The FRIENDLY market town!


The FRIENDLY market town!
The FRIENDLY market town!
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Welcome to
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Set in stunning scenery, the friendly market town of Barnoldswick - known
affectionately to locals as Barlick - lies at the very heart of England. The town
is quaint, quirky and colourful, but above all friendly, warm and welcoming,
full of character - and characters!
estling in the Pennine hills between
Leeds and Manchester on the
Lancashire – Yorkshire border,
Barnoldswick is one hour’s travel from either
Pennine cycle and bridleway routes
pass through Barnoldswick and the superb
summit stretch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal
meanders through the town.
Barnoldswick has wonderful walking country.
The rolling heather moorland of Weets Hill
boasts Britain’s best view, easily reached by a
gentle walk through the town’s oldest streets.
Barnoldswick is steeped in living history.
Its ancient heritage dates back to pre-Roman
times. Nowadays, stone built streets surround
a traditional town centre with a restful square
at the heart of the community. The town
even has a unique time of its own, with a
clock based on the 12 different letters in
The town is well known for its industrial
heritage. Aside from boasting the highest
point of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal,
Barnoldswick is famous for its Rolls-Royce jet
engines. There’s also the town’s most iconic
landmark – Bancroft Mill with its working
steam engine. There’s not much better than
the sight of the golden sun shining on the
Bancroft Mill chimney.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Harry Simpson and Stewart Brown; traditional farmers supplying local shops.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Why do we think
Because, it’s written all over the place
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick is so special?
istinctly different to ‘clone town’ Britain,
Barnoldswick is bursting with bustling
shops which provide an individual
service for visitors. With scores of locally
owned and family run shops, Barnoldswick
has the highest proportion of independent
traders in the country. And Barnoldswick is
bucking the trend with more shops now than
five years ago, the opposite of most towns in
the UK.
Barnoldswick’s shops have been serving
the local community for hundreds of years.
The local shopkeepers have reinvented
themselves again and again to ensure they
provide that independent touch and give
Barlickers and visitors alike the service and
choice they deserve.
Barnoldswick-baked artisan loaves grace
bakers’ windows; locally reared meat is
prepared on butchers’ blocks; hand crafted
wares share shelves with contemporary
cutting edge creations; and the town is a
honey pot for quality homewares and fashion.
And Barnoldswick’s shops offer great value
If you do some shopping in Barnoldswick,
you’ll meet some great local characters,
receive expert advice, friendly customer
service and find some wonderfully unique
one-off purchases.
With Britain’s best inland urban beach,
Barnoldswick is also famed for its free family
friendly activities. From April’s celebrations of
St George’s Day to November’s spectacular
Switch On parade, thousands of visitors
enjoy Barnoldswick’s energetic and eventful
Full of friendly folk, Barnoldswick is perfect
for a restful or eventful visit – the choice is
You’ll meet some of Barnoldswick’s
characters in this guide and get a flavour
or our town. Learn why we’re proud and
passionate and what it’s like to live like a local.
And if you see them when you visit, do say
hello - and tell them they are a photogenic lot
after all!
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Northern Costume Hire
t was 28 years ago Carol was watching the
filming of Alan Bennett’s A Private Function
which was filmed here in Barnoldswick and
she had an idea of selling costumes. I joined
the business 23 years ago after the original
seamstress left. We thought it would build
slowly, but a big costume business closed
down and suddenly my sewing machine was
constantly in demand!
We have 20,000 costumes now and have
6,500 items to buy online. We even have the
original Black and White Minstrel costumes
which we ended up hiring back to the original
cast years later when they did a reunion. Some
of the jackets still had the original cast’s names
1960s and 70s outfits are the most popular.
Murder mysteries and theme nights are also
popular now so people can ring up with their
measurements and we can take the costumes
up to the shop for them to try.
What makes our business special? (Laughs!)
There is never a dull moment. You really don’t
know what people are going to ring up and
ask for. If anyone ever tapped our telephones,
they would think that we were talking in code!
Carol used to run hypnotherapy sessions
from a room in our old premises. She stopped
doing it after the business grew so fast but the
last straw was when a lady came in one day
for a session to help her to give up smoking
and in the middle of her session she heard,
“Has anyone seen Jesus’ loin cloth?” bellowed
up the stairs.
We’ve done costumes for TV – Emmerdale
and Coronation Street. My daughter’s
favourite is that we supplied costumes for an
Arctic Monkeys video. I didn’t know who they
were, but she was very pleased!
There’s also George, our resident ghost in
the warehouse. If you can’t find a costume
and you ask George, it’s often there, hanging
on a rail in the morning. He’s really useful!
Some family visited me here
this summer and they were
blown away by Barnoldswick;
there are so many individual
shops and so much for families
to do – Barnoldswick Beach,
free films, stuff for families to
do. And so much is free.
I love to go down by the canal
and go to the café there. They
do lovely cream cakes.”
Northern Costume Hire
Margaret Greenwood,
co owner with Carol Squire
Rainhall Road.
01282 817351(warehouse) and
01282 816741 (party shop)
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Liddell’s Bakery
’ve been a baker all my life since leaving
school. This shop has been a bakery for over
100 years, Christine and I took it on some 20
years ago.
Bread is in my blood – I love bread. There’s
just so many different types of bread, I never
stop learning as there’s always something
Our top sellers are our tea cakes, fresh
bread and our low GI multiseed loaf – it slows
down blood sugar levels so it’s great for
dieters looking for low GI or diabetics.
We do a special leaven based bread.
Leaven bread has a natural bread ‘starter’
dough bread. We start with flour and water
then leave it then add more and repeat this
feeding method until it starts to bubble which
means the natural yeast from Barlick air has
helped to feed it and give it more flavour – so
this bread has a truly Barnoldswick taste.
We’re trying to get people into it as it
has natural enzymes which are good for
digestion – just like pro-biotic yoghurts. You
can eat it on its own, toast it, use it as a soup
accompaniment – I can eat a whole loaf in
one sitting!
Our bakery is special because of our
customer service and the quality. We bake
everything here in the bakery so it’s fresh
every day and keeps our prices low. We can
make breads to order too, such as gluten free.
Our French sticks (baguettes) were so good
they had their own moment on Ready Steady
I would recommend a new
visitor to the town has a good
look around - take your time
and enjoy the atmosphere.
There are lots of walks around
here so go for information
at the Pendle Council Shop
which is a little gold mine.
My wife enjoys shopping in
shops like Decisions Decisions
and Handbags, and I love the
parks like Letcliffe. Up Weets is
Liddell’s Bakery
Alan and Christine Liddell
The Square, Albert Road.
01282 813558
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
fancied doing something different and
thought running a sweet shop would be a
great way to finish off my working life before
enjoying my retirement.
As the name suggests, lollipops are our
best sellers. In fact we have sold over 8,000 in
the last four months! Our lollipops are so good
we have sold them to people in countries as
far away as Malta, Canada and even Australia.
Our lollipops can even help smokers to quit,
so Lollipops can improve your health!
