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Hotel Transylvania
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January 2013
Welcome to
Jetstar’s Inflight Entertainment Guide
To celebrate the beginning of 2013, we have a fantastic line-up of new release and festive-themed movies for
your holiday enjoyment.
This month’s recommended movie is Hotel Transylvania, a witty and vibrant animation following the story of Count
Dracula’s luxury monster escape and his efforts to protect his daughter from humankind. For a laugh, and some
feel-good Glee-style music renditions, tune into Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. For a bit
of action and drama, we also have Taken 2 and Looper, as well as The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Odd Life
Of Timothy Green and the latest Aussie-New Zealand comedy, Two Little Boys, starring Hamish Blake and Flight
Of The Conchords’ Bret McKenzie.
For your musical tastebuds we have a huge array of audio, including this month’s featured album, Battle Born,
by US rockers The Killers - to read our review, turn to page 9. If pop is more your style, our collection also
includes the latest from The Presets, as well as The xx, Muse and Keith Urban. You can also tune into NOVA and
smoothfm, or check out our NOVA Podcasts featuring Fitzy & Wippa, Hughesy & Kate and Meshel, Tim & Marty.
We have a great selection of eBooks from Penguin Books Australia, as well as the freshest eMagazines,
cutting-edge games and all your favourite television shows, including Smash, Modern Family, 30 Rock,
Offspring, plus many more.
From everyone at Jetstar, we wish you a safe and happy New Year.
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Movie | Pitch Perfect
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Movie | The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Recommended Movie Of The Month
Hotel Transylvania
Words by Sophie Leahy
If you thought that Count Dracula was a fearsome killer, focused purely on getting fangs-deep
into the necks of innocent humans everywhere, you might just have to think again.
Hotel Transylvania (2012) is a fresh, witty and vibrant new animation flick, portraying the Count
as a savvy entrepreneur, as well as a loving and overprotective father.
Life can be pretty tough for all sorts of monster-kind,
who feel that they are constantly vilified by flamebearing, pitchfork-wielding and angry mobs of people,
intent on their demise. To answer this problem, the
Count has established a luxury five-stake retreat for
monsters in his Transylvanian castle – no humans
allowed. This rule is absolutely essential to the
success of his business, but the Count has his
own reasons for wanting a total disconnection from
mankind. As a single dad trying to raise a teenage
daughter, Mavis, the Count desperately wants to keep
her tucked firmly under his batwing to protect her from
the dangers of the world.
Unfortunately, just like any other 118-year-old
teenage vampire, all Mavis wants is a vein-full of
freedom and independence. Tough luck when your
Dad is as fierce as the Count! During her birthday
celebrations, a crack appears in the Count’s elaborate
set-up when a young American backpacker called
Jonathan inadvertently slips inside the castle. Much
to Dracula’s dismay, Jonathan and Mavis soon fall for
each other. It’s a classic boy-meets-girl story, with a
monster twist.
With ghouls, vampires, zombies and monsters of
all shapes and sizes popping up on screen, this
inventive, macabre animation is a veritable explosion
of colour. With big names like Adam Sandler, Selena
Gomez, Andy Samberg and David Spade voicing the
gothic gags, the content is kept light, fluffy and deadly
entertaining. Packed with slapstick, eye-popping
physical comedy and hilarious gags, this film makes
full use of its cartoonish qualities.
Can a centuries-old vampire and a 21-year-old guy
beat the odds and make it work? Check in to Hotel
Transylvania to find out!
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Special Collection Movies
Four Christmases
National Lampoon’s
Christmas Vacation
The Polar Express
M | 87 mins
M | 99 mins
G | 97 mins
G | 100 mins
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Starring: Reese Witherspoon,
Starring: Chevy Chase,
Starring: Will Ferrell, James
Starring: Tom Hanks, Chris
Vince Vaughn
Beverly D’Angelo
Caan, Bob Newhart
Coppola, Michael Jeter
Brad and Kate try to flee the
country during the holiday
season so they don’t have to
spend Christmas with their
crazy divorced parents. But
what happens when all the
flights are cancelled and
they’re forced to go home?
The Griswolds are trying to
have a picture-book, oldfashioned Christmas. And it
looks like it’s going to be a
real jolly holiday when the rest
of the family turn up and all
their plans and preparations
go awry.
Buddy isn’t like your average
elf. He’s tall, clumsy and he
just doesn’t fit in. After his
height wreaks havoc on the
elf community, Buddy is sent
to the U.S. to find himself and
understand his true roots. But
will he fit in any better there?
