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The Naperville Trapshooter
The Official Newsletter of the Naperville Sportsman’s Club
The Fred Section
Members’ Meeting and Board Meeting
We will have a member’s meeting followed by a
board meeting at the clubhouse on Tuesday, August
9th. The meeting starts at 7:30; doors open at 7:00.
All members are invited and urged to attend both
…Fred Turek
Dates to Remember
Aug 9th (Tues) – Members’ & Board Meetings
Aug 14th (Sun) – New Members’ Orientation
Sept 11th (Sun) – New Members’ Orientation
Sept 13th (Tues) – Members’ & Board Meetings
- August, 2016
President’s Message
Another Great Summer
We are having another great summer at Sportsman’s
Park. The weather has been great. Come on out and
enjoy an evening or an afternoon at Sportsman’s.
New “Full” and “Probationary´ Members
At the July meeting the Board approved John Kunkes
III, Dave Richter and Don Sitter for Full
Membership. The Board also approved Dave Kuzy
for Probationary Membership. When you see them in
the clubhouse or on the line please congratulate them
on becoming a Full or Probationary Members of the
Upcoming Events
Trap Fundamentals: 08/21 and 10/16 (get someone to
attend). NSC ATA: 10/09. NSC Wobble League
starts 09/22.
New Member Orientation
The next three new member orientations (informal
history and workings of the club) will be held at the
club on Sunday August 14th, Sunday September 11th
and Sunday October 9th at 10:00 AM. Please RSVP
to myself at 630-842-0391. The Range Volunteer
clinic will begin at 11:00 AM on those days.
Everyone interested in learning how the machines
work should attend.
…Jim Monk
2016 Kentucky State ATA Trapshoot
NSC Member Dave Peace attended the Kentucky State
ATA shoot in Berea, Kentucky the week of June
28th. The shoot was held at the Central Kentucky Gun
Club, starting on June 28 running thru July 3, 2016. Dave
attended June 30 through July 3rd and shot eight events,
winning non-resident trophies in six of the eight, along
with a seventh trophy in the High All Around.
Dave brought home the 18-21 yard non-resident winner’s
trophy from the Preliminary Handicap event, followed by
the non-resident Veteran runner-up trophy for the
Memorial Handicap event, both with scores of 93. In the
Singles Class Championship Dave won the non-resident D
class trophy with a 96, and was bumped up to C class for
the Championship Singles. In the Hall of Fame Handicap
Dave fired a 96 to take the non-resident Veteran winner’s
trophy, and also earned a half-yard punch to the 21-yard
line. Dave posted a 194 in the Singles Championship to
win the non-resident C class trophy, and a 94 in the
Doubles Championship to win the non-resident Veteran
runner-up trophy. Dave finished the week with a 378 in
the High All Around competition which earned him the
non-resident Veteran runner-up trophy.
Club shooters scores wins at local ATA competitions
Naperville Sportsman’s Club members recently brought
home trophies from two of the larger ATA shoots held in
our area.
The Grand Chicago was held on June 26th at the Downers
Grove Sportsmen’s Club in Morris. The Grand Chicago
event is a tradition that goes back many years and always
draws a large crowd of shooters. Club members Mike
Moore and Art Jablonski won two of the top prizes at the
event, while Bob Ash won multiple trophies at the shoot.
Mike posted the lone 99 in the singles event to win the
Grand Chicago singles title. Art fired a 96 in the handicap
event to win the Grand Chicago handicap title. Bob shot a
personal best 91 in the Grand Chicago doubles to win the
B class award, and posted a 94 in the handicap event to
win the mid-yardage trophy.
Sunday, July 10 was the date for the St. Charles
Sportsmen’s Club Belt Buckle shoot, held at the St.
Charles Sportsmen’s Club in Elburn. Club members Bob
Ash and Dave Peace brought home awards, with Dave
winning a trophy in each event.
