2011-2012 Report - Wentworth Institute of Technology



2011-2012 Report - Wentworth Institute of Technology
YESTERDAY’s traditions
TODAY’s experience
TOMORROW’s leaders
:: Wentworth Institute of Technology :: President’s Report ::
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12/8/11 9:15:59 AM
:: YESTERDAY’s traditions ::
On the opening day of classes, September 25,
1911, Wentworth welcomed an inaugural class
of 244 students to campus.
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12/8/11 9:16:04 AM
President’s Letter
One hundred years ago this September, 244 students
lined up for Wentworth’s first classes (see left). The
founding principles of the school were laid out in the
very first course catalog, handed out that day, which
noted that Wentworth was “designed to cultivate
intelligence as well as manual skill and dexterity.”
Today’s students—including a record 1,145 new
students—are beneficiaries of that educational legacy.
Pragmatism and practice still make a Wentworth
education without peer. We remain intent on educating
students who can not only theorize, but also perform.
We are constantly investing in new infrastructure and new
programs designed to build a forward-looking institution
that graduates the next generation of leaders. Our alumni
will shape the structures that our children inhabit. They
will help solve tomorrow’s problems. They will change the
way we think and act.
There is perhaps no nobler goal than providing for this
better tomorrow. With your help, that is what we strive for
every day at Wentworth.
Zorica Pantić, EE, Ph.D.
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Michael Anthony, IET ’82, MA ’84
12/8/11 9:16:04 AM
InternatIonal breakdown
Meet the Class of 2015
■ where our students are from
Top International Locations
15 Saudi Arabia
6 Canada
5 Bosnia-Herzegovina
3 Vietnam
3 Venezuela
3 Jordan
Praise + Progress >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
Wentworth’s academic reputation
is growing dramatically. For five
years running, Wentworth has been
named a “Best in the Northeast”
school by The Princeton Review,
putting the Institute among the
top 25 percent of schools in the
country. Wentworth has been
ranked as one of the top 100 engineering programs in the country
for the past two years by US News
& World Report, which also ranked
us 17th among regional colleges in
the North for 2011.
Recent infrastructure improvements will also help Wentworth
attract the next generation of
industry leaders. This year, we
broke ground on two new construction projects that will literally
change the face of the school. The
Flanagan Campus Center will be a
hub for student life, with lounges,
a recreation center, and meeting
space for students and clubs. The
Center for Sciences and Biomedical
Engineering will turn the Ira Allen
building into a headquarters for the
school’s sciences, complete with
new lab spaces. The Basic Industries
Lab also underwent a full conversion into the Manufacturing Center,
replacing existing machinery with
state-of-the-art equipment currently
powering industry.
[ 2 ] Wentworth Institute of Technology
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12/8/11 9:16:05 AM
state breakdown
BBME Biomedical Engineering
BCET Civil Engineering Technology
BCMT Construction Management
BCOS Computer Science
BCOT Computer Engineering Technology
gender breakdown
BEET Electronic Engineering Technology
BELM Electromechanical Engineering
BFPM Facilities Planning & Management
BIND Industrial Design
BINT Interior Design
BSA Architecture
BSCE Civil Engineering
BSCN Computer Networking
BSEE Electrical Engineering
BMET Mechanical Engineering Technology
BSEN Engineering
BSM Management
BSME Mechanical Engineering
>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
YESTERDAY’s traditions :: TODAY’s experience :: TOMORROW’s leaders
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12/8/11 9:16:05 AM
Gains + Growth
ahead of the curve ///////////////////////////////
This year’s enrollment spike was
partly the result of several new
degree programs. Last year, we
launched masters programs in
architecture and construction
management. In fall 2011, we
introduced five new undergraduate
majors: biomedical engineering,
civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and a customizable general
engineering program—a historic
expansion into engineering-specific
majors at the Institute.
These new programs not only
expand the educational opportunities to meet the needs of today’s
students, but also offer a necessary
response to the changing demands
of today’s job market. “By introducing new engineering programs
and maintaining our high-quality
engineering technology programs,
Wentworth will continue to prepare
the next generation of industry
leaders to enter into exciting and
rewarding careers,” says President
Pantić. “We will stay true to our
mission of providing practical education and experiential learning
to our students.”
The addition of new majors
wasn’t the only big change to
Wentworth’s curriculum this year.
In January, all academic departments were arranged into
four new colleges: the College
of Architecture, Design, and
Construction Management; the
College of Arts and Sciences;
the College of Engineering and
Technology; and the College
of Professional and Continuing
Education. The move will enable
greater efficiency and facilitate
more collaboration between academic disciplines—just the kind of
interdisciplinary experience that the
job market increasingly demands.
NEw MAjOrS offer the potential to shift the
demographics at Wentworth. The new biomedical
engineering major, for instance, has attracted a high
percentage of female applicants—a breakdown
reflective of the current working world.
of 2015
“Wentworth will continue to prepare the
next generation of industry leaders to enter
into exciting and rewarding careers.”
—President Pantić
*numbers represent day programs
[ 4 ] Wentworth Institute of Technology
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12/8/11 9:16:06 AM
class of 2010 employment
class of 2010
Employment and graduate school*
* Graduates from the class of 2010 are working on degrees at some of the best educational
institutions in the country, including the University of Maryland, Georgetown University,
and Cornell University.
sIx-year graduatIon rates
graduate school
year enrolled
rising success ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
The steady increase of Wentworth’s
graduation rate comes as a result
of some important changes we’ve
made at the Institute—and as a result
of some central tenets to which we
remain true.
Since the addition of two new
residence halls, in 2001 and 2005,
students’ campus integration and
academic success has greatly
improved. Institute data shows that
students who live on campus tend
to graduate sooner, are more satisfied with their college experience,
and have a higher level of academic
achievement. In 2010, students who
lived on campus had average GPAs
more than six percent higher than
those of students living off campus.
Both on- and off-campus students
are aided by the growth and continued quality of our student-centered
programming and resources, which
now include more than 40 diverse
student organizations and 15 intercollegiate varsity teams. “Wentworth
is nationally and globally known for
strong academics, but we have come
a long way outside of the classroom,”
says Dean of Students Annamaria
Wenner. “There are increased opportunities for students to be involved
and engaged—and an engaged
student is a satisfied student.”
Along with significant improvements to academics, infrastructure,
and campus resources, the practical nature of the Institute also
contributes to the continued success
of our students. Before they arrive,
students choose one of Wentworth’s
career-focused majors and subsequent career paths—and they are
driven to succeed. In 2011, 1,544 of
our students experienced the working world through participation in
the co-op program, which reinforces
work in the classroom and gives students a preview of their professional
future. Aiding them in completion
of their degree are more than 140
devoted full-time faculty members—
most of whom are either currently
working in or have spent significant
time in their field, offering students
relevant, up-to-date insight in their
area of study.
YESTERDAY’s traditions :: TODAY’s experience :: TOMORROW’s leaders
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12/8/11 9:16:06 AM
Fiscal Foundations
FY 2011 Financial Results (as of June 30, 2011)
revenue +
■ student tuition and fees [74%] ■ auxiliary enterpris
expenses -
Gifts and bequests
Beginning of year
End of year
fInancIal aId
This year, Wentworth began increasing its
institutional aid to students as part of a
financial aid strategy focused on the needs of
aid recipients. This strategy—in combination
with the addition of new majors—helped boost
enrollment (see pg. 4).
[ 6 ] Wentworth Institute of Technology
29305.indd 6
12/8/11 9:16:06 AM
■ gifts and bequests [1%] ■ other income/loss [2%] ■ investment income used for operations [3%]
lary enterprise revenue [20%]
■ education and general [77%] ■ auxiliary expenditures [3%] ■ student aid [20%]
funding the future >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
Total Dollars raised
Our donors generously give their
support and help further the efforts
of the Institute. Indeed, fundraising
has been steadily increasing: over
the last five years, we have raised
more than $23 million. This money
makes a huge impact. In the last
three years, $1.8 million of the $4.8
million that was raised went toward
scholarships, financial aid, and
professorships. As donor giving has
increased, though, so too have our
needs—a result of higher enrollment
numbers, critical infrastructure projects, and new academic programs.
Last year, the Institute was aided
by the success of an innovative fundraising campaign. Jack Smith, IE ’58,
and his wife, Lillian, gave $500,000
in the form of a scholarship fund and
promised to match that gift with
another $500,000 if the number of
donors to Wentworth’s Annual Fund
increased by 10 percent. Together,
we met the Jack & Lillian Smith
Challenge, eclipsing the 10 percent
mark and securing the additional
$500,000 in scholarship support
from the Smiths.
YESTERDAY’s traditions :: TODAY’s experience :: TOMORROW’s leaders
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12/8/11 9:16:06 AM
Trustees + Corporators
(as of June 30, 2011)
David W. Kruger, DET ’04
Past Senior Vice President,
Bank of Boston
Vice Chairman
Michael T. Anthony, IET ’82,
MA ’84
Executive Vice President,
Cambridge Semantics, Inc.
Gary B. Walker
Past Director of Finance and
Administration, Appalachian
Mountain Club
Carole C. Wedge, AIA, LEED
AP, DET ’04 (Hon.)
President, Shepley, Bulfinch,
Richardson & Abbott
Zorica Pantić, EE, Ph.D.
President, Wentworth
Institute of Technology
Farajollah Aalaei, EEE ’81,
EEC ’83
President and CEO,
Aquantia Corporation
Edward A. Bond Jr., DET ’09
Chairman and CEO, BOND
George W. Chamillard IE ’58,
DET ’97 (Hon.)
Past CEO and Chairman,
Teradyne, Inc.
Michael J. Corbett
Vice President of Finance,
American Capital Energy, Inc.
Dana A. DeMatteo, CC ’83,
BCS ’83, BUC ’85
President, Wentworth
Alumni Association
Estimator, Structure Tone
Daniel T. Flatley
Trustee, The Flatley
Stephen F. Fusi, ME ’74
Senior Wealth & Investment
Advisor, New Wealth
Advisors, LLC
Phillip R. Hooper, S&DE ’58,
DET ’10 (Hon.)
Past Vice President and
Operations Manager, FM
Wayne C. Johnson
John D. Kelleher, AET ’61
Past Senior Vice President,
Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
Christine Keville
President and CEO, Keville
Enterprises, Inc.
Howard V. Levine, AET ’72,
AE ’74, DET ’06 (Hon.)
Principal, Cramer, Levine &
Company, Inc. Architects, P.C.
Kenneth L. Carr, DET ’92
President, Meridian Medical
Systems, LLC
William G. Creelman, BC ’64
Past Vice President,
A.J. Martini, Inc.
John Curtis, BCS ’86
President, Curtis
Construction Company, Inc.
Michael Masterson
Chairman and CEO, ALD
NanoSolutions, Inc.
Paul Doherty
Vice President, Shawmut
Design and Construction
Neil Moses
Chief Financial Officer,
Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.
Terence G. Dougherty,
BCS ’78, CE ’80
Assistant Secretary of
Finance, Massachusetts
Executive Office of Health
and Human Services
Keith J. Peden, DET ’09
Senior Vice President,
Raytheon Company
Donald E. Pogorzelski,
DET ’06 (Hon.)
President, Sekisui
Diagnostics, LLC
Sylvia T. Price, MAC ’89
Senior Director, Business
Transformation Services,
SAP America, Inc.
Kenneth D. Roberts
Past Chairman, Candela
Richard D. Sheridan Sr.,
S&DE ’55
President, Gateway
Equipment Corporation
Michele A. Whitham, Esq.
Partner, Foley Hoag LLP
(as of June 30, 2011)
Samuel Altschuler, DET ’08
Past President, Altron, Inc.
John “Jack” W. Blaisdell,
MDE ’70, MET ’72
Past Vice President and
Chief Engineer, United Parcel
Robert A. Booker, BCS ’75
R.A. Booker Builders, Inc.
Robert W. Boyden
MC&TD ’52, MC&TD ’58,
DET ’98 (Hon.)
Past President and Treasurer,
Boyden Molding, Inc.
Gerald M. Campbell, IE ’57
Past Vice President and
General Manager, GTE
Telecom International
William H. Flanagan,
MC&TD ’51, DET ’11 (Hon.)
Past President and Chairman,
Nexus, Inc.
Jocelyn Frederick
Principal, Tsoi/Kobus
& Associates
John M. Fuller, AIA, BCS ’77
Principal, Mitchell/Fuller, LLC
Ryan Hutchins, CMC ’98
Senior Vice President and
Regional Manager, Gilbane
Building Company
Gregory B. Janey, BCM ’04
Principal, Janey Construction
Management and
Consulting, Inc.
Gary C. Johnson, AIA,
AET ’72
Principal, Cambridge Seven
Associates, Inc.
Brian-Keith Jones, BMAT ’95
Manufacturing Engineer, Bose
Sharon Jozokos, LEED AP,
AET ’92, CMC ’93
Project Executive, Suffolk
Construction Company
Deborah W. Keller, BCET ’93
Principal Engineer/Project
Manager, McKenzie
Engineering Group, Inc.
Irene F. McSweeney, BCS ’83,
CEC ’85, CE ’88
Director of Construction,
Boston Water and Sewer
Virginia Meany
Past Executive Vice
President, Private Equity
Fund Services, State Street
Gary J. Miller, AET ’77
Executive Vice President
Clarke Casey Nickerson,
MDE ’72, MA ’74
Past President, Spinnaker
Contract Manufacturing, Inc.
Edward J. O’Leary AC ’48,
DET ’06 (Hon.)
General Partner,
Development Associates
David B. Perini, DET ’07
Past Commissioner, Division
of Capital Asset Management, Commonwealth of
David J. Simm, MP ’59
Past President and CEO,
Doncasters, PLC
John “Jack” F. Smith, IE ’58,
DET ’89 (Hon.)
Past Senior Vice
President, Digital
Equipment Corporation
Lawrence Sorgi, EET ’73
President, Worksmart
Systems, Inc.
Raina L. Sturtz, AET ’90,
CMC ’92
Vice President, Start to Finish
Construction Co., Inc.
Sinclair Weeks Jr., DET ’86
Chairman and CEO
Emeritus, Reed and
Barton Foundation, Inc.
John D. Wise, BCS ’88,
BCC ’90
President, Wise Construction
Daniel P. Lanneville, CMC ’97
Senior Project Manager,
SKANSKA USA Building, Inc.
Daniel G. Larson, MP ’60
Past Chairman and President,
Larson Tool & Stamping Co.
W. Boyd Leslie, IEC ’58
Vice President of Sales,
MicroTek, Inc.
[ 8 ] Wentworth Institute of Technology
29305.indd 8
12/8/11 9:16:07 AM
Wentworth Institute of Technology
your generous support.
Your gifts allow us to provide
Institute, promote academic
outstanding community of
scholars, and offer a more
enriching student experience.
29305.indd 9
12/8/11 9:16:07 AM
ODAY’’S experience ::
Biomedical engineering—one of Wentworth’s
newest majors—offers a unique educational
experience that allows students to build
broad technical skills and combine them with
a strong background in the sciences.
29305.indd 10
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
Donor List
Mr. Michael T. Anthony, IET ’82,
MA ’84
Frank A. Casella 1991 Charitable Trust
Davis Educational Foundation
Mr. Douglas C. Elder, AC ’58,
Hon. ’02 and Mrs. Elizabeth Elder
Mr. and Mrs. ✦ William H. Flanagan,
MC&TD ’51, Hon. ’11
GTE Corporation
Richard H. Lufkin Memorial Fund,
Bank of America, N.A., Trustee
MCAE, Inc.
National Science Foundation
Mrs. Maria Papoulidis
Mr. Douglas D. Schumann, AM ’64,
Hon. ’08
Jack Smith, IE ’58, Hon. ’89, and
Lillian Smith
Softdesk, Inc.
Sweeney Charitable Trust
Mrs. Eugenia Sweeney, Hon. ’09
Edwin S. Webster Foundation
Wentworth Alumni Association
Mr. William N. Whelan, EEP ’63,
Hon. ’03
The 1904 Society
Planned and Life
Income Gifts
Mr. James F. Adams, MW&TM ’51
Mr. George V. Albert Sr., AC ’46
Mr. Michael T. Anthony, IET ’82,
MA ’84
Mr. Sherman L. Ayers, EC ’28
Mr. Ronald G. Betts
Professor Benjamin Blake ✦
Mr. Robert A. Booker, BCS ’75
Mr. Armand E. Bourgeois,
MC&TD ’50, Hon. ’00 ✦
Mrs. Mary Z. Bryant
Ethel and Vincent DeVito, BC ’38 ✦
Mr. A. Wentworth Erickson Jr.,
Hon. ’86 ✦
Mr. and Mrs. ✦ William H. Flanagan,
MC&TD ’51, Hon. ’11
Mr. William F. Gilbert Jr., IE ’51 ✦
Mr. John B. Gray, Hon. ’04 ✦
29305.indd 11
Every effort has been made to ensure the
accuracy of this list. We apologize for any
errors or omissions. Please contact Keira
McGrath at [email protected] or (617)
989-4282 to report any corrections.
Mr. Phillip R. Hooper, S&DE ’58,
Hon. ’10, and Mrs. Sally Hooper
Mr. Robert A. Kilgore, BC ’50 ✦
Mr. Nikolaos D. Kokolakis, IET ’81
Mr. Stuart Locke, EC ’39
Mr. Glenn A. Neilson, BC ’68, AET ’69
Ms. Patricia Scharling
Mr. William M. Scranton
Mr. Ernest E. Siegfriedt Jr., PT ’57,
Hon. ’02 ✦
Mr. George G. Swain Jr.,
MC&TD ’35 ✦
Mrs. Eugenia Sweeney, Hon. ’09
Mrs. Ella M. Taylor ✦
Mr. Arthur T. Thompson, Hon. ’85
Mrs. Virginia D. Thompson
Dr. John F. Van Domelen, Hon. ’05
Mr. Joseph T. Vercellone, AET ’60
Mr. Richard L. Watts, EEE ’62 ✦
Mr. Donald B. Wilson, Hon. ’95 ✦
Individual Donors
Arioch Wentworth Circle
Gifts of $10,000 +
Mr. Kenneth G. Bacheller
Mr. David C. Blittersdorf, MDE ’77
Mr. Edward A. Bond Jr., Hon. ’09
Mr. John E. Brooks, IE ’53
Mr. George W. Chamillard, IE ’58,
Hon. ’97
Mr. Douglas C. Elder, AC ’58,
Hon. ’02
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Findlay
Mr. and Mrs. ✦ William H. Flanagan,
MC&TD ’51, Hon. ’11
Mr. Daniel T. Flatley
Ms. Ann K. Ghublikian
Mr. John R. Ghublikian Jr. and
Mrs. Maureen A. Ghublikian
Mr. Edward J. O’Leary, AC ’48,
Hon. ’06
Family and Friends of Mike Piccarini,
AET ’97, AEC ’98
Jack Smith, IE ’58, Hon. ’89, and
Lillian Smith
Mr. Robert H. Swanson Jr., PET ’59,
Hon. ’07
Mrs. Ella M. Taylor ■ ✦
Mr. Robert M. Weyerhaeuser, EEE ’78
Mr. Donald B. Wilson, Hon. ’95 ■ ✦
Trustees’ Circle
Gifts of $5,000–$9,999
Mr. George C. Chryssis, EET ’69,
Hon. ’08
Mr. William G. Creelman, BC ’64
Mr. Martin D. Guyer, MEP ’64
Mr. Phillip R. Hooper, S&DE ’58,
Hon. ’10, and Mrs. Sally Hooper
Ms. Christine Keville
Mr. Michael Masterson
Mr. Gary J. Miller, AET ’77
Mr. Keith J. Peden, Hon. ’09
Mr. Donald Pogorzelski, Hon. ’06
Ms. Sylvia T. Price, MAC ’89
Mr. Kenneth D. Roberts
Mr. Richard D. Sheridan Sr.,
S&DE ’55
Ms. Michele A. Whitham
President’s Circle
Gifts of $1,000–$4,999
Mr. Farajollah Aalaei, EEE ’81,
EEC ’83
Mr. Samuel Altschuler, Hon. ’08
Mr. Forrest C. Ames, MC&TD ’33
Mr. Michael T. Anthony, IET ’82,
MA ’84
Mrs. Mary C. Ares
Ms. Barbara A. Balboni, AET ’84,
AEC ’86
Mr. Jacob K. Baron, MEC ’98
Mr. A. Donald Behler, MC&TD ’49
Mr. John Blaisdell, MDE ’70, MET ’72,
and Mrs. Kathy Blaisdell
Mr. Robert W. Boyden, MC&TD ’52,
MC&TD ’58, Hon. ’98
Mrs. Keiko S. Broomhead
Mr. Gerald M. Campbell, IE ’57
Mr. Jonathan S. Carr, EE ’68
Mr. Robert A. Chagnon, P.E.,
MC&TD ’57
Mr. Thomas F. Comeau, CET ’88,
CEC ’90
Mr. Michael J. Corbett
Mr. Matthew W. Coutu, CT ’87
Mr. William P. Crowley, BC ’57
Mr. Joseph B. Cuddy, EEW ’89
Mr. John J. Curtis, BCS ’86
Mr. and Dr. Sava Cvek, Hon. ’11
Mr. Robert W. DiPietro, EEE ’71
Mr. Paul Doherty
[ 11 ]
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
[ 12 ]
29305.indd 12
Professor Frederick F. Driscoll
Ms. Kathryn L. Dulmaine, BCMT ’01,
AAET ’01
Mr. Russell B. Emerson, MC&TD ’57
Richard ✦ and Carole Fontaine
Mr. Stephen F. Fusi, MDE ’72, ME ’74
Ms. Fatma Husain Galadari
Mr. Leonard C. Gardner, S&DE ’56
Mr. John M. Gerstenlauer, P.E.
