Cakes Da Killa Press Kit


Cakes Da Killa Press Kit
“You think you ready for these GOODIES?” Who is CAKES DA KILLA? His impossibly fast tongue lashes out violently
over Dipset-glitzy beats. His content: fellatio and shopping sprees is causing his own
brand of mayhem in the hip-hop community. He is every rapper’s nightmare – a homosexual with bars.
Cakes brags that he can, “spit that shit to make a homophobe a hypocrite,” and few doubt that. His
flow is densely packed with jokes and references that proves just how remarkably confident he is.
He crams bars full of syllables like Busta Rhymes, mixed with underground gay culture and more
sexual innuendoes than Foxy Brown and Lil Kim combined. The final product – a puppy-faced new
comer who is proving to have both bark and bite.
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Releases Videos “Beat it up, SKEET it up, eat it up!” Easy Bake Oven Vol. 1
Downtown Mayhem Records
Released October 21, 2011
Freshman EP
The Eulogy
Mishka NYC
Released January 29, 2013
Debut Album
Whistle (Beat It Up)
Directed by AlanaYolande
Released June 26 2012
Directed by Kosmic Ken
Released March 15, 2011
“And I’m a bad, bad bitch like TOPANGA!”