We have a wide variety of sweets, including
traditional sweets to remind you of your
childhood. You simply can’t buy these sweets
in supermarkets. Our Scottish range of sweets,
including fudge and toffee, are very popular,
as well as our range of diabetic sweets everybody should be able to indulge their
sweet tooth!
Unique and nostalgic, enjoy the
sweets of your childhood now!”
Susan Driver
01282 817196
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
The Art Palette
e work as a wife and husband team,
myself and Richard, and we opened
The Art Palette in 2010. For me, it
brings together art and teaching: through
selling art materials, personal gallery space
and offering private tuition. The shop also
provides me with a small amount of studio
space. Honestly, it’s just a dream come true;
going to work now is like being inside a
chocolate box.
Our bestsellers include Pip Seymour Fine
Art Products (we are now a specialist supplier)
and we also offer a bespoke framing service.
People are often pleasantly surprised that
Barnoldswick now has an art shop and gallery.
I am also slowly building a reputation for
my style of artwork and I have gained a few
buyers and collectors.
I love exploring our local scenery such as
views from the top of Weets Hill and I have
began to develop a series of artworks based
on Barnoldswick with a series code BB. This
relates to our postcode and also, in my mind,
stands for Beautiful Baroldswick. These works
include Weets Hill, Bancroft Mill, images of the
canal and St Mary le Ghyll.
I think all of the shops in Barnoldswick have
something to offer everyone and it is really
pleasing to see new shops popping up. The
town looks so inviting. I’m very proud to be a
shopkeeper here on my own doorstep.
West Craven has lovely walks,
views and architecture; it’s full
of nooks and crannies that
artists and photographers just
love. The marina is a nice spot
to sit and have a cup of tea and
a chat. I feel that inspiration is
everywhere; you just have to
learn to see it.”
The Art Palette
Jennene Whiteley
Rainhall Road.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Steaming through history
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
The Mill is a local history museum. Virtually all of the mill’s employees
came from Barnoldswick and lots of their families still live here.
visited the mill a few times then I decided
to volunteer here. I like the continuity in old
style engineering and I can get hands on as
I help manufacture new parts in the mill. The
mill actually shut in 1978 and the museum
opened in 1980. Bancroft’s 600 horse power
engine powered 1,250 cotton looms in the
weaving shed. Visitors can still come and see
the engine run.
The ‘wow factor’ is the engine. Visitors get
to start it by winding the valve themselves –
kids cheer adults on! Visitors have tripled in
the last two years; we have thousands each
year. We run the engine on Steam Days which
are held on selected Sundays. Visitors can get
free conducted tours on a Saturday (although
we do like small donations!).
The weaving loom is always a surprise and
we’re building a new engine which could be
ready for running in three years and can be
already viewed now.
The mill is a local history museum, virtually
all of its employees came from Barnoldswick
and lots of their families still live in the town.
The mill was ahead of its time in many ways
and it actually still is – Toyota has just invented
a similar technology for their cars called
Variable Valve Timing (V V T ) . We had it here in
Barlick 90 years ago!
The mill’s chimney is a real Barnoldswick
landmark. The last job Fred Dibnah did was
overhauling the mill’s iconic chimney. He
pointed it from top to bottom then covered
it with linseed oil. The mill’s chimney is a real
Barnoldswick landmark. A historical spectacle.
I like Greenberfield Locks,
its the highest point of the
Leeds & Liverpool Canal you
Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
Harry Moore
Gillians Lane.
01943 602118.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Good Life Natural Health Store
ally and I are both trained pharmacy
technicians and worked together for
many years until we became disillusioned
with orthodox medicines and dreamed of one
day opening a natural health store together.
Sally started a family and I went on to work in
a hospital pharmacy, until one day we decided
to fulfil our dream to open a health store. And
so The Good Life was born in June 2005.
Our current top selling products include
joint care and slimming products and we are
seeing a real rise in sales of our fantastic sports
nutrition range.
The Good Life is special because of us! We
give excellent service and fantastic advice
for all your health care needs. We thoroughly
enjoy being here too. All of our customers are
interesting and so diverse.
We really encourage people to get in touch
with us with any health care issues, if we don’t
know the answer to your question, we WILL
find it! If you like to tweet you can follow
us on Twitter (goodlifebirds) or if facebook is
more your thing you can find us there too. We
don’t have any famous customers, but most
of the local bands vocalists use our Echinacea
throat spray... so watch this space!
Our delicious lunches are often
bought in Barlic Bites. Ask
them about the peanut butter
debate — Sally recommends
peanut butter and bacon
sandwiches! We also both love
spending time in Letcliffe Park.
Barnoldswick has so much to
boast about; the town is full
of independent shops run by
friendly locals. You just can’t
walk down the street without
saying hello, even if you don’t
know anybody! Also, we have
lots of free parking which is a
Sally and Joanne
Good Life Natural Health Store
Sally Nicholson and Joanne Wainnan
Frank Street.
01282 850101
also on Facebook and Twitter
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barlic Bites
am a local lass, and used to run the
Railway pub. When the shop came up
for sale four years ago, I jumped at the
chance. The hours fitted nicely with my
family life.
Barlic Bites big breakfast bap is our top
seller. We have a large variety of breads
available: Panini, ciabatta and wraps. Why
not try our piegata Italian style flat bread
made from olive oil? It’s a healthy but
tasty option.
What makes us special? The team!
We are like a little family. Everyone is so
friendly and happy to help.
We get a number of Burnley FC players
in here for their lunches so you’re in good
We don’t sell fast food; we make great
food as fast as we can!
I do love Letcliffe Park. In terms
of shops, there are too many to
mention. You can get everything
you need in Barlick. It’s a great
little town. Everyone should
shop locally. Why go anywhere
Barlic Bites
Mandy McLaughlin
Albert Road.
01282 850197
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Centre Screen
was one of the founder members of
Centre Screen. It felt like we needed
a local cinema in Barnoldswick and
we now have the first for 30 years. The
Rainhall Centre helped with the funding
and helped find a group of volunteers to
run it.
We’re the only cinema for miles around
and we do free films. It’s a completely
different feeling to the multiplexes; we’re
truly independent. Our most popular
films are the family films, teen movies and
award winners.
Seeing a film here is a different
experience. We do intermissions on the
longer films when we put on hot food,
such as soup and a sandwich or chilli.
Otherwise we have a good tuck shop and
do coffees and homemade cakes – you
don’t always get that in the multiplexes.
People are often surprised that it’s the
full cinema experience – high definition,
high quality and surround sound.
The shops in Barnoldswick are
all lovely and individual. The
town is very special;
I do nearly all my shopping in
Barnoldswick and try not to
go out of town. It’s the lovely
community, village-type feel I
shop in Barnoldswick for. The
Beach event is excellent - the
Town Council do a lot of good
Harold Hoggarth,
Volunteer Projectionist
and Technical Support
Centre Screen
The Rainhall Centre.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
James Bontoft Optometrist
was an employed optician and then I
decided to go it alone and set up my own
business. I saw this building and it motivated
me to make that move.
Designer brands such as Ted Baker, Porsche
Design and the new Guess frames always sell
well here. They’re good brands without top
designer premium price tags.