Mr. Ron Gorayeb
Mr. John Grady, BC ’60
Mrs. Virginia H. Gray
Wayne J. Griffin
Mr. Paul A. Guarracino, MDE ’72
Mr. Patrick Hafford
Mr. Edward Z. Hawkes, AC ’53
Mr. Gerald F. Hickey
Mr. Ryan E. Hutchins, CMT ’96,
CMC ’98
Mr. Peter Jenness III, MD ’64
Mr. Wayne C. Johnson
Mrs. Sharon Jozokos, AET ’92,
CMC ’93
Mr. Michael T. Kagan, EEE ’77,
EET ’79
Mr. John D. Kelleher, AET ’61
Mr. Harold P. Kelley Jr., MC&TD ’43
Mr. John S. Konopka, BC ’67
Mr. David W. Kruger, Hon. ’04
Mr. Richard M. Kuchinsky, AET ’62 ✦
Mr. John A. Kydd Jr.,
PM&MD ’42 ■ ✦
Mr. Daniel P. Lanneville, BCS ’95,
CMC ’97
Mr. Daniel G. Larson, MP ’60
Mr. Chi C. Lau, EEE ’67
Mr. Howard V. Levine, AIA, AET ’72,
AE ’74, Hon. ’06
Mr. Herbert G. Lison and
Ms. Phyllis B. Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lowell
Mr. G. Raymond Luddy, MDE ’66
Mr. Roger C. Lummus Jr.,
MW&TM ’54
Ms. Mary T. MacDonald ■ ✦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marrocco
Mr. Kevin P. McDonough, ATS ’69
Ms. Keira McGrath
Mr. Ben O’Connell Miley, BIND ’08
Mr. David C. Mores, EEE ’64
Ms. Michelle Moretto
Ms. Julie C. Mulvey
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Myslik
Professor Francis E. Nestor
Mr. Clarke C. Nickerson, MDE ’72,
MA ’74
Mr. David P. O’Brien
Dr. Zorica Pantić
Mr. David B. Perini, Hon. ’07
Mr. Lawrence A. Perkins, EET ’64
Mr. William H. Perkins, AM64 ’62
Mr. Alan Perrault
Dr. Russell Pinizzotto
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Ritucci
Mr. Daniel E. Robinson, AET ’60
Mr. Douglas C. Ryder, Esq., AET ’62
Ms. Brenda Cross Sanchez
Mr. John J. Sheehan, MD ’62
Mr. Douglas C. Shepherd, EEE ’60
Mr. Joseph P. Vastl
Mr. David A. Wahlstrom, AET ’80
Mrs. Kathleen Wahlstrom, AET ’78,
AEC ’80
Mr. Gary B. Walker
Mr. David M. Walsh, MP ’60
Mr. Sinclair Weeks Jr., Hon. ’86
Mr. Elmer M. Wetmore Jr., S&DE ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Whittenburg
Mr. John D. Wise, BCS ’88, BCC ’90
Leopard Circle
Gifts of $500–$999
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Angell
Mr. Lawrence K. Asaro, AET ’69
Mr. George S. Bellamacina, EET ’65
Mr. George H. Bodman, MEP ’62
Mr. Derek M. Boyle, CHE ’64
Ms. Amy Bresky, AET
Mr. John A. Buchanan, MD ’62
Mr. Ralph E. Butler Jr., IEC ’57
Ms. Loretta J. Cardin
Mr. Larry Carr
Mr. Matt Cataldo
Dr. Donald L. Champagne, MED ’62
Ms. Rose Conti, BCN, ABC ’09,
BCM ’12
Mr. Clement G. Couchon, EEP ’59
Mr. Frederic G. Davis, AC ’41 ✦
Mr. Dana A. DeMatteo, CC ’83,
BCS ’83, BUC ’85
Mr. Robert G. Donahue
Mr. Christopher S. Dougan, AET ’98,
BAET ’99
Mrs. Jill K. Dougan, AET ’98,
BAET ’99
Mr. Ralph W. Dumke, CET ’79
Lt. Col. Noble C. Emery, USAF
(Ret.), AC&D ’39
Mr. William M. Fallon, BCS ’81
Ms. Jocelyn Frederick
Mr. John M. Fuller, AIA, BCS ’77
Ms. Jennifer V. Furman
Mr. Paul Gates
Ms. Ashley E. Glassick, BSM ’09
Mr. Clyde N. Grindell, EC ’50
Mr. Karl D. Haas, MEP ’61
Mr. Roger Harris, AC ’57
Mr. Timothy K. Holmes, AET ’89,
AEC ’91
Ms. Angela P. Hunt
Mr. Harvey O. Jackson, EEE ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jandrisevits
Mr. Gregory B. Janey, ARS, BCM ’04
Mr. Gary C. Johnson, AIA, AET ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Johnson
Mr. Glenn Kantorski
Mr. David E. Kempskie, MEC ’94
Mr. Richard L. Knowlton, BC ’68 ■ ✦
Mr. George M. Laing, S&DE ’51
Mr. Michael E. Landry, AET ’86,
AEW ’90
Mr. Robert M. Langer
Mr. Conrad William Leger, BCET ’06
Mr. James P. Leonard, IET ’77
Mr. Michael D. Lindemayer, EES ’71
Mr. Richard M. Lindsay, BCS ’77
Mr. John M. Looney, P.E., CHE ’61
Mr. John J. Lovett, MPE ’72, MA ’74
Mr. Kenneth Mackenzie III, PET ’62
Mr. Ronald L. MacNeill Sr., CSW ’85
Mr. Alexander Main, BCMT ’09
Mr. Timothy L. Marsters, AIA
Mr. Douglas H. McCarter, AC ’49
Mr. Thomas J. Meehan Jr.,
MC&TD ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Meucci
Mr. Neil Moses
Mr. Glenn A. Neilson, BC ’68,
AET ’69
Ms. Gail C. Newcomb
Mr. Chris Ntasios, BMET ’00
Mr. Theodore J. Ondrick Jr., CHE ’63
Mrs. Mary T. O’Neill
Mr. Warren C. Pease, BC ’51
Mr. Walter Punch
Mr. Ernest A. Rhodes, EEE ’59
Mr. Andrew J. Ruspini, MDS ’78
Mr. Mike Ryan
Mr. Charles G. Sarkisian, EEE ’62 ✦
Mr. David R. Serafini Jr., TMC ’93
Mr. Samuel Sicchio Jr., CHE ’62
Mr. Joel D. Silverwatch, AET ’88,
ARC ’91
Mr. Charles N. Squillante, MD ’66
Mr. David E. Stavens, CET ’84
Mr. Mark J. Sullivan
Mrs. Eugenia Sweeney, Hon. ’09
Mrs. Karri Tiernan, CSC ’95
Mr. Robert Totino
Mr. Thomas G. Welles III, AET ’94,
ARC ’97
Ms. Annamaria Wenner
Ms. Leah Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wuori
Mr. Richard E. Zarlenga, AM64 ’58
Black & Gold Circle
Gifts of $100–$499
Ms. Cynthia Y. Abadie
Mr. Michael P. Abraham, EEE ’85,
EEC ’88
Mr. James F. Adams, MW&TM ’51
Mr. Jon W. Adams, EEE ’85,
EEC ’87, MDN ’95
Mr. Robert R. Afflick Jr., MD ’64
Mr. Kevin J. Ahern, CMC ’93
Mr. Joseph Anthony Alberti
Mr. Peter W. Alexander
Mr. Donald Allan, EEP ’63
Ms. Allison M. Almeida
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
29305.indd 13
Mr. Robert A. Booker, BCS ’75
Mr. Lawrence Bornstein, MET ’63
Mr. Christopher T. Bortlik, CSS ’94,
CSC ’96
Mr. Fred A. Bortolussi Jr., AME ’54
Mr. Craig F. Boulais, MDN ’93
Mr. Alan L. Bowker, AET ’74
Mr. Thomas D. Bowker
Mr. Chris M. Bradley, BCS ’83
Mr. Scott Allen Bradrick, BCOS ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Brambilla
Ms. Ann Marie Braun
Mr. Bruce J. Breton, AET ’72
Mr. Russell T. Broderick, EEE ’59
Mr. Michael P. Brodeur, AET ’77
Mr. Dennis H. Brown, P.E., ASE ’68
Mrs. Mary Z. Bryant
Mr. James W. Buckley, ASE ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Bujalski
Mr. Alexander Bunar Jr., AC ’55,
AC ’57
Mrs. Mary Ann Buras, AAET ’90,
BAET ’92, BCMT ’93
Mr. Robert W. Burgess, EEP ’63
Mr. Richard L. Burt, AC ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Butler
Mr. Bruce Byorkman
Mr. John C. Cacciola, AET ’63
Mr. Thomas J. Cahill, ATS ’80
Mr. John J. Callahan, BCS ’90
Mr. Richard Campbell
Mr. Scott H. Campbell, AET ’75,
AE ’77
Mr. Kenneth W. Canfield, S&DE ’56
Mr. Steve Carbonneau, AET ’80
Mr. Reinhold A. Carlson, EC ’50
Ms. Tara Carolan, BCET ’06
Ms. Lori Carpenter
Dr. Kenneth L. Carr, Hon. ’92
Ms. Phyllis M. Carr
Mr. Jonathan D. Carroll
Mr. James F. Carson Jr., CHE ’60
Professor Michael W. Carter
Mrs. Patricia R. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Caruso
Mr. Kenneth J. Caruso, EEE ’74,
EE ’76
Mr. Bruce D. Casassa, AME ’54
Ms. Maria Elaine Casey
Mr. William D. Casey, EEP ’61
Mr. Ralph C. Castagna, BCS ’81,
BU ’83
Mr. Paul A. Cella, AC&D ’42
Mr. Albert J. Cerino, EEP ’61
Mr. Michael L. Cerullo, EEE ’69
Mr. Peter W. Chapman, MDS ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Charbonneau
Mr. John A. Chelo, MPE ’85,
MEC ’87, ME ’88
Ms. Janet M. Chester
Mr. Paul C. Chrestensen, MED ’62
Mr. John A. Ciccolo, AET ’67
Mr. Lawrence J. Ciolfi, BCS ’84,
BCC ’86
Mrs. Ann M. Clancy
Mr. Frederick T. Clark, CHE ’70
Mr. Thomas S. Clark Jr., CC ’84
Mr. Jeffrey J. Clegg, AET ’69
Mr. Wayne S. Cobb, BCS ’69
Ms. Karin M. Cocchi
Mr. Drew W. Colby
Ms. Marilyn Coleman
Mr. George B. Coles, MW&TM ’40
Mr. Geoffrey L. Collins, EE ’65
Mr. Jim Collins Jr.
Mr. John D. Collins, IE ’51
Mr. Ronald J. Collins Jr., CMW ’95
Mr. Larry J. Connearney, ASE ’69
Mr. Donald B. Connelly, BCS ’82
Mr. Edward J. Connolly Jr., BCS ’71
Mr. Lee Conrad
Mr. Peter B. Conroy, IEC ’57
Mr. Steven H. Cook, AET ’79,
MDN ’82
Mr. Brian A. Cooke
Mr. Geoffrey B. Cooke
Ms. Michele S. Cooke
Mr. Edmund G. Cooper Jr., BC ’59
Mr. William H. Copeland, S&DE ’57
Mr. Edward Corcoran
Mr. Jack G. Corey, AET ’64
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Cormier
Mr. Brian Costello, EET ’92, EEC ’94
Mr. Felix J. Cotti
Mr. R. John Courtois, BCS ’69
Mr. Thomas H. Cousineau, AET ’91,
ARC ’94
Mr. Raymond G. Coute, MED ’63
Mr. Herbert H. Cowern, MC&TD ’53
Mr. Matthew Aaron Cox, BSA ’11
Mr. Thomas E. Craig, MPS ’74,
ME ’76
Cmdr. Stephen H. Crane, USN (Ret.),
MED ’62
Mr. Charles A. Crespi, BC ’56
Ms. Donna M. Crocker
Mr. James L. Crowe Sr., MD ’61
Mr. Richard S. Crowell, AC ’53
Mr. Stephen A. Crowell, EEE ’64
Mr. Edward J. Crowley, EEP ’59
Mrs. Andrea Crowther, AET ’89,
CMC ’92
Mr. Michael James Crowther, AIA,
AET ’93, ARC ’93
Mr. Angelo R. Cubeta, BC ’64
Ms. Sally A. Cuda
Mr. Richard L. Cudmore, AME ’52
Ms. Anne Marie Cullinan
Mr. Robert A. Culver, IE ’51
Mr. Michael F. Cunningham, MEP ’61
Mr. Christopher D. Curry, AD ’81,
ARS ’82, ARC ’90
Mr. Gordon H. Cushing
Mr. Kenneth R. Cutler, CHE ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. D’Agostino,
MDS ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Nihal Ajit Dalvi
Mr. Francesco D’Amato, ABC ’09
Ms. Jaimie Almeida, BCOS ’14
Mr. Gary G. Ambroise, BEST ’05
Ms. Caroline Shahla Amighi,
BCNS ’12
Mr. Alan J. Anderson, EEE ’80
Mr. Carl P. Anderson, IEC ’58
Mr. Douglas H. Anderson, CHE ’66
Mr. William L. Angelosanto, BCS ’81
Ms. Roxann Arey, CST ’77
Mr. Charles E. Arsenault, EEE ’83,
EEC ’85
Brig. Gen. Loring R. Astorino, USAF
(Ret.), IEC ’56
Mr. Garfield R. Atchue, AC ’50
Mr. A. Jack Atkinson, MC&TD ’52
Mr. Michael L. Auglis, MPE ’71
Mr. Elias A. Awad, EEE ’72
Mr. Steven G. Azar, AENV ’01,
BENV ’04
Mr. Nicholas Bachynski
Mr. Phillips C. Baird, EEE ’59
Mr. William H. Baker III, EES ’86,
EEC ’88
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Barbato
Mr. Lawrence A. Barbuto Jr., EE ’67
Mr. Michael Barbuzzi, BCS ’76
Mr. Ronald R. Baris, MD ’64
Mr. Warren J. Barlow, MW&TM ’54
Mr. Martin E. Barnes III, AET ’73
Mr. Andrew J. Barresi, CET ’85,
CEC ’87
Mr. Bernard R. Bartlett, MC&TD ’47
Mr. Robert W. Basile, AET ’62
Mr. Dann N. Batting, BC ’68,
AET ’69
Mr. Burton P. Batty, BC ’63
Mr. Bruce S. Beal, MW&TM ’50
Mr. Richard A. Bean, Hon. ’99
Mr. Bruce E. Beane, PET ’61
Mr. Paul W. Beaulieu, EET ’91,
EEC ’93
Ms. Leslie A. Becker, AET ’91,
CMC ’93
Mr. Mikael Bedrosian, MC&TD ’51
Ms. Jessica Beeby
Ms. Kathryn Bell
Mr. Ralph M. Bell Sr., MW&TM ’35
Mr. Andrew Benassi, EEE ’79, EE ’81
Mr. Grant G. Benson Jr., AC ’50
Mr. James R. Benton, BCMT ’99
Maj. Richard W. Berggren, USAF
(Ret.), BC ’52
Mr. David M. Bergstrom, BCS ’75
Mr. Paul L. Bernache, MDE ’65
Ms. Lisa P. Biggar
Mr. Andrew E. Bisbee, CMC ’95
Mr. Paul N. Bleau, AET ’63
Mr. Alan W. Bliek, AET ’62
Mr. Paul T. Boczanowski, CET ’81,
CE ’82
Mr. Norman L. Boilard, PET ’61
Ms. Linda A. Bolla
Mr. Lawrence F. Bonetti Jr.,
MC&TD ’58
[ 13 ]
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
“I give back to Wentworth because it is a special place.
Going to Wentworth is like having a third parent because
Wentworth teaches you initial and essential life skills.”
—Keith Berube, BU ’83,
Wenworth Alumni Association Board
Mr. Michael V. D’Ambra, BC ’67
Mr. Robert L. D’Amelio, CHE ’67
Mr. Robert S. Danilecki, AET ’68,
AE ’74
Ms. Nancy D. Dannenhoffer
Mr. William R. Darrow, CHE ’67
Mr. Paul S. Dassau
Mr. Jamesley Dasse, AEET ’01,
BCOT ’02
Mr. Peter S. Davidson, MDE ’67
Mr. Stephen Davidson
Mr. Paul L. Davies, AET ’62
Mr. Richard K. Davies Jr., AET ’71
Mr. Charles E. Dearborn Jr.,
AM64 ’58
Mr. Russell F. Decatur, EC ’51
Professor Lawrence Decker
Mr. Lewis A. Deene Jr., AM64 ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Delgado
Mr. John J. DeLuca, IE ’58
Mr. Samuel Delvecchio, BSM ’06
Mr. James P. Demetrio, NET ’67
Mr. Daniel A. DePodesta, EET ’64
Mr. Michael P. Desmond, BCS ’80
Mr. Thomas E. Desmond, BCS ’69
Mr. Gerard R. Desrosiers, AC ’50
Mr. James T. Devine Jr., AS ’73,
BCS ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Vito J. Devito
Mr. Thomas V. Devitt
Mr. Allen Diamond, EES ’72,
EEE ’73, EE ’75
Mr. John S. Dicranian, EEE ’88,
EEC ’90
Mrs. Melissa Cushing Dicranian,
IDS ’91, IDC ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T.
Mr. Anthony Diodato
[ 14 ]
29305.indd 14
Mr. Matthew K. Dionne, BARC ’03
Mr. Kenneth A. Diranian, AIA,
LEED, AET ’78, AE ’80
Ms. Maureen Dischino
Mr. John L. DiVito, AET ’78
Mr. David F. Donahue, EEE ’66
Mr. Anthony P. D’Onofrio, AC ’58
Mr. James T. Donovan, CHE ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Dorchester
Mr. Terence G. Dougherty, BCS ’78,
CE ’80
Mr. Joseph J. D’Ovidio, AET ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Dreyer
Mr. John S. Ducat, MC&TD ’51
Mr. Timothy B. Duggan
Mr. Michael C. Dumaresq, BCS ’88,
BCC ’90
Mr. W. Scott Dunbar
Mr. Roland L. Dunbrack, MC&TD ’40
Mr. William W. Duncklee Jr.,
CHE ’60
Mr. Almanzor L. Dupuis Jr.,
AC&D ’41
Mr. John S. Durning, AET ’77
Mr. Daniel B. Dwyer Jr., MW&TM ’58
Mr. Paul J. Dyer, AENT ’05
Mr. William W. Dyer, EE ’83
Mr. Alan S. Eathorne, BCMT ’96
Mr. Raymond L. Eaton, AET ’74
Mr. Ronald O. Edgren, MW&TM ’58
Mr. A. Craig Edmunds, EC ’48
Mr. Robert A. Edwards Sr.,
PM&MD ’51
Mr. Theodore W. Edwards Jr.,
MEP ’64
Mr. Allan C. Ekstrom, EEP ’62
Ms. Mary Parese Emerson
J. M. Erickson
Mr. David D. Erlandson, EET ’78,
FMW ’94
Ms. Ellen Esrock
Mr. Juan Estupinan
Mr. Eugene E. Etchie, MDS ’72
Mr. William C. Ewart Jr., EEP ’62
Mr. Alan Ewing, AT ’67
Roy A. Fairweather, BC ’62
Mr. Richard E. Famiglietti, AET ’63
Mr. William S. Farnsworth, MPE ’83,
MEC ’85
Mr. James Farrar, CC ’78
Mr. Richard Farrar
Mr. Charles E. Farrington, CHE ’65
Mr. John Fedor Jr., MP ’62
Mr. David B. Fein, EEE ’80, EE ’82
Mr. Christopher E. Fenton, AET ’91,
AEC ’93
Mr. Anthony G. Ferreira Jr., AET ’59
Mr. Jeffrey Paul Ferreira, BCN ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Finlayson
Mr. William T. Finn, EES ’69, EEE ’70
Mr. Paul A. Fiola, AAT ’04, BCM ’06
Mr. Chester W. Fisk, MED ’59
Mr. Robert C. Fitch Jr., MC&TD ’50
Mr. Kerry L. Flaherty, CC ’75
Mr. Richard Flisnik
Mr. Charles Flugrad
Mr. William Flugrad, BCNS ’07
Mr. Bruce S. Fontaine, MDE ’74
Mr. Chris J. Fontaine, AET ’96,
CMC ’96
Ms. Amanda E. Forde, AAET ’01,
BAET ’04
Mr. Erik Jason Forster, ETU ’90,
CEC ’93
Mr. Steven L. Forte, MDS ’71,
MDE ’72, ME ’74
Ms. Holly Deane Forthofer
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
29305.indd 15
Mr. James F. Grimes, EEP ’62
Mr. Elbridge W. Grover, MW&TM ’42
Mr. Charles P. Guleserian
Mr. Shahe P. Guleserian, AC ’58
Mr. John G. Gummere, AET ’88
Mr. Francis J. Hainey, MED ’62
Mr. Thomas P. Halchuk, MPE ’78,
ME ’80
Mr. Peter E. Hale, BCS ’69, AET ’70
Mr. John C. Halfrey, AC ’52
Mr. Byron J. Hall Jr., S&DE ’51
Mr. George R. Hall Jr., CHE ’66
Mr. Robert E. Hall, EET ’74
Mr. Sanford J. Hamilton, IE ’57
Mr. David P. Hanlon, CHE ’63
Mr. Robert W. Hanlon, AC ’49
Mrs. Marion E. Hanscom
Mr. Ronald F. Hardy, IE ’49
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harman, EEE ’94,
EEC ’96
Mr. George E. Harper, MC&TD ’56
Mr. Paul J. Harper, MP ’63, MDE ’66
Mr. Brian S. Harris, CHE ’61
Mr. Stephen A. Hart, MDE ’66
Ms. Diane L. Harter
Mr. Robert A. Harting, MP ’60
Ms. Georgette M. Haydon
Mr. Robert D. Hayes, EE ’65
Mr. Michael F. Hays, AET ’79, AE ’81
Mr. John Hefler, AET ’63
Mr. John P. Heinstadt, Esq.
