Laser Hair Removal Acne Clearing Skin Rejuvenation Skin


Laser Hair Removal Acne Clearing Skin Rejuvenation Skin
CosMedic Laser Clinic
Painless Laser Skin
Rejuvenation and Body
Contouring by Physicians
Our experienced medical team
will customize program to
provide you with the
best clinical outcomes.
CosMedic Laser Clinic
Virtually Painless
Laser and Aesthetic
Skin and Body
Laser Hair Removal
Acne Clearing
Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Tightening
Wrinkles & Scars
Zerona® Lipo Laser
Pixel ® Skin Resurfacing
Body Contouring
Neema Malhotra MD
1113 S. Park Victoria Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Zerona Fat Loss
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Skin Lightening
Laser Hair Rejuvenation
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Turn Back the Clock
For your beautiful Skin and Body
ZERONA® Fat Removal - Body Contouring
ZERONA® is a new noninvasive, painless body sculpting procedure to remove fat and
contour the body without invasive surgery.
ZERONA®, unlike other procedures, allows you to continue
your daily activities without interruptions from surgery & pain. Drop 2 dress
sizes in 2 weeks.
Zero pain, Zero downtime, Zero side effects
Revolutionary New Laser Technology
Zerona® Body Contouring
Botox®, Fillers and Medical Aesthetics
Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, Restylane ®,
Perlane®, Radiesse®, Microdermabrasion, Skin
and Allergy Treatments, Hair Loss Treatment,
Weight & Fat Loss, Skin Lightening ,
Medical Aesthetics, medical grade Cosmetic &
Skin care products & natural supplements; all
under the care of a board certified physician.
Pixel® Fractional Skin Resurfacing
In Pixel ® skin’s surface is treated by the laser,
leaving small “bridges” of untouched skin. This
unique fractional laser treatment provides skin
rejuvenation, smoother tone & texture and reduction in pigment, pore sizes, fine lines, acne,
scars, and stretch marks. Pixel Perfect!
Zerona® Lipo Laser
Alma Harmony Seven Lasers
Acne Clearing and Scar resurfacing
Safe and effective acne laser treatments to kill
bacteria, reduces acne, scaring and pores and
do skin rejuvenation with few side effects.
Virtually Pain Free Hair Removal
Alma’s revolutionary laser technology gives
effective comprehensive, painless laser hair
removal as it safely and gently targets the hair
follicles and prevents re-growth for smooth
body, face, legs, arms, underarms and back.
Procedures are safe for all skin types.
FDA approved
Non Surgical Laser Procedures
Performed by Physicians
Affordable Payment Plans
Free Consultation

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