We’re special here because we’re
independent. For instance, we do home
visits. People are often surprised at that. We
also do the Low Vision Scheme which saves
customers a trip to the hospital and, because
we know Barlickers are keen on cycling, we
have just got a range of cycling sunglasses in.
Like most independents, we always
try to put the customer first; starting and
building a business is all about reputation.
People appreciate the personalised service
and seeing a familiar face. Most High Street
opticians do 20 minute consultations – we do
45 minutes. We also have great staff – Susan
and Lois give a great welcome.
I love the Leeds & Liverpool
Canal. It runs from my house
in Skipton right through to
The local greengrocers is
one of my favourite shops.
It’s fantastic. I now buy all
my fruit and veg from there.
Their prices are better than the
James Bontoft
James Bontoft Optometrist
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Learning Tree Toys
e’ve been running Pendle Nursery
for 20 years and had a lot of interest
from parents about where our toys
come from. We found a lot of toy shops are
a bit dull and our idea at Learning Tree Toys
was to make the shop inviting to children. We
have none of this “Don’t Touch!” business in
Our top sellers here are the quintessentially
British toys like the wooden London Bus and
the London car set for the boys and for the
girls it’s our doll’s houses.
Our den-making kits encourage outside
play which we believe is really important
and it’s been a big philosophy of ours in the
nursery for a long time, we love to develop
imagination, exercise, fresh air. Here we
believe in the benefits of risk – which is all part
of outdoor play so the den-making kits are
great for this.
The shop is magical to children. It’s the
‘Wow’ factor when they walk in, their little
faces light up! We say “Do touch” here as we
believe kids have the right to play and test
things, just like we do when we shop.
We also do a Birthday and Christmas Club
where people can pay in instalments for gifts.
It also means you don’t have to store gifts at
home and worry about them finding them!
What do I love about
Barnoldswick? It’s the
town’s friendliness
and its shops. A
particular place I like
to go is Letcliffe Park. I
recommend families get
a picnic from local shops
and get up to the Park.
Preferably with our
umbrellas and wearing
our wellies and splash
Learning Tree Toys
Lisa Beckwith, Hazel Nutter and
Lynsey Cockshott
Church Street.
01282 854333
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Bravo Lingerie
ravo sells designer lingerie by
Fantasie, Freya, Lepel, Charnos,
Caprice, Triumph. We’re the biggest
independent retailer of Caprice. The shop is
also home to Bravo online and Bravo direct
– soon to be available on Amazon.
At Bravo we focus on great customer
service, and a free fitting and measuring
service without appointments. We also do
bridal lingerie fittings - all in our beautifully
refurbished shop.
We have provided swimwear for a
Woman’s Own photo shoot featuring
Beverley Callard from Coronation Street
and we have sold underwear to Paul
Nicholas (for his wife) from the hit TV
programme Just Good Friends.
We offer free fitting, expertise and
advice. We even do home fittings and
Barnoldswick is full of secret
shops – there is something to
suit everyone!
Bravo Lingerie
Wendy Ranwell
Rainhall Road.
01282 850720
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Café on the Square
’ve been here for over three years. I did
have a business in Burnley but as I live in
Barnoldswick I wanted to run a business
Our breakfasts are very popular. We do
different pie fillings and special lunches
everyday which go down well. Everything
at Café on the Square is homemade.
We have a friendly atmosphere and
customers often say “it’s like being at home”.
We’re the oldest café in Barlick.
I’m told by a local business man who
used to be in the Hollies that he remembers
sitting in this café and on the opposite table
were Lennon and McCartney – they were
supporting the Hollies that night at the
I am not sure how factual this is but we
like to believe it! Famous customers we’re
more sure of include the Coronation Street
star who plays Bill Webster.
There are some great events
like the Beach, St George’s
Day and the Christmas Lights
Switch On.”
Café on the Square
Keith Mitchell
The Square, Albert Road .
01282 812882
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
ur business started out as a hobby
and just kept on growing. I have
knitted since I was a child. When my
children went to school, I decided to make
the hobby into a job. Stephanie joined me
and we moved into this new shop in April
People travel from all over the North
of England for our knitting and designer
knitting wool. An internet customer from
Australia visited the shop especially on a
trip to the UK! People might not know that
we also stock decorations for cupcakes!
The people that work here have
fantastic knowledge and always offer a
friendly welcome. We go out of our way to
help customers worldwide. If we haven’t
got what you need in stock, we will find it
for you.
We have lorry drivers who come in as
they find knitting relaxing after a long day it’s for everyone and anyone!
I love the canal walks here.
Feeding the ducks by the café is
always a nice pastime.
Keep an eye out for our classes
starting soon . . . everyone is
welcome to give it a go!”
Stephanie and Ann
Church Street.
01282 851003
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Greyhound Inn
moved here from Nelson in 1988 and this
pub is an eight minute, beautiful stroll from
my house. The brewery closed the pub
down last year and on my last walk home
from the pub I thought to myself: “They can’t
shut my pub!” We got together a petition
signed by the regulars. A developer bought
the premises and Don, a previous landlord
of the pub, helped get a team of us together
with investment to buy the pub from the
developers. Don said to me “Chris, you know
your retirement fund, have you got any left?!”
All the owners are all pub regulars, there
are nine of us in total - one of whom is a 70
year old piano teacher. She just wanted to
get involved because she thought it was so
important to keep this building as a pub.
The pub was a good place for the locals to
get together; we had loads of community
events here, charity fundraisers, bands, darts
marathons and the like. It would have been a
great loss if the Greyhound had shut, not just
to us but to the town. We got enough cash
together and in early December 2010 we got
the keys.
One of the reasons the pub is so special
is the local beers, we’re in the Local Ale
Campaign (Campaign for Real Ale). Our best
seller is the Blond Witch, an award winning
beer from Moorhouse’s – our regulars love
it. We also have a few teetotal regulars
who enjoy our blackcurrant juice and good
Greyhound Inn
Chris and Don
Manchester Road.
01282 850670
Opening times –
5 - 11pm Mon - Fri,
2pm to 11pm Saturday and
2pm to 10.30pm on Sunday.
We’ve just started regular music
entertainment and Sunday afternoon music,
look out for our A Board outside. We do food
on a Friday evening – chilli, curry, pie and peas
– something simple but tasty.
We’re doing our own brew which is called
Barlick Brewery – brewed in the occupied
West Riding!
Because the locals have an interest, some
of them a vested interest, it makes the pub
have a lively, friendly feel. You could come
here as a stranger and you’d be part of the
gang in no time and of course we’re an
independent free-house. That makes us very
We have some great regulars. There’s Pip,
who lives 38 steps away and sits in his own
seat next to the fire every night. He was once
sent a postcard from abroad which said “To
Pip, Barnoldswick, England” and it got to him!
There’s also Dublin George, one of the funniest
people I’ve ever met. It’s great fun in here.
The walks towards Bracewell
and Marton are lovely.
Also Weets – the best view in
the world with a cracking pub
at the bottom!
In town I like the Lighting
Shop, their forge range is
I love living here. We’re right
at the bottom of Weets, on the
doorstep of the Dales, brilliant
walking right here and further
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
My favourite spots in Barnoldswick? It’s got to be anywhere on the
local canal between the Anchor Inn at Salterforth to Skipton.
