The Cadet - Crosby Independent School District


The Cadet - Crosby Independent School District
2013-14 Volume
Issue 2
Within the blink of an eye
we have made it through
the first semester of the
2013-2014 school year,
thanks to all of you who
have participated in our
various activities through
out the month of
November and December,
YOU are who make us the
Cougar Battalion, YOU are
who make us, SECOND TO
The Cadet
An insight to the Cougar Battalion
- C/MSG Jackie Lira PAO
In this edition:
VA Hospital
Veterans Celebration
Veterans Parade
St. Joseph
Promotion Board
Pep Squad
Christmas Parade
Until Next year..
“Freedom is never Free”
Top: JROTC Cadets attend VA Hospital to visit veterans
and give them gift baskets (Read more on Pg.2)
Bottom: Cadets unfold a giant flag in preparation to
the veterans celebration (Read more on Pg. 3)
In conmemorance
of Veterans day
Crosby Army JROTC
participated in
different activities
throughout the
month of
November to help
celebrate and
honor all the brave
men and women
who fought for this
"This nation will
remain the land
of the free only
so long as it is
the home of the
brave." -Elmer
Pg. 1
JROTC show their love for our veterans.
With a smile on her face,
sophomore cadet, Jamilette De
Jesus carefully hands over a gift
basket to a resident of the VA
On Friday, November 1st the cadets paid a visit
to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital in
downtown Houston. With the help of each
cadet, the cadets managed to all pitch in and
collect a variety of care products, which were
then created into over 30 individual gift baskets
for the retired soldiers as a small thank you for
what they have done for our country. The visit
gave the students the opportunity to interact
face to face with many retired soldiers , listen to
their stories and retain their wise advice.
With baskets and Thank You cards in hand, the
young cadets excitedly assemble into their
platoon before getting on the bus. Visiting the
Veterans is something the Battalion does every
With great Honor, senior Jeremiah Wilson shakes
hands with a veteran. The Cadets had the opportunity
of sitting down with veterans throughout the hospital
and converse, something that was enjoyable for both
student and patient.
Hear what the cadets have to say.
“It felt wonderful
seeing the faces of
them light up when we
would speak to them.”
–Sophomore Cecilia
“I learned the importance of
remembering those who have
served and what they
sacrificed by doing so, it
makes me realize how blessed
I am.”
-Junior Kimberly Butkiewicz
“It taught me that a true
hero that served our
country will never be
forgotten or unattended
after all his or her hard
-Sophomore Alex Rivera
“I learned that we
should respect the
veterans who served our
country because they
sacrificed themselves for
us” –Sophomore
Deanna Thomas
Pg. 2
Their day to shine.
An unexpected drop in temperatures sure didn’t
stop anyone from coming out and showing their
support for our veterans . On the chilly night of
Thursday November 7th many gathered at Cougar
stadium for the first ever, Veterans Day celebration.
Students from every school in the Crosby
Independent school district took part in making it a
memorable night for our veterans. Veterans had
the chance to be treated like celebrities, getting
personally escorted in golf carts by JROTC cadets
and seated in reserved sections by their service of
branch. Presentation kicked off with the posting of
the colors by JROTC Color guard and was followed
by a variety of performances including but not
limited to, dance, art, choir and even a 25 min.
firework show.
Forgetting about the freezing winds
junior Yahaira Tamez , happily stands
with a stack of white shirts across her
arms. JROTC cadets helped distribute
red, white and blue shirts, along with
flags and poppies for the celebration.
Sophomore Nickolas Saenz
proudly escorts a veteran to the
With rifle in
hand, Junior
Juan Hernandez
performs color
guard routine
with the other
cadets. A posting
of eight flags was
done that night,
Texas, US, one
for each branch,
and a POWMIA
A big and special THANK YOU
from our behalf to our very own
Army retirees, SFC Meadows &
Major Farr. Thank you for serving
our country & Thank you for
impacting the lives of many
young individuals.
Saturday morning
on November 9th,
the annual
Veterans Day
parade was hosted
by the CrosbyHuffman Chamber
With rifle in hand
of Commerce.
sophomore Aiden
Weaver stands at parade With Crosby JROTC
leading the way,
rest. Color Guard along
with Staff led the cadets the parade lasted
in the parade.
around 45 min.
Looking sharp in
their uniforms,
JROTC along
with LOTC
cadets make
sure they stay in
step during their
Orienteering goes to Pottsboro
A total of twenty cadets , both
LOTC and JROTC drove five miles
to Pottsboro, TX on the weekend
of November 15-17th , The
students competed with schools
within the region , bringing home
7 medals.
“I met a lot of new people, they fed us good and
we got to stay in cabins, it was just really fun.”
- Nick Day
Above: Battalion
Commander Kimberly
Butkiewicz and SFC
Tim Meadows present
First Baptist Church a
certificate of
appreciation for
helping out at the
Cadets help out small children with their presentation of the importance of Veterans day.
On November 11th for veterans day, the Cougar Battalion’s staff
and Color Guard visited St. Joseph Catholic school in Baytown, TX
to help host their veterans day program. Cadets helped by posting
and retiring the colors, along with a video presentation and
special certificates mentions for veterans of the children's
Pg. 4
Cadets show their knowledge by attending promotion
How does one receive rank? You aren't simply
given it, you earn it.
Monday December 9th and Wednesday
December 11th cadets were given the
opportunity to attend Promotion Board.
Students received a packet two weeks prior to
the day of Promotion to study.
Cadets were expected to answer multiple
questions from a variety of sections, they were
graded based on their performance, knowledge,
and appearance. For some cadets, attending
promotion board was something they are
already familiar with, however for the majority it
was a first.
Overall cadets did an outstanding job for the
first promotion of the year, all cadets got
promoted some even two rankings, way to go
The crowd goes wild, a
touchdown has been made,
pep squad picks up their
flag and begins to run down
the track once again.
At every football game
whether home or away
JROTC PEP Squad came to
support the team. Setting
up the inflatable helmet,
helping the players with the
luggage but most
importantly of all running
their 8 giant flags.
Pg. 5
JROTC Leads off the Christmas Parade
helps decorate
the trailer with
handmade signs.
Kim spent her
making a variety
of Christmas
signs for all the
On December 14th many
organizations gathered at Crosby Church
for the Christmas Parade. JROTC like
always lead off the parade with a
different twist. Instead of Marching in
uniform cadets got to ride in three
different trailers, dressed in red and
Christmas hats, the cadets enjoyed their
time distributing candy to the spectators.
Another great year has
passed, I want to wish
you all Happy Holidays,
and a Happy New Year,
have fun and enjoy
your vacations, enjoy
your families and stay
safe, see you Next year!
-C/MSG Jackie Lira
Pg. 6