To Succeed in Real Estate Today, It Takes a Market Leader
Give Your Brokerage the Competitive Edge with RealtyGenerator
The profit-generating solution for brokerages, RealtyGenerator helps you achieve success with
a steady stream of business, powerful contact management system for your agents, and tools
to control your business – all of which help you recruit and retain top agents.
Receive a Steady Stream of Prospects
Deliver Real Value to Prospects
84% of home buyers start their searches online, and 24% buy a
house they first learned about on the Web.* With
RealtyGenerator you and your agents can take advantage of our
national buying power and 10 years' experience in real estate
advertising. You will attract home buyers looking in your area
directly to your brokerage's customized response-generating
IDX website.
Set yourself apart from the competition by giving prospects what
they want when they want it. We put powerful real estate tools at
the fingertips of your website visitors. They are led to provide you
with their contact information so they become prospects—and
they return to your site on an ongoing basis.
* According to the National Association of REALTORS®
Track Prospects with Real-Time Monitoring Tools
Now you can know what prospects are thinking every step of the
way. Vision provides reports on the daily number of visitors to
your site and where they come from. You can see the homes,
neighborhoods and price ranges prospects are looking for. The
reports are easy to read with graphs, statistics and “prospect
snapshots.” You can keep track of the return on your investment
while making sure your agents are meeting the needs of clients.
Better Grow and Manage Your Business
At the heart of RealtyGenerator is the Vision contact management
system that makes it easy to grow and manage your business.
With your advertising, website, database, email, and reporting
tools all synchronized through Vision, you and your agents can
gain greater control over your business and achieve greater
professional satisfaction.
"When I first started using RealtyGenerator, my established
agents balked at using it, but the newer agents had little to lose
and signed up. In not too much time, the newer agents with no
network pipeline to speak of were doing more business than
many of the established agents! Needless to say, the established
agents lined up, too, and now they're paying a monthly fee to
Harris Safier
Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty
Recruit and Retain Top Agents
With RealtyGenerator, you can provide your agents with a steady
stream of prospects and a way to manage them. Because
everyone wants to be a member of a winning team, you can
recruit the best agents in your area and bring unparalleled success
to your brokerage.
There's no better time than now to give yourself the competitive edge.
Call Market Leader today at 1-877-732-0693.
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Online Advertising
To drive prospective buyers and sellers to your website, we create, manage and optimize targeted
marketing campaigns. Leveraging our extensive advertising expertise on behalf of our real estate
professional clients, we have spent over $120 million on real estate advertising over the past 10 years.
IDX Website
IDX Website
RealtyGenerator's unique IDX website, customized for your brokerage, gives website visitors numerous
tools and search options. Visitors are led to provide contact information, become prospects and return
to your site often.
Vision Contact Management System
RealtyGenerator's real “workhorse” is the Vision contact management solution. Through Vision, your
agents can easily monitor visitor activity and know when a prospect's search criteria have changed. An
integrated email system, message alerts, daily reminders, prospect “snapshots” and other tools keep
you and your agents constantly in tune with your clients.
Contact Management System
State-of-the-Art Reporting Technology
In Vision's “Site Activity” section, you can compare prospect counts month-to-month, analyze your
advertising spend, dig deep into details through easy-to-find and easy-to-read analytical charts and
other reporting tools. Control your marketing by viewing prospects by month and broken out by their
sources, whether coming from your own ads, Craigslist, a Google search, an online marketing
campaign, or other source.
Real-time Monitoring Tools
In addition to managing your brokerage business and finessing your marketing, you can also monitor
your agents. From seeing which agents are using the system daily to overseeing the handling of email,
you will know everything that affects your profitability as it happens.
Reporting Technology
RealtyGenerator empowers you to:
Create a steady stream of business
Better grow and manage your business
Recruit and retain top agents
Track the success of your agents and your
brokerage with real-time monitoring tools
Gain the competitive edge
Monitoring Tools
Get Started Today!
RealtyGenerator empowers you and your agents to easily manage
the details of your business so you can focus your attention where it belongs:
on generating prospects and nurturing clients.
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