What You Need to Know About the Design


What You Need to Know About the Design
What You Need to Know About the Design & Remodeling Process
Transforming the ordinary
into the extraordinary.
After the Planning
Before the Installation Begins
The Installation
Time of Arrival, Debris Removal, Safety, The Installers,
The Project Manager, The Designer
What You Can Expect
After the Planning
Client Review
Check your floor plan, contract, and specifications carefully to assure that each item
has been covered exactly as you want it. If there are selections that have not been made,
those items should be selected as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delay in starting
your project.
Scheduling of Your Job
Most suppliers confirm orders with acknowledgments and anticipated shipping dates.
As soon as these are received, we can tentatively schedule the week during which work
will begin and confirm the starting date with you. We will advise you immediately of any
delays in material delivery; we will not start your job until all required materials are on hand.
Site Preparation
Many clients do some preparation work themselves...
removing old cabinets, trim, flooring, putting up new sheetrock ceiling, etc.
Before the
Check our specifications and floor plan carefully to determine what your responsibilities include. Completion of this
work before installers arrive will save you extra labor charges
or job start delays, or both.
Cabinet Deliveries
Cabinets are usually delivered directly to your home.
Please provide a storage area until installation begins and
advise your designer of its location. This delivery eliminates
one additional handling and saves you money as well as
possible minor handling damages. Storage of your cabinets in a warehouse will necessitate a re-trucking charge of
approximately $100 depending upon the distance.
Getting Your Home Ready
Existing kitchen cabinets and vanities should be completely cleaned out before to protect their contents from dust
and dirt during the installation. Paintings, wall decorations
and hanging plants should be removed. Installers are skilled
professionals but accidental damage is always a possibility
that should be guarded against.
The Installation
If you are not present while the work is in progress, please leave the number where
you may be reached by the phone. Should a question arise during construction, we
may need to reach you quickly.
Cover furniture and other objects in rooms adjacent to the work area. We will seal
off adjacent doorways; however, sanding, sawing and other preparatory work make
dust that travels.
Most installations require a cutting station. If work is being done on the second
floor, make one corner of a room available for cutting. We will thus be able to reduce
the working time in your home and diminish the possible damage to your decorating
as materials are brought upstairs. Protect your furnishings in the room where the cutting station is located.
Time of Arrival
Our project manager will advise you of the approximate hour our workers will arrive
on the first day. Time for assembly, loading and driving is difficult to estimate and varies for each job.
Debris Removal
Since most new cabinets have
protective wrappings, there will
be an accumulation of cardboard,
paper, etc. Please advise the installers or truck driver where to store
this debris until the job is completed. You may wish to dispose
of it yourself as it is discarded. Our
project manager will schedule one
major cleanup at the end of the
The Project Manager
Some adhesives are toxic when wet; some cannot be
removed from clothing; power equipment and sharp tools
are always dangerous with children around. You can avoid
bodily injury or damage to your new installation by keeping
everyone out of the area during working hours.
Our project manager coordinates your entire project. He
schedules initial cabinet delivery, confirms the starting day,
coordinates plumbers and electricians’ rough-in work and
schedules the final clean-up. The project manager monitors the day-by-day production flow of your project.
The Installers
The Designer
Installers are professionals who take pride in their knowledge and craftsmanship. After your designer reviews your
work order with the Installer scheduled for your job, this
Installer will be fully equipped to execute the project. Our
installers will keep you informed of their progress and their
expected completion day.
Your designer will stay in periodic touch with the project.
Should a major design problem arise during the job, it will
be resolved expeditiously. Your designer will make a final
inspection to ensure that everything on the floor plan and in
the specifications was done satisfactorily.
What Can You Expect
Stainless Steel Sinks
Final adjustments of drawers, doors, etc., are not done
at the factory, so you may notice that some drawers and
doors may not line up correctly. When the installation is
completed, an installer will ask you to inspect the job and
will adjust doors and drawers to your satisfaction. If a door
or drawer is damaged in shipment and cannot be corrected, we will order a factory replacement.
