Blueberry Muffin FAVOURITE
Glass £7.75 | Cocktail Shaker £19.75
Especial Mojito Tin £6.75
The Cuban classic, we take Havana Club Especial mix with lemon and lime juices, sugar and a whack
of mint. Served in a tin for that authentic experience!
What says USA more than a Blueberry Muffin, this
one has Absolut Vanilla, Ginger Syrup and blueberry
juices. It’s the 4th of July!
Porn Star Martini Glass £7.25
A modern legend. Smirnoff Vodka, vanilla, mango and passion fruit juices shaken over ice and served
chilled with a shot of Prosecco on the side.
Fruit Salad
Glass £7.45 | Skull Sharer £19.45
Long Island Iced TeaMagic 8 Ball Glass £6.45 | Hip Flask Sharer £18.45
Up-state New York drinking. We take Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Bacardi Carta Blanca, Cointreau
and Jose Cuervo Tequila mix them together with citrus juices and top with a splash of cola!
Remember the chewy sweet – we caught
it in a glass. Bacardi Carta Blanca, Archer’s Peach
Schnapps mango and strawberry juices.
It’ll take you back.
Try a Hollywood Iced Tea and replace the cola with Prosecco
– it’s so Beverley Hills!
Magic 8 Ball Glass £7.45 | Hip Flask Sharer £19.45
Strawberry Bakewell
Glass £7.75
Tom Collins Glass £6.45
This martini is fun and fruity and has all the flavour
of Grandma’s favourite bake. Smirnoff Vodka,
Luxardo Amaretto and strawberries shaken over
ice and served chilled – with a little treat on the side.
A classic mixture of Gin and lemon juices topped with a splash of soda – refreshing perfection.
If Tom’s not your man try our:
Strawberry Collins Glass £6.75
Passion Fruit Collins Glass £6.75
Glass £8.45
Lynchburg Lemonade Glass £6.45 | Cocktail Sharer £18.45
This lemonade has some edge, we mix Jack Daniel’s No7 with citrus and sparkling lemonade.
Love margaritas and beer? Well this is just for you
a classic Margarita with Jose Cuervo Tequila and
Cointreau with the added bonus of an ice-cold
Corona sinking through it. Mexico in a glass!
Alabama Cooler Glass £6.45 | Cocktail Shaker £18.45
It’s hot and sticky in Alabama; everyone needs this cooler. Southern Comfort mixed with red
berry juices topped with a splash of soda.
Pinot Grigio di Pavia, Collezione Marchesini,
Italy, Abv 12% £2.50
Lovely buttery, crisp and dry style with typical pear fruit from this area
of central northern Italy in the southern section of Lombardy. £3.15
Crisp, lively acidity, delicious tropical fruit flavours, great depth
and richness, a delicate touch of tasty oak on the finish. Montana Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough,
New Zealand, Abv 12.5% £3.65
This wine offers intense gooseberry and capsicum flavours,
ripe tropical notes and zingy acidity.
Bay of Fires Riesling, Tasmania,
Australia, Abv 12.5% Flaunts a bouquet of fresh lime coupled with subtle hints of musk:
the juicy, vibrant palate shows luscious citrus and a crisp mineral acidity.
Wicked Lady White Zinfandel, USA, Abv 10% £2.50
Antonio Rubini Pinot Grigio Rosé
delle Venezie, Italy, Abv 12% £3.25
Refreshing rosé with aromas of wild flowers,
raspberry and strawberry.
Blackstone Winemaker’s Select Chardonnay,
Monterey County, USA, Abv 13.6% 125ml175ml250mlBottle
A delightful, fruity rosé wine, showing flavours of red berries
and peaches. Complimented by soft floral notes. The balance
between crispness and sweetness is ideal, with a smooth
refreshing finish.
White Wines
Rosé Wines
Château de Fesles Rosé d'Anjou, France, Abv 12%
Off-dry with generous, ripe strawberry and plum fruit and hints of Asian spice.
Red Wines
Tekena Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile, Abv 13%
Blackstone Winemaker's Select Merlot, California, USA, Abv 13.6%£3.15
A full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with plum and bramble
characters and a long juicy finish.
A sumptuousness of dark berry and black cherry aromas and spicy clove,
generous rich softness and gentle barrique complexity.
Faustino VII Rioja Tinto, Spain, Abv 12.6% FELSON’S
Errázuriz 1870 Carmenère, Rapel Valley,
Chile, Abv 14%
A 'sin crianza' Rioja with just a touch of soft oak on the palate to balance
the lively fresh fruit of the Tempranillo grape.
Velvety displaying red-fruit aromas matched with spice: the palate
is intense, juicy and fresh.
Lanson Black Label, Abv 12.5%
Bottle £49.95
A young, lively style with a lingering lemon character with slight biscuity aromas.
Lanson Brut Rosé, Abv 12.5%
Bottle £59.95
Aromas of honey, flowers and fresh berries on the nose with elegant, restrained creamy fruit on the palate.
Lanson White Label, Abv 12.5%
Bottle £59.95
Aromas of white flowers and summer pear are punctuated by mineral notes.
Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, Abv 12%
Bottle £64.95
Gancia Prosecco, Abv 11.5%
125ml £4.95 Bottle £18.95
A well known blend of older reserves with young wines to ensure a consistency of this flowery aroma
and warm biscuit hints.