Ms. Carol T. Henderson
Mr. Joseph R. Henry, MPE ’65
Mr. John R. Herne, ATS ’75
Mr. J. Richard Hero Jr., MED ’64
Mr. Harold E. Herrick III
Mr. Jay H. Higgins, AET ’69
Mr. Frederick E. Hill, BC ’62
Mr. Harold W. Hill, IE ’56
Mr. Jack C. Hobbs
Mr. William Hocking
Mr. Richard V. Hogan, PM&MD ’49
Mr. Walter E. Hogan, MD ’59
Mr. Frederick A. Hohler, MC&TD ’50
Mr. John C. Holmes, MD ’63
Mr. Lawrence L. Holmes, IE ’47
Ms. Kelsey Holt, BINT ’11
Mr. Calvin B. Hood, MW&TM ’47
Mr. Frederick E. Hood, BC ’50
Mr. Stephen W. Hopkins, MED ’63
Mr. Robin L. Houghton, AET ’75
Mr. Richard A. Howden, AC ’58
Mr. Robert E. Howes, EET ’67
Mr. Donald L. Hoxie Jr., EEE ’75
Mr. Daniel P. Hughes, AD ’80,
AEC ’90
Mr. David E. Hughes, MPE ’68
Mr. Donald L. Hull, EEP ’60
Mr. Neil A. Hunter, AET ’59
Mr. James M. Huntley, MW&TM ’35
Mr. Richard C. Hurd, BC ’62
Mr. Michael J. Hurley, BC ’67,
BCS ’75, AET ’79
Mr. Leroy S. Huston Jr., MC&TD ’52
Mr. Russell A. Hutchings, PET ’62
Mr. Robert A. Ingalls, MC&TD ’42
Mr. Gerald Inman
Ms. Amy Intille
Mr. Richard S. Ives, CHE ’66
Mr. Allan J. Ivester, S&DE ’55,
S&DE ’57
Mr. Elie Nouhad Jabbour, CHT ’92,
CHC ’94
Mr. Stanley A. Jachimowski, BC ’64
Mr. Ralph L. Jacobs
Mr. Richard Jakobczyk
Mr. Nicholas W. Jannini, AEET ’04,
BCOT ’05
Mr. J. Christian Janson, EEE ’85,
EEW ’87
Mr. Howard M. Jelleme, BC ’52
Mr. H. Lincoln K. Jepson, MP ’64
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jesmer
Mr. James H. Jillett, ATN ’79
Mr. Richard B. Johnson, MD ’57
Mr. Todd A. Johnson, AET ’76
Mr. Gregory A. Johnston, ARS ’82,
AET ’83, CMW ’87
Mr. Robert S. Jordan, EEE ’69
Mr. Douglas Jost
Mr. Charles R. Julian, INS ’92
Mr. Lawrence B. Kabrick, MDS ’83,
MEC ’85
Mr. George E. Kalem Jr., IE ’49
Mr. Jeffrey Albert Kalil, AET ’90,
ARC ’93
Mr. John Christopher Katilus,
MPE ’84, MEC ’86
Mr. John F. Keane, EET ’64
Mr. John E. Keefe Jr., AM64 ’64
Mr. Gary S. Keith, MPE ’78, ME ’80
Mrs. Deborah L. Keller, CEC ’93
Mr. Edmund L. Kelley, EEE ’63
Mr. Roland L. Kelley, S&DE ’54
Mr. Keith H. Kemmer
Mr. John P. Kenney, AM34 ’33
Mr. Andrew Kerivan, AET ’87,
CMC ’89
Ms. Karen E. Kerr
Mr. Thomas P. Kerr Jr.
Mr. John B. Kett, EE ’67, EES ’70
Professor Ali Khabari, Ph.D.
Mrs. Ellen W. Kickham, CST ’77
Ms. Lora Kim
Mr. Mathew T. King, EET ’94,
EEC ’96
Mrs. Barbara Jane Kirkpatrick
Mr. Francis J. Kirwin, AET ’61
Mr. Roger P. Knight, EEE ’68,
EET ’69
Mr. Nikolaos D. Kokolakis, IET ’81
Mr. Richard W. Koster, MC&TD ’41
Mr. Leon S. Kowitz, MC&TD ’54
Dr. Shankar Krishnan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Kriskey
Mr. Walter S. Kuklinski, EEE ’69
Mr. Joseph S. Kulik Jr., EEE ’66
Mr. Phillip N. Kupelian, S&DE ’48
Ms. Deborah A. Fortin
Mr. Warren T. Foster, CHE ’62
Mr. Peter A. Fougere, EEE ’72,
EE ’74
Mr. Joseph F. Fournier Jr., AET ’81,
AE ’83, AET ’92, AEC ’92, ARC ’97
Mr. Ralph A. Francesconi, ARS ’87,
CET ’87
Mr. John T. Frasca, M.D.
Ms. Laura Fraser and Mr. Bruce
Fraser, AT ’67
Mr. Timothy S. Freese, CET ’79,
CEC ’80
Mr. Bernardo B. Fruciano, BC ’67,
AET ’68
Mrs. Monique Fuchs
Mr. Roger Funk, MET ’61
Ms. Jacqueline Futia
Mr. Kevin Joseph Gabel, AET ’96,
FMC ’98
Mr. Jeremiah Gabin, BIND ’07
Mr. Richard B. Gadbois, EEE ’75
Mr. Jeffrey A. Gagnon, MTS ’88,
MAC ’90
Mr. Joseph A. Gagnon, EC ’53
Mr. Thomas E. Gallivan, AET ’63
Mr. Peter M. Gamwell, EEP ’62
Mr. John P. Garcia, CHE ’72, CE ’76
Dr. James L. Garvin, AET ’63
Mrs. Carol R. Gay
Mr. Joseph E. Gehret, BCMT ’07
Mr. William J. Gendall Jr., MDS ’75,
ME ’78
Mrs. Maureen A. Giattino, AET ’75
Mr. Charles F. Gilbert Jr., MEP ’64
Mr. Robert P. Gileau, AET ’79, AE ’81
Mr. Hunter Giles
Mrs. Anne M. Gill
Mr. Stephen R. Gilman, AET ’67
Mr. John P. Gilmore, MC&TD ’49
Mr. Ronald H. Gilmore, AME ’53
Mr. Charles F. Giuliani, CHE ’65
Mr. John P. Gleason, BCMT ’11
Mr. James J. Gloshinski, MDE ’82,
ME ’84
Mr. David T. Glotfelty, EEE ’73,
MA ’75
Ms. Elizabeth A. Goddard
Mr. William J. Goggins, CET ’81,
CE ’83
Mr. Richard M. Golembeski, MET ’62
Mr. Miguel M. Gomes, BCT ’99
Mr. John D. Goodall, PM&MD ’42
Mr. Matthew Goodrow, EES ’85,
EEC ’88
Mr. James G. Gorman
Mr. Randolph A. Gould, AME ’48
Mr. Edward B. Govoni, PET ’60
Ms. Brenda M. Grant-Hays, AET ’82
Ms. Betsy Grater
Ms. Ruth Gravel
Ms. Iris Gray
Mr. William H. Greeley, PM&MD ’37
Mr. Frank G. Grimaldi, MEP ’61
[ 15 ]
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
[ 16 ]
29305.indd 16
Mr. Elliott L. LaMontagne, S&DE ’50
Mr. Stephen O’Neil Lamoureux,
BMET ’06
Mr. Roland A. LaPierre, EI&M ’43
Mr. George L. Larned Jr., CHE ’60
Mr. Howard C. Latham Jr., AT ’65
Mr. Ronald G. Ledoux, MD ’68
Mr. Guy H. Leedom
Mr. Peter J. Lenares, BCS ’85,
CET ’87
Ms. Donna M. Lennon, AET ’87,
ARC ’90
Mr. Marshall R. Leonard, CHE ’76
Mr. Wai Hong Leong, BCS ’88,
BCC ’90
Mr. Boyd Leslie, IEC ’58
Mr. Rene O. Letourneau, MC&TD ’56
Mr. Dennis A. Levasseur, AET ’70
Ms. Leslie Levenson
Mr. George Lewis, Hon. ’00
Mr. Quentin J. Lewis, EEE ’78,
EE ’80
Mr. Joseph C. Lima, EC ’49
Mr. Robert J. Lind
Mr. Michael J. Linden, MDE ’79,
ME ’81
Mr. Paul W. Linehan, EEE ’64
Mr. John A. Lombardi, EEE ’61
Mr. William A. Longhi, BC ’61
Mr. Richard J. Lothrop, MP ’66,
MDE ’67, ME ’73
Mr. Daniel J. Luby, BCS ’77
Mr. Michael P. Lucas, MPS ’78
Mr. Dennis M. Lund, MD ’85,
MDN ’87
Mr. Matthew N. Lynch, BCMT ’99
Mr. Colin C. Lyons
Mr. Shawn E. Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Maas
Mr. John J. Mable, BC ’67
Ms. Robin M. Mac Vittie
Mr. Cameron A. MacKenzie,
MPE ’81, ME ’83
Mr. Alexander MacLean, EEE ’69
Mr. Gordon MacPhail, AC ’51
Mr. Pete Maddocks
Ms. Susan M. Mahesh
Mr. Paul F. Mahoney Jr., BCS ’71
Mr. Sunny Mak, CET ’82, CE ’83
Mr. David A. Manahan, S&DE ’50
Mr. Daniel J. Maneikis, AC ’54,
AC ’57
Mr. Desire C. Manirakiza, BCM ’04
Mr. Thomas L. Manning, CHE ’60,
AT ’68
Mr. John J. Mannone, MD ’65
Mr. Robert A. Manocchia, AET ’64
Mr. Michael A. Manzella, ABC ’08,
BCM ’10
Mr. John H. Mara Jr., MPE ’69
Mr. Gregory B. Marshall, EEE ’82,
MA ’84
Mr. Charles E. Martel Jr., BCS ’80
Mr. Conrad B. Martin, EEE ’67
Mr. Thomas C. Martin, AET ’77,
NET ’77
Mr. Paul J. Martini
Mr. Edmund A. Marukelli Jr., AET ’62
Mr. Elliot B. Matteson Sr.,
MC&TD ’50
Mrs. Kerrie L. Matthews-Julian,
AET ’90, ARC ’93
Ms. Margaret Maxwell
Mr. Robert C. Mayo
Mr. Arthur McArthur III, S&DE ’51
Mr. Christopher McCann, BCC ’87
Mr. Christopher D. McCarthy,
MPE ’79, ME ’81
Mr. William F. McCarthy
Mr. William H. McCarthy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McClure
Mr. Joseph F. McCormick, EES ’80,
EET ’82
Mr. William J. McCormick,
PM&MD ’53
Mr. Edward J. McDonald Jr., IEC ’57
Mr. Michael J. McGowan, AET ’76
Mr. John S. McGrath, CHE ’62
Mr. Michael R. McKenna, AENT ’98,
PCAP ’00, BCSS ’01
Mr. Carlton L. McKenzie, EC ’50
Mr. Darren McKenzie
Mr. John A. McLellan, EEP ’63
Mr. Paul J. McNamara, CHE ’76
Ms. Jane Cogliano McNeice
Mr. Joseph M. McNulty, EEE ’86,
EEC ’88
Mr. John A. McSweeney, IEC ’58
Mr. Matthew J. Meegan
Mr. William F. Megow, EEE ’59
Mr. Robert J. Meister, AET ’80
Mr. Lee D. Mendenhall, MDE ’71
Mr. James Menditto, AT ’65,
ASE ’66
Mr. Margaret Rose Meninno,
BINT ’12
Mr. Jason Merkel, BARC ’07
Cmdr. Lawrence J. Merola, RA, CEC,
USN, ARC ’92
Mr. Willard B. Merrill, MC&TD ’37
Mr. Robert G. Meyer, BCS ’73
Mr. James R. Michaud Sr., MEP ’64
Mr. Domenic P. Miele, BPM ’04
Mr. Paul F. Mik Sr., BC ’60
Mr. Daniel R. Milewski, MET ’94,
MEC ’97
Mr. Alan R. Miller, ASE ’65
Mr. Donald Anthony Miller, MD ’66
Mr. William C. Miller, MPE ’80,
ME ’82
Mr. Stephen R. Milley, PET ’66
Mr. Delmar A. Milne, S&DE ’57
Mr. Brian L. Mini
Ms. Holly Miranda
Mr. Chris D. Moffatt, MAC ’97
Ms. Lisa A. Molinari
Mr. Michael A. Mondello
Ms. Anne Montgomery
Mr. Arthur R. Moore, MW&TM ’49
Mr. Cassius D. Moore, AET ’85,
AEC ’87
Mr. John J. Moore Jr., EEE ’66
Mr. Gerald A. Moores, ASE ’73
Mr. Merritt F. Moraski, EEP ’59
Ms. Monica D. Moreira, AET ’90,
ARC ’94
Mr. Thomas E. Morello Jr., AET ’61
Mr. Bradford O. Morrison, CSC ’97
Mr. W. Jim Morrissey, BC ’65
Mr. Walter J. Morrissey, AC ’52
Mr. Arthur T. Morton Jr., MED ’64
Mr. James D. Moulison Jr., EEP ’63
Mrs. Ruth A. Mros
Mr. David M. Mullen, AET ’70
Mr. Matthias J. Mulvey, CBO, CET,
BCS ’75
Mr. Mario J. Mummolo, EEE ’64
Mr. Charles J. Murphy, EEE ’88
Ms. Laura C. Murphy
Dr. Joseph Muscara, MET ’62
Mr. John B. Nason, BC ’54
Mr. Brian A. Nelson
Mr. William B. Newbold, AM64 ’56
Mr. Thomas R. Newman Jr., CO ’84
Mr. Pho Van Nguyen, BEET ’07
Ms. Sen Thi Nguyen
Ms. Karen N. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit E. Nicholson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nielson
Mrs. Maureen Doucette Nix, CET ’77
Mr. Kieran M. Nolan, S&DE ’52,
S&DE ’58
Mr. Jason L. Noodell, EES ’70,
EEE ’71, EE ’73
Mr. Seyed Hossein Noorian
Mr. Keith Robert Norton
Mrs. Patricia F. Nylin
Mr. Douglas E. Obey, AET ’77
Mr. James J. O’Brien
Mr. Joseph F. O’Connell, MC&TD ’51
Mr. Charles F. O’Connor
Mr. Peter Francis Oggeri, BCMT ’10
Mr. Emmanuel C. Okafo, AET ’84,
AEC ’88
Mr. Stephen C. Olney, MED ’64
Mr. Joseph G. Orint, MED ’62
Mr. Lloyd N. Outram, MED ’59
Mr. Frederick C. Palmer, BC ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Palmer Jr.
Mr. Rick J. Palmeri, AM ’77
Mr. Michael Pankievich
Mr. Michael E. Papagni, MET ’92,
MEC ’96
Mr. George C. Papaioannou, AET ’62
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pappas
Mr. Charles R. Paquette, AET ’77
Ms. Susan Paris
Ms. Stacey L. Parker
Mr. James G. Partaledis, EES ’71,
EEE ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Partridge
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
29305.indd 17
Ms. Yvonne J. Reshetar, BFPM ’99,
AAET ’99, PTC ’99
Mr. Paul G. Richard, AET ’72
Mr. Mike Richardson
Mr. David H. Rimbach, S&DE ’57
Professor Jonathan Ripley
Mr. William B. Ripley, BC ’64
Mr. William Roach, EC ’48
Mr. Michael Alfred Roberts,
BCET ’09
Mr. Gerhard Robichaud, S&DE ’50
Mr. Oren H. Robinson, MP ’62
Mr. Richard J. Rochette, MC&TD ’49
Mr. Albert E. Rodgers, EEE ’61
Mr. Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., EEE ’80
Mr. John R. Roma, CHE ’65
Mr. Mario Romania Jr., CET ’82,
CEC ’83
Mr. John M. Romano, AET ’81
Mr. Arthur R. Ronayne, BC ’58
Mr. Paul R. Roncetti, MP ’63
Mr. Edward S. Rooney III
Mr. Clayton D. Rose, MD ’62
Mr. William F. Rourke, EEE ’62
Mr. John E. Rowe, MC&TD ’57
Mrs. Charlene Roy, TMW ’97, TC ’98
Mr. Louis J. Roy, CE ’80, CSW ’92,
AET ’96, NET ’96
Mr. Richard R. Roy, EEE ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruggieri
Mr. William W. Rule, MPE ’74
Mr. David W. Ryan, BCN ’91,
CMGW ’97
Mr. Edward J. Ryan, S&DE ’57
Mr. Joseph V. Sacchetti
Mr. Stephen J. Sala, CHE ’75
Mr. Joel E. Saleeby, MPE ’83
Mr. David Rey Salinas, BT ’86
Mr. Richard A. Sambor, P.E., AET ’63
Mr. Mark H. Sanborn, BCS ’91
Mr. Ronald C. Sanders, ASE ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M.
Sandini Sr.
Ms. Joanne Santarelli
Mr. Clifford J. Santos Jr.
Mr. John Sanzi
Mr. E.J. Saucier, AET ’73
Mr. Sebastian J. Sbalcio, CHE ’69
Mr. Dean Jeffrey Scarafoni
Mr. William A. Scheibl, AC ’53,
AC ’58
Mr. William C. Schouldice IV
Mr. George B. Schwarz, S&DE ’49
Mr. Gerald R. Schwenk, EES ’74
Mr. Carl Sciple
Mr. Frank J. Scopelliti, AET ’63
Mr. Dwight L. Scott, AET ’77
Mr. Matthew C. Sears Jr., EE ’65,
EES ’72
Mr. Thomas M. Sears, BCS ’76
Mr. Roger J. Serlick, AC ’52
Mel Shaftel
Mrs. Sylvia P. Shapiro
Mr. Charles A. Shattuck, AC&D ’41
Mr. Kenneth R. Shaw
Mr. Ronald C. Shaw, AM64 ’58
Mr. Robert E. Sheehey, EEE ’60
Mr. Richard A. Sheppard, MD ’65
Mr. Richard D. Sheridan Jr., MPE ’77
Mr. Gary Shimel
Mr. David K. Shonk, ARS ’82,
AET ’83, AEC ’85
Mr. Jeffrey Silva
Mr. David J. Simm, MP ’59
Mr. Samuel S. Sinel, EES ’70,
EEE ’71, MA ’73
Mr. Roger H. Sirois, MD ’67
Mr. Edward C. Skerrett, AET ’59
Mr. Everett W. Skinner Jr., CHE ’64,
PLS ’05
Mr. Albert J. Skirius, AET ’61
Mr. Clarkson R. Smith, MEP ’62
Mr. Harold E. Smith, AC ’49,
MDE ’65
Mr. Herman A. Smith, CHE ’63
Mr. James T. Smith, EE ’66
Mr. David R. Snowman, MD ’63
Mr. Richard H. Soule, AC ’48
Mr. Dean Soultanian, MPE ’87,
MEC ’89
Mr. Anthony J. Spark, ENVT ’96,
BENV ’99
Ms. Yasmina Spector
Ms. Cynthia St. Amour
Dr. Amos J. St. Germain
Ms. Vanessa St. Laurent
Mr. Charles G. Stacey, BC ’66
Ms. Kristin M. Stanley
Mr. William B. Stares, CHE ’66
Mr. James M. Stark, CSS ’97,
BCOS ’99
Mr. James I. Starratt, AC ’53
Ms. Ruth L. Stavis
Mr. Edward C. Stickney, MW&TM ’41
Mr. George F. Stocker, MC&TD ’40
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Stotz
Mr. James Stowe and Ms.