I also like Boothman Park at Barley, I take my daughter fishing there
all the time – it’s a great spot for beginners. There’s loads of local
fishing spots within a 10 minute walk from the shop.”
Heaps of Tackle
Rainhall Road.
01282 817800
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Heaps of Tackle
just love fishing! I’ve been doing it for the
best part of 40 years. It’s peaceful, you get
to spend time in beautiful places and it’s you
against the weather, the elements and the
fish! I like working out what works and what
Heaps of Tackle is a local family run
business that has been based in Barnoldswick
for three years. We just took the plunge and
haven’t looked back since.
Heaps of Tackle sells a huge variety of
tackle, baits and flies - over 500! But our best
sellers are baits for carp and fresh water fish baits that are perfect for fishing around here.
We also sell fishing rights season tickets for
the local Pendle area, Burnley and surrounding
areas, including Marsden Star and day tickets
for Skipton Angler. We can provide the best
information about which baits and tackle
will be best for fishing spots here, and even
Our opening hours are perfect for people
who come home from work when it’s nice
and decide to go out fishing – we’re open
until 9pm seven days a week. We also do wish
lists for people who want that something
special and would like to leave a big hint to
their friends and families.
From tiddlers to big carp we can supply
what you need and tell you the best spots for
fishing. Beginners can come to our shop and
start fishing from as little as £9.99 and we can
tell you exactly where to go for a guaranteed
catch. You can get everything you need
from our huge range. And our experience
and knowledge can help you make the right
choice from a beginner to a professional.
We’ve supplied Mark Addy (Captain of the
National Team) and Willie Irving recently took
up fishing and we helped set him up. We’ve
supplied Burnley FC players too, because
fishing’s a great way for the lads to unwind.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Harry Garlick
I was born in Barnoldswick
when Barnoldswick was in
Yorkshire. Because we’re
from a cricketing family,
when the border changed
my Mum went to the bother
of checking whether I was
still eligible to play for
I wasn’t good enough for
Yorkshire in the end but she
was pleased that I was at
least eligible!”
ad joined Harry Garlick’s in 1953 as an
apprentice TV Engineer. He supplied
many homes in the area with their first
televisions. We still get customers coming in
saying “We had the first TV in Barlick and we
got it here”... But they couldn`t all have been
Dad became a partner and took over the
business in the early 70s. Dad has three sons
and we all work for the firm but only got
jobs within the business, through the 80s,
as and when they came available – nothing
came easy. Dad still comes in to work most
mornings and we still appreciate his input and
his experience. Harry Garlick now has eight
shops across Lancashire and Yorkshire and we
employ 60 people.
Our top sellers are still televisions but we
also sell lots of domestic appliances. All the
most popular brand names, and all at good
prices. I used to say “we sell anything with
a plug on it” and one customer took me at
my word and asked for a kitchen sink. I still
managed to get him one though!
We sell the very latest technology such as
iPods, laptops and smart TVs. We have it all
Harry Garlick
Ian Scothern
Church Street
at keen prices with properly trained staff who
know what the best choice is for the customer
which means customers get better value for
their money. A recent survey showed that
27% of people who purchased a TV actually
purchased a model that did not suit their
We believe independent retailers like
ourselves are special because service still
matters. We are family run and believe in
family values which means we want to deliver
good service before and after the sale. If
customers trust us they will come back.
We do have a few famous customers but
I can’t name names although I can say we
have a strong association with Burnley FC
and concluded some recent business with
Ian Holloway the Blackpool manager, who is a
great character.
The family has played cricket and football
in the town for ever. We all worked up
through the ranks. All 4 of us played in
the cricket first team in 1983. A proud day.
Mum was forever washing whites – if you
looked good you played well, that’s what she
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
got an unexpected call while I was living
in Glasgow that this building was up for
sale. I jumped at the chance of relocating
back to my roots and tackling this massive
renovation project. The building is part
of a complex attached to a 16th Century
former chapel which is steeped in history.
In fact, some years ago, I had a visit from a
Canadian Mormon who had actually read
about the Chapel and its amazing history
in a Canadian magazine!
The shop itself is a listed building which
was previously an auction house. In a
little over nine months the building was
completely transformed to house the
beautiful beauty spa that is ‘the Elysium’. I think that the building’s history adds
to the whole spa experience that we offer
here. It was great that our efforts didn’t
go unnoticed; the Council recognised the
quality of the renovation by giving us an
award for building enhancement in 2009.
Here at the Elysium we have recently
invested in the brand new non surgical
facelift machine from Caci ‘Caci Ultimate’
(as seen on 10 Years Younger) and is
already set to be the biggest selling
treatment because of the fantastic results it
Myself and my team of therapists love
what we do here, are always looking for
future treatments to exceed our client’s
expectations. We’re special because we
offer a friendly and personable service.
It’s all about the customers whether they
come here to unwind, look or feel better or
just to try out the latest craze.
I love Weets Hill, it’s absolutely
beautiful and has stunning
views. Also, Barlic Bites is a
favourite of ours; the new flat
breads are lovely – healthy and
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Hill Top Barn
e moved into the house next door
in 1984; the attached barn was
used as a store. We thought about
extending the house but then decided to
reverse this as we were coming to retirement
age, so we downsized the house and turned
the barn into a holiday let.
Hill Top Barn took four and a half years to
renovate. All the wood in the house has come
from two oak trees from the Lake District.
Richard spent four months just making the
doors for the rooms!
Lots of family get togethers happen here
and we can help people have the holiday of a
lifetime. We aim to give people a home from
home. It was amazing to be awarded 5 stars
by Visit Britain immediately after completion
of the renovation.
Most people who stay here like to walk
and cycle – and shop! Lots of customers
comment on our beautiful town centre and its
independent shops. They also love the wow
factor of the property itself.
Lots of people who stay here have a Barlick
connection. We have just had Australians to
stay who left the town on the ‘£10 Pom’ ticket.
We have a Texan couple coming this weekend
and he is originally from Barnoldswick. A
regular couple from Arizona who come have
friends here – we Barlickers do get about!
Hill Top Barn
Margaret and Richard Sharples
Off Manchester Road.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Hope Technology
an (my brother) and Simon have always
been into their cycling. They worked for
Rolls-Royce and in their spare time started
improving their own bikes with fixtures that
they designed and made for themselves. They
thought “We could sell these” and the business
went from there. They’ve pioneered lots of
innovative products for bikes; Hope was one
of the first companies to make disc brakes for
Our top sellers are our bike hubs and
wheels, there’s so many that are selling
well. 50% of our business is now export. We
manufacture everything ourselves. The whole
product is made here from design, prototypes
to finishing and shipping.
We employ 85 people, nearly all of them
are from Barnoldswick. We have our very own
cycling celebrity working here - Paul Oldham
is the British Cyclo-Cross Champion.
I love the ride up Weets Hill,
it’s beautiful up there and a
lovely journey to the top.”
Alan Weatherill
Hope Technology
Calf Hall Road.