As every Christmas passes
by, young Billy seems to
doubt the existence of Santa
Claus more and more. But all
that changes when he boards
a magical train headed for the
North Pole and his life and
opinions are changed forever.
Latest Release Movies
Hotel Translyvania
The Odd Life Of Timothy
Pitch Perfect
Taken 2
PG | 92 mins
G | 105 mins
M | 112 mins
M | 92 mins
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En, Jp
Language: En, Jp, EnCC
Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy
Starring: Jennifer Garner, Joel
Starring: Anna Kendrick,
Starring: Liam Neeson, Famke
Samberg, Selena Gomez
Edgerton, Ron Livingston
Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson
Janssen, Maggie Grace
Bringing a touch of bite to
the vampire genre, this film
follows the notorious Count
Dracula, who runs a high-end
resort away from the human
world. When a young boy
discovers the secret monster
hotel and falls for the Count’s
daughter, the two worlds
abruptly collide.
After being told that they
can’t have children, a young
married couple write down
all the things they imagine
their child would have been
like. Shortly afterwards on a
stormy night, a boy shows up
on their doorstep.
This sassy comedy
presents a cappella rivalry
on the campus of Barden
University. The all-girl
group, The Bellas, soundoff against their male rivals,
The Treblemakers, hitting
high notes all the way to the
national championship.
This heart-stopping thriller
sees Liam Neeson return as
Bryan Mills, the retired CIA
agent who stopped at nothing
to save his daughter from
kidnappers. When the father
of one of the villains looks for
revenge, Bryan must once
again help his family to safety.
Oscar - Winning
Latest Release Movies
The Perks Of Being A
Two Little Boys
The King’s Speech
M | 103 mins
MA15+ | 118 mins
MA15+ | 101 mins
M | 131 mins
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Starring: Logan Lerman,
Starring: Joseph Gordon-
Starring: Bret McKenzie,
Starring: Colin Firth,
Emma Watson, Ezra Miller
Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt
Hamish Blake, Maaka Pohatu
Geoffrey Rush
Set in the early ‘90s, this
moving film conveys the
universal highs and lows
that go hand in hand with
being a teenager. An introvert
freshman becomes close
friends with two seniors, and
learns to navigate his way
through friendship and love.
In the future, illegal time travel
is ruled by the mob and used
to eliminate people. The target
is sent back 30 years and
killed by waiting hired gunmen,
known as Loopers. But what
happens when a Looper is
faced with their future self and
forced to “close the loop?”
Nige and Deano are a couple
of bogan friends living in
New Zealand in 1993. When
Nige accidently runs over a
Norwegian backpacker, he
turns to his old friend for help.
Unfortunately, Deano isn’t
really the sort of guy who
works well in a crisis.
This film is a remarkable portrait
of a reluctant hero. Follow
King George VI as he battles
the shame and frustration of
a stammer with the help of a
controversial speech therapist.
Long-haul international flights only.
Long-haul international flights only.
Local Movies
International Movies
Kath & Kimderella
Storm Surfers
Key Of Life
Rurouni Kenshin
PG | 86 mins
PG | 95 mins
PG | 128 mins
PG | 134 mins
Language: En
Language: En
Language: Jp Subtitles: En
Language: Jp Subtitles: En
Starring: Jane Turner, Gina
Starring: Tom Carroll, Ross
Starring: Masato Sakai, Teruyuki
Starring: Takeru Satoh,
Riley, Magda Szubanski
Clark-Jones, Ben Matson
Kagawa, Ryôko Hirosue
Emi Takei, Yu Aoi
The two foxy ladies from
Fountain Lakes decide to go
on an overseas trip. However,
this trip doesn’t turn out to be
a regular holiday vacation,
as Kath and Kim somehow
happen to become the centre
of their very own fairytale.
An epic adventure
documentary following
two best friends braving
enormous waves, freezing
conditions and near-death
experiences on their quest
to hunt down and ride the
biggest and most dangerous
waves in Australia.
Sakurai is an aspiring actor
who becomes frustrated
with his life. But everything
changes unexpectedly after a
visit to the bathhouse, when
he switches identities with
another man. This seems like
a great idea – until the yakuza
get involved.
Kenshin, a former assassin,
has become a wandering
samurai, offering aid and
protecting those in need to
compensate for his previous
life. However, his past still
haunts him every day.