Michelle Stowe
Mr. Paul G. Stroud Jr., AC ’48
Mr. Richard E. Sullivan, BCS ’74
Mr. Sean Patrick Sullivan, BMET ’08
Mr. Steven M. Swanson
Mr. Phillip E. Sweet, MED ’63
Ms. Teresa D. Swenson
Mr. John M. Swift Sr., AET ’61
Mr. Bernard M. Szwarc, EEE ’65
Mr. John J. Tabbutt, ASE ’67
Mr. Thomas Taddeo
Ms. Alice R. Talmadge
Mr. Manuel J. Tavares, AET ’62
Ms. Maria Natalia Tavares
Mr. James H. Templeton, IE ’51
Mr. Frank G. Thacher, AET ’62
Ms. Ann M. Therriault and
Mr. Michael R. Therriault
Mr. Stephen Thierauf, EEE ’74,
EE ’76
Mr. Arthur T. Thompson, Hon. ’85
Mr. Henry A. Paszko, IE ’57
Mr. Ralph R. Patterson
Mr. Richard V. Paulino, MDE ’79,
ME ’81
Ms. Ellen W. Payzant
Mr. Jack R. Pearl, S&DE ’53
Mr. John H. Peck, CHE ’64
Ms. Delenia Perez
Mr. Robert E. Perry Jr., MEW ’87,
CSW ’90
Mr. Donald L. Pesce, MET65 ’60
Ms. Sarah M. Peskin
Ms. Marie Louise Peters, BSA ’13
Mr. John A. Peterson, MPE ’78
Mr. John J. Peterson, MD ’66,
MDE ’67
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Petraitis
Mr. Robert J. Petrone, MPE ’78
Mr. Dejan Petrovic, BCNS ’09
Mr. E. Wallace Petterson, BC ’56
Mr. Thomas J. Phelan, BCS ’84
Mr. Wade D. Phillips, AELT ’99,
BEST ’05
Mr. John N. Picariello, AS ’76
Mr. Ray E. Pickles, CHE ’60
Mr. James M. Pieroni, MDE ’81,
MA ’84
Mr. Bernard R. Pigeon, EE ’66
Mr. Harry H. Pike, IE ’56
Ms. Rachel Pike
Mr. David A. Pimental, EEE ’66
Ms. Danielle R. Pineault
Mr. Joseph A.M. Pires, BCMT ’04
Mr. Wilfrid G. Pitts, M.D., and
Ms. Diane M. Burke, R.N., R.R.T.
Mr. Walter Pizzano
Ms. Laurie E. Platner
Mr. Lawrence C. Poch, EE ’68
Mr. Philip J. Poinelli, AIA, AET ’71
Mr. Cameron A. Porter, BCS
Mr. Richard E. Portors, MP ’61
Mr. Arthur Post IV
Ms. Leslie Post
Mr. Stanley E. Potter, MD ’65
Mr. David B. Powell, MC&TD ’47
Mr. Robert F. Pozerski, BC ’58
Mr. Alfred J. Pratt, MPE ’67
Mr. Kenneth G. Priest II, CHE ’64
Ms. Karen Principato
Mr. Darryl Prue
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Prue ’82
Mr. Albin J. Pszenny, CC ’82
Mr. Troy Carl Puchini, BMET ’13
Mr. David J. Punchak, CNC ’98
Mr. Joseph G. Pyatak, EET ’69
Mr. Thomas E. Quinn, CHE ’59
Mr. Wojciech Rafalowski
Mr. Arthur J. Rafter, PM&MD ’49
Mr. Justin Blake Ragsdale, BMT ’04
Mr. Paul A. Rainey, NET ’64
Mr. Paul A. Ramsey, BCS ’73
Ms. Kunti Rani
Mr. H. Eldon Ransom, PM&MD ’36
Mr. Jeffrey B. Regan, EE ’67
[ 17 ]
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
[ 18 ]
29305.indd 18
Mr. Elliott D. Thompson, MET ’66
Ms. Kimberly Tibbetts
Ms. Toni M. Tiernan
Mr. Paul Topalian, AC ’50
Ms. Denise Topham-Williams
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Treadway Jr.
Mr. Russell A. Treen, BC ’66
Mr. Norman E. Trefry, BC ’54
Mr. Paul A. Tremblay Jr., MDN ’88
Mr. Robert L. Triveri, AC ’55
Mr. Rocco F. Trotto, BC ’55
Mr. Randall E. Trudelle, AET ’64
Mr. George G. Trueworthy, EEE ’59
Mr. Peter L. Tsokanis, AIA, BC ’52
Mr. Anthony F. Tuccelli Jr., EET ’71,
MA ’73
Mr. Nathaniel Tucker, S&EMO ’39
Mr. James H. Tweedy, PET ’63
Mr. Paul F. Twohig, AC ’58
Ms. Kimberly Urquhart
Cmdr. Paul M. Valentine, USNR
(Ret.), MD ’64
Mr. Carlos Valverde Rojo, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Paloma Valverde, PhD
Mr. Garrett Thomas Van Siclen,
EEE ’77
Ms. Pamela R. Van Sipe, CET ’82,
CE ’84
Mr. Les Vaughan
Mr. Nicholas E. Vecchia
Mr. Stephen M. Velluto, PET ’71
Mr. Joseph T. Vercellone, AET ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vespa
Mr. John P. Vetere, BCS ’78, CE ’81
Mr. Raymond J. Vigeant Jr., MEP ’59
Mr. Constantine G. Vlahakis,
AME ’54
Mr. Ronald R. Volpe, BC ’58
Mr. Guenter W. Vorwald
Ms. Loan Vu, BSM ’05
Mr. Todd S. Wagner, AET ’77
Mr. David R. Walker
Mr. Doug K. Walker, CHE ’75, CE ’77
Mr. Neil E. Wallask, MED ’61
Mr. David L. Wallis, AET ’59
Mr. David S. Walsh, PET ’59
Mr. Anthony Mcdonald Warren,
BCC ’92
Mr. George E. Waterhouse, MDS ’72
Mr. Jack Watson and Ms. Michele
Ms. Eda A. Watson
Mr. Philip A. Watson, AE ’79
Mr. David A. Webster, CHE ’69
Mr. E. Donald Weiner, EEE ’59
Mr. Jay M. Weiner, MED ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wetton, AET
Mr. Russell T. Wheeler, MED ’64
Mr. Richard L. Whipple Jr., MD ’63
Mr. David White, MDE ’74
Ms. Jane K. White
Mr. Stephen J. White Jr., CHT ’86,
CHC ’88
Mr. Glenn Wiggins
Mr. John Wilderman, EET ’87,
EEC ’89
Ms. Phyllis Wilkinson
Ms. Nancy R. Willever
Mr. Mark D. Williamson, WET ’81,
MEC ’83
Mr. Andrew Wilson, MCS ’94,
MEC ’96
Mr. Michael J. Wilson, BFPM ’06
Mr. Richard C. Wing, EEE ’68
Mr. Arthur W. Winterhalter, EEE ’65
Mr. Stanley F. Wisniewski Jr.,
EEE ’63
Mr. Edmund E. Wlodyka, MD ’59
Mr. Thomas M. Wnuk
Mr. Michael F. Wojcik, MPS ’75
Mr. Theodore J. Wojcik Jr., EES ’71,
EEE ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W.
Wojnarowicz Sr.
Mr. Andrew M. Wood, MEP ’61
Mr. Nathaniel E. Wood, EEE ’85,
EEC ’86, EE ’93
Mr. Ernest J. Woods III, MDE ’83,
MEC ’85
Mr. Brent B. Woodward, MPE ’72,
ME ’74
Mr. John H. Woodward, BC ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Woodworth
Mr. Elliott W. Worcester Jr., ASE ’70
Mr. Paul G. Worcester, ASE ’71,
ME ’73
Mr. Walter H. Worth, MED ’59
Mr. Sylvester M. Wrenn Jr., AET ’69
Capt. Donald R. Wright, AME ’55
Mr. Lester P. Yanowitz, AC ’53
Mr. Melkon K. Yessaillian, MEP ’60
Mrs. Jean T. York
Mr. Denis G. Young, CE ’84
Mr. Lincoln C. Young, BCS ’82,
BU ’83
Mr. Richard E. Zeletsky, ASE ’67
Mr. Herbert J. Ziegelmayer Jr.,
EEE ’65
Mr. Michael J. Zuzevich, BCET ’07
Contributor’s Circle
Gifts of $1–$99
Ms. Mary Aaskov
Mr. Arthur P. Abdinoor, MED ’63
Mr. Lawrence Abrams, MPE ’65
Mr. Glenn M. Abriam, AET ’89,
AEC ’92
Mr. Dale E. Ackley, CHE ’68
Mr. Warren J. Adam, EEE ’86,
EEC ’87
Mr. John W. Adams, EEE ’65
Mr. Lawrence C. Additon, AME ’48
Mr. Louis T. Addonizio, EE ’67,
EEE ’68
Ms. Judith Gray Adolphson
Mr. Frank J. Agostino, CHE ’71
Ms. Wendy Orwig Ahearn, ABC ’10
Mr. William F. Ahern, EEE ’84,
EEW ’89, EE ’91
Ms. Shirley R. Ainslie
Ms. Dolores Alberti
Mr. Daniel Michael Alexander,
BSCN ’10
Mr. Benjamin Edward Allen,
BELM ’11
Ms. Erin Allen, BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Michael P. Allen Sr., AET ’75
Ms. Jacqueline L. Allison
Mr. Marc Allison
Mr. Jeffrey T. Altschuler, MDS ’83,
MT ’84
Mr. Joseph N. Amato, CHE ’67,
CE ’73
Mr. Eric Ambrette
Mr. William P. Amendola, CHE ’70,
CE ’72
Mr. Paul L. Anastasi, BCS ’77
Mr. Carl P. Anderson, MPE ’79,
ME ’81
Mr. Nicholas Anderson
Mr. Walter W. Anderson, AC ’57
Mr. William P. Andrade, S&DE ’51
Mr. Edward N. Anemoduris, EEE ’79,
MA ’81
Mr. Alberto Angles Jr., CET ’87
Ms. Marcia Antonellis
Mr. John Apostolopoulos, ATS ’87,
MEC ’90
Mr. Leonard F. Arabia, AET ’67
Mr. James J. Araujo, MED ’64
Ms. Jennifer Araya, AAET ’04,
BAET ’06
Mr. John M. Archibald, AME ’51
Mr. Tore Arnesen, AET ’68
Mr. Abebe Asfaw, EVE ’74, CE ’76
Ms. Karina Assiter
Mr. Joseph L. Atkinson, EES ’73
Mr. Justin Aubuchon
Mr. Brian A. Aulenbach, EEE ’68
Mr. John J. Austin, CHE ’64
Mr. Marwan Aylouche, INC ’97
Ms. Mary K. Babineau
Ms. Jamie Baboian, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mrs. Ida Babroudi, CET ’77
Mr. George S. Bailey, MW&TM ’48
Mr. James Bailey, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Ms. Lillian S. Bailey
Ms. Mary T. Baker
Mr. Phillip John Baker, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Ms. Carol Baker-Santos
Mr. Joseph A. Balboni, CHE ’74
Mr. Robert A. Balboni, MC&TD ’50
Mr. John J. Balonis, S&DE ’55,
S&DE ’57
Mr. John E. Balut, MD ’61
Mr. W. Dean Bamford, AET ’65
Mr. Fred Bancroft, BDEM ’10
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
“Wentworth was a great foundation for entry into the
construction industry, and I’m happy to help current and
future students get the same opportunities I had to succeed.”
—Pat Zarlenga, ’57 AC, Senior Estimator,
Bacon Construction, Inc
Ms. Nancy Bandoian
Mr. Daniel A. Banquer, EEN ’89
Mr. Richard R. Bardorf, AM64 ’61
Mr. Richard K. Baresel, CHE ’65
Mr. Gregory J. Murrer and
Ms. Mary L. Barhite
Ms. Sonja J. Barker
Mr. Nicola A. Barletta,
MW&TM ’50, Hon. ’00
Ms. Simone Barnett, BPM ’10
Mr. Daniel J. Barnhart, BCS ’83,
BU ’85
Ms. Julie Barr
Ms. Nancy Lee Barrett
Mr. Warren W. Barrett, EC ’46
Mrs. Gretchen Elizabeth Barron,
IDS ’94, IDC ’96
Mr. Robert K. Bartlett, MC&TD ’58
Mr. Robert F. Bartley, EET ’70
Mr. James A. Bass, EEE ’70
Mr. James E. Bates, EES ’81, EEE ’81
Mr. Richard H. Bean, EEE ’59
Ms. Janet R. Beardsley-Blanco,
B. Mus, M.A.C.P
Mr. John Michael Beaumont,
BMET ’09
Mr. Roger P. Begin, MDE ’81
Mr. Shahin Begoumian, MPE ’80
Ms. Mallory V. Beirne, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Edward Belansky, MD ’58
Mr. Sidney Belastock, AM64 ’59
Mr. Ralph M. Bell Jr., MP ’62
Mr. Thomas P. Bellavance, AC ’58
Mr. Michael E. Bellefeuille,
BARC ’08, MARC ’10
Mr. John V. Bellissimo, EEE ’70
Mr. Robert A. Bensson, MC&TD ’50
Mr. George L. Bent, MW&TM ’51
29305.indd 19
Mr. Conor Padraic Beote,
BMET ’09
Mr. Alan P. Berard, MDE ’85,
MEC ’86
Mrs. Lynne C. Berard, BCS ’89
Mr. David W. Berglind, EEE ’61
Mr. Paul A. Bergman, AET ’76,
AE ’78
Mr. Arnould B. Bernard
Mrs. Maria C. Bernard, AET ’80
Mr. Raymond C. Berry Jr., MD ’65,
MDS ’70
Mr. Richard A. Berry, PET ’61
Mr. William O. Berry, IE ’58
Mr. Dennis A. Berthiaume
Mrs. Fadette Berthold, DPS ’87
Mr. Elvino L. Bettencourt
Mr. Rajeev Singh Bhangoo,
BMT ’04, MSCM ’12
Mrs. Greta J. Bickford, AET ’81
Mr. David L. Bidwell, EC ’50
Mr. Stanley E. Bielak, EE ’68
Ms. Janice P. Biggar
Mr. Gregory D. Billington, BCS ’77
Mr. Kenneth L. Bisogni, AET ’73
Mr. Glenn Bitner
Mr. Lee Bizon and Ms. Paula Bizon
Ms. Carissa Blasius
Mr. Walter J. Blasko, BC ’67
Mr. Matthew Austin Bleidorn,
BAET ’05
Mr. John S. Blunt, ASE ’69
Mr. Robert E. Bobeck, MW&TM ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bocchichio
Mr. Brian R. Bodi Jr.
Mr. Frederick M. Bodington Jr.,
MC&TD ’58
Mr. Kevin J. Boino, BCS ’87
Mr. Charles E. Boisvert, CHE ’62
Mr. John W. Bolivar, ATS ’87,
MEC ’89
Ms. Frances Bolla-Larkin
Mr. Peter M. Bollino, EET ’79,
TMW ’90
Mr. Matthew Thomas Bonacci,
BSA ’10
Mr. Vincent M. Bonaffini, EM ’72,
EES ’73, EE ’76
Mrs. Aletta B. Bond
Mr. Anthony Bond, MSCM ’12
Mr. Kenneth R. Bonk, AM64 ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bonneau
Mr. Edward A. Bonnell, BC ’65
Mr. David T. Boothby, AM64 ’59
Mr. Ralph E. Borghetti, EEE ’62
Mr. Eric K. Borman, BCET ’01
Mr. Donald L. Bornstein, AM64 ’57
Ms. Karen Boss
Mr. Leo M. Bosse, PM&MD ’38
Mr. Gerard J. Boucher, EI&M ’43,
IE ’47
Mr. Leo M. Boudreau, CHE ’65
Mr. Thomas James Bourgeois,
BFPM ’11
Ms. Christina M. Bowen, AET ’87,
AEC ’88
Mr. Stanley L. Bower, IE ’57
Mr. Douglas C. Bowles Sr., AT ’68
Ms. Diane M. Boyd
Mr. Scott M. Boyd, BCS ’76
Mr. Stephen P. Boyns, ARS ’85
Mr. David S. Boynton, MDE ’71
Mr. Alexander J. Bozzi, MD ’64
Mr. Francis M. Brachanow Jr.,
BCS ’73, CMW ’96, MSCM ’12
Mr. Charles H. Brackett, EC ’54
Ms. Linda K. Bradshaw
Ms. Ryanne N. Bradshaw, BINT ’07
[ 19 ]
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
[ 20 ]
29305.indd 20
Mr. George S. Brady, EEP ’60
Mr. Ralph D. Brady, MD ’65, MDS ’71
Mr. Nathan A. Bragga, BARC ’08,
MARC ’10
Mr. Stephen Brait
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Branca
Mr. Charles R. Branchini, PET ’65
Ms. Angela Marie Brandt, BINT ’10
Mr. William H. Bregoli Jr., CHE ’60
Mr. Michael R. Brennan, BCS ’75
Ms. Rebecca Brenner
Mr. Robert C. Bressani, PET ’59
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham Jr.
Mr. Joseph C. Brinks, BMET ’06
Mr. Richard L. Brisbois, MC&TD ’53
Ms. Karen Britton
Mr. Ronald G. Britton, EEE ’62
Mr. Andrew P. Broadbent, CSP
Mr. Ronald G. Brodeur, AC ’53
Mr. William W. Brooke, EEE ’73
Mr. Daniel Francis Brosnan III,
BELM ’11
Mr. David A. Brossi, AC ’53
Mr. David W. Brothers, MED ’63
Mr. Arthur R. Brouard, IE ’55
Mr. Glover F. Broughton,
PM&MD ’53
Mr. Edmund C. Brown, BC ’38
Ms. Janet G. Brown
Mr. Robert L. Brown Sr., ME ’84
Ms. Sarah S. Brown
Ms. Susan A. Bruce
Mr. Gerald S. Brunetto, MED ’64
Mr. Timothy S. Bryant, AET ’86,
CEC ’88, CE ’89
Mrs. Susan Budrewicz, AET ’88,
AEC ’91
Ms. Hieu Minh Bui, ACOS ’04,
BCOS ’05
Mr. Craig William Bunce, BELM ’11
Mr. Mark A. Buonopane, EEE ’96,
EEC ’98
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Burge
Mr. Matthew J. Burke
Mr. Hugh T. Burleigh, MC&TD ’48
Mr. Michael A. Burris, ATN ’88
Mr. Grant H. Burwell, EEE ’60
Mr. Angelo M. Busa, BCS ’75
Mr. Frank V. Busnengo, IEC ’57
Mr. Harry T. Byorkman
Mr. Gary I. Cabral, MDS ’74
Mr. John Edward Cabral, BMET ’04
Mr. Frank J. Caci, EEE ’72
Mr. William J. Caddell, AC ’39
Ms. Alice Cadieux
Mr. Aristides Cagos, AC ’55
Ms. Claudelle Cajuste, CPW ’92
Ms. Elizabeth A. Callahan
Mr. Kevin J. Callinan, AM64 ’62
Mr. Jeffrey L. Cameron, BCMT ’02
Mr. Bruce J. Campbell, EEE ’60
Ms. Katelyn Cantelli, BINT ’07
Mr. Michael J. Caplan, EE ’65
Mr. James Capralos, EEE ’59
Mrs. Margaret Card
Mr. Michael R. Carey, BELM ’99
Mr. Thomas P. Carey, EEE ’84,
EEC ’86, FMW ’93
Mr. Gerard X. Cargill, BCS ’75
Mr. John R. Carlin, AME ’55
Mr. John E. Carlson, MD ’68,
MDE ’69
Mr. Ernest M. Carmolli, MED ’59
Mrs. Courtney Howes Carroll,
BINT ’07
Ms. Mary C. Carty
Mr. Eugene T. Caruso, AET ’80,
AE ’81
Mr. Jared Robert Casagrande,
BCMT ’10
Mr. Kyle A. Cataldo, BCMT ’14
Mr. Donald J. Cate, IE ’53
Mr. Audric-Jai Cauvet, CSS ’94,
CSC ’96
Mr. Dario L. Cavallero, EEE ’70
Mr. Richard J. Celeste, PET ’67
Ms. Diane T. Centofanti
Mr. Luigi A. Centofanti, EES ’78,
EEE ’79, EE ’83
Mr. Mark A. Chambers, EES ’80
Mr. Christopher Chany, BAET ’07
Ms. Adriana Chaparro, AET ’93
Dr. Bradford S. Chase, MEP ’61
Ms. Eleanor Chayet
Ms. Wen-Hsin Chen
Mr. James C. Chesebrough
Mr. Thomas M. Chestnut, AM64 ’60
Mr. Steven D. Chiarizio, MPE ’85,
MEC ’87
Mr. Joseph T. Chilton Jr., BCS ’69
Mr. Gary Y. Chin, CST ’84
Mr. Kam W. Chin, EEE ’75,
CSW ’86
Mr. Paul F. Christensen, EEE ’73
Mr. Paul A. Chudigian, EET ’87,
EEC ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chung
Mr. Thanh Phuoc Chung, EEE ’88,
EEC ’89
Mr. Joseph M. Ciaramicoli, CSW ’85
Mr. Michael F. Ciavattieri, MET ’89,
MEC ’91
Mr. Todd L. Cifelli
Mr. Richard P. Cimini, MD ’61
Mr. John M. Clapp, MC&TD ’58
Mr. Bruce H. Clark, AET ’77
Mr. John C. Clark
Mr. Theodore P. Clark, BCS ’78,
AET ’79
Mr. Richard L. Clementi, PET ’63
Ms. Lauren A. Codwise
Mr. Mark Coen
Mr. Frederick R. Coffin Jr., CHE ’67
Mr. George M. Cofsky, S&DE ’51
Mr. Henry A. Colageo, ATS ’83,
AM ’84, MSW ’98
Mr. Daniel J. Colanton Jr., MD ’87
Mr. Angelo Colasante Jr., BCS ’92,
CMC ’94
Mr. Custer A. Cole, MW&TM ’50
Mr. Wade Cole, ATFO ’00, BEST ’03
Ms. Cheryl L. Coleman
Mr. Nicholas A.J. Collins, BAET ’07
Mr. John D. Colpitts, MDE ’85
Mr. John P. Condlin, AET ’70, AE ’75
Mr. C. J. Connolly, EEC ’91, EE ’92
Mr. William M. Connolly Jr.
