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eVENTURER - Greater Los Angeles Area Council
 San Gabriel Valley Council eVENTURER Voice of the VOA June 2012 Volume 2 Issue 2 Inside this issue: Venturing Awards Banquet 1­2 Welcome from Ali / Scout Expo 3 Venture Training Day 3 Scout ‘n Shoot / Weekend at Holcomb 4 Welcome Crew 261 5 Stars and Stripes Award 6 VOA Calendar 7 SAN GABRIEL VALLEY COUNCIL VENTURING OFFICERS ASSOCIATION VENTURING AWARDS BANQUET Seventy plus Venturers from the San Gabriel Valley Council had much to celebrate at the first annual Venturing Awards Banquet. The banquet was hosted at the Paz Naz Church in Pasadena by Crew 3730 and the awards ceremony was facilitated by Crew 73 and the Venturing Officers Association. Chef Dale Wurm provided a tasty meal with Advisor Jeanne Wurm and the American Heritage Girls Crew decorating the banquet hall and serving the meal. San Gabriel Valley Council Venturing Officers Association Leadership Team VOA President Ali Wurm—[email protected] VP of Administration To Be Named VP of Communication To Be Named VP of Program To Be Named Venturing Advisor Brian Tyler—[email protected] Associate Advisor for Administration Belinda Torrez—[email protected] Associate Advisor for Communication Kayla Chang—[email protected] Associate Advisor for Program To Be Named eVENTURER Editor Mary Davis— [email protected] Among those recognized during the ceremony were: Ms. Annie Ritch and Mr. Chris Moncrief with the Council Venturing Leadership Award. Annie and Chris have served as VOA President and Vice President­
Administration respectively this past year. (Continued on Page 2) Page 2 eVenturer June 2012 (Venturing Awards Banquet—Continued from Page 1) Mr. Pete Honea and Mrs. Mary Davis were honored for their volunteer services to Venturing with the Extra Miler Award. Mr. Honea has been integral to planning and facilitating the Venturing Youth Summit, Fall Rendezvous, and the upcoming Venturing weekend at Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation . Mrs. Davis serves as Editor for the eVenturer. Six Venturing Advisors for their volunteer efforts earning the William D. Boyce New­Unit Organizer Award: Ms. Rita Farin­Crew 503 Mr. Paul Carranza­Crew 261 Mrs. Lissa Funk­Crew 650 Mr. Brian May and Mr. John Nelson­Crew 2 Mrs. Jeanne Wurm­Crew 3730 Mr. Chris Moncrief for his service to the Area IV Venturing Officers Association with the Area Venturing Leadership Award. The recognition was presented by Area IV VOA President Jillian Infusino and Area IV Venturing Advisor Chuck Williams. Mr. Mark Riebs for his extensive service to Venturing earning the Unit Leader Award of Merit. As the Advisor to Crew 561, Mark has a long history in service to Venturing. The Drum and Bugle Corp of Crew 561 is a very public face representing Venturing to our community. Mark was also belatedly honored with the William D. Boyce New­Unit Organizer Award as the founder of Crew 561. The evening concluded with the election of the 2012­2013 Council VOA President Ali Wurm of Crew 3730. Ali was sworn into office by Area IV VOA President Jillian Infusino. Now is the time to mark your calendars on Sunday, May 19, 2013 for next year’s Venturing Awards Banquet. Don’t miss the celebration! Page 3 eVenturer June 2012 WELCOME FROM THE VENTURING OFFICERS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Hello Venturers! My name is Ali Wurm, I live in Pasadena and am a recent high­school graduate planning to do college online next year. I love being outdoors, especially while hiking, biking, kayaking and back­packing. I started Venturing just over a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. I recently earned the Religious Life Bronze Award and hope to continue through Venturing for many years. I am excited to be the new SGVC VOA President and am looking forward to this year's activities. I hope to see you all as we do amazing activities together! SGVC SCOUT EXPO VENTURING ALLEY The June 2nd Scout EXPO at Santa Anita Racetrack focused attention on Venturing in the San Gabriel Valley Council. Crew 561 staffed their annual booth promoting their Drum and Bu­
gle Corp. Crew 5 offered an opportunity for Scouts and Venturers to learn about amateur ra­
dio and with an onsite opportunity to communicate with other radio operators around the world. Crew 3730 distributed information on the American Heritage Girls Program. The Council Venturing Officers Association provided general information about Venturing as well as promoting opportunities for Venturers to attend the National Scout Jamboree in 2013 as part of the Council Jamboree Patrol. Scout EXPO is the annual Council open house event showcasing Scouting opportunities in our area. Page 4 eVenturer June 2012 WELCOME CREW 261 Crew 261 is a high adventure unit recently chartered by the San Gabriel Mission Church. Several members are dual registered with Troop 261, including new Eagle Scout Christian Rocha and Life Scout Nicholas Hall. Crew President Ashley Acosta frequently participates in many of the Troop activities as