LHBC Youth Ministry Newsletter


LHBC Youth Ministry Newsletter
LHBC Youth Ministry
May 2016
Volume 1, Issue 4
Special Interest:
Congratulations LHBC High School 2016 Graduates
• Congratulations
to our High
BriAnna Owens
• BOP (Buds of
Promise) don’t miss
out on the exciting
happenings this
High School:
George Washington
College Attending:
Colorado State UniversityFt Collins
Ministries Served at LHBC:
Assessment and Children’s
• 3rd Sundays are for
Senior Banquet 6/5
Youth Retreat 7/30
Children’s Bible Study
needs teachers
Mia Wilborne
High School:
Denver School of the Arts
College Attending:
Colorado State UniversityFt Collings
Future Plans:
Join a contemporary and/or
ballet company and become
a veterinarian
Ministries Served at LHBC:
Noah’s Ark
Navé Miller
Senior Banquet
Be a Supporter:
Important Dates to
Diamond Marsh
High School:
Regis Jesuit High School
College Attending:
Saint Louis University
Ministries Served at LHBC:
Children’s Church
Come out and honor
these great graduates
with us at the Senior
Sunday, June 5, 2016,
immediately after
service. Congratulations,
graduating class of 2016.
We are so proud of you!
High School:
Colorado Virtual Academy
College Attending:
Stephens College
Fashion Design and Product
Ministries Served at LHBC:
Jr Usher
Jubilee Choir
Women of Hope
Children’s Church Helper
Bud’s of Promise
Wing’s of Hope
LHBC Youth Ministry Newsletter
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Buds of Promise Summer Activities-Get Involved!
Come out for some
Summer Reading
Fun. Buds of Promise
is for Middle-High
School girls.
Buds of Promise
will also host
"Schools Out,
Skate Party" at
Skate City
Starting in June…
Buds of Promise will be
reading the book God Girl
by Hayley DiMarco. The
book's focus is on
becoming the woman you
were meant to be. Over
the summer we will have
"Book Club Style
Meetings". If you have
not been a regular part of
BOP but would like to
participate in our Book
Club over the summer
please feel free to join
us. We are planning to
meet the 3rd and 4th
Sundays during morning
service June-August, the
summer months.
Saturday, June 11
Please see Sis
Suzette Randolph for
more information and
to sign up to go.
LHBC Youth Ministries
Summer Schedule,
-Jubilee, Harmony
T.R.U.S.T.,and Noah’s Ark
is on Summer Break from
-Ventures will still meet every
Tuesday at 7pm.
-Buds of Promise will meet
3rd and 4th Sunday during
morning service (for book
-Kingdom Warriors and
Children’s Church will meet
only 3rd Sundays during
morning service.
-Vacation Bible School TBA
Come Turn Up, For God’s Glory!!!
Go therefore and make
disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the name of
the Father and of the Son and
of the Holy Spirit, teaching
them to observe all things that
I have commanded you; and
lo, I am with you always, even
to the end of the age. Amen.—
Matthew 28:19-20
Sunday of the
Month is our Youth
Sunday. The youth of
LHBC gets to show off
what God is doing in and
for their lives.
We want all youth that
would like to participate to
come and be a part of our
youth Sundays. If you like
to dance, have a poem to
read or just want to help
with prayer and
announcements please let
us know. We know that
God blesses us with many
talents and that youth are
not excluded in those
gifts, so come on out 3rd
Sundays and show us
what God has gifted you
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LHBC Youth Ministry Newsletter
Future Career Opportunities-Dream Big!!!
High School Girls and
Guys Apply now for
SummerTEK 2016!
Here’s a great opportunity!
Colorado Futuretek for
High School girls and
guys (including entering
freshmen) who are
interested in STEM
careers (see website
below). To secure a spot,
send in the application
right away and then follow
up with the supporting
Wings Aerospace Academy
(WAA) is a tuition-free
middle and future high
school charter program
providing hands-on
aerospace experiences. On
Tuesday, April 26 WAA
hosted an exclusive
Parent information night
for Shades of Blue. They
were successful at
demonstrating the
uniqueness of this
academy and their
focuses on preparing
students for
experiences and careers
in Aerospace by providing
hands-on training,
Learn about computer
networking in this fun and
exciting 6-week program
Attend field trips to
companies using state-of-theart computer technology
Improve your
teamwork, problem-solving,
verbal and written
communication skills
Gain experience that
positions you for future
experiences centered on
aviation and space. The
activities that evening
included a brief museum
tour that included
descriptions on how the
students contribute to some
of the projects. There was
an overview of a typical
week at WAA and an
amazing air video and photo
presentation. The evening
ended with most of the kids
signing up to enrolled in the
2016-2017 school year and
a group picture with Captain
Willie Daniels, Founder of
Shade of Blue.
Earn rewards and
recognition for excellence
Become a member of the
Cisco Networking Academy
Attend Microsoft “Start
Your Own Business” Seminar
Students who
successfully complete
SummerTEK are awarded a
Windows 10 laptop
or mail it to
Colorado Futuretek,
P.O. Box 7159,
Denver, CO 80207
applications can be
downloaded from
our website,
To apply, complete the
attached application,
scan and email it to
[email protected]
For more information or
to register your
child/children grades
5th-9th for WAA visit
their website
academy.org/ or contact
Bro Rivera for details
[email protected]
“I can do all things
through Christ who
gives me strength.”
~Phil 4:13
Birthday Celebration
May Birthdays
Trinity Williams, 5/18
Aria Johnson, 5/28
We’re on the Web!
See us at:
We enjoy celebrating the
gift of life and we
appreciate each and every
one of our youth. When
birthdays come around
they are to be celebrated.
In this part of the
newsletter you will find the
birthdays for each month
listed with a picture and
information about each
young person. We will
send out an email to each
parent that has a child
with a birthday that month
asking you to send a
picture and a small
description of your child’s
interests and hobbies.
Please be on the lookout
when the next birthday
rolls around!
Trinity Williams, 15
Trinity's birthday is May
18th (she will be 15).
Trinity is a freshmen in
High School
She Loves God!
She is a great big sister
and even better little
She wants to be a nurse
in the Navy
She is very artistic
She likes to sing, get
involved in pageants,
design clothing and
She knows she can do all
things through Christ
which strengthens her!
She is very much loved by
her family!
Aria Johnson, 5
Recognition Corner-Nashaé Miller
Nashaé Miller is going
for the Gold!!!
Nashaé, competed in her
first gymnastic
competition with
Achieve Gymnastics
C.A.R.A. League
(Colorado Association
of Recreational
Athletics), Saturday,
April 30 and she placed
3rd in vault, and 4th on
bars. She has been
taking gymnastics since
she was about 3 or 4
years old and has flipped
and tumbled all around
the house since.
Nothing is stopping this
next Olympian.
Nashaé, is this
month’s Super Star.
Look to see more
from Nashaé as she
continues to walk
with God in reaching
her dreams!!!!