01282 851400
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Bell & Sons Butchers
bought the butchers in 1992 from Ilsa
Fielding - a German lady who, believe it or
not, had owned the business since 1941.
I still have the original certificate allowing
the butchers to sell game. The shop was very
simple when I bought it; an old door was used
as the counter!
A favourite with our customers are the
pepper chicken and the chicken melts, the
chicken is stuffed with garlic cheese. All our
bacon is dry cured on the premises so bacon
always goes down well too. We also sell
produce that’s a bit different like our wild
venison from the Isle of Lewis. All our meat
is aged for at least 3 weeks... it makes all the
Our personal touch makes the business
different and special; I like to have a
conversation with every customer. People also
find they can easily pop in to us on the way
home for something for their tea. It helps that
you can also park right outside our door!
I have lots of customer stories from over
the years. I was once asked to sell a lady’s cat,
her husband had passed away and she never
really liked the cat. I sold the cat to another
customer. As a present for selling the cat the
lady gave me an envelope and told me to buy
myself a pint. The envelope had £400 in it, and
I nearly threw it away in my apron pocket!
Bell & Sons Butchers
Stephen Bell
01282 815349
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Handbags & Gladrags
started the business here in Barlick from
scratch seven years ago in a smaller shop
and moved to the larger shop five years ago.
We sell a wide variety of designer brands
and clothing for all ages and in sizes 8-20.
The top selling brand is Sasperilla. Their
jeans are the most flattering you will ever try
on. Just recently we had a lady call in to the
shop wearing a pair of Sasperilla trousers she’d
had for 15 years and they looked like new!
We also stock Per Una and Danish brands
such as b.young, Intown and Jenson who
offer something a little different from the high
street and only supply small, independent
boutiques – just like us!
Our aim is to try to suit everyone regardless
of age, shape and size, with a friendly and
helpful service.
I was new to the area when I first opened
my shop and I was made to feel welcome
straight away. I have made lots of new friends
and gained a wonderful, loyal customer base,
so I decided to open a menswear shop too!
Visit Dudes for well known brands such as
Voi, Gio-Goi, Ben Sherman, Lambretta, French
Connection... and we now stock Super Dry.
Barnoldswick is a lovely
friendly town with lots of great
independent shops, something
that’s quite rare these days!”
Handbags & Gladrags
Lisa Sipocz
Rainhall Road.
01282 850983
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
House of Flowers
Weets and Ghyll Church are
my favourite places to visit and
there’s so many great shops to
mention... The friendly local
community is fantastic —
EVERYONE will help you.
The town square in the summer
is simply brilliant!”
visited Barlick and thought it was fab. It has
just sucked me in, it’s a brilliant little town!
Our top sellers are our lilies and seasonal
flowers, we have a great selection of English
grown flowers available. We sell everything
that a flower arranger could possibly need.
You can also collect our green waste free of
charge to put in your compost!
House of Flowers is special because we
have fantastic knowledge and combined
have 45 years floristry experience. We offer
exceptional service, quality and product at
affordable prices! Flowers make us smile, they
embellish life and feed the soul!
House Of Flowers
Gail Usher
Frank Street.
01282 812052
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Decisions Decisions
was locked up in the corporate world and all
its benefits, then I came here and thought
that Barnoldswick is a really unique town – a
perfect place to realise the dream of starting
my own business.
Our customers’ favourites are the perfume
room sachets. People kill for them! We now
have a wider range of accessories in our new,
additional shop on Rainhall Road.
Our business is special because of the staff
– we want to help customers find that perfect
We have lots of interesting and wonderful
customers. We have a very loyal customer
who has shopped with us since we opened
and she never ceases to amaze me. She is
nearly 90 and is still riding and teaching horse
riding. It must be the healthy Barlick air!
There is no need to visit a
supermarket here and there’s
lots of shops in a very short
distance that do great prices
and products – the butchers,
bakers, the fruit and veg shop
on The Square (always really
fresh produce in there).
There’s George’s ham shop
which is unique. Then there’s
the bread shop. It all really is
Decisions Decisions
Pauline Hunt
Rainhall Road and Newtown.
01282 813212
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Chef ’s Pantry
eter and I bought the business four years
ago. We were looking to buy a business
and we’d never been to Barnoldswick!
This business appealed to us because we were
so taken with the town. It has been the Chef’s
Pantry for 20 years.
First and foremost, we’re a bakers and
everything is baked here. People come
from all over for our scones. In fact we have
a regular customer who drives up from
Manchester especially for them. Our made
to order family size pies are popular too; the
phone’s always ringing with people’s family
pie orders!
Our tray bakes, pies and cupcakes always
sell well. In fact, we sell nearly 9,000 cupcakes
a year. We even had an order from Spain
We’ve extended the deli counter recently
and have started selling bacon, sausages and
black pudding.
What makes our business special? I’ll be
honest, it’s because people know that our
shop bakes things here on the premises. You
just cannot beat homemade baking.
Last week a bloke came in and asked
“Can you make a chicken pie in this dish for
tomorrow?” There he was; plate in hand. I
was so surprised I only charged him £3! He
did make a point of telling us afterwards
that he thought it was delicious. We love the
events they have on the Square, it’s great to
see all the performers – you never see that in
We have a regular customer
who drives up from Manchester
especially for our homemade
scones. I love to shop in all the
businesses in the town.”
Teresa & Peter
Chef’s Pantry
Teresa and Peter
Albert Road.
01282 816091
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Pink Pamper
e have both been friends forever so
decided let’s go for it and start our
own beauticians.
Our shop interior creates a great
atmosphere, with its inviting shabby chic
French inspired style. Our customers say it’s
very personable and they don’t feel rushed
– we want it to be a relaxing, special and fun
Our chocolate facials are a customer
favourite – we try to offer something different.
We use natural and fresh products such as
Karin Herzog, whose ingredients are based
on oxygen and water. From about the age
of 20, the oxygen and water levels in our skin
deplete. These products help to restore them.
We can also guarantee that skin won’t react as
the products are 100% natural.
You’re in good company if you use
our products as they are Kate Middleton’s
favourites and you often see them
recommended in high-end magazines like
We also offer Fake Bake, most people think
they need to travel to Skipton . . . but they can
get one here in Barnoldswick.
We go that extra mile, we have even been
known to drive a customer home after their
spray tan. It was raining so we didn’t want
to spoil her lovely new tan! We won’t let our
customers leave unless they are 100% happy!
Check out our website for the facial of the
We love any walks along the canal. Every shop in the town goes
above and beyond and all you could possibly need is in walking
distance! We’d recommend George’s cooked meats and deli on
the Town Square, and also try the Chef ’s Pantry’s quiche!”
Mandy and Jan
Pink Pamper
Mandy & Jan
01282 853559
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
H.Purcell – Delicatessen
e’re a traditional family run
business which has been serving
Barnoldswick for almost 20 years.
Our cooked meats are our speciality and
in particular our famous roast ham! You really
can’t get more traditional than our shop, come
in to see for yourself. We have great passion
and knowledge about our products. I could
talk to you all day about ham!