well. Sadly for the members of Crew 261, both Christian and Ashley will soon leave for college in Northern California. The Crew is proud and grateful for their contributions to Scouting and to the future of Venturing Crew 261. eVenturer Page 5 June 2012 SCOUT ‘n SHOOT Scout ‘n Shoot is an educational and training program offered for members of the Boy Scouts of America in the San Gabriel Valley Council. Many of the activities are specifically targeted at and of interest to Venturers. Upcoming events include: ­ Shotgun shooting at Camp Trask on Saturday, July 7, 2012. Shooting sessions begin at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The course of fire will include the NRA Marksmanship Shotgun Course and is open to Venturers as well as Venturing age Boy Scouts. The cost is $25.00 for fifty targets and registration is available on Doubleknot. ­ Venturing weekend including shooting activities at Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation August 17­19, 2012. ­ Pistol shooting at Camp Trask on Saturday, September 8, 2012 ­ Venturing Shooting Sports Day at Camp Trask on Saturday, October 6, 2012 will provide Venturers exclusive use of the Camp Trask range for shotgun, rifle, and pistol shooting activities. Additionally, the California Department of Fish & Game Hunter Safety Course will be offered. For additional information, see http://scoutnshoot.org/ or contact SGVC Shooting Sports Chair Juan Ossa at [email protected]. Venturing Weekend Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation Join host Crew 73 and their Advisor Pete Honea for a high adventure weekend at the Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation August 17­19, 2012. The event will include an optional early check­in and Cracker Barrel on Friday evening, August 17, followed by two days of fun including horseback riding, access to a climbing tower, archery, rifle and shotgun shooting. Cost for the weekend is $65 for a BSA registered Venturer and $50 for a BSA registered adult. Registration is available on the SGVC website. Page 6 eVenturer June 2012 VOA PRESIDENT ALI WURM EARNS AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS STARS AND STRIPES AWARD Alexandra “Ali” Wurm recently earned the Stars and Stripes Award as an American Heritage Girl. The Stars and Stripes Award is comparable in scope to the Venturing Silver Award and the Boy Scout Eagle Award. Ali’s Stars and Stripes service project was ambitious. She, and the team she gathered and led, constructed a drainage system for the troop staff’s workshop at Angeles Crest Christian Camp in the San Gabriel Mountains. Ali has a long history at the Angeles Crest, growing in her faith through her times at this camp as a volunteer and attendee. American Heritage Girls (AHG) is a Christian scouting program providing leadership and character develop­
ment for girls kindergarten through 18 years of age. AHG Troops meet together to grow in their faith, serve their community, practice leadership, experience teamwork and build friendships. In 2009 AHG and Boy Scouts of America signed a Memorandum of Mutual Support. The brother­sister relationship of AHG and BSA is historic in nature as it is the first presented to an all­girls organization in the 100 year history of the Boy Scouts of America. Members of Ali’s AHG Troop 373 are also registered as Venturers in Crew 3730. The alliance provides access to the resources of both organizations. Ali was recently elected as the President of the San Gabriel Valley Council Venturing Officers Association. Taking full advantage of the leadership training opportunities of BSA, Ali is scheduled to participate this August in the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at the Philmont Training Center. The San Gabriel Valley Council Venturing Program is fortunate to have the association with the American Heritage Girls and the youth leadership of Ali Wurm. Page 7 eVenturer June 2012 SGVC VOA 2012­2013 SCOUT ‘N SHOOT Camp Trask NRA Shotgun Marksmanship Course July 7, 2012 *** HIGH ADVENTURE WEEKEND Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation August 17 through August 19, 2012 *** SCOUT ‘N SHOOT Camp Trask Introduction to Handguns September 8, 2012 ***
VENTURING SHOOTING DAY VOA MEETING & ADVISORS FORUM RE­CHARTER PACKET DISTRIBUTION Camp Trask Saturday, October 6, 2012 *** ONLINE MEETING VOA @ 6:30 P.M. ADVISORS FORUM @ 7:15 P.M. Sunday, December 2, 2012 VENTURING TRAINING DAY INTRODUCTION TO LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR CREWS (ILSC) VENTURING LEADER SPECIFIC TRAINING (VLST) VOA MEETING & ADVISORS FORUM Camp Trask Saturday, January 12, 2013 *** ONLINE MEETING VOA @ 6:30 P.M., ADVISORS FORUM @ 7:15 P.M. Sunday, April 14, 2013 *** VENTURING WATER SPORTS DAY Long Beach, CA Saturday, April 20, 2013 *** VENTURING CLIMBING WEEKEND Joshua Tree National Park Saturday & Sunday, May 4­5, 2013 *** VENTURING AWARDS BANQUET 2013­2014 VOA ELECTIONS PazNaz Church, Pasadena, CA Sunday, May 19, 2013 *** NATIONAL SCOUT JAMBOREE SGVC Venturing Patrol tour July 13­25, 2013 ***