their first servants, the lizards who watched
them leave.
The Lizardmen keep themselves to
themselves, mostly, maintaining great libraries
and museums dedicated primarily to the
Syrneth histories, though some have branched
out to maintaining the knowledge of other
ancient subjects, such as the Tiamat Heresy or
the War of the Monster's Fall. Lizardmen
typically leave their enclaves only to hunt down
some artifact or another related to their favored
subjects, or to gather materials to found another
museum-arcology in some other crystal sphere.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.5-2.5m
Average Weight: 120-240kg
Languages: Trade, Saurian
Common Personality Traits: Stoic,
dispassionate, focused, objective, observant,
patient, stubborn
Common Physical Traits: Lean,
powerful build, scaled hide, sharp teeth, strong
tail, earth colors
Example Names: Aeon Calcos, Chakax,
Corus, Gor-Rok, Kroq-Gar, Skive
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Strength or
Skill Bonus: +1 Academic Lore and
Power: Cold-Blooded – Lizardmen
begin play with the Jaded feat and Nerves o'
Steel asset.
Size: 5
Physical Qualities
Lizardmen are, to be perfectly blunt,
great fething lizards that walk on two legs like
men. They're generally lean, with dense muscle
covered in a pebble-scaled hide. While their
hands closely resemble a human's, with four
fingers and a thumb, they walk on three clawed
toes, hunched forward and balanced by a long,
sinewy tail. Older Lizardmen often proudly
display horn-crowned heads. Most other races
can't tell the difference betwen male and female
Lizardmen; females are generally larger, but
otherwise lack any secondary characteristics that
would make it obvious.
A Lizardman's hide can be nearly any
color, but most commonly tend toward blues,
greens and browns, sometimes mottled in
various colors, with amber-colored eyes and
slitted pupils. Most consider albinism to be an
auspicious mark. Beyond that, brighter colors
usually indicate a throwback, an example that
has a venomous bite or an affinity for fire.
Young Lizardmen grow faster than
human children do, walking hours after
hatching and considered adults by the age of
ten. They live for much longer, though.
Playing a Lizardman
Despite their powerful
bodies, Lizardmen prize knowledge,
collecting it and maintaining it for
future generations to enjoy. One
becomes strong for the sake of
safeguarding one's collected
knowledge, and collecting
knowledge can make one strong.
They strive to remain objective,
detached, even when discussing their
own lore and history... it's not
uncommon for members of more
mammalian races to become
disturbed when a Lizardman goes
from discussing a new artifact to
reporting a modron attack without
changing the tone of its voice.
This unhurried,
disinterested take stems mainly from
their outlook. Lizardmen live enormously long
lives, measured in centuries rather than decades.
They can afford to be patient... usually. When
faced with the question of its own survival, a
Lizardman will fight with all the ferocity of a
cornered animal. Even in battle, however, the
Lizardman will observe its enemy, learning from
the experience, to scratch down in notes later
and use it in the future.
Lizardman Heroes
Gor-Rok is a paragon of all that
Lizardmen hold in regard. An albino, skilled
with axe and shield, virtuoso of lute and lyre,
and knowledgeable in all fields (but a savant
when it comes to cooking ancient Syrneth
dishes), his glaring red eyes are known to have
been the last thing several hundred Orks saw
during an assault on a Syrneth library founded
rather precariously in Acheron.
Drango lives in a world of blood and
honor, attached to a dragonborn clan to pay an
ancient life-debt her own draconic blood
demands paid. She's long considered the
dragonborn to be her new family, teaching them
the ways of honorable battle with great axe and
searing breath, and more, she's managed to keep
them looking to Bahamut in
the face of countless attacks
from Tiamat's heretics.
Skive is a hunter
separated from his pack, a
feral lizard who no longer
cares for the lure of
knowledge. A mishap with
sorcery exposed him to a
particularly nasty variety of
Warp energy, twisting his
mind and body and raking his
hide with the black spiral
marks of Malal.
Minotaurs are a race of bipedal, bovine
humanoids from the temperate planet of
Kothas. The true origin of the race is not
known, but there is possible evidence of the
Minotaurs being bred and farmed as livestock
for the Syrne. Whether these creatures occurred
naturally or were artificially created is up for
debate, but the Kothian Empire insists that
they are 100% real beef.
Regardless of their origins, Minotaurs
are known across space as tenacious and
prideful warriors. They tend to keep to
themselves and are an uncommon sight outside
of their homeworlds. When you do find
Minotaurs, they are often employed as
gladiators, bodyguards, and wrestlers due to
their natural bulk. They predominantly worship
Sargas, equivalent of Khorne in Tauric tongue.
Minotaurs are incredibly stubborn, and
insisting that his name is Khorne and not
Sargas will likely start a fight.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 2.3-2.7m
Average Weight: 290-320kg
Languages: Trade, Tauric
Common Personality Traits: Loud,
proud, straightforward, stubborn, rash
Common Physical Traits: Bulky
physique, bull-headed, sharp teeth, coarse fur,
bellowing voice
Example Names: Iroas, Mogis, Galdar,
Tahngarth, Nike, Pallas
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Strength or
Skill Bonus: +1 Athletic and
Power: Mess with the Bull – Gain a
natural weapon with the following statistics: 1k2
R or I; Melee; Brawling, Unwieldy.
Size: 5
Physical Qualities
Minotaurs are enormous, hulking brutes,
definitely built to impress. They have decidedly
bovine skulls, with solid horns attached, topping off a
thick neck, broad shoulders and barrel chest.
Minotaur hands are a bit clumsier than most
humanoids', with three thick fingers and a thumb, but
their grip is strong and sure. They stand on thick,
cloven hooves. Most scorn clothing beyond a belt to
carry necessary equipment, covered as they are by
their shaggy fur; most sport single shades, with brown
and black being the most common.
Playing a Minotaur
Minotaurs take pride in whatever task they
set for themselves, be it gladiatorial combat,
counseling, or painting tiny plastic equine figurines in
pastel colors. They feel themselves to be deeply
connected to the earth, living spartan lives without
need for the distractions and metal whatchajiggers
that everyone else seems to insist on using. No,
Minotaurs are generally content to keep to their own
homeworlds, and the various clan wars that pass for
That isn't to say that taurs are primitives...
far from it. Minotaurs learn quickly, and have an odd
sixth sense that makes them excellent navigational
officers. They have a deep respect for both strength
and command, however; it's not uncommon for a
Minotaur to viciously mock a physically weak
commander, while following his orders
unquestioningly. They often take it upon themselves
to maintain what they perceive as proper discipline...
not a whole lot of people will argue with two meters
of raw beef armed with a chainsword.
With all that said, Minotaurs - like their
bovine forebears - are herd animals, group-oriented.
Their instinct is to protect and coddle their weaker
friends, and keep an eye on the sharp-toothed ones.
They are, however, omnivorous... a taur will devour
meat with as much gusto as the Squat across the
table, and put away almost as much drink as well.
What really surprises most berks is that Minotaurs
love a good steak!
might. He doesn't care who lives or dies, but the show
must go on and the fighting can never end.
Sir Theodoros is a warrior sensitive to
fluctuations in the Warp. He feels that the power he
has, was given him for a reason, and seeks out that
reason as he goes along. Not knowing his purpose, he
travels from sphere to sphere helping folks in trouble.
In his travels, he has acquired a large ship, which he
uses as a base of operations to keep hold of mementos
of his travels.
Nike is a minstrel who wishes to spread the
tales of her lineage to the furthest crystal sphres. To
reach this goal, she has traveled from her homeworld
to Sigil, where she managed to convince a Vampire to
Embrace her so that she could ensure her family
name makes its way into the history books, even if it
takes her forever.
Minotaur Heroes
Epiktitos is a punk with a chip on his
shoulder the size of Acheron's Ork population. He is
an arrogant child and takes his challenges head-on
and headstrong. He spends his time fighting in the
arena to find someone who can stand and match his
The Ophidians are a desert-dwelling
people, originally. A natural gift for finding
underground water sources, paired with natural
talents for tunneling, meant that they could
carve out an existence in the most barren of
deserts, and it is perhaps due to their presence
that many desert civilizations were able to rise in
the first place. Matriarchal by culture, with rigid
caste lines, the Ophidians built their cities from
the top down, with only the richest and most
opulent homes actually above the desert surface
and the rest of their people living in elaborate
networks of underground tunnels and caverns.
Traditionally, the Ophidians are
committed to Bahamut. Their Maharani rule in
his name, each seen to be an earthly
embodiment of the Dragon God who go to join
him in his paradise on their deaths. Their
priestesses keep the word of Bahamut strong,
enforcing the caste structure that sustains
Ophidian society and preserving the traditions
of their people. Ophidian culture is heavy on
themes of death and rebirth, symbolized by the
shedding of the skin.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.7-2m standing, 34.5m length
Average Weight: 110-160kg
Languages: Trade, Ophidian
Common Personality Traits: Formal,
Stiff, Nervous, Seductive
Common Physical Traits: Long hair,
elaborate tattoos, long snake tail instead of legs
Example Names: Deis, Mara, Isha
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to
Constitution or +1 to Wisdom.
Skill Bonus: +1 to Politics and Scrutiny.
Power: Snake For A Butt! – You only
have one leg, but it has 4 points of armor. You
can Stand as a free action. You gain +4 Speed
for the purposes of the Run and Charge actions.
You can't wear leg armor that isn't customdesigned for Ophidian wearers (one level rarer
than normal, outside of Ophidian territory).
Size: 5
Physical Qualities
Ophidians are a strong people, with
dense reptilian muscles and a lot more mass
than their upper half would indicate. They are
generally slender, often have slightly elongated
ears, and tend to dress in loose and revealing
clothes. Their hair, eyes, and scales come in
every color of the rainbow, but frequently match
or complement each other. Ophidians shed the
skin of their snake halves roughly once every five
years, a process lasting about a week and
considered extremely personal. Ophidians have
long tongues, forked like a snake's, but they
almost never hiss. It's considered uncouth.
Ophidian reproduction is largely
communal in form, driven by female estrus, so
paternity isn't really considered worth the effort
of figuring out. Instead, Ophidian society is built
matrilineally, with the mother who laid the egg
considered the only parent. The symbolic
renewal of egg-laying, similar to the shedding of
skin, is considered a sacred act and is always
done inside a temple. An Ophidian egg takes
about 3 months to hatch, and an Ophidian
grows to maturity in about 15 years.
Ophidian life expectancy is about 100
Playing an Ophidian
Ophidian culture is very formal and
very structured - an Ophidian is raised from
birth to know their exact social standing, and to
recognize the standings of those around them.
They are expected to instinctually recognize
their relative merit and behave accordingly,
which doesn't really hold up so well in the
cultural melting pot that is the Great Wheel, so
many Ophidians default to a stiff and slightly
nervous demeanor. As they grow more
comfortable with this looser society, they tend to
loosen up a lot, and usually turn out to be very
affectionate and caring people. The lack of
strong familial bonds in most Ophidian homes
means that they place great value on chosen
friendships. While Ophidian reproduction is
very limited and driven by periodic hormonal
shifts, Ophidian sexuality is much less formal
and considered simply an act of friendship and
Ophidian Heroes
Recognized for his true faith to Bahamut,
Isha was trialed and inducted into the Final Word of
Kings. On his first mission to exterminate a nomadic
warlord, he was struck down in combat. But before
the final blow could be struck, Bahamut chose Isha as
his champion, infusing him with a burst of energy
from the sky. Filled with newfound power, he smote
the warlord down and slaughtered the rest of the
tribe. He returned, getting officially into his new life
as an assassin.
Mara spent her life living in the deserts,
teaching children and raising her own. But as she ages
she grows weary of the same things over and over.
She decides that she should do something else, and
gives a heartfelt prayer to the moon. Luna responds,
marking her with the "gift" of her embrace, making
Mara a werewolf. After Mara loses control for the
first time, she leaves her life behind and heads into
the Great Wheel to find herself again.
While sleeping in an an underground
cavern while traveling, Deis's body was infiltrated by
a symbiotic warp rendering insect, fusing with him
and imbuing him with power. It speaks into his mind,
trying to be friendly and protective. It wants to help
Deis become even better. Deis continues to wander
the Great Wheel, now struggling with the life inside
of him.
Cultures across the Wheel have known
legends of human-headed felines, sacred
guardians of the tombs of emperors or erudite
beasts with a habit of testing the intelligence of
their prey. Oddly, the beings now known as
Sphinxes have rarely been known to leave their
crystal sphere. Some greybeards have theorized
that this paradox is due to Sphinxes being the
favored thralls of C'tan phaerons during the War
in Heaven. Others insist that the enigmatic
Sphinxes aren't as reclusive as they seem; merely
capricious as the great cats they resemble.
Whatever the case, it's a riddle worthy
of the Sphinxes themselves. While they rarely
leave the homes where humanoid throwbacks
worship them, they see a lot of addlepated
visitors coming to them, hoping to get some bit
of trivia or another... barmy as it is trying to get
a straight answer out of a Sphinx.
Physical Characteristics
Average Length: 3.0-3.3m
Average Weight: 306-418kg
Languages: Trade, Sphinx
Common Personality Traits: Intelligent,
enigmatic, coy, patient, contemplative, love of
Common Physical Traits: Leonine
body, quadruped, wings, muscular, prominent
Example Names: Almayce, Teleia,
Isperia, Cruzius
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Intelligence
or Fellowship
Skill Bonus: +1 to Deceive and any
Power: Liger Build – Gain the
Quadruped trait, and you can choose for your
unarmed attacks to deal Rending damage
instead of Impact damage by extending your
claws as a Free Action. You lack proper thumbs
on your forepaws, however, and thus can't use
weapons that haven't been specially designed for
your use.
Size: 5
Physical Qualities
Sphinxes have the bodies of large cats with
humanoid heads and great, feathered wings. Sphinx
fur occurs naturally in many colors, however...
commonly a brindled blue-grey shade, with slightly
darker stripes and almost always running to white on
the underbelly. Androsphinxes usually have manes of
a vastly different shade than the rest of their coat.
Sphinx wings seem to be more for display purposes
than anything else.
A Sphinx's face might almost be mistaken
for a Human's, were it not for the distinctly feline
eyes and lips. They have rather prominent fangs, and
are very capable of displaying them when roused, able
to draw their lips back from their teeth in a way no
Human can. Androsphinxes often maintain
prominent facial hair, furthering their leonine
Due to their largely feline bodies, Sphinxes
disdain clothing, only donning jewelry or ceremonial
wear if anything. Warriors wear barding, easily
adapted from armor designed for humanoids, but
often rely on their claws or magic instead of weapons
designed for berks lucky enough to have thumbs.
They are, however, rather vain regarding their coats;
tabby, calico and tortoiseshell patterns are desirable,
while a Sphinx with a solid-colored coat (especially
white or black) might see it as a canvas for her own
Playing a Sphinx
Sphinxes are felines, with all of the curiosity
and caprice that entails. For all of their bulk and
agility, despite being the size of creatures Humans
call "ligers," Sphinxes prize intellect and rational
thought. They collect knowledge; they trade in
riddles that set the brain thinking. They care little for
libraries, stuffy places where one can only read of
things in dusty old books good only for places that
certain tasty vermin congregate... no, Sphinxes care
not for books or plaques or tablets. Rote
memorization is no good. Knowledge is worth little
without the thought that leads to it.
Among other races, Sphinxes are
insufferable know-it-alls, with an infuriating tendency
toward double-talk and speaking in riddles. They will
answer questions with questions of their own,
undermine an opponent's arguments with queries to
make them doubt their own points. Among Sphinxes,
however, this is shockingly straightforward.
Discussions between Sphinxes are intricate social
dances of body language, riddle games and the
occasional paw across the face.
Despite their uncanny resemblance to the
great cats of Human history, Sphinx committees seem
to be matriarchal in practice, with the added bonus
that the males seem to think they're the ones in
charge. Androsphinxes laze about like kings, or pace
about like guards, while gynosphinxes do all the
actual work. Seen in action, the conversations that
lead to this appear to be remarkably unsubtle even by
Ork standards... control is maintained by the
gynosphinxes simply asking leading or challenging
questions, eventually leading the androsphinx to
believe he decided to perform whatever task was set
on his own.
Sphinx Heroes
Zanzar stood as the vanguard of his liege’s
defense. Pouncing on anyone who dared come near,
he could easily tear most apart. However, despite his
martial prowess, Zanzar never learned of an
assassination plot – that is, until he was accused of
the murder of his liege. Having miraculously escaped,
he now journeys in the Great Wheel,
looking for the true culprits.
Ravel has a question. A
question that few others can answer, it
seems. Asked as a riddle by a wanderer
long ago, Ravel couldn’t think of an
answer. This led her to travel
throughout the Great Wheel, searching
for somebody or something capable of
answering it. And yet, an answer
eludes her. Most infuriating of all, the
question itself seems quite simple. The
question? “What can change the nature
of a man?”
Vanaras are intelligent, simian
humanoids who live in deep forests and jungles.
They are both agile and clever, but saddled with
a boundless curiosity and a love of
competition that, while normally
harmless, hinder ingratiation’s with
those they encounter. They do,
however, have an instinctive affinity
for most technologies that lead some
- humans, especially - to overlook
their more incorrigible tendencies.
Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 1.3-1.8m
Average Weight: 45-84kg
Languages: Trade, Simian
Common Personality Traits:
Brave, curious, creative, reckless,
reliable, spirited, clever
Common Physical Traits:
Light build, mobile, light-fingered,
soft fur, nimble, prehensile tail
Example Names: Hanuman,
Son Goku, Wukong, Tarble, Brakas,
Kong, Teito, Risel
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to
Strength or Dexterity
Skill Bonus: +1 to Brawl and
Power: Monkey Business Use Acrobatics instead of Athletics to
climb, and move your full Speed
instead of half on a successful Test
when climbing. Your tail can also
carry small objects.
Size: 3
Physical Qualities
Vanaras are intelligent, monkeylike
humanoids, standing slightly shorter and
weighing slightly less than a typical human,
though more of their weight is lean muscle. A
vanara's body is covered in a thin coat of soft
fur, and individuals with chestnut, ebony and
even golden coats are common. Despite their
fur, vanaras can grow lengthy hair on their head
just as humans can, and both male and female
vanaras take pains to wear elaborate hairstyles
for important social functions. The hair on a
vanara's head generally matches the color of its
All vanaras have long, prehensile tails. A
vanara's tail is a vanity; while curious hands
grabbing and squeezing it is painful, a vanara
will never cover it up if at all possible. Fighting
vanaras typically wrap it tightly around their
waist when joining battle, to prevent an
opponent from getting an easy hold on it.
Playing a Vanara
almost to the level of obsession as he strives
toward perfection. But he'll still have a tendency
to strip down unused items to see how they
work, in his spare time.
Vanara Heroes
Vali is an oddity, a white-furred ape
with delusions of grandeur. He thinks he's the
Monkey King reborn. But that's not the strange
part. No, what's strange is that Bahamut made
this odd monkey one of his champions anyway.
Maybe there's something to his ranting after all.
Anjana recently returned from her
communion with Luna, her chestnut fur shot
through with glowing silver that warns of her
ability to transform into a gigantic ape-beast.
She destroys responsibly, however... well, she
takes pains not to transform indoors, anyway.
Vanara legends speak of a silver-maned
warrior of obscene power. A legendary "Super
Vanara," whose rage shattered entire crystal
spheres and consumed him entirely in the
Vanaras are surprisingly similar to
humans, if a bit more inclined toward pranks,
clever witticisms and enthusiastic responses to
the words "prove it." A vanara who finds an
activity he likes will jump into it wholeheartedly,
Racial Statistics
The Warforged are silicon based life
forms that live on the metallic planet of
Autochthon. A long time ago, they served cruel
masters that built them as consumer goods and
military hardware. In time, the creations forged
for war rose up in rebellion against their former
creators. Horrified by the implications of
another Great Match, the Council prepared for
war. After the smoke had cleared, the
Warforged had shocked everyone by
announcing their intentions to keep to
themselves. Despite this decision, some
Warforged leave Autochthon to explore the
organic world just outside their borders. Built
to be obedient slaves, the Warforged have
manufactured lives of their own. About 1000
years after their emancipation, the Warforged
had evolved into something else entirely. Early
Warforged functioned on a primitive hive
mind, but they later developed true souls
(locally known as sparks) and separated into
independent thought. They are still group
minded to this day, but it is closer in execution
to the Tau than the Zerg. From this separation
came different and opposing ideologies. The
Autobot party feels that the Warforged would
benefit from increased contact with organics.
The Deception party is militant in their beliefs
in the opposite. The largest party, the
Autochthonian party, feels that the former two
parties should shut their mouth-plates and
continue advancing scientifically.
Physical Qualities
Average Height: 1.8-2.2m
Average Weight: 200-250kg
Languages: Trade, Warforged
Common Physical Traits: Sleek,
Chrome, Sturdy Bodied, Cyclopean
Common Personality Traits: Stoic,
Methodical, Literal Minded, Analytical
Example Names: G1, Transtech,
Voyager, Go-Bot
Characteristic Bonuses: +1 to
Constitution or Intelligence
Skill Bonus: +1 to Scrutiny and Tech
Power: Cybernetic Life Form:
Warforged are treated as having the Machine
(1) trait. In addition, a destroyed Warforged
character may upload themselves into a new
body as long as their memory core (Head) is
Size: 4
Physical Qualities
The Warforged come in many
variations that are built to suit different tasks.
Though there are many production models,
they all share the same template; One eye and a
durable outside shell with synthetic muscles
underneath. These bodies (or Platforms) mean
little to the Warforged, who can upload to new
bodies upon destruction. Recently, it has
become common for a Warforged to paint their
Platforms with the colors and icons of their
social groups. Customizations are also common,
even for Warforged who spend most of their
time on Autochthon.
Playing a Warforged
Warforged who leave their home Sphere
are often tasked with a quest for knowledge, and
will take any well calculated opportunity to
acquire it. Player character Warforged, being
more independent by nature, are much more
likely to replace their utilitarian parts with more
impractical (yet much cooler looking) gear to
suit their new identities. New heads and vanity
plates are the most ubiquitous of these
customizations. Warforged are not to be
confused with Prometheans. Though they share
many similarities (being mechanical, power
source in chest), the key difference lies in their
numbers. It would be impossible to safely
produce Warforged if the goal was to make
Prometheans out of them. Most of the time,
Promethean Warforged happen by accident and
are written off as defective. Other Exaltations
can arise within the Warforged population, but
they are kept away from common Warforged to
better serve their people as heroes to look up to.
Warforged Heroes
During his daily analysis, Hot Rod
noticed an unauthorized download entering his
system. Fearing an attack on his system, he
prepared his antivirus and went into sleep mode.
By the time the foreign package of data had
been completely scanned, the damage was done.
Hot Rod had been changed dramatically. His
memory core was compromised, several
important events in his life only now existing in
his mental storage. His spark had changed as
well, the true size of it becoming immeasurable.
The newly named Rodimus had to leave his
home world behind, curious of who the Syrne
were and if he truly belonged with them.
Megatronus was suffering a critical
error. His raiding party has been decimated, and
his damaged Platform was floating aimlessly in
space. That was not the critical error. The error
was in hearing a voice in the silent vacuum. A
sharp, hushed voice that told him he had
potential. Considering the fact that he had no
new body to upload his spark into, the
Warforged known as Megatronus listened
closely. A deal was struck between them, and
Megatronus became the host of the Daemon
LG-10N is a strange creature. His
Platform is ungainly, cobbled together from
both the scavenged remains of his former
companions and the symbiotic warpspawn that
kept their souls bound to the Materium. LG10N had countless sparks shoved into his body.
All conscious, all capable of transforming their
shared platform into any weapon they desire,
and all thoroughly insane.
Youma are beings of the Umbra, the
petty kings and soldiers who live within it.
Those native to the shallowest parts are very
much like the mortal beings indigenous to the
Great Wheel, while those in the deepest part of
the Umbra where its imitation of sanity unravels
into the Warp are as bizarre as daemons. The
greatest realms of youma reside in the middle,
where the beings have much of the vigorous
power and drive of the Warp, but maintain
some of the vestiges of order and sanity that
characterizes the Materium. Here, kings rule as
kings, soldiers fight as soldiers, and commoners
toil as commoners, keeping their roles to
maintain what identities they have, in the
interest of not becoming the gibbering neardemons of the deepest reaches of Umbra.
Worship among the Youma is mostly
kingdom-dependent, and some youma
kingdoms are devoted entirely to one god, with
every aspect of life reflecting the god's portfolio,
while others worship no god at all, and their
lives revolve around some other ideal, often one
so mundane or esoteric that it would hardly be a
concern to mortals. The youma of most
kingdoms follow a prince, who sets these
strangenesses, but other youma roam between
domains, causing dynamism and havoc, and
their role is often as protected by contract as is
the role of the vassal youma.
Youma have the full range of emotion
that other beings do, but being warp-touched
reflections, those emotions manifest much more
strongly. However, the most successful youma
societies are based on contracts which are not
broken, as a primary method to avoid
descending into chaos. Therefore many youma
have a bevy of rigid and often bizarre rules
which they do not break, and as a result their
behavior may be moderated. This means that
youma tend to be in some ways very chaotic and
in others insist on perfect order, making youma
some of the worst roommates in the Great
Physical Characteristics
Height: 1m to 3m, usually
Weight: From the weight of a feather to
the weight of a mountain
Languages: Spirit-tongue, and any one
other (except Syrneth). All tongues exist in the
Umbra, but Youma speak divergent dialects that
sound strange and archaic to the races which
speak the living language. Trade is always a
good language.
Common Personality Traits:
Passionate, rigid, lustful, obsessive, cartoonishly
Common Physical Traits: Beautiful,
ugly, bizarre, unusual coloration, animalistic
Example Names: Marquise of Eternal
Fire, Dragon Guildy, Baba Yaga,
Rumplestiltskin, Jack o'th' Lantern, Thetis,
Maab, Saya, Babadook
Racial Statistics
Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Charisma
or Strength
Skill Bonus: +1 to Arcana and Deceive
Power: Umbral Reflection: Your form is
fixed only by the stability of Materium. When in
the Umbral or when Psychic Phenomena
occurs, you may assume the overall appearance
of any race of your size. You cannot perfectly
resemble a member of this race; you will be
either unusually beautiful or unusually ugly and
there will be some supernatural aspect to your
form, which will require a normal Disguise
check to conceal. It is also not possible to hide a
Tell with this power. Additionally, during Perils
of the Warp or while in the Warp itself, you may
increase or decrease your size by one for the
remainder of the scene, to a minimum of two
and maximum of five.
Size: 2-5
Physical Qualities
The physical form of the youma varies
wildly. In the shallower parts of the Umbra, they
reflect mortal beings, but often have strange
variations that wouldn't be possible for a
natural-born member of any race. In the deepest
parts, the youma are as varied as daemons, with
little sanity to their forms – only a few are
properly humanoid, and many feature
gratuitous tentacles. The youma have some
control over their own form, though in the
Umbra it is always a reflection of something and
in the Materium, changing is difficult.
The bodies of the youma themselves are
often anatomically reflective of mortal beings,
but they can be as odd as daemons, and cutting
open a youma from the deepest reaches of the
Umbra is as likely to yield butterflies and
birdsong as blood and guts. The physical form
of a youma changes as easily as the races of the
Great Wheel might change masks at a ball, and
they are in some ways no more real.
Playing a Youma
When youma come to the material
world, it is often for some purpose motivated by
their contracts, their own role played in their
society, and odd worldviews. Some come to
advance an agenda, some come to directly
harvest emotions for use in fae sorcery, and
others come for the best renewable source of
strong emotions in the known multiverse,
adolescents. These youma may make deals to
obtain what they want, but many have no
contract which prevents them from simply
taking, perhaps leaving an animated doll in
payment or perhaps simply buggering off before
anyone's the wiser. Naturally, few mortals
appreciate this and as such youma incursions
lead the general public to have a poor view on
youma in general. Not all youma have this
motivation however; most youma simply go
about their business in the Umbra, and even of
those who don't, some are merely adventurers,
bound by contract to participate in and create a
magnificent story.
Youma Heroes
Johnny Devilface has two secrets. He's
not really a human, but a youma denizen drawn
from the Umbra. And he houses within his
unearthly body, an even greater magic. A
daemon dwells within him, ever since he died
the first time, and he uses that power carefully
and subtly. He walks the crossroads and old,
almost dry saloons, and he meets poor souls
down on their luck for a quick game of cards
and a little wager to go with. He doesn't lose
Silky takes the form of a dark blue
wereseal, and she has trained as a warrior under
the Gary the Gorilla Lord. She has been
involved in numerous secret raids on the
Materium, and has over 300 captured fairies.
She sees each one as just another target, and
captures them with a precision that has never
been seen before on many crystal spheres, by
her words. She has a secret network of contractsworn fairy spies across the Great Wheel and
they trace down anyone she wishes to bombard
with a storm of maggots. She has the entire
arsenal of her Seal Crops available, and anyone
who crosses her is fucking dead.
The Fisher King is an old man in a high
tower, and all around his tower a sphere
shimmers with the magic of creation. He rarely
leaves his home, but the land around him
shimmers into new forms as easily as his own
body does, making the landscape a strange mess
of colors and sculpture, and impeding the
advance of any who would visit his mercurial
Many mortal races share a certain
mythos, that involves a garden and a pair of
trees. Forbidden to eat from one of them, the
mythical forebears would live indefinitely
without illness or pain... but there is always
temptation. Invariably, one of them would eat of
the forbidden fruit, and tempt others to do the
same. As punishment for this, their gods would
cast them from their earthly paradise, so that
they would know the suffering and pain of
living. This, they say, is the original sin, the
birth of morality as mortals know it.
In the wisdom gained from this event,
the garden disappeared, and the great races rose
above their fellow animals with the knowledge
that begets tools and technology. It is possible though highly improbable - that a lucky sod
might discover these legendary trees... might eat
the fruit from them. Most still do; the humble
fig or apple is said to be the Fruit of Knowledge
that originally cast mortals into sin. Its sister, the
Fruit of Life, has long been stripped from the
But that hasn't stopped some lucky
berks from finding it. Whether some god or
another thought it an appropriate gift, or
Tzeentch just wanted to see what would happen
if he dropped the golden fruit on some
unsuspecting crystal sphere, some people just
manage to get hold of it. Eating the Fruit of Life
grants extraordinary power... if you can keep
your mind intact enough to enjoy it.
Tell: The Demiurge's Tell is a
distinctive shimmering of the air around his
body, as his absolute territory hardens and
deflects light around him.
Absolute Territory: Your arrogance is
such that an equally supreme act of will is
required simply to approach you or to escape
your presence. As a Half Action, the Demiurge
may create a bubble of closed space around
himself, with a radius of 4m per dot of Hubris.
Forcing one's way into this space requires a
Willpower test (TN 5 + 3*Hubris); this is a
Mind-Affecting ability. If another Demiurge
approaches the area, however, the one with
lower Hubris cannot use this power as long as
their territories overlap. If the two have the same
Hubris, both territories are negated. If the
Demiurge loses consciousness, or ends his turn
with no Quintessence remaining, the closed
space collapses immediately.
Entropy Flux: Your presence warps the
fabric of existence, destroying the bonds of
probability as you exert your will. You can
spend Quintessence to influence the results of
any die rolls made within your Absolute
Territory. Add or subtract the Quintessence
spent from the result of the roll.
Kinetic Manipulation: While your
Absolute Territory is defined, you can decide
how gravity applies to you, or if it does. You can
spend 1 Quintessence as a free action to undo
the bonds of gravity and move freely in all three
dimensions, and hover until your next turn. If
you are not standing on a solid surface (that
would be "down" when gravity is applied) when
your Absolute Territory is neutralized, or when
you stop spending Quintessence to maintain this
power, you fall, taking damage as appropriate.
Type Blue: You begin play with one
free rank in Abjuration. The character may
purchase ranks in that magical school as if it
appeared in any class progression he possesses.
You receive -2 to all Alignment checks, and +20
to all Warp Phenomena rolls. You may never
take Pure Faith or Virgil's Guidance, and may
treat these as optional feats if they appear in
your class progression.
Whether it's found in the gutter or presented as
a gift, eating the Fruit of Life is an act of
supreme arrogance that brings you enemies
from all sides... and it only gets worse from
there. As your Hubris increases, so too does the
divine power that enables you to reject the very
bonds of existence.
Resource Stat: Quintessence. Arrogant as it is,
eating the golden fruit flares your soul into full
incandescence, requiring only the mortal ego to
temper it into pure light. The character may
have Quintessence equal to Willpower +
Composure + Hubris. Regain Quintessence
equal to your Hubris at the start of your turn, or
every minute when not in combat.
Power Gained
Kingdom of One: You don't
need to breathe, don't suffer
penalties to your actions from
weather conditions, aren't
affected by pressure or
radiation, and you're
comfortable in very hot or very
cold weather. Your territory
also contains enough air for
anyone else inside it to breathe,
and protects them from
pressure and radiation as well.
Transversal: You can make
melee attacks against any
creature within your Absolute
Territory, regardless of
distance. Movement away from
you while inside your Absolute
Territory always provokes an
Opportunity Attack.
Angelic: Gain Armor and Hit
Points equal to your Hubris.
This armor stacks with all
other sources of armor.
Light of the Soul: Gain Aura
equal to your Hubris. This
stacks with other sources of
Aura. You can cast the spell
Energy Ray, substituting your
Hubris for your rank in
Weep and Bear Witness: Gain
the Stuff of Nightmares trait. As
a Half Action, you can spend 3
Quintessence to cause everyone
else within your Absolute
Territory to lose a single Hit
Point. If this deals critical
damage, refer to the Weep and
Weep and Bear Witness Critical Damage
The target receives a brilliant flash of
your monadic soul contacting his,
becoming Stunned for one round.
As above, and the target gains 2d10+5
Insanity as well.
As above, and the target suffers Psychic
Phenomena. Only the target is affected.
As above, but the target suffers Perils of
the Warp. Only the target is affected
The target discorporates, melting into a
puddle of protoplasm as his soul flees into
the warp. There’s no coming back from
Bear Witness Critical Damage
chart for effects.
Many Exalts live their power day to day.
They are what they are, and that is what they
remain. A Font… not so much. A Font is
someone touched by something greater than
themselves, and granted an external source of
power that is only barely theirs to channel. In
theory, any person can become a Font at any
time, but in practice, the powers that be seem to
seek very particular personalities to be their
avatars on the Great Wheel.
The power of a Font appears in many
forms. For some, this power manifests as a
magic ring, turning their will into reality. For
others, it can look like nothing so much as
possession. It could be anything; the Font is
more a catchall than a specific origin. What all
Fonts have in common is that when they close
the floodgates, they are all but indistinguishable
from a mortal.
Unlike a Chosen, whose power is tied to
their faith, or a Daemonhost, who becomes
forever changed when they merge with their
Warp spirit, the Font remains who they were
before being tapped. You are still the same
person as ever, you simply have a source of
power you can draw upon – a = source that is
not, really, part of you.
The specifics of how you
access this power vary, but
the worst thing that can
happen to a Font is to find
themselves somehow
permanently cut off from
their Well, and become
truly mortal once again.
Tell: A Font's tell
is a unique battle aura... a
totem animal, a pillar of
flames, a scarf of light that
grows in size and intensity
as she spends Drops.
Avatar: As a full action, by spending
one Drop, a Font may enter their Avatar form.
Their physical appearance and clothing can
change, into whatever the player decides for
their Avatar form, but cannot change race or
size. Any armor being worn by a Font's mortal
frame is incorporated into their garb as an
Avatar, and confers its same protection. They
may change back to normal as a free action, and
automatically fall out of their Avatar form at the
beginning of their turn if they have no drops left
or spent no drops during the previous round. A
Font can only spend Drops in Avatar form, or
to transform in this manner.
Signature Style: Fonts begin play with
one free rank in any Sword School, Gun Kata or
Magic School of their choice. They may always
purchase ranks of that School as if it appeared in
their class progression. You may purchase spell
combos, special attacks, and trick shots at
character creation. When buying or improving a
trick shot or special attack, if it applies to an
action associated with your Signature style, or
uses an advantage or restriction from your
signature style, you do not have to spend
experience for a number of style points equal to
your Channel (this does not reduce the
minimum 50xp). When buying a spell combo
that uses at least one spell from
your Signature Style, reduce
the total spell level by your
Channel for determining XP
cost (minimum 50xp).
Rush of Power:
Choose one characteristic from
each category when building
your character. While in Avatar
form, your Font gains +1 to
each of these characteristics
and resilience.