Oscar - Winning
The Hurt Locker
Slumdog Millionaire
No Country For
Old Men
The Departed
MA15+ | 118 mins
MA15+ | 120 mins
MA15+ | 122 mins
MA15+ | 151 mins
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Language: En
Starring: Jeremy Renner,
Starring: Dev Patel,
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones,
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio,
Anthony Mackie
Freida Pinto
Javier Bardem
Matt Damon
Nail-biting cinema at its
absolute best. This tense and
brutally real film presents the
conflict in the Middle East
from the perspective of a
group of soldiers.
A portrait of the extremes
of Mumbai – its squalor
and grandeur. This film pits
a poor boy from the slums
against the rich men of the
entertainment industry.
The Coen brothers at their
best – this is bleak, darkly
humorous and violent. When
Llewellyn comes across a
drug deal gone wrong, it
sets off a chain reaction of
calamitous events.
Set in South Boston, deep in
the world of organised crime,
this thrilling tale follows the
story of an undercover cop.
Explosive, beautiful and
immaculately acted – hold on
to your arm-rests.
30 Rock
Offspring is an exuberant Australian drama that follows the life of
Nina Proudman, as she struggles through every single day trying
to deal with her fabulously messy family, her hunt for a decent
love life and her tendency to over-think and fly off into fantasy.
Liz Lemon is the head writer of a comedy programme called
TGS with Tracy Jordan. 30 Rock explores her everyday
struggles, trying to keep the unpredictable cast and crew in
their place, whilst dealing with her hilariously confusing life.
4 x 45 mins | Language: En
The Glades
2 x 45 mins | Language: En
A former Chicago cop experiences a real sea change when
he moves to a small Florida town. Wanting to stick with the
profession that he has known and loved for many years, he
decides to join the state police.
2 x 45 mins | Language: En
A team prepare to stage a new Broadway musical on the life of
Marilyn Monroe. But with creativity comes a hectic and chaotic
lifestyle. This drama shows how each person balances his or her
personal life with the all-consuming demands of life in the theatre.
Downton Abbey
2 x 60 mins | Language: En
A British-American period drama television series made as
part of the Masterpiece Classic anthology. Downton Abbey has
won numerous accolades in its entire broadcast - including
a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries and a Primetime
Emmy Award.
Burn Notice
2 x 45 mins | Language: En
A US spy, Michael Westen, has been dismissed by the US
government and now uses his Special Ops training and
knowledge to assist others in trouble.
2 x 45 mins | Language: En
Dallas is one of the most important shows in television history,
with plenty of romance for the female audiences and a lot of
cowboy posturing and business intrigue for the male viewers.
Dallas... one of the greatest soap operas of all time.
3 x 25 mins | Language: En
Family Guy
3 x 25 mins | Language: En
An animated comedy about the dysfunctional Griffin family,
from the small town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The Griffin
family struggle through every day as they are thrown from one
crazy scenario to another.
Two And A Half Men
3 x 25 mins | Language: En
A jingle writer was living a luxurious and self-indulgent life, until
his world is completely flipped upside down when his brother
and 10-year-old nephew move into his beach-front condo. This
season, we mourn the loss of Charlie and introduce Walden
Schmidt in his place.
3 x 45 mins | Language: En
McKinley High School’s Glee Club is determined to recapture
their former glory and win the national championship.
3 x 25 mins | Language: En
Woodley is a refreshingly original eight-part comedy series,
starring one of Australia’s favourite comedians, Frank Woodley.
Modern Family
3 x 25 mins | Language: En
Three families related by blood, but completely different in every
sense of the word. Jay has grown children, grandchildren and
a young wife who has a son of her own; all together they must
bridge generational, cultural and social gaps.
Movie Ratings
NR Not Rated.
General Audience: Suitable for audiences of all ages.
Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children.
Parents Strongly Cautioned:
Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
Restricted: Viewers under 15 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or an adult.
Globe Trekker
Kung Fu Panda: Legend Of Awesomeness
Globe Trekker is an adventure tourism series, inspired by the
Lonely Planet travel books. In this episode, Zoe travels to the
islands of the Pacific, starting with Rarotonga to visit Te Rua
Manga and finishing in beautiful Papua New Guinea.
Based on the Kung Fu Panda films, this is an animated
television series that follows the life of young Po.
Taking place between the two films, the series shows
Po’s strenuous training and determination to become a
successful Dragon Warrior.