Mr. Joseph M. Constantino, BCS ’84,
BCC ’86
Ms. Nancy Conti DeCarlucci
Mr. Charles M. Conti, BCS ’73
Mr. John Conti
Ms. Mary Conti
Mr. Eleftherios C. Contos, AC ’56
Ms. Bernice M. Conway
Mr. Brendan Armstrong Cook,
BCOS ’10
Mr. Ernest R. Cook
Mrs. Janice P. Cookson
Mr. Robert W. Cookson, MC&TD ’57
Mr. Robert A. Copley, EEE ’69
Mr. Vincent Salvatore Coppola,
BEET ’13
Mr. Philip R. Corneliusen, MPE ’66
Mr. Daniel J. Correia, MDE ’87,
MEC ’89
Mr. James D. Cossaboom, CHE ’62
Mr. Gilbert W. Costa, BCS ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Costello
Mr. Norman H. Cotton, AC ’50
Mr. John L. Coucci, BC ’64
Mr. Edward L. Coughlin, BC ’61
Mr. Philip R. Courcy, MPE ’70
Ms. Cheri R. Cousens, ENVT ’96,
TC ’98, ENVE ’98
Mr. Hugo Coutinho, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cox
Mr. William G. Cranton, EC ’42
Ms. Beverly J. Crawford
Mr. Brian J. Crawford
Ms. Kathleen A. Creighton
Ms. Emily Cring, BINT ’08
Mr. Dennis P. Crispo, MD ’65
Mr. John P. Cronan, BU ’83
Mr. Keith W. Crosby, EEE ’70
Ms. Maria T. Cross
Mr. Arthur F. Crotty Jr., AET ’78,
AEC ’80
Mr. Christopher Robert Crowell,
AET ’91, CMC ’93
Mr. Loran A. Crowell, BC ’54
Mr. Thomas J. Crowell, EEE ’61
Mr. Kane Anthony Cuddy,
BCMT ’05
Ms. Alison Cummings, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Ms. Krysta Jay Cunha, BINT ’12
Mr. Nicholas Thomas Cunningham,
BCMT ’09
Mr. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr.
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:08 AM
29305.indd 21
Mr. Luke T. Devine, AMET ’05,
BMET ’06
Mr. Michael A. DeVito
Ms. Kathleen J. Dezenzo
Mr. Justin Theodore Dias, BSA ’12
Ms. Adeline M. Diburro
Mr. Carmine DiFilippo, EM ’79,
EES ’80, EEW ’87
Mr. Carmine W. DiFillipo, BC ’60
Mr. Stephen D. Digiacomo
Mr. Roderick A. Dike, MEP ’60
Jean M. Dillon
Mr. Orazio A. DiMarca, EEE ’69
Mr. Robert P. DiNapoli, AME ’55
Mr. Philip Diodato
Mr. Philip A. Dionne, AET ’65
Mr. John Ditomaso, AET ’79, AE ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Nazzareno M.
DiVito Jr., AC ’50
Mr. John J. Doherty Jr., EE ’65,
EES ’71
Mr. Joseph F. Doherty Jr., EEE ’80
Mr. Arthur W. Dolan, AM64 ’63
Mr. Joseph A. Dole, AT ’65
Mr. John J. Donnee, MD ’63
Mr. James G. Donovan, MED ’61
Mr. R. Bruce Donovan, MP ’62
Mr. Timothy E. Donovan, CHE ’66
Nadira Dookharan
Mr. William P. Dorr, MD ’63
Ms. Theresa Douglas
Mr. Kenneth E. Dow, AET ’77,
MDS ’83
Mr. John D. Doyle
Ms. Karen Doyle
Mr. Dona R. Doyon, BC ’65
Mr. Daniel W. Drake Jr., CHE ’67
Mr. John W. Draper, EEE ’62
Mr. Michael A. Draper, EEE ’84
Mr. Stephen Robert Drew, PCP ’99,
PCAP ’01, BCSS ’02
Ms. Elizabeth S. Driscoll, BCM ’09
Mr. Eric J. Dropps, BCNS ’07
Mr. David M. Drumm, MED ’63
Mr. Georges H. Dubois, MED ’59
Ms. Ann E. Duchesney
Mr. Thomas R. Duffey, EEE ’83
Ms. Amy I. Dufour
Mr. Mark J. Dugan
Mr. John W. Duggan, Ph.D., P.E.
Mr. Nathaniel N. Dummer, S&DE ’46
Mr. Glenn W. Dumont, BCS ’82
Ms. Pauline E. Duncan
Mr. William B. Dunleavy, MD ’61,
MDE ’69
Ms. Claudia F. Dupont, AAET ’02,
BARC ’05
Mr. Sidney L. DuPont, EET ’64
Mr. Daniel D. Durante, MED ’64
Mr. Patrick M. Durken, AT ’66
Ms. Julie Dutcher
Mr. Robert J. Duva, MDN ’91
Mr. William D. Dwyer, AM64 ’60
Ms. Nanette Dyer Blake
Ms. Jennifer L. Dzen
Mr. Carl S. Dziekan
Mr. Michael L. Eamma, AMN ’91
Mr. Josh Eaton, BMET ’12
Mr. William R. Eaton, CMC ’90
Mr. Charles J. Eddy Jr., MET ’64
Mr. Steven P. Edwards, MPE ’72
Mr. Ryan L. Egan, BCNS ’08
Ms. Donna Egidio, BFPM ’06,
AINT ’06
Ms. Miriam R. Egidio
Mr. Norman C. Eibye, BCS ’84,
BCC ’86
Mr. Erik S. Eklund, BARC ’02
Mr. Howard D. Elander, PM&MD ’51
Mr. Terry W. Eldredge, CHE ’72
Ms. Beatrice A. Ellett
Ms. Janice B. Ellsworth
Mr. Samuel W. Ellsworth, AET ’68
Mr. Stephen W. Ellsworth, EES ’76,
EE ’78
Mr. David E. Ely, AET ’76, AE ’78
Ms. Audrey Johanna Emerson,
BINT ’10
Mr. David F. Emery, MC&TD ’57
Mr. Wilson Ogore Endege
Mr. Robert H. Engelhardt,
MW&TM ’56
Mr. A. Wentworth Erickson Jr.,
Hon. ’86 ■ ✦
Mr. John S. Erikson Jr., EEE ’73
Mr. Pedro Estremera, EM ’75,
EES ’76
Mr. James P. Ettori, MA ’73
Mr. Carl P. Evans III, BELM ’01
Mr. Leonard G. Evans, IET ’85,
MAC ’86
Mr. James R. Ewing, S&DE ’57
Mr. James C. Failla Jr., AT ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Falcon
Mr. Robert D. Fancy, MC&TD ’58
Mr. Paul T. Fantoni, CEC ’87,
CET ’87
Ms. Cathy Farley
Ms. Irene Farrar
Mr. David H. Farrow, EEE ’65
Mr. Bruce K. Faunce, BC ’53
Mr. Norman J. Faunce, IE ’52
Mr. James M. Fay, EEE ’65
Mr. James P. Fee, ATS ’91, MAC ’93
Mr. Thomas C. Feindel, EEE ’67
Mr. Alan E. Feltham, MDE ’69,
MA ’73
Mr. Michael Femia
Mr. Ryan David Ferguson,
BELM ’11
Mr. David G. Field, MC&TD ’54
Mr. John H. Field II, IE ’58
Mr. Thomas T. Field, MED ’63
Mr. Francis X. Fields, AC ’55
Mr. Brian Fierley, BFPM ’09
Mr. Stephen P. Finley, MDE ’84,
MEC ’86
Mr. Michael S. Finnemore, CHE ’62
Mr. Thomas W. Cunningham,
MDE ’71, ME ’73
Mr. Anthony S. Curcuru, IE ’58
Mr. Richard W. Currier, MW&TM ’49
Mr. Chad Buchanan Curtis, BSA ’13
Mr. Charles G. Curtis, MD ’66
Mr. Laurence M. Curtis Jr., AET ’64
Mr. Richard J. Cusack, MED ’62
Mr. Derek S. Cutler, BMET ’05
Mr. Richard F. Cutler, S&DE ’57
Mr. John Daghlian, ARC ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Daigneault
Mr. Robert C. Dale Sr., EEE ’60
Mr. Marston E. Daley, AC ’48
Mr. Stricklan R. Daley, EM ’82,
EES ’83, EEC ’85
Mr. Bruce E. Dalimonte, CHE ’72,
CE ’74
Ms. Janice E. D’Amore, IDS ’86
Mr. Donald L. Daniel, BCS ’71
Mr. Bruce R. Danielson, MP ’65
Mr. Todd J. Danos, CHC ’93
Ms. Bryony L. Darcy, IDS ’98,
BINT ’01
Mr. John F. Dargin III, ASE ’67
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Darling
Mr. Lowell L. Darling, EEE ’70
Mr. Lorne J. Davey, PET ’74
Ms. Lynne M. Davidner
Mr. Robert O. Davidson, EEP ’60
Mr. Houston R. Davis, MDE ’65
Mr. Ralph R. Davis, MW&TM ’55
Mr. Theodore L. Davis, BC ’56
Ms. Maria F. Davy
Mr. Herman R. Day, S&DE ’53
Mr. Robert L. Day, AC ’49
Mr. Paul F. Deane, MD ’65
Mrs. Mary Debellis
Mr. Jonathan K. Deery, BCOS ’13
Mr. Paul L. DeGagne, IEC ’55
Ms. Jessica L. Degrace, AAET ’00,
BARC ’03
Mr. Don B. DeHart, BC ’68, CHE ’69
Mr. Dennis Della-Rovere, CHE ’71
Mrs. Leslie-Ann DelleFave,
BARC ’03
Mr. Andrew Phillip Demedeiros,
BELM ’11
Professor Cornelia E. Demers,
Ph.D., P.E.
Mr. Walter Demoorjian, IEC ’58
Mr. Joseph A. DeNapoli, EC ’48
Mr. Lee Thomas Denaro, BELM ’11
Mr. Chris Deneault, BCET ’07
Mr. Robert E. Denneen Jr.
Mr. Gregory Denon
Mr. John G. Depalma
Mr. Charles Deradourian, IE ’57
Mr. Francis L. DeRubeis, MDE ’73
Mr. Benjamin M. DeRuzzo, BCS ’82,
BU ’84
Mr. Gerald H. Deshaies, EEE ’61
Mr. Ken Deveaux
Ms. Elizabeth M. Devine
[ 21 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
“Our firm is committed to promoting mentorship in
the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)
community. Supporting Wentworth helps ensure that the
next generation of construction professionals is well
trained and industry ready.”
—John Cannistraro Jr., President, JC Cannistraro
Mrs. Donna J. B. Fisher, EEN ’85,
EEW ’89, EE ’92, BPM ’06
Mr. Steven M. Fishman, BCS ’70,
AET ’71
Mr. Kevin K. Fitzgerald, ATN ’83
Mr. Mark V. Fitzgerald, MTS ’85,
MAC ’87
Mr. J. Michael Flanigan, BC ’63
Mr. Bruce E. Fletcher, CHE ’72,
CE ’74
Mr. Gary Flisnik
Mr. Alfredo Flores
Ms. Margaret M. Floro
Mr. Edward Alan Flugrad,
ACOS ’04, BCOS ’05
Mr. David C. Flynn, EEE ’83, TE ’85
Mr. Martin P. Flynn, PET ’71
Mr. Alan D. Fobes, AET ’65
Mr. Michael C. Foggia, CHE ’67
Ms. Elizabeth Foley, PTC ’07,
BSM ’08
Mr. Thomas P. Foley, MDN ’79
Mr. Jason Albert Fonseca, BELM ’11
Ms. Lauren J. Forden, BINT ’08
Mr. William R. Forsberg, S&EMO ’41
Mr. Malcolm J. Forsman, EEE ’76
Mr. William C. Forsyth, MW&TM ’50
Mrs. Lindsay M. Fort
Mr. Glen W. Forward, AET ’77
Mr. Willard J. Foss Jr., EEE ’61
Mr. Stephen E. Foster, AET ’73
Ms. Carla Fowler
Mr. Clifford S. Fowler, BC ’49,
EEN ’82
Mr. Ralph C. Frangioso Jr., EET ’72
[ 22 ]
29305.indd 22
Mr. Glen B. Franks, EES ’85, EPC ’87
Ms. Suzanne Frasca
Mr. Peter J. Frasso, ATS ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frattalone Jr.,
Mr. James A. Frazer, BC ’67
Mr. Leonard P. Freed, ASE ’67
Mr. Kenneth E. Friedrichsen,
BCS ’85, BCC ’87
Mr. Ronald B. Furman
Mr. Stephen P. Fusco, AT ’67
Mr. Gary Fustino
Mr. Robert Gabrielson, MC&TD ’58
Mr. Fredric S. Gadon, EEP ’60
Ms. Elisabeth A. Gaffuri
Mr. Robert F. Gaffuri
Mr. Roger A. Gagne, EEP ’59
Mr. Henry J. Gagnon, EEE ’67
Mr. Paul R. Gagnon, EEE ’72
Mr. Vito Galati, MET ’90, MEC ’92
Mr. Dale J. Gallant, MDS ’69,
MDE ’70
Mr. Edward G. Gamel, CHE ’67
Mr. Michael Joseph Ganley, P.E.,
CE ’84
Mr. Bradford L. Gardner, BCS ’76
Ms. Meaghan Marie Gardner,
BINT ’10
Ms. Susan D. Garrecht
Ms. Cara Lee Gastonguay,
BARC ’08, MARC ’10
Mr. Miles N. Gattenby III, AET ’88,
CMC ’89
Mr. Stephen A. Gaudette, PET ’69
Mr. Leo Andrew Gauthier, BCOT ’13
Mr. Ted A. Gay, CET ’85, CEC ’87,
CE ’90
Mr. Carl H. Geden, EE ’81
Mr. William J. Gedraitis, AET ’62
Ms. Mayari Genova, BIND ’99
Mr. Douglas C. Gent, EEE ’66
Mr. Michael Gershon
Thelma and Roberta Gerson
Mr. Fady Nehad Ghattas, BSA ’10
Mr. Paul M. Giacopassi, CHE ’62
Mr. Vito A. Giannelli, ASE ’70
Ms. Barbara J. Gibb
Mr. Henry A. Gibson, S&EMO ’40
Ms. Rosemarie Gilfeather
Mr. David E. Gilley, MDE ’69
Ms. Louise A. Gillis
Mrs. Michelle A. Gilmore, CST ’81
Mr. Joseph M.E. Gionet, MC&TD ’51
Mr. Stephen B. Giraud, ASE ’75
Ms. Amanda Jordan Giroux, BINT ’10
Mr. Kevin A. Giroux, MEC ’98
Mr. Paul G. Glora, MDE ’78, ME ’80
Mr. Stephen Kenneth Gminski,
BSA ’09, MARC ’10
Mr. Douglas C. Godfrey, BCS ’74
Ms. Cara Michelle Goldstein, BSA ’12
Mrs. Jacqueline Gonsalves,
BCET ’08
Mr. George E. Goodrich, EC ’48
Mr. Harvey S. Goodwin Sr., BCS ’69,
AET ’70
Ms. Nancy L. Gorell
Mr. William P. Gorman
Ms. Jessica Erin Gormley, BCET ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gosnell Sr.
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
29305.indd 23
Mr. Philip J. Harrington, EET ’80
Ms. Amy L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris
Mr. Robert E. Harrison, AM64 ’62
Mr. Peter J. Harting, ASE ’72, ME ’74
Mr. Tom Hartman, AET ’89
Ms. Anne Harvey
Mr. Edward J. Harvey Jr., CHE ’67,
EEE ’71
Mr. Gordon V. Hatfield Jr., EEE ’71
Mr. Billy L. Hattaway Jr., AET ’75,
CE ’77
Mr. Pendleton N. Havener,
PM&MD ’43
Ms. Susan O. Havice
Mr. Lawrence S. Havrylik, EEE ’71
Mr. Alan L. Hawksley, CHE ’65,
CSW ’87
Mr. Peter A. Hayden, AET ’78,
AEC ’80
Mr. John L. Hayes, BC ’62
Mr. Michael F. Hayes, CO ’84
Mr. Philip L. Haynes, AM64 ’57
Mr. Charles A. Hayter, AET ’74
Ms. Meaghan Lang Healey, BSA ’11
Mr. Patrick J. Healy, AET ’85,
CEC ’87
Mr. James A. Heaney, EES ’81
Ms. Teresa M. Hebert
Ms. Stacy J. Hegedus
Mr. Ralph E. Hellender, IE ’57
Ms. Patricia A. Hendrickson
Mr. James M. Henry Jr., MPE ’72
Mr. Steven T. Henry, ATS ’94
Ms. Amber Hepner, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Michael G. Hering, AET ’74
Mr. William K. Hersey, AET ’68
Mr. Peter M. Heynen, BC ’65,
AET ’66
Mr. Timothy J. Heywood, AET ’63
Mr. John M. Hicks, AMET ’05,
BMET ’06
Mr. Jonathan E. Hicks, AMET ’05,
BMET ’06
Ms. Elizabeth Higgins
Mr. Leo J. Higgins, BC ’60
Mr. Richard F. Higgins Jr., EEE ’65
Mr. Calvin J. Hill Jr., MD ’66, MDE ’67
Mr. George W. Hill, CHE ’64
Mrs. Joyce E. Hilliard
Ms. Cindy Hillman
Mr. Richard G. Hillsgrove, AET ’85,
CEC ’87
Mr. Albert W. Hirsch, MC&TD ’40
Mr. Paul F. Hitchcock, AM64 ’60
Mr. Michael J. Hobin, EEE ’71
Mr. Edward C. Hodgkin, AC ’50
Ms. Lauren Hoehne, BCMT ’10
Mr. Francis T. Hoffman, AC ’56
Mr. Robert L. Holcomb, EEN ’94
Mr. James J. Holland, IE ’54, IE ’58
Mr. Richard Joseph Holland,
BCOT ’13
Mr. William E. Holland, AT ’68
Mr. Gary R. Holmes, MDE ’70
Mr. William T. Holmes, MDE ’66,
MDS ’70
Ms. Evelyn M. Holt
Ms. Terri A. Holt
Ms. Barbara Hopson Johnson
Mr. Paul B. Horne, ASE ’69
Mr. Michael J. Horrigan, EES ’72
Mr. Charles L. Hourez, MD ’65,
MDE ’66
Ms. Elizabeth M. Howell
Mr. Dana Adam Howes, BELM ’11
Mr. John Parker Hughes, AIND ’03,
BIND ’05
Mr. Justin A. Humphreys, AAET ’99,
BARC ’02
Ms. Deborah A. Hunt
Mr. Richard M. Hunt, EEE ’62
Mr. Rodney C. Hunt, AC ’56
Mr. Theodore F. Hunt Jr.