Power of Friendship: A Font that has
defeated an enemy, often finds themselves with
a friend for life. If you would deal critical
damage with an attack, you may instead deal an
equal amount of fatigue. You may roll
additional dice equal to your Channel on any
Social test made on a person you have
previously beaten in a serious fight.
Additionally, the Font is able to draw power
from their friends, and surge in strength to
protect them. When a Font sees an ally lose HP
at the hands of an enemy, the Font recovers one
Drop. This can happen at most once per round.
Power Gained
Burning Spirit: In a time of great
difficulty, a Font with sufficient
focus will push themselves to
greater heights. While in Avatar
form, a Font can add their lost hit
points to the results of all attack,
focus power, dodge, and parry
rolls. This bonus is capped at the
Font's Channel + Composure.
Finishing Move: When performing
a special attack, trick shot or spell
combo while in Avatar form, the
Font rolls 2 additional dice for
each exploding die instead of one
for the attack roll or focus test.
Dice for any damage rolls resulting
from the attack or spell combo
explode on a 9 or 10.
Super Mode: A Font's Avatar form
is mighty, but sometimes they can
find themselves outclassed even
then. While transformed, a Font
can spend a Drop as a free action
and choose two different
characteristics. The Font gets +1
to each of the chosen
characteristics until they leave
Avatar form. While in Super
Mode, a Font may spend one drop
as a free action to choose a new
pair of characteristics to benefit
from it.
Henshin a-bye-bye: While in
Avatar mode you may ignore the
effects of critical damage. When
the amount of critical damage you
have exceeds your Channel, you
remove an amount of critical
damage equal to your Channel,
lose the same number of Drops,
and immediately change out of
your Avatar form.
Open the Floodgate: The number
of Drops a Font can spend in one
turn is no longer limited by their
channel. However, for every Drop
beyond their Channel spent in a
single turn, the Font takes 1 point
of Energy damage to the Gizzards
that cannot be reduced.
A Font's power source is the alpha and omega of
their Exalted capacity, and their strength is
measured most simply by how freely that power
can flow through them.
Resource Stat: Drops. The character has
maximum Drops equal to their Charisma plus
their Channel. They regain all of their Drops at
the beginning of each combat.
Force Sensitive
Most Exalts are familiar with the
strange, eldritch powers of the Warp. While
most use its power directly(or at least as directly
as is safe, given the Warp's destructive nature),
channeling it through their minds and souls to
cast spells, others are blessed with an affinity
that renders such a crude usage unnecessary.
These rare individuals are infused with a strange
instinctual knowledge that goes beyond all
known magical theory, capable of using the
Warp to cast spells and augment their bodies in
ways otherwise impossible.
These people are known as Forcesensitive, named for the extension of Warp
power that gives them their strength. But as
with all things involving the Warp, there are
many risks one incurs when playing with Chaos
incarnate. Their instinctual connection to the
Warp comes with the constant threat of
temptation and madness.
Tell: Those who are force sensitive
tend to have an air about them. You can tell
there is something different about them as you
walk past.
Use the Force: When subjected to
Psychic Phenomenon, a Force Sensitive may
spend one Focus to force a reroll. This power
applies to any Psychic Phenomenon that has the
Force Sensitive as a primary target, including
those caused by the Wraith's Curse ability or a
weapon with the Orgone Array quality. Unless
he elects to spend another Focus for another
reroll, the Force Sensitive must take the second
result, even if he considers it worse. At two
Discipline he may do this once per scene for
Do or Do Not: When spending a hero
point to reroll a Test, a Force Sensitive gains a
bonus equal to the number of Focus they spend
on the reroll. At four Discipline, they also gain
an additional rolled die for every two Focus
spent on the reroll.
A More Elegant Weapon For a More
Civilized Age: The Force grants insight into
many things, including how best to filet your
foes with a chainsword. You gain a free rank of
one Sword School of your choice, and may
purchase ranks in it as though it appeared in
your class progression.
Temptation of the Dark Side: the threat
of corruption the Dark Side poses always looms
over your head, no matter how disciplined you
become. The Force
Sensitive cannot take the
feat Tested. If they are
progressing in a class
that requires them to
take the feat, they can
ignore it. In addition,
alignment checks are
made at a -2 penalty.
While most Exalts can sense or even control the
Warp in some manner, this innate sense
pervades every part of a Force Sensitive's being.
Discipline is a measure of how far the Exalt has
come in mastering the Force. Like with all skills,
it takes time and effort to learn how to harness
the power of the Force - and with great
discipline comes great strength.
Discipline Power Gained
Resource Stat: Focus. As Force Sensitives grow
in power and discipline, so too does their ability
to manipulate the Force (and, as a result, the
universe around them). Force Sensitives gain a
pool of Focus equal to their Willpower plus
twice their Discipline. For every hour a Force
sensitive spends in quiet meditation, they regain
one Focus.
Force Summons - The Force Sensitive
can use the Force to Quick Draw, as
the feat, one weapon per round. In
addition, he can manipulate any
unattended object at a distance in
meters equal to five times his Wisdom
in a simple manner - he can lift boxes
and throw switches, but he cannot
wield a weapon. He must have line of
sight to his target to use this ability.
Your Eyes can Deceive - The Force
Sensitive gains Danger Sense and Blind
Fight as bonus feats. In addition, the
Force imparts to his subconscious
mind information to keep him safe. He
gains a +Xk0 bonus to any reactions,
where X is equal to half his Discipline
rounded down.
Judge Me By My Size, Do You? - The
Force Sensitive gains the ability to
perform the Bull Rush, Grapple, and
Knock Down actions at a distance in
meters equal to five times his Wisdom,
substituting his Strength for Willpower.
Should he succeed at a grapple, this
telekinetic hold functions in all ways
like a normal grapple, including
functionality for any feats. He does not
suffer any penalties for failing any of
these Tests, aside from the lost action.
In addition, when he reaches five
Discipline, he also gains the ability to
use this power with the Disarm action,
substituting Willpower for Dexterity
and Discipline for Weaponry.
Not The Exalt You're Looking For:
The Force Sensitive can use Suggestion
as the spell, using Discipline + Wisdom
in place of the normal test. He does not
incur Psychic Phenomenon when
casting Suggestion this way, but he can
only attempt it on any given target once
per day.
One with the Force - The Force
Sensitive can buy any of their
characteristics up to six. In addition,
The Force Sensitive can spend Focus
as a free action on their turn to give any
one characteristic they have listed as
one of their class characteristics a onefor-one bonus, with the bonus capped
at half their Discipline + Willpower. He
may only have one characteristic
enhanced in this manner at any given
time. This lasts for one scene.
Light - A simple word that can bring
warmth to the coldest of hearts. A long time
ago, Pelor, feeling pity for those of the planet
Krypton, provided those in his light with powers
to defend themselves against the undead preying
upon them. He gave them a Branding, a symbol
by which they could draw upon his power.
However, the inhabitants of Krypton quickly
became corrupted by their powers, turning their
backs on their creator. There were no survivors
of the events that happened in their hubris. The
ashes of the doomed planet coalesced into solar
shards that spread across the Wheel. Whenever
you see a shooting star, it is ready to pass on the
branding of Krypton onto another mortal. One
that can hopefully fill the Great Wheel with
Tell: When activating their powers, a
Kryptonian’s chest glows with a warm light that
can be seen through clothes and armor. This
light is a beacon that sends different messages
depending on who is seeing it. To most, it is a
message of hope. Whoever is on the receiving
end of a Kryptonian’s might would disagree.
Celestial Body: Empowered
Kryptonians do not suffer the effects of hunger
or thirst. Any time they would be affected by
Fatigue, Poison, Disease or the vacuum of
space, remove 1 point of Radiation instead. A
Kryptonian is also treated as having the
Photosynthesis feat.
Sunlight Dependency: You lose 1 point
of Radiation every hour you spend away from
access to real sunlight. Having 0 Radiation
makes you effectively mortal, losing all of the
benefits of this Exaltation.
Overdrive: By spending a point of
Radiation, you may discharge solar energy
through your unarmed attacks. Using ability on
an object or creature will give you a +0k1 bonus
(that does not stack with itself) when dealing
damage to it. Creatures hit by an attack with
Overdrive are also Stunned.
Burning Heart: You begin play with one
free rank in the Evocation or Healing magic
schools. The character may purchase ranks in
that Magical School as if they appeared in any
class progression he possesses. You may add
your Luminosity to your unarmed damage,
which are treated as dealing Energy damage
when using Overdrive.
Luminosity Power Gained
As a Kryptonian grows stronger, their branding
will glow brighter. This glow often starts from
the chest, later moving on to the hands and feet.
Eventually, a Kryptonian will shine like a
miniature sun. Their natural body heat will also
rise with Luminosity, to the point that other
creatures will be uncomfortable (or
spontaneously combust) around the Kryptonian
unless they can keep their inner fire under
Resource Stat: Radiation. Radiation is gained
from exposure to sunlight. A Kryptonian can
gain 1 Radiation by spending 15 minutes (or the
length of a scene) basking in the light of a
natural sun. Your average Solar Joe can only get
Radiation this way. A Dryad that bought the
Photosynthesis asset can gain Radiation from
lesser quality energy sources (such as the
heating lamps on a spelljammer), but the
Radiation gained is 1 Radiation every 30
minutes. Maximum Radiation is equal to your
Strength + Charisma + Luminosity.
Light Bulb: As a free action,
you may generate bright, but
harmless light from your body
with a range equal to
Luminosity * 5 meters. By
spending 1 Radiation per turn
to maintain it, you may treat
Light Bulb as producing natural
sunlight against creatures that
have a sunlight weakness.
Man of Steel: Your Physical
Characteristics may go up to six
dots. By spending 1 Radiation,
you may treat a Physical
Characteristic as 1 higher for
the duration of a scene.
Solar Breathing: As a Full
Action, a Kryptonian may begin
a deep breathing ritual to regain
Radiation while away from a
Radiation source. If
uninterrupted, they gain back 1
Shooting Star: The Kryptonian
gains the Flyer trait, with speed
equal to twice their ground
Aura of Light: The Hero may
use Lightning Ring as the spell,
using Luminosity + Charisma
instead of the normal Magic
Contrary to what most berks seem to think,
"simple" does not always mean "easy." The simplest
path to power available to mortals lies within, though
not all can reach it. Far from the killing fangs of the
Vampires, the recycled souls spawned from Syrneth
breeding projects, or even the will to power that
begets a Paragon, the path of the Sage requires only
an empty heart and a spark of enlightenment. The
enlightenment of the Sage is the realization that
power and destiny aren't goals to be reached, but
stops and distractions on an infinitely longer road.
Needless to say, most cutters just can't let go of what
they have to make this realization.
The way of the Sage can be likened more to
swimming with the current, rather than against it. By
diminishing their egos, the Sage gains greater
harmony with the rest of the Wheel. Sages rarely seek
to kill, waging violence only to keep aggressors from
harming others. They use their spiritual talents to
distantly aid the small communities they attach to,
and to exterminate the unholy creatures that would
threaten their sense of harmony.
Sages are rare, but not because the
Exaltation fails to promise the immortality
offered by a mechanical body or the
possession of a Daemon. Rather, Sages are
rare because their awakening has two
qualifiers. To become a Sage requires both
an empty heart and a soul willing to
understand the universe. As many have
only one trait or the other, few would-be
Sages ever attain the enlightenment needed
to take the first step of their paths.
Tell: The Sage's tell varies wildly.
As they spend Mana, Sages will feel as if
they become one with the land. The people
around them will also feel growing sense of
familiarity with nature, as if they had
always been one with the turning of the
Wheel. Mountains evoke senses of heat and
warm stone, islands raise memories of ice
and wind, swamps invoke elements of
darkness and putrefaction, plains bring
visions of pure, white light, and forests
draw sounds of rustling leaves and fresh
Centered Soul: Add your Enlightenment as
a static bonus on tests made to resist Fear or other
Mind-Affecting abilities.
Dispassionate Oracle: Your enlightenment
comes at the cost of detachment from the day to day
affairs of mortals, generally taking the form of brutal
honesty in all things. Take a static penalty to Social
tests except for Animal Ken equal to twice your
Enlightenment. You can spend 1 Mana to reduce this
penalty by half for the rest of the Scene, or until you
use the Deceive skill, at which point the penalty
applies in full again.
Enlightened Mystic: You begin play with
one free rank in any Magical School. The character
may purchase ranks in that Magical School as if they
appeared in any class progression he posseses.
Whenever a Sage rolls for Psychic Phenomena, they
do so at -(3*Enlightenment).
Seated Upon the Boundary: Begin play with
Speak Language (Spirits). As long as you have
meditated, you can also see into the Umbra as if it
were overlaid over the Materium, allowing you to see
magical auras or get a general "feel" of an area.
For one who has attained Enlightenment, the
only path to greater power is to walk the one
already begun. The Sage's heart and soul are
unburdened by worldly concerns, and only
become more so as he increases his attunement
to the Wheel.
Power Gained
Spirit Trance: You can spend 1
Mana to enter a special trance as a
Full Action. While in this trance,
you stand within both the
Materium and the Umbra
simultaneously, allowing you to
see, hear, and physically interact
with anything in either plane,
though you can ignore traps and
obstacles in one that don't exist in
the other. This trance lasts for a
number of rounds equal to your
Enlightenment + your
Composure, after which you
return to the plane you started
from as a Free Action.
Thunderous Rebuke: Gain the
feat Purge the Unclean. Modrons,
Zoanoids and Symbiotes are
treated as enemies of your god for
the purpose of using this feat, and
you can spend 2 Mana instead of
a Hero Point to use it. Creatures
affected by this power are
Deafened for the duration of its
Accelerated Senses: You cannot
be Deafened, instead taking a 2k0 penalty to tests involving
speaking or hearing whenever
conditions would render you
unable to hear. In addition, you
no longer require food or water, as
long as you meditate daily.
Intensify Spell: When casting a
spell, the Sage may spend any
amount of Mana to increase the
number of raises required to save
against the spell's effect by the
same amount; or to add the same
number of rolled dice to the spell's
damage; or to add twice that
number as a static bonus to the
Focus Power test.
Transcendent One: While in a
Spirit Trance, add your
Enlightenment as a bonus to your
Static Defense, Mental Defense,
Armor, and Aura. You can spend
1 Mana to add rolled dice equal to
your Enlightenment to any single
roll during a turn.
Resource Stat: Mana. The mystical energy
drawn from the Sage's harmony with the Wheel
is called Mana. A Sage can have Mana equal to
4 * Enlightenment, and recovers all of his Mana
by spending an hour meditating.
There is a taint in your flesh, alien and
unclean. Perhaps you were born with this
warped physiology, your bloodline infected with
an alien presence long ago. Perhaps you
encountered an alien being that took up
residence in your innards, providing power for a
meal ticket and place to stay. Perhaps you're the
product of mad science gone horribly wrong - or
horribly right. No matter the circumstances, you
are now forever set apart from your mortal
brethren... but you are not alone. There is a
presence within you, slippery and just within
your perception. And yet, as time goes on, you
become closer than siblings or lovers. And
sometimes you cannot help but feel you are
losing yourself to this... thing... inside of you. Or
maybe you grow together into something new
and singular.
Those who have become a Symbiote
may see it as a blessing, a curse, or a mixed bag,
depending on their resulting self-image and
relationship with their tenant. More important is
how they are seen by the world around them.
Many an unfortunate soul has attempted to
confide in their loved ones about their true
nature, often met with fear and disgust,
sometimes morbid fascination, and sometimes
with scalpels and cold exam tables. The life of a
Symbiote can be a lonely one, and soon enough
they turn to the creature within them for
companionship and acceptance. And the deeper
the bond grows, the further they slip away.
Nonetheless, though you hear whispers
from something Other, your mind is your own.
You are Changed, and the question remains...
what are you going to do now?
Tell: As a Symbiote spends Synch, their
flesh becomes more warped. The taint becomes
apparent in shape, coloration, scent, and
presence. Eyes may appear sightless or alien.
Their voice may gain a flanging quality. As more
Synch is spent, the Symbiote's posture and
mannerisms become more alien. Their voice
may gain a flanging quality. Jaws and teeth may
become an all devouring maw. Skin may
toughen into leathery hide.
Dual Minds: You have your skills, the
tenant has its own, as well as its own brain
power, which can meld with yours. By spending
1 Synch, gain +1k1 to any test using mental
Living Weapon: By spending 1 Synch
as a half action, the Symbiote manifests their
tenant as a living weapon. This lasts for a
number of rounds equal to your Constitution +
Integration + Level. The character now has
natural weapons (2k1 R or I; Melee; Brawling);
choose the damage type each time you use this
ability, and change it as a free action by
spending 1 Synch. The tenant also armors the
character with AP equal to their Integration on
all locations. If you are already wearing armor, it
breaks off as the Tenant twists and flows over
your skin and you take damage equal to that
armor's AP. The armor cannot be used again
until it is repaired.
Unsettling: As the host and tenant join
together, they become more and more alien and
frightening to other people in general. Take
-2k1 on social tests except for Intimidation.
Gain +2k1 on Intimidation tests.
Strange Anatomy: As the symbiotic
bond between Host and Tenant grows, the
Symbiote's physiology becomes warped and
more resilient. Increase your hit points by 2 +
Integration. However, due to the blasphemous
deviation from your species' baseline anatomy,
all Medicae checks to help you take a -2k2
penalty. If you would die from critical damage
that isn't E, X, or magical in nature, you instead
enter a comatose state where your Symbiote
focuses all of its efforts to mend your broken
body. This comatose state lasts for 8 hours,
during which you are vulnerable to being fairly
easily killed. Upon awakening, you are
ravenously hungry.
Integration Power Gained
Integration represents how closely the Host and
Tenant have fused with one another. Higher
Integration leads to a stranger appearance and a
warped sense of "self."
Resource Stat: Synch. A Symbiote regains
Synch equal to their Integration at the end of
each sleep cycle and at the beginning of each
combat. A Symbiote may have Synch equal to
their Willpower + Composure + Integration.
Regeneration: A Symbiote may spend
Synch to recover Hit Points in combat
as a free action, except for wounds
caused by E, X, or magical sources.
Delicious Brains: So long as its Head
hasn’t taken critical damage, you can
consume the body of an organic being
to add your Integration as rolled dice
on Disguise tests made to impersonate
that creature for the remainder of the
scene, and may spend 1 Synch to use
its skill ranks or specializations in
place of your own for a single test.
Malleable: By inflicting one point of
damage to yourself, you may increase
one of your physical stats by 2 until
the end of the scene as the Symbiote
metabolizes and repurposes your
collective flesh. This damage cannot
be healed by Regeneration.
Spawn: Once per scene, the hero may
spawn a group of minions by inflicting
damage to themselves equal to twice
their Minions' Threat Rating. These
Minions have a Damage Rating of 1.
These Minions are a swarm of small
creatures (but still equivalent to 5
normal creatures) and may pass
through nooks and crannies
inaccessible to the hero and obey her
commands as a free action. The
damage taken for this ability cannot
be healed through Regeneration, but
the HP may be recovered by reappropriating the applied biomass.
Abomination: You aren't what you
used to be, and you and that thing
shacked up in your innards are a lot
closer than ever. Once per scene,
spend 5 Synch as you and your tenant
become one. This behaves as Living
Weapon. Your natural weapons gain
+1k1 damage. Gain Stuff of
Nightmares. Gain Fear 3. You now
have additional limbs and may take an
additional half action per round. Gain
size +3. Gain +3 dots to Strength and
Constitution. This lasts for a number
of rounds equal to your Constitution
+ Willpower + Integration.
Alternate Daemonhost
Note: For this and the following
Alternate Exaltations, any power not explained
here is explained in the original Exaltation.
The C’tan – an ancient race of
incredible power. Possessing technology and
magic beyond the scope of anything seen since,
the C’tan could have changed the entire Wheel
to suit their whims. And yet, they disappeared –
naught left but traces of their might… and their
You possess one of these C’tan shards.
Embedded in your heart, it stirs. Whether it is
reacting to a coming storm, or perhaps a
trapped C’tan itself struggling against its prison,
or otherwise, you don’t know. What is obvious
is that it grants you power – and while this
power pales in comparison to the true might of
the C’tan, it is your power nonetheless.
Tell: A faint shroud of death seems to
envelop you. As Essence is spent, this coalesces
into something more… substantial, until it
finally reveals itself as a ghostly apparition of the
C’tan your shard represents.
Resource Stat: Essence
Power Gained
Black Blood: As Daemonic. The
C'tan shard empowering a
Nephilim taints his blood so
thoroughly that it runs black, so
thick with corruption that it
becomes proof against most arms.
Unnatural Characteristics
Tesseract Heart: Your body
reshapes itself with exposure, the
better to contain and channel its
passenger's power. You gain the
benefits of a Necrodermis Heart.
Not of this World
Phaeron Transcendant: You are
no longer mortal, but a
necrodermis vessel for the C'tan
shard trapped within your heart.
You gain the Stuff of Nightmares
quality. In addition, the
necrodermis tracery throughout
your body is now enough to
protect you from the elements;
treat this as if you were implanted
with a Necrodermis Voidskin.
Entombed Vizier: As Demonic Tutor.
A Nephilim's power, however, lies entirely
within the Materium; all of his spells take on
suitable aesthetics. Evocation spells might only
call up sand and glass frit, Conjuration spells
might only twist objects already present, and so
forth. These changes are purely cosmetic.
Unholy Might
Pariah Gene: As Rejected by Creation.
Whenever a Nephilim spends an Essence, she
gains 1 Torment. The only way to regain spent
Essence is to heal the Torment left by its use.
Healing Torment is functionally identical to
Erupting Resonance.
Distortion Drive: Creating "magic" by
screwing with quantum physics instead of the
Warp has its perks. You never suffer the effects
of Perils of the Warp. Anybody near you, on the
other hand, isn’t so lucky.
Alternate Kryptonian
Fire – that by which entire civilizations
are tempered. Few can discount the power to be
found in flames; from heat used to cook a
simple meal, to blazing hell-storms used to raze
entire kingdoms, fire is a regular source of both
life and death. Yet, there are those that believe
fire is their calling, harnessing incredible magic
until they finally erupt in an astounding
conflagration of flames…
And from the ashes, a Phoenix will rise.
Tell: A Phoenix surrounds herself with
"feathers" of harmless, multicolored flames as
she spends Heat, becoming stunning wings of
fire at the highest levels.
Phoenix Rebirth: As long as you have at
least 2 Luminosity, you are never in danger of
death. Whenever you would burn a Hero Point
to survive, you may instead permanently lose 1
Luminosity. You may buy it again as normal.
Sunlight Dependency
Burning Heart
Resource Stat: Heat. As Radiation, except
maximum Heat is equal to your Constitution +
Wisdom + Luminosity.
Power Gained
Light Bulb
Immortal Fire Bird: The
immortal bird of flame is
notoriously difficult to kill, and
those empowered by her blood
show it. You may go to six dots
in each of your Resilience
Characteristics, and gain Hit
Points equal to twice your
Solar Breathing
Shooting Star
Everlasting Phoenix Tail: You
gain Aura equal to your
Incandescence. Whenever you
spend Heat, increase this Aura
by 1 for the remainder of the
scene, to a maximum of 2 +
twice your Luminosity.
Alternate Vampire
The curse of the Vampire is spread by
those who received the Embrace from other
Vampires. This is true. A question remains,
however: where did they receive the Embrace
from? As millennia passed, the curse stemmed
from those who drank the blood of Khaine had
become relatively weaker. The Strigoi, those
who drank directly from the fountain of the
dying god, were nearly gods themselves.
Though powerful, their numbers were few.
Many were mobbed by the weak masses and
thrown into the sunlight, where they would
wither and die. The best and brightest among
the Strigoi were sealed underground on distant
Tomb Worlds, where they could bide their time
until the truth of their origins became myth and
They waited far too long. Eons have
passed. Recently awakened Strigoi have lost
many of their powers, making the infamous
monsters mere shadows of their former selves.
Memories and ancient connections have long
atrophied in their undead minds, leaving many
of them alone in a Wheel that passed them by.
It’s a good thing they are far from helpless. By
consuming the bodies of the young and living,
the Vampire precursors can make up for lost
time. Their old lives are long gone - Long live
the new Strigoi.
Tell: Like the Vampires they are related
to, Strigoi tend to take on a more monstrous
appearance as they spend Vitae.
Living Stone: The Strigoi didn't wait
out history by playing card games; they
hibernated. A Strigoi may spend 1 Vitae to turn
their body into stone. A Strigoi turned into a
rock cannot move or take any action other than
turn back to flesh by spending another Vitae. As
a stone, the Strigoi's Resilience is doubled and
they cannot be harmed by rays of the sun, but
they have zero awareness of their surroundings
and automatically fail all Perception tests.
Strigoi are not considered active and thus are
not obliged to spend Vitae for their Blood
Dependency while in this state. They can
attempt to absorb the blood of any creature that
makes contact with their stone forms, which is
treated as a Bite attack made by the stone
Undead Resilience
Sunlight Weakness
Blood Dependency
Resource Stat: Vitae
Power Gained
Red Thirst: By spending a point of
Vitae as a free action, you may give
yourself Fear 1 and a natural
weapon (2k1 R; Melee; Brawling,
Tearing) for the remainder of the
Scene. This natural weapon can be
used to recover Vitae, exactly as the
Strigoi's Bite attack does.
Draining Touch: You may cast
Draining Touch, using Blood
Potency + Charisma instead of the
normal magic test.
Black Rage: Once per scene, spend
5 Vitae as a Half Action to enter a
bestial frenzy, your body twisting
and contorting unnaturally to
become a perfect predator. Treat
this as Red Thirst, except that your
natural attacks gain the Volatile
property and deal +1k1 damage as
your muscles swell and twist. Gain
+3 Dexterity and +2 Size, and the
Stuff of Nightmares trait. This state
lasts for a number of rounds equal
to your Constitution + Willpower +
Blood Potency.
Field Archaeologist
Lost Seeker
Dungeon Creeper
Tomb Raider
Raider of the Lost McGuffin
Pale Rider
Bellator Apex
Crimson Rider
Powder Monkey
Dragoon Ace
Alabast Rider
Divine Fury
Ebon Rider
Scullery Maid
Apprentice Maid
Head Maid
Perfect Maid
Burning Psycho
Badass Psycho
Dark Disciple
Warp Advocate
Dark Eradicator
Warp Consolidator
Dark Lord
Level: 1
Prerequisites: Characteristics: Intelligence, Wisdom, Fellowship
Skills: Tech-Use, Drive, Common Lore, Academic Lore, Larceny, Deceive
Gain Access
Eidetic Memory
Upgraded (Uncommon)
Peer (Hacker Organization)
*Skill Focus (Any)
Bonus for Completion: +1 to noncombat Opposed Tests
Level: 1
Prerequisites: Characteristics: Strength, Willpower, Charisma
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Brawl, Intimidation, Performer, Drive
Unarmed Warrior
Bonus for Completion: +1 Resource Point
Level: 1
Prerequisites: Characteristics: Charisma, Wisdom, Composure
Skills: Command, Politics, Scrutiny, Charm
Peer (Subjects)
Skill Focus (Command)
Redshirt Shield
*Peer (Any)
Bonus for Completion: Gain the feat "Courtier's Privilege"
Level: 1
Prerequisites: Characteristics: Dexterity, Wisdom, Strength
Skills: Animal Ken, Common Lore, Perception, Weaponry, Athletics, Ballistics, Stealth
Expert Tracker
Heightened Senses (Any)
Hatred (Any)
Peer (Hunter Organization)
Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
*Armor Proficiency (Light)
*Skill Focus (Any)
Bonus for Completion: +1 to all attack tests against non-sentient enemies
Level: 1
Prerequisites: Characteristics: Strength, Wisdom, Constitution
Skills: Tech-Use, Crafts, Arcana, Common Lore, Ballistics, Persuasion, Pilot
Ship Feat (Miracle Worker/Detailed Analysis/Acceptable Losses/Worf Barrage)
Jack of All Trades
Peer (Ship Crew)
Skill Focus (Any)
Bonus for Completion: +1 to all Maneuver Actions
Flight Controller
Level: 2
Prerequisites: Pilot 2 OR Drive 2, Perception 1
Characteristics: Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Ballistics, Crafts, Command, Drive, Pilot, Perception, Tech-Use
Smooth Flying
Shake and Bake
Cat and Mouse
Skill Focus (Pilot) OR Skill Focus (Drive)
*Heightened Senses
Bonus for Completion: +1 to Crew Quality for Maneuver Actions for any ship on which you
serve as Tactical Officer.
Level: 3
Prerequisites: Pilot 4 OR Drive 4, Perception 3
Characteristics: Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Ballistics, Crafts, Command, Drive, Pilot, Perception, Tech-Use
Leaf on the Wind
Fly Apart
Reverse Thrusters
Combat Sense
*Skill Focus (Drive)
*Skill Focus (Pilot)
Bonus for Completion: +1 to Crew Quality for Maneuver Actions for any ship on which you
serve as Tactical Officer.
Level Completion:
Intelligence, Fellowship, Dexterity
Academic Lore, Common Lore, Arcana, Forbidden Lore, Perception, TechUse, Athletics, Weaponry, Ballistics, Disguise, Scrutiny
+1 Static Defense against Traps
Field Archaeologist
Academic Lore 3, Forbidden
Lore 3
Lost Seeker
Academic Lore 3, Forbidden
Lore 4, Decipher Glyphs
Dungeon Creeper
Academic Lore 4, Forbidden
Lore 4, Professional RiddleBreaker
Tomb Raider
Academic Lore 5, Forbidden
Lore 4, Following the Hunch
Raider of the Lost
Academic Lore 5, Forbidden
Lore 5, Mental Map
Class Feats
Decipher Glyphs
Eidetic Memory
Walking Library
*Speak Language (Any)
*Skill Focus (Any Lore)
Professional Riddle-Breaker
*Fleet of Foot
*Speak Language (Any)
*Skill Focus (Any Lore)
Following the Hunch
Trusty Sidearm
Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
*Skill Focus (Any Mental)
*Speak Language (Any)
Blind Fighting
Danger Sense
Keep Running!
Mental Map
*Skill Focus (Any Mental)
*Speak Language (Any)
A Bad Feeling About This
Superior Archaeological
*Skill Focus (Any Mental)
*Speak Language (Any)
*Weapon Focus (Same as Trusty
Sword Schools:
Gun Kata:
Level Completion:
Strength, Willpower, Charisma
Crafts, Common Lore, Athletics, Ballistics, Brawl, Drive, Weaponry,
Intimidation, Perception, Command, Scrutiny
Infernal Monster
Stone Dragon
White Raven
Crisis Zone
Vehicles you drive roll at -1 on their critical table when taking damage.
Weaponry 3, Drive 2
Weaponry 3, Drive 3, Frenzy,
Peer (Military)
Weaponry 4, Drive 3, Combat
Master, Divine Bond
Bellator Apex
Weaponry 4, Drive 4,
Mounted Charger
Crimson Rider
Weaponry 5, Drive 5, Warp
Class Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Peer (Military)
Power Attack
Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Combat Master
Divine Bond
Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
*Sound Constitution
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Crushing Blow
Mounted Charger
*Armor Proficiency (Extreme)
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Armor Proficiency (Extreme)
Iron Jaw
Wall of Steel
Warp Driver
*Battle Rage
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Counter Attack
Supreme Cleave
Swift Attack
True Grit
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Sword Schools:
Magic Schools:
Level Completion:
Composure 3, Forbidden Lore
3, Drive 1
Composure 3, Forbidden Lore
4, Drive 2, Dark Messiah or
Necromancy at 1
Composure 4, Forbidden Lore
4, Drive 3, Dark Messiah or
Necromancy at 2, Decadence,
Divine Bond
Composure 4, Forbidden Lore
4, Drive 4, Dark Messiah or
Necromancy at 2, Armor of
Contempt, Mounted Charger
Pale Rider
Composure 5, Forbidden Lore
5, Drive 5, Dark Messiah or
Necromancy at 3, Warp
Dexterity, Willpower, Composure
Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Brawl, Command, Drive, Forbidden Lore,
Intimidation, Perception, Politics, Scrutiny, Tech-Use, Weaponry
Dark Messiah
Diamond Mind
Vehicles you drive gain +1 Maneuverability.
Class Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Danger Sense
Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Chem Geld
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Divine Bond
Iron Tower
Armor of Contempt
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Mounted Charger
Strong Minded
Two Weapon Fighting
Daggerspell Stance
Hard Target
Swift Attack
Warp Driver
*Armor Proficiency (Extreme)
Death Before Defeat
Devastating Critical
Mental Fortress
Step Aside
*Armor Proficiency (Power)
Gun Kata:
Magic Schools:
Level Completion:
Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma
Acrobatics, Athletics, Ballistics, Command, Drive, Academic Lore,
Forbidden Lore, Perception
Blazing Sun
Tin Star
Vehicles you drive gain +1 Static Defense
Powder Monkey
Ballistics 2, Drive 2
Ballistics 3, Drive 2, Danger
Sense, Gun Blessing
Ballistics 3, Drive 3,
Commanding Note
Dragoon Ace
Ballistics 4, Drive 4, Drive-By
Alabast Rider
Ballistics 5, Drive 5, Crack
Shot, Warp Driver
Class Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Danger Sense
Gun Blessing
Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
*Speak Language (Any)
*Weapon Proficiency (Any
Ranged or Thrown)
Commanding Note
Divine Bond
Lead Fingers
Weapon Proficiency (Ranged 2)
*Speak Language (Any)
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Armor of Contempt
Deadeye Shot
Drive-By Gunner
Weapon Proficiency (Ranged 1)
*Speak Language (Any)
Crack Shot
Strong Minded
Warp Driver
Weapon Proficiency (Thrown)
*Sound Constitution
*Speak Language (Any)
Double Tap
Hip Shooting
Spell Bullet
True Grit
*Sound Constitution
*Speak Language (Any)
Sword Schools:
Level Completion:
Dexterity, Charisma, Composure
Academic Lore, Perception, Politics, Acrobatics, Athletics, Drive, Weaponry,
Charm, Command, Deceive, Intimidation, Persuasion, Scrutiny
Desert Wind
Diamond Mind
Deceive Tests are done with a +1 bonus.
Persuasion 2, Weaponry 2
Persuasion 2, Weaponry 3,
Professional Insult Fighter
Persuasion 3, Weaponry 3,
Exploit Opening
Persuasion 4, Weaponry 4,
Deceiving Blade
Persuasion 5, Weaponry 5,
Class Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Professional Insult Fighter
Quick Draw
Weapon Proficiency (Melee 2)
*Fast Reflexes
*Skill Focus (Any)
Exploit Opening
Improved Feint
Deceiving Blade
Expert Assist
Swift Attack
*Furious Assault
Black Snark of Despair
Lightning Attack
Wall of Steel OR Step Aside
*Air of Authority
*Just as Planned
Sword Schools:
Magic Schools:
Level Completion:
Wisdom, Willpower, Charisma
Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Drive, Academic Lore, Forbidden Lore,
Scrutiny, Deceive, Intimidation
Eldritch Advent
You and vehicles you pilot gain +1 Aura.