Very delicate bouquet, with hints of bread and citrus
fruit; the palate is fresh, aromatic, dry and soft.
Moët & Chandon Rose Impérial, Abv 12%
Bottle £74.95
Salmon-pink in colour, this has a wonderful fresh, floral style with summer strawberry flavours.
Molto Negre Brut Cava, Abv 11.5%
Bottle £28.95
Laurent Perrier Brut, Abv 12%
Bottle £69.95
It's a cava, yes, with fine and consistent bubbles,
a touch of brioche and pleasant Mediterranean
acidity, yes, but it is also rebellious, unique, different,
and definitely, the new Black Sheep in the universe
of sparkling wines.
A lighter house style. Subtle citrus, toast and spice predominate this perfectly balanced Champagne,
with a strong structure.
Laurent Perrier Rose, Abv 12%
Bottle £89.95
The briefest liaison with grape skins tantalisingly leaves this delicate colour yet exudes a floral
fragrance evolving soft red berry richness.
Bottega Gold Prosecco, Abv 11%
20cl Bottle £10.95 | Bottle £32.95
Dom Perignon Brut, Abv 12.5%
Bottle £185.00
Characteristic, fruity with scents of golden apple,
Williams pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley.
Long and satisfying on the palate with layers of yeasty, nutty flavours, superbly fat and ripe.
Complex, luxury Grand Cru Champagne made only in the best years.
Louis Roederer Cristal Brut, Abv 12%
Bottle £249.00
Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco, Abv 11%
20cl Bottle £10.95 | Bottle £32.95
Aromas of green apple, caramel and lemon zest: with concentrated, minerally flavours that announce
apples served with cream.
Notes of mixed red berries alongside floral
and white fruit aromas.
Armand de Brignac Brut, Abv 12%
Bottle £325.00
A multi-vintage blend of wines made from only grapes from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards.
American Whiskies & Bourbons
White Rum
– Jack Daniel's No7 Abv 40%
– Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Abv 35%
– Booker’s Bourbon Abv 63.7%
– Buffalo Trace Bourbon Abv 40%
– Bulleit Bourbon Abv 45%
– Gentleman Jack Abv 40%
– Woodford Reserve Abv 43.2%
– Bacardi Carta Blanca Abv 37.5%
– El Dorado 3 Year Old White Abv 40%
Golden Rum
– Banks 7 Golden Age 5-7 years Abv 43%
– El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve Rum Abv 43%
– Mount Gay Black Barrel Abv 43%
Scotch and Malt Whisky
Dark Rum
– The Famous Grouse Abv 40%
– Johnnie Walker Red Label Abv 40%
– Jura Origin 10 Year Old Abv 40%
– Laphroaig 10 Year Old Abv 40%
– Captain Morgan Original Dark Rum Abv 40%
– Diplomatico Anejo Abv 40%
– Gosling’s Black Seal Rum 151 Abv 75.5%
– Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Abv 54.5%
Spiced Rum
– Captain Morgan’s Spiced Abv 35.5%
– Old Jamaica Tiki Fire Spiced Abv 75.5%
– Sailor Jerry Abv 40%
– The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Abv 40%
– Gordon's Gin Abv 37.5%
– Smirnoff Red Label Abv 37.5%
– Botanist Gin Abv 46%
– Ciroc Peach Abv 38%
– Monkey 47 Schwarzald Dry Gin
Abv 47%
– Ciroc Pineapple Abv 37.5%
– Ciroc Red Berry Abv 38%
– No 209 Premium Abv 46%
– Grey Goose Vodka Abv 40%
– No. 3 Gin Abv 46%
– Belvedere Vodka Abv 37.5%
– Sipsmith V.J.O.P Abv 57.7%
– Star of Bombay London Dry Gin
Abv 47.5%
– Death's Door Gin Abv 47%
– Martell VS Abv 40%
– Courvoisier VS Abv 40%
– Hennessy VSOP Abv 40%
– Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Abv 38%
– Patron Anejo Abv 40%
– Patron Reposado Abv 40%
– Patron Silver Abv 40%
– Archers Peach Schnapps Abv 18%
– Baileys Irish Cream Abv 17%
– Chambord Abv 16.5%
– Cointreau Abv 40%
– Disaronno Amaretto Abv 28%
– Grand Marnier Cherry Abv 24%
– Luxardo Amaretto
di Saschiria Abv 28%
– Luxado Sour Apple Abv 15%
– Malibu Abv 21%
– Midori Abv 20%
– Southern Comfort Abv 35%
– Tia Maria Abv 20%
– Jack Daniel’s Fire Abv 35%
– Appletiser
– Jägermeister Abv 35%
– Coca Cola / Diet Coke
– Luxardo Passione Nera Abv 38%
– Feel Good Still Juice Drink
Apple & Blueberry / Orange & Mango
– Luxardo Sambuca Abv 38%
– Fever Tree Tonic Water / Light Tonic
– Luxardo Raspberry Abv 38%
– Orangina
– Luxardo Opel Nero Abv 38%
– Red Bull / Sugar Free
– La Fee Parisienne Absinthe Abv 68%
– Schweppes Mixers
Tonic Water / Slimline Tonic
Canada Dry / Ginger Beer
– Patron XO Café Abv 35%
– Voss Water Sparkling / Still
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