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Advantis Credit Union
Room Types
Furniture Lines Used
Milwaukie, Oregon
Open Plan, Office,
PriorityTM, ItsaTM, VillaTM,
Conference Rooms
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Square Footage
Xsite®, Footprint®, Bingo®
Advantis Credit Union
Because of recent growth, Advantis Credit Union’s 2nd floor was in
need of being remodeled and repurposed. The intent was to create
an environment that was centered around their employees. “It was
important that we created an interesting work place so that our
staff knew they were valued and that their work was appreciated,”
stated Tim Clouse, VP of IT and Facilities. To create an interesting
space, Advantis Credit Union partnered with SUM Design Studio +
Architecture and NW Office Interiors. The vision for the new office
environment was contemporary, open, and timeless. The furniture
selected had to inhabit both the open plan and private office. From
finishes to design attributes, the aesthetic needed to look cohesive
throughout the space.
Employee Oriented
Contemporary Aesthetic
Employees at Advantis Credit Union work long hours at their desks.
The new space was to come with a new look and feel. Matt
It is difficult to have interaction with few gathering areas and tall
Loosemore, Principal at SUM Design Studio + Architecture, wanted the
cubicle panels. Advantis wanted to assure the new space would
aesthetic to feel contemporary without getting tired. The demographic
support functional needs as well as encourage collaboration and
at Advantis is young, and Loosemore wanted the space to suit them.
Natural Light
Brand Identity
In the old office landscape, private offices surrounded the perimeter
SUM Design Studio + Architecture wasn’t only creating a new look for
of the building, letting little natural light into the open office within.
the space, they were creating a new standard for the company. The
One of the goals of the project was to allow natural light to reach
visual needed to promote Advantis Credit Union as an innovative and
everyone who shared the space.
up-and-coming corporation.
The first major change was moving the enclosed offices from the perimeter to the core of the building, allowing natural light to
fill the open plan. Additional impromptu spaces and meeting rooms were also incorporated into the new design. Using Xsite with
low height panels allowed more light to enter the space while encouraging interaction. Various storage components were used
to maximize space at each workstation, including a Priority lateral file with a cushion top to accommodate a brief guest. Priority
casegoods were also used in the enclosed offices to ensure a cohesive look throughout. Loosemore and Clouse appreciated how
the contemporary design of the furniture really fit the design of the space. “I used this product because the details, colors, and
design matched what we were trying to accomplish,” Loosemore explained.
The project team worked with their Kimball Office Sales Representative and Dealer, NW Office Interiors, to compose furniture
solutions specific to their needs. Clouse stated, “Kimball Office did whatever it took to get me what I needed, even if it wasn’t
standard. Kimball Office and NW Office Interiors really pulled it together to get the job done.” Loosemore had a similar experience
as he says, “Kimball Office was educated enough to better the design of the entire project rather than hinder.”
Matt Loosemore
SUM Design Studio + Architecture
Photography © Josh Partee 2012
Employees quickly adapted to the new space. They loved the fact that they didn’t have to get up and walk to another person’s
cubical to have a conversation. Clouse reinforced, “The openness increases productivity and creates transparency around work.
This project was incredibly gratifying for me because people enjoy it.” Even the small considerations were appreciated, such as
including a wardrobe cabinet in each workstation. Clouse commented on his overall experience saying, “Kimball Office is a great
team to work with. There are vendors, and there are partners. Vendors just want to make a sale, and partners care about what
happens to you. Kimball Office treats us as a partner. They really care about my needs and what I’m looking for.”

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