Arcana 2, Drive 2
Arcana 3, Drive 3, Eldritch
Advent 1
Arcana 3, Drive 4, Divine
Bond, Eldritch Serpent
Divine Fury
Arcana 4, Drive 4, Eldritch
Ebon Rider
Arcana 5, Drive 5, Daggerspell
Stance, Warp Driver
Class Feats
Arcane Mark
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Spell Might
Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
*Arcane Blade
*Sound Constitution
Danger Sense
Divine Bond
Eldritch Serpent
Spell Focus
Weapon Proficiency (Melee 2)
*Iron Tower
*Weapon Focus (Any)
Eldritch Exhaust
Spell Book
Spell Parry
Spell Penetration
*Armor Proficiency (Medium)
*Weapon Specialization (Any)
Daggerspell Stance
Sword Beam
Touch Spell Specialization
Warp Driver
*Spell Book
*Wizard Tradition
Greater Spell Penetration
Mental Fortress
Spell Shield
Swift Attack
*Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
*Spell Book
Dexterity, Fellowship, Composure
Ballistics, Common Lore, Crafts, Perception, Acrobatics, Drive, Larceny,
Animal Ken, Charm, Disguise, Deceive, Performer, Persuasion, Intimidation,
Scrutiny, Weaponry
Killer Doll
Devoted Spirit
Sword Schools:
Magic Schools:
Level Completion:
Scullery Maid
Charm 2, Crafts 2
Apprentice Maid
Charm 3, Crafts 2, At Your
Charm 3, Crafts 3, At Your
Service, Jack of All Trades
Head Maid
Perfect Maid
Class Feats
At Your Service
Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Speak Language
Hidden Objects
Jack of All Trades
Peer (Nobility)
Wholeness of Body
*Improvisational Warrior
Divine Grace
Nick of Time
*Improvisational Master
*Weapon Focus (Any)
Charm 4, Crafts 4, Elegance
Maid’s Duty
Well Connected
*Improvisational Savant
*Mental Fortress
Charm 5, Crafts 5, Elegance,
Maid’s Duty
Armor of Contempt
Perfect Self
Perfectly Elegant
World for Two
*Feather Step
*Weapon Specialization (Any)
Sword Schools:
Gun Kata:
Level Completion:
Strength, Constitution, Dexterity
Acrobatics, Athletics, Ballistics, Brawl, Drive, Intimidation, Perception,
Killer Doll
Tiger Claw
Point Blank
Burning Love
+10 Insanity; after level 3, the character is no longer removed from play at
100 Insanity
Weaponry 2, Athletics 1; one
or more Minor derangements
OR 10 Insanity
Weaponry 3, Athletics 2,
Frenzy; 1-2 Minor
derangements OR 20 Insanity
Weaponry 4, Athletics 3, Salt
the Wound, Frenzy; one or
more Severe derangements
OR 30 Insanity
Hellborn Psycho
Weaponry 5, Athletics 4, Fire
Fiend, Frenzy; any
combination of 1-2 Minor and
1-2 Severe derangements OR
40 Insanity
Badass Psycho
Weaponry 5, Athletics 5,
Numbed Nerves, Frenzy; one
or more Acute derangements
OR 50 Insanity
Class Feats
Danger Sense
Feed the Meat
Sound Constitution
Sound Constitution
Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Hurl Weapon
Quick Draw
Light Sleeper
Strip the Flesh
Weapon Focus (Any)
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Crushing Blow
Fire Fiend
Furious Assault
Salt the Wound
Sound Constitution
Swift Attack
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Burn, Baby, Burn
Fuel the Fire
Hellfire Halitosis
Numbed Nerves
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
*Weapon Focus (Any)
Battle Rage
Lightning Attack
Silence the Voices
Sound Constitution
True Grit
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Sword Schools:
Level Completion:
Strength, Dexterity, Charisma
Crafts, Athletics, Brawl, Drive, Acrobatics, Weaponry, Intimidation,
Perception, Command, Performer
Raging Locomotive
Setting Sun
+1 to all tests while grappling.
Brawl 2, Intimidation 1 OR
Performer 1
Brawl 3, Intimidation 2 OR
Performer 2, Bear Hug
Brawl 4, Intimidation 3 OR
Performer 3, Improvisational
Warrior, World-Breaker Grip
Brawl 5, Intimidation 4 OR
Performer 4, Crushing Bear,
Screaming Meat-Shield
Brawl 5, Intimidation 5 OR
Performer 5, Armor to Coffin,
Living Plowshare Rampage
Class Feats
Bear Hug
Peer (Entertainment)
Skill Focus (Intimidation) OR
Skill Focus (Performer)
Weapon Focus (Improvised)
Weapon Proficiency
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
Improvisational Warrior
Powerful Charge
Sound Constitution
World-Breaker Grip
*Sound Constitution
Crushing Bear
Good Reputation
Improvisational Master
Nerves of Steel
Screaming Meat-Shield
Weapon Specialization
*Sound Constitution
Armor to Coffin
Improvisational Savant
Iron Jaw
Living Plowshare Rampage
Sound Constitution
*Sound Constitution
Air of Authority
Combat Master
Devastating Critical
Hero-Sundering Hands
True Grit
*Sound Constitution
Sword Schools:
Level Completion:
Strength, Charisma, Willpower
Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Brawl, Perception, Scrutiny, Common
Lore, Weaponry
Infernal Monster
Tiger Claw
+1 Speed
Brawl 2, Athletics 1,
Intimidation 1
Brawl 2, Athletics 2,
Intimidation 2, Frenzy, Hatred
Brawl 3, Athletics 3,
Intimidation 3, Frenzy, Ki
Brawl 4, Athletics 4,
Intimidation 4, Battle
Brawl 5, Athletics 5,
Intimidation 5, Reforging Pain
Class Feats
Danger Sense
Hatred (Any)
Power Attack
Unarmed Warrior
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Bear Hug
Bounding Beast
Ki Strike
*Sound Constitution
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Battle Meditation
Fiery Fist
Furious Assault
Nerves of Steel
Wholeness of Body
*Short Fuse
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Battle Rage
Iron Jaw
Reforging Pain
Unarmed Master
*Greater Frenzy
*Weapon Proficiency (Any)
Armor of Contempt
Counter Attack
Empowering Agony
True Grit
Wall of Steel
*Reflexive Fury
*Swift Attack
Magic Schools:
Level Completion:
Dark Disciple
Arcana 3, Forbidden Lore 2
Warp Advocate
Arcana 3, Forbidden Lore 3,
any two Magic Schools at rank
1, Eldritch Trick
Dark Eradicator
Arcana 4, Forbidden Lore 3,
Any two Magical Schools at
rank 2, Calm The Winds
Warp Consolidator
Arcana 4, Forbidden Lore 4,
Any two Magical Schools at
rank 2, Any Magic School at
rank 3, Delay The Storm
Dark Lord
Arcana 5, Forbidden Lore 5,
Any two Magical Schools at
rank 3, Any Magic School at
rank 4, Redirect The
Intelligence, Charisma, Willpower
Arcana, Common Lore, Forbidden Lore, Charm, Deceive, Intimidation,
May roll and keep an extra die when Pushing spells, incurring the normal
Class Feats
Arcane Blade OR Arcane Mark
Eldritch Trick
Obtain Familiar OR Implement
Spell Might
*Weapon Proficiency (Basic)
Calm the Winds
Eldritch Trick
Spell Focus
Strong Minded
*Armor Proficiency (Light)
*Meld Into the Crowd
Delay the Storm
Eldritch Trick
Minor Magic
Spell Penetration
*Combo Maker
*Lost Papers
*Trust the Hair
Eldritch Trick
Improvisational Magic
Redirect the Hurricane
*Minor Magic
*Poker Face
*Unstoppable Force
Eldritch Trick
Mental Fortress
Spell Specialization
Stop the Tide
*Fettered Push
General Feats
A Bad Feeling About This
You know when your actions have immediate consequences.
You have a keen fashion sense, knowing when to wear what.
Armor to Coffin
In a grapple your attacks leave quite a mark – sometimes even crippling
Battle Meditation
Your anger no longer dampens your wits.
Black Snark of Despair
A vicious remark can leave your enemies with nothing to live for.
Bounding Beast
While angry, you have a tendency to use your arms as legs.
Burn, Baby, Burn
Fire is no longer a concern of yours.
At Your Service
You are an expert at etiquette; you know how to act in ‘polite’ settings.
Calm The Winds
You can make the warp be much nicer to you than others.
Cat and Mouse
You know how to get the most out of your vehicle’s engine.
You know how to keep your magic low key.
You’ve turned smack-talk into a fine art.
Combo Maker
C-C-C-Combo maker. You are a master at combining spells.
Commanding Note
Yours is a voice that demands obedience.
In fights, you’re quite the helpful person.
Even out of combat, you’re quite the helpful person.
Deceiving Blade
You’re quite capable of misdirecting opponents with your weapons.
Decipher Glyphs
You can figure out dead languages like you took seven years learning it.
Delay the Storm
The warp will wait to bone you over till when you’re ready.
Drive-By Gunner
Why stay and play when you can shoot and scoot?
Eldritch Exhaust
You’ve worked magic through your vehicle’s system.
Eldritch Serpent
Flails and such are just tools to use in your crazy maneuvers.
Eldritch Trick
With some training, you have become quite the arcane trickster.
You move with a very fine finesse that others don’t possess.
Empowering Agony
Even at the brink of death, you come out swingin’.
Expert Assist
You know best how to put the ‘strength’ in numbers.
Exploit Opening
Your words can really shake opponents up.
Feed the Meat
You’re tougher than most armor you could wear.
Fettered Push
You have taken the time to learn how to push spells with the best of ‘em.
Fiery Fist
Your burning spirit manifests… through your fists.
Fire Fiend
Weapons seem to spontaneously combust when you use them.
Fly Apart
When you screw up driving, you can just barely pull yourself back.
Following The Hunch
You know when actions will affect you.
Fuel the Fire
Your attacks get an extra bit of kick.
Greater Frenzy
Being angry is an art form, and you’re a master.
Hellfire Halitosis
Flames fire forth from your face.
Hero-Sundering Hands
You can grapple without being in a grapple.
Hidden Objects
You are an expert at sleight of hand. You can hide pretty much anything.
Hurl Weapon
Things you can pick up may as well be ranged weapons.
Feats Continued
Your words are capable of elevating others to great heights.
Your words have a tendency to stop others dead in their tracks.
Keep Running!
You have done a lot of marathons in your day and can go for hours.
Leaf on the Wind
Your crew’s lives are more important to you than your ship.
Living Plowshare Rampage
You find dragging your foes face through the dirt is oh so gratifying.
Lost Papers
Meld Into The Crowd
You lost your paperwork! At least that’s what you say.
You have a duty, and there is no end in sight to it so you give it your
A crowd to you is like total darkness to others.
Mental Map
You know where you have been, and how to get back.
Mounted Charger
Chivalry isn’t dead, and you plan to prove it with lance in hand.
Nick of Time
You have impeccable timing, being able to get to places just in time.
Numbed Nerves
Being on fire makes you even harder to kill.
Perfectly Elegant
You never fail. Well, sometimes you do, but nowhere near as hard.
Poker Face
You are great at blackjack. Sunglasses on and chips out.
Professional Insult Fighter
Even in combat, you can deliver a proper verbal thrashing.
Professional Riddle-Breaker
You spent a long time with a sphinx back in your college days.
If you caught someone off-guard, you tend to keep them that way.
Redirect the Hurricane
You work with the warp by proxy. Phenomena don’t know where to go.
Reflexive Fury
Getting hit tends to just piss you off.
Reforging Pain
Reverse Thrusters
Even death doesn’t necessarily stop your rage.
Just when your enemy thought they had the verbal advantage, you turn
the tide.
You know how to shift to reverse.
Salt the Wound
Getting hurt just makes you hurt them even more.
Screaming Meat-Shield
You can use your foes as impromptu shields.
Shake and Bake
You can make your allies ships more evasive.
Short Fuse
It takes even less to get you riled up.
Silence the Voices
You hit things hard – those things include yourself, admittedly, but…
Smooth Flying
You make good use of all of your maneuvering skills.
Stop the Tide
Sometimes the warp doesn’t overtake you. It is a sad pain.
Strip the Flesh
Few things can withstand your attacks for long.
Superior Archaeological Awareness
You’re so old that you know how old and the details of other old things.
Supreme Cleave
You have trained so slight movement won’t get in the way of combat.
You’re words force enemies to target you.
When the hair on the back of your neck stands up, you know someone’s
There is a certain kind of weapon to you that you’re never without.
Maid's Duty
Trust the Hair
Trusty Sidearm
Unstoppable Force
Walking Library
Warp Driver
Your force of will is insane. Other spellcasters just don’t compare.
You are a walking cornucopia of knowledge. At least, when it isn’t very
By some means, your means of transportation are always armored.
General Feats
Well Connected
You’ve been around. You know people that may not make sense.
World-Breaker Grip
Grappling for you isn’t just a combat style. It’s a way of life!
World for Two
Patience is a virtue, and you can make sure others know it.
A Bad Feeling About This
You know when an action made by you, or
observed clearly from your location, can have
good or bad effects. They don't have to be
immediate, but must be expressed within the
next session, and they must affect you in some
way. You can tell if this will have good sideeffects, bad side-effects, or if it will be a mixed
blessing. This feat depends on your character's
own existence; dying a hero's death might
galvanize an alliance, but it is not going to count
as a good thing, even if it saves the world.
You always know the right outfit for the
situation. You gain a +2k0 bonus to any skill
check when wearing an 'Appropriate' outfit (Lab
Coat for doing science, Cheongsam for Kung
Fu, a fancy hat for working with magic etc.)
Armor to Coffin
Your attacks inexorably leave their mark on
your foe, cracking scales and crushing plates
until you can damage your victim. When you
attack a grappled opponent, you can choose to
take up to a -Xk0 penalty on the damage roll,
where X is your Strength. If you do, the target
loses X AP on the struck location (after taking
damage) as you devote your force to crushing
their protective gear. If the target is wearing
metal armor, he takes the same penalty to
Speed. These penalties last until the armor is
At Your Service
Maids are masters of elegance and politeness,
you gain +2k0 to charm, performer and
persuasion in 'Polite' settings.
Battle Meditation
Others find their zen in peace and quiet. You
find yours in the din and chaos of battle. You no
longer take a penalty to Wisdom while using
Black Snark of Despair
With a well-aimed, particularly vicious
statement, you destroy your enemy's will to live.
You can only use this against an enemy you
have defeated in Social Combat and is still
suffering from that defeat. Spend a number of
resource points equal to your target's level. For a
number of rounds equal to the amount of
Resource points you spent, the target may not
act. If they want to, they must make opposed
Social Combat tests. Victory for a round, allows
for a single, half action that round.
Bounding Beast
When you're mad enough to take on all comers,
weapons just slow you down. While you are
using Frenzy and not carrying anything in your
hands, you gain the Quadruped trait.
Burn, Baby, Burn
You are immune to damage from being on fire.
In addition, whenever dice explode on your
melee attack roll with a weapon that has the
Incendiary property, you can set yourself on fire.
Calm The Winds
If you would suffer any type of Psychic
Phenomena, you may spend Resource Points up
to your level. Doing so allows you to adjust the
roll of Psychic Phenomena by up to 5 points per
Resource Point spent.
Cat and Mouse
During a chase, you may add +1 Speed for
every other vehicle or ship involved in the chase.
With a well-placed insult, you manage to shock
your enemy from doing something. You have to
have recently defeated them in Social Combat
to use this feat. Using this feat takes a half
action and an opposed Charisma + Persuasion
Test, opposed by the target's Willpower +
Scrutiny, which is not penalized if they have 0
dots in the relative skill. Succeeding applies one
of the following effects, chosen when this feat is
obtained. However, if you use an attack or
ability you have prohibited your enemy from
using, then the effect of this feat immediately
ends. This feat can be taken multiple times,
choosing a new effect each time.
"You hit like a wimp!": Force enemy to Test in
order to be able to initiate any attack beyond
All-Out Attack, Charge Attack, Grapple or
Multiple Attack.
"Is that supposed to scare me?": Force enemy to
Test or receive a penalty to hit with all Racial or
Exalt Abilities. Passive abilities or those than
enhance some other talent are unaffected.
"You call that dodging? I call it tripping!": Force
enemy to Test in order to be able to initiate a
You are an expert at passing your magic as
'minor magic' or 'hedge magic' or superstitious
powers. While this won't trick an experienced
Witch Hunter, it will most definitely help in
calming the folk from calling said Witch Hunter
in the first place. So long as you do not perform
any overt magical deeds, commoners will believe
you to be a hedge mage and of little risk to
"Stop cowering and face your fate like a man!":
Force enemy to Test in order to be able to
initiate a Parry.
"Flee, then, coward! You have no place in the
world of men!": Force enemy to Test in order to
be able to move in any direction other than
towards the character.
"Please, if you need to call your entire army to
beat me...": Force enemy to Test in order to be
able to us Gang Up or Aid Another.
"Come on, hit me! Hit me!": Force the enemy
to Test, or be unable to use melee Standard
Attack actions.
“Get over here!": Force the enemy to Test or be
unable to use ranged Standard Attack actions.
Combo Maker
When casting a Spell Combo, reduce the Focus
Power TN by 5.
Commanding Note
You speak as though a crown were set upon
your brow, and those who listen would do well
to heed you. Add your Command as a static
bonus to Command, Diplomacy, Intimidation,
and Persuasion tests.
Increase Aid Another in Tests inside combat by
an extra +0k1.
Increase Aid Another in Tests outside combat
by an extra +0k1.
Deceiving Blade
Allow Feint as free action, albeit at a -2k0
penalty. Also, maneuvers don't benefit from this
Decipher Glyphs
You have spent a long time learning to read
glyphs, sigils, hieroglyphs and even basic
pictograms of languages you might not even
speak! Because of that, you can always read, or
at the very least closely approximate a writing
with which you are familiar with, and may even
get the general gist out of a language you are not
learned in.
Delay the Storm
raises to pay for it.
If you would suffer any type of Psychic
Phenomena, you may make a Focus Power test,
as a free action, against a TN of 20 plus 5 per
number of doubles. If it succeeds, you delay the
onset of all Psychic Phenomena caused by you,
by up to 5 rounds. However, if, by that time,
you have accrued more Psychic Phenomena,
those effects stack and unleash at the same time.
Evocation Mastery: You may spend 1 raise to
Drive-By Gunner
Some berks like to stay and play, but you know
it's smarter to hit and quit it. While aboard a
moving vehicle, you can attack with a handheld
ranged weapon while zooming past your targets.
You can make a number of attacks equal to the
current Speed multiplier applied to your
vehicle's Static Defense, but take the same
number in rolled dice as a penalty to each attack
Eldritch Exhaust
You've learned how to employ your vehicle's
own systems as an interface for magical
muckery. You can use your bonded vehicle as
an implement when casting spells, substituting
movements of your hands over the control
interface for any somatic components. Further,
any hand engaged in vehicular controls is
considered to be empty for the purpose of other
Eldritch Serpent
You may use Flails or a lash of despair in
martial maneuvers that use advantages or
restrictions from the Eldritch Advent sword
Eldritch Trick
You learn, by hook, crook or just plain luck
during experimentation, one of the following
abilities. Mind you, spending raises this way
prevents you spending them in other ways, such
as an inherent ability the spell might have. You
CAN however combine different Eldritch Tricks
or repeatedly use one, so long as you have the
increase the damage of an Evocation spell by
1k0. Or 3 raises to increase it by 0k1.
Duration Mastery: You may spend 2 raises to
increase the duration of an effect from a round
(or more) into 'encounter', or from 'encounter'
into 'scene'.
Range Mastery: You may spend 1 raise to
increase the range of the spell by 5 meters.
Area Mastery: You may spend 2 raises to
increase the Blast of a spell by 1.
Prestidigitation Mastery: You may spend 1 raise
to create whatever fanciful, showy effect you
desire to go along with your spell. At most,
those effects might disorient, distract or blind
(either by flares or by interfering with light), but
no worse.
Counterspelling Mastery: You may spend 1
raise to give yourself a +1k1 bonus to
Counterspelling attempts, either to make your
spells harder to counter, or to break down
someone else's spell easier.
Concentration Mastery: If a spell is cast into
copies (either due to a feat, or the spell itself),
you may spend 1 raise to stop a copy from being
created, however, by doing so, you increase the
damage of said spell by half-again.
Aura Mastery: You may spend 2 raises to grant
yourself Aura (1) for 1 round. If you already
have such an Aura, you can instead make it last
an extra round.
Fatal Mastery: You may spend 3 raises to turn 1
damage that would be dealt to Hit Points
instead be dealt as Wound damage.
Penetration Mastery: You may expend 2 raises
to increase Aura Penetration for that spell by 1.
Maids move with purpose and grace. They can
make movement actions without provoking an
attack in combat.
Empowering Agony
Fettered Push
In pain, there is life. In agony, endless strength.
While you are using Frenzy, you gain +1k1 on
attack and damage rolls for every point of
critical damage you suffer.
You may halve the dice of Pushing spells to cast
a spell as Unfettered, rather than Pushed.
Fiery Fist
Ganging Up benefits increase by +0k1 for twoto-one outnumbering and +0k2 for three-to-one
Your fury ignites your ki and informs your
victims the hard way of the heat of your
passions. You may spend a Hero Point to give
your unarmed strikes the Incendiary property
for one round.
Exploit Opening
Fire Fiend
Expert Assist
Gain various bonuses against particular enemy
you have defeated in Social Combat. An enemy
may suffer from only one of those abilities at a
time and they affect only that particular enemy
against that particular Duelist. As a free action,
make a Charisma + Deceive Test opposed by
the target's Composure + Composure, if
successful, you choose which effect to apply.
You can only use this feat once per scene per
enemy and it lasts for a number of rounds equal
to your Resolve.
Unfocused Offence: Enemy suffers a penalty to
their attack roll equal to the Duelist's Resolve.
Distracted Defense: Enemy's Defense is reduced
by the Duelist's Resolve when attacked by the
Shaken Resolve: Reduce target's Resolve by the
Duelist's level when the two are engaged in any
further Social Combat.
Broken Resistance: Reduce the target's effective
Static Defense by twice the Duelist's and
prevent Dodge and Parry actions from
increasing it for the purposes of Sword School
Feed the Meat
Gain Armor equal to your Constitution on all
body locations, which does not stack with other
sources of Armor. This feat is treated as
Wholeness of Body for meeting prerequisites
and for interaction with completion bonuses.
Whenever dice explode on your melee attack
roll, the weapon you're attacking with gains the
Incendiary property for that attack.
Fly Apart
While operating any vehicle, you may reroll a
failed Control Test, Maneuver Action or
Fightercraft Action by triggering a roll a d10 on
the corresponding Critical chart, adding +1 for
every time this feat is used more than once per
Following The Hunch
You have a highly-developed sense of 'oh,
snap!'. If an action perpetrated by or observed
by you, you can tell whether it will have good or
bad effects, so long as they are immediate
(within the next scene), direct and affect you
fundamentally. You cannot tell if an action will
have good and bad side-effects, instead you
focus on the bad.
Fuel the Fire
Your attacks using the Weaponry skill and with
the Ballistics skill at Short Range or closer deal
extra damage equal to your level. If you are on
fire, double this extra damage.
Greater Frenzy
Your rage is a true terror to behold. While you
are using Frenzy, you take a -2 penalty to
Fellowship and gain an additional +1 bonus to
Strength and Constitution.
When you choose to attack a grappled
opponent, you can assign the damage dealt by
the Crushing Bear feat to the location hit by the
out, you are not knocked out until the scene is
finished, then it all hits you immediately. The
use of this feat can be extended to a maximum
number of scenes equal to the character's class
level, however, at the start of every consecutive
scene, a Constitution and Athletics Test with a
TN of 15+5 per successive scene must be
passed, and even if it does, the character accrues
another point of Fatigue.
Hidden Objects
Leaf on the Wind
Hellfire Halitosis
You can spend 1 Hero Point to breathe fire,
using the statistics of a Flamer.
Hero-Sundering Hands
You take no penalty to checks to conceal large,
oddly shaped or strange objects inside your
clothes or on your body as long as it is no larger
than you.
Hurl Weapon
You can use any one-handed Melee weapon as a
Thrown weapon with a range of 3m per dot of
Make a Charisma + Persuasion Test against a
TN equal to 25 to inspire those of equal or
lower level than you to greater heights. For the
next scene, they may reroll a single failed Skill
Test. If they are subjected to Fear, and fail, the
reroll is immediately expended for that purpose.
The actual TN increases the more desperate a
fight is.
As a Reaction, you force the target to oppose
you in Social Combat. If you win, target's action
is interrupted. This may only be used on actions
that take either a partial or full round action to
complete. You test your Charisma +
Intimidation versus your enemy's Composure +
Keep Running!
Running away from things has become second
nature to you -and for good reason. You can
keep exerting yourself, without stopping, even if
exhausted, while remaining in the same scene. If
you would take Fatigue enough to knock you
While serving as Helmsman on a ship, once per
session, you may prevent the loss of of crew by
taking 1 point of critical damage for every point
of crew that would have been lost.
Living Plowshare Rampage
The dragon's fangs make for a nice crop, and its
other end produces fine fertilizer... but what to
till the fields with? Ah, of course: Its face. When
you choose to push a grappled opponent, the
pushed distance can be up to your full move
distance, and you can assign the damage dealt
by the Crushing Bear feat to the opponent's
Lost Papers
Those cursed thieves, they stole your bag with
all your identification papers! Or, at least, that's
what you've learned to convince people into
believing. Even if you are a known spellcaster,
you can try to convince law-enforcement officers
that you DO in fact belong to a far-away,
obscure-though-known-to-exist order of lawapproved spellcasters. You've even made the
needed actions to call for their assistance. While
this feat will not necessarily get you out of
trouble, a Charisma +
Charm/Deceive/Intimidation Test will at the
very least see you not being persecuted
immediately. Whether you are detained or not,
depends on both the success of the opposed
Test and the law of the land.
Maid's Duty
Perfectly Elegant
Your loyalty and duty can allow you to push
yourself as far as an exalt... and if you are an
exalt, that little bit further. You gain a hero
point that may only be spent to activate abilities
that require the spending of hero points. You
may not spend it normally or burn it.
You have achieved perfect grace, where you can
avoid the pitfalls that many others fall into. You
never suffer more than the basic effect of a failed
check, no matter the degrees of failure.
Meld Into The Crowd
You meld into the crowd better than almost
anyone else. Through clever use of body
language, awareness of your environment and
just plain experience at it, you can hide even
when others are looking for you. You treat
crowds of people as concealment to hide
Poker Face
Reading your face, allegiance or even alignment
is completely impossible. Any attempts at
reading your mind or figuring out your
alignment or if you are lying are opposed by a
Charisma + Arcana test instead of the normal –
if any. If you succeed, they cannot detect the
truth. This does not mean they believe you or
not, just that you scramble up their results.
Professional Insult Fighter
Mental Map
Nothing says you're a big man quite like
slapping someone from the back of a moving
vehicle. Your melee attacks gain a static bonus
to damage equal to your vehicle's current
You are able to initiate a quick substitute for
Social Combat for those poor fellows that don't
have any appreciation for the finer oratory arts.
To do so, you must expend a partial action and
Test Charisma + Performance (Oratory) against
a TN equal to the Mental Defense of your
target. If successful, you may make a Social
Combat attack against the target to which they
can, as a reaction, counter with another Social
Combat test. If this attack successfully deals
Resolve damage, you are considered to have
'won social combat' for the rest of the battle.
However, if the target manages to initiate Social
Combat and deal even one point of Resolve
damage to you, then you immediately lose that
Nick of Time
Professional Riddle-Breaker
A Maid is no good if she cannot be where she is
needed. By spending a hero point, you may
arrive at any scene immediately. If it is a combat
scene, they may roll initiative and arrive when
their turn comes up.
Knowing how much people like their riddles,
you have studied for a long time on how to solve
such problems and proceed with your tomb rai... err, exploring. You receive a bonus on all
Tests made to understand and solve a riddle
equal to your class level. If a riddle has multiple
solutions, you understand HOW to solve the
riddle and, depending on raises, one or more
answers to the riddle.
You can make a map of your surrounding area,
in your mind! Even if knocked unconscious, the
map remains, and so helps you keep aware of
your location at nearly all times. You can still
get lost, if in an area you haven't mapped out, or
if affected by external forces, or if even the
location is specifically created to prevent
Mounted Charger
Numbed Nerves
While you are on fire, increase your Resilience
by an amount equal to half your level (round
Reverse Thrusters
If, the previous round, you feinted successfully
and landed a successful attack with the Feint's
bonuses, you may make a second Feint attempt
as a free action, without interrupting abilities
such as Multiple Attacks. You may only use this
ability once per round.
While serving as Helmsman on a ship, once per
session, as an Maneuver Action you may reverse
your ship's Acceleration and Maneuverability for
one round.
Redirect the Hurricane
If you would be within the effect of any Psychic
Phenomena, you may spend a Resource Point
and make a Focus Power test, as a free action,
against a TN equal to the TN of the effect that
caused it. If you succeed, you may choose where
elsewhere, within 50m of you and inside your
line of sight, this Psychic Phenomenon will
occur. If there is another spellcaster with the
same feat, they may try to oppose you, ending in
Opposed Focus Power tests.
Reflexive Fury
Survival is fury. You can use Frenzy as a
reaction when you take damage from an attack.
Reforging Pain
To fear Pain is to fear Life. Therefore, since you
fear nothing, Pain is nothing to fear. While you
are using Frenzy, any critical damage that does
not cost you a body part or explicitly knock you
unconscious does not affect you until the end of
the battle or the scene, whichever comes first.
Using your quick, acidic wit, you are able to
recover from an otherwise disadvantageous
situation. By making a Charisma + Intimidation
Test opposed by your target's Willpower +
Scrutiny, you are able to, if successful and as a
reaction, turn from your enemy having 'beaten'
you in Social Combat to you having the
Salt the Wound
When you take damage from an enemy, your
attacks during your next turn deal extra damage
equal to your level.
Screaming Meat-Shield
When you are attacked while grappling an
opponent, if you are aware of the attack and in
control of the grapple, you can make an
opposed Strength test to interpose your held
victim between yourself and the attack, causing
them to become the new target.
Shake and Bake
You may use an Evasive Maneuvers action on
an ally no more than a Half Move's distance
away from you, who then receives the TN bonus
you normally would.
Short Fuse
You're only a shade bit above your seething
rage. You can Frenzy as a half action.
Silence the Voices
Your melee attacks gain additional rolled dice
on the damage roll equal to half the rolled dice
of your melee weapon, and additional kept dice
equal to half the kept dice of the weapon (round
down). For example, a Daiklaive (normally 4k2)
would deal 6k3 damage. One of your kept dice
on melee attack rolls must always be the lowest
die result. If you keep a 1 on the attack roll,
apply the attack against yourself instead, but
halve the result of the damage roll before
applying your Armor or Resilience.
Smooth Flying
Trust the Hair
On any successful Maneuver Action or Control
Test, you may add 1 to your Static Defense for
every raise on the Test until the start of your
next turn.
You get an uncomfortable feeling when being
watched, magically or physically. When
someone observes you, you are aware of it and
may make a detection Test against them to find
out how the detection is done (physical or
magical). With a turn of focusing you can get
some more clues, such as the direction or if it's
focused on you or an area. Detecting a magical
observation effect requires a Wisdom + Arcana
Test, while a physical would need a Wisdom +
Perception Test.
Stop the Tide
If you would cause or be affected by Psychic
Phenomena, you may spend, not burn, a Hero
Point to stop them from occurring. This is on a
per-case basis.
Strip the Flesh
Whenever dice explode on your melee attack, or
an attack with a ranged weapon that deals X
damage or has the Scatter property, that attack
causes Blood Loss.
Superior Archaeological Awareness
So many years in the field has given you a nose
for the truly Lost And Found. You can
immediately tell if something is old, how old,
and from what civilization it comes from. Along
with possibly what it was made for. Beyond that,
you have an instinctive hunch of your
surroundings, probably honed from years of
dodging traps and hidden doors, letting you roll
Perception + Wisdom to find such things even
when you're not actively looking for them.
Supreme Cleave
The true warrior fights with his feet, not his
hands. Which is to say, when you follow
through on your swing, you're skilled enough to
step in first. When you use Cleave, you can take
a Shift action before choosing the target of the
new attack. You still may take only one Shift
action per turn.
Force enemy to attack the Duelist if they fail in
opposed Social Combat. You test Charisma +
Intimidation against your target's Willpower +
Trusty Sidearm
Select a weapon of Basic Weapon Proficiency,
that you are proficient in and has an Availability
of Common or lower. You are rarely without
that weapon and, even if disarmed, you can
practically always rearm yourself with it within a
scene, unless specifically prevented from acting
towards that goal or if such a weapon simply
cannot exist within reach by that time.
However, as soon as you get back to the
appropriate civilization level, you can re-arm
yourself with little to no issue or cost.
Unstoppable Force
Your force of will is such that it grants you an
extra raise on all opposed checks as part of spells
or feats that deal with spells, such as Redirect
the Hurricane.
Walking Library
You are a walking library of trivia, legendry and
other usually-useless information. Well, useless
right up until that little tidbit of who exactly
defeated a Daemon three thousand years ago
becomes very relevant. You count as having the
Specialty 'Archaeology' in all Lores and may
make Tests to remember trivia at a +2k0 bonus.
Warp Driver
Whatever you choose to drive becomes an
armored monstrosity suited to your stature.
Your bonded steed swells and broadens with
suppressed power, armoring itself with plates of
molten brass limned with scarlet flames lining
the hooves, wheels or other drive systems. This
effect causes no penalties to the steed and in fact
grants it the benefits of a Light Hexagrammatic
Well Connected
Maids have been to many places and spoken to
many people, you may spend a Hero point to
declare that you know someone, however
improbably that is. This will not instantly make
them an ally...however they might be willing to
talk or give up some non-sensitive information.
World-Breaker Grip
You gain a number of rolled dice equal to your
level on Brawl tests made to initiate a grapple
and on opposed Strength tests while you are the
controller of a grapple.
World for Two
You have achieved the pinnacle of Maid-hood,
the ability to tap into the maid force to slow
down time itself. You may spend a Hero Point
to lock yourself and up to one other person in a
moment of stopped time. Neither of you may
affect other things while in this state; however
you may continue to affect each other. Outside
of combat this can last a number of minutes
equal to your Charisma, however the stress of
combat causes it to only last for a single round.
Racial Feats
Fighting Spider
Your spider parts have armed and armored your arms, too.
Hunter in the Dark
In the dark, nobody is able to find you – at least, not before you find them.
My Own Web
You’re used to getting out of sticky situations.
Steel Spinner
Training and dieting makes your web stronger than steel, and more cutting edge.
You’ve learned how to make people like the things you do.
Unblinking Stare
You are really good at staring contests. In fact, it’s kind of scary how good you are.
Through study, you have learned an ancient technique that allows you to be a cat.
Full Catface
You are more cat than folk. You have claws, but also have many more cat features.
You’re pretty good at reminding people of the futility of it all.
Drop the Pretense
Dropping the illusion, you show some poor berk what your head really looks like.
Eye of Balor
Some people talk about seeing peoples deaths before they happen. You actually do.
Headless Rider
You are one scary driver.
Wild Huntsman
The hunt is on, and you’re its leader.
Gloaming Dancer
You’ve incorporated your own shadow into shadow-dancing shenanigans.
In Plain Sight
Obsidian Stalker
For you, the shadows themselves are cover enough.
You may not necessarily be the bogeyman of legend, but hey – the others don’t
need to know that.
Your… interesting hiding places let you pull off some better backstabs.
Shade Walker
Shadows are just roads of another name.
Night Terror
Fairy Dust
You can shake off some fairy dust to let your friends share in your happy thoughts.
By some means, you are quite more resilient than others of your kind.
Hey, Listen!
Sometimes, being annoying can help people pay attention.
For a race not known for fitting in, you do a pretty good job.
Space CQC
You remember the basics of Space CQC.
You’re quite handy with those not-hands poking out of you.
You’ve got a height advantage. It’s better than you think.
Fist of Zuoken
People think fists are incapable of breaking steel. People think wrong.
Gum-Gum Technique
You’re a right stretchy Gith.
Space CQC
You remember the basics of Space CQC.
Wardrobe Blast
Pulling things outta thin air is a past-time of yours.
Racial Feats Continued
Big Ears Mean Big Business
Big ears on your big head give you a big bonus to goblin interactions.
Breaking and Entering
You’re a sneaky little bugger.
Time is Money
Yours’ is the shyster’s way.
Li’l Devourer
People are scared of your size, especially considering you’re always the biggest
You are huge! Therefore, you have a huge appetite!
Pardon My Reach
Big guy means long arms.
Thick Skinned
With all that extra mass and volume, you don’t care much about smaller injuries.
Bigger Than You
Blood in the Water
Water is your preferred territory, and you’ve got the teeth to prove it.
Cheshire Shark
Most people are afraid of sharks that walk on land, and you know it.
You’re one of the few to have broken all the Oaths.
Reflecting the Truth
You can swap around your appearance and reflection.
Attentive Hunter
Like a proper predator, your senses are top-notch.
You’re a color magician, capable of blending in with your surroundings.
While not quite flight, you’ve certainly got the legs to make it seem like flight.
You can levitate! With the power of your mind!
Puny weapons simply bounce off of your natural armor.
You take a form more suitable for the skys.
Primal Mage
You take a different route to casting spells.
Speed is more your thing.
Shadow Across the Warp
Your presence tends to cause strange things to happen with the Warp.
Your weapons are sharper than ever.
Calculated Cruelty
Your reputation for precision sadism is well-warranted.
Heavy Graspers
Those in your reach tend not to get away.
With training and a tougher hide, you’re better suited to problems those of your
race tend to put up with.
MTF Elite
The Opposite of an
Uncreative Mind
That crazy brain of yours lends itself well to ship-bound sciences.
You are a walking warning sign, with a toxic weapon to match.
You are a walking fossil, so you have had a lot of time to hone your potential.
Predatory Fighter
You forego conventional weapons to fight tooth and nail.
You are a walking fire hazard, which makes you quite the hotshot.
Scaled Skin
You were born with thick skin.
Racial Feats Continued
Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop you from going through that wall.
You are very set in your ways and resist outside control better.