In the singles event, Bob shot a 98 to win the B class
trophy, while Dave’s score of 96 won the D class trophy.
Dave followed that up with a 93 in the handicap event to
win the short-yardage group trophy. In the final event of
the day, Dave’s 89 in doubles earned him the D class
More from the 2016 Illinois State Trapshoot
Bob Ash shooting handicap across from Harlan Campbell
140th Illinois State Trapshoot June 17, 2016 12:21 PM
Naperville ATA Summary for 2016 Target Year
Help Wanted
Each year our club puts on four ATA registered
shoots, along with offering the opportunity to register
singles and doubles league targets with the ATA.
The ATA target year for 2016 ends August 31, and
on July 24 we held our fourth and final ATA shoot
for the 2016 target year.
The Naperville Park District is looking to hire a
new Range Officer to complement the existing staff.
The range officer position is a very part-time
position- typically a couple of shifts per month.
For the 2016 target year (September 1, 2015 thru
August 31, 2016), the club threw 16,500 registered
targets. While we occasionally have non-members
participate in our ATA shoots, the vast majority of
those 16,500 targets were shot by club members.
As part of the four registered shoots, the club threw
5,500 registered targets. The largest was our trophy
event on National Trapshooting in October, which
had 25 participants shoot 100 targets each. The
remaining three target-only shoots averaged 10
shooters per event, accounting for another 3,000
League shooting accounted for another 11,000
targets, with ATA members registering 6,000 doubles
targets and 5,000 singles targets.
The 2017 ATA target year begins on September 1,
2016, and the first shoot of the target year at
Naperville will again be in recognition of National
Trapshooting Day and will be held on Sunday,
October 9th.
If you are interested to learn more about ATA
shooting, please contact Scott Calhoun, Mike Moore,
or Rich Kelly.
What does a range officer do? Simply put, a range
officer is responsible for ensuring the smooth
operation of the “open” shooting program. This
includes, but is not limited to working with
Sportsman’s Club volunteers, making sure there are
adequate targets in the trap houses and shells in the
clubhouse. Range officers are responsible for the
opening and closing of the facility on their scheduled
workday. As an employee of the Naperville Park
District, the range officer ensures the enforcement of
the range rules and Best Management Practices
(BMP) program.
Qualified candidates should have a good
understanding of the daily shooting operation. A
FOID is required, but shooting ability is not!
Those of us who already wear this moniker do it
because we enjoy spending time at the facility. You
won’t get rich, but the sheckles they do pay can help
cover the cost of your shooting. This is a position
that demands an ability to work with people, common
sense, dependability and an attention to detail.
Gary Foiles is Program Manager for the Park
District and our immediate supervisor.
Interested? Contact Gary for more information at
(630) 848-3536. The Naperville Park District is an
equal opportunity employer (EOE). For a complete
job posting, or to apply on-line, please visit the
employment section of
---Fred Turek
Scott Calhoun wins NSC Handicap Championship
This year’s club Handicap Championship was held
on Thursday evening, June 30th. Shooters were
greeted with nice weather for the event, with just
enough wind to keep the targets interesting.
Jud Mann was the 25-yard winner with a score of 23,
while Bob Pfister’s 22 was good enough for the
runner-up trophy after a four way shoot-off with
Mike Moore, Gary Evans, and Jay Spitz.
As usual the field was limited to 30 shooters, with
squads going off starting at 6 pm and continuing
every 30 minutes until the final squad took the field
at 8:30 pm. Shooting was finished by 9:30 pm,
allowing 30 minutes for shoot-offs to settle who
would take home the trophies.
Bob Ash posted a perfect 25 from the 23-yard line to
win the 23-yard trophy, and Mike Moore took home
the runner-up trophy with his 23.