60 mins | Language: En
Penguins Of Madagascar
52 mins | Language: En
Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas
Christmas is a time of celebration, with family and friends and
more importantly, food. Jamie sets out on a mission to create
the simplest Christmas feast. From succulent turkey to mulled
wine, Jamie’s got it all covered.
One Small Step: An Unauthorized Tribute To
Neil Armstrong
60 mins | Language: En
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Stated by Neil Armstrong, this is by far the most well-known
phrase in the history of the universe. One Small Step was
created to pay tribute to this reluctant hero, who set out on the
seemingly impossible mission to the moon.
60 mins | Language: En
Adam and Jamie are two Hollywood special effects experts
who are determined to prove every myth and urban legend
right or wrong. Together with their skilled pyrotechnics, they
assure all viewers an enjoyable show.
My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas
60 mins | Language: En
Christmas is a time of peace, love and more importantly,
celebration. Get a glimpse into the close-knit and fiercely
private Irish traveller community and explore some of the ageold traveller traditions - and some of the newer ones too.
2 x 25 mins | Language: En
2 x 25 mins | Language: En
Our four favourite criminal mastermind penguins from the
award-winning animation Madagascar are back. Together with
five of their trusty accomplices, consisting of four lemurs and
one crazy chimpanzee, they set out on outrageous missions to
protect their zoo home.
Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggle!
2 x 22 mins | Language: En
Join Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the
Dog and Henry the Octopus to dance and sing along with
everybody’s favourite skivvy-clad group – The Wiggles.
Bananas In Pyjamas Animated Series
4 x 12 mins | Language: En
Our favourite healthy giant friends are back. B1 and B2 are
good friends and companions that live on Cuddles Lane with
their friends Amy, Morgan, Lulu and the Rat-in-a-Hat. B1 and
B2 continue to run down those stairs, chase teddy bears and
catch them unawares.
Disney Channel
2 x 60 mins| Language: En
Kids will love these channels of Disney hit shows.
Sporting Nation
55 mins | Language: En
Since the dawn of time, it has been known by all of humanity
that sport was born for Aussies. This episode follows the
discovery of amateur talent from kicking the footy in the
backyard to winning at Wimbledon and the Olympics.
Languages available only on certain routes.
En: English
Jp: Japanese
EnCC: English closed captioned
Select from over 50 full-length albums
Here are a few highlights to entice - available on all flights
The Presets – Pacifica
The Aussie electro duo’s third album is nothing like what’s come before. Right from the opening
track, a brooding, trance-inflected six-minute mind-bender, it’s clear they’re steering clear of
clichéd floor-fillers in favour of something deeper and more daring.
Mumford & Sons
Battle Born
The Killers
Muse – The 2nd Law
The frontrunners of English prog-rock deserve a gold medal for ambition. Featuring the band’s
epic Olympic theme ‘Survival’, their sixth album traverses glam-rock, metal and even dub-step.
Operatic in its scale and spectacle, The 2nd Law is a searing, slow burner.
Come Of Age
The Vaccines
The Brightest Light
King Cannons
Easy Listening
The xx – Coexist
London trio, The xx, unleashed a quiet storm with their eponymous breakthrough debut back in
2009, which won the Mercury Prize for Best Album. Three years later, they’re back with more of
the same pensively cool, understated indie-pop.
The Absence
Melody Gardot
The Story So Far
Keith Urban
Greatest Hits
INXS – Kick (25th Anniversary Edition)
This classic rock album became INXS’s best seller. Originally released in 1987, this special
anniversary edition features all the original hits, including ‘New Sensation’, ‘Need You Tonight’
and ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, plus bonus remixes, demos and unheard tracks.
Graceland (Remastered)
Paul Simon
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
David Bowie
Noah Stewart – Noah
Raised in Harlem, New York, tenor Noah Stewart once worked as a receptionist at Carnegie
Hall – now he performs opera’s greatest roles on the world-renowned stage. He’s faultless on
this debut collection of opera classics.
The Australian Ballet - The Music Of Dance (Celebrating 50 Years)
Cecilia Bartoli
Recommended Album Of The Month
The Killers – Battle Born
Words by Sophie Leahy
The Killers are nothing if not ambitious. From 2004’s Hot Fuss to their latest
effort, Battle Born (2012), The Killers have made their mark on the music
world with bombastic, sweeping pieces that are intricately layered with both
meaning and sound. After a four-year exile, the band has returned with the same
energy and vigour as before, fresh with new tales to tell.
