Practice Events - Pine Ridge Dental Centre



Practice Events - Pine Ridge Dental Centre
Pine Ridge
Dental Centre is
pleased to introduce an
innovative new program to ensure your
smile is always bright and healthy.
For a one-time fee of $ , we will
provide ongoing tooth whitening to patients
who are committed to long-term oral health.
Initial whitening is achieved using
Advanced Power Whitening. This renowned
process gives a dazzling result using a
light activated gel in one office visit of just
over an hour.
A follow up whitening kit with custom fitted
trays for home use is provided to ensure
lasting results.
You will also receive professional grade take
home whitening on an annual basis to ensure
your smile remains its brightest and whitest.
6555 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON
M1C 3L2
Tel: 416-281-8173
The terms and conditions of the Bright For Life
Program are as follows:
•Patients must maintain a hygiene schedule as
determined by the doctor & hygienist based on
the individual needs of the patient. This must
include at least one doctor checkup per year &
scaling & x-rays as required.
•Teeth that are diagnosed with decay or root
exposure must be restored promptly to prevent
irritation from whitening gels.
•At the end of a twelve-month cycle patients will
receive a complimentary whitening touch up kit.
•Patients may not miss scheduled appointments
for hygiene recare.
•Rescheduling must be done prior to four
business days of the scheduled appointment.
Rebooking is required within two weeks of the
original appointment.
•Replacement fee for lost or damaged trays is
$50.00 per tray.
• Existing
patients are automatically enrolled
Patients who are not able to meet the fore mentioned
conditions may not be eligible for the Program.
A bright smile is your best
take-anywhere accessory.
Keep it that way with

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