Mr. Brian E. Hutchings, EEE ’88,
EEC ’92
Mr. Frederick H. Hyde Jr., EE ’65
Mr. Howard L. Hyde, AC ’41
Ms. Lisa Ames Hylton, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Joseph M. Iaccarino Jr., AET ’76
Mr. Michael S. Iantosca Jr., BCS ’75
Ms. Lois A. Imparato
Ms. Nancy Iredale
Mr. David O. Irwin, AM64 ’62
Ms. Doris M. Iversen
Mr. Burton R. Jacobson, MC&TD ’50
Mr. Peter N. James
Mr. Myron D. Janjigian, EEE ’60
Mr. David B. Jennings, EEE ’77,
EEW ’87
Mr. William J. Jennings Jr., BC ’68,
AET ’69
Mr. Pascal Jeudi, ATS ’91, BPM ’01
Ms. Bree Johnson
Mr. Eugene P. Johnson, PM&MD ’51
Ms. Gertrude Johnson
Mr. Gordon C. Johnson, MC&TD ’57
Mr. Kenneth F. Johnson Jr., CET ’79,
CE ’81
Ms. Laurie Johnson
Mr. Logen Michael Johnson,
BELM ’14
Mr. Raymond E. Johnson, AM64 ’62
Mr. Timothy M. Johnson
Ms. Robin L. Jordan, EEE ’83,
EEW ’85, EE ’90
Mr. Richard A. Joy, EET ’82, EE ’84
Mrs. Kimberly B. Joyce, AET ’85,
AEC ’87
Mr. Timothy J. Joyce, CHT ’85,
CHC ’87, EE ’89
Mr. Raymond E. Juleson, AET ’88,
AEC ’90
Mr. Sarkis S. Kalashian, AET ’63
Mr. James P. Kallgren, MPS ’81
Mr. K. David Kann, ASE ’70
Mr. Michael Barry Gosnell Jr.,
BSA ’10, MARC ’11
Mr. Armand M. Gosselin, ASE ’67
Ms. Emily Katherine Gosselin,
BINT ’06
Cmdr. Richard F. Goward, USCG,
EC ’49
Mr. Kenneth G. Grant, EEP ’60
Mr. Michael Grant, BCOS ’07
Mr. Vincent A. Grassi, AELM ’01,
BMET ’03
Ms. Danielle Daphne Gray, BSA ’12
Mr. Philip M. Greeley, EES ’78,
EEE ’79, EEW ’88
Mr. Edward E. Greene, MEP ’59
Mr. Eric Greene, FMC ’95, TC ’95
Ms. Sally Greenleaf
Mr. Charles R. Greenslit, CST ’83
Ms. Marci Gregory
Mr. John Grieci, EEN ’83
Mr. Daniel M. Griffin, EEE ’64
Mr. John A. Grimes, MD ’61
Mr. Peter S. Grinnell Jr., EEE ’60
Mr. David C. Grise, S&DE ’58,
EEE ’63
Mr. Stephen V. Guarcello, MDE ’72,
ME ’74
Mr. Eugene F. Gucwa Jr., MET ’64
Mr. Normand Guerette
Ms. Kathleen E. Gunning, AET ’91
Mr. James F. Gutmann, AET ’86,
CEC ’88
Mr. Thomas A. Hackett, MDS ’82
Mr. Arthur J. Haddad, EC ’53
Mr. Chris E. Haigh
Ms. Lucille F. Hajjar
Mr. Charles C. Halbing Jr., EE ’66
Mr. William C. Hale, AET ’62
Ms. Beverly J. Haley
Ms. Majorie Hall
Mr. Herbert G. Hallen, BC ’53
Ms. Joanne Halloran
Mr. Barry A. Hamel Jr., AET ’87,
ARC ’90
Mrs. Pam L. Hamel, AET ’87,
ARC ’90
Mr. T. Louis Hamelin, MC&TD ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hamlin
Mr. Jerry F. Hammersley, BCMT ’99
Mr. James E. Hanlon Jr. PE, EC ’50
Mr. William Hanlon
Mr. Dana E. Hannaford, BC ’68,
AET ’69
Mr. Peter C. Hanson, ASE ’68
Mr. Richard B. Hanson, EC ’52
Mr. Richard N. Hanson, AME ’50
Ms. Christine S. Hardman
Mr. Christopher Hardy, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. William N. Hardy, CHE ’76
Mrs. Keeran P. Hariprasad, BFPM ’97
Mr. Andrew Tripp Harkins, BCOT ’13
Mr. Frederick J. Harney Jr., BC ’62
Mr. H. Warren Harrington, AC ’54
[ 23 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
[ 24 ]
29305.indd 24
Mr. Richard M. Karsberg, MC&TD ’48
Mr. David E. Kautzmann, MPE ’67
Mrs. Cheryl A. Kay, CMGW ’98
Mr. Robert M. Kectic, EEE ’64
Ms. Dana Aliece Keegan
Ms. Patricia M. Keegan
Mr. Richard W. Keegan Jr., CHE ’73,
CE ’75
Mr. Allan A. Keeler, MDE ’67
Mr. Kevin F. Keenan, MGM ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Kehoe
Mr. Jamie Kelly
Mr. James G. Kemmer
Mr. Charles S. Kennedy, MW&TM ’52
Mr. Thomas P. Kennedy
Mr. Lawrence Kershaw, AC ’47
Mr. Scott D. Ketchen, EEE ’81, EE ’83
Mr. Gerald I. Kheboian, IEC ’56
Mr. Robert M. Khoshabjian, EET ’84,
EEC ’86
Mr. Russell A. Khouri, BCS ’72,
AET ’73, AE ’75
Mr. Richard H. Kibby, AME ’49
Mr. John R. Kiely Jr., EEE ’78
Mr. Donald J. Killam Jr., CHE ’60
Mr. Frank B. Kimball III, S&DE ’58
Ms. Irene Kimball
Mr. Albert T. King, EEE ’60
Ms. Edith D. King, AET ’84, AEC ’86
Mr. Frederick P. King, BCMT ’08
Ms. Linda Kingman
Mr. Jeffrey S. Kinne, EEE ’77
Mr. George A. Kinnear Jr., CHE ’64
Ms. Diana Kipp
Mr. Michael F. Klek, BCS ’73
Mr. Youssef Kobrianos, BELM ’12
Adair Konrad
Mr. Frank L. Korycki, S&EMO ’39
Mr. Alfred J. Kowalczyk,
MW&TM ’53
Mr. Thomas P. Kowalewski, MD ’67,
MDE ’68
Mr. David S. Krigman, MD ’62
Mr. Theodore R. Krzesowski, EEP ’61
Mr. Tom Kuczynski, AAET ’04,
BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Ms. Megan M. Kukal, BAET ’08
Mr. Michael A. Kupiec
Mr. Richard D. Kuzmeski
Mr. Christopher D. Labonte, ARS ’84
Mr. Donald R. Lacroix, MET ’92,
MEC ’94
Mr. Steven T. Ladd, CHE ’66
Ms. Lynne A. Lamarre
Mr. Waltz Lamery, BEET ’10
Mr. Bill Lampe
Mr. John James Lanczycki III,
AET ’90, ARC ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lane
Mr. Richard L. Lang, ASE ’65
Mr. Douglas Steven Langley,
BMET ’12
Ms. Janet Langley, BELM ’09
Ms. Linda M. Langtange
Mr. James A. Lanzillo
Mr. Lloyd J. LaPierre, EEE ’62
Mr. James T. Laraia, EEE ’84,
EEC ’87
Mr. Thomas M. Larracey, BCS ’74
Ms. Diane M. Larue
Mr. Marc Daniel Larue, BELM ’11
Mrs. Margaret Larvia
Mr. Thomas Paul Larvia III, BSCN ’10
Mr. Frederick A. Laskey, EEE ’65
Mr. Paul M. Laslie, BCS ’70
Mrs. Ann M. Lattuca
Mr. Rosario L. Lattuca, MED ’61
Mr. Jeffrey J. Laurin, AAET ’04,
BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Ryan Thomas Lavorati, BCET ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan J. Lawlor
Mr. Francis M. Lawlor Jr., CC ’82
Mr. Floyd A. Lawrence, AET ’62
Mr. Donald W. Lawton,
MC&TD ’58 ✦
Mr. George F. Lawton, BC ’61
Mr. Robert R. Lawton Jr., MPE ’68,
ME ’73
Mr. Christopher D. Leach, MD ’67
Mr. Edgar J. LeBlanc, IE ’49
Mr. Michael J. Leblanc, BCC ’88,
BCS ’88
Mr. Raymond M. LeBlanc, MET ’64
Mr. William E. LeBlanc, ATN ’85
Mr. Terry K. Leigh, CHE ’69
Mr. Ralph L. LeLand, BCS ’76
Mr. Benjamin Gabriel Lenart,
BIND ’13
Ms. Leigh Lench
Mr. Joseph K. Lendway Jr.,
AM64 ’64
Ms. Joanna Leroy
Jean M. Lesik
Ms. Danielle Letitia, BSA ’09,
MARC ’10
Mr. Albert B. L’Etoile Jr., MEW ’91
Mr. Cedric A. Levensaler, AM64 ’58
Mr. James Levesque
Mr. Eric M. Levi, Hon. ’96
Stewart and Gloria Levine
Mr. Fan Chien Li, BELM ’13
Mr. Carl A. Libucha, MD ’63
Mr. Stanley W. Linowski Jr., MET ’61
Mr. Derek Allen Little, AAET ’04,
BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Scott M. Livernois, AAET ’02,
BARC ’05
Ms. Alexandra B. Livingstone,
BARC ’09, MARC ’10
Ms. Jeana B. Livingstone
Mrs. Laurie A. Livoli, AET ’87,
CMC ’89
Mr. Paul E. Lloyd, EET ’82, CMW ’95
Mr. Joshua Vincent Loccisano,
BCMT ’10
Mr. Paul R. Lombard Jr., ASE ’71
Mr. Robert B. Lougee, EEP ’61
Ms. Dorothy L. Lough
Mr. Dung C. Lu, EES ’87, EEW ’90
Mr. Gerard J. Lucente, MDS ’69
Mr. Paul R. Luiz, MD ’80, MDS ’81
Ms. Adenike A. Lukan
Mr. Anthony R. Luongo, BCMT ’92
Mr. Richard G. Lupa, BELM ’11
Mr. Joseph J. Lyden Jr., S&DE ’52
Mr. Brian Stephen Lynch, BCMT ’07
Mr. George F. Lynch, MDS ’70
Mr. Charles C. Lyon, AM ’80
Ms. Linda S. Lyon
Mr. Joseph R. Lyons Jr., MDE ’68
Ms. Antoinette P. MacDonald
Mr. Robert A. MacDonald, EES ’73
Mr. Robert R. MacDonald Jr., MD ’63
Mr. Walter Maciejowski, AC ’48
Mr. Paul A. Macione, MEP ’64
Ms. Diane S. Mackey
Ms. Maureen T. Mackin
Mr. Roderick W. MacLeod, MD ’65
Mr. Robert W. MacMillan Jr., IEC ’58
Mr. Vernon C. MacNeill Jr., IE ’56
Mr. William G. Macomber, EEP ’61
Mr. Michael MacPhail
Mr. Thomas H. MacPhee, IE ’58
Mr. Bryan Postrado Madrigal,
BSA ’12
Mr. Michael A. Maffioli, MDE ’76
Mr. Mathew M. Maggio, BSA ’14
Mr. Gerald T. Magistri, EEE ’59
Mr. Peter A. Magoun, EEE ’65
Mr. Alex Kyle Magyar, BSA ’10
Mr. Richard T. Maher, PET ’59
Mr. Stephen Maher
Mr. James F. Mahoney, MDE ’78
Mr. Leonard J. Mahoney Jr.,
AM64 ’64
Mr. Peter J. Mahoney, EET ’65
Mr. David A. Maidrand, EET ’64
Mr. Robert J. Main, AAET ’04,
BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Michael V. Mainelli, EES ’72
Mr. Deane R. Major, MED ’63
Mr. Joseph S. Malek Jr., EET ’72
Mr. Carl A. Malmquist, EEE ’63
Mr. Edward M. Malnati, AET ’77
Mr. Peter E. Mamakos, IEC ’56
Mr. Robert Manchester
Ms. Linda Maneen
Mr. Donald R. Manley, MPS ’69
Ms. Jessika Mantenuto
Ms. Sheila Manzi
Ms. Melisa Marcotte, AET ’98,
BAET ’00
Mr. Carlos I. Mariscal
Mr. Paul W. Marks Jr., BC ’65,
BCS ’70
Mr. John Marshall Jr., EEE ’72
Mr. Steven A. Marshall, BAET ’05
Mr. Lowell V. Martin, EEE ’61
Mr. Paul J. Martin, AET ’69
Mr. Robert C. Martin, AM64 ’63
Mr. Paul A. Martineau, CHE ’70
Ms. Beverly J. Martinelli
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
29305.indd 25
Mr. Robert P. Mezonis, AC ’49
Mr. Thomas J. Miceli
Mr. Christopher John Michaud,
BIND ’10
Mr. Dennis B. Miele, EEP ’61
Mr. Alfred T. Mietus, EE ’67,
EEE ’68, EE ’92
Mr. James P. Migre, S&DE ’52
Mr. Edward Miles, EEE ’60
Mr. Lawrence Milesky, EEE ’71,
EE ’73
Ms. Courtney A. Miller
Mr. Gary W. Miller
Mr. Richard E. Miller, CHE ’69
Mr. Scott P. Miller, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Ms. Shannon Miller
Mrs. Susan Anne Miller
Ms. Karen A. Milliken
Mr. and Mrs. J. Morgan Miner Jr.
Mr. Michael John Miranda,
BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Paul D. Mirley, EET ’75, MA ’77
Mr. Noah Mishkin, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. John J. Mitton, AET ’70
Mrs. Pranati Mittra, CSW ’85
Mr. John W. Mohr Jr., EET ’65
Ms. Shannon M. Molloy, AELM ’04,
BELM ’07
Ms. Dawn B. Monkiewicz
Mr. Luis H. Monsalve, EEE ’93,
EEC ’95
Mr. Rellan A. Monson, EEE ’67
Mr. David J. Monterisi, EET ’77
Ms. Rosalind S. Montgomery
Mr. Robert M. Montvitt, EEE ’64
Mr. Joshua P. Moody, BSM ’05
Mr. Curtis D. Moore, PET ’63
Mr. Dennis J. Moore, MET ’62
Mr. Gordon P. Moore, CMC ’95
Mr. John E. Moore, AM64 ’61
Mr. Thomas F. Moore, BCS ’78
Mr. Ramon E. Morales, BMET ’06
Mr. Arthur C. Morehead, MD ’59
Cmdr. David W. Morel, USNR (Ret.),
AM64 ’63
Mr. Achille N. Morelli, EES ’81, EE ’83
Mr. Carl S. Morello, AELT ’07
Ms. Monique Moretto
Mrs. Carolyn Morin, BSA ’08
Mr. Peter Morin, BMET ’08
Ms. Susan C. Morin
Mr. William V. Morin, BCOT ’11
Ms. Patricia A. Morizio
Mr. Daniel Morrell
Mr. Matt K. Morrill, AET ’97, BCET ’99
Mr. David A. Morrison Sr., EEE ’61,
ACIS ’05
Mr. Frank N. Morrissey, EEP ’61
Mr. Robert E. Mortenson, CHE ’64
Mr. Frecerick A. Moseley,
MW&TM ’57
Mr. Bruce R. Mosher, S&DE ’55
Mr. Matthew W. Moyen, BCET ’06
Mr. Joe Moyer, AAET ’04, BAET ’05
Mr. Michael H. Mulhern, CET ’84,
CMW ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Mullins Jr.
Ms. Kelleyrobin Mulvihill
Mr. Cullen R. Murphy, EEP ’62
Mr. Dennis J. Murphy, EES ’71,
EEE ’72, MA ’74
Mr. Gerald D. Murphy Jr., CHE ’60
Mrs. Janine H. Murphy, IDS ’95,
FMC ’97
Mr. Paul J. Murphy III, CMC ’96
Mr. Robert H. Murphy, MEP ’64
Mr. Ross Murphy, AM ’76
Ms. Anita Murray
Mr. Steven G. Murray, AET ’87,
AEC ’89
Mr. Charles L. Myatt, BC ’67, BCS ’71
Ms. Annette Nadeau
Mr. Ernest J. Nadeau Jr., BC ’69
Mr. Michael M. Nader, ARS ’82
Mr. Carl K. Narsasian, AC ’58
Mr. Richard E. Nasman, AET ’84
Ms. Candace Naste, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Henry A. Neff, MW&TM ’51
Mr. Richard M. Negus Sr., AET ’59
Mr. Stephen J. Nelder, AD ’77
Mr. Bruce H. Nelson
Mrs. Christine S. Nelson
Mr. Gary G. Nelson, AET ’76
Mr. George G. Nelson, AME ’48
Mr. Harry R. Nelson, MDE ’65
Mr. Russell H. Nelson, MP ’60
Mr. Kurt G. Neumann, EEE ’84,
EEC ’86
Mr. Joseph P. Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Newcomb
Mr. David Hunter Nezat, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Kenneth Ngugi, AET ’96,
BARC ’99
Mr. Richard B. Nichols, BC ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nicoli
Ms. Donna A. Nielsen
Mr. Max Edward Nielsen, BELM ’11
Mr. John C. Nitchie, AET ’64
Mr. Kenneth E. Nix, EEP ’63
Mr. Paul D. Noel, P.E., AET ’76
Mr. John Michael Noone, BCS ’91,
BCC ’93
Mrs. Kristin A. Noone, IDS ’91
Mr. Walter A. Noone, BC ’61
Mr. Vernon P. Nordstrom, EEE ’61
Mr. Thomas Normile
Ms. Arlene J. Novak
Ms. Barbara C. Nowell-Haines
Mr. Joseph Albert Nunes, MDS ’78
Mr. John J. Nutter, EE ’81
Mrs. Dorothy M. O’Brien
Ms. Kathleen M. O’Brien
Ms. Margaret M. O’Brien
Mr. Mark D. Occhialini, EEE ’75
Mr. Paul G. Mason, EEE ’79
Mr. Roger W. Mason, MEP ’61
Mr. Lewis H. Masson, EC ’52
Ms. Kimberly Jane Matsen,
BCET ’08
Mr. James E. Matson, EEE ’74
Mr. Thomas E. Matthews, AET ’71
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Maurer
Ms. Lauri Maxner
Mr. James F. Mazyck
Mr. Anthony Mazza, S&DE ’49
Mr. Thomas L. McAlpine, MD ’63
Ms. Kerry Jean McCann Schnell
Mr. Edward F. McCann Jr., EET ’64,
MPE ’70
Mr. Gerard C. McCarthy, CC ’75
Ms. Julie A. McCarthy
Mr. Ronald G. McCarthy, BC ’56
Mrs. Diana F. McCue, MDE ’85,
EPC ’87
Mr. Paul D. McDonald
Mr. Martin J. McDonough, EEE ’60
Mr. Edward P. McDuffee, EC ’43
Mr. Michael McGarty, CET ’84,
CEC ’86
Mr. Allen M. McGlew, MDS ’84
Mr. Michael A. McGrath, BCS ’74
Ms. Kaitlyn McKenna, BINT ’08
Mr. Donald E. McKenzie, AC ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McKinnon
Mr. John Joseph McLaughlin,
BMET ’12
Ms. Rosemary McLaughlin
Ms. Diana H. McLean and Ms.
Kathleen M. Henry
Mr. David G. McLelland, MC&TD ’52,
MC&TD ’58
Mr. Charles H. McManus Jr., AET ’71
Mr. Gregory R. McManus, A.I.A.,
BC ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James McMorrow
Mr. Daniel E. McNeil, S&DE ’50
Mr. Peter F. McNulty, CHE ’68
Mr. Augustine V. Medeiros, BC ’59
Mrs. Maria Medeiros
Mr. Robert W. Meeken, AC ’51
Mr. Ludolf W. Megow, S&DE ’57
Ms. Nancy D. Melbourne
Mr. Albert J. Meleo, EET ’66
Mr. John P. Meloni, EM ’77, EES ’78
Mr. Paul T. Menadier, EEE ’59
Mr. Ralph L. Menconi, MC&TD ’57
Ms. Anzia L. Mendez-Neff, BCMT ’14
Ms. Maria T. Mendez-Neff
Mr. Donald A. Meninger, BCS ’82
Mr. Charles A. Meninno
Ms. Eleanora R. Meninno
Mr. John Mentus, PM&MD ’54 ✦
Ms. Katherine S. Merriman
Mr. John D. Messenger, EET ’73
Mr. Vincent P. Messina, S&DE ’58
Ms. Kim Meucci
Mr. Joseph D. Meuse, ATS ’69
Mr. Donald I. Meyer, BC ’62
[ 25 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
[ 26 ]
29305.indd 26
Mr. Harold Robert O’Connell,
EEP ’61
Mr. Sean M. O’Connell, AEET ’06,
BCOT ’06
Ms. Margaret O’Connor
Ms. Priscilla M. Odell
Mr. John W. Odiorne, MED ’62
Mr. James T. O’Donnell, MD ’61
Mr. Lawrence H. Ogden, AET ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O’Grady
Mr. Joseph R. O’Leary, MDS ’83,
MEC ’85
Mr. Bert L. Oliver, AC&D ’43
Mr. James W. Oliver, BCS ’75,
MA ’79
Mr. Kurt M. Oliver
Mr. Owen A. Orakwue, CHT ’90,
CHC ’91
Ms. Anne W. Ordway
Mr. David Ordway
Mr. James N. Orgettas Sr., AM64 ’62
Mr. Leonid B. Orlik, BCOS ’04
Mr. Philip J. Ortins, BC ’68
Mrs. Patricia Osgood, BPM ’01
Ms. Maryanne Ouellet
Mr. Guy P. Ouellette, AET ’74
Ms. Lisa Pinheiro Ouellette, MDE ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Owen Jr.
