MEGABASS SIGLET NEW COLOURS For anyone serious about


MEGABASS SIGLET NEW COLOURS For anyone serious about
5 February 2014
Frogleys Offshore – 02 6681 3988
For anyone serious about fishing for bass and EPs with surface lures, the Megabass
Siglet would undoubtedly have pride of place in their tackle box. These iconic cicada
imitations have landed more of these fish than we care to remember and now it just
got better with some new colours available for summer.
Bass and bream are Australian sportsfish, which will readily take a Siglet and can
also be most active at dusk and night. Fishing with lures very close to snags can be
difficult if you cannot see your presentation, but with the Glow Night Walker, those
problems are a thing of the past. As the name suggests the Megabass Grand Siglet
in Glow Night Walker actually glows in the dark. Both the body and plastic wings are
visible at night making this colour perfect for angler fishing well after dusk. The
Grand Siglet is 45.5mm and weighs 1/4oz.
Also available is the Megabass Siglet in FF Smoke. The FF stands for fur finish
which makes this lure look extremely realistic in the water due to the fur on the
bottom of the lure. The FF Smoke colour is brown/green finish and both lures feature
a tungsten rattle. The Siglet is 36.5mm and weighs 3/16oz.
Fish the Siglet slow. The tow point is located at the rear of the lure, so when you cast
it out and begin a retrieve, the wings will fold out creating a realistic appearance of a
struggling cicada. With subtle slow movements, the rattle chamber and wings
combine to create sound and little ripples on the surface to alert nearby fish.
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