You have a very keen sense of direction.
White Bull’s Blood
You are a big guy, a very big guy. As such, your weapons are bigger.
Flexible Tongue
You can use your slick and special tongue to work words in ways others can’t.
Snake Hug
You give really good hugs, good enough to make someone’s guts fall out.
Your eyes have a hypnotic quality to them.
Critical Thinker
Rarely does fancy wordplay stump a sphinx.
Developed Wings
Those wings of yours aren’t just for show.
Riddle of the Sphinx
A riddle has the power to stop the thinking man in their tracks – yours especially.
Saber Fangs
Your teeth just happen to be a bit pointier than others.
Grease Monkey
You understand technology so well that it almost instinctive.
Stone Egg
You are tougher and fireproof. In fact, being on fire is good for you. Crazy stuff.
You are a born fighter marked by a silvery mane.
No pain, no gain. Lots of pain, lots of gain.
Robots in Disguise
You have a Pretender System installed, which lets you take the shape of people.
Shared Experience
You and other Warforged have a special bond that lets you share abilities.
More than Meets the Eye
Your ocular preceptors have a lot more uses than just seeing.
Replaceable Parts
You were mass produced, making replacement parts a cinch to find.
Warforged Prime
You’re the pinnacle of machine-hood.
Roll Out
Transform and roll out.
Boneless Lord
Without any bones, you remember that you can fit in all sorts of neat places.
It’s in anyone’s interest not to break deals with you.
Make My Monster Grow
Yours is a power to assume a massive form.
Spawn of Ozoi
Through the Looking
Uncracked Mirror
You’ve got an excess of eyes or mouths. Maybe both.
Warped Existence
You have an uncanny ability to deduce the location of Umbral portals.
Others see a bit of themselves in you. It probably helps that you can become them.
With a bit of Warp-reinforcement, you’re harder to shoot down. Spells, on the
other hand…
Racial Feats Continued
Original Races
Arms fo’ Days
Thri-Kreen: You’ve got all the arms. ALL OF ‘EM!
Tiefling: Such is your rage that your attacks tend to be more damaging.
Dhar Master
Dark Eldarin: You’re quite capable of channeling your inner sadist.
Dragonfire Adept
Dragonborn: You can refine your Dragon Breath into something a little… hotter.
Elven Celerity
Elf: Keeping one step ahead of the competition with additional actions.
‘ere We Go!
Ork: Nothing they can do will keep you down for long.
Dryad: Finally, you can talk to those leafy things like you can anybody else.
Great Long Nose
Kenku: Despite your feathers, you could pass for a human easily enough.
Iron Halo
Aasimar: Such is your resolve that you can cast aside warp-based attacks.
Kutthroat Kombatant
Kobold: You know just where to stick that shiv of yours.
Only This Screwdriver
Gnome: No tools? No problem – you can bash together anything.
Halfling: If you weren’t hard to hit already, you sure are now.
Tau’va Fanatic
Tougher ‘n Depleted
Uranium Bolts
Versatile Master
Tau: You just won’t budge an inch on your beliefs.
Warp Sight
Squat: Even for a Squat, you’re hard to put down.
Human: Versatility is the human specialty, and you’ve taken it to the extreme.
Eldarin: You’re capable of seeing into the Warp, seeing things you ought not be
able to.
Special: Feats marked with the [Paragon] tag can only be gained by Paragons of the appropriate race.
Arms fo' Days [Paragon, Thri-Kreen]
Boneless Lord [Youma]
You have four fully-functional arms. A roll of 5
or 6 to determine an attack's hit location hits the
second left arm or the second right arm,
respectively, instead of the body.
"Ladies and gentleman, it is this big! Point me
to a hole for it or I shall make one myself!"
Some youma seem to forget they need no bones.
You've remembered that fact, and applied it to
the form you take. Without any crunchy bits in
your way, you can force your body through
openings as small as 3cm, one tentacle at a time
if need be.
Attentive Hunter [Kython, Form]
A predator's senses are its pride. Gain +2k0 on
Perception tests, and the Dark Sight quality.
Big Ears Mean Big Business [Goblin]
Goblins with this feat have larger ears than
normal, gaining a +1k0 on all Charm,
Intimidation and Persuasion checks against
fellow Goblins, along with a +1k0 to Perception
Bigger Than You [Goliath, Paragon]
Facing down a gigantic muscled brute is more
than a little intimidating... more so when he's
always the biggest basher in sight. Add your Size
as a static bonus to Intimidate tests, and - if
there is another character of your Size or larger
present - you can spend Action Points to
increase your Size by the same amount until
your next turn.
Breaking and Entering [Goblin]
Once per scene a Goblin may get a free Raise on
either one Larceny or Stealth check.
Bulldozer [Minotaur]
Your hackles are raised, your blood is high, and
nothing's going to sway you from your path...
forward, and through that wall! Gain +2
Resilience against Opportunity Attacks
provoked by movement, and ignore penalties
caused by difficult terrain when you Charge or
Bullheaded [Minotaur]
Gain three free raises on any test to resist
external control... from any source.
Blood in the Water [Ikhthys]
Calculated Cruelty [Limulian]
Ikhthys that spend too much time below the sea
surface tend to have trouble re-adapting to land.
They also have quite the bite - it’s a fish-eat-fish
world down there, after all. Take a -1k0 to all
out-of-water perception checks, but gain +1k1
to all underwater perception checks. As well,
you now have quite the sharp set of teeth
(Natural bite weapon: Melee, 1k1 R, Pen 1,
Brawling & Razor-Sharp).
Limulians have a reputation for cold sadism.
Whenever you inflict critical damage with a
melee attack, you can choose to inflict that
damage to any body location other than the one
your attack hit.
Bloodrage [Paragon, Tiefling]
Your damage dice explode on a roll of 9 or 10.
If using a weapon with the Volatile quality, roll
two dice instead of one for each die that
Cataplexy [Catfolk]
You have studied the ancient arts of your
people, and fortunately have the right genetic
quirks to take advantage of this inherent magic.
By concentrating for a Full Action, you may
turn into a cat. This functions as the Polymorph
spell, except giving +3 Dexterity and -2 Size. By
concentrating again for a Full Action, you may
turn back into a catfolk. This requires no Focus
Power test and runs no risk of Psychic
Phenomena, and may be done at will, any
number of times per day.
Chameleonic [Kython, Form]
Deathleaper [Kython, Form]
You can darken the outer layer of your flesh
until it bends light... kinda. You gain +2k0 on
Stealth tests, and can hide even with nothing
and no one to hide behind.
Wings aren't the only way to get around, when
you have the legs of a beast. Gain +2k0 to
Acrobatics tests. You treat all jumps as if you
had a running start, and use your full Strength
to determine the distance.
Cheshire Shark [Ikhthys]
The presence of an Ikhthys is already pretty
unnerving to most non-exalted, and the fact that
the curse makes them appear to be completely
normal and human in a mirror doesn’t at all
help with grooming - or practicing facial
expressions. Fortunately for you, you’ve had a
lot of experience in making even a harmless grin
seem psychopathic; you may spend 2 raises on
an Intimidation test to gain Fear 1 for the rest of
the round. If you’ve made a hit with an
unarmed attack this or last round, have yet to
clean yourself of the exquisite blood of your
victim, and have already spent 2 raises to gain
Fear 1, then you may spend extra raises at a 1:1
ratio to increase your Fear rating by up to one
third (rounding up) of the damage you did.
Contract [Youma]
When you make a deal with someone, choose
one of the following effects:
Maximum resource pool is halved
All tests reduced by 0k1
Hunted by a third party, who previously
agreed to be available for this role
Whomever breaks the deal will be subject to this
effect. You can't use this power more than once
per session, and its use causes psychic
Critical Thinker [Sphinx]
Ask no questions of the wily Sphinx, for she will
tell you three answers, all of them true and
terrible to hear. Gain a free raise on any tests
you make during a Refute or Wordplay action.
Gain a second free raise when testing a Lore
during a Refute action.
Developed Wings [Sphinx]
Far from merely being useful for intimidating
displays or assisting movement, your wings are
fully developed and capable of carrying your
weight. You have the Flyer trait, at your base
Speed (before applying Quadruped).
Dhar Master [Dark Eldarin, Paragon]
As a half action, you can spend an Action Point
to enter a state of sadistic clarity. For the rest of
the scene, you gain a +5 static bonus to damage
Doomspeaker [Dullahan]
You've got a particular knack for the art of
crowing, something that borders on the
mystical. Gain a free specialty (Doomsayer) in
both Intimidation and Performer, and use
Composure in social attacks or skill Tests that
involve crushing people under your fatalistic
Doppelganger [Githyanki]
Githyanki infiltrators are chosen for a less
pronounced xenophobic streak and provided
with special holo-implants that allow them to
pass as a member of another race... or they're
just really lucky when it comes to finding berks
who'll believe they just have a skin condition.
Gain +1k1 on Disguise tests, and you're always
treated as the race you're trying to pass as for
the purpose of determining the TN.
Dragonfire Adept [Dragonborn,
You can use the statistics of a Plasma Pistol for
your Dragon Breath attack, instead of a Flamer.
In addition, you can use your Dragon Breath a
number of times per Scene equal to your level.
Drop the Pretense [Dullahan]
Once per Scene, you can peel back the illusion
of life cast upon your disembodied head to show
what it really looks like... or maybe you're
casting a unique glamor on it to match others'
perception of what it must look like. Or you
could just throw a bucket of blood on someone,
that works too. Regardless, it's a Half Action
that marks the poor berk for the rest of the
scene. The cursed creature suffers from the
effect of an Unluck spell on all tests that might
extend its life (typically Dodge or Parry
attempts, or saving throws against damaging
spells, but not its own attempts to kill you first).
Your own death ends the curse.
Elocator [Kython, Form]
You've got just enough brainpower to levitate
over the ground instead of walking on it.
Basically, you ignore movement penalties based
on terrain, and can use Intelligence + Wisdom
to determine your Speed instead of Strength +
Dexterity. Reduce your Size by 1. This probably
means your limbs are wasted to the point of
uselessness, but you can (not) fly, so who cares?
Eye of Balor [Dullahan, Paragon]
Most Dullahans play at being psychopomps to
impress the younger races, and with their
removable heads, it's sometimes hard to argue.
You actually are one. You can spend an Action
Point while touching someone to get their true
name, an exact (to the day) time left until they
die without your interference, and a general idea
of the circumstances of their death. If the person
has twenty-four hours or less to live, you only
learn that they are going to die "today." If the
marked person takes damage while in your
presence, regain the same amount of Pressure. If
the marked person dies, you know instantly,
regardless of distance, and can spend another
Action Point to see his final moments from his
point of view. You can only have a number of
individuals marked this way equal to your
Fairy Dust [Fairy]
You may spend a half action to grant all
adjacent allies flier equal to their normal speed
until the end of your next turn.
Fighting Spider [Arachne]
You're particularly adept at hand-to-hand,
having developed some nice little claws in a
throwback to your ancestors. Gain Armor 2 on
both Arms, as well as a pair of Claws (1k1 R;
Melee; Brawling, Toxic).
Fist of Zuoken [Githzerai, Paragon]
Elven Celerity [Elf, Paragon]
You can spend an Action Point to take an
additional Half Action during your turn.
‘ere We Go! [Ork, Paragon]
You can spend Action Points to regain hit
points in combat as a free action.
Exoskeleton [Kython, Form]
You gain a tough exoskeleton that provides
Natural Armor equal to your Constitution.
Zerthimon once said, "Steel marks flesh, but
flesh cannot mark steel." Well, that's a damned
lie. Gain Armor 4 on all body locations as long
as you are not wearing armor, and your
unarmed attacks gain Penetration 4. If you take
the Wholeness of Body and Iron Fist feats, treat
your unarmed strikes as if they were Darksteel
weapons, and gain the benefits of Darksteel
armor while you are not wearing armor, instead
of the normal benefits of this feat.
Flexible Tongue [Ophidian]
Grease Monkey [Vanara]
Ophidians can be a very alluring people, when
they choose to. You get +1k0 on all Charm,
Deceive, Command, and Persuasion checks.
Some cutters take pride in knowing how to
make things work. For you, it's almost an
instinct. Add your Wisdom as a bonus on TechUse tests and on Crafts tests when repairing
Prometheans, vehicles or complex weapons and
armor. This bonus only applies to items whose
complexity comes primarily from technology; a
power field generator is well within your ken to
tinker with, but an ensorcelled blade isn't.
Floratongue [Dryad, Paragon]
You can talk to plants. This doesn't mean that
plants care about the same things you do, but
they can perceive things your senses might have
missed - such as mineral content in soil, air or
water, humidity, if the neighbors have been
doing some shady digging in your vegetable
garden, etc. - as well as be told to keep their
minds on something.
Flyer [Kython, Form]
You've developed a stunning pair of canopies on
your shoulders. Gain a Fly speed equal to your
movement speed.
Full Catface [Catfolk, Paragon]
Due to a combination of recessive genes and
thalidomide, you are a lot more Cat than Folk.
You have full cat facial features with a
pronounced muzzle, a full-body pelt of fur that
periodically sheds, and retractable claws with
the following profile: (2k1 R, Melee, Brawling).
When using your cat claws as both primary and
secondary weapons, you gain the benefit of the
Two Weapon Fighting feat. Due to the weird
shape of your mouth, you speak with a speech
impediment that gets less endearing every day.
This feat can only be taken at character
Great Long Nose [Kenku, Paragon]
Gain +1 Size and +2k1 on Disguise Tests to
pass as a Human. In addition, you can cast
Blood Wind, using Excellence + Wisdom
instead of the normal magic test.
Gum-Gum Technique [Githzerai]
Your claws are strong; they won't bend. Your
weaponless unarmed strikes gain the Snare
Headless Rider [Dullahan]
The first rule of driving with a Dullahan is never
let the Dullahan drive. You can make Control
Tests using your Composure instead of your
Dex or Int, and whenever you stunt while
driving a vehicle, anyone else who can see it
(including passengers!) makes a Fear test with a
rating equal to the stunt level.
Heavy Graspers [Limulian]
Your claws are strong; they won't bend. Your
weaponless unarmed strikes gain the Snare
Gloaming Dancer [Duskling]
Dusklings have a natural affinity for the Umbra,
able to disappear into the Materium's shadow
almost at a whim. Once per Scene, you can
Move without provoking an opportunity attack
by darting into and back out of the Umbra
through your own shadow. This ability can be
used twice per Scene at level 3, and three times
per Scene at level 5.
Hey! Listen! [Fairy]
Flighty as fairies are, they can sometimes make
everyone else see what is only obvious to an
empty mind. You may spend a hero point to
automatically pass any perception check and
allow all allies within earshot to use your
perception result.
Housecat [Catfolk]
Catfolk who spend time with other races learn a
lot of tricks for making themselves seem
indispensable. You gain +1k1 on Performance
and Persuasion.
Hunter in the Dark [Arachne]
You are a great nocturnal hunter, stalking prey
in the abysmal darkness of the Webway. Gain
the Dark Sight trait, and +2k0 to Stealth tests
when in total darkness or at least that of an
exceptionally cloudy night.
In Plain Sight [Duskling]
With their light-sensitive eyes, Dusklings tend to
develop a notable tendency to hide in any
shadow that presents itself in the Materium...
and quickly. As long as there is a sufficiently
large shadow (usually cast by an object or
creature of at least Size 5) within 2m of your
position, you can sacrifice the reroll(s) granted
by your Hide In Darkness specialty to treat that
shadow as cover to hide in.
Iron Halo [Aasimar, Paragon]
Gain Aura equal to 1 + your Excellence. In
addition, you can cast Shield, using Excellence
+ Willpower instead of the normal magic test.
Kutthroat Kombatant [Kobold,
You can spend Pressure to increase the
Penetration of an attack or the result of the
damage roll by the same amount.
Li'l Devourer [Goliath]
Goliaths are huge, and that means they have
huge guts! Huge guts, of course, means they're
hungry bastards. You can spend a Scene eating
the body of a once-living creature to regain Hit
Points equal to half its Size, rounded down. You
can eat up to "Size 8" worth of such creatures
per day, divided as you choose between "meals."
Make My Monster Grow [Youma,
As a standard action, you may assume a giant
form, adding your Excellence to your size. You
must spend one Action Point every time you
take damage, or this effect ends.
Mazeolithic [Minotaur]
You cannot be lost, ever, anywhere, even with
the most powerful of magicks. You can commit
a location to your memory with just a bit of
concentration, after which you always know
your own position relative to it and will be
drawn back along the path you'd taken from it
as easily as just giving up and letting your feet
wander... exactly as if you'd used a Golden
Monitor [Lizardman]
Your brightly colored hide is a warning: "I'm
just full of nasty things and you will die if you
touch me." You've got venom glands attached to
claws or fangs, or your spit's just a nasty cocktail
of virulence nobody wants any part of. Your
natural attacks gain the Toxic property. In
addition, you can spend a half action licking a
melee weapon, granting it the Toxic property on
its next successful hit.
Special: You cannot take the Salamander feat.
More Than Meets the Eye [Warforged]
Your ocular preceptors have been modified to
work much better than the standard. Your eye
(or eyes) can act as magnoculars, a pict
recorder, an auspex, and a flashlight. You can
see in the dark, and add +1k0 to all Perception
checks made in optimal lighting conditions.
MTF Elite [Limulian, Paragon]
You're a bit smarter than usual for your creche,
your shell's tougher than normal, and you've
gotten the best training as a result. Increase the
value of your Armor Plating by 3, and you can
spend an Action Point to make yourself immune
to the non-damaging effects of attacks until your
next turn.
My Own Web [Arachne]
Obsidian Stalker [Duskling]
It is a very embarrassed spider that gets itself
stuck in its own web. Your nimble feet can
always find the best toeholds, allowing you to
ignore movement-related penalties based on
terrain, and reduce the TN for escaping any
restraints (including the Snare property) by 5.
A Duskling's home is darkness beyond blackest
pitch, deeper than the deepest night. Those
races dwelling in the light of the Materium just
don't understand. You can use Dexterity instead
of Intelligence when casting spells of the Illusion
Night Terror [Duskling, Paragon]
Oldblood [Lizardman, Paragon]
With their glowing eyes, sharp nails and mouths
full of even sharper teeth, Dusklings are very
likely the bogeymen that other races tell stories
of to scare their children into line. Gain a free
Intimidation specialty to Grin Threateningly,
and you can Feint in combat using Intimidation
instead of Weaponry.
It's a well-known fact that Lizardmen only get
tougher as they get older. A dinosaur like you
can have up to six dots in each of your Physical
characteristics, and gain an additional Hit Point
for living longer than most of these grey-bearded
Oathbreaker [Ikhthys]
While two of the Three Oaths are practically
impossible not to break in Ikhthys society though one in a pretty normal civilization can go
a few years or even decades without discovering
that which runs in their blood (read: “without
turning into a fish person”) - it is the third that
completes the deviation from mankind started
by the first two… and it should not come as a
surprise that breaking the third is considered to
be a rite-of-passage of sorts. While the full
details of the Oaths have been lost to history, it
has been found that the first two can be broken
by anything from criticizing the Oaths
themselves to protecting anyone "not of the
water"; however, the Third is a fair bit more
difficult to break and clearly a fair bit more
legalistically convoluted than the others, and as
such there are many variations on the breakage
process. Indeed, the plight of the Ikhthys is
commonly used as an extreme example of what
happens when you sign on the dotted line
without reading the fine print. You may spend
two resource points to gain Stuff of Nightmares
for one round. As well, you can breathe
underwater naturally - no longer requiring the
aid of a wetsuit.
Only This Screwdriver [Gnome,
You can make Tech-Use or Crafts Tests to
make repairs with no tools.
The Opposite of an Uncreative Mind
The same obsessive focus that leads to reverseengineering stolen tech also lends well to
oddball engineering decisions. When you serve
as the Chief Engineer on a ship, any time you
gain rolled dice due to raises on a test related to
an Engineering Action, you gain one additional
kept die for every two rolled dice gained, as you
apply means that only your twisted lobster brain
can think of to solve the problem.
Pardon My Reach [Goliath]
Long arms mean long reach. Your melee attacks
gain the Reach property. If using a weapon that
already has that property, it gains an additional
meter of reach.
Predatory Fighter [Lizardman]
Replaceable Parts [Warforged]
Some Lizardmen embrace the amazing weapons
available in the greater portion of the Wheel.
You scorn weapons in general, in favor of those
that come with your reptilian body. Gain the
following natural weapons: Claws and Teeth
(1k1 R; Brawling) and Tail (0k1 I; Brawling,
Flexible). Embracing your wild side has a cost,
however; if an enemy disengages from you, not
chasing him down requires a successful
Willpower test (TN 15).
Your platform is extremely modular. This
Warforged may treat Wealth tests to acquire
Warforged only Bionics and as 2 Steps lower, as
the parts are much cheaper when you don't have
to consider compatibility with living organisms.
Warforged with this feat gain a raise on skill
tests to apply Bionics onto themselves or other
Warforged with Replaceable Parts.
Primal Mage [Kython, Form]
Kythons are rarely spellcasters, but when they
DO cast spells, boy are they scary. When using
the Evocation school, you may substitute your
Constitution for your Charisma score.
Quicksilver [Kython, Form]
Your mutations have selected for sleek speed,
rather than bulky strength. Reduce your Size by
1, and you gain +2 Speed while wearing light or
no armor.
Reflecting the Truth [Ikhthys, Paragon]
Though the curse may not be the most pliable
thing, when you’re using what might as well be
a mental sledgehammer on it, it has a tendency
to bend to your will. By performing a Focus
Power test with the keywords Subtle, Somatic,
and Focus using Illusion + Willpower with a
target number of 15, spending a Half Action,
and pointing at a mirror, you may switch your
mirror-image Human appearance with your
monstrous fishform. Instead of people seeing
your original Human self in the mirror, your
Ikthyic figure appears there, while you appear to
all to be a normal human. Should anything
obstruct your line of sight to the mirror, then
the spell immediately ceases and you're back to
looking like a walking fish. Maintaining this
spell requires that you pass a TN 15 Illusion +
Willpower test every round.
Riddle of the Sphinx [Paragon, Sphinx]
What does a man do standing up, a woman do
sitting down, and a dog do on three legs? You
can pose a similar verbal conundrum to any
berk you can see as a Half Action with a
Deceive + Excellence test against their Mental
Defense, causing them to be Stunned for the
turn as they wrestle with your riddle. You can
pose a riddle once per Scene at level 1, twice per
Scene at level 3, and three times per Scene at
level 5. (The answer is "shake hands," by the
way. Get your head out of the gutter, berk.)
Robots in Disguise [Warforged]
Not everybody loves or understands the
Warforged, unfortunately. For this reason,
Autochthon has employed Pretenders to better
relations with organics. You may treat Disguise
as a trained skill. When you take this feat, select
a race that you are one size larger than, smaller
than, or equal to. You may change your
appearance (Size remains static) to that race and
back as a half action. Gain +1k1 on Disguise
tests, and you're always treated as the race
you're trying to pass as for the purpose of
determining the TN.
Roll Out [Warforged]
As a half action, you can transform your
platform into a vehicle to cover more ground.
This vehicle has a 100VP budget to spend on
base stats and necessary components. The Size
rating of the vehicle is equal to your current
Size. Warforged characters that pilot themselves
do not need to Maintain Control every round,
and do not require a Control System unless
another character wants to drive. Weapons
cannot be purchased. Instead, weapons on your
person can be used in your vehicle form if you
have a Weapon Mount slot for them. This feat
can be purchased multiple times, choosing a
new vehicle form each time.
All Sphinxes have well-developed fangs. Yours
are more so, fully capable of tearing into most
armor. You have a Bite weapon (1k1 R; Melee;
Brawling) with Penetration equal to your level.
Though most Warforged have spurned their
communal roots, you have not. By making
contact with another Warforged, this Warforged
may temporarily borrow skills from other
Warforged who are better at skills they do not
share. This requires about a minute of
communication, and only lasts for one scene.
During this time, the donor cannot use these
Salamander [Lizardman]
Shiftier [Halfling, Paragon]
Your bright red and orange hide is a mark of
your affinity for fire, and the burning slime
produced by your flesh. You are immune to
damage from being on fire, and your melee
attacks gain the Incendiary property.
Special: You cannot take the Monitor feat.
Shocktrooper [Kython, Form]
Saber Fangs [Sphinx]
Scaled Skin [Lizardman]
Your hide is proof against most sidearms. Gain
Armor equal to your Constitution on all body
locations except the gizzards. This doesn't stack
with other sources of Armor.
Shade Walker [Duskling, Paragon]
The legends say that in the past, Dusklings
migrated freely between the Materium and
Umbra without need for the Ghoul Stars. You,
at the very least, still do. You may open a
momentary rip in the twilight veil with little but
a shadow large enough to accommodate you
and the expenditure of an Action Point, exerting
the ancient right your people won from the
Warp. Such a rift lasts only a moment, but this
is easily enough time for you to pass through,
anything and anyone you were carrying in tow.
Shadow Across the Warp [Kython]
If a non-Kython sorcerer within 10m of you
keeps any die results lower than your power stat
when making a Focus Power test, they trigger
Psychic Phenomena even if casting Fettered. If
they aren't casting Fettered, you can adjust the
results of a Psychic Phenomena roll by an
amount up to your power stat + your Charisma.
Shared Experience [Warforged]
Every round in combat, you may use the Shift
action once as a Free Action on your turn.
Sometimes brute strength is the answer to your
problems, and sometimes it's the answer to
every problem. Increase your Size by 1, and gain
a natural weapon with the following profile: 2k1
R or I; Melee; Brawling. It has Penetration
equal to your level.
Snake Hug [Ophidian]
You've spent plenty of time on the kegelcizer,
and can use the muscles of your lower half to
great effect. You get +1k1 on attempts to
initiate a Grapple, and while in a Grapple gain a
natural weapon with the following profile: 3k2 I,
Brawling, Snare.
Snakenosis [Ophidian]
By tapping into your serpent heritage and
staring deep into a person's eyes, you can
entrance them to a small degree. Roll Charisma
+ Charm against the target's Willpower +
Perception, and if successful the target is
affected as by the Charm Person spell. If you
fail, the other party is not aware of anything
other than that you stared at them really weird
for a while
Space CQC [Githyanki, Githzerai]
The time-honored art of Space CQC is a secret
known only to the Gith, an ancient and noble...
oh, who do the greybeards think they're kidding,
it's just a trick for getting in close and murdering
the living daylights out of someone. You can
spend a Hero Point to negate an enemy's
attempt to Dodge or Parry your attack in Melee
or at Point Blank Range.
Spawn of Ozoi [Youma]
Choose one of the following:
Eyes: Extra eyes all over your body
grant you a 360-degree field of vision,
eliminating any chance of sneaking up
on you without magical aid.
Mouths: Extra mouths gibber
constantly in line with your thoughts,
and are impossible to completely
silence; with so many mouths working
at once, you can overpower any effect
that would prevent you from speaking,
as some mouth, somewhere on your
body is invariably missed by it.
You can take this feat a second time starting at
level 3, but must choose a different option each
Spider-Gith [Githyanki]
You're quite adept at using the mechadendrite
pod you were implanted with. Gain +2k0 on
Athletics and Acrobatics tests to climb when
using your Mobility Mechadendrites, and you
can even use them to flip switches and pick up
simple items! A single leg can be used to press
buttons or to hook levers, but can't do much for
knobs. You need at least two legs to pick up an
item between them... but at least three to move.
Steel Spinner [Arachne, Paragon]
Your diet and practice have resulted in stronger,
more plentiful webbing. With the use of objects
in your environment, you can cobble together
simple (no moving parts) weapons using your
silk as a Full Action, or spend a Scene to make
some large otherwise-environmental feature that
might be useful, such as a simple bridge over a
gap for others to cross.
Stone Egg [Vanara]
The blood of the legendary Monkey King
himself marches through your veins... or so you
claim, anyway. Just as the Monkey King was,
you're immune to damage from being on fire...
and in fact, being on fire just bakes you harder
for a bit, giving you +1 Resilience for the rest of
the scene.
Strongest [Fairy]
Fairies have a resilience that belies their physical
size. They gain armour and aura equal to their
level +3. If you have another source of Armour
or Aura it stacks with the other source but only
at half rate, rounded up.
Tallest-In-Training [Githyanki,
You were strangely cramped before your
decanting, and now... now, you could be next in
line for Vaakith's throne! But let's face it,
Vaakith's already dead, and it's not like it's going
to step down anytime soon. Gain +1 Size, and
for your meritorious height you've been
implanted with transmutation rings, allowing
you to treat any weapon you hold in your hands
as if it were made of silver.
Tau'va Fanatic [Paragon, Tau]
Even if you run out of Resolve, you cannot be
forced to go against your Alignment. If you have
the Armor of Contempt feat, you regain 1
Resolve each time someone else tries to force
you to go against your Alignment while you had
no Resolve to stop them.
Thick Skinned [Goliath]
Yours is an especially thick hide, even among
Goliaths. You're comfortable in extremely hot or
cold weather, and you reduce the damage taken
from sources that aren't E, X or magical in
nature by your level.
Through the Looking Glass [Yoma]
You travel between the two realms often enough
that, in a moment of clarity, you can find the
ways between them. When experiencing the
Perils of the Warp, you can roll Wisdom +
Arcana against a TN 15. If you do, you become
aware of a place and time that the barrier
between the Umbra and Materium will be so
thin that a gate opens, a place where you can get
through when circumstances are right without
magic. You will also have a general idea of how
to get through it, though the impression you get
might be a vague riddle and experimentation
will probably be necessary. For each raise you
get on the roll, you may choose one of the
 You know exactly how to get through
the gate, although the method still
might not be easy.
 The gate you know of is one opening
within your crystal sphere
 The gate you know of is going to open
at a time reasonably convenient to you
 You learn of more than one gate that is
If instead you beat a TN of 30, you can cause
the perils of the warp to open a gate between
Umbra and Materium right where and when
you are, without needing to use a naturally
occurring gate.
Time Is Money [Goblin]
Once per scene, a Goblin may try to upsell a
created item by passing it off as one grade better
in quality. Using this feat, gain a free raise on
one Decieve check.
Tougher 'n Depleted Uranium Bolts
[Paragon, Squat]
Gain +1 Resilience.
Unblinking Stare [Catfolk]
As a free action, once per turn, you may
designate a single foe as your target. You gain
+1k1 to all Intimidation rolls against that foe
until the start of your next turn, and they take a
-1k1 penalty to dodge all your attacks. All other
foes gain combat advantage against you due to
your extreme focus.
Uncracked Mirror [Youma]
When using Umbral Reflection, you can assume
the exact appearance of another being that you
can see.
Versatile Master [Human, Paragon]
Gain three specialties of your choice each time
you take this asset. You can take this asset one
more time at Level 3, and again at Level 5.
Wardrobe Blast [Githzerai]
What good is mental connection to subspace if
you can't make random whatchajiggers out of it?
As a Half Action, you can roll Wisdom + Crafts
to conjure items for personal use (i.e. clothes,
armor, weapons, tools, maybe a chair) of up to
Uncommon rarity out of thin air. The item in
question cannot be an artifact and cannot have
more moving parts than the average crossbow.
The TN for this test is equal to the TN of the
Wealth Test to buy the item on the market.
Using this ability counts as a spell, so it risks
Psychic Phenomena and can be countered, but
the items created are physical, permanent, and
Warforged Prime [Warforged, Paragon]
You're made of sterner stuff. Replace the Armor
Plating (2) from Cybernetic Life Form with
Armor Plating (4) and increase your Size by 1.
You were built to lead, and gain +1k1 on Social
tests with other Warforged.
Warped Existence [Youma]
Your body is partly made of Warp. This is a
good thing because it takes a hell of a lot more
punishment to break down your physical body,
but it also makes your Warp-side far more
vulnerable. You gain AP equal to your level to
all locations. If you would have Aura, it is
reduced by a number equal to your level.
Warp Sight [Eldarin, Paragon]
You can spend an Action Point to look into the
Warp for a Scene, seeing it like a veil overlaid
over the Materium. This allows you to see
lingering magical auras, get a general idea about
the "feel" of a place, and so forth, just as a
Wraith does.
White Bull's Blood [Minotaur, Paragon]
Some bulls are big enough to look down their
noses at Aasimar. Others can stare down
Goliaths. Gain +1 Size and +1 Strength, and
your Strength can be increased to six dots.
Greater size also means more weight to throw
around; your melee attacks deal +0k1 damage.
Whitecape [Vanara, Paragon]
A mane longer and stiffer than other vanaras is a
point of pride among warriors... one that takes
on a silvery-white color is the mark of a born
fighter, one whose skill in combat borders on
the legendary. Choose any two sword schools.
You gain one free rank in one of them, and can
purchase ranks in either of them as if they
appeared in your class progression.
Wild Huntsman [Dullahan]
Dating back to the Dullahans' first years of their
new existence, the Wild Hunt originally served
to track down those who sold them to the C'tan
wherever they tried to flee or hide, and give
them unto the Raven Queen as repayment for
her mercy. Their hunting tradition is still alive
and well. Gain Dark Sight, and a free specialty
(Manhunter) that applies to any skill or
characteristic Test used in the pursuit of a
specific target.
Zenkai! [Vanara]
Like any animal, getting hurt gets your blood
up. Unlike most animals, it just tends to pike
you off. When you use the Healing Surge action
in combat, the indicated bonus also applies to
your Brawl or Weaponry attacks. If your Hit
Points were at 0 or lower before taking the
Healing Surge action, you also gain a +10 bonus
to damage rolls with those attacks.
Demiurge Emanation Assets
Qliphoth Emanation
Those who fall simply fuel your arrogance.
Asiyah Emanation
Even the terrain bends to your will.
Yetzirah Emanation
Your Territory grants a speed that most are unused to.
Beriah Emanation
Your will shields you against most harm.
Atzilut Emanation
In your Territory, the abilities of others may as well be your own.
Da’at Emanation
Those in your Territory are always under your guiding influence.
Demiurge Emanation Assets
Qliphoth Emanation
Beriah Emanation
The Qliphoth is the sphere of nothingness, the
apoptosis that resonates with each death in the
Wheel. Once per Scene, when a creature dies
inside your Absolute Territory, you regain
Quintessence and gain a static bonus to all
damage rolls equal to your Hubris for the
remainder of the Scene.
Beriah is the sphere of matter, resonating in
every blow. Gain 3 additional Hit Points and
Armor Plating (3), as your arrogance reinforces
your body. While you have defined your
Absolute Territory, you also heal 1 Hit Point
per round, unless that wound was caused by E,
X, or magic. Critical damage heals at 1 point
per hour.
Asiyah Emanation
The first sphere is Asiyah, the space and the
stage on which existence plays out, resonating
throughout the Materium. You can spend
Quintessence to distort the space within your
Absolute Territory, spending 1 Quintessence to
convert it from normal terrain to difficult
terrain, or from difficult terrain to arduous
terrain, or 3 Quintessence to convert directly
from normal terrain to arduous terrain, and
vice-versa. The effect ends immediately when
the affected area is no longer inside your
Absolute Territory.
Yetzirah Emanation
The second sphere is Yetzirah, the sphere of
energy that resonates in every movement.
Creatures within your Absolute Territory add
your Hubris in meters to any movement they
take... but if anyone takes advantage of that
extra speed, they lose kept dice equal to your
Hubris on attack tests until their next turn.
Atzilut Emanation
Atzilut is the sphere of spirit, resonating
throughout the Warp. Gain Aura 3. You may
spend Quintessence in order to use any ability
requiring the use of resource points possessed by
a creature within your Absolute Territory as if it
were your own. You must spend Quintessence
equal to the normal cost of the ability +1; if this
makes an ability cost 2 Quintessence, you may
use it regardless of your Hubris.
Da'at Emanation
Da'at is the light in which all spheres are equal,
resonating in every mind throughout existence.
You may spend Quintessence on behalf of an
ally within your Absolute Territory, and may
spend Quintessence to treat the result of one
kept die in a test as 5.5 for each Quintessence
spent, rounding down the final result.
Font Hero Assets
Mighty Hero
Unerring Hero
Indomitable Hero
Mystic Hero
Exemplary Hero
You don’t need weapons to fight – you are a weapon.
You prefer the shooty methods.
You’re more durable and harder to keep down.
You’re better at casting spells and face fewer repercussions.
Your power burns twice as bright – twice as fast.
Font Hero Assets
Mighty Hero
Some heroes prefer to fight with fists and feet,
or other extremities. While in Avatar form you
gain gain a +1k1 bonus to damage with
unarmed attacks. Unarmed attacks are always
considered valid for use with your martial
maneuvers. While in Super Mode, your
unarmed attacks gain and additional +1k1
damage, and can do E damage if you so choose.