Mr. Sean Christopher Owen,
BSA ’10, MARC ’11
Ms. Veronica L. Pacella
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Padgett
Ms. Linda Page
Mr. Robert W. Paglierani, EEE ’63
Mr. Albert H. Paisley, MPE ’66
Ms. Helen Palange
Mr. Robert F. Paling, EC ’48
Mr. Adam Palmer, BELM ’09
Mr. Robert B. Palmer, MED ’62
Mr. Elea Pambuku, S&DE ’54
Ms. Olga Panasenko
Mr. Angelo T. Pappas
Mr. Lee M. Pappas
Mr. Richard M. Paquin, BC ’56
Ms. Cheryl R. Paradiso
Mr. Daniel J. Parker, AET ’75
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Parker
Mr. Larry E. Parker, AET ’69
Ms. Margaret E. Parker
Mr. George H. Partridge Jr., EEE ’61
Mr. Chirag Patel, BELM ’13
Mr. John F. Peabody Jr., S&DE ’57
Mr. Burton N. Peavey, MC&TD ’53
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Peck
Mr. Andrew Wilson Pecora,
AAET ’04, BARC ’07, MARC ’10
Mr. Michael V. Pen
Ms. Catherine Pepe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Pereira Jr.
Mr. David E. Perkins, MDE ’81
Mr. Kenneth E. Perkins, AET ’59
Mr. Robert O. Perkins, MC&TD ’54
Ms. Aneesa A. Perritano
Ms. Louise M. Peters
Mr. Carl Petersen Jr., MPE ’66
Mr. John A. Petersen Jr., AET ’68
Mr. Frederic T. Peterson, EEE ’64
Mr. Stephen L. Peterson, DDS
Mr. Kenneth S. Petro, CHE ’68
Mr. Daniel J. Petrocchi, AET ’90,
ARC ’93
Mr. Joseph J. Petronella, BCS ’80
Mr. Joseph R. Piantedosi, AT ’65,
ASE ’66
Ms. Catherine Piccirillo
Mr. Stephen K. Piccolo, AME ’49
Mr. Joseph F. Pichetti, AC ’53
Mr. Cameron Michael Pierce, BSA ’11
Mr. Merrill S. Pierce, EEE ’61
Mr. W. Thurman Pierce, PRTG ’41
Ms. Elana Pierkowski
Mr. Adrien A. Pike, BCOS ’06
Mr. Raymond F. Pindell Jr., CHE ’61
Mr. Joseph C. Pinto, EEN ’79
Mr. Richard J. Pizzi, MDN ’97
Mr. Joseph M. Placente, EEE ’76,
EE ’76
Mr. Edmund V. Plociak Jr., EEE ’63
Mrs. Dianne Plummer
Mr. Kyle Douglas Plummer, AET ’97,
BIND ’00
Mr. James D. Plungis, CHE ’61
Mr. August Pocius, AC ’52
Ms. Teri L.T. Pomerleau
Mr. Vincent S. Porciello, CC ’74
Mr. Paul J. Porreca, MD ’63
Mr. Arthur Cameron Porter IV,
BELM ’15
Mr. George Andrew Post
Mr. Joseph Potocki, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Leonard F. Potter, CHE ’69
Mrs. Kristen Poulin, AAET ’99,
BCMT ’01
Mrs. Teresa Maire Poulin, BARC ’05
Mr. Howard G. Powell Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Powell, MD ’62
Mr. Maurice E. Power
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Prague,
BCMT ’11
Mr. John J. Precopio III, EEE ’87,
EEC ’89
Ms. Mallory Prentiss, BFPM ’08
Mr. Joseph Presti, EEE ’61
Mr. William A. Previdi, AET ’67
Mr. Richard W. Price, MED ’63
Mr. David R. Priest, BCS ’70
Mr. Donald J. Prior, BC ’63
Mr. Jeffrey D. Proctor, BC ’67
Mr. Jason N. Proman, IE ’58
Mr. Thaddeus J. Prorok, BC ’65,
AET ’66, BCS ’72
Mr. Henry P. Psybyski, PM&MD ’48
Mr. Andrew F. Puleo, BC ’58,
AET ’64
Mr. Dennis Purnell
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Quigley
Mr. James K. Racca
Mr. Timothy William Rago, BCMT ’13
Mr. Ryan Benjamin Rainville,
BELM ’10
Mr. Daniel A. Ramos, BCMT ’00
Mr. Jon T. Ramos, BARC ’04
Ms. Jenna Rampino, BINT ’09
Mr. John W. Ramsay, P.E., BCS ’79
Mr. Paul L. Raspe, EEE ’59
Mrs. Amy L. Raymond, MET ’97,
BMET ’99
Mr. Robert G. Raymond, CSS ’95,
CSC ’97
Ms. Kathleen Rayworth
Ms. Beverly D. Reed
Mr. David A. Reeder, EEE ’71, EE ’73
Ms. Carolyn J. Regan
Mr. Donald T. Regan, MD ’79
Garnet L. Reid
Mr. James R. Reidy, MPE ’76, ME ’78
Mr. Thomas J. Reidy III, BCS ’76
Mr. Joseph J. Reilly, BCC ’86
Mr. Stephen M. Reilly, AMN ’95,
BDEM ’00
Mr. Thomas S. Reimels, MDE ’65
Mr. Richard M. Repucci, MDE ’84,
MEW ’94
Mr. George D. Reynolds Jr., AC ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Reynolds
Ms. Patricia C. Reynolds
Ms. Sharon A. Reynolds, BARC ’03
Mr. Ben Rhinehart, ATS ’80
Mr. John B. Rhoads, CHE ’67
Ms. Mallory Rice
Ms. Paula Mae Richard
Mr. James D. Richards
Mr. George M. Richardson, CHE ’62
Ms. Heather R. Richardson, BINT ’11
Mr. Neil E. Richmond, MD ’62
Ms. Peggy P. Ricketts
Mr. Michael Riegel, CMC ’93
Mr. Alfred P. Rio, BC ’56
Mr. Ryan Ripoli, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. David W. Ritchie Jr., EE ’67,
EEE ’68, EES ’72
Ms. Ann Ritter
Mr. William J. Ritter
Mr. Gabriel Luis Rivera, BSCN ’10
Mr. Stephen John Robak, AET ’92,
ARC ’93
Mr. Jordan H. Robbins, MED ’60
Mr. Adam Carl Robert, BELM ’11
Mr. Otis J. Roberts III, MEP ’63
Mr. Robert J. Robicheau, NET ’74
Mr. Brian A. Robinson, EEE ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craig Robinson
Mr. Robert F. Robinson, MED ’60
Mr. Russell Robinson, MD ’67
Mr. Timothy John Robinson,
BCOS ’04
Mr. Donald J. Roche, BC ’56
Mr. William H. Rodger, CHE ’68
Mr. John J. Rogers Jr., MW&TM ’55
Mr. Llewellyn S. Rogers Jr., EE ’66
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
“We’ve been participating in the co-op program
and hiring graduates for years. We are always so
impressed with how well prepared Wentworth students
are. They are ready to go on their first day. We appreciate
Wentworth’s efforts and wanted to support it.”
—Charles S. Vaciliou, LEED AP
Senior Vice President/Director of Operations, Erland Construction, Inc.
Mr. Richard A. Roggeveen, BC ’60
Mr. Lucas Dmitri Roman, BELM ’11
Mr. Louis M. Romano, EEE ’65
Mr. Warren J. Rosen, EEE ’61
Mr. Steven H. Rossi, AET ’75
Ms. Cheryl Brach Rothermel
Mr. James W. Rothermel, BCS ’76
Mr. Rock A. Rottler
Mr. Paul L. Rotty, MDE ’81, MEC ’83
Ms. Isabella C. Roversi, AAET ’99,
BARC ’01
Ms. Shannon E. Roy, BCMT ’09
Ms. Anita Renee Rozeff, AET ’87,
CMC ’89
Mr. Edward A. Rudis, MC&TD ’39
Mr. Gerard J. Ruggiero, CET ’80
Mr. Anthony Rumpf, FMC ’95
Mr. Mike Ruo
Mr. Joseph J. Ruocco, AET ’72
Mr. Daniel Louis Ruscansky,
BELM ’11
Mr. Paul W. Russell, CHE ’74
Mr. Robert W. Russell, MPE ’80
Ms. Angela M. Russo
Mr. Kenneth W. Rydberg, CHE ’62
Mr. Jason A. Sabino, AEET ’00,
BCOT ’02
Ms. Barbara A. Sacchetti
Mr. Peter J. Sacchetti, EEE ’68
Mr. John A. Salkaus, EEE ’72
Mr. Dana E. Sanborn, MEP ’63
Mr. Carl F. Sandberg, MW&TM ’48
Mr. Frank R. Sandblom, PM&MD ’51
Mr. Anthony James Santana,
BCMT ’11
29305.indd 27
Mr. Andrew J. Santella, BC ’51
Mr. John A. Saparnis, EEE ’76
Mr. Guy T. Sasso, NET ’64
Mr. Joseph H. Saunders, EC ’40
Ms. Ruth E. Savage
Ms. Christina Laura Ann Saviano,
BCET ’08
Mr. Wilfrid J. Savoie, EEE ’64,
Hon. ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Saxton
Mr. Stanley Schachnow, MDE ’65
Mr. Richard C. Schenker, EEE ’86,
EEC ’88
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Schiffer
Mr. Todd Schildknecht, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Martin K. Schmid
Mr. Thomas E. Schonbach Jr.,
EE ’65, EEE ’66
Mr. Wayne F. Schoppe, MD ’61
Ms. Ellen K. Schuck
Ms. Mallory Schultz
Mr. Richard A. Seaquist
Mr. William C. Sears III, MDE ’65
Mr. Calvin C. Seeley, BCS ’72
Ms. Lyndsy Kiersten Seiferth,
BCMT ’09
Mr. Frederick B. Seitz III, AT ’67
Mr. Herbert A. Selander, MC&TD ’56
Mr. David E. Sellers, NET ’66
Mr. Andrew Leslie Serfling, BSA ’13
Ms. Katie Serio
Mr. Gary M. Serra
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Sfarra
Ms. Taylor Sharkey
Mr. Donald E. Sharpe, MTS ’85,
MAC ’87
Mr. Neil Sharrow
Mr. Richard F. Shea, EET ’69
Mrs. Mary K. Shemligian, IDS ’98,
BFPM ’99
Mr. David Hess Shenk, AET ’68
Mr. Matthew P. Sheridan, BMET ’02
Mr. George E. Sherman, MED ’62
Mr. Henry J. Sherowski, BC ’62
Mr. Kushal Sherpa, BELM ’11
Mr. Felix J. Shilalie, EC ’48
Ms. Susie Shimel
Ms. Anita Shmukler
Mr. Harry S. Shreeve, MPE ’67
Mr. Mark Shultz, BIND ’08
Mr. Walter Shultz, IE ’50
Ms. Jean M. Siddall-Bensson
Ms. Elissa Silverman
Mr. David E. Silvernail, AM64 ’64
Mr. Robert R. Simmer, CET ’90
Mr. Robert C. Simmons, PET ’62
Mr. Joseph Michael Simon,
BCMT ’09
Mr. Bruce A. Simpson, EM ’83,
EES ’85, EEC ’88
Mr. Wayne A. Simpson, BC ’66
Mr. John G. Sites, PRTG ’42
Mr. Michael F. Skerry Jr. PE, EEE ’61
Mr. Robert L. Skinner, MDN ’86
Ms. Susan Slagmolen
Mr. James R. Slater, MP ’59
Mr. Gregory D. Sleeper, EEE ’80
Mr. Morgan M. Slizofski, BCMT ’07
Mr. William M. Sloan Jr.
[ 27 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
[ 28 ]
29305.indd 28
Mr. Stephen E. Slomski, AET ’65
Mr. Franklin J. Small, EE ’68, EES ’72
Mr. Edward G. Smethurst, EEE ’63
Mr. Allan H. Smith, MD ’64
Mr. Charles H. Smith Jr., BCW ’97
Mr. Earl B. Smith Jr., S&DE ’51
Mr. Frederick M. Smith, EEE ’60
Mr. Jeffrey W. Smith, EE ’66
Mr. Craig A. Snider, AET ’77
Mr. Thomas C. Snow, MPS ’77
Mr. Paul N. Socci, EEE ’60
Ms. Marilyn Soccio
Mr. Stanley Z. Sokolowski, S&DE ’58
Mr. Robert C. Solari, BC ’67
Mr. Robert W. Solari, PM&MD ’55
Mr. Norman L. Soney, AET ’60
Mr. Paul M. Sonski, AET ’74
Mr. Frank C. Sotomayor, EEE ’77,
EE ’79
Mr. Carroll C. Spafford, MC&TD ’49
Mr. Erwin R. Speckman Jr.,
PM&MD ’55
Mr. Edward T. Speight, BC ’53
Ms. Carly Elaine Spink, BSA ’13
Mr. Mathew Ribeiro Spinola, BSA ’10
Mr. Albert G. Spitz
Mr. Ronald A. Spitz
Mr. Richard N. St. Jean, AET ’76
Ms. Carrie A. St. John
Mr. Chad M. St. Pierre, BARC ’99
Mr. James D. Stacey, EET ’70
Ms. Diane Standeven
Mr. Robert E. Staples, EC ’49
Mr. Peter T. Starbird, MDS ’70
Mr. William C. Starck, AET ’64
Mr. Donald E. Starr, AET ’61
Mr. Kenneth G. Steadman, CHE ’75
Ms. Mary Ann Steadman
Mr. Robert L. Steadman Jr.,
EEE ’75, EE ’77
Mr. Andrew L. Stein, ATN ’96,
ASW ’97
Mr. Gary A. Stein, AET ’89, ARC ’92
Mr. Daniel J. Steinke
Mr. Timothy Michael Stella,
BSCN ’10
Mr. Jan P. Stenberg, EEE ’61
Ms. Marilyn R. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Stevens
Mr. Jay D. Stoebel, BCS ’82, BU ’84
Mr. Robert L. Storey Sr., EE ’67
Mr. Walter V. Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. Rand N. Stowell
Mr. Richard R. Strack, EEE ’62
Mr. Ronald E. Streeter, MD ’59
Mrs. Raina L. Sturtz, AET ’90,
CMC ’92
Mr. William J. Sturtz, BCS ’90,
CMC ’92
Mr. George W. Sullivan, CHE ’66
Mr. James G. Sullivan
Mr. Kevin J. Sullivan, BCS ’73, CE ’75
Ms. Patricia A. Swanson
Ms. Randi Jean Swihart, BMET ’12
Mr. Mark F. Swymer, BCS ’82
Mr. Gilman W. Sylvester, BC ’50
Mr. Paul D. Szafir, LEED AP,
BARC ’08, MARC ’10
Mr. Dominik Szpyrka, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. James Tackach
Mr. Bruce P. Tailby, ATS ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Talewsky
Mr. Kenneth D. Tarbell, BCS ’73
Mr. Ryan Paul Tardiff, BELM ’15
Ms. Natasha Tashian, BINT ’09
Mr. John J. Tavalone
Mr. Jose Taveira, AET ’90, AEC ’92
Mr. David C. Taylor, BCS ’90
Mr. Kenneth E. Taylor, S&DE ’58,
EEP ’58
Mr. Peter R. Tellier, EEE ’76
Mr. Edward D. Terrell Sr.,
MC&TD ’57
Mr. Mark K. Terry Jr., BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Eric Tetschner
Ms. Terri L. Thatcher Harris
Ms. Monique C. Therriault
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Therriault
Ms. Brooke Thibodeau, BELM ’11
Ms. Kourtney P. Thomas, BSA ’08
Mr. Christopher Paul Thompson,
BCS ’91, BCC ’93
Mr. George H. Thompson,
MC&TD ’52
Mr. Mark S. Thompson, AET ’72
Mr. Thomas E. Thorn, AC ’38
Mr. John A. Thorp, MP ’68
Mr. John J. Tina, EE ’68, EEE ’69
Mr. Jonathan M. Tobias, EEE ’84,
EEC ’86
Mr. Robert C. Tochterman,
BARC ’08, MARC ’10
Mr. Joseph J. Toma, CHE ’73,
CEC ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tomeo
Mr. Timothy N. Tomlinson, BCS ’69
Ms. Carol A. Tonge
Ms. Loida Torres
Mr. Neftalie Carlos Torres, BINT ’10
Mr. Willard G. Tougas, S&DE ’55,
EEE ’62
Mr. David F. Towle, BCS ’71
Mr. Kenneth E. Towle, AM64 ’61
Mr. Richard S. Townsend Jr.,
AET ’76
Mr. Douglas H. Tracy Sr., MED ’64
Mr. Liem Tran
Mr. Michael J. Tranavitch, EEE ’69,
EE ’73
Mr. James E. Trask, EEE ’67
Mr. Robert N. Tremblay, CPW ’93
Mr. Donald G. Tripp, MW&TM ’42
Mr. Michael F. Triventi, MW&TM ’48
Mr. Robert C. Troccolo, AET ’76
Mr. Norton G. True, CHE ’65
Mr. Robert S. Trusselle, MC&TD ’51
Mr. Robert J. Tseki, AET ’61
Mr. Lawrence E. Tuck, S&DE ’55,
S&DE ’58
Mr. David R. Tucker, AM64 ’64
Mr. Shane A. Tucker, IDS ’89, IDC ’91
Mr. Terry Tungjunyatham,
BARC ’08, MARC ’10
Mr. Robert W. Turner Jr., AET ’73
Mr. David D. Tuttle, PT ’58
Mr. David L. Tuxbury, EE ’68,
EEE ’69
Mr. Roswell Chace Underwood,
BSM ’09
Mr. Douglas Urban
Mr. Michael P. Ureneck, EET ’66
Mr. James M. Vachon, AC ’56
Mr. Abbas Valanejad, AE ’83
Mr. Allen A. Valli Jr., AM64 ’62
Mr. Kurt R. Van Wart, AM ’82
Mr. Stephen Vargas
Mr. Bruce M. Varney, EEE ’68
Ms. Mary E. Varone
Mr. John R. Vatcher, AET ’60
Mr. Anthony W. Vecchiarello,
WET ’84
Mr. David G. Vecchione Jr., BELM ’11
Mr. John A. Veinott, NET ’63
Ms. Chelsey Marie Velozo, BINT ’10
Mr. Philip J. Veneziano, IE ’55
Mr. Robert J. Verlik Jr., AET ’71,
AE ’73
Mr. William Vespa, BIND ’08
Mr. Harold V. Vicari, MDE ’68
Mr. Rodney B. Vigneau, MDE ’65
Mr. John R. Violette, MED ’60
Mr. Dennis R. Voci, MD ’63
Mr. James H. Vogel, EEE ’79
Mr. Erik A. Volke, AMET ’01,
BMAT ’02
Mr. Edwidge J. Volmar, AEET ’01,
BCOT ’03
Ms. Tracy D. Volpe
Mr. Richard L. Volta, EE ’67
Ms. Dunja Vujinic, BARC ’07,
MARC ’10
Mr. Leonard G. Walencis, MED ’62
Ms. Diane Walins, AET ’88, AEC ’90
Mr. Andrew E. Wall, ACMU ’10
Mr. Lawrence C. Wall Jr., BCS ’93,
CMC ’95
Mr. Edward D. Wallenthin, EI&M ’43
Mr. Michael J. Walor, MD ’64
Mr. Thomas A. Walsh, MDE ’78,
EEN ’78
Mr. William F. Walsh, AET ’60
Ms. Candyce E. Moore Walters
Mr. Yi-Chih Wang, MARC ’11, BSA ’10
Ms. Whitney Anne Warner,
AINT ’03, BINT ’05
Mr. Nicholas Washburn
Mr. George D. Washington,
MC&TD ’57
Mr. James P. Watkins, ATS ’96,
MEC ’98
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
29305.indd 29
Mrs. Angela S. Young, AET ’84,
AEC ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius B.
Young Jr.
Mr. Dudley B. Young, AET ’69
Ms. Evelyn M. Youngren
Mr. Ronald P. Yuknis, MED ’61
Mr. David A. Zabek, BCS ’72,
AET ’73
Ms. Elina V. Zak
Mr. Joseph W. Zakowski, MTS ’91,
MAC ’91
Mr. Chester W. Zakrzewski,
MC&TD ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zambino
Mr. Paul E. Zammuto, EEE ’73
Mr. Michael P. Zanconato, MD ’75
Mr. Geno J. Zandri Jr., EET ’65
Mr. Walter J. Zarella Jr., NET ’63
Mr. Pasquale J. Zarlenga, AC ’57
Mr. Bruce Zheng, BELM ’13
Mr. Matthew J. Zirolli, BCET ’08
Ms. Ashley Zolenski
Mr. Leo F. Zschau, AC ’58
Corporate, Foundation,
and Government Donors
Arioch Wentworth Circle
Gifts of $10,000 +
Kenneth G. Bacheller
Charitable Foundation
Edward A. Bond Foundation
Frank A. Casella 1991
Charitable Trust
Cherbec Advancement Foundation
Citizens Bank
Conant Family Revocable Trust
of 2007
Charles C. Ely Educational
Trust Fund
Erland Construction, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Richard H. Lufkin Memorial Fund,
Bank of America, N.A., Trustee
National Electrical Contractors
Association—Greater Boston
Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Edwin S. Webster Foundation
Yawkey Foundation II
Trustees’ Circle
Gifts of $5,000–$9,999
Boston Foundation, Incorporated
Gilbane Building Company ●
James W. & Margaret A. Ingraham
Charitable Fund
Keville Enterprises, Inc.
