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Zeltiq™ Coolsculpting Device By Anna D. Guanche, MD
The Advantages of
Coolsculpting by Zeltiq™
The advantage of Coolsculpting by Zeltiq
is that it does not require bloodwork, anesthesia, incisions or down-time. No one
needs to have a ride to and from the office, because sedatives are not prescribed.
It is a discreet, affordable procedure—
about $750 per application (for example,
$1450 for love handles—one application
per side).
What is Zeltiq™
Coolsculpting Device ?
Newly FDA approved Zeltiq™ Coolsculpting device reduces fat by freezing
it! This exciting new device reduces stubborn fatty areas by one-quarter to onehalf inch. It is perfect for individuals who
are otherwise healthy and just want to get
rid of a few bulges. The device has been
FDA approved for fat reduction since
September 2010. It was FDA approved
prior to that for other dermatologic uses.
How it Works
Coolsculpting technology takes advantage of the fact that fat cells are susceptible to cold. Turns out, at specific low
temperatures, fat freezes and crystallizes, while the skin remains unharmed.
The crystallized fat is permanently
damaged due to changes in the cell
membrane. Over the next couple of
months, the body clears the nonviable
tissue away, and voila, a ¼ to ½ inch
reduction! It is designed for individu-
als who are within 10 to 20 lbs of their
ideal body weight. It is not a substitute
for healthy diet and exercise. Instead,
it targets stubborn belly rolls, love
handles, bra fat and arm/thigh bulges.
And who doesn’t have those?
The procedure is non-invasive. It
starts with a discussion about what
body areas are to be treated, for
example, rolls of fat on the abdomen,
flanks, arms or thighs in an otherwise
fit individual. The areas are mapped
and photographed. The handpiece is
applied to the area. It is not painful,
however it is most often described as a
“weird” feeling when suction is applied. Then the cooling begins. This is
an hour of forced relaxation, when the
patient can read, text, listen to an ipod
or watch TV, while their fat is being frozen. When the applicator is removed,
the skin feels cold and pink. It thaws
within 15 minutes. Over the next 2
to 3 months, the fat is metabolized and
cleared away naturally by the body.
86 Westlake Malibu Lifestyle NOVEMBER 2010 • www.wmlifestyle.com
Testimonials from the Experts
“Does it really work?” I asked worldrenown experts around the country.
A unanimous “yes” is what I got from
gurus such as Dr. Tina Alster in DC,
Dr. Christopher Zachary at UC Irvine
and Dr. Brian Zelickson at the University of Minnesota. Out of the ten
physicians I contacted, all had positive
feedback. The only caveat was patient
selection, as mentioned above. Many
of these doctors performed the FDA
studies, so have first-hand knowledge
of the results. None reported adverse
effects, and in all they estimated about
an 80 to 90 percent satisfaction rate in
treated patients.
In the few weeks since approval, our
practice has done over thirty Zeltiq
treatments. In short, this is a promising
procedure with great science behind it.
For the large majority of us that work
hard to keep fit, it is a gift. Now we can
finish off that annoying bulge that sticks
around regardless of our efforts— without surgery!
Anna D Guanche, MD
Founder and Director
Bella Skin Institute,
Calabasas, CA
UCLA Clinical Faculty

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