By spending a Drop you can add the Power
Field property to your unarmed attacks for one
Unerring Hero
Some heroes punch evil in the face or charge
their enemies with sword in hand, but you
prefer to rain justice down from on high. While
in avatar mode, add your channel to the final
result of any attack you make requiring a
ballistics test. While in Super Mode any such
attack also gains the Proven property with a
value equal to your channel. While in Avatar
mode you may spend a drop to give your ranged
attacks the shocking and tearing properties for
one round.
Indomitable Hero
Cool heroes don't look at explosions, and many
claim to have seen Fonts walk unflinchingly
through seas of gunfire. While in Avatar form,
you gain +1 AP to all locations and +1 Aura.
This bonus stacks with any other source of
armor or Aura you have. While in Super Mode
the armor and aura granted by this asset are
both equal to your Channel. You may spend a
drop as a free action to negate any nondamaging effects from one attack made against
Mystic Hero
Some heroes' power is more than just strength
or accuracy, it is pure magic flowing through
them that makes them what they are. While in
Avatar form, reduce the TN of Focus Tests by
your Channel. While in Super Mode, you do
not increase the results of a psychic phenomena
roll if casting unfettered and pushing a spell
forces you to roll psychic phenomena at +2 per
die if sanctioned and +5 if unsanctioned rather
than the normal penalty. You may spend a drop
to reduce the final result of a Psychic
phenomena or Perils of the warp roll by 5.
Exemplary Hero
Some Fonts tap into a power beyond their
ability to control, it threatens to drown them in
power, and it is only through constant struggle
that they can survive the torrent. While in
Avatar mode you gain +1k1 on all tests. You
can spend drops outside of Avatar form.
Transforming into Avatar form does not cost a
drop, but you must spend 1 Drop at the
beginning of every turn you start in Avatar form
or immediately return to normal. Once per
scene you may restore all spent drops as a free
action. When you do, roll for psychic
phenomena with +5 for each drop regained this
Force Sensitive Teachings Assets
Guardian Teachings
The Force helps you guide your attacks and evade blows.
Consular Teachings
You can use your powers more often. Oh, and lightning bolts. Always lightning bolts.
Sentinel Teachings
You’ve worked a bit of Force trickery into your combat style.
Sith Teachings
Having tapped into powers best left untapped, you’re capable of some new magic.
Force Sensitive Teachings Assets
Guardian Teachings
You’ve put your powers to use in a more
physical aspect. Add your Discipline to your
Static Defense. For a point of Focus, you can
also add your Discipline to the final result of
attack rolls until the end of the scene. When you
gain Your Eyes can Deceive, you add your full
Discipline as rolled dice to reactions instead of
Consular Teachings
Having focused on trying to understand your
powers, you’re control over the Force is
exceptional. For purposes of calculating
maximum Focus, double your Willpower. You
can also project the Force as a destructive
lightning bolt. By spending a point of Focus,
you may use the Energy Ray Evocation spell,
substituting your Discipline for Evocation and
your Willpower for Charisma.
Sentinel Teachings
Blending your powers and martial prowess,
you’re quite the capable warrior. You can use
Force Summons to wield one weapon at range.
Furthermore, you can use your powers to throw
any melee weapon and have it return back to
your hand, using your Willpower instead of
Strength for damage.
Sith Teachings
You’ve tapped into the Dark Side of the Force
to obtain powers you have no right to possess.
Choose a Magic School; you can learn from this
school as if you had it in your class progression
at all times. When you make Focus Power tests
for spells of that school, you also add your
Discipline to the final result. However, your
connection to the Dark Side causes you to take
an additional -2 on Alignment checks, and you
must add your Discipline to the result of any
Psychic Phenomena tests you cause.
Kryptonian Branding Assets
Brand of El
You can fly, to better protect those you care for.
Brand of Zod
You’re a leader – by right or by fear, if need be.
Brand of Grey
You channel the sun itself into your magic.
Brand of He’stan
Burns tend to make you stronger.
Brand of Joestar
You’re more capable of channeling your power through objects.
Kryptonian Branding Assets
Brand of El
This Brand is shaped like a shield. You may
treat your size as 1 larger for calculating
Resilience. Kryptonians with the Brand of El
start with Shooting Star, which is upgraded to
moving three times your ground speed at
Luminosity 4. Add the Guardian feat.
Brand of Zod
This Brand is shaped like a Z. Add your
Luminosity to Command and Intimidate tests.
Branded of Zod are natural leaders, and can
increase Social Characteristics with Man of
Steel. By spending a point of Radiation, you
may add your Luminosity to your weapon attack
Brand of Grey
This Brand is shaped like a flamebird, in honor
of the high priestess of Krypton. By spending a
point of Radiation, you may gain a raise on any
Focus Power test, provided that the magic
school being used is the
one you purchased with
Burning Heart. Once per
scene you may restore all
spent Radiation as a free
action. When you do, roll
for Psychic Phenomena
with +5 for each
Radiation regained this
Once per scene you may restore all spent
Radiation as a free action. When you do, roll for
Psychic Phenomena with +5 for each Radiation
regained this way.
Brand of He'stan
This Brand is shaped like a dragon. The sons of
He’stan are forged in fire, and are tempered by
its heat. Being hit by Energy damage (or
anything with the Fire Quality) allows you to
regain Radiation equal to the damage taken.
You still take damage as normal, and your
Radiation cannot go above its normal cap.
Brand of Joestar
This Brand is shaped like a star, heart, ladybug,
butterfly, horseshoe, or any other bizarre thing
that could possibly form on your body. You can
use Overdrive with melee weapons, in addition
to unarmed attacks. The stunning effect of
Overdrive will spread through liquids in contact
with your initial attack.
Nephilim Shard Assets
Slayer Shard
Malefactor Shard
Defiler Shard
Scourge Shard
Fiend Shard
Wherever you stride, death follows.
Machines are your forte.
Magical defenses stand little chance against you.
Your hatred inspires fear in those you despise.
Deception is as easy for you as killing.
Nephilim Shard Assets
Slayer Shard
The C'tan are said to be the origin of all mortals'
fear of death; a terrible visage whose scythe was
genocide, and whose image remains burned into
the minds of mortals to this day. Any creature
that is reduced to 5 critical damage by your
attacks is killed unless they burn a Hero Point,
even if they would normally not be in danger of
death (for example, using R damage on a
Vampire). Whenever you torment, toy with, or
otherwise unnecessarily drag out the death of a
creature at your mercy (or convince someone
else to do so), you may convert a point of
Torment back into Essence.
Malefactor Shard
The C'tan are said to be the ultimate origin of
all technology, and its dominus. Gain the
Mechanicus Implants and Mechadendrite Use
feats. Whenever you convince someone to
relinquish or otherwise give you sole
responsibility of an item of technological nature
(including damaged Prometheans) for any
purpose, you may convert a point of Torment
back into Essence.
Defiler Shard
The C'tan were powerful, and they could very
well have changed the face of the Wheel... into a
collection of tomb-worlds, likely, but change is
change nonetheless. Such grand and terrifying
energy yearns to be used. Your spells ignore an
amount of Aura equal to your Arcanoi.
Whenever you convince someone to act on their
emotions in a destructive manner - throwing
tantrums, starving themselves in melancholy,
etc. - rather than a constructive one, you can
convert 1 point of Torment back into Essence.
Scourge Shard
Not even the C'tan were proof against ravages of
the mind... at least one is said to have turned
upon its fellows, devouring them whole in an
attempt at concentrating its power. Gain the
Hatred feat, targeting a group of your choice.
Each time you attack a member of a group you
have Hatred for, you gain +1k0 to Intimidation
rolls made against other members of that group
who witnessed the attack. Whenever you leave a
foe you have Hatred for alive and unharmed at
the end of a battle (or convince someone else to
do the same for a foe they have Hatred for), you
may convert a point of Torment back into
Fiend Shard
As powerful as they were, the C'tan were never
said to be straightforward; the phrase "absolute
despair" appears many times on tablets that bear
words from the War in Heaven. Add your
Arcanoi as a bonus on Deceive tests, and as a
bonus to your Mental Defense whenever you
use Deceive in social combat. Whenever you
convince someone into listening to you when
they otherwise wouldn't, you can convert 1
point of Torment back into Essence.
Phoenix Aspect Assets
Aurora Aspect
Meridian Aspect
Gloaming Aspect
Eventide Aspect
Penumbra Aspect
The power of the Sun infuses your magic.
Such is your radiance that few can stand against you in debate.
Your radiance can calm the chaos of the Warp to a degree.
Like the Sun, nothing can keep you down for long.
The heat of the Sun is evident in your unarmed strikes.
Phoenix Aspect Assets
Aurora Aspect
You are twin to the dawn, formless
incandescence as the sun ascends the heavens.
You can add your Luminosity to damage dealt
by your Evocation spells, and channel an
Overdrive through damaging spells. Spells cast
with Overdrive deal E damage.
Meridian Aspect
You are twin to the sun at its zenith, a grand
star whose will must be immaculate. You can
channel Overdrive through a Social Attack,
sapping an additional point of Resolve if
successful as your radiance cows those who
would argue against you.
Eventide Aspect
You are twin to the night, a restive flame in wait
for the sun to rise once more. Once per scene,
when the Hero spends Heat for any effect (or
just to activate this, though it's a bit of a waste),
she regains a number of Hit Points equal to her
Penumbra Aspect
You are twin to the solar eclipse, a black shadow
shrouded in a halo of fire. Your attacks deal an
additional +1k0 damage when channeling an
Overdrive, and you can spend 1 Heat to give
your unarmed strikes the Power Field property
until your next turn. You can Parry weapon
attacks using your unarmed strikes without
Gloaming Aspect
You are twin to the twilight, the tranquil light of
a setting sun. You may spend 1 Heat to force
the roiling Warp to ease around yourself when
you cast a spell, adjusting the results of a
number of rolled dice equal to your Luminosity
by a single point, or a single die by an amount
equal to your Luminosity, in either direction.
Make this adjustment before determining if your
spell has caused Psychic Phenomena.
Sage Mantle Assets
Mantle of White Light
Mantle of Blue Skies
Mantle of Black Shadow
Mantle of Red Flames
Mantle of Green Vistas
Mantle of Golden Samsara
Mantle of Clear Mists
Your powers are those of protection and guidance.
Putting the ‘power’ in “Knowledge is power.”
Morality is for the weak, and you certainly aren’t weak.
Much like a bonfire, your spirit burns bright.
Technology shouldn’t be required, and you remind people as much.
By their powers combined, you try to represent all Mantles.
Sometimes, nothing really is greater than something.
Sage Mantle Assets
Mantle of White Light
It is the privelege of the strong to protect the weak,
and the duty of the enlightened to educate the
unwashed masses reliant on their worldly ways. You
no longer take a penalty from Dispassionate Oracle
on Command or Persuasion tests against non-exalts.
As a Reaction, you can spend Mana to increase the
Resilience of a character within 5m by the same
Mantle of Blue Skies
Knowledge is power, and curiosity the greatest virtue.
Wisdom is next to godliness, and so divinity flows
through you like air or water. Gain a +1k1 bonus on
Focus Power tests when casting spells of the school
chosen with Enlightened Mystic. As a Reaction, you
can spend Mana to increase or decrease the TN of a
spell or Spell Combo cast by someone else by the
same amount.
Mantle of Black Shadow
Ethics and morality are lies that people tell
themselves in an attempt to conceal the bitter truth:
Everyone is out for themselves. "Taboo" is a dirty
word invented by the weak to subjugate the strong.
You have no problem lying like a dog to get what you
want; take no penalty on your Deceive tests from
Dispassionate Oracle, and gain a static bonus on
Deceive tests equal to your Enlightenment when you
spend Mana to reduce penalties to your Social skills.
You may use twice your Enlightenment in place of
your Devotion, and are immune to Degeneration as a
result of failed Alignment checks.
Mantle of Red Flames
Mortals have emotions for a reason; don't suppress
them, but act on them! The freedom to do so is your
right as a sentient being, so take that fire and burning
stone within your soul and don't be afraid to let the
world see it. When you enter a Spirit Trance, you
become a spirit of stone and fire, gaining Armor
Plating (4) on all body locations, -2 Dexterity and +4
Speed. When your Spirit Trance ends, it does so in a
burst of pyroclastic material, dealing 3k2 E damage to
everything within a number of meters equal to your
Mantle of Green Vistas
Life is for living, and every living thing has its place.
Technology is nice, but should never be required.
You can spend Mana equal to an item's artifact rating
to cause it to overgrow with vines and plants that gum
up important moving parts or sap whatever magic
causes it to function, essentially bricking it (in the
case of powered armor or guns) or nullifying any
properties it has that don't affect its damage or
balance (use your common sense with melee
weapons). While in a Spirit Trance, you can also
substitute your Enlightenment in place of any of your
Physical Characteristics.
Mantle of Golden Samsara
All that exists does so in a cycle, changing beliefs and
philosophies over time. Seas evaporate and islands
become mountains, mountains grow forests that are
razed to create new plains, and plains are flooded to
become swamps. Death begets life, and emotion
uncovers knowledge. So, too, does the Sage accept
that all is one. You can spend 1 Mana to gain the
benefit of any Sage asset except for the Mantle of
Clear Mists until your next turn.
Mantle of Clear Mists
Civilization, intelligence, self-interest, emotion,
spirituality... all constructs of the mortal mind, all
supposed paths to power that cloud the truly empty
heart that enlightenment seeks. As long as you have
meditated during the day, you gain a bonus to your
Mental Defense and on Social tests made against
spirits and denizens of the Umbra equal to twice your
Enlightenment. Gain the Mental Fortress feat, and
you are instantly aware of failed attempts to read your
thoughts or Scry spells targeting you, and can spend 1
Mana to reverse those attempts on their casters, using
your Enlightenment + Wisdom for any required tests.
Strigoi Scion Assets
Sengir Scion
Bloodriver Scion
Scarlet Scion
Dracula Scion
Brando Scion
You’re even harder to put back in the grave.
Such is your might that spells falter against you.
Insanity is just the beginning.
Versatility is your game.
Surprisingly, you’re able to ignore the sun for a time.
Strigoi Scion Assets
Sengir Scion
Gain +1 Resilience. During your Red Thirst,
gain Armor equal to your Blood Potency on all
body locations.
Bloodriver Scion
Gain one rank in the Dark Messiah Sword
School. You can purchase ranks in this and one
other sword school of your choice as if they
appeared in your class progression. During your
Red Thirst, gain Aura equal to your Blood
Scarlet Scion
Gain one minor derangement and one rank of
Evocation magical power. You are not removed
from play at 100 Insanity, though you continue
to gain derangements as normal. During your
Red Thirst, your attacks with natural weapons
deal E damage and gain the Incendiary
property, and your Evocation spells deal
additional damage equal to twice your Blood
Dracula Scion
Gain the Peer and Good Reputation feats with a
group of your choice. When you enter your Red
Thirst, you can spend 1 additional Vitae to gain
one of the following traits during it:
Amphibious, Crawler, Flyer (equal to your base
land speed), Quadruped.
Brando Scion
You can spend 1 Vitae to ignore the effects of
sunlight for 1 round. Doing so grants your
unarmed strikes and natural weapons the Snare
property for that round. During your Red
Thirst, your natural weapons gain the Snare
property, and you are affected by sunlight only
every other round.
Symbiote Vector Assets
Blood Vector
Breath Vector
Flesh Vector
Marrow Vector
Soil Vector
Your tenant is better at dealing with others than you are.
Your tenant tries to hold back the weird things in life.
Your tenant provides such wonderful means of disembowelment.
Your tenant makes an effort to keep you – and itself – hidden.
Your tenant can read the ebb and flow of destiny.
Symbiote Vector Assets
Blood Vector
Blood represents the heat of passion and the
wonder of emotion. Tenants with this vector
show a stronger rapport with their hosts and
with other humanoids. You do not gain the
normal benefits or penalties of Unsettling. By
spending 1 Synch you can gain +1k1 to any
social Test as your Tenant adjusts your features
and pheromones in just the right way to be
Breath Vector
Breath is an unceasing tide, drawing in from the
world and flowing out to meet it... it calls the
storm and sets it free. The tenant borne upon its
host's breaths has a strange affinity for magic.
When you use Living Weapon, you gain Aura
equal to your Integration. In addition, you can
spend 1 Synch to have your natural weapons
gain the Orgone Array property and treat them
as magic for the remainder of the scene.
Flesh Vector
Flesh represents lust, hunger and thirst,
madness and rage... it's the core of identity and
the vector of change. The
tenant housed within his
host's flesh sings in ecstasy
as you rip and tear and
gouge at your foes. When
you use Living Weapon, your natural weapons
gain Penetration equal to your Integration, and
you can spend 1 Synch to give your natural
weapons the Razor Sharp and Balanced (R
only); Two Hands, Volatile and Unbalanced (I
only); or Reach and Flexible properties for the
remainder of the scene.
Marrow Vector
Marrow represents secrets buried deep within
the flesh, the power of dark and hidden places.
The tenant secreted deep within his host's bones
wants little more than to be left in peace, and
offers his help by aiding the host's attempts at
skullduggery. Gain the Back Stab and Sneak
Attack feats, and a static bonus on Stealth and
Larceny tests equal to your Integration.
Soil Vector
Soil resonates with the seminal urge, the lure of
life and the power of decay, the hungry whispers
that wait on the threshold between life and
death. Your tenant pays attention to these
whispers, translating their portent for you. Gain
one rank of the Divination magical power. You
may purchase this power as if it was part of any
class you belong to. Get +1k1 on Focus Power
tests to cast Divination spells.
Sword Schools
Aphonic Wind
When you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you. Aphonic Wind maneuvers
corrupt the mind and body, stripping the inhibitions off the user's mortal mind and making possible
the maddening blight of the Immaterium. The user melts senses with tuneless humming, learns to use
the angles of time and space to her own advantage, all from the counterintuitive first lesson of gaining
initiative by giving it up.
The key skill for Aphonic Wind is Forbidden Lore, knowledge of the Warp and the corrupted
weapons found within. Corrupt, Daemonic weapons whisper the secrets of Aphonic Wind special
attacks into their user's mind, laying bare to her the secrets of the universe blinded by mortal
ignorance. The fighting style was last seen during the War of Monster's Fall, employed to terrific
effect by the Aboleth's twisted minions.
A character entering the first level of any class progression that offers the Desert Wind sword
school can choose instead to gain access to the Aphonic Wind sword school from that class. This
choice applies only when entering the first level of a class, and applies to all levels in that class's
progression afterward. The character must possess a Daemonic weapon in order to do this.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Use Daemonic weapons with your martial maneuvers.
Weapon (Daemonic)
Action (Opportunity Attack)
Level 2: Initiate
Use Opportunity Attack actions in martial maneuvers
Tabula Rasa
After making this attack, you can't use any special attacks,
trick shots, or spell combos you know during the next
Distracting Harmonies
For 1 point, the target takes -1k0 to Dodge or Parry this
attack. For 3 points, the target takes -2k0 to Dodge or
Parry this attack.
As part of this attack, make a Forbidden Lore check
against the static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Forbidden Lore)
The attack is treated as if it were magic, and gains the
Orgone Array quality.
Mastery (Alien Geometries)
Reduce your Size penalty to Static Defense by your
martial adept level.
Negative Inertia
Move up to your Speed instead of making an attack.
Other advantages and restrictions on this attack take
effect on the next standard attack you make.
You may take this advantage up to five times on one
attack. You may only apply this to actions that include an
attack with a weapon. This attack deals no damage.
Instead, the target loses 1 hit point for each time this
advantage was taken.
Reminder of Frailty
Level 4: Master
Level 5: Grandmaster
Memento Mori
Dark Messiah
It's said that the first Dark Messiah was a Daemonhost, who taught this lack of discipline to a
small enclave of Vampires before disappearing into the ether. It is not a forgiving school of combat.
There is no harmony, no discipline, no control of strength or economy of motion. The Dark Messiah
school is not and that is how it is defined. It is, quite simply, perfectly designed for breaking things
and ending lives, while feeding the inexistences of its original masters.
The picture of serenity even as he throws his enemies' entrails across the room, a Dark
Messiah adept is a profoundly terrifying individual. The school favors the Intimidation skill, even if it
rarely teaches it. One does not learn Dark Messiah to protect. One learns Dark Messiah because
killing is not enough.
Monks of certain schools are taught that offense is the best defense. A character entering the
Brother class may choose to gain access to this sword school instead of Setting Sun. This choice can
only be made upon entering the Brother class and applies to all levels of the Monk progression
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Use Unarmed attacks OR Syrneth weapons with your
martial maneuvers, chosen when first learning this Sword
Weapon (Brawl OR Syrneth)
Action (Multiple Attacks)
Use Multiple Attacks actions in martial maneuvers. Any
advantages applied to this attack are applied to the first
attack of the Multiple Attacks action.
You may only use this attack if you have lost at least as
many hit points as the attack has Style Points.
Level 2: Initiate
Agony’s Crucible
Ebon Lightning
You can move 1m for each time you took this advantage
as part of this attack.
As part of this attack, make a Intimidation check against
the static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
If the attack hits and deals damage, you regain hit points
equal to the number of times you took this advantage. If
you are a Vampire, you also gain the same amount of
Vitae. If you are a Daemonhost, you convert the same
amount of Resonance into Essence.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Intimidation)
Ravening Maw
Level 4: Master
Mastery (Void Avatar Prana)
Your attacks gain the Tearing property.
Illustrative Overkill Technique
If the attack kills the target, each creature within 3*your
martial adept level meters must immediately test as if you
had a Fear rating equal to your martial adept level.
This attack deals a point of critical damage in addition to
its normal damage.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Artful Maiming Onslaught
Eldritch Advent
There are those who regularly seek to mix martial prowess and mastery of the Warp. These
people, through countless eons of continued experimentation and practice, sought to create a school
of fighting unlike any other. Some would channel it through weaponry, others through their own
bodies, but the overall effect was the same – the Eldritch Advent Sword School had been created.
The favored skill of Eldritch Advent is Arcana, for no other school possesses such mastery of
the arcane as the practitioners of this. Indeed, for some, this school is the next in their mastery of the
Warp – for them, those chaotic energies are naught but a natural extension of their own being,
channeling it through themselves or their weaponry.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Weapon (Ordinary OR Brawl)
Action (Focus Power)
May use Ordinary OR Brawling weapons with maneuvers,
chosen when first learning this Sword School.
May use Focus Power tests with maneuvers. Any advantages
that would apply to the special attack apply to the spell cast
instead, though no advantage or restriction specifically referring
to weaponry may be used in the maneuver. You can only cast a
spell with the Attack and Touch keywords. After the test – but
before any magic-specific feats are applied – the spell is treated
like a weapon attack of the appropriate type.
Level 2: Initiate
Warp Resonance
Elemental blade
You may only use this maneuver if you cast a spell during the
last round.
You may cast a spell up to your Initiator level as part of this
maneuver. The spell loses any Blast or duration to its effect it
otherwise would have had, and has its Keywords replaced with
Attack, Somatic, Combo-OK.
Level 3: Journeyman
As part of this maneuver, make an Arcana test against the
target’s Static Defense. If it fails, the attack fails.
Skill (Arcana)
Chaos Blade
This maneuver gains the Orgone Array quality, and attacks
using it are considered Magic, bypassing armor.
After casting a spell with the Touch or Ranged Touch Keywords
– but before rolling the attack – you may choose to keep the spell
as a charge in a free hand. By doing so, you may choose to
release it within a number of rounds equal to the Characteristic
used to cast the spell. If not used within that time, the spell is
wasted. You cannot cast another spell while holding a charge,
though you can make Focus Power tests.
Level 4: Master
Mastery (Controlled Release)
Warp Aegis
For the next round, you can choose to gain points in Armor or
Aura (chosen as you see fit) up to the number of times this
advantage was taken.
A foe hit by this maneuver rolls Perils of the Warp, as if they had
cast a beneficial spell on themselves.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Armageddon Blade
Infernal Monster
Rage shapes the world. Violence is the potential within every being's nature, simmering anger
waiting only for the right trigger. A man jealous of his brother's possession begins a war for it that
rearranges the face of the world. A cat, in its boredom, kills a bird and leaves it to rot in the sun.
Every act of violence, every fit of anger, all of it is the Infernal Monster straining at the bonds of its
Mortals are not the first to tap into its power, nor will they be the last. The martial tradition
bearing the Monster's name is not to be taken lightly. It cannot be taught, nor mastered... the only
way to learn it is to lose yourself in the Monster's grip, give in to the black rage and the resulting orgy
of violence. It is, as one might expect, a singularly terrifying way to fight, and thus has particular
resonance with the Intimidation skill.
A character entering the Feral class can choose to gain access to this sword school instead of
Tiger Claw. This choice can only be made upon entering the Feral class and applies to all levels in the
Barbarian progression afterward.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Use Unarmed and improvised weapons with your martial
Weapon (Brawl, improvised)
Action (All-Out Attack)
Level 2: Initiate
Hands of Fury
Retribution Will Follow
Use All-Out Attack actions in martial maneuvers.
You may only use this attack while you are using Frenzy.
If the target attacks you before the start of your next turn
after you hit with this attack, you can make a standard
attack against it as a reaction.
As part of this attack, make a Intimidation check against
the static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
You can move up to your speed toward the target before
making the attack.
While you are using Frenzy, you gain an additional
Reaction each round
If the attack hits and deals at least 2 points of critical
damage, you can choose to assign any amount of that
critical damage to any body location on the target. You
must still deal at least 1 point of critical damage to the
original hit location.
You can use Frenzy as part of the action to use this
attack. If you do, each ally within 5m can also enter a
Frenzy as if they had the feat.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Intimidation)
Impatient Slaughter Speed
Level 4: Master
Mastery (Wrathful Daeva
Grind Your Bones
Level 5: Grandmaster
Untamed Apocalypse Shintai
Infinite Choir
All of reality moves to the same fundamental rhythm – an interplay of thoughts and deeds
that colors who we are and what we do. Nothing expresses this great truth better than the sonorous
sound of the Infinite Choir. The practitioner can hear the very resonance of the battle around them,
and understand better than any how to exploit it.
The first lesson of the Infinite Choir, then, is that if violence is music, then battle is its dance
– and one can achieve certain victory by simply following the steps. As such, the key skill for Infinite
Choir is Acrobatics, as the adept weaves dizzying circles around their foes. Because of its emphasis on
quick, elegant movements, the favored weapons are compact and easy to maneuver – of the Fencing
and Ordinary variety.
A character entering the first level of any class progression that offers the Diamond Mind
sword school can choose instead to gain access to the Infinite Choir sword school from that class.
This choice applies only when entering the first level of a class, and applies to all levels in that class's
progression afterward.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Weapon (Fencing OR Ordinary)
Action (Half Move)
Use either Fencing or Ordinary weapons with your special attacks,
chosen at the time you take your first rank in Infinite Choir.
Use Half Move actions with your special attacks. The benefit from this
special attack applies to your next standard attack; that attack may not
be a special attack.
Level 2: Initiate
Lose Yourself to Dance
Infinite Tempo
You cannot use this maneuver without first moving at least your full
Speed this round.
If an attack modified by Infinite Tempo hits, move your Speed. This
movement provokes attacks of opportunity, and if it does, you may take
another standard attack against that target, which may not be a special
attack - it resolves first.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Acrobatics)
Infinite Cadence
As part of this attack, make a Acrobatics check against the static defense
of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
If an attack modified by Infinite Cadence hits, move your Speed - this
movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity from your initial
target, but provokes from others as normal. If you end this movement
within reach of a different enemy, you may take a standard attack against
them, which may not be a special attack.
Level 4: Master
When you succeed at a Dodge or Parry reaction action, you may move
up to your Speed. This movement does not provoke attacks of
Mastery (Dance to the Choir)
Infinite Crescendo
Move your full Shift before making your attack – if both your starting
and ending position would engage the same foe in melee, you count as
two people against them for the purposes of Ganging Up.
When you hit an opponent with an attack modified by Infinite Waltz,
take a move action. Your target moves in the same direction and at the
same speed. Neither of you provoke attacks from one another for this
movement, but you both provoke from others as normal. Should this
movement force your victim into something hilariously lethal, they are
permitted a TN 25 Acrobatics test to end their movement as close as
they can be to the hazard without suffering harm.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Infinite Waltz
Killer Doll
Victory means nothing if not done with beauty. The Killer Doll discipline emphasizes grace
and elegance, certainty of movement and not getting blood on one's clothes. The most graceful
victory is one struck from afar, against an opponent unable to come close before he meets his end.
Killer Doll maneuvers thus favor barrages of thrown weapons, sometimes so swiftly that they must
appear to stop time to drop so many blades at once.
The key skill of the Killer Doll school is Performer, enthralling the enemy with elegant
movements before throwing your blade at their neck. Killer Doll weapons are thrown weapons, small
and easily concealed so as not to mar one's appearance with such crude items in view. The original
practitioners of the Killer Doll school were favored servants, using the school's knack for hidden
weaponry to keep their masters safe at all times.
Add this sword school to the Assassin and Rogue class progressions.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Use Thrown weapons with your martial maneuvers.
Weapon (Thrown)
Action (Multiple Attacks)
Use Multiple Attacks actions in martial maneuvers. Any
advantages applied to this attack are applied to the first
attack of the Multiple Attacks action.
You may not use this maneuver if you moved since your
last turn.
Level 2: Initiate
Memorizing the Arena
Ricochet Mastery
You may ignore the effects of cover on your enemies,
and your weapon returns to your hand.
Level 3: Journeyman
As part of this attack, make a Performer check against
the static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
Skill (Performer)
Inscribe Red Soul
Your first hit on an enemy is actually two – roll for
damage twice. If the attack hits multiple targets, apply
this advantage to only the first target hit.
Mastery (Four-Dimensional
You never run out of knives, especially when you don’t
have any to start with. You have an arbitrary number of
thrown weapons of Common or lower availability at all
Illusional Misdirection
If a thrown attack is dodged, you may attack a different
enemy within 5m with that attack.
Make an attack against every enemy within 5m for the
number of times this quality is taken.
Level 4: Master
Level 5: Grandmaster
The World
Raging Locomotive
A Sword School that eschews any sort of disciple or grace, Raging Locomotive channels the
raw force of a pissed off war machine to get you from Point A to Point B in the fastest way possible; a
straight line. Though there are much subtler means of roaring into the heat of battle, none are as
effective at striking terror into the hearts of your foes as seeing a Raging Locomotive practitioner mow
through their conscript ranks and deliver a fatal blow to their commanding officer.
The key skill of the Raging Locomotive school is Athletics, as the demands of constant
running and hitting things require peak physical ability. The ideal Raging Locomotive weapon is often
your body, but a good shield can provide ideal defense against bullets. It should be no surprise that
this Sword School has roots in the hilariously violent sport of Blood Bowl.
A character entering the first level of any class progression that offers the Stone Dragon
Sword School can choose instead to gain access to the Raging Locomotive Sword School. This choice
applies only when entering the first level of a class, and applies to all levels in that class's progression
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Weapon (Shield OR Brawl)
Use either Shields or Unarmed weapons with your special
attacks, chosen at the time you take your first rank in Raging
Action (Charge)
Level 2: Initiate
Use Charge actions in martial maneuvers.
Gotta Go Fast
You cannot use this maneuver without first moving at least your
full Speed this round.
Gentle Shove
At 1 point, your attack knocks your opponent back 1 meter for
every wound dealt. At 3 points, your attack knocks your
opponent back 2 meters for every wound dealt.
Skill (Athletics)
As part of this attack, make an Athletics test against the Static
Defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
Speed Booster
Level 3: Journeyman
Every time you take this advantage, you gain (half your Strength
+ Dexterity) speed until your next turn.
Level 4: Master
Mastery (Unstoppable
Hard Landing
You may charge through a number of opponents or obstacles
(equal to your Strength + Constitution) without being slowed
down or stopped. Units that do not dodge the charging
character become prone, and obstacles are assumed to be
destroyed when walked through.
Your opponent must roll for falling damage after being hit by
your attack. Add the difference between your maximum Charge
distance and the distance you made contact with your enemy to
their fall.
Instead of being limited by two dimensions, you may move while
Charging as if you were assisted by a Jump Pack.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Gun Kata
Blazing Sun
Created by an ork with the vision of riding a motorcycle on a violence-packed streak
throughout the entire Astral Sea, the Blazing Sun Gun Kata is all about going fast. It is not a subtle
school – unsurprising, considering its creator. Practitioners of the style tend to view their vehicles and
weapons less as tools for the task at hand, and more as extensions of their body and soul. In this way,
Blazing Sun grandmasters are less people on motorcycles firing guns, and more sound-barrier-busting
engines of destruction and exhaust fumes. And the ork who made Blazing Sun would have it no other
Unsurprisingly, the key skill of Blazing Sun is Drive, as being able to aim your armored death
machine is rather important. Just as important is the ability to use that death machine’s weaponry,
which is why the preferred action of Blazing Sun is Fire Mounted Weapon.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
You gain a static bonus to Ballistics damage rolls equal to
Force of a Chimera
the current Momentum of your vehicle.
Action (Fire Mounted Weapon)
Level 2: Initiate
Speed Demon
Da Red Wunz Go Fasta!
Use Fire Mounted Weapon actions with Trick Shots.
This Trick Shot can only be used if your vehicle’s
Momentum is above X multiplied by 2.
As part of this Trick Shot, you may use the Speed option
of the Punch It action.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Drive)
Tokyo Drift
You need to be driving a vehicle as part of this Trick
Shot. As part of this attack, make a Drive test against the
static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
As part of this Trick Shot, you may use the Turning
option of the Punch It action.
Level 4: Master
Quick ‘n’ Angry
Asphalt Assault
Once per turn, you may use any option of the Maintain
Control action as a Free Action.
If this Trick Shot deals damage, then the enemy must test
their Strength against a TN equal to the damage rolled or
be Knocked Down. If the enemy is instead a vehicle, they
must instead make a Control test against the same TN.
Level 5: Grandmaster
If this Trick Shot deals damage, you gain an additional
number of Ballistics attacks equal to half the Momentum
of your vehicle.
Burning Love
<Flavor to be added>
The Key Skill for Burning Love is Intimidate. Few things are more instinctively feared than a
wildfire, but adepts of Burning Love like to consider themselves to be one of them.
Add this Gun Kata to the Heavy Weapons Guy and Cleric class progressions.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Use weapons with the Flame special quality with your
Trick Shots. Restrictions that would decrease attack rolls
Light Up The Night
may not be applied to Trick Shots with those weapons.
Action (Move)
Use Move actions with Trick Shots. Any attack-related
advantages applied to this trick shot are applied to your
next standard attack instead if you use a ranged weapon
that you were wielding while moving. That attack may not
be a trick shot of its own.
Level 2: Initiate
Great Balls of Fire
Push It To The Limit
This attack may only be made with Flame Weapons.
This attack does not deal damage. Instead, those hit are
moved to the end of your weapons range. Apply this
Advantage only to attacks with the Flame special quality.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Intimidate)
Set The World On Fire
Level 4: Master
Greased Lightning
Reckless Fire
As part of this attack, make an Intimidate test against the
static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
Increase the range of this attack by +20m for each time
you use this advantage.
You can unjam and reload any weapon as a Free Action.
If this attack could hit multiple creatures, you may choose
who is and is not targeted by the attack.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Ring of Fire
Whenever you make a ranged attack, you may choose for
all characters within 10m to make a Dexterity test (TN is
equal to your Dexterity * 5) or be lit on fire.
Crimson Sickle
There are those who work for their own benefit, and there are those few philanthropists who
share in their spoils with their compatriots. Crimson Sickle was created for use by the latter, and as
such the original users of Crimson Sickle techniques are thought to have been a group of Tau
revolutionary laborers fighting for the Greater Good.
The key skill for Crimson Sickle is Politics; it’s all about knowing who are your worker allies,
knowing who are the bourgeois oppressors, and then taking the initiative to lay on the sweet, sweet,
This Gun Kata is available to the Peasant class and the Guardsman class track.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
You may Opportunity Attack anyone who attacks an ally
within 10m. Your opportunity attack takes place after
Second Strike Capability
theirs is resolved. You may only do this once per round.
Action (Opportunity Attack)
Level 2: Initiate
Viva la Proletariat
Use Opportunity Attack actions with Trick Shots.
To use this attack, you must have a reaction action which
the attack can consume.
If your attack hits, all allies within 10m may heal a lost
point of health.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Politics)
As part of this attack, make a Politics check against the
static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
If your attack is successful, you may transfer one of your
unspent hero points to an ally within 10m.