The format of the shoot was 100 handicap targets, 25
each from 21, 23, 25, and 27 yards. Squads shot the
first two rounds on trap 1, and then moved to trap 2
to shoot the last 50. As the event coordinator, Bob
Ash did another outstanding job of making sure all of
the details were covered. Again this year club
members were competing for terrific trophies. On
offer were patriotic Eagle sculptures, mounted on
wooden display platforms created by club member
Dave Horton. Everyone agreed the trophies were
Aaron Harriman had the only other perfect score of
the night, with a 25 from the 21-yard line to win the
21-yard trophy. Jay Spitz took the runner-up trophy
with a 24.
Bob Ash also handed out a recognition award to Life
Member Don Hiltz, in appreciation for all of the
work that Don has done for the club in his many
years as a member.
Shooters and club members were also treated to a full
meal from the Sportsman’s Grill. Jim Chakour and
his assistants cranked out chicken breast sandwiches,
bratwurst, and Italian sausage to make sure no one
went hungry. Everyone also enjoyed some wild boar
provided by a club member. Fried sides included
french fries, onion rings, and lamb fries. There were
also chips and all the usual accompaniments. Desert
was covered too, including brownies and a tub of ice
cream. There was also a wide variety of soft drinks
available all evening long.
When it came time to shoot, Scott Calhoun set the
tone early, posting an 89 (22-21-24-22) on squad 1.
Jud Mann, shooting on squad 4, matched the 89 (2324-23-19). No one on the final two squads was able
to overtake the pair of 89’s, so at the end of the night
Scott and Jud had a shoot-off to determine the HOA
champion. Scott and Jud tied on the first 10-target
shoot-off round, setting up a sudden-death two-target
shoot-off, with Scott coming out on top.
Steve Pfister posted a 23 from the 27-yard line to
take the 27-yard winner’s trophy, while Judy
Novotny won the 27-yard runner-up trophy after a
shoot-off with Denny Mills. Both shooters posted
21’s from the 27 yard line.
Scott Calhoun
More from the NSC Handicap Championship
Aaron Harriman, Bob Ash, Jud Mann, Steve Pfister
Bob Pfister, Judy Novotny, Mike Moore, Jay Spitz
Don Hiltz
ATA for 2016 – Plan your schedule now
For those club members who participate in ATA shooting, or for those who are interested in starting, I compiled a summary
of shoots in and around the Naperville area that are planned for the coming year.
While our club will be holding four shoots as usual, the number of shoots at local clubs has declined over last year. So for
the list below I expanded the list of clubs to include other area clubs that also offer ATA shoots. The list also includes
information on state shoots for all of the surrounding states as well as some of the regional events in the Midwest. You’ll see
from the information below, there are plenty of opportunities to register ATA targets without travelling too far.
Keep in mind that the clubs listed below could change or cancel a shoot for a variety of reasons, so it’s always a good idea to
check with the club before making the drive. Websites for all of the clubs and associations are also listed below, so you can
find specifics on each shoot and contact information about the club.
If you have questions about any of these clubs, or would like more information about participating in ATA events, please
contact Scott Calhoun ([email protected] or at the range during shooting hours).