We also sell other food, our fudge is
particularly popular at the moment but we’re
always doing different specialities according
to the season and time of year.
Everything is cooked fresh daily, and you
can tell in the taste. And, it’s not just us who
thinks that - we have supplied the Duke of
Kent, Fred the Weatherman and the Hollies’
drummer. In fact he requested that our ham
was delivered to a gig he was playing at Old
I enjoy the moors walk in
Kelbrook. The Good Life is a
favourite shop of mine – to ease
aches and pains! You really can
get anything and everything
you need in this friendly little
town, plus there’s free parking!”
H.Purcell – Delicatessen
George and Kate
(father and daughter)
Frank Street.
01282 812321
Opening Times
9am - 2.30pm Mon - Fri
9am -12.30pm Sat
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Val Kenyon
have worked with flowers since I was 18 and
I was always interested in art and design. I
couldn’t decide whether my passion was
floristry or art and design, and it took me until
I was 26 to decide that my heart was set on
floristry. I then taught floristry for many years
but missed the creative freedom of working
in a shop not to mention the interaction with
customers. It was always in me to start my
own business. I’d never go back now.
Hand tied bouquets in modern and
traditional styles are our top sellers. We now
sell Pilgrim jewellery and a lot of other gift
lines. They’re relatively new but are proving
really popular.
We’re a family run business and enjoy
changing our ranges and keeping on trend.
It’s interesting watching how people’s tastes
change. When we first started it was simple
and contemporary but vintage is popular as
well now.
We had our ‘fame’ moment too – we
supplied the flowers for an ITV programme
called 60 Minute Makeover with Linda Barker.
Val Kenyon
Val and Tom
Gisburn Road.
01282 853363
You don’t need to leave
Barnoldswick, you can
get everything here.
We often talk about the
“Barlick Bubble”. You
can buy bread, fruit, veg
all in a short space in the
town. We love spending
time in the Town Square,
I take my son and he
can run around whilst
I bump into people and
have a catch up.
We also enjoy family bike
rides on the canal.”
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
The Reverb Factory Ltd
’ve always enjoyed capturing video in
unique and creative ways. I was the
unofficial videographer for Rolls-Royce
when I worked there and eventually
decided to turn my hobby into a business.
I ensure that each project we work on
focuses on attention to detail. We are really
passionate about what we do. I feed off the
wow factor of when we’ve exceeded our
client’s expectations.
One of the most rewarding things about
being a filmmaker is getting to combine
my interest in the technical side of the
business with my passion for the creative
and artistic sides including directing,
shooting, lighting & editing.
The camera can reveal more than our
eyes alone and it’s that part of filmmaking
that moves me on a personal level.
Bancroft Mill has been a
recent discovery of mine – it’s
a key part of Barlick’s history.
Centre Screen Cinema –
watch out for the film festival
in 2012!”
Bryan Fieldhouse
The Reverb Factory Ltd
The Rainhall Centre.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Short Dog n Sides
have always had dogs and have a
background in showing and breeding so
I had to learn to groom my own. I started
doing other people’s from home and it went
from there. I launched the business five years
ago and needed to expand into a shop –
squeezing a few Newfoundlands into the dog
bath at home was a funny and wet ordeal at
times! We now even groom a few cats and
the odd rabbit - so long as there are no terriers
I think our business is special as we’re in a
town centre location rather than out in the
sticks and I wanted something a bit different.
Our shop is open plan so owners have full
view of their dog’s groom which makes them
feel a bit more comfortable leaving their pet
with us.
We have even done the odd bit of tidying up
of dog owners! Seeing people sat on the dog
grooming table gets some funny looks from
We have had customers from all over,
including Spain. We had to learn a bit of
Spanish so that we could talk to the dog!
Barlick has a great choice of independent
retailers. A lot of our customers drop off their
pet and hit the shops or have lunch or visit the
local hairdressers. On their return, they often
joke that their dog’s “hair do” has cost them a
small fortune as they’ve bought new clothes,
shoes or homeware whilst their pet has been
Being a doggy person, my favourite place near here are the
beautiful and well kept parks – they’re great for children,
teenagers and all dog walkers.”
Helen Turner
Short Dog n Sides
Rainhall Road.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
ive years ago I decided that I wanted to
spend more quality time with my clients
than I was being afforded and I opened
my first clinic in Padiham.
Having my own practice means there are
less restrictions with time and I can use more
of the specialist skills and experience that I
have learned to help people with traumatic
and complex injuries. Eighteen months later
we expanded into Burnley and in December
2010 we opened in Barnoldswick. We now
also have a clinic in Skipton.
Hands on treatment is very important for a
physio - find it, diagnose it, move it, release it,
strengthen it... fix it! I’m sure clients would say
they like the massage aspect of our work best
We also offer chiropody/podiatry and
counselling at the medical centre.
What makes our business special? It’s
simple, we only employ the best therapists.
And we always go the extra mile for our
clients – our best source of new patients is
from recommendations, so we do everything
we can to make sure that you tell your friends.
We have and still do treat Team Great
Britain athletes and England rugby players...
we’ve even had the odd popstar in!
Most people MOT their car more times
than themselves... which is more important?
You can always buy a new car! Hands-on,
quality treatment.
I like to walk along the canal
with my black lab... it’s
beautiful, healthy and cheap though the pubs along the route
might invalidate my last two
Physiofusion – Physio injury
Sam House (owner and physio)
& Fiona Cockroft (physio)
Park Road.
01282 453110
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
S J & K Brown
e’re a family run business – my
daughter, son, wife and I all work
here. The business has been
running for 27 years.
Our top sellers are definitely our sausages.
We make all of our sausages here and we do a
whopping 24 different flavours! Our steak and
kidney puddings are also a current favourite.
All our meats have full traceability and
much of our produce comes from either our
farm or farms surrounding Barnoldswick.
One of our most regular suppliers is Harry
Simpson from Mere Clough Farm at Kelbrook.
Harry has been farming there all his life and
supplies top quality meat.
We also do a lot of game, duck eggs and
quail. We supply hog roasts and rare breed
meat from less than a quarter of a mile away.
We even make our own burgers and stuffed
We never let any of our customers down
if possible. If we don’t have what they want,
we’ll try to get it. We open until 6pm and
often customers come in at or just after 6pm.
It’s not a problem.
We’re the taste of home to many people
– when kids leave home, mothers take our
sausages when they go to visit them.
Lots of characters come in here. We’ve had
Tony Tucker, Jimmy Young and professional
rugby players. We even had an England
women’s cricketer in recently – her Grandma
used to come, so she thought she’d give us a
try. People travel from far and wide. They even
make a detour to get our sausages!
We won the Great Northern Pork Pie
Competition’s 1st Prize for the Traditional Pork
Pie Class for Lancashire and Yorkshire.
S J & K Brown
Stewart Brown
Gisburn Road.
01282 816981
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Simply Wicked
I have lived here for 40 years and just love
Greenberfield Locks. There’s nothing
more relaxing than sitting there on a
warm day watching the boats go by.”
Simply Wicked
Sam Wellington Clark
Albert Road.