Level 4: Master
Human Wave
United Front
Whenever you take damage, you may spend resource
points to share your damage with an ally within 10m. The
damage transferred is equal to however many resource
points you spend.
You may perform an Aid Another action in addition to
your attack.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Iron Curtain
If your attack is successful, all allies within 10m gain free
points of armor equal to the number of raises you got to
all their body parts for the rest of the scene. This effect
does not stack with already extant armor; take the highest
armor. It also does not stack with itself, but if used
multiple times, take the highest amount.
Daemon Trigger
The origins of the Daemon Trigger Gun Kata have been lost to the sands of time and
memory impairing recreational drugs. As the story goes, the Gun Kata was created by a Tiefling (or
Human with Tiefling blood, depending on the translation) who was so stylish, he could show even the
Prince of Pleasure a good time. The validity of this tall tale is unknown, but you can understand how
people could come to that conclusion after seeing Daemon Trigger in action.
They key skill for Daemon Trigger is Performer. It’s a skill that pushes (if not exceeds) the
limit of how much fun one should have during a fight, like any good Slaaneshi art form should.
Daemon Trigger is a Gun Kata that thirsts for constant momentum and action, so Shift actions are
used to travel around the battlefield in style.
A character entering the first level of any class progression that offers the Clay Pigeon Gun
Kata can choose instead to gain access to the Daemon Trigger Gun Kata. This choice applies only
when entering the first level of a class, and applies to all levels in that class's progression afterward.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Dull
You may Dodge a number of times per turn equal to your
Gunslinger Level.
Use Shift actions with Trick Shots. Any attack-related
advantages applied to this Trick Shot are applied to the
next attack you make after shifting.
Devil Arms
This attack may only be made with Daemonic Weapons.
Rain Storm
Action (Shift)
Level 2: Cool!
This attack can be performed midair and reduces fall
damage by half.
Level 3: Bravo!
Skill (Performer)
Twosome Time
As part of this attack, make a Performer check against the
static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
When dual wielding firearms, you may attack two
different targets at once and roll for each separately as a
Half Action.
Level 4: Absolute!
Honeycomb Fire
Level 5: Stylish!
This attack cannot be performed unless you successfully
attacked your opponent in melee the previous turn.
This attack ignores Armor and the Daemonic Trait.
Absolutely Crazy
If this attack is successful, your opponent must roll on the
Shock Table as if they failed a Fear test.
Crazy Combo
Divine Flame
The Divine Flame refers to the energy born of the stars, the potential within every atom to
create life and light and burning hellscapes... a power conceived with the very first fission bomb
detonated in a crystal sphere, researched and refined until the advent of plasma weaponry allowed
men to hold the very Sun in one hand. It goes without saying that the only difference between a
Divine Flame adept and a teenage pyromaniac is that the former still has both her original hands.
The Divine Flame's key skill is Tech-Use, learning to enhance and maintain the delicate
machinery that allows the nuclear power to work. Originally developed for use with plasma guns,
Divine Flame trick shots heavily favor energy weapons, providing very little for their solid projectile
Add this gun kata to the Tech-Priest class progression.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
You can declare Standard Attacks to be triggered by the
Shooting Sun
conditions of your Overwatch actions.
Action (Overwatch)
Use Overwatch actions with trick shots. Any attackrelated advantages applied to this trick shot instead are
applied to the attack triggered by the Overwatch action.
Level 2: Initiate
Melting White
Flare Up
This attack may only be made with Plasma weapons.
Your Ballistics attacks that deal E damage gain the
Incendiary property.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Tech-Use)
Level 4: Master
As part of this attack, make a Tech-Use check against the
static defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
This attack gains the Volatile and Overheats properties.
Hell’s Tokamak
Sunburst Cannon
Level 5: Grandmaster
Whenever you take E damage, you may instantly reload a
gun in your hands that deals E damage. If that gun has
the Recharge property, it is also primed and ready to fire
on your next turn.
This attack gains Blast (5)
Atomic Fire
This attack ignores Armor and halves Resilience (rounded
Last Line
Many know of Cadia, that fortress built on the only safe entrance and exit to the Abyss.
Standing as the only thing between the Astral Sea at large and the daemonic hordes held within, it
goes without saying that the Cadians must always remain vigilant, both for themselves and those
around them – after all, nobody knows when the next major attack might happen, and the minor ones
before then certainly don’t help to lessen the mood. Countless years of this mentality has led to the
creation of the Last Line Gun Kata. More a way of life than a true fighting style, the Last Line school
emphasizes the use of teamwork to turn the tide against seemingly insurmountable odds, allowing the
Cadians to stand against daemonic incursion and hold the goddamned line.
The key skill of Last Line is Command, as coordinating tactics is one of the most important
parts of teamwork. Of course, another one is the willingness to actually work together. As such, the
preferred action of Last Line is Aid Another, to give your allies the edge they need to win the day.
The Last Line Gun Kata is part of the Guardsman and Heavy class tracks.
Cost Effect
Level 1: Apprentice
Helping Hand
You can use the Aid Another action up to 10m. Furthermore,
you gain the same benefits from using the Aid Another action,
including any advantages from Trick Shots. However, you also
suffer the disadvantages of any Trick Shot.
Action (Aid Another)
Use Aid Another actions with Trick Shots. Any attack-related
advantages applied to this Trick Shot are applied to the ranged
attack you aided in.
Level 2: Initiate
We Die Standing
Covering Fire!
You may only use this Trick Shot on the turn after you or an ally
was dealt damage.
Any enemy dealt damage by this Trick Shot is incapable of
making Opportunity Attacks until your next turn.
Level 3: Journeyman
Skill (Command)
Hold The Line!
As part of this attack, make a Command test against the static
defense of the target. If it fails, the attack fails.
Any enemy that is hit by this Trick Shot has their Speed reduced
by X until your next turn.
Level 4: Master
Righteous Fury
So long as you’re wielding a gun, any enemy that manages to
deal damage to an ally while within the Short Range of that gun
provokes an Opportunity Attack from you, using that gun. You
can also make an additional Opportunity Attack every round,
but only to use this ability.
Look Out Sir!
You may make the Dodge action on behalf of an ally you are
adjacent to. If you have the Evasion feat, you can also pull them
When you use this Trick Shot, any ally within 10m and wielding
a ranged weapon can make an Opportunity Attack – which can’t
be a Trick Shot – on the same enemy as you. Any attacks made
this way that connect – including yours – add their damage
together into a single attack on one Body Location.
Level 5: Grandmaster
Concentrate Fire! (AKA “A
Whole Lotta Diddely”)
Damage Pen ROF Range Clip Reload
Proficiencies: ‘Basic’ or ‘Ranged 1’
Breacher, Melee
Attach II
Double Rifle
3k3 I
Lancer Assault Rifle
3k2 I
Machine Pistol
Room Cleaner
3k2 I
2k2 I
3k2 I
2k2 I
Big Frakkin’ Gun
Reliable, Scatter
Proficiencies: ‘Basic’ or ‘Ranged 2’
Gatling Lasgun
2k2 E
Flare Prism
3k2 E
Reliable, Storm
Reliable, Scatter
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 2
Blast (3),
Blast (1),
Plasma Cannon
3k3 E
3k3 E
Mini Rocket Gun
3k2 X
Bolter Cannon
4k3 X
5k2 X
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 1’
Storm, Blast (5)
Scatter, Tearing
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 2’
4k4 E
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 1’
Musou Saber
2k2 I
Sonic Arrow
3k2 x
Fire Baller
Blast 3
Fencing Weapon
(See description)
Melee Attach II
Blast (5),
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 2’
2k2 E
Proficiencies: ‘Ranged 2’
Reliable, Toxic
Blast 5,
Recharge, Artillery
(See description)
Tearing, Volatile
2k2 R
6k4 E
Fracture Cannon
4k2 X
Glaive of Eden
3k2 E
Melee Attack II,
4k3 E
Double Rifle – Otherwise known as the ‘Double
Deuce’, as its bullets are about the size of a
human’s middle finger.
Lancer Assault Rifle – Imagine when a machine
gun is not enough, and you are too damn busy
shooting to pull out a chainsword. This is for
you: A weapon designed for close in, down and
dirty fighting.
Handcannon – Firing armor-piercing bullets the
size of a man's fingers with enough force to stop
a transportation truck – and exit the other way.
It uses big bullets, which leaves big holes in your
enemies. It is, however, relatively slow in its rate
of fire, requiring both hands if one wishes to fire
more than one shot anywhere near their original
target. Unless both hands are used, this gun
may not fire more than one shot per round with
any form of accuracy.
Machine Pistol – Bringing true meaning to the
phrase ‘quantity over quality.’ While smaller
caliber than some pistols, but with a rate of fire
to rival most rifles – even if the actual magazine
is rather short. Reliable, deadly and very good at
tearing holes through people.
Room Cleaner Shotgun – With a large
magazine, actual magazines instead of loose
shells and the large shells actually included, this
gun is a nightmare to go toe-to-toe against. If
your foe is holing up, accept no substitute.
Masher – Yet another simple application of
oddball logic. In this case, revolvers are cool,
and shotguns are cool, so why not modify your
revolver to fire shotgun shells? (The opposite
has been attempted, but never successfully.)
Gatling Lasgun – The common Lasgun, simple
and effective. Give it a massive battery pack,
multiple focusing arrays and added cooling
systems and you have a weapon designed to
melt wide swaths of the battlefield.
Flare Prism – A favored weapon of Githyanki
raiders. Somewhat stockier than most laser
weapons, the emitter is actually fitted with a
beam splitter that refracts the beam in several
directions at once when fired.
Mini Rocket Gun – After initial failures, a
‘cheap’ bolter knock off is finally available. On
some worlds, it’s called the gyrojet. Out in the
void, it’s a Mini Rocket Gun. That’s its damn
Bolter Cannon – While less than accurate, it
hardly needs it, since it fires explosive rockets
that, in turn, contain explosive bolts that are
sent blasting through everything unlucky
enough to be nearby – perfect for large-scale
desecration to enemy forces!
Plasma Cannon – Essentially an upscaled
plasma gun, the plasma cannon sends out globs
of plasma that explode on impact.
Ravager –Fact: Shotguns are awesome. Fact:
Explosive bolt rounds are awesome. Conclusion:
A shotgun firing explosive bolt rounds is double
awesome. The ravager is a massive beast of a
shotgun, with four barrels sheathed in metal to
form a device as thick around as an Ork's thigh.
Firing what amounts to explosive buckshot, the
ravager is a terrifically loud and singularly
terrifying shotgun with enough explosive power
to rip through most spelljammer bulkheads
before getting halfway through the clip.
Splatgun – Yet more proof that some berks just
shouldn't be allowed to design guns, but
damned if it isn't awesome to see it in use.
Rather thicker than normal for plasma guns,
and with a strange design that makes it painfully
obvious it's supposed to be a shotgun of some
kind (albeit one with three barrels), it seems to
reinforce the usual technologies involved with
plasma weapons, compressing its charge into
what can only be described as an energy grenade
launched in a high arc, that splatters on
impact... whence the name.
BFG – One of the biggest and baddest guns
around. If you’re carrying this monstrosity, than
there’s little you need to fear out in the void.
Musou Saber - A common class of gunblade
that's short on gun and long on blade. While it
blows through most of its ammunition within
seconds and is only a modest close combat
weapon, it's easy to use and requires no shifting
of grip between forms, making it a common
sidearm. Its reinforced gun barrel allows it to be
used to catch enemy swords much like a basket
hilt; the musou saber can be used as a fencing
sword in melee.
Sonic Arrow – A more exotic and deadly
weapon, the Sonic Arrow consists of a boltgun
encased in the shape of a bow and arrow, with
cartridges loaded into a slot on the side and the
draw serving as the trigger. Both top and
bottom of the bow are equipped with vibrating
blades, allowing it to be used as a melee weapon
in both forward and reverse grips
simultaneously. While some power is lost over a
traditional boltgun, its flexibility as a weapon is
Fire Baller – The Fire Baller is a horrible name
for a very effective weapon. It fires highly
compressed, semi-solid globules of Promethium
which detonate on impact, setting the
surrounding area on fire.
Daemonic weapons are hideous corruptions of
other weapons, crafted of metal infused with so
much Warp energy during the forging process
that it oftentimes counts as a daemon in its own
right. Such weapons often have a horrific, halforganic appearance, featuring flesh and eyes
where there should only be metal and jewels.
Anguish – Relatively simple – by the Warp's
standards. A mutation of the more common
revolver, featuring a distinctive triple-barrel
design and, strangely, an eye nestled in the
middle of those three barrels, to aid in locating
the target. While it can use ammunition
interchangeably with the revolver, when fired
the bullets resemble Human teeth, with no
change to the casing.
Earthrender – A marvel of daemonic creativity.
Not truly a personal weapon so much as a
weapons platform, the earthrender consists of
what one might be forgiven for thinking is a
pulse rifle, with a human eye placed over the
end of the barrel, attached by a rope of human
hair to a mobile unit made of what looks to be
humanoid body parts, bearing a focusing disk at
its top and walking on a number of hands and
feet as it follows the rifle's bearer. The disk
focuses energy in the direction the eye is
pointed, causing a geothermic eruption or
similar catastrophic event. Using it effectively,
however, requires the earthrender to be braced,
not its wielder; as such, it is vulnerable to effects
that knock it over or off-balance, requiring a full
action to get back up and into firing position. It
also cannot be moved and fired in the same
round. The platform tends to trail behind its
user, showing a slight intelligence as it stays
anywhere from 6 to 10 meters back... far
enough that it would be spared a shot from
another of its kind targeting the user.
Fracture Cannon – A bulky monstrosity similar
in design to a heavy bolter, though notably
lacking the belt mechanism. The fracture
cannon fires barbed rails that resemble red-hot
bone, that puncture and stick into the target
before detonating. It seems to actually grow its
ammunition... the rails simply generate from the
ether attached to the drum that feeds the
chamber, by some mechanism of the Warp.
Starting when the clip is emptied, the rails
regenerate at a rate of 1 per round. This
unfortunately means that, while it employs solid
ammunition, the fracture cannon cannot be
outfitted with artifact rails.
Glaive of Eden – A distinctive combiweapon
given to Cuthbert's justicars. It features a long
haft of bone and hide, tipped by a device
resembling a fair-sized las rifle sheathed in a
vibrating, pearlescent blade. It accepts most
forms of rifle ammunition, with distinctive
magazines breech-fed through the
"counterweight" on the butt end of the haft, and
converts these into brilliant blue lasers when
Salvation – The favored longarm among
servants of the Blessed Order, a magazine-fed
heavy rifle typically crafted of an odd
pearlescent material, with stock and grip coated
with what seems to be white rabbit fur; users
have reported that the stock seems to tense up
as the rifle is fired, as if helping the wielder to
brace for the recoil. It accepts any sort of rifle
ammunition that can fit into its distinctive
magazine, which is then converted into a burst
of blue energy when fired. Spent magazines are
ejected automatically, dropped by the tiny paws
holding them in place.
Sonic Grenade
Warp Grenade
EMP Grenade
Cluster Frag
Damage Pen ROF Range Clip
Proficiencies: ‘Throwing’
1k1 I
2k2 E
4k2 X
Blast (8)
Blast (10)
Blast (5)
Blast (4)
Sonic Grenade – A new development, still rare
in most areas for the simple reason that they are
not 'lethal enough'. While the direct damage of a
Sonic Grenade might be little, the vibrations
still wreak havoc on living tissue – specifically
brain tissue. Any being damaged by a Sonic
Grenade and whose armor does not completely
negate the effect, takes 1 Impact Critical
damage to their Head. However, as the
vibrations are not exactly lethal, Standard-Issue
Sonic Grenades do not have that effect on
targets with three or more points of Critical
Damage on their Head area. Illegal versions on
the other hand, might not be as limited.
Warp Grenade – Having a devastatingly large
blast radius, compounded by the fact that they
wreck the Veil at the location of their
detonation, warp grenades make… a mess, to
say the absolute least. Apart from arcs of
magical energy that tear through matter like a
power sword through butter, one also has to
contend with the devastating effects of so
blatantly ripping into the Warp; At the moment
of the explosion, the user rolls 5k5 and, if any
number comes up double, then Psychic
Phenomena are immediately invoked in the
location of the Grenade.
EMP Grenade –Instead of looking to outright
kill an enemy dead, EMP Grenades seek to
remove an enemy's strength and leave them
grounded in the Middle Ages. Any machinery
within the Blast radius of an EMP Grenade
immediately ceases to function. The most
vulnerable of them actually get fried and need
repairs if they ever are to function again. Beings
that are at least partially mechanical take the
damage listed in parenthesis, while completelyorganic beings are unaffected beyond a feeling
of nausea as electrons batter their bodies.
Cluster Frag – Looking like a lumpier frag
grenade, the cluster frag contains a number of
other, smaller grenades that are scattered
outward when the device explodes before
exploding themselves. The statistics given above
represent the parent grenade. When it explodes,
it scatters six miniature grenades within 6m;
treat these as frag grenades, thrown from the
origin of the original blast. High-quality versions
have additional child grenades packed inside... a
Good-quality cluster frag has seven, and a Bestquality or artifact cluster frag has eight.
Arm Claw
Damage Pen Avail
1k2 R
Hidden Blade
1k2 I
1k2 R
1k2 I
Arm Mounted
Quick Draw
Arm Mounted, Combat Sheath
Proficiencies: ‘Melee 1’
Mage’s Blade
Flexible, Reach
Proficiencies: ‘Melee 3’
2k2 E
3k2 R
3k3 R
2k2 R
2k2 R
1k2 I
4k2 R
6k2 R
3k2 I
2k2 R
4k3 R
Balanced, Power Field, Magic Enhancement (See
Proficiencies: ‘Melee 3’
Chain Weapon
Power Klaw
Pile Bunker
Two Hands, Unbalanced, Tearing
Proficiencies: ‘Basic’ or ‘Melee 2’
Brawling, Power Field, Tearing
Brawling, Power Field
Brawling, Piston Punch (See Description)
Proficiencies: ‘Melee 3’
Arm Claw – Sadly, many species in the Great Wheel
lack large teeth and fearsome claws. These arm
mounted blades give species cursed with fleshy digits
the ability to rip and tear while leaving their hands
Jitte – The Jitte is a simple iron baton with a small
hook. It’s perfect for bludgeoning people, hooking
onto clothes and putting joints out of place.
Hidden Blade – The hidden blade is a complex
assembly mounting a simple switchblade underneath
the wrist by means of a bracer, with a trigger set so
that a simple twist of the hand will operate the
mechanism. It's a favorite among those sell-steels that
can get hold of one, just for the ease of drawing and
sheathing the deadly tool. Versions of Good or better
quality (or artifacts) feature a bracer sheathed in
metal, granting +1 Armor to the arm wearing the
device in addition to other benefits.
Proficiencies: ‘Melee 2’
Meteor Hammer
Staff of Change
Lash of Despair
Razor Sharp, Volatile
Toxic, Unbalanced, Two Hands
Power Field, Orgone Array
Flexible, Shocking
Two Hands, Unbalanced, Volatile
Meteor Hammer – The Meteor Hammer is a
single or set of weights at the end of a rope or
chain. This chain is swung around in a manner
capable of ruining people's day.
Mage’s Blade – An absolute marvel of Syrneth
technology, the Mage’s Blade creates its blade
by projecting Warp energy into what amounts to
an inwards-focused Geller field. Because of this,
it channels energy like few items in the Wheel
can – even an untrained spellcaster can use it in
place of a Focus. If, however, they know how to
use a weapon as a focus, they can use this blade
to cast Evocation spells in combat without
drawing Attacks of Opportunity. If the user
already has that ability, the blade's power is
enhanced even further by allowing the user to
use this weapon to cast any spell they know,
effectively attacking with the weapon to land the
spell, as if it was held in a 'charge'. If the spell
has a Blast radius, the wielder of the blade is not
exempt from it, but does gain the benefit of
Aura equal to their Caster level, if that would be
beneficial to them.
Chain Weapon – Most commonly taking the
form of a chainsword or chainaxe, the more
important aspect of the weapon than its shape
are the deadly, spinning chainsaw blades. Often
sharpened to a monomolecular edge, especially
in the higher quality versions of this weapon, the
housing usually conceals most of the blade to
allow only a single, killing edge to be exposed.
Eviscerator – A vast, two-handed version of a
chainsword, "Eviscerator" is the name usually
given to these weapons by the humans, who
have a distressing habit of arming frenzied, halfnaked women with these and throwing them
into battle. The weapon is usually twice as
weighty as a normal chainsword, at least, and
capable of utterly destroying lesser opponents.
Chainfist – A piece of equipment almost
exclusively reserved for the Aasimar, used by
highly specialized boarding squads wearing the
heaviest of power armor. It essentially has a
knife-like chain weapon built into a normal
power fist, granting it superior armor
penetrating properties. This is used primarily to
gain access to spelljammer hulls, cutting
through metal doors and internal bulkheads. In
a pinch, however, it utterly ruins targets less
armored than a typical ship.
Power Klaw – Always the ones to get their
choppy on, the Orks saw a Power Fist and
thought it needed something… more. And so,
the Power Klaw was born. While other races
have taken the design and made their own
variations on it, the Ork version of the Power
Klaw remains a symbol of what an Ork can do…
given proper motivation.
Pile Bunker – Shaped like a bracer with an
enormous metal stake, the Pile Bunker uses an
explosive force to drive the stake into whatever
the wielder happens to be punching. Cocking
the piston requires a half action, but can be fired
as part of an attack to add +1k0 to the damage
and double the Penetration.
Hellblade – Said to be gifts of Khorne to his
chosen, these daiklaives are crafted of blood and
fire and imbued with a Khornate thirst for
Staff of Change –Often bestowed to certain
followers by Tzeentch, a staff of change is a long
cudgel imbued with warp energy that causes
utter chaos wherever it strikes flesh.
Lash of Despair – Some Slaaneshi hierophants
occasionally find themselves in possession of
one of these lashes. The pain of being struck by
this torturous weapon is said to be enough to
make Modrons scream.
Manreaper – A terrifying corruption of the
otherwise beautiful Syrneth grimscythe. Rusted,
pitted and so thoroughly imbued with Nurglite
energy that it drools horrific toxins at all times.
Warpsword – The blessing of Malal for those
champions strong enough to lay hold of its hilt.
Lighter and more balanced than the grand
daiklaive it resembles, it is a blade forged of
terror and malicious intent, quenched in the
blood of daemons until it darkens beyond
blackest pitch, shining like gold in the chaos of
the Warp.
New Magical Material
Adamantine is an odd cyan metal that
develops in tangled strands in stone exposed to
large amounts of magical energy, first
discovered in small amounts in the depths of
Pandemonium. These strands, once extracted,
can be woven into shining silk-like cloth as well
as compacted into wafers; unlike the other
magical metals, any armor can be made from
adamantine. Objects thus crafted seem to feed
on magic, growing warm in its presence as they
leech on the residual energies.
The presence of adamantine in a cloth
weave has remarkable effects on what would
otherwise be ordinary cloth. Ordinary clothes
made with as little as ten percent adamantine
fibers can offer protection rivaling common
mesh armor, and clothing made with thirty
percent or more rival flak armor in its protection
rating. Heavier armor employs shaped wafers in
addition to cloth weave of no less than fifty
percent adamantine fibers, and is known to
restrict movement far less than even mithril
Weaponmakers employ adamantine
differently depending on the weapon in
question. Lighter than steel and far stronger,
with its unique appetite for magic, adamantine
is most often used to edge bladed weapons, with
a backing of durable steel to keep its weight up,
though Syrneth weapons have been found that
consist of merely a wireframe shaped into the
semblance of a weapon with adamantine netting
filling the gaps. Flails typically employ a ribbon
of adamantine cloth in the place of more fragile
chains, and like hammers or other crushing
weapons they tend to menace with spikes of
adamantine on the business end, if they aren't
created by wrapping a heavier metal in a sheath
of adamantine cloth.
A bionic arm or leg of adamantine is
crafted in similar fashion to a glove or a sock, in
reverse; adamantine threads are sutured to the
stump, and from there they are woven into a
likeness of the missing limb. A bionic heart
simply requires the threads to be woven into the
actual organ, which resumes beating as if
nothing had happened afterward.
Special: Proximity to adamantine
interferes with magic. Any character casting a
spell within 10m of exposed adamantine (a
weapon, armor, or cybernetic arms or legs, but
not special ammunition or a bionic heart) takes
-2k1 on the Focus Power test.
Melee Weapon: The weapon ignores
the Daemonic trait. It also ignores magical
defenses against attacks (such as the Shield or
Mage Armor spells) unless the target succeeds
on an Arcana + Willpower test opposed by your
attack roll.
Ranged Weapon: The weapon ignores
magical defenses against attacks (such as the
Shield or Mage Armor spells) unless the target
succeeds on an Arcana + Willpower test
opposed by your attack roll.
Special Ammunition: Adamantine
strands are woven tightly around a lead slug and
compacted by the casing. Adamantine
ammunition ignores the Daemonic trait.
Armor: The Max Dex of adamantine
armor is increased by 1. Adamantine armor
provides only half the normal penalty for
wearing it, and no penalty at all for heavy armor
if proficient. Armor that isn't primarily metal
can be made from Adamantine, and generally
resembles normal clothing.
Bionic Arm: The arm ignores critical
damage caused by magical sources. By spending
a Resource Point, the user can gain the benefits
of an Adamantine melee weapon on unarmed
strike attacks made with the bionic arm, and
change the damage type from I to R if desired.
Bionic Locomotion: Gives the user
+2k0 on Athletics and Acrobatics tests, and
ignores critical damage caused by magical
Bionic Heart: An adamantine heart
bolsters its wearer's magic resistance. You gain
the Magic Resistance asset. If you already have
it, increase the TN of all spells targeting you by
your level.
Promethean Material Asset:
Adamantine is an ultralight blue-green metal
that inhibits the effects of magic. Gain Aura
equal to 3 + your Generation that does not
stack with other sources of Aura. You can spend
a Pyros to increase your Aura by 3 until the end
of the scene.
New Vehicle Drive
Munchausen Drive
Drive Rating: 10 (Flying
A Munchausen Drive is the
means by which vehicles smaller than
spelljammers can escape into the
starry void. It typically does this by
using incredibly powerful reactors to
send the vehicle in a straight line so
fast that it just shoots off in to space.
While this allows for space travel, it
also makes it… a little dangerous to
use within an atmosphere.
* Falin: A Vehicle with this
drive is restricted in how it may move
within a planet's gravity. If a vehicle is
using this drive within the atmosphere
of a planet, it may only make Punch-it
actions to accelerate, and may not
change its direction. The vehicle must
reach momentum 10 to maintain
escape velocity. If it fails a test, or
attempts to change course while still
within the planet's gravity, it goes Out
of Control.
* Sub-Aether mode: A
Munchausen Drive allows for a ship to
travel through the Warp in the same
fashion that large ships do, despite the
smaller size, thanks to a complex and
compact power source.
Special: When building a ship
with a Munchausen Drive,
environmental seals have a cost of 0.
Special: Despite being a space-faring
vessel, it is unlikely a vehicle sporting a
Munchausen Drive can take a hit from a
spelljammer’s armaments, or deal comparable
damage in return. For more details on the
matter, please refer to Book 2.
Note: Vehicles shown here were made
using the vehicle creation rules in Book 2. You
should look there if you want to make a few of
your own!
Tracked APC
First fielded by mechanized infantry
units on lower tech planets, variants of the
tracked APC are still utilized by larger military
forces for their stalwart performance and
amphibious drive capabilities
Accel 2, Speed 3 Size 10 Maneuver 0
Tracked Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Miniaturized
Variable Drive (Naval), Light Hardened Armor,
Miniaturized Passenger Space x4 (8 people),
Miniaturized Copilot, P-Weapon Mount
Special: May ignore the Islandhome
rule of Naval Drives.
Total Cost: 122
Cigarette Boat
Designed as a fast smuggling vessel to
get you from pickup to drop off as quickly as
possible over water, the Cigarette Boat is
designed to do just that. It has a nice big engine,
large storage for its size and a sensor suite
designed to help it stay hidden.
Accel 4, Speed 6, Size 12, Maneuver +0
Naval Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Composite
Frame, Passenger Space, Hidden Space x2,
ECM, Partial Wing 2, Sensor System, Open
Total Cost: 153
When you're hunkered down behind a
sliver of cover taking heavy fire, there is no more
reassuring sound than the twin engines of the
Thunderbolt screaming in from the distance.
That's what you think anyway, until you hear it
begin to unload its heavy ordinance. Then you
know the most reassuring sound you'll ever hear.
Accel 5, Speed 10, Size 16, Maneuver +5
Aerospace Drive
Cockpit, Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor,
Environmental Seals, Ejector Seat, Reinforced
Frame, Basic Equipment
Light Punisher Gatling Cannon
Total Cost: 275
Hover Bike
The Hover Bike is the pinnacle of
irresistibility for teenage boys looking to impress
girls and middle age men having a mid-life
Accel 3, Speed 5, Size 4, Maneuver +5
Hover Drive
Light Standard Armor, Miniaturized
Cockpit, Cargo Space (.5 cubic meters), Open
Total Cost: 75
LRM Carrier
The LRM Carrier eschews all other
weapons for a pair of Long Range Missile
launchers. To make room for the extra
ammunition the already barren cockpit has been
slimmed down even further.
Accel 2, Speed 5, Size 12, Maneuver -7
Tracked Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Copilot Seat,
Medium Hardened Armor
LRM Launcher x2
Overheating, Fragile
Total Cost: 100
A large, walking tank which carries both
powerful guns and lethal close combat
weaponry, armored to withstand all but the
most powerful of firepower. Each Dreadnought
contains a living being, permanently interfaced
with the machine through a form of Mind
Impulse Unit. Dreadnoughts are surprisingly
agile, able to walk and balance with the ease of a
living creature.
Accel 2, Speed 3, Size 13, Maneuver +5
Walker Drive
Coffin, Medium Hardened Armor,
Environmental Seals, Reinforced Frame,
Manipulator Arms, +3 Strength
P-Weapon Mount x2
Interred: Having nearly died, little of
you is left. The parts that are only survive via
the systems built in to a Dreadnought.
Total Cost: 162
Magitek Armor
Magitek Armor is a vehicle specifically
developed for channeling the Warp. The vehicle
offers impressive amounts of protection for the
passenger and an ability for them to put their
mind bullets to use with an excellent view of the
Accel 1, Speed 3, Size 8, Maneuver +0
Walker Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Light Hardened
Armor, Light Hexagrammatic Wards, Void
Shield 10, Basic Orgone Antenna, Open
Total Cost: 91
Land Speeder
The Land Speeder is a light anti-gravity
vehicle which serves as the primary
reconnaissance, scouting, resupply and fast
attack vehicle.
Accel 4, Speed 6, Size 12, Maneuver 0
Hover Drive
Cockpit, Copilot, Light Hardened
Armor, Open Topped
Personal Weapon Mount (Manned by
Total Cost: 158
Main Battle Tank
Most races have some variation of a
main battle tank. While aesthetics change, the
overall functionality remains the same – a
heavily armored vehicle capable of dishing out
damage as well as it takes it.
Accel 4, Speed 3, Size 18, Maneuver 0
Tracked Drive
Cockpit, Miniaturized Copilot Seat x3,
Heavy Hardened Armor, Reinforced Frame
Turret-mounted Autocannon/5
Forward-mounted MP Lascannon
Total Cost: 257
Heavy Combat Bike
Well-armored and well-armed bikes,
used by those who wish to tear up opponents as
well as asphalt.
Accel 3, Speed 7, Size 9, Maneuver +3
Wheeled Drive
Cockpit, Medium Hardened Armor,
Reinforced Frame, Open Topped
Personal Weapon Mount x2
Total Cost: 92
Gun Drone
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV),
colloquially known as a drone, is an aircraft
without a pilot on board. Its flight is controlled
either autonomously by computers in the vehicle
or under the remote control of a pilot elsewhere.
Accel 4, Speed 5, Size 3, Maneuver +10
VTOL Drive
Remote Uplink System, Light Standard
Armor, Cargo Space (.5 cubic meters)
Personal Weapon Mount
Total Cost: 109
Stinger BattleMech
A light BattleMech built for roles such
as reconnaissance, scouting, raiding, and more.
With a light but varied armament and jumping
capability, it’s suitable for several roles.
Accel 4, Speed 6, Size 15, Maneuver +5
Walker Drive
Cockpit, Light Hardened Armor,
Manipulator Arms, Standard Jump Jets, Sensor
Suite, Basic Equipment
Personal Weapon Mount x2
Total Cost: 217
Rifleman Battlemech
Designed as an anti-aircraft
BattleMech, the Rifleman mounts a wide array
of long-ranged weaponry. Its targeting system
makes the Rifleman excellent at its designated
role, but light armor and poor heat management
make it a merely adequate solution against
earthbound opponents.
Accel 2, Speed 3, Size 20, Maneuver +5
Walker Drive
Cockpit, Medium Hardened Armor,
Standard Sensor System, Basic Equipment,
Onboard AI w/ TAPS/4 Ballistic Chip and
RAM/3 Array
Ultra Autocannon/5
Personal Weapon Mount x2
Total Cost: 189
Cyclops BattleMech
A heavy assault BattleMech for use by
field commanders. A decent mix of weapons
provides the Cyclops with both long- and shortrange firepower and a sizable engine to keep up
with mobile operations. More importantly, a
holographic battle computer allows for easy
commanding of brigades, while a built-in comm
suite allows for planet-wide communications.
Accel 2, Speed 4, Size 23, Maneuver +0
Walker Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Ejector Seat,
Medium Hardened Armor, Advanced Sensor
Suite, Manipulator Arms, Environmental Seals,
Basic Equipment, Copilot
Miniaturized Autocannon/20
LRM Launcher
SRM Launcher
Only One Ejector Seat: The copilot best
trust the person behind the wheel – in the event
of the Cyclops’ destruction, only the primary
pilot is ejected. The copilot must claw their way
out of the wreckage.
Total Cost: 356
Blitz Aerospace Fighter
Aerospace Fighters are designed to
work in atmospheres or in the void; they fill a
number of niches, from reconnaissance, escort
and assault. The Blitz model is designed for
lightning strikes and quick retreat. Fly in, do the
damage and get away. The LRM rack and PPC
provide a respectable punch at varying ranges
and the rear mounted Ultra AC/2 is an effective
deterrent to pursuit.
Accel 4, Speed 13, Size 20, Maneuver +0
Aerospace Drive
Cockpit, Medium Harden Armor,
Environmental Seals, Basic Equipment
Particle Projection Cannon
LRM Launcher
Rear-mounted Ultra Autocannon/2
Total Cost: 255
Stealth Bomber
Designed to avoid detecting use all sorts
of advanced technology, stealth bombers have
the simple goal of flying in unnoticed, unloading
their ordinance, and then getting the hell out.
Mobile Medicae (Floating Bandage)
In the Great Wheel there are endless
ways to become hurt, maimed and killed.
Modern military forces cannot treat all injuries
on the front lines and those forces
compassionate to offer more than a mercy
killing to their wounded generally have some
form of armored ambulance. The Mobile
Medicae is a high tech example. It featured a
stabilized hover drive to give the injured and
their attendants the smoothest ride on the way
to hospital. Those forced to provide overwatch
to the vehicle derisively call it the Floating
Accel 4, Speed 5, Size 15, Maneuver +5
Hover Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Light FerroFibrous Armor, Passenger Space x4, Cargo
Space (2 Cubic Meters), Basic Equipment
Medical Stocks: The Mobile Medicae
has ample supply to treat most any injuries seen
on the front lines. All Medicae skill test are at
Total Cost: 163
Accel 2, Speed 10, Size 23, Maneuver +0
Aerospace Drive
Miniaturized Cockpit, Light Hardened
Armor, ECM, Environmental Seals,
Thermoptic Camo, Advanced Sensor System,
Basic Equipment
Homing Arrow IV Launcher
Total Cost: 188
Additional Ship
New Hulls
Tanaka-class Scout
The Tanaka-class spaceframe could be
said to be "one-third steamboat, one-third
sultana... and one-third cold vacuum;" not only
was most of the hull cut out, but a fair portion
of the life-support, module volume, and weapon
mountings, too. While decreased safety does
increase savings in mass and money, it also
tends to result in things spontaneously
combusting - which would be why most vessels
of this class are constantly depressurized, with
the crew wearing voidsuits for the entirety of
their voyage, so as to prevent fires. Cheap to
construct, and therefore very much expendable,
it's not uncommon to find vessels of this type
rushed to the front fitted with little more than a
self-destruct - and a melta-array, if the captain is
lucky. While you won't be seeing very many of
these far from the primitive rim-worlds where
they're often built, you likely will be finding an
abundance of these on and above those same
Hull Class: Shuttle
Cost: 5 BP
Crew: 6
Hull Strength: 20
Maneuverability: +5
Acceleration: +5
Speed: 9
Sensors: +0
Consoles: 1 Universal
Weapons: 1 Forward
Kepler-class Probe
While formally referred to as the
"Johannes-class Ultralight Covert
Reconnaissance Vehicle," the test captain and
her crew's somewhat infamous streak of neardeaths in the first fourteen prototypes became a
commonly recounted tale among those in the
business of prodding around the Astral Sea, and
what they christened their ships (partially for the
records, partially to keep morale up; if you're
flying the "Kepler XI," that likely means you
haven't died 10 times) became the class's
colloquial name. Originally deployed as a series
of agile and low-observable recon ships, the
Kepler proved valuable in industrial espionage –
a job it did well, aside from its first fourteen
iterations being destroyed or near-slagged (a tale
for another time). Still, despite having armor
made of what might as well be tin-foil, its
superb and almost fighter-like capacity for
graceful high-gee maneuvers has proven it a
valuable asset to any recon group - despite its
low crew and equipment count. As said in the
pilot's manual, which was written largely by the
test crew: "When in deadly danger, when beset
by doubt, pray the afterburners are fine and
bring the ship about"
Hull Class: Escort
Cost: 15 BP
Crew: 3
Hull Strength: 10
Maneuverability: +5
Acceleration: +15
Speed: 12
Sensors: +5
Consoles: 1 Arcana
Weapons: Unarmed
Stealthy: Silent Running tests are made
at +10.