Stainless steel sinks usually have a buffed finish with
the buffing grain all in the same direction. When you first
start to use the sink, small scratches, caused by the grain
being crossed, may appear. Do not be alarmed. After
more use, these scratches will blend so the sink takes on
a pewter-like patina.
Although we use the largest material sizes available for custom made laminate counters, we sometimes have to make a seam in order to get the required length or width. This
seam will be as flush as possible, however, even the finest effort will show seams to some
degree, particularly lighter countertop finishes.
Bathroom Remodeling
This small room size creates certain unique installation and scheduling difficulties. For
example, the coordination of the various trades cannot be performed with customary
smoothness since only one mechanic can work in the bathroom at a time. Hence, there
may be hours, even a day or two, that may elapse between trades. Such scheduling is
normal with this type of a project.
If mud tile (that which is set in plaster) is being removed, please be prepared for a lot of
dust and dirt. Whenever possible, a window chute will be set up to remove this debris into
a yard dumpster.
The removal sometimes uncovers rotted or water-damaged wall framing. We will replace
damaged framing with new materials prior to the installation of your new tub or shower
enclosure. Second floor bathrooms require nearby cutting stations.
Reusing Your Appliances
Our installers take great care when existing appliances are going to be reused.
Sometimes, however, situations occur that are beyond their control.
For example, if a sink has a stainless steel hudee rim, rust may have developed under
that rim which requires its replacement. The Installer will make you aware of such matters as soon as possible. In some cases, a service call not figured into the job may be
required, for example, your relocated dishwasher may require a replacement door spring.
In case of unforeseen situations, your designer will expedite any change in work orders.
Existing Woodwork
When mouldings and casings are removed, paint will chip. If mouldings are old or fastened with long nails, they may break when removed. Shortening of doors may result in
scratches or splintering. Baseboards are vulnerable to damage when materials are fitted to
Repair of damage to your painted woodwork is assumed by you under the painting and
decorating section of your specification form. If professional decorating is not planned at
this time, you may want to do the required touch-up or wait until the room is redecorated.
Wall Holes
Cabinet and Countertop Cleaning
Sometimes when wiring outlets and switches, the electrician may make
a larger hole in the wall than appears necessary. Check your specifications
with your designer to ascertain whose responsibility it is to spackle the
Our installers will remove countertop trademarks with soap and water.
They will also clean out the inevitable dust inside the cabinets. You will
probably want to damp-wipe cabinet interiors prior to restocking the
Unfinished Soffits
Leftover Materials
Setting nails in an unfinished soffit is within the Installer’s job description.
It is the painter’s responsibility to fill these holes before the soffit is painted
or sized and papered.
Sometimes we send a greater quantity of material to the site than we
have estimated. Our truck driver or Installer will return any excess material
to our shop on completion of the job.
Cabinet Touch-ups
Change Orders
Our Installers are trained to touch up minor cabinet nicks that may occur
during shipping and handling. If the damaged area requires it, our project
manager will have a special touch-up artist correct the damage.
If any changes are made during the course of the installation, your
designer will write up a change order quoting exact cost (if it can be determined). Payment in full is requested at the time you sign the change order.
Installer’s Release and Job Completion List
Short shipments, change orders, damaged merchandise and minor production errors may
result in some items left to be completed when the installer is ready to leave the job. After you
and he go over the items still to be done, he will ask you to sign an Installer’s Release.
Your designer will draw from this release, as well as from his or her own inspection, to write
up the final Job Completion List (known in the industry as a “Punchlist”). Our project manager
will coordinate the scheduling of the Job Completion List as soon as materials and labor are
In most cases, your project at this stage is substantially completed and the Punchlist represents items to be serviced under the company’s warranty.
Insurance Coverage
All of our employees and subcontractors are covered by Workmen Compensation and
Liability Insurance as required by law.