01282 854542
have been in catering for 10 years and
working with chocolate is something I had
never done before, but I wanted to give
it a try. So I thought I would combine my
experience with my love of chocolate!
Our customers love our homemade cakes
and novelties such as our chocolate pizzas
– we make all the traditional pizza toppings
from sweets and package them in a pizza
box – they’re just really fun. As well as our
chocolate treats, our retro sweets and 18
flavours of ice cream always go down well
with all ages.
We hire out a wonderful display of
nostalgic and traditional ‘pick n mix’ sweets
for weddings and parties. It’s all about
the experience – people can scoop their
favourites into traditional bags. We also
specialise in outside catering and sell coffee
and sandwiches.
We can source quirky and different
products that you can’t easily buy elsewhere
including our traditional boiled sweets in
great flavours like Dandelion and Burdock,
Rum and Black and Pink Champagne. We
like to introduce new things to keep up with
trends and people’s taste so please pop in to
try our latest offerings!
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
was made redundant and I decided
to do something I really love which is
designing, creating and making a variety
of items whether its cards or jewellery.
I really can put my hand to making just
about anything!
Our speciality is handmade invitations
for weddings and any other occasions
such as birthdays and Christenings.
We hand make our crystal jewellery,
tiaras, hair pieces, favours and
personalised greeting cards and these can
be used for any occasion. We are a leading
supplier of cake decorating and sugar
craft products and have a large range of
candles, bath products and general gifts.
This business is special because we
supply unique, one off, bespoke products
made especially for our customers. Just
over half of our stock is homemade.
Customers can touch, feel and design
their own, that’s the difference from the
internet. People love the fact that they
can come in here with an idea – big or
small – which we can developed in to
something which is truly unique to them.
There really is something for everyone in
Sally Pickles
The Square, Albert Road,
Letcliffe Park is a favourite
of mine – I used to love it as a
child and have great childhood
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Victoria’s Tea Rooms
he business has been in the family for
three generations. It was previously a
butchers and a greengrocers.
Barlickers are very cosmopolitan so
they like the café side – sitting out on the
pavement café sipping wine, cappuccinos, etc
so due to customer demand we expanded
the café seven years ago.
Our top sellers are our delicious scones.
We had a wonderful lady who worked here,
Maureen Clapperton, who was sadly lost to
cancer. Maureen was an excellent scone
maker and customers come here especially for
scones made to her recipe which we still use
everyday. So, the recipe lives on. We bake all
our own cakes, come and try them!
Victoria’s Tea Rooms is special because of the
brilliant staff, the atmosphere and the history
of the building – it’s been serving Barlickers for
years. Customers like coming here for a chat,
we know them all by name and like to think
we’re at the heart of the community.
There were two couples who used to
come in separately, got chatting, they’ve now
become friends and meet up here specially.
We also have our in-house entertainer,
Siobhan, our nutty Irish waitress!
We have our celebrity customers too - Bill
Webster from Coronation Street has been a
customer of ours.
My favourite place in Barnoldswick is Greenberfield Locks.
I go every night. There’s lots of lovely short and long walks around
there. There’s also always lots of interesting things on at the Rainhall
Centre - talks, Centre Screen Cinema. And of course the events in the
town centre never fail to amaze me!”
Victoria’s Tea Rooms
Josephine and Esther Whittaker
(mum and daughter)
the Square, Albert Road.
01282 813454
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Rainhall Drinks Company & Cellar Bar
e bought the business from Brian
Sagar in 1995 and began the
In the shop our best sellers are the
speciality Belgian/German/French and British
Beers and the unusual lagers and ciders. We
have a superb range of wines that you won’t
find in the supermarkets. We do gifts such as
wine or beer hampers.
Our best seller in the Cellar bar is the
Lindeboom Dutch Pilsner lager – it’s now
infamous! Bank Top’s Flat Cap is so popular
now that we daren’t replace it! The bar has a
wonderful atmosphere, fantastic customers
and absolutely brilliant live music.
We hold open-mic evenings on the last
Sunday of every month, initiated originally
by Linda Simpson (of Magna Carta fame). The
talent locally is amazing.
The musical talent in Barnoldswick is
really good, from kids through to adults.
Barnoldswick has genuinely great musicians.
Our Cellar Bar is a great place to see some of
the local talent perform.
The Rainhall Road Drinks Company has won the Booker Prize of
Excellence for the best off licence three times and the Independent
Beer Retailer of the Year, beating Booths and Morrisons!”
Rainhall Drinks Company
& Cellar Bar
Alan & Penny Sagar
Rainhall Road.
01282 813374
Twitter #rainhalldrinks
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Bonjour Cards and Gifts
n 2001, I saw that the Card Shop was up
for sale. I remembered the shop as a girl
and thought I would try to give it a new
lease of life, so Bonjour was born and it’s hard
to believe that that was 10 years ago. We
expanded on to Albert Road in 2008.
Our best sellers are first and foremost the
cards and also the Carte Blanche bears, Love
Home and our balloons. Bonjour is unique
because of our staff – Jude and Joanne – and
the customers. We have lovely customers
who are more like friends now – we often put
them to work. We like to get the men tidying
up the cards!
We’ve had some funny customer
comments over the years, we always have
a good banter. We had a lady who often
got her words a little muddled. When she
recommended paint she said “I only buy the
best, I buy Durex.”
A satisfied customer said, “It’s friendly and
has good choice. I’m always the last in and the
girls say they know when I arrive it means it’s
time for them to vac up! They’re a guaranteed
smile and laugh.”
Lots of unique, entertaining
Gillian Farrelly
Bonjour Cards and Gifts
Fernlea Avenue.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Lisa Johnson Lighting
e wanted a complete career change.
Both of us had spent years travelling
the country in various sales positions
and wanted to settle down and be part of a
local community. We had bought all our lights
from this shop before because they were
different and I had always enjoyed making a
house a home. This was the ideal opportunity.
Our customers love this shop because
there is something for everyone and at
everyone’s budget. With the credit crunch
ongoing we now sell a lot of clip on
chandeliers and lampshades for the ceiling.
These are between £24-49, are easy to fix (no
electrician) and give a room a new look very
quickly. It’s now about improving not moving!
We also stock paints, such as Fired Earth
and Little Greene. One of our customers is a
self acclaimed “grumpy old man” and he said
“the paint is a joy to use” and he had never
used that word in his life!”
Our business is special because we offer
tons of advice and tips. Now with us selling
quality paints we can help families create
their own personal look incorporating things
that are old and sentimental and something
new - like a new lamp for instance. After all an
Englishman’s home is his castle.
My insider tip is bring in that old lamp
base (don’t throw it away) and try on some
new shades. Even lamp bases that are old
fashioned look good with a modern shade.
It’s about mixing old and new. It’s called ‘up
cycling’ now not recycling and it doesn’t break
the bank!
My favourite place is just
sitting next to the locks at
Greenberfield. There’s a little
picnic area and a little log cabin
too selling ice creams and cakes
(all home made).”
Lisa Johnson Lighting
Lisa and Martin Johnson
01282 812105
[email protected]
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
set up on my own 24 years ago.
I do stone carving, art lettering,
inscriptions of any sort, poetry, sayings
and quotations.