Tchar-class Raider
Despite being plagued by a long spoolup time, the unique (and fragile) propulsion
mechanism borne by the Tchar-class gifts it with
agility that is surprising even for an Escort - as a
product of this, a Tchar is can easily turn on a
dime. However, don't expect it to be able to
spot much: interference from the motors tends
to disrupt scanning.
Hull Class: Escort
Cost: 25 BP
Crew: 12
Hull Strength: 30
Maneuverability: +10
Acceleration: -5
Speed: 10
Sensors: -5
Consoles: 1 Arcana, 1 Tactical
Weapons: 2 Rear
Fragile: Critical hits against this hull are
rolled at +2
Agile: Capable of performing 180degree turns instead of 90-degree turns.
Kitty Hawk-class Strike Carrier
Considered by many to be the first hull
specifically designed to bear strike-craft into
combat, the Kitty Hawk is noteworthy for its
nigh-complete lack of armament but excess of
Tactical console slots, allowing it to carry quite
a few wings into battle. Its speed allows it to
easily act as a mobile resupply point for its
fighters, as well as weave around the edges of a
pitched battle and deploy bombers strategically
to pick off unsupported vessels. While
somewhat expensive to equip and supply, it is
best not to underestimate its tactical value.
Hull Class: Destroyer
Cost: 35 BP
Crew: 22
Hull Strength: 35
Maneuverability: +0
Acceleration: +5
Speed: 9
Sensors: +5
Consoles: 1 Arcana, 2 Engineering, 3
Tactical, 1 Universal
Weapons: 1 Forward
Dunwich-class Ship of the Line
Intended to serve as a high-firepower
Cruiser capable of strafing with heavy guns or
forward/rear 'broadsides' with side-mounted
batteries, the Dunwich can hold its own in most
combat situations. It is - however - an aging
design, and as such lacks the natural capacity for
Arcana modules that most other shipwrights
would take for granted, as well as having rather
sluggish propulsion systems.
Hull Class: Cruiser
Cost: 50 BP
Crew: 20
Hull Strength: 80
Maneuverability: -5
Acceleration: -5
Speed: 6
Sensors: -5
Consoles: 1 Command, 3 Engineering,
2 Tactical, 1 Universal
Weapons: 3 Port, 3 Starboard
Panopticon-class Observation Platform
Like the Babylon-class, the Panopticon
is a completely immobile orbital "watchman,"
easily capable of performing long-range scans.
With its highly sophisticated thaumaturgical
sensors, the Panopticon may scan "off-center,"
effectively allowing it to throw an Active
Augury's point of origin elsewhere in space, but
this reduces its sensors bonus for the Augury
roll by the distance in VUs between it and the
area it is scanning. While the first iterations of
this design may have been used for Warp
telescopy, it has also found use as a command
station on outlying worlds.
Hull Class: Destroyer
Cost: 60 BP
Crew: 10
Hull Strength: 60
Maneuverability: -30
Acceleration: N/A
Speed: N/A
Sensors: +25
Consoles: 2 Arcana, 2 Universal
Weapons: Unarmed
Fragile: Critical hits against this
hull are rolled at +2.
Blood Wind-class Basestar
First designed to act as a tender for
numerous strikecraft squadrons, the Blood
Wind-class hull - like most carriers, both sea
and spaceborne - is capable of projecting force
over a large area due to the nimbleness of
aforementioned strikecraft, provided it has
dedicated hangar space. While not the most
heavily armed and armored battleship-size craft,
it can be refitted to serve most other needs,
thanks to its unsurpassed crew capacity and
space for Tactical, Engineering, and Universal
modules. Potential alternative uses include
acting as a torpedo depot, marine transport,
flagship, or bearer of CIWS/ECM equipment.
Hull Class: Battleship
Cost: 90 BP
Crew: 30
Hull Strength: 75
Maneuverability: -10
Acceleration: -5
Speed: 4
Sensors: +5
Consoles: 1 Arcana, 1 Command, 2
Engineering, 4 Tactical, 2 Universal
Weapons: 2 Forward, 2 Rear
Mayflower-class Liner
Once intended to slowboat to other
Crystal Spheres through the Astral Sea, the
Mayflower-class began to see use as a personnel
carrier for both naval officers and marines after
humankind obtained Warp travel capabilities.
Capable of carrying an astounding 3,000
sapients right out of the drydock - although only
400 can be up and about at once, due to a lifesupport system designed in a more civilized age
- it's an invaluable asset for both boarding and
planetary invasion operations. It is, however, a
slug among slugs - don't expect it to be going
anywhere fast, and by any definition of fast.
Hull Class: Battleship
Cost: 90 BP
Crew: 8
Crew Stasis Capacity: 52
Hull Strength: 50
Maneuverability: -15
Acceleration: -10
Speed: 3
Sensors: -5
Consoles: 1 Command, 4 Engineering,
1 Universal
Weapons: 1 Forward, 1 Rear
Tessier-class Super-Dreadnought
The pinnacle of capital-ship
engineering, a Tessier is monolithic enough to
be capable of stuffing even what would be
considered a spinal gun into a superheavy turret.
As if that weren't enough, this goliath has
enough armor to shrug off what might be a
critical hit on lesser ships. However, the Tessier
is likely going to be the slowest vessel in the fleet
by far, and therefore a prime target for bombers
and Rift or Spore torpedoes; as such, only the
unwise dispatch a Tessier without adequate
point-defense coverage.
Hull Class: Battleship
Cost: 200 BP
Crew: 45
Hull Strength: 160
Maneuverability: -15
Acceleration: -10
Speed: 2
Sensors: -5
Consoles: 1 Arcana, 3 Command, 2
Engineering, 3 Tactical, 2 Universal
Weapons: 4 Port, 4 Starboard, 1 twobarrel Omni (See Omni-Turret)
Omni-Turret: Can hold up to two nonturret weapons, which can rotate up to 45
degrees a round, deciding what they can hit.
Sturdy: Critical hits against this ship are
rolled at -2.
Hard to Move: Ships with this hull can
only rotate 45 degrees where other hulls could
rotate 90 degrees.
Obvious: Silent Running tests are made
at -20.
Babylon-class Orbital Defense Fortress
The Babylon-class is sometimes
referred to not as the orbital construct it is but
instead as an "artificial moon," and with good
reason; capable of supporting a total of 25,000
people indefinitely, it's very clearly visible in the
night sky above any world it happens to be
orbiting. It is, however, completely stationary
and thoroughly incapable of escaping the gravity
well of whatever world it's built over; it cannot
perform Maneuver actions and will naturally
rotate 20 degrees, in a direction decided at the
time of its construction, every round. While
entirely useless on offense, a fully kitted-out
Babylon is a rather formidable barrier against
planetary invasion.
Hull Class: Battleship
Cost: 400 BP
Crew: 50
Non-Crew Personnel Capacity: 450
Hull Strength: 250
Crit Modifier: -3
Maneuverability: -30
Acceleration: N/A
Speed: N/A
Sensors: +30
Silent Running: -30
Consoles: 3 Command, 12 Universal
Weapons: 3 Forward, 3 Rear, 3 Port, 3
Sturdy: Critical hits against this hull are
rolled at -3.
Obvious: Silent Running tests are rolled
at -30.
New Weapon Type: Point Defense
Any fast-tracking and accurate close-in
weapon system designed to intercept and
destroy guided ordnance before they can impact
with their intended target can be listed under
the general category of Point-Defense - and due
to the pinpoint precision they require, weapons
of this type may only be mounted in Lance
batteries. They may be fired as a reaction to a
torpedo being launched from or at a ship within
the weapon’s firing range and arc, or the ship
bearing the point-defense itself, if they have not
already been used this round. This is treated as
a Shot Guns test, with the torpedo's "static
defense" being its roll to hit the ship - and,
should the test end a success for the defender,
the torpedo is destroyed. Due to their reliance
on accuracy instead of caliber, they take -2k1 to
Damage, -3 to Disruption, -5 to Critical rating,
but receive a +15 bonus to Accuracy in turn.
Point-Defense batteries cost an additional 5 BP.
New Torpedo: Spore
"Sporeheads," so-named for the most
noticeable effect of their use, (widespread
ecological damage due to the spread of a
superbly engineered collection of fast-growing
fungi) happen to be outlawed in just about every
remotely civilized Crystal Sphere, and those
found to possess them tend to be branded
terrorists and given the death penalty. This is a
consequence of the inhumanity of this weapon;
while Sporeheads do not do damage directly,
they instead bore into a targeted ship - provided
its shields are down - and release a murderous
combination of pathogens and the toxic brew
they inhabit while in transit to a target ecology.
Not only is this very unpleasant - and lethal - to
anybody with the misfortune of sharing a room
with the torpedo, but this can also be lethal to
anybody sharing a ventilation system with it as
well. Needless to say, the lucky ones are those
who die fast. Should a Sporehead impact with a
ship without active shields, 4 Crew are
immediately lost, and - until a Command test
against a TN of 20 to effect a quarantine is
passed - two more Crew will be lost every round
afterwards. Should another Sporehead impact,
the vessel only loses 4 more Crew - the deathsover-time thing doesn't stack.
When used in Planetary Bombardment,
Sporeheads disperse their payload in the upper
atmosphere; it can be days or weeks before the
microbe invaders, dispersed across tens or
hundreds of kilometers, land and begin to wreak
havoc on both the local ecology and any people
who happen to be living in it.
New Components
Backscatter Inducer
Arcana Console
Cost: 10
Most commonly referred to as
"deflectors," Backscatter Inducers tend to
induce in the minds of all on the receiving end
of it that feel when you nearly nail a Sultana
with a Rift torpedo, only to find it reflected
straight back into your face. A ship with a
Backscatter Inducer may, after passing an
Arcana test of TN 15, reflect any one attack
made against it back at its origin. After a
successful use, it requires 1d10 rounds to
Blood-Pact Stone
Arcana Console
Cost: 10
So I heard you were looking for a
helmsman from the Umbra? Perhaps you
wanted an eldritch horror for an arcana officer?
Or maybe trading human sacrifices for blessings
is more your thing... Having a Blood-Pact Stone
increases all Warp Encounters rolls for the ship
by 2 and decreases maximum Crew count by 2
(However, this may not result in a Crew count
less than one) but increases effective crew count
by 6 (e.g. if it were on a Steamboat class,
effective crew would be 16 instead of 12,
meaning you could roll 16 dice total, but you
actually have 10 Crew) Should Crew count be
reduced to 0, the ship goes berserk/is possessed
and tries to ram or shoot at the nearest
ship/station/planet, with a dice pool of 6 - all of
which are kept on whatever tests performed, as
decided by the SM. If the Stone is damaged or
destroyed while there are no crew, however,
then the ship is inert as though it had no crew or
Pact Stone. Should the Stone be damaged or
destroyed while there are crew, you lose the
bonus of the Stone but keep the -2 Crew
capacity and +2 to Warp Encounters rolls.
Arcana Console
Cost: 30
An Umbracidium rends a very brief and
highly unstable tear through the Umbra capable
of, effectively, allowing short-range sub-Warp
jumps. A ship with this console is capable of
selecting a direction and performing an Arcana
test - and doubling the result - to determine how
many VU it will jump. After use, it may not be
used for another 1d10+5 rounds due to a lethal
buildup of bad luck within the drive coils.
Warp Chaff Emitter
Arcana Console
Cost: 25
A crude Thaumaturgic
Countermeasures system, Warp Chaff serves to
- rather than hide a vessel from notice - make a
ship and its general surroundings the most
enticing target for guided weaponry by
swamping sensors in false augury returns.
Should a launched hostile torpedo have a ship
with an active Warp Chaff system within its
range and arc, it will be attracted towards it and
veer from its intended trajectory to instead
attack the ship with the active Chaff console suffering a -5 penalty to accuracy in the process.
The launching ship may, through an opposed
Arcana test against the Chaff-emitting ship,
attempt to return the torpedo to its original
course. Should an Emitter-equipped ship be
jammed, the Emitter will offline and may only
be returned to activity when the ship is not
suffering the effects of a jam. Activating an
Emitter is a complex and tedious task not
entirely unlike booting up, operating, and
maintaining a UNIVAC, and therefore requires
an Arcana test against a TN of 15; however,
once online, it may be deactivated at will by the
Chief Arcana Officer of the ship.
Flux Disentangler
Arcana Console
Cost: 10
A Flux Disentangler serves to increase a
ship's resistance to jamming attempts by
allowing it to neutralize sensor noise. The ship
receives two free raises on all rolls made to
counteract jamming.
Command Console
Cost: 15
A Fleet Command Link, colloquially
known as an Ansible, allows a single designated
Admiral to extend the jurisdiction - and
therefore bonuses - of their command actions
into aligned ships that are also equipped with a
Link. Any ships that are jammed are cut out of
the link until such time as they regain
communications capability.
Contamination Proofing
Engineering Console
Cost: 5
A few modifications to vessel design
such as distributed life-support, atmosphere
monitors, and readily-available chemsuits later,
and the ship only loses half as much Crew from
the effects of Sporeheads, as well as providing a
free raise to the Command test to restore order
and prevent further fatalities.
Engineering Console
Cost: 10
Should the helmsman succeed at a pilot
test of TN 10, the ship may move up to its
maximum speed backwards and change its
heading to any. A cooldown time of 1d10
rounds is necessary before reuse.
Stasis Pods
Engineering Console
Cost: 15
For every Stasis Pod console, you have
another 4 crew in stasis. As these pods don't
come with any extra life support, this does not
increase the maximum amount of warm bodies
you can have active at once - a Steamboat with a
Stasis Pod can't have all 16 crew active, for
example, and is still limited to 12 at once - but
you can microwave revive Crew in stasis with a
Tech-Use test with a TN of 10, a success and
each raise allowing you to bring one more
crewcicle back from suspended animation to
replace a lost/absent unit of Crew (up to the
ship's maximum). Excess Crew or passengers
may freely enter unoccupied Stasis pods at will.
Tactical Console
Cost: 20
By performing an engineering test of
TN 10, one torpedo (+1 per raise) may be
converted into a mine. These mines may be
stored for future dispersal - like a torpedo - or
immediately scattered anywhere within 2 VUs of
the dropping ship; they become active (meaning
they can be told to fly into legal targets) three
rounds later. Mines function almost exactly like
torpedoes; this means that they keep their firing
arc limitations and therefore need to be pointed
in a direction upon deployment. However, their
range is halved (due to the autonomous
guidance and IFF package necessary) and they
are, of course, stationary. Should any hostile
ship or wing of strikecraft not running silent
enter or pass through their firing arc, they may
attack (as a reaction to the ship entering their
arc) as a torpedo, using the Crew Quality of the
ship they were dropped plus one as rolled and
Crew Quality as kept dice for the hit test. A
Minelayer console can store 5 torpedoes or
mines. Detecting a mine requires an Active
Augury which is not directed against a ship, the
result of which determines within how many
VUs of the ship performing the augury mines
are revealed.
For example, if a Monitor-Class Exploration
Ship were to perform an Active Augury targeted
at local space, getting an 8, along with the +10
to sensors from the hull would result in it
detecting any mines within 18 VUs. It detects
the Quath Mine 9 VUs away, but only after
entering the mine’s target range. If the mine was
dropped by a ship with a Crew Quality of 3, it
would roll 4k3 to hit the ship and - should the
test succeed - deal damage as though it were a
regular Quath Torpedo. Hitting a deployed
mine with a ship-based weapon requires a
ballistics test against a TN of 30, with success
resulting in the destruction of the targeted mine.
Universal Console
Cost: 15
Your ship has a research facility
installed, operated by only the brightest
given access to the bleeding edge of engineering
and analytical technology. Constantly collecting
and measuring information, every now and then
these masters of their fields can - in a flash of
insight - get you out of a jam or solve a problem
in a seemingly magical fashion. Once per scene,
you may choose to automatically pass a test of a
category dependent on where the Lab is located
(For example, Command tests if you put
it in the place of a Command console),
receiving raises equal to Crew Quality or
the Bridge Officer's dots in the tested skill.
If the Lab is in a Universal slot, you may
instead choose to have it spectacularly
explode in some strange reaction which
miraculously kills nobody and just
happens to negate one non-Maneuver
action taken by a hostile ship.
Tactical Console
Cost: 5 + 10*X
For speedy force projection at long
ranges, hangars allow a ship to launch
squadrons of purpose-built light and agile
single-person vessels. Detecting a wing of
strikecraft requires either an omnidirectional
Active Augury, the result multiplied by three
determining within what distance you spot
strikecraft that round, or that they enter within
20 VUs of an owned or aligned vessel. Should a
strikecraft wing be fired on, the number of
allocated crew killed is equal to 1 + however
many raises the attacker received on the hit test.
Strikecraft only have so much power and fuel,
and therefore must resupply every twelve rounds
or be left dead and adrift with no life support so, essentially, destroyed. Completely destroyed
wings can be replaced while the ship is in port,
and can be treated as Torpedoes with a cost of
X+1 for acquisition purposes. X is a variable
with a value dependent on the class of ship the
hangar is part of; 1 for Escorts, 2 for Destroyers,
3 for Cruisers, and 4 for Battleships. All
maneuver actions roll and keep Crew Quality,
or the appropriate stat for the Flight Controller
bridge officer. This upgrade can be taken
multiple times. One Hangar allows a ship to
carry, launch, and resupply one wing (which
may have a maximum of 5 Crew allocated to it)
of strikecraft of the types listed.
Strikecraft, like other ships, have a
Static Defense of three times their Crew Quality
+ Maneuverability.
Strikecraft: Interceptors
13 + Crew Quality
Your conventional fighters, these may fire on any
craft within 5 VUs, rolling Crew and keeping
X+1 before adding Crew Quality*2 to the result.
Should the attack be made against a spaceship,
they roll Crew and keep X and halve the result
for damage, and do not roll on the Critical table.
Strikecraft: Bombers
11 + Crew Quality
Take an Interceptor, replace the repeating arrays
with a spine-mounted cannon or similar heavy
armament, and you have just made a Bomber.
Bombers may fire against craft within 5 VUs,
rolling for a hit with Crew and keeping X+1, but
when firing on other strikecraft they do so with a
-10 modifier. Should a hit be made, they roll
Crew and keep X for damage - along with rolling
on the Crit table at +Crew Quality. Attacks may
penetrate shields, but doing so halves the damage
received and subtracts 5 from their Crit rating.
Bombers may also carry and deploy X+1 mines.
Strikecraft: Support
7 + Crew Quality
Exactly what it says on the tin; they can Support
a craft within 1 VU - refer to Book 2 for
Fightercraft Support rules, except Crew lost
when taking a shot is equal to 5 minus X and the
variable X used, instead of being Crew Quality,
is the X as used here plus one. They count as
having a Point-Defense turret equipped, rolling
to hit with the same rules as Interceptors.
Strikecraft: Infowar
1 + Crew Quality
Rather than carrying conventional weaponry, a
squadron of information warfare craft is capable
of performing Active Auguries or Jamming,
rolling Crew and keeping X+1.
Setting, Creatures, and
Additional Rules
The Umbra
The Umbra is a kind of shallow end of
the warp, an intermediary between the full
chaos of the warp and the real universe. It is
something like a shadow, not really a true place
or thing, just an image of the real universe that
exists alongside it, separated by a thin barrier.
The geography of the Umbra is a dark mirror of
the real universe, warped by the emotions and
history of the place, empty of people and
changing to reflect the real world when no one is
Many supernatural beings and spirits
can cross between the Umbra and the real
world. Ghosts and weaker daemons can use this
shadowland to cause havoc. Damage done to
things in the Umbra does not cause immediate
harm to anything in the real world, though there
are some odd parallels – something being
destroyed in the warp tends to give it bad luck
in the real world, as an example.
The Umbra shows more material traits
and is a more direct reflection of reality the
closer one is to the Materium within it. It is in
this region that most spirits dwell, it is here that
mortal mages most commonly tread, and it is
here that you see the most recognizable
reflections of the material world. But delving
deeper into the Umbra, taking strange and
twisted paths, leads to realms that are less
recognizable, in which the natives of the Umbra
live lives scarcely related to those of the spheres
that mortal mages suppose they reflect. Few
ever journey here that aren't native, and many
who do never return, afoul of some bizarre
hazard. Fewer still go further, but those who do
find a bizarre and chaotic realm where it is not
the Materium that is most accurately reflected,
but the Warp. Some mages who study the
Umbra term these to be the inner, middle, and
outer layers, but most think only of the inner,
the Umbral's material periphery.
Warp-Trods: Deep within the Umbra,
space may be as warped as the Warp itself. In
the middle region, if one knows the right paths
it's possible to walk on foot from one planet to
another. In the deepest portion, with a good
knowledge of the paths and even better luck, it
is possible to talk all the way from one crystal
sphere to another, though for denizens of
Materium it's usually faster and always safer to
stick to the conventional methods.
Umbral Arcadia
The Umbral Arcadia, or just Arcadia to
the folks of the Umbra, is a reflection of the
crystal sphere of Arcadia. Even at the shallowest
parts, it differs more than usual, however. One
barely needs to go deep at all, step backwards
through the wrong doorway, perhaps, and one is
in the Hedge, an enormous and carefully
cultivated maze of hedges. These mazes are the
front garden and huntinglands of the Sidhe
courts, which dwell beyond them, in the middle
layer of the Umbra. The Sidhe are a great
Youma Kingdom (or perhaps two, or four) who
are bound even more tightly by contracts and
laws than is typical for the Youma. They are
also among the most active and famous of the
Youma, because of an incursion hundreds of
years ago, when dozens of Sidhe stagships
streamed through the Great Mirror. The official
stance in Material Arcadia is that these forces
were repelled easily, which is why the Great
Mirror is still intact, but straight answers come
out from Buxenus even less frequently than
people do.
By journeying through a long and
convoluted warp-trod from Shadowfell through
Shadowdark, then Darkbad, then Shadow
Shadow Bo Badow and finally Double Hell, an
umbral voyager may arrive in Scarytown, the
Umbral reflection of the no less remote sphere
of Nostramo. Scarytown, especially in the inner
layer, is home to the largest known civilization
of Dusklings, who build quaint slums and great
fell temples, but the area is more notable for
another reason. Each temple is built to one of
the Ghoul Stars, orifices that connect the
Umbral and Material worlds. Dusklings pass
through regularly, and they are as plentiful in
Nostramo as they are in Scarytown, though few
make their homes there. Spirits and ghosts
sometimes also pass through, after making the
long trek in the Umbra, to enter the material
Nostramo has but one planet and no
true sun, so it is filled with darkness. Space
stations are built around most ghoul stars, filled
with dusklings in transit, umbral researchers,
and even the occasional trader, though few find
it worth their time to come so far out of their
way. The planet is largely barren.
Daylight 13: The ironically named
research outpost is the largest and most popular
station for mages in Nostramo. It circles the
thirteenth largest ghoul star, which leads to the
deepest point in the Umbral of any known gate.
The station itself passes through the star on
occasion and the research mages are always
delighted to see what happens, though the
station passes close enough to the Warp that
casualties are far from unheard of.
Factions Expanded
Less than 30 years ago the Doomguard
– otherwise known as the Sinkers – was nothing
but a loose collection of paranoid cultists
predicting the end of the Wheel. Today, it is an
economic and political powerhouse, with almost
total control over weapons manufacturing and
distribution within Sigil.
The core tenant of the Doomguard is
that entropy is a desirable force within the
Wheel but how this idea is expressed varies
wildly between members of the Faction. Many
see it as a means to an end; to create change,
advance technologically or simply a way to make
money. Others see it as a purpose unto itself;
something that will bring ultimate peace to the
Wheel. Some just want to see worlds burn.
Bases of operations
The Armory is a powerful Megacorp,
with a sprawling complex of factories on the
border of Sigil’s Lower Ward. The Doomguard
use it to build weapons of every description;
from swords and guns (and guns that shoots
swords) to Battle Tanks and Bio Titans. Armory
brand weapons can be found across the known
Outside of Sigil, the Doomguard
control five ruined Syrneth citadels in a desolate
Crystal Sphere called the Forbidden Zone. They
are known as Exhalus, Alluvius, Sealt, Quietus
and Cineris. Within each of the citadels resides
an ancient and terrible Wraith known as a
Doomlord. How these beings came to serve the
Doomguard is a closely guarded secret.
Nurgle represents the Doomguard best
but worshippers of Tzeentch, Khorne, Malal,
Sigmar and the Raven Queen are also common.
Internal cliques
Street Preachers: Most Street Preachers
where around before Zorg gentrified the
Faction. They serve the Doomguard by
shouting unintelligibly on street corners and
committing random acts of petty violence. Most
new Sinkers pretend they don't exist or
otherwise marginalize them.
Punch-clock Sinkers: The vast majority
of Doomguard are simply members to keep
their jobs in the Armoury. In general they agree
that entropy is a thing and that they should keep
an eye on it but don't go any deeper into Sinker
Watchers: This group of wealthy
Doomguard and Armory investors are avid
voyeurs of battle. They seek out places of
conflict across the wheel just so they can go and
watch the violence. They like to place a few bets
on the outcome and although they swear they
don’t intervene, it’s not uncommon for caches
of bootlegged Armory weapons to coincidentally
turn up on the battlefield. They also sponsor
several of the most brutal teams in the Sigilian
Blood Bowl league.
Prominent Members
John Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is the
owner of the Armory and is almost solely
responsible for the Doomguard being a
successful Faction. Before his conversion to the
Sinkers, Zorg was a well-respected but low level
member of the Fated. However, he’d long found
his personal philosophy was better served by the
Doomguard and saw an opportunity to really
take charge. He contacted Pentar with a
proposal; in exchange for the resources and
manpower of the Armory she would fast-track
him to Factor status. She agreed, so Zorg
severed his ties to his old Faction and told his
employees that anyone who wanted to keep
their jobs where going to follow him to the
Doomguard. Since the Armoury employed over
60 million people, the Sinkers became a fullyfledged Faction overnight. Due to his
contributions, Zorg sees himself as the rightful
Factol and fully expects to be named as such the
next time The Lady of Pain selects the council.
He truly believes that entropy is a positive force
in the Wheel. Destruction always leads to
creation, conflict leads to evolution and death to
rebirth. The money from arms dealing doesn't
hurt either.
Mr. Torgue is an Ork. Some say he's
the Orkiest Ork to ever crawl out of the ground.
He would say that he is in fact awesome and
then play an extended air guitar solo. He
considers his greatest accomplishments in life to
be growing a rocking mullet and handlebar
mustache in blatant disregard for Orkish
physiology and designing a line of nuclear
charges that detonate in the shape of various
rude gestures. He also runs a gladiatorial
combat show on one of the distant
borderworlds. Torgue has a very straightforward
interpretation of Sinker philosophy. Explosions
are awesome, why isn't everything exploding?
That's squigshit! Blow it all up!
Mad Stan is an extremely proactive
member of the Street Preachers, going to any
institution or service that offends him and
blowing it right the zog up. He believes that
destroying anything that makes life difficult or
complex will help everyone return to a simpler
and more fulfilling existence.
Factol: Pentar
Pentar is a well-known mercenary,
terrorist and weapons dealer, although she limits
her activities in Sigil itself. She appears to be a
slightly built human woman around the age of
30, which is odd because records show she has
been active in the Wheel for longer than
humanity as a whole has been in space. She’s
been Factol of the Doomguard for a very long
time, her personal conviction and natural
charisma the only thing holding it together
enough to be called a Faction in the first place.
Pentar doesn’t much care for politics and leaves
most of the actual running of the Faction up to
Factor Zorg. By all accounts she preferred the
simple days when the Sinkers where all about
sowing random violence and deeply regrets
selling out. On the other hand she does see the
value in having a more prominent presence in
the Wheel and is glad that her Philosophy is
getting attention from more than dirty barmies
standing on soap boxes. She believes that the
only path to true understanding is through
destruction and conflict, whether it be through
the annihilation of self or of others. She sows
chaos and destruction not for personal gain but
in hopes that others will reach enlightenment.
That isn’t to say she doesn’t enjoy it, just that as
far as she’s concerned she’s doing the Wheel a
House Dimir
"Eat your vegetables, or the Dimir will
take you!" "Yeah, if that's a real likeness of the
Lady, I'm a Factor at Duskmantle." House
Dimir is, at its core, an utter fabrication, a
fiction meant to communicate scorn and to
scare rebellious children into line. They are said
to have been founded by one of the first
Vampires ever to stride across the Wheel, to
deal in secrets and cross-trading among other
not-quite-legal activities. If this is true, why have
their leaders not been uncovered, and given the
rope? How can an organization that supposedly
sprawls across the Wheel be kept secret since
the days of Khaine?
The simple answer is that House Dimir
does not exist. If someone approaches you
claiming to be one of the Dimir, you are being
lied to. There is no geas enforcing these words.
We are not magically and contractually
obligated to obscure this information. But,
hypothetically, if House Dimir does exist, the
following information is not accurate.
Base of Operations
The guildmaster of House Dimir can
supposedly be found in Duskmantle, which is
supposedly built in the center of Sigil. Naturally,
asking for directions is a sure way to be laughed
right out, as the guild that doesn't exist meets
only in a manse that was never built in a
location that can never be found. The signets
allegedly carried by true servants of House
Dimir are said to be gate keys keyed to its
location, but as no such signet has ever been
found, this is impossible to verify.
Outside of Sigil, House Dimir does not
operate in small, decentralized cells, which in
turn do not rely on dead drops and
synchronicity to pass on information.
House Dimir is not a clandestine
organization, and it is not built primarily on
secrets and cross-trading. Thus, its members assuming there are any - would not be nigh
uniformly aligned to Acerath, and they certainly
wouldn't pretend to fly the banners of other
deities including Tiamat, Chaos Undivided,
Sigmar, and the Raven Queen.
Internal Cliques
Insurrectionists: Ranging from
disillusioned teenagers to real antisocial berks,
these dumbasses tend to get crudely-made
spider signets in the post and assume they're
Dimir. House Dimir does not use these idiots as
distractions for their own tasks.
Informants: If the vast majority of
alleged Dimir activity comes from the last group
of barmies, most of the rest comes from people
approached by someone in a dark alley bearing
what is described as a sapphire set into a spider.
These people are given a specific task, usually
something as simple as delivering a package, or
placing a letter in a drop box, and are paid for
their aid without anyone being the wiser. There
is no need to be concerned if you are
approached this way!
The Inner Circle: House Dimir does
not exist. If it did exist, its high-ups would most
certainly not be primarily inclined toward
scheming creative ways to accomplish their
goals by using catspaws and dupes. Not a single
actual member of the Dimir would know the
identity of more than one of the Inner Circle,
and that individual would most assuredly not be
the one that he directly reports to. For that
matter, none of the Inner Circle would know
which of them is the guildmaster, either.
Prominent Members
"Handsome" Jack Harper is known to
be a functional sociopath, however funny and
charming he might be to speak to, and that's
how he went from lowly code monkey to CEO
of one of the most successful megacorporations
on the Wheel. He has a compulsive need to be
in control at all times, and isn't above plying the
cross-trade to keep it that way. He does,
however, keep very strange hours, and an
equally strange insistence on privacy... and exact
words. To be fair, nobody believed him when he
claimed he learned about that mother lode of
Orichalcum in the borderworlds from Szadek
There are some who say that you
should never trust the words of a serpent. They
may be thinking of Sesha, the black-scaled
Ophidian who staffs a black market in Sigil's
Hive Ward. He's got anything and everything
you can think of for sale, and if you can't find it
in his shop, he can acquire it for you within a
week. Just don't ask where it came from, or why
it smells like blood... and don't question him
when he says he'll cut the jink you owe him if
you do him a favor.
Nyx is a fairy who can be trusted to
know anything. She can get into any place, find
out any information, all for the fantastically low
price of two stingers and what you're going to do
when she tells you.
Parun: Szadek
Szadek is not among the oldest
Vampires on the Wheel, and does not have his
fingers in every criminal enterprise in Sigil. He is
allegedly an albino arachne male, though those
claiming to have met "Szadek" in the flesh are
notoriously dishonest or drunkards and thus not
to be trusted. There is, however, a notable
coincidence in that a "Baron Sengir" matching
this description makes appearances in Sigil's
politics, especially in Council meetings or other
affairs that might have an impact upon criminal
activities. This is, however, only a coincidence,
as no albino arachne are registered as
inhabitants of Sigil.
This Szadek, if he exists, must therefore
have goals as inscrutable as the movements of
the stars themselves. Exactly what he might gain
by not running a non-existent guild remains to
be seen.
Individuals of Note
Elder Dragons of Sigil
Though the Draconic Empire is no
more, the title of Draconic Empress still exists,
and carries great prestige among dragonkind. It
is now more akin to a religious position than one
of true power, but Hestaby takes her role
seriously, and sponsors draconic convocations in
times of dire circumstance. She also is the
official steward of the Great Wheel under only
Bahamut himself, in the eyes of those dragons
who still care about the old Empire. In this role,
she is conservation-minded and acts and
counsels against squandering natural resources
like indigenous flora and fauna, and mortal
beings. She manages relations with mortal
beings fairly astutely, and is often in media. She
also holds an honorary position on the Council
of Sigil, in which she is entitled to appear and to
speak, though as she isn't a Factol she has no
The rival and rumored lover of
Hestaby, Lofwyr controls the number one
megacorporation in the Great Wheel. SaederKrupp has arms and subsidiaries in almost every
known crystal sphere, and Lofwyr is known for
micromanaging them all. He has no official
authority, but his incredible wealth doesn't need
to be official to lend his words importance, and
he is also prestigious among even dragonkind as
the oldest known dragon remaining.
Nicol Bolas
Though he completely lacks any
apparent temporal power, Nicol Bolas maintains
a stately lair in Sigil. The lair itself, however, is
merely a glorified lobby for the gate to his true
home: A crystal sphere he keeps entirely for his
personal use known in recent centuries only as
Nicol Bolas' Meditation Sphere. Though he
holds few assets directly, he is known to hire,
employ, and manipulate exalts and other
runners of the shadow as both a means to an
end and as a hobby.
Dramatis Personae
The Old Made Anew: Book 1
General Noncombatant
The Wheel contains countless billions
of men and women, from the hab-workers
trudging to and from factories day after day, to
the ratings that blister their hands working
impossible hours onboard military ships, to ore
miners providing fuel and raw material to fuel
the galaxy's lust for wealth.
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Leathers (2 AP; Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Knife (4k2 R; Pen 0), Autopistol
(30m; S/6; 2k2 I; Pen 0; Clip 12; Reload Full)
Threadbare clothing, leathers, 2
autopistol clips, a few coins.
Common Lore 1, Perception 1,
Craft 1
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Attacks Unarmed
Drab garb, a few coins
Green Troops/Common Outlaws
The lowest of the low, these men
represent barely trained conscripts and thieves.
They present little threat to anyone armed or
ready for them, preying upon the weak and
afraid. Every day, wars and hardship drive more
people to these extremes - many are not even
bad people, just hungry and not able to see any
other way out.
Acrobatics 1, Perception 1,
Common Lore 1, Intimidate 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 1,
Ballistics 1.
Regular Troops/Rebels
A common, every day soldier, armed
with standard service weapon and armor.
