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4.6 Mb - Abakus
Anamorphic Adapters
4x3 to 16x9 direct
These adapters optically convert 4x3 directly to
16x9, so there is no need for post production
re-formatting. This saves time and money in
post production. The 20x26mm adapter pushfits onto the front of single-chip miniature 4x3
“lipstick”cameras. The small size enables
discrete use in sporting events e.g. tennis line
calls, cricket stumps, motor-bike helmets, in
racing cars etc.
Photo of Anamorph used on the Oxford/Cambridge boat race,. Courtesy of the BBC
Super-16 Lens
Conversion Kit for Zeiss
10-100mm T2 Zooms
Due to the sad demise of Optex, Abakus now
directly supply the kit which allows you to
hard-mount your
existing Zeiss zoom lens
in a standard Arri PL
mount. This kit converts
the zoom lens to
Super-16, 12-120mm
T2.4. Replacement
zoom and iris scales are supplied as standard
with the kit. The advantages of the kit is that
the macro facility are still retained and
vignetting problems are eliminated.
for PL Mount/ Cine
HD/High Speed /Cameras
Format Converters
260 and
These optically cohesive Abakus adapters make
B4 mount lenses into PL mount lenses, named
after their respective magnifications. At the front
of the adapters, there is a high quality stainless
steel B4-mount which fits any of the huge variety
of B4-mount video lenses. At the rear of each
unit there is a standard PL mount which fits onto
any PL camera, e.g., PL cine, PL video, High
Speed PL and the new Red Camera. Between
the mounts are high quality Abakus optics for
perfect change in format.
The Abakus 260 and Abakus 132 respectively,
allow 35mm and super-16 film cinematographers
to access the full range of 2/3" B4-mount zoom
lenses (eg 100:1) and wide angle lenses (eg
Abakus Stadium lens) which are normally
enjoyed only by TV camera operators.........
Simple to use.
B4 to JVC Adapter
The optics of this Abakus adapter has been
designed to enable the use of professional quality
B4 lenses on JVC
cameras. It was designed
specifically to interface.
with the GY-HD series
Use quality video lenses on
new HD, High Speed and cine cameras
Picture taken of high speed camera utilising Abakus 260
Abakus Ltd,
Grange Farm, Bourne Road, Carlby,
Stamford, PE9 4LU, UK
Tel: +44(0)1778 590 117 Fax +44(0) 1778 590 118
email:[email protected]
B4 to C Mount Adapters
These NEW Abakus Adapters interface between B4 mount lenses and C-mount cameras
This range of Abakus Adapters enables the use of the full range of B4-mount video lenses with new high quality c-mount cameras.
Due to the purpose designed optical quality of the lenses within all the Abakus adapters, there is no loss of picture quality.
The lens optics within each of the adapters have been purpose designed to integrate with specific camera blocks
The front of each adapter has a rugged integrated stainless steel B4-mount which fits onto the rear of B4 video lenses
There is an integral rotatable collar, with locking screw, to accommodate the screw thread of the camera’s c-mount.
The rotatable collar allows the B4 lenses to be orientated correctly to maximise picture quality.
The rear of the adapters interfaces perfectly fit with the cameras c-mount.
Optional lens & camera support bracket available.
Mechanically they are easy to use.
Angles of view are maintained
Top quality optics throughout
Abakus adapter description
B4- C 1/3" (3-chip)
B4 - C 1/2" (3-chip)
B4-C 2/3" (2 or 3chip)
B4-C 2/3"(1chip)
Super-16 (1-chip)
Camera Image Diagonal
6 mm
8 mm
11 mm
11 mm
14.52 mm
Maximum camera aperture
24.2 mm
29.4 mm
38.0 mm
47.5 mm
53.5 mm
136 g
146 g
198 g
215 g
283 g
Iconix HD-RH1F
Hitachi KP-D20BP
Ikegami HDL-20
TV Skyline HD1100
Bolex H16
Photosonics 1VN
Abakus code
B4 mount Abakus Stadium interfaced to
1/2" camera with adapter
Length (mount to mount)
Example of camera
B4-mount lenses can now be used on C-mount cameras including everything from100:1 zoom lenses to super wide angle lenses like the
Stadium lens