Marion and Jasper Whiting
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shawmut Design & Construction
Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Frank A. Watson, AC ’55, CC ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Way
Mr. Joseph William Wayne,
BCMT ’08
Mr. Ronald T. Wearing, EEE ’63
Ms. Alyssa M. Webb, BCMT ’09
Ms. Tramaine Weekes
Mr. Ronald J. Weetman, MED ’62
Ms. Nina Weiler
Ms. Erin Weinberg
Mr. Richard A. Weinstein, EEE ’61
Ms. Sue K. Weiss, CMW ’90
Mr. Paul C. Wellington, S&DE ’57
Mr. Jeremy Alan Wells
Mr. Kenneth P. Wenstrom, BCC ’92
Mr. William R. Westland Jr., Hon. ’97
Ms. Katherine E. Wetherbee,
BAET ’07
Mr. Richard L. Weygand, EET ’66
Mr. John M. Whelan, S&DE ’49
Mr. Ronald J. White, EVE ’76, CE ’78
Mr. Henry Thomas Whitney,
BELM ’11
Mr. Richard J. Whitten, ASE ’66
Mr. Guy N. Whitworth III, EET ’71
Ms. Elsie E. Wilde
Ms. Melissa S. Wilkinson
Mr. Kevin W. Willever, BELM ’11
Mr. Percival L. Williams Jr. PE,
EC ’51
Ms. Regina Williams
Ms. Shanelle Williamson, BSM ’13
Ms. Jessica Marie Willoughby,
BSA ’10, MARC ’11
Mr. Robert W. Wilson, MC&TD ’52
Mr. Francis W. Wing, PET ’62
Mr. Robert S. Winslow, EEE ’72,
EE ’74
Mr. Robert A. Wironen, AET ’75
Mr. Charlie Wiseman
Mr. Jeffrey D. Witham, CST ’79
Mr. Michael David Wojnarowicz,
BSA ’12
Ms. Nancy M. Wolff
Mr. Richard R. Wolsey Jr., BC ’67 ✦
Dr. Ngai C. Wong
Mr. Siu Wong, BELM ’11
Mr. Richard G. Wood, AC ’55
Ms. Lisa Marie Woodbury, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Charles J. Woods, BC ’56
Mr. Robert E. Woodward, BCS ’73
Mr. John G. Wooster, MW&TM ’57
Mr. Denys Wortman, EEP ’60
Ms. Joan F. Wreschinsky
Mr. Michael F. Wyshak, MD ’65,
MDE ’66
Mr. Jon Michael Wytenus, BSM ’14
Mr. Jeremiah S. Yankauskas,
AET ’68
Mr. Brian A. Yargeau, ASE ’67
Mr. Michael A. Yarosh, MDE ’70
Ms. Carrie Yates
Ms. Aki Yoshida, BSA ’10, MARC ’11
President’s Circle
Gifts of $1,000–$4,999
3 Phase Elevator Corporation
Aetna Fire Alarm Service
Company, Inc.
AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Anawon Trust
Mary C. Brunetta Ares
Revocable Trust
BDL Construction, LLC
Behler Foundation
Blue Spruce Technologies
Boston Society of Civil Engineers
The Armand E. Bourgeois Trust
The Melissa C. Brokalakis Trust
J. Calnan & Associates
J.C. Cannistraro LLC
Chapman Construction
Chartwells Corporation
Collegiate Press
Columbia Construction Company
Commander Painting & Contracting
Commodore Builders
Construction Management
& Builders, Inc.
Curtis Construction Company, Inc.
Edwin H. Wolfe 1986 Family Trust
ERW, Inc.
Event Strategy Group
Fiduciary Trust Company
FM Global ●
Thomas G. Gallagher, Inc.
GE Foundation ●
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Hensel Phelps Construction
Ingersoll-Rand Company ●
Intel Corporation
International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers (IBEW)
Local Union #103
Interstate Electrical Services
Ironwood Commercial
Construction, Inc.
Jay Cashman, Inc.
John M. Kennedy & Company, Inc.
Kaloutas & Company, Inc.
The Lancaster Foundation
Liberty Mutual Group
The Luddy Family 2008 Charitable
Lead Annuity Trust
Marrocco Partners, LLC
McNamara/Salvia, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program ●
The Miley Foundation
Newell Rubbermaid
Nitsch Engineering
O’Leary Limited Partnership
[ 29 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
Omark Consultants, Inc.
The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.
Performance Air Conditioning, Inc.
Prime Buchholz & Associates, Inc.
Raytheon ●
Rebars & Mesh, Inc.
Reinforced Concrete Construction
Retail Contractors Association
John Ryan Company, Inc.
SCA Development International, Inc.
Skanska USA
SRC Roofing, Inc.
Structure Tone, Inc.
Sullivan & McLaughlin
Companies, Inc.
Superior Nut Company, Inc.
Swain Family Irrevocable Trust
Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.
Tutor Perini Corporation
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
United Technologies Corporation ●
United Way of Rhode Island
Veridea Consulting, Inc.
Walsh Brothers
Wise Construction Corporation
Leopard Circle
Gifts of $500–$999
Advanced Educational
Aegean Restaurant
Ahern Painting Company, Inc.
American Institute of Steel
Construction, Inc.
Bank of America ●
Barber Utilities, LLC
George H. Bodman, Inc.
BWK Construction Company, Inc.
Cosentini Associates, Inc.
Custom Gunite Pools, Inc.
Enterasys Networks, Inc.
Follett Higher Education Group
Hitt Contracting, Inc.
Kells Craft Construction
KT & T Distributors, Inc.
Douglas H. McCarter Company, Inc.
Thomas J. Meehan Jr. 2006
Revocable Trust
David C. Mores Revocable Trust
Ted Ondrick Company, LLC
RC&D, Inc.
Rivers Electrical Corporation
Roger Harris Family Trust
Rolli Marble & Tile, Inc.
R.W. Sullivan Engineering
S & F Concrete Contractors, Inc.
S M E Boston Chapter 33
SchoolDude.com, Inc.
Signer Harris Architects
Standard Electric
[ 30 ]
29305.indd 30
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Verizon Foundation ●
Wallpaper City, Inc. Roslindale
Black & Gold Circle
Gifts of $100–$499
Action International Marketing
James F. Adams Trust
Aetna Foundation, Inc. ●
Allegheny Contract Flooring, Inc.
Garfield R. Atchue Revocable Trust
Barnes Buildings & Management
Group, Inc.
Ralph M. Bell Sr. Trust
Benchwarmer Sub Shop
Berger & Company Recycling, Inc.
Bergstrom Construction
Berry Realty & Remodeling
Broadridge Foundation ●
Buston Attitude, Inc.
Cameron Associates
Castagna Construction
Paul A. Cella TTEE
C&H Flatwork
Ciolfi Construction Managment, LLC
CLE Engineering
Colby Law Office, P.C.
Corcoran & Associates
Cramer Levine & Company,
Architects, P.C.
CSL Consulting
Bill Curley Basketball Camp
DEF Group, Inc.
Eastwood Family Foundation
Eaton Charitable Fund ●
RDK Engineers
Farrar & Associates, Inc.
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts
to Education Program ●
S.L. Forte Engineering
John Paul Garcia & Associates P.C.
General Construction and
Environmental, Inc.
Gileau-Poulton Architects &
Associates P.C.
Gleason Insurance Agency
Grant Hays Associates, Inc.
Gupton & Associates, Inc.
Harvard Sales Development
Group, Inc.
Holovak & Coughlin
Sporting Goods, Inc.
Calvin B. Hood 1997
Revocable Trust
Hood River Construction Company
Huntley Living Trust
Russ Hutchings Associates, Inc.
Integrated Control Solutions, Inc.
J & J Materials Corporation
Todd A. Johnson Architect
K & K Acoustical Ceilings, Inc.
Kayem Foods, Inc.
The Kennametal Foundation ●
J.F. Kennedy High School
Levasseur Drafting Company
Lynch Development
Corporation, Inc.
Manzella Contracting, LLC
A.J. Martini, Inc.
John A. McLellan Family Trust
MDR Associates, Inc.
Michaud Bus Appraisals
Micros Northeast, Inc.
PF Mik Construction Company, LLC
Walter J. Morrissey Jr. TTEE
Moss Hollow Management, Inc.
Northeast Utilities Foundation ●
Packaging Devices Incorporated
Philips Electronics
Pre-Design Buildings Company
Punter’s Pub
R.A. Booker Builders, Inc.
PG Richard Millwork Company, Inc.
Route 9 Design & Build
Seniors Care, LLC
Silverwatch Architects, LLC
Smith Buckley & Hunt Insurance
Spectra Energy Foundation ●
State Street Corporation ●
Ted Hood Yachts, LLC
The Trilap Company
TMD Construction Services
Triple Eight Distillery
Turner Construction Company ●
United Way California
Capital Region
University House of Pizza
Waters Corporation ●
Wells Fargo Foundation ●
Willard B Merrill 1996 Trust
Willis of Massachusetts, Inc.
Woodland Trust
Worcester Sand & Gravel
Company, Inc.
Worth Timber Farm
Contributors’ Circle
Gifts of $1–$99
Alarm Controls Systems, Inc.
American Legion George S.
Shepard Post 7
American Legion Whitestown Post
1113 Baseball
Andre Nadeau Chiropractic, P.C.
Archer Construction Company, Inc.
Atlantic T’s Custom Screenprinting
Ball Pharmacy Corporation
Bergman & Associates, Inc.
Boino Masonry, Inc.
Booras Drug Corporation
Brae Maple Farms
Class of 1952 Reunion Committee
Corning, Inc. ●
Cunningham Engineering, Inc.
Design for Communication
Durante Consulting
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
29305.indd 31
In Honor Of
Mr. Giuseppe Joseph Stefano
Alberti, BMET ’13
Ms. Mallory V. Beirne, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Ms. Ashley Marie Bell, BINT ’13
Mr. Zachary James Benson, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Kenny Lee Bettencourt, BSA ’10
Mr. Scott Allen Bradrick, BCOS ’13
Mr. Jacob Lincoln Buzzell, BCET ’13
Ms. Rachel Marie Byorkman,
BIND ’14
Mr. Benjamin Michael Cadieux,
BELM ’11
Mr. Brian Raymond Clark, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Ms. Jessie Lynn Coffey, BINT ’10
Mr. Nicholas Robert Colanto,
BCET ’12
Mr. Hutton Collin, BCMT ’10
Ms. Ashley Jean Conway, BCMT ’13
Ms. Casey Brennan Cooke, BCET ’14
Ms. Rebecca Ann Cowee, BINT ’12
Mr. Matthew Aaron Cox, BSA ’11
Ms. Elizabeth A. Cuda, BSA ’14
Mr. Paul S. Dassau, BSA ’14
Mr. David John Debellis, BCMT ’10
Mr. Ryan Anthony Decotis, BFPM ’13
Mr. Andrew Phillip Demedeiros,
BELM ’11
Mr. Michael Lee Digman, BCET ’12
Ms. Meaghan Kristine Doyle,
BINT ’14
Mr. Paul William Ellsworth, BELM ’11
Mr. David Ricardo Estupinan,
BIND ’10
Mr. Benjamin Robert Falcon,
BAET ’07
Mr. Timothy Patrick Farley, BCET ’10
Mr. Adam Farrar, BCET ’12
Mr. Conner John Flisnik, BSA ’12
Mr. Peter Benjamin Fortin, BCMT ’12
Mr. Tyler M. Frasca, BELM ’15
Ms. Morgan Furman, BELM ’13
Mr. Cody Mcpherson Gibb, BCET ’14
Ms. Bailey Hannah Giles, BIND ’13
Ms. Brittney Ginivan, BINT ’13
Mr. Steven Cullen Glover, BCET ’14
Mr. Michael Barry Gosnell Jr.,
BSA ’10, MARC ’11
Mr. Marc Joseph Gravel Jr.,
BCOS ’10
Mr. Michael F. Scott Gregory,
BFPM ’10
Mr. Timothy Patrick Halloran,
BCMT ’10
Ms. Julie Marie Harris, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Matthew Harte, BCMT ’14
Mr. Justin Hegedus, BCET ’10
Ms. Kelsey Holt, BINT ’11
Mr. Ryan Robert Hubert, BCET ’10
Mr. Ryan Robert Hunt, BSM ’14
Mr. Sean P. Iacobone, BELM ’15
Mr. Derek James Iredale, BMET ’10
Mr. Nicholas W. Jannini, AEET ’04,
BCOT ’05
Mr. Logen Michael Johnson,
BELM ’14
Mr. Jason Peter Kipp, BCET ’11
Mr. Marc Daniel Larue, BELM ’11
Mr. Thomas Paul Larvia III, BSCN ’10
Mr. Ryan Joseph Lawlor, BCET ’12
Ms. Deborah R. Lesky, BCET ’13
Mr. Travis James Lombardi, BSA ’13
Mr. James Benjamin MacKey,
BSA ’12
Ms. Kate Suma Mahesh, BSA ’14
Ms. Jacqueline Marie Manzi,
BCOS ’11
Mr. Robert Ray Marshall, BSA ’12
Mr. Sean Joseph Martinelli, BIND ’14
Mr. Kevin Christopher McKenzie,
BCMT ’12
Mr. Richard Arthur McKinnon,
BCET ’10
Mr. Margaret Rose Meninno,
BINT ’12
Mr. Joseph Thomas Meucci, BSA ’12
Mr. James Morgan Miner IV,
BMET ’13
Mr. Michael Peter Morizio Jr.,
BCMT ’10
Ms. Shaunna Marie Murphy, BSA ’12
Ms. Daneris D. Neris, BSCN ’11
Ms. Molly Christine Newcomb,
BSM ’13
Ms. Paige T. Newcomb, BIND ’14
Mr. Zackery Edward Nicholson,
BSA ’14
Mr. Max Edward Nielsen, BELM ’11
Mr. Tyler William Noveletsky,
BIND ’14
Mr. James Vasily O’Brien, BCET ’14
Mr. Matthew Robert O’Connor,
BIND ’13
Mr. Mark Angelo Pappas, BCMT ’13
Mr. Sean Kenneth Paradis, BSA ’13
Mr. Nicholas Lawrence Pepe Jr.,
BCET ’11
Mr. Frank Pereira III, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Bernard F. Pesce II, MDE ’65
Ms. Marie Louise Peters, BSA ’13
Ms. Lisa Marie Piccirillo, BIND ’13
Mr. Patrick John Platner, BSA ’12
Mr. Matthew Henry Racca, BSA ’13
Ms. Julie M. Rahilly, BSA ’13
Ms. Viana E. Reyes, BCET ’14
Mr. Devin D. Richard, BELM ’14
Mr. Michael Colby Rottler, BSA ’14
Mr. Jacob Saxton, BMET ’14
Mr. Adam John Schuck, BSA ’10,
MARC ’11
Mr. Travis Zachary Serra, BSA ’10
Mr. Michael Tavares Sousa, BSA ’14
Eibye & Lynch Construction
Eldredge Surveying &
Engineering, LLC
F.A.I. Model Supply
Flowers By Lorraine
Funstuf Rentals
Roberta Ellen Gerson Trust
Grants Kennebago Camps, Inc.
The Harvey Hubbell Foundation ●
Hellender Realty
Homestead Design Corporation
Ted Hunt Plumbing &
Heating Master
Insite Engineering Services, LLC
John A. Grimes Trust
Keisha Realty, LLC
Kincaid Auto Repair & Sales, LLC ●
Paul Laslie Builder
Law Offices of Eric R. Brown
Lomed Systems
McManus Associates
GR McManus Associates
Northrop Grumman Foundation ●
Old Tyme Italian Cuisine
Online Resources Corporation
Proctor Foundation, Inc.
Professional Medical Assurance
& Consulting, Inc.
George D. Reynolds Associates
Richmond Associates, Inc.
Rosal Enterprise, LLC
Stephen E. Slomski Associates,
SMK Associates
Soot Seekers Chimney Service
Sound Solutions
Southeastern Technical Services
St. Jean Engineering, LLC
The Stanley Works ●
Tarbell Construction
Management, Inc.
The Daniel M. & Carol A. Griffin
Revocable Trust
The Harte Family Revocable
Living Trust
The Walter Shultz Living Trust
Thomas E. Thorn Living Trust
Tomlinson Builders, Inc.
Voice Information Associates
Walnut Street Coffee Cafe
Westland Family Trust
White Engineering, Inc.
Whitlock Architects
William Starck Architects, Inc.
Wolsey Associates, Inc.
[ 31 ]
12/8/11 9:16:09 AM
Mr. Jonathan M. Spitz, BSCN ’14
Ms. Ashley Michelle Stowe, BINT ’14
Mr. Connor Corcoran Swanson,
BCMT ’13
Mr. Michael Allan Swenson, BSA ’12
Mr. Corey Michael Therriault,
BCNS ’13
Mr. Matthew Joseph Thomas,
BEET ’13
Mr. Charles Urciuoli
Mr. Brian Louis Veltri, BSM ’13
Ms. Lauren Ann Vorwald, BSA ’14
Mr. Eric D. Watson, BSM ’14
Mr. Glenn Wiggins
Mr. Kevin W. Willever, BELM ’11
Ms. Jenelle M. Wolff, BCMT ’14
Mr. Alexander C. Wong, BSA ’13
Ms. Courtney Jean Zink, BMET ’10
In Memory Of
Mr. Roland Ares, S&DE ’55
Mr. H. Russell Beatty
Mr. Armand E. Bourgeois,
MC&TD ’50, Hon. ’00
Mr. Philip J. Brooks, AET ’88,
AEC ’90
Mr. John W. Caissie, MD ’96,
MGM ’98
Mr. David J. D’Agostino,
AET ’80, CE ’84
Mr. James G. Findlay, EE ’66,
EEE ’67, EE ’73
Mr. John R. Ghublikian, Hon. ’94
Mr. Gerald S. Gray, EI&M ’35
Mr. Harold H. Hallamore Jr., IEC ’58
Mr. Christopher P. Hanlon, CET ’78
Mr. Clyde S. Hanscom, AC ’54
Mr. Donald H. Holmes, MW&TM ’35
Mr. Richard L. Knowlton, BC ’68
Mr. Dennis A. Leahy, AET ’62
Mr. Peter B. Marchetti, MD ’65,
MDE ’66
Mr. Keith C. Nelson, AC ’49
Mr. G. Kendall Nylin, AME ’55
Mr. Michael R. Piccarini, AET ’97,
AEC ’98
Mr. Brian Ernest Richardson,
AET ’90
Mr. Kenneth M. Savage
Mr. Richard J. Shaw, PM&MD ’42
Mr. George G. Swain Jr., MC&TD ’35
Mr. Carl A. Swanson, MW&TM ’38
Master Sgt. Edmund R. Topham,
EEN ’77
Mr. Donald B. Wilson, Hon. ’95
Mr. Edwin H. Wolfe, EC ’43
Mr. William J. York Jr., PET ’62
[ 32 ]
29305.indd 32
Gifts in Kind
Barker Steel
Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant
Mr. Rajeev Singh Bhangoo,
BMT ’04, MSCM ’12
Mr. Edward A. Bond Jr., Hon. ’09
Boston Bruins
Boston Red Sox
Colonnade Hotel
Ms. Rose Conti, BCN, ABC ’09,
BCM ’13
Enterasys Networks, Inc.
Florence Electric
Granite Links Golf Club
Mr. Wayne C. Johnson
Liberty Mutual Group
Microsoft Northeast Region
National Association of Women
in Construction
Nitsch Engineering
Panera Bread
Pearson Custom Solutions
Pine Hills Club House
Pinnacle Piping & Service
Research In Motion Limited
Sacco’s Specialized Moving
Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc.
The Upper Crust Pizzeria
Wentworth Institute of Technology
WSP Flack + Kurtz
Zorica Pantić, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for
Academic Affairs and Provost
Russell Pinizzotto, Ph.D.
Vice President for Business
David Wahlstrom
Vice President for
Enrollment Management
and Student Affairs
Keiko Broomhead
Vice President for Finance
Robert Totino
Vice President for
Human Resources
Anne Gill
Vice President for
Institutional Advancement
Brenda C. Sanchez
Chief of Staff,
President’s Office
Amy Intille
Every effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of this list.
We apologize for any errors or
omissions. Please contact Keira
McGrath at [email protected]
or (617) 989-4282 to report any
Wentworth Institute of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:10 AM
William H. Flanagan
Campus Center
:: TOMORROW’S leaders ::
Center for Sciences and
Biomedical Engineering
29305.indd 33
Two campus construction projects will provide
students with new learning opportunities and
enhance student engagement.
12/8/11 9:16:11 AM
550 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-5998
29305.indd 34
U.S. Postage
Wentworth Institute
of Technology
12/8/11 9:16:11 AM

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