They've gone through basic training, unlike
conscripted soldiers forced into service, and can
present an actual threat if there are enough of
them around to concentrate fire.
Acrobatics 1, Perception 1,
Common Lore 1, Intimidate 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 2,
Ballistics 2.
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Parrying, Las). Sound Constitution x 2, Jaded,
Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
Flak Vest, Gauntlets, Helmet (5 AP;
Arms, Body, Head)
Attacks Knife (4k2 R; Pen 0), Lasgun (60m;
S/3; 3k2 E; Pen 0; Clip 60; Reload Full)
Uniform, Flak Armor, Lasgun, 2
Energy Packs, Micro-bead, Torch
Mortal Hero
The mortal hero represents a warrior
near the very peak of mortal ability,
armed with some of the best equipment
and training that a person can get.
To a newborn exalt, they present
a threat in one-on-one combat,
pure luck and bloody-mindedness
taking the place of supernatural
Elite Soldiers/Raiders
Elite Soldiers are special forces, distinct
not just in having somewhat better equipment,
but also in having better training and
experience. They tend to not only perform
better in combat than the standard soldier, but
also know when it's time to leave.
Acrobatics 1, Perception 2,
Common Lore 1, Intimidate 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 2,
Ballistics 3.
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Parrying, Las), Sound Constitution x 2, Jaded,
Armor Proficiency (light, medium, Heavy)
Carapace Armor (7 AP; Arms, Body,
Legs, Head)
Attacks Knife (5k2 R; Pen 0), Lasgun (60m;
S/3; 3k2 E; Pen 0; Clip 60; Reload Full)
Uniform, Carapace Armor, Lasgun, 2
En- ergy Packs, Micro-bead, Torch, Rebreather,
2 Frag Grenades
Acrobatics 2, Perception 2,
Common Lore 2, Intimidate 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 3, Ballistics
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Parrying, Las, Chain). Sound Constitution x 2,
Jaded, Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy,
extreme, power), True Grit, Blind Fighting,
Light Power Armor (10 AP; All)
Attacks Chainsword (8k2 R; Pen 4, Tearing),
Pulse Rifle (100m; S/4; 2k2 E; Pen 2; Clip 40;
Reload Full)
Flashy clothing, Light Power Armor,
Pulse Rifle, 2 Energy Packs, Micro-bead,
Torch, Rebreather, 2 Frag Grenades
Sabbat Thug
The Sabbat is a kind of vampire mafia,
an organization whose tendrils reach into many
major planetary cities and with political
influence that stems from simply being around
for over a thousand years and gaining lots and
lots of wealth. The lowest members of the
Sabbat are thugs, soldiers and enforcers who are
at the bottom rung of the organization with
nowhere to go but up.
Acrobatics 1, Athletics 1,
Ballistics 1, Brawl 2, Drive 1,
Intimidation 1, Perception 2,
Weaponry 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Sound Constitution, Weapon
Proficiency (Ordinary)
Attacks Bite (4k1 R, Pen 0), Brass Knuckles
(3k2, Pen 0), Hand Cannon (35m; S/-; 3k2 I;
Pen 3; Clip 6; Reload 2 Full)
Undead Resilience – As the Vampire power
Sunlight Weakness – As the Vampire power
Blood Dependency – As the Vampire power
Resource State (Vitae; 5), Dark Sight
Dark clothing, Brass Knuckles, Hand
Cannon, Chrono, 5 reloads for the Hand
Sabbat Prince
A Sabbat Prince is considerably higher
up in the organization than the thugs they
command. They have a huge amount of
personal power, not just from their undead
abilities, but also because they're so well
connected with the local political scene. They
are rarely seen alone or in any kind of vulnerable
position, usually accompanied by bodyguards
and hired thugs.
Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3,
Ballistics 2, Brawl 4, Drive 1,
Intimidation 3, Perception 3,
Politics 3, Weaponry 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Sound Constitution x3, Weapon
Proficiency (Ordinary), Quick Draw, Swift
Attack, Fearless, Wall of Steel
Attacks Bite (6k1 R, Pen 0), Brass Knuckles
(5k2, Pen 0), Hand Cannon (35m; S/-; 3k2 I;
Pen 3; Clip 6; Reload 2 Full)
Undead Resilience – As the Vampire power
Sunlight Weakness – As the Vampire power
Blood Dependency – As the Vampire power
Resource State (Vitae; 15), Dark
Sight, Fear 1
Sharp black suit, Brass Knuckles,
Hand Cannon, Expensive Chrono, 5 reloads for
the Hand Cannon.
Zoanoid Thug
Werewolves are a divided group, and
Zoanoids are the worst of the worst, changed
and mutated by the powers of the Warp.
They're barely distinguishable from daemons in
their warforms, and it's entirely possible that
they'll have abilities and traits that aren't listed
here as a consequence of these mutations.
Brawl 2, Perception 3,
Intimidate 2, Weaponry 2
5 [8]
4/4 [6/5]
Static Defense
14 [10]
Mental Defense 20
12/5 [16/5]
Furious Assault, Heightened Senses
(smell), Iron Jaw
Attacks [Claws (7k1 R), Bite (8k1 R)]
Shifting – As the Werewolf power. Stats in
brackets are for Warform.
Lycan Resistance – As the Werewolf power
Silver Bane – As the Werewolf power
Resource Stat (Rage; 6),
Regeneration 1
Torn street clothing
Mental Defense 20
20/7 [24/7]
Sound Constitution x2, Furious
Assault, Power Attack, Heightened Senses
(smell), Iron Jaw
Attacks [Claws (8k1 R), Bite (9k1 R)]
Shifting – As the Werewolf power. Stats in
brackets are for Warform.
Lycan Resistance – As the Werewolf power
Silver Bane – As the Werewolf power
Traits Resource Stat (Rage; 10),
Regeneration 1
Expendable suit, sunglasses
Zoanoid Heavy
More powerful than the standard
Zoanoid, these monsters are deadly, sometimes
simply berserk monsters that go wild in the
streets but occasionally one with exceptional
power or charisma will form a gang of mutant
monsters and terrorize a city. Most appear as
horrible abominations in their warform, a mix of
insect and aquatic features that look unreal and
Static Defense
Brawl 4, Perception 3,
Intimidate 4, Weaponry 4
8 [10]
4/5 [6/6]
21 [18]
Monodrone Modron
Modrons. The very name causes some
of the bravest heroes in the Wheel to shudder in
terror. They are immortal things, battle shells of
an unholy living metal. Their weapons fire
beams that tear their targets apart layer by layer.
They slowly and methodically seek out living
things and destroy them, implacable and
terrible. Monodrones are the most common
Modron, simple creatures like metal spheres of
skeletal metal with baleful eyes and long,
birdlike legs.
Weaponry 3, Ballistics 3, Brawl
3, Perception 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense HP/Resolve
True Grit
Armor Plating 4 (All)
Attacks Gauss Flayer (80m; S/-; 2k2 X; Pen
12; Clip -; Reload -; Tearing), Melee
Attachment (8k3 R; Pen 4)
Gauss Weapon - Whenever a creature takes
damage from the Modron's Gauss Flayer, they
suffer 1 critical damage to that location even if
they have HP remaining.
Frightful Presence - Whenever this creature
charges or makes an All Out Attack, all
creatures within melee range of it must test
against its fear rating.
We'll Be Back - When 'killed', roll 1d10 at the
start at each of its turns. On an 8+, the creature
fades away, teleporting somewhere else. After
three rounds, the creature comes back to life at
0 wounds.
Armor Plating (4), Aura (4), Crawler,
Fear 2, Mindless, Regeneration 1, Stuff of
Duodrone Modron
Duodrones are more advanced and
powerful than monodrones, capable of not only
destroying life, but seeking out new targets
when they have eliminated their targets. They
have even more deadly weapons than
monodrones, and are even tougher and
Weaponry 4, Ballistics 4, Brawl
4, Perception 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense HP/Resolve
True Grit
Armor Plating 6 (All)
Attacks Gauss Blaster (80m; S/3; 2k2 X; Pen
12; Clip -; Reload -; Tearing), Melee
Attachment (9k3 R; Pen 4)
Gauss Weapon - Whenever a creature takes
damage from the Modron's Gauss Flayer, they
suffer 1 critical damage to that location even if
they have HP remaining.
Frightful Presence - Whenever this creature
charges or makes an All Out Attack, all
creatures within melee range of it must test
against its fear rating.
We'll Be Back - When 'killed', roll 1d10 at the
start at each of its turns. On an 8+, the creature
fades away, teleporting somewhere else. After
three rounds, the creature comes back to life at
0 wounds.
Armor Plating (6), Aura (6), Crawler,
Fear 2, Mindless, Regeneration 1, Stuff of
A cultist is, naturally, a member of one
of the more extreme arms of a religion. They're
not any stronger, faster, or smarter than the
average person, but they've got just enough
crazy to make them really dangerous and the
blessings of their gods mean that they shouldn't
be underestimated.
Academic Lore 2, Forbidden
Lore 2, Arcana 2, Weaponry 2,
Persuasion 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Lucky, Powerful Charge, Weapon
Proficiency (Ordinary)
Attacks Hand Weapon (5k2 R; Pen 0)
Resource Stat (Favor; 6)
Tattered Robes, Hand Weapon,
Heretical Writings, Charm
A dangerous and fanatical champion of
their god, typically the leader of a radical sect.
They might even worship a daemon directly.
Regardless of their cause or master, they are
dangerous, not just because they have magical
blessings but because they cannot be reasoned
Academic Lore 2, Forbidden
Lore 4, Arcana 3, Weaponry 3,
Persuasion 3, Ballistics 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Lucky, Powerful Charge, Weapon
Proficiency (Ordinary, Flail, Flame), Armor
Proficiency (Extreme), Sound Constitution x2,
True Grit, Divine Ministration
Plate Armor 8 (Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Dire Flail (5k3 I; Pen 3; Two Hands,
Flexible, Unwieldy), Hand Flamer (10m; S/-;
3k2 E; Pen 4; Clip 3; Reload 2Full, Flame)
Resource Stat (Favor; 8)
Ornate Robes, Dire Flail, Hand
Flamer, extra fuel tank, Plate Armor, Heretical
Writings, Charm
A Heretek is a failed promethean, a
being more machine than man and often driven
insane by the bionic upgrades and surgeries that
they've suffered in their attempt at immortality.
Some are the poor victims of mad scientists,
others are the mad scientists themselves, men
with the will and drive to experiment even on
Academic Lore 3, Ballistics 2,
Drive 2, Forbidden Lore 3, Pilot
2, Tech-Use 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Weapon Proficiency (Las, Ordinary)
Subdermal Plating (2, All)
Attacks Laspistol (30m; S/-; 2k2 E; Pen 0;
Clip 30; Reload Full; Reliable), Wrench (4k2 I)
Man of Iron - The Heretek ignores critical
effects that would cause death except for effects
resulting from critical damage to the gizzards or
Armor Plating (2), Stuff of
Nightmares, Resource Stat (Pyros, 3)
Tattered robes, Combi-tool, Data
Slate filled with illegal data, Chrono, Laspistol,
2 power packs, Heavy wrench
Dark Mechanius
A powerful and dangerous opponent,
the Dark Mechanius is almost everything the
Heretek wants to be, merely the barest traces of
flesh remaining inside a machine shell. Nearly
every part of them has been replaced with
bionics, and many are little more than a few
scraps of brain tissue controlling a machine.
Academic Lore 3, Ballistics 2,
Drive 2, Forbidden Lore 3, Pilot
2, Tech-Use 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Weapon Proficiency (Las, Ordinary,
Plasma), Crack Shot, Sound Constitution x3,
Iron Jaw
Subdermal Plating (4, All)
Attacks Integrated Plasma Gun (90m; S/2;
3k3 E; Pen 8; Clip -; Reload -; Recharge),
Power Sword (9k2 R; Pen 4; Power Field)
Man of Iron - The Dark Mechanius ignores
critical effects that would cause death except for
effects resulting from critical damage to the
gizzards or head.
Mechendrites - The Dark Mechanius has a
number of extra mechanical limbs. These allow
him to take an extra half action on each of his
turns that can only be used for something those
extra limbs could do, such as a ready action or
Armor Plating (4), Stuff of
Nightmares, Resource Stat (Pyros, 9)
Tattered robes, Combi-tool, Data
Slate filled with illegal data, Chrono, Power
Incarnate Lesser Demon
A daemon brought from the warp and
into the real world, the incarnate daemon
presents a deadly threat. They're almost
impossible to kill by normal means, made more
out of warp stuff than any real matter. A lesser
daemon is little more than an animal, clever and
dangerous but not truly intelligent or with much
magical ability.
Perception 1, Arcana 2, Brawl 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Daemonic Toughness (3, All)
Attacks Claws and Teeth (5k2 R; Tearing)
Daemonic, Dark Sight, Fear 1,
Resource Stat (Essence; 7)
Incarnate Greater Demon
Where the lesser daemon is essentially a
wild animal, the greater daemon is an intelligent
opponent that uses its abilities to their all. With
its massive size and sheer toughness, the Greater
Daemon can shrug off all but the most
impressive attacks.
Perception 1, Arcana 2, Brawl 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Frenzy, Swift Attack
Daemonic Toughness (6, All)
Attacks Claws and Teeth (8k2 R; Tearing),
Warp Fire (50m; S/-; 4k3 E; Flame)
Daemonic, Dark Sight, Fear 2,
Resource Stat (Essence; 14)
Beast of Burden
This stat block represents a great variety
of creatures. From oxen to heavy horses or grox,
the Beast of Burden takes as many shapes as
there are worlds. They're hardly dangerous, but
they're usually stubborn.
Perception 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 1
Static Defense
Mental Defense 10
Attacks Kick (5k2 I)
Flying Creature
Ferocious Creature
A predatory creature much more
dangerous than the simple beast of burden, the
Ferocious Creature is typically cat- or wolflike.
They tend to be much less fearful than most
animals, and many are not afraid to hunt people
for food. Or sport.
Perception 3, Athletics 3,
Acrobatics 2, Stealth 2, Brawl 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 10
Heightened Senses (Scent), Step
Attacks Bite (6k3 R)
Quadruped, Dark Sight
From large hawks to severely pissed off
swans, there are plenty of things that fly around
that might give a Hero some trouble. They are
more dangerous because their mobility and
agility makes them difficult to hit than because
of their low damage potential.
Perception 3, Athletics 2,
Acrobatics 1, Brawl 1
Static Defense
Mental Defense 10
Swift Attack
Attacks Claws (3k1 R)
Flyer (14)
Slithering Creature
Combat Servitor
Most worlds have some form or another
of sneaky ambush predator that uses poison and
stealth to get to its prey. Snakes are a
surprisingly common type of creature, with
variants throughout the stars. This stat block
represents something like a large rattlesnake or
viper with a dangerous enough bite to prove
toxic even to a Hero.
A robot designed to kill, the Combat
Servitor is a dangerous machine with an
integrated multi-barrel las weapon that can put
down an impressive volley of fire. It isn't a
terribly intelligent machine, however, and its
programming typically has it do little else but
keep an overwatch over an area and fire at
anything that moves.
Perception 2, Stealth 3, Brawl 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 10
Attacks Bite (4k2 R; Toxic)
Walking Creature
Brawl 1, Crafts 1, Tech Use 1,
Ballistics 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Machine Toughness (6, All)
Attacks Claw (6k2 I; Snare), Multilas (60m;
S/8; 3k2 E; Pen 0; Reliable)
Machine (6)
A primitive humanoid creature like a
gorilla or vegetarian, these beasts are fairly rare
creatures on most worlds, but are sometimes
surprisingly intelligent and capable of learning
limited speech.
Brawl 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 10
Attacks Fist (4k2 I)
Industrial Servitor
A more modest machine, the industrial
servitor is designed to work in environments
where people would be put too much at risk.
They have hardened plating designed to stand
up to the difficulties of an industrial workplace
and an arc welder that can be set to an
amazingly dangerous power level if it is
programmed or ordered to defend itself.
Giant killing machines made of scales,
wings, and fire. They're also smarter than you
are, centuries old, and with more magic in their
fingernail than the typical wizard has in his
entire body. The stats presented here are only
representative of a fairly small and young
dragon. Ancient wyrms can be far, far more
Brawl 1, Crafts 1, Tech Use 1
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Machine Toughness (2, All)
Attacks Claw (6k2 I; Snare), Arc Welder
(10m; S/-; 3k3 E; Flame)
Machine (2)
Academic Lore 3, Acrobatics 2,
Arcana 4, Athletics 2, Ballistics
3, Brawl 4, Charm 3,
Command 5, Common Lore 2,
Forbidden Lore 2, Intimidation
5, Perception 3, Politics 2,
Scrutiny 4, Weaponry 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Danger Sense, Eidetic Memory, Iron
Jaw, Power Attack, Powerful Charge, Strong
Iron Scales (10, All)
Attacks Claws and Teeth (10k3
R; Tearing), Dragon Fire (80m; S/-;
6k3 E; Flame)
Frightful Presence - Whenever this
creature charges or makes an All
Out Attack, all creatures within
melee range of it must test against
its fear rating.
Flyer (22), Unnatural
Toughness, Armor Plating (10),
Dark Sight, Caster (Evocation 3,
Divination 4), Fear 2
Not everyone can become an immortal
Exalt. That doesn't mean there aren't other
paths to immortality. Well, being a Lich isn't
quite immortality – being an undead horror is
more accurate - but it's a pretty attractive option
for a sorcerer getting on in his years and feeling
mortality creeping up on him. Becoming a lich
is a terrible process that involves the death of
someone the lich deeply cares about as a
Academic Lore 3, Acrobatics 2,
Arcana 5, Athletics 2, Brawl 4,
Charm 3, Command 5,
Common Lore 2, Forbidden
Lore 5, Intimidation 2,
Perception 3, Politics 2,
Scrutiny 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Wizard Tradition (All), Spell
Specialization (All), Tested
Attacks Unarmed
Phylactery – Every Lich has hidden their death
Skills somewhere safe. They cannot be killed as
long as their Phylactery exists. A lich's
phylactery is invariably a constructed and
typically valuable item.
Undead, Dark Sight, Caster
(Evocation 4, Speed Illusion 3, Abjuration 3,
Conjuration 3)
Musty but expensive robes, staff,
ancient gems and jewelry.
Mind Flayer
Mind Flayers are some of the most
dangerous creatures in the Wheel. They are evil,
mind-controlling things with only simple
desires. Desires like the subjugation of all living
things, brains to eat, and countless slaves.
They're humanoids with slick slimy skin, long
fingers, and tentacles sprouting around a beaked
mouth. They use those tentacles to pry open
skulls from their victims and extract their brains.
Academic Lore 4, Acrobatics 2,
Arcana 4, Athletics 2, Brawl 4,
Command 3, Common Lore 2,
Forbidden Lore 5, Perception 3,
Scrutiny 5
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Danger Sense, Eidetic Memory,
Strong Minded
Attacks Tentacles (2k2 I; Snare)
Mind Blast – The mind flayer may spend a half
action to fire a 60' cone of psychic power. All
targets within the cone must make a TN 25
Willpower test or else become stunned for one
Eats Your Goddamn Brain – A mind flayer's
attacks in a grapple always hit the head. While
grappling, a mind flayer's tentacles gain Tearing.
Dark Sight, Caster (Divination 3,
Enchantment 3, Illusion 3)
Blasphemous robes
Aboleths come from the same blasted
and forsaken place as the Mind Flayers. They're
even more powerful and evil than Mind Flayers,
if that's possible. They're bloated, scaled fish
things with bony ridges and four powerful
tentacles. They don't eat brains with them. They
just poison with the barbs on them, and anyone
who dies from this poison turns into a sludge
that the aboleth consume. They typically have a
few slaves on hand to deal with interlopers.
Academic Lore 4, Acrobatics 2,
Arcana 4, Athletics 2, Brawl 4,
Command 3, Common Lore 2,
Forbidden Lore 5, Perception 3,
Scrutiny 5
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Danger Sense, Eidetic
Memory, Strong Minded, Swift Attack
Bone Ridges (3, All)
Attacks Tentacles (5k2 I; Snare, Toxic)
Mindslaver – An Aboleth can concentrate to
maintain Enchantment spells as a free action,
and targets do not get extra dice to resist the
effects of those spells based on the orders given.
Dark Sight, Caster (Divination 4,
Enchantment 4, Illusion 4), Crawler,
Amphibious, Armor Plating (3)
Fire – Fire elementals deal E damage with their
Elementals are spirit creatures that
create and inhabit bodies made of one of the
four primary primal elements - Earth, Air, Fire,
or Water. They're not really properly life forms,
and are quite common in the Umbra and places
where one of the elements is found in
exceptional natural purity. They're typically not
dangerous as long as they're left alone.
attacks and all targets within melee range must
test Constitution against TN 15 every turn or
gain a point of fatigue from waves of heat.
Water – Water elementals gain Regeneration 1.
Amorphous, Stuff of Nightmares
The Walkin’ Dead
Zombies. Shamblers. They go around
biting people and eating their flesh. Sometimes
they're caused by a plague or curse, but they're
more often the result of evil sorcery and warp
energy. While they only really pose a threat in
huge numbers and to ill-prepared people, they
still manage to cause a lot of trouble on more
primitive or run-down worlds.
Perception 3, Brawl 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Attacks Slam (6k3 I)
Elementals get one of the following, depending
on their composition:
Earth – An earth elemental gains 6 armor to all
Air – An air elemental gains Phasing.
Brawl 2, Perception 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense HP/Resolve
Attacks Claws and Teeth (3k1 R)
Undead, Mindless
Bloody and torn clothing
When someone dies, their spirit can
linger, vengeful and angry. A ghost is just such a
spirit, a warp echo of someone who has died.
They're most commonly seen in the Umbra, but
their influence can extend to the real world in
places where the veil is thin.
Brawl 2, Perception 2, Arcana 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Attacks None
Possession – The Ghost may test Charisma and
Arcana to affect a target as the Dominate spell.
Undead, Flyer (10), Phasing, Fear 1
Fire Warrior
Fire Warriors are the Tau's standard
military force, armed with better weapons and
excellent training. They're somewhat shorter
and stockier than the average Tau, and most are
trained from birth for their expected lifetime of
fighting for the Greater Good.
Acrobatics 1, Perception 1,
Persuasion 2, Common Lore 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 1,
Ballistics 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Parrying, Las), Sound Constitution x1, Armor
Proficiency (light, medium), Deadeye Shot
Flak Vest, Gauntlets, Helmet (5 AP;
Arms, Body, Head)
Attacks Knife (4k2 R; Pen 0), Pulse Rifle
(100m; S/4; 2k2 E; Pen 2; Clip 40; Reload Full;
Fall Back – As the Tau racial power.
Uniform, Flak Armor, Pulse Rifle, 2
Energy Packs, Micro-bead, Torch
Halflings typically live their life on the
wrong side of the law. They've fallen through
the cracks in modern society, and Ratlings are
just such halfling, thieves and pickpockets that
prey on unsuspecting people to survive in the
slums and gutters of the Wheel.
Acrobatics 2, Perception 2,
Common Lore 3, Deceive 2,
Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 1, Larceny
3, Ballistics 1
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary,
Parrying), Sneak Attack
Leathers (2 AP; Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Knife (3k2 R; Pen 0), Autopistol
(30m; S/6; 2k2 I; Pen 0; Clip 12; Reload Full)
Shifty – As the Halfling racial power.
Threadbare clothing, leathers,
Autopistol, Knife, 2 autopistol clips, a few coins.
When a Squat does something truly
disgraceful and dishonorable, there is only one
option left for them in their society. They go to
find an honorable death, taking only the most
basic equipment - an Axe, their body marked
with the traditional paint used to bless those
who are already dead, and a grenade to give
them a way out that can take an enemy with
Athletics 2, Crafts 2,
Intimidation 2, Weaponry 3,
Common Lore 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Iron Jaw
Attacks Axe (6k2 R)
Squat Toughness – As the Squat racial power.
Axe, boots, loincloth, body paint,
mean look, frag grenade
Living Ancestor
A wise and respected member of Squat
society, the title of Living Ancestor is only given
to those with wisdom and ability that comes
only once in a hundred years. All other Squats
try to emulate the Living Ancestors, and
whenever a Squat is declared a Living Ancestor,
they become the head of a new noble house
founded in their name. While they have no
special political position save as the head of their
noble family, they have great pull in Squat
society thanks to the respect others give them.
Athletics 3, Crafts 4,
Intimidation 2, Weaponry 4,
Common Lore 2, Command 3,
Academic Lore 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 30
Iron Jaw, Armor Proficiency (Power)
Power Armor (12 AP, All)
Attacks Power Axe (9k2 R Pen 4, Power
Field), Plasma Pistol (30m; S/-; 3k3 E Pen 8;
Clip 10; Reload 4Full; Recharge, Overheats)
Squat Toughness – As the Squat racial power
Power Axe, Power Armor, Plasma
Pistol, 2 extra plasma charges, mean look, beard
jewelry, embroidered clothing
Dragonfire Adept
Some Dragonborn focus on the power
within themselves, training themselves in magic.
Especially fire magic. And when that doesn't
work, they carry a really big gun that they can
use to shoot people to death. Typically one or
the other will work in any given situation.
Talon of Tiamat
Tiamat's followers have never died out.
Some dragonborn carry on in her name, seeking
to destroy Bahamut and avenge their fallen lord.
Some rumor that Tiamat is still alive, taking a
hundred centuries to recover from her wounds,
almost ready to resume her war against
Bahamut and forge a new Draconic Empire in
her fivefold image.
Command 2, Weaponry 3,
Intimidation 2, Ballistics 2, Brawl
2, Athletics 2. Acrobatics 2,
Perception 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Armor Proficiency (Medium),
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary, Fencing)
Flak Jacket (5 AP; Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Fencing Sword (6k2 R; Balanced),
Pump Shotgun (30m; S/-; 3k2 I Pen 0; Clip 8;
Reload 2Full; Scatter)
Dragon Breath – As the Dragonborn racial
Flak Jacket, Pump Shotgun, 24 extra
shells, Fencing Sword, Micro-Bead, Tough
Command 2, Weaponry 3,
Intimidation 2, Ballistics 3, Brawl
2, Athletics 2, Acrobatics 2,
Perception 2, Arcana 2,
Academic Lore 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Armor Proficiency (Medium),
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary, Fencing), Spell
Focus (Evocation)
Flak Jacket (5 AP; Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Fencing Sword (6k2 R; Balanced),
Meltagun (20m; S/-; 4k3 E Pen 12; Clip 5;
Reload 2Full)
Dragon Breath – As the Dragonborn racial
Caster (Evocation 3)
Flak Jacket, Meltagun, 2 extra
reloads, Fencing Sword, Micro-Bead, Brightly
colored robes
Gnomes are generally harmless people,
more concerned with playing with new
technology (and fixing old technology) than
hurting anyone. Sometimes, though, they have
to defend themselves against thieves or, worse,
Academic Lore 3, Acrobatics 2,
Arcana 2, Ballistics 1, Common
Lore 3, Drive 2, Perception 2,
Pilot 3, Scrutiny 1, Weaponry 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Blind Fighting, Evasion, Fearless
Mesh Vest (4 AP, Body)
Attacks Laspistol (30m; S/-; 2k2 E Pen 0;
Clip 30; Reload Full; Reliable), Web Pistol
(30m; S/-; Clip 1; Reload Full; Snare), Katar
(2k2 R, Pen 3)
Improvise – As the Gnome racial power.
Laspistol, 3 energy packs, Web Pistol,
2 web loads, Katar, Mesh Vest, Auspex,
Backpack, Chrono, Combi-Tool, Data Slate,
Torch, Void Suit, Clothing with a lot of
Cleave, Crushing Blow, Power
Attack, Fearless, Armor Proficiency (Light),
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary)
Heavy Leathers (3 AP, Arms, Body,
Attacks Choppa (7k2 R), Autogun (90m;
S/10; 2k2 I Pen 0; Clip 30; Reload Full)
WAAAAAGH! – As the Ork racial power.
Charm, Heavy Leathers, Choppa,
Autogun, 3 clips, Patchwork clothing
Ork Freeboota
Orks love nothing more than a good
fight. An Ork freeboota is a fairly typical ork
warrior with little experience, almost no scars,
and all his own teeth. All of which mark him as
being very low on the totem pole indeed.
Intimidation 2, Scrutiny 2,
Ballistics 1, Weaponry 3, Brawl 2
Static Defense
Mental Defense
Ork Nob
An Ork Nob is much larger than a mere
freeboota, with the scars and a few bionik bitz to
prove it. They're good at yellin' really loud and
givin orders to make sure no one is muckin'
about. Most Ork Nobs love nothing more than
gettin' stuck in, and so they can be found in the
very thickest fighting.
Intimidation 3, Command 4,
Scrutiny 2, Ballistics 3,
Weaponry 4, Brawl 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Cleave, Crushing Blow, Power
Attack, Fearless, Armor Proficiency (Light),
Weapon Proficiency (Ordinary)
Heavy Leathers (3 AP, Arms, Body,
Attacks Big Choppa (9k2 R; Pen 4), Autogun
(120m; -/10; 3k2 I Pen 5; Clip 100; Reload
WAAAAAGH! – As the Ork racial power.
Charm, Heavy Leathers, SAW,
Autogun, 3 belts of ammunition, Patchwork
Aspect Warrior
Aspect Warriors are Eldarin warriors,
members of one of their great fighting schools.
Many fighting schools have extremely
specialized equipment or tactics - the following
is a kind of baseline warrior type with standard
(very deadly) weapons and armor.
Academic Lore 2, Acrobatics 3,
Arcana 2, Athletics 2,
Ballistics 2, Common Lore 3,
Deceive 2, Perception 3, Scrutiny
2, Weaponry 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Blademaster, Armor Proficiency
(Light), Blind Fighting, Catfall, Defensive
Mobility, Fleet of Foot, Swift Attack, Weapon
Proficiency (Fencing, Syrneth)
Armor Mesh Overcoat (4 AP, All)
Attacks Fencing Sword (5k2 R; Balanced),
Lightning Gun (30m; S/2; 4k2 E Pen 4; Clip 6;
Reload 2Full; Scatter, Shocking)
Warp Step – As the Eldarin racial power.
Lightning Gun, 2 Lighting Charges, 3
Photon Flash Grenades, Fencing Sword, Mesh
Overcoat, silk suit
Eldarin Farseer
Eldarin Farseers are leaders in their
race, using powerful divinations and other
magics to see through the veil of the warp and
determine the best course of action. They're
really too valuable for the Eldarin to lose, but
because their powers are so useful they end up
in all sorts of dangerous situations. Most Eldarin
have the sense to start running once they see the
Farseer absconding.
Academic Lore 1, Acrobatics 3,
Arcana 4, Athletics 2, Ballistics 2,
Common Lore 3, Deceive 2,
Forbidden Lore 3, Perception 3,
Scrutiny 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 15
Common Sense, Danger Sense,
Defensive Mobility, Fast Reflexes, Foresight,
Spell Might, Spell Penetration, Strong Minded,
Weapon Proficiency (Fencing, Syrneth)
Leathers (2 AP, Arms, Body, Legs)
Attacks Fencing Sword (5k2 R; Balanced)
Warp Step – As the Eldarin racial power.
Caster (Divination 4, Enchantment 2,
Illusion 3, Evocation 2)
Fencing Sword, Staff, Leathers,
Elaborate robes
Grey Knight
If the Space Marines are the best of the
best, the Grey Knights are the best of the best of
the best. They are issued relics and equipment
that is of such value that it must only be given to
those who can make the best use of it. They
have training superior even to that of a Space
Marine, and are sent to carry out missions with
nearly no chance of success but which they
cannot afford to fail.
Space Marine
Armed with the best weapons, the
thickest armor, knowing no fear and with the
sole purpose of bringing the forces of Chaos to
their knees. These are the Space Marines. They
are Aasimar who are part of the elite forces of
the Blessed Pantheon, going out into the Wheel
to smite the enemies of their gods.
Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3,
Ballistics 3, Common Lore 2,
Perception 2, Scrutiny 3,
Weaponry 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Jaded, Fearless, Sound Constitution
x3, Combat Master, Armor Proficiency (all),
Weapon Proficiency (all)
Power Armor (12 AP, All)
Attacks Chainsword (8k2 R; Pen 4; Tearing),
Boltgun (90m; S/3; 4k2 X Pen 6; Clip 24;
Reload Full;
And They Shall Know No Fear – As the
Aasimar racial power.
Power Armor, Chainsword, Boltgun,
2 Bolt clips, Plain clothing, charms
Acrobatics 3, Athletics 4,
Ballistics 4, Common Lore 3,
Forbidden Lore 3, Perception 3,
Scrutiny 4, Weaponry 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 30
Jaded, Fearless, Sound Constitution
x5, Combat Master, Armor Proficiency (all),
Weapon Proficiency (all), Blind Fighting,
Danger Sense, Luck, Strong Minded
Power Armor (12 AP, All)
Attacks Power Sword (10k2 R; Pen 4; Power
Field), Boltgun (90m; S/3; 4k2 X Pen 6; Clip
24; Reload Full; Tearing)
And They Shall Know No Fear – As the
Aasimar racial power.
Power Armor, Power Sword,
Boltgun, 2 Bolt clips, Plain clothing, charms
Chaos Marine
As the Space Marines serve the forces of
the Blessed Pantheon, the Chaos Marines serve
the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. They are a more
varied lot than the Space Marines, their armor
altered to serve the various mutations each
Tiefling gains over time, and covered in spiky
bits and garish colors for good measure.
Sound Constitution x3, Armor
Proficiency (all), Weapon Proficiency (all),
Power Armor (12 AP, All)
Attacks Chainsword (8k2 R; Pen 4; Tearing),
Boltgun (90m; S/3; 4k2 X Pen 6; Clip 24;
Reload Full; Tearing)
Bloody Minded – As the Tiefling racial power.
Power Armor, Chainsword, Boltgun,
2 Bolt clips, Plain clothing, charms
There is a kind of curse or magic or
virus (or all three) that infects some Chaos
marines. They become one with their weapons
and armor, mutating to become a mass of
weaponry with flesh stretched over gunmetal.
They've almost all been driven insane by the
torment of their condition, but serve well as
engines of death and destruction.
Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3,
Ballistics 2, Common Lore 2,
Perception 2, Intimidate 3,
Weaponry 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3,
Ballistics 3, Common Lore 2,
Perception 2,
Intimidate 3, Weaponry 3
Static Defense
Mental Defense 25
Sound Constitution x5, Armor
Proficiency (all), Weapon Proficiency (all),
Armor Plating (10 AP, All)
Attacks MP Lascannon (300m; S/-; 5k4 E
Pen 10; Clip -; Reload -; Recharge), Heavy
Bolter (120m; - /10; 4k2 X Pen 8; Clip -;
Reload -; Tearing), Crushing Fist (6k3 I).
Bloody Minded – As the Tiefling racial power.
Integrated Weapons Array – The Obliterator
can create nearly any weapon from its body. In
addition to the listed attacks, it can generate
nearly any Ordinary, Las, Plasma, Melta, Bolt,
or Flame weapon it needs to. An obliterator has
effectively infinite ammunition with all of its
weapons. It requires a full round action to shift
weapons, and can have any two at a time.
Auto Stabilized, Machine (10)
Dark Eldarin Raider
The Dark Eldarin have a culture of
slavery, sacrifice of souls to the Daemon Lolth,
and incredible decadence that would make even
the most jaded whore blush. They often send
raiding parties out to capture fresh prey to
bring, screaming, to their hidden dark city of
Commorragh. Those that they take are typically
never seen again.
Academic Lore 1, Acrobatics 3,
Arcana 2, Athletics 2, Ballistics
2, Common Lore 2, Deceive 4,
Forbidden Lore 2, Perception
3, Scrutiny 2, Weaponry 4
Static Defense
Mental Defense 20
Blademaster, Armor Proficiency
(Light), Backstab, Catfall, Defensive Mobility,
Decadence, Fleet of Foot, Sneak Attack,
Weapon Proficiency (Fencing, Exotic, Parrying)
Mesh Overcoat (4 AP, All)
Attacks Officer's Cutlass (5k2 R; Shocking),
Needle Gun (180m; S/-; 2k2 E Pen 0; Clip 6;
Reload 2Full; Accurate, Toxic)
Warp Miasma – As the Dark Eldarin Racial
Needle Gun, 2 Needle Packs, 3
Smoke Grenades, Officer's Cutlass, Mesh
Overcoat, spider silk suit.
LawfulNice – For making the game at all
The countless sources of material used to make DtD
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Yulond – Who helped me out with plenty of work
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extra stuff to put in
Outlaw Star RPG – A game made using the same
rules as DtD and which statted the Munchausen
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