Battle Born is big and bold, with a bundle of stadium
rock anthems sprawled throughout. The band, made
up of frontman Brandon Flowers, bassist Mark
Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci, are here to
take listeners on a classic American road trip, top
down on a Mustang with the desert landscape of
Nevada whipping by. There is a distinctly Springsteenesque feel to the collection, as the group continue with
their lofty ambition to be the greatest rock band of
our generation.
The first single, ‘Runaways’, is a stomping rock track,
full of majestic, fist-pumping moments. ‘Flesh and
Bone’ will have people singing/yelling unashamedly
out the car window, while title track ‘Battle Born’ is all
rolling drums, big guitar riffs and epic verses.
Perhaps influenced from the charts, which are now
throbbing with dubstep and electronic dance music,
subtle electronic textures are littered throughout Battle
Born. Essentially though, The Killers have stuck to their
roots – exploring the basics of classic American rock.
What makes The Killers stand apart from many of
their contemporaries is their evocative and earnest
lyrical style, which shares stirring tales of love, life and
fantasy. The group has developed a particular knack
for crafting deliciously cheesy love songs with some
serious, guitar-slaying choruses, creating a balance
that caters to its wide fan base perfectly. These words,
sung in the disarmingly sincere quiver of Flowers’
voice, are impossible not to take in and mull over,
again and again.
Amongst their cutting chords and cinematic beats, The
Killers are constantly building drama and suspense.
Grand, complex and triumphant, this album will take
you on the ride of your life.
NOVA Podcasts
Australia’s best-loved entertainers take a look at what’s happening in the world from a NOVA point of view. You may laugh, you
may change the channel – we dare you to Live Life NOVA and give it a listen.
Meshel, Tim & Marty
Fitzy & Wippa
Hughesy & Kate
Brynne Edelsten - Awkward
Altiyan Childs Parody
Childcare Centres Need Shredders!
Lies Your Parents Told You
Matt Preston Pranks George Colombaris
Kids with Big Heads
Stuff That You Knew
Strip Delta Goodrem
What’s In Ya?
Hear the freshest hits on NOVA, hosted by Smallzy.
Don’t You Worry Child
Swedish House Mafia
Die Young
Hall Of Fame
The Script Feat.
Thrift Shop
Macklemore Feat. Ryan Lewis
Bom Bom
Sam & The Womp
We Are Never Ever Getting Back
Taylor Swift
Get Along
Guy Sebastian
Everybody Talks
Neon Trees
Let Me Love You (Until You Learn
To Love Yourself)
Locked Out Of Heaven
Bruno Mars
Little Mix
Florence And The Machine
Girl On Fire
Alicia Keys Feat. Nicki Minaj
Anything Could Happen
Ellie Goulding
We’ll Be Coming Back
Calvin Harris Feat. Example
Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes
Crystal Gayle
To Love Somebody
Bee Gees
Sit back and relax to your smooth favourites.
In The Ghetto
Elvis Presley
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Bonnie Tyler
Baby I’m A Want You
How About Us
So Wonderful
Emilia Mitiku
I Swear
My Guy
Mary Wells
Breathe Again
Toni Braxton
Chain Reaction
Diana Ross
Count On Me
Bruno Mars
God Only Knows
Beach Boys
She’s Like The Wind
Patrick Swayze
Have I Told You Lately
Van Morrison
Kids eBooks iPad Only
Travelling with kids is always a challenge. Keep your young ones entertained and occupied with our library of
terrific kids’ books!
Select from over 50 childrens’ eBooks
Child Writes is a programme offered to primary school children, allowing them to experience the journey of writing and illustrating their
own picture book.
Penguin eBooks iPad Only
Keep your hand luggage light while still indulging your mind and imagination. Our eBook offering provides
convenient and enthralling entertainment for all.
The Younger Man
by Zoë Foster
Beauty’s Sister:
Penguin Specials
by James Bradley
Six Women of Letters:
Penguin Specials
curated by Marieke Hardy
and Michaela McGuire
The Australian Moment
by George Megalogenis
Meet Alice: Our Australian Girl
by Davina Bell and Lucia
Andy Roid and the
Superhuman Secret
by Felice Arena
by Kelly Hunter
Select from seven Penguin eBooks
We have a fantastic selection of eBooks from Penguin Books Australia including contemporary women’s fiction, romance, real-life stories,
a reimagined tale and more. Plus we have something on offer for younger readers too.
eMags • Games
eMags iPad Only
Forgot to grab your favourite mag before boarding? Don't worry, we've got you covered with a broad
selection of excellent eMagazines. We bring the newsstand to you!
