Ute Krause


Ute Krause
Book fact sheet
Ute Krause
The Lion in the Attic
Children's books
32 pages
25 x 23 cm
appears 1998
Published by Diogenes as Der Löwe auf dem Dachboden
English Title: The Lion in the Attic
World rights are handled by Diogenes
Cinema Adaptation
2000: Nora und der Bär
1998: Der Löwe auf dem Dachboden
1991: Die Moffels
Praised by the press
»Ute Krause's captivating illustrations and her
imaginative powers of observation are
fascinating.« – Booklist, Chicago
If there was one thing which Karla and her family could do well, it was to
make a noise. To make sure that they all had enough room to make a
noise, they moved into a tall, narrow house in which each member of the
family had a floor all to themselves. But the most interesting thing about
the house was the attic, for it was there that Karla found a cello with
which she could make the most wonderful noise! But that wasn't all: at
the very far end of the attic was a rusty door. When Karla finally managed
to open it she found a wild garden watched over by a stone lion. The lion
showed Karla a mysterious world: the world of silence and soft sounds.
Ute Krause’s books have been
published in 2 languages.
Ute Krause, born in 1960 in Berlin, has illustrated a
large number of books, including ›Leopoldo and the
Mountain of Books‹ by Susanna Tamaro. She has
also written two children's books published by
Diogenes, ›The Lion in the Attic‹ and ›Nora and the
Great Bear‹.
Foto: Privat
The Lion in the Attic
32 pages, 25 x 23 cm
Cinema Adaption