My business is different because of the
techniques I use. Everything I do is by hand
rather than machine, which means the
results are better and they last much longer.
I have done work for all sorts of clients,
including the Baronet of Northampton. You
can see my carvings on the parish markers I
made around West Craven.
Shaun Bradley Memorials
Barnoldswick’s Town Square
usually has something on (there
was all summer)! Barnoldswick is
a great place to spend time – you
can grab something to eat, shop
and go to the Rainhall Centre.
A regular walk I do is out of
Earby, past the Red Lion up to
Pinhaw Moore on the Pendle Way.
The views are spectacular and you
can dodge the weather which you
can see coming!”
Shaun Bradley Memorials
Shaun Bradley
Crowsnest Industrial Estate.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Leon K Dewhurst (Jeweller)
have a family background in jewellery
making, which is now three generations
old. I trained at the Birmingham School
of Jewellery and recently relocated to
The made to order, bespoke jewellery is
very popular with our customers, especially
the diamond rings. I try to keep my jewellery
different from the run of the mill. Also the
repair and alterations service is popular.
I don’t just work with silver, but also gold
and diamonds too. I like sourcing unusual
stones and work with all precious metals.
This jewellers is different as the individual
pieces I make here are complete one offs. I
have my workshop on site - customers can
actually watch their unique piece of jewellery
being produced.
I enjoy helping customers work up their
ideas, it doesn’t matter how big or small, I can
work with them to design their dream piece of
jewellery. If customers want to update older
jewellery or to use a sentimental stone, I can
incorporate it into a bespoke piece. Your ideas
and dreams can be made into reality.
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
The love of good work
and delight in successful
accomplishment are powerful
mixtures and when satisfied, are
sources of real happiness!”
Leon K Dewhurst (Jeweller)
01282 817805
Barnoldswick is an extremely
friendly place, it’s a great
community full of independent
retailers, with plenty of free
parking! Myself and my dog,
George, love to go straight
out of our backdoor into the
beautiful countryside here.
We love an airing on Weets.”
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
What’s on in
3rd, 4th, 5th
13th – 19th
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, Transports of Delight, 7pm
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Town Crier, Town Square 11am
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, Yellowstone & The Canadian Rockies, 7pm
Centre Screen Cinema, The Rainhall Centre (school holiday programme)
Job Fair, The Rainhall Centre, 10am – 2pm
The Turning Hare, traditional storytelling with musical accompaniment, Rainhall Centre 7pm
2nd, 3rd, 4th
16th, 17th, 18th
1st, 2nd, 3rd
5th, 6th
17th, 18th, 19th
18th, 19th, 20th
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, Lochs, Lakes and Dales, 7pm
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Town Crier, Town Square11am
Barnoldswick Pride Awards, The Rainhall Centre, 7pm
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, Coal, Cotton & the Canal, 7pm
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with musician Peter Robinson
An intimate theatrical experience; A Curious Evening with the Ogden Sisters, Rainhall Centre 7.30pm
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, On Foot from Trawden to Santiago, 7pm
Food Festival, Rainhall Centre and Town Centre
Centre Screen Cinema, The Rainhall Centre (school holiday programme)
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with amateur radio demonstration
Centre Screen Cinema, The Rainhall Centre (school holiday programme)
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, A Journey to Darjeeling, 7pm
St George’s Day Celebrations, Town Square
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
Rainhall Children’s Theatre, Cloudman
(Puppetry, Storytelling for families & children 4 to 7) 3pm
Rainhall Theatre, The Honey Man, 7.30pm
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Forty Years of G & S - celebrating 40th anniversary of the Gilbert & Sullivan
Operatic Society in Barnoldswick
Rainhall Centre Thursday Talk, Three Masted Around the Canary Islands, 7pm
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Valley Gardens Summer Fair
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with demonstration from artist Patricia Jones
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
2nd – 5th 9th
15th,16th, 17th
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:
Funfair, Jubilee Charity Ball, Big Brunch, Brain of Barlick Quiz, Charity Auction,
Cadet Inter-Services Competition, Exhibition - A Barnoldswick Pictorial
History, Band Concerts and Choir Music on the square, Rock and Pop Music
festival, Town Crier Competition,Canal Boat Regatta, 40’s & 50’s revival weekend.
Venues: Town Centre, Victory Park, Rolls-Royce Leisure, Lower Park Marina.
Further details from
Rainhall Theatre, The Sixth Wife, superb one woman show with Alison Neil, 7.30pm
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
Barnoldswick in Bloom’s ‘Best Kept’ Event. Gardens, street and property awards. Judging throughout July.
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with Noreen Lobo,
pastel portrait artist
6th, 7th, 8th
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Day of Sport, Victory Park (Barnoldswick’s Olympics!)
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
6th – 11th
13th – 18th
13th – 24th
20th – 25th
27th – 29th
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Barnoldswick Beach opens on Town Square.
Surfing, Donkeys, Waterplay, Crafts, Treasure Hunt, Entertainment & more.
Free, family friendly fun throughout August.
Barnoldswick Beach open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
Barnoldswick Beach open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
Centre Screen Cinema, The Rainhall Centre (school holiday programme)
Barnoldswick Beach open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
England v Scotland International, Barnoldswick Town, Victory Park
Barnoldswick Beach open Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm
Barnoldswick — the friendly market town
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Entries open for Barnoldswick’s Annual Art Trail. ‘What the Dickens?!’ theme.
1st – 5th
Grow and Show. Get your hands dirty! Barnoldswick in Bloom event including Horticultural Show
Beating the Bounds. Traditional walk around the boundaries of Barnoldswick, Letcliffe Park start
7th, 8th, 9th
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Barnoldswick Day! Exhibitions and Demonstrations of Barnoldswick’s best.
Town Square
8th, 9th
Steaming Weekend, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum – special Heritage Days
Barnoldswick’s first Ginnel Gather! Entertaining heritage tour featuring famous historical Barlickers
21st, 22nd, 23rd Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with Aire Valley Vintage Machinery
5th, 6th, 7th
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
19th, 20th, 21st Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, with Stone The Crows
Entries close for Annual Art Trail
Rainhall Centre Monthly Market, with topical talk, 10am – 1pm
29th to 2nd Nov Hands On Workshops creating giant lantern sculptures for Switch On Parade
29th to 4th Nov Centre Screen Cinema, The Rainhall Centre (school holiday programme)
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
7th to 30th
Annual Art Trail around Barnoldswick Town Centre
Spectacular Switch On Saturday! With Giant Lantern Parade, Free Santa’s Grotto, Live Music
Steaming Day, Bancroft Mill Engine Museum
16th, 17th, 18th Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
1st to 9th
7th, 8th 9th
21st, 22nd, 23rd
Town Crier, Town Square, 11am
Art Trail Awards event, The Rainhall Centre
Advent Hunt & Christmas Window judging
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Centre Screen Cinema weekend, The Rainhall Centre
Barnoldswick Tourist Information: 01282 666704.
For details of local public transport information contact:
0871 200 22 33
calls from landlines cost 10p per minute
Or, if you come by car you can make use of our ample
FREE parking.
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