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Lessons of the recent past have made many business owners in
America's southeast painfully aware of how devastating a sustained loss of
power can be. A business rendered helpless from an electricity outage still
must pay workers and rent, even while inventories sit idle, or in some cases,
spoil without refrigeration. A lack of air conditioning makes offices, stores,
and restaurants uninhabitable. Banks can't function without computers. Gas
stations can't pump fuel. Even funeral homes face a crisis when they are
unable to maintain required temperatures.
While almost no other circumstance is as devastating to a business as the
loss of electricity, thankfully there is now a simple, cost-efficient solution for
both large and small business operators.
It’s power you can access
conveniently, dependably
and reasonably, to keep you
up and running.
Is The Smart Alternative To
Merely Buying A Generator.
If hurricane-related power interruptions to your
business are a concern and you are considering
the purchase of a standby generator, here are
some facts you should consider:
Idle generators are hard to maintain. Stale gasoline and diesel fuel can
contaminate fuel lines. Batteries go dead. Rats and other rodents can find
their way in and chew up wiring. Vandals can easily damage your unit. And
weather takes it toll.
Because electricity is required to operate
pumps, gas stations are often closed or
unable to pump fuel during power outages,
making it impossible to keep your generator running. That's assuming you can get it
to start when you desperately need it.
Gas stations that do remain open during a power outage often have long
waiting lines for fuel due to unusually high numbers of people topping off
tanks or picking up fuel for generators. The number of stations that do carry
diesel, the preferred fuel for generators, is dwindling.
Hauling cans and refueling your generator by hand is a messy and
potentially dangerous practice.
A generator large enough to supply the electrical needs of a typical business
is costly to install and takes up valuable space. Space your business could
be using for parking, displaying merchandise, storage or other business
needs. Space that is wasted when occupied by an idle generator.
Permanent standby generators that run on natural gas function at a 25%
load reduction, compared to diesel-powered units. And good luck getting
one installed in time for hurricane season. Suppliers and installers are running months behind.
Power To Go
Combines A
Generator With
A Patented
System Of
With Power To Go you can
rest assured your business
will have power when you
need it, where you need it.
You won't have to worry
about keeping a generator
on hand and in excellent
operating condition. Power
To Go guarantees you’ll
always have a reliable and
convenient source of diesel
fuel, and you won’t have to
devote valuable space to a
generator that's not being
Purchase Your Generator
From Power To Go
We'll provide you with a commercial quality,
towable, state-of-the-art generator, and we'll help
you select an appropriate
output capacity for the specific needs of your business.
We'll even provide a
number of different
financing and leasing
options from our Power To Go finance department.
Power To Go’s custom-built generators are
reliable, quiet, easy to operate, durable and
environmentally friendly.
After your purchase, we can make arrangements
through Miller Electric Company, one of the
southeast's oldest and largest electrical contractors,
to have your place of business retrofitted with
the necessary connection device.
Think about it. A hurricane or some other disaster
strikes. Everybody else is in the dark. Not you.
You have a Power To Go generator. Plug it in.
Turn it on. It's business as usual.
We'll Store Your Generator
And Keep It In Excellent
Operating Condition.
Once you've purchased your towable generator,
we'll give it a permanent home at Power To Go's
"high & dry" storage facility, similar to those used
by marinas for the safe and secure storage of boats.
The Power To Go staff will maintain your unit;
keeping the battery charged and the engine running
properly, available when
you need it, where you
need it. When that day
arrives, you simply
come to a predetermined location where
we will hook your
towable Power To Go
generator to your vehicle,
freshly fueled and ready
to roll. You simply pull
it to your place of
business, plug it in and
start it up. Power To Go does the rest. For you
and your business, it really is business as usual.
When You Need Fuel,
We'll Have It For You.
Power To Go owns and maintains custom fuel
tankers, specially designed with pumps, hoses,
and nozzles to operate like full-service, rolling
filling stations. We also offer auxiliary fuel
tanks. And for some customers we offer an
optional fuel delivery service. Whatever your
needs, we guarantee the fuel to keep your generator running until power is restored.
Your Power To Go Generator
Can Even Help Pay For Itself.
If you choose, Power To Go will put your generator
to work, earning a return on your investment.
Power To Go is a subsidiary of Discount Rental &
Sales, Inc., the largest full-service, independent
equipment rental and sales distributor in
Florida. We've been in business since 1990 and
we know rental. Put your Power To Go generator
in our rental fleet and we'll split the revenue
with you. No kidding.
And, thanks to Qualcomm satellite tracking technology, we can provide you with your generator's
location, usage and service record.
Power To Go Will Keep
The Home Lights Burning
As Well.
If you've ever
a hot summer
day in the
south with
no electricity,
you know the importance of a back-up power
system for your home. Before you have to relive
that unpleasant experience, let us show you
how easily you can make a Power To Go
generator a beloved member of your family.
One that only comes to visit when you really
want them there.
Power To Go has generators of various sizes
designed for residential use, that will keep your
lights and security system on, the refrigerator
and air conditioner cooling, hot water flowing
and the big-screen TV on for the kids.
In addition to the previously addressed fuel,
space, and maintenance benefits, Power To Go
also solves problems associated with deed
restrictions, permitting, permanent location
and eyesore problems for homeowners.
With Power To Go, You’ll Have Power To Burn.
Even If The Power
Lines Are Down.
We'd like to give you a Power To Go
demonstration so you can see for yourself how easy our generators are to operate, how
quietly they run and how substantial they are in design and construction.
At the same time, we'll tell you more about the program; including our extended warranties
and a very affordable insurance policy you can purchase to protect your investment.
For more information, please visit our website,
To arrange a free demonstration or to reserve your Power To Go generator, call toll-free
Phone: 877 690-3101 •