How to Cope
Expect the Unexpected
No one can really be prepared for the unforeseen late deliveries, strikes, shipment shortages, wrong parts, oversights,
truck breakdowns, illnesses, on-the-spot changes, etc. Sometimes the incident may start a chain reaction that leads to
delays. We will strive to maintain our schedule and communicate any changes that may be required.
Relax…Your Job Is In Good Hands
Our installation team is dedicated to doing good work. This is one reason why our company enjoys a fine reputation for
reliability and derives so much business from referrals.
Although you may experience a few inconveniences during the course of the project, please know that we are always
here to assist you and ensure your happiness. Ultimately, the weeks of disruption will result in a beautifully renovated area
of your home that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.
Appliance Warranties
Warranties, delivered with your appliances, will be left in
one location by your installer. Fill out the information required
on the warranty card and send it to the individual manufacturer as soon as possible. Keep your copy of the warranty
card in a safe place with your other household records.
Many clients use our company portfolio to organize and
maintain their remodeling and warranty records.
After the
Cabinet Maintenance
To protect your investment, use cleaning materials and
methods recommended by the cabinet manufacturer. We
keep a supply of proper maintenance products to protect
your new cabinet investment.
Adjusting or Adding
The installers typically set the cabinet shelves equidistantly. You may wish to adjust the shelves to make more efficient use of the space. For example, lowering one shelf may
mean all “juice” height glasses may fit on one shelf leaving
tumbler sizes to another. If you discover that you could use
another shelf, just phone our project manager to order one.
Moving Appliances and
Be careful not to damage your new floor when moving heavy furniture or appliances. Heavy objects settle into the floor and, when they
are pulled or pushed, may cause damage to the floor covering. To
prevent possible damage:
1. Place light objects on a piece of rug or carpet and slide
across the floor. If too much resistance is encountered, stop and use
Method 2.
2.Place the object on one or more pieces of hardboard or plywood arranged side by side and slide or roll the object across the
panels. (Do not slide the panels.)
3.When moving a refrigerator or other appliances into a niche, use
narrow strips of hardwood about 12’’ wide in the niche and under the
legs. These may be left in place or removed by tilting the refrigerator
from side to side.
All furniture legs should be equipped with rests large enough to
prevent scratching and indentations. They should rest flat on the floor.
Your Final Invoice and Job Warranty
Upon substantial completion and receipt of our invoice on which date your
warranty begins. Included also will be any change orders which you approved
in writing or verbally during the course of the installation. Keep this warranty
with your household records. If you do not receive this warranty, please call
us. Constructive criticism is respected and positive comments are shared with
other homeowners considering our company’s service.
Please remember: Your one year service contract purchased with your
appliances will cover any outstanding appliance service call that may exist at
time of billing. Such a call should not delay your final payment to us; our terms
call for payment upon receipt of our invoice.
Performance Evaluation
So that we may continue to improve the quality of our service, we would
very much appreciate the completion of our performance evaluation sent to
you. Our company President reads each evaluation and will implement your
recommendations, passing along any compliments to the staff.
If Service Is Needed
Job Service
If a problem develops on your job within one year, please notify your designer. Your
warranty will cover any adjustments. An inspection to determine what should be done to
correct the problem may be necessary. This service call will be scheduled as soon as
possible, but may take two to three weeks. Sometimes calls can be squeezed in at the
end of the day or on Saturday. We will do our best for you.
Service required on jobs beyond the one year warranty will be billed at the prevailing
labor rate and will be billed portal to portal. Payment for such work is requested at time
of completion.
Many Happy Returns
When your installation is completed, you will be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your
labors. The hours of planning and installation, the worrisome design details, the anxiety of
preparing for the start of the job will soon all be forgotten. You can look forward to years of
pride and enjoyment from your beautiful room designed to your personal specifications by
our company.
We hope our staff’s dedication to your complete satisfaction will have been demonstrated. We extend our best wishes for many happy days of enjoyment in return for your
investment. The greatest satisfaction we gain from our work is knowing that a satisfied client
will confidently refer our company to others.
Thank you for your business! We look forward to serving you again and trust that we
may be able to do a project for one of your friends in the near future.
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