2016 Target Year (September 1, 2015 thru August 31, 2016)
20 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club
10 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club
17 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club
24 – Naperville Sportsman’s Club (targets only)
29-1 – Michigan Spring Team Shoot (MTA Homegrounds, Mason)
30 – McHenry Sportsmen’s Club (doubles marathon)
1 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (Illini Indian)
1 – Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club (Illini Indian)
14 – Plug and Pellet Sportsman’s Club
14 – Janesville Conservation Club
14-15 – Michigan 500 (MTA Homegrounds, Mason) – 500 singles/250 pairs doubles
15 – McHenry Sportsmen’s Club
15 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club
16-22 – Missouri State Shoot (MTA Homegrounds, Linn Creek)
21 – Janesville Conservation Club
22 – Naperville Sportsman’s Club (targets only)
25-29 – Great Lakes Satellite Grand (MTA Homegrounds, Mason, Michigan)
28 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (marathon targets)
3 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (targets only)
5 – St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club (Bob Sommers shoot)
4-5 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (Illinois Central Zone)
8 – Maywood Sportsmen’s Club (6:30 – 9:00 pm, targets only)
13-19 – Illinois State Shoot (Brittany Shooting Park, Bunker Hill)
25 – Plug and Pellet Sportsman’s Club
21-26 – Ohio State Shoot (Cardinal Center, Marengo)
25-26 – Janesville Conservation Club
26 – Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club (Chicago Grand)
28-3 – Michigan State Shoot (MTA Homegrounds, Mason)
28-3 – Kentucky State Shoot (Central Kentucky Gun Club, Berea)
3 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club (Illini Indian)
5-10 – Indiana State Shoot (Indiana Gun Club, Fisher)
9-10 – Janesville Conservation Club
10 – St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club (Illini Indian)
12-17 – Wisconsin State Shoot (WTA Homegrounds, Rome)
17 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (Belt Buckle Shoot)
19-24 – Iowa State Shoot (Cedar Falls Gun Club, Cedar Falls)
24 – Naperville Sportsman’s Club (targets only)
29-31 – Janesville Conservation Club (ATA Central Zone shoot)
31 – Maywood Sportsmen’s Club (targets only)
3-13 – Grand American (World Shooting and Recreation Complex, Sparta, IL)
23 – McHenry Sportsmen’s Club (Illini Indian)
30-31 – Janesville Conservation Club
30-5 – Heartland Satellite Grand (Stockdale Gun Club, Ackley, Iowa) – 2017 target year
2017 Target Year (begins September 1, 2016)
9-11 – Michigan Fall Team Shoot (MTA Homegrounds, Mason)
10-11 – Downers Grove Sportsman’s Club (Northern Illinois Zone)
11 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club
18 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club
24 – Plug and Pellet Sportsman’s Club
24 – Janesville Conservation Club
9 – Peoria Skeet and Trap Club (Fall Handicap)
9 – Naperville Sportsman’s Club (trophy shoot)
9 – Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club (Grundy County Handicap)
16 – Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club (Thank You Handicap)
22 – Plug and Pellet Sportsman’s Club
Club and Association contact information:
Amateur Trapshooting Association -
Area Clubs:
Brittany Shooting Park -
Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club -
Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club -
Janesville Conservation Club -
McHenry Sportsmen’s Club -
Naperville Sportsman’s Club –
Peoria Skeet and Trap Club -
Plug and Pellet Sportsman’s Club -
St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club -
State Associations:
Illinois State Trapshooters Association -
Indiana Trapshooting Association -
Iowa State Trapshooting Association -
Michigan Trapshooting Association –
Missouri Trapshooters Association –
Wisconsin Trapshooting Association -
Ohio State Trapshooting Association -
Officers and Board Members
President: Jim Monk
Vice President: Michael Moore
Secretary: Fred Turek
Treasurer: Tom Coleman
Ed Heasley: Director ’16
Jim Chakour: Director ’16
Bob Beyer: Director ’17
Steve Pfister: Director ’17
Charlie Tlapa: Director ’18
Ray Courney: Director ’18
Park District Liaison: Brad Wilson
Newsletter Editor/Publisher: Tom Coleman
Club Information
The Naperville Sportsman’s Club
PO Box 27
Naperville, IL 60566
Board/Member Meetings: 7:30 PM, 2nd Tuesday
Range Information
Sportsman’s Park Trap Range
735 S. West Street
Naperville, IL 60566
Clubhouse phone: 630-848-2124
Hours of Operation:
Thursdays: 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Sundays: 12:00 – 6:00 PM. Final Signup at 4:00 PM
Hours are subject to weather and attendance, holidays, and
community events
Open year round
Many thanks to our contributors. Please support those who support our club.
Firearms Transfers for $25.00
Business Card Size
Rates: $10/month - $100/year
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