The world’s population has been
destroyed by unknown means and
three types of humans survive: the
unaffected who live in a city behind
a huge wall, self-aware brain-eating
zombies, and the bonies, zombies who
have given up all hope and become
bestial scavengers who even the
zombies are scared of.
‘R’ is a sensitive, vinyl recordcollecting zombie who has forgotten
how to live and love. He constantly
craves human flesh, especially brains,
as he is able to ‘feel alive’ on the
memories of their former owners.
Its ‘love at first bite’ when he meets
Julie, the shotgun-toting daughter of
merciless zombie killer
General Grigo.
She and a group of her
friends are foraging to recover
medical supplies from abandoned
buildings in the heavily fortified,
walled-off human enclave in the city.
After being shot in the chest by
Julie’s boyfriend, Perry, R kills Perry
and eats his brain, giving R his
thoughts and memories making his
love for Julie become even stronger.
R rescues Julie from the rest of the
pack and takes her back to an airplane
he lives in at the airport to keep her
safe. The two bond and find zombie /
human love, which makes R slowly
come to life.
In his transition from zombie to
human, R and the rest of the zombies
join forces with the humans to fight the
‘bonies’ creating a better ‘life’ for all!
SEE IT – Lots of Zoms, a smattering of
Com and full of Rom!
At cinemas: 15 MARCH
President Obama once tipped $200
(± R1 800) on a burger lunch for him and
a large group of campaign volunteers at a
restaurant in Washington, DC but not all famous people are as generous. In fact, many
celebrities make a whole lot more money
than Obama and are not nearly as generous.
In Hollywood, you are watched and
talked about all the time, and those who
serve the stars in coffee bars and restaurants are always eager to spill the beans on
who is stingy when it comes to leaving that
little show of gratitiude!
18 FREE 4 ALL March 2013
Famous for being scrooges:
Usher is consistently named as one of
the worst tippers, and is also famous
for trying to get someone
else to pick up the tab.
The most repeated story
is of Usher having once
left his autograph as
a tip.
Bill Cosby is a notoriously
bad tipper and is said to
have once left a $1 tip
on a $350 order.