Games iPad Only
Test your reflexes and skills or become immersed in another world with this wide selection of popular games.
Time will fly by.
Action & Adventure
Real Football 2010
Shrek Kart
Board & Card Games
James Cameron’s Avatar
Action & Adventure
GT Racing Motor Academy
Iron Man 2
Action & Adventure
Asphalt 5
The Settlers
Action & Adventure
Board & Card Games
Let’s Golf 2
Brain Challenge
Brain Training
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On Your Cabin Screen
TV - Flights from Australia
Gossip Girl
Tallest Tower: Building
the Shard
The Middle
World’s Most
Expensive Rides
45 mins | Language: En
60 mins | Language: En
25 mins | Language: En
30 mins | Language: En
Life for the privileged Upper
East Side residents is
nothing if not complicated.
Get caught up in the
designer drama of Serena,
Chuck, Blair, Nate and Dan,
told through the lens of your
one and only source into the
lives of Manhattan’s elite –
Gossip Girl.
This documentary details
the challenges and
achievements behind the
building of The Shard Western Europe’s tallest
tower in a densely populated
part of London.
Frances “Frankie” Heck is a
working-class, midwestern
woman. Married with three
kids, Frankie faces the
challenges of modern day
living in the most unique and
funny ways.
Step inside the world of
luxury cars, bikes and
boats, where the engines
are powerful and the bucks
are big. From car collectors
to extreme-racers, this
programme covers the
top end of all manner of
motor vehicles.
Two And A Half Men
Through The Wormhole
With Morgan Freeman
Malcolm In The Middle
Food Thinkers
25 mins | Language: En
60 mins | Language: En
25 mins | Language: En
15 mins | Language: En
The laughs continue on this
long-running hit sitcom. Alan
is moving on after the death
of his brother Charlie, with
the help of his new friend
and housemate, Walden.
Hosted by Morgan Freeman,
this show endeavours to
uncover the meaning of
life, using some of the
most complex theories of
physics, cosmology and
Life can be hard as a middle
child, even more so when
you are a prodigy like
Malcolm. Join in the fun
with Malcolm and his crazy
family, as they learn how to
get along with each other,
and the rest of the world.
Thinking food? So are we!
See moments of brilliance
in the kitchen from different
parts of the world.
On Your Cabin Screen
TV - Flights to Australia
Lois & Clark: The New
Jamie’s 15 Minute
Adventures Of Superman Meals
New Girl
Mars Landing 2012: The
New Search For Life
45 mins | Language: En
30 mins | Language: En
25 mins | Language: En
60 mins | Language: En
This phenomenally
successful television series
from the ‘90s focussed on
the Man of Steel’s early
adult years working at the
Daily Planet newspaper.
His constant struggle is
managing his duel identity,
while trying to sort out his
relationship with Lois Lane.
Is there nothing Jamie
Oliver can’t do? Learn how
to whip up nutritious and
delicious meals in just 15
minutes! Nothing seems
impossible in the kitchen
with Jamie’s easy and
affable cooking manner.
Jess is a unique and
adorable woman in her late
20s, who moves in with three
single men after a breakup.
The guys help Jess navigate
her way through the ups and
downs of single life.
This documentary provides
coverage of NASA’s
Curiosity rover and its
recent Mars landing.
Looking at the technology
behind such a mission, we’re
also introduced to the people
who have dedicated their
careers to this project.
Vintage Hunter
Mr Bean
Food Thinkers
25 mins | Language: En
60 mins | Language: En
25 mins | Language: En
15 mins | Language: En
Sit down at Central Perk
for a cup of coffee and
a barrel of laughs with
everyone’s favourite bunch
of friends. Follow the lives
and loves of these six young
people living in Manhattan
as they juggle work,
romance and roommates.
Flea market devotee
Dominic Johnson-Hill travels
across the world, uncovering
classic collectables and
antiques that are both
valuable and intriguing.
Dominic is always able to
find something interesting
about the history of each of
these prized possessions.
This classic English
comedy follows oddball
Mr Bean, a grown man
who faces the world with
the naivety and innocence
of a young child. Despite
struggling to complete even
the most basic tasks, his
perseverance is almost
always rewarded.
Thinking food? Then tune
into this delicious programme
which showcases some
innovative and mouthwatering recipes from a bunch
of top chefs. Watch as the
dishes are carefully crafted
with incredible results.