Catalog One Sheet Round Fifty Two



Catalog One Sheet Round Fifty Two
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Catalog One Sheet
Round Fifty Two
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers - Twisted Tales CD - CNC01 IDC# 0546
Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers have received no shortage of kudos since they first recorded
together five years ago. Ray Manzarek’s signature keyboard sound was a cornerstone of The
Doors - one of the most iconic rock bands of the 60’s. An inductee into the Rock &Roll Hall of
Fame—he certainly needs no introduction. In the pantheon of music, The Doors’ music
continues to be one of the most revered rock song catalogs of any band. Slide guitarist Roy
Rogers has been lauded not only for his own recordings but for his long-time collaboration with
harmonica master Norton Buffalo as well as his producing of blues icon John Lee Hooker and
folk icon Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. He is well known for his unique style of slide guitar and has
received 8 Grammy nominations for his work as artist and producer.
Speach Impediments - Cobwebs CD KRSIC-2 IDC Cat #0547
Speach Impediments, known as S.I. to their fans, is a hip-hop group broadcasting from Orange
County, California. The group is comprised of 3 rappers; Drewid, Syntax Vernac, Deezie and DJ
Zole. It all began in the summer of 2003 shortly after a near sold out show at the House of Blues
in their hometown of Anaheim, CA. Now years later, with well over 400 shows and performances
under their belt, a catalog of over 40+ recorded tracks on several indie/underground releases, and
a new full-length album “Cobwebs” releasing nationally this summer, it is safe to say that Speach
Impediments are ready to break through to another level.
Cornel Campbell - New Scroll CD ZHP- 009 IDC Cat #0548
The ‘scroll’ is an ancient form of transmitting as well as preserving information through text and
visual art. Here, the musical art and lyrical message on the album New Scroll is also closely
connected to the Bible due to Jamaica’s longstanding relationship with first Christian and later
Rastafarian beliefs. Not surprisingly, New Scroll bears the stamp of both since Cornel Campbell
grew up in the church and embraced Rasta early on as a performer. His preaching style of song
writing permeates New Scroll while Rasta chanting and emotive, soulful harmonies add a clear,
yet hard to touch, spiritual element.
Various Artists - Gather the Remnant CD CR- 001 IDC Cat #0549
Conscious Riddims Debut Album that launched the label into existence. This is a DJ Friendly
double disc cd, featuring artist from the four corners of the earth. Hawaii, North and South
America, the Virgin Islands and of course Jamaica. The Riddims and Beats were all written,
produced and composed by one of Jamaica’s best Bassists Andrew “Bessie”Campbell at the
legendary Tuff Gong Studio. Featuring a legendary cast of musicians: Including Leroy
“Hoursemouth” Wallace and Earl “Chinna” Smith. All songs carry heart felt lyrics and important
messages to heal the world in this day.
Yehjah and Go A Chant - Hurt CDCR- 008 IDC Cat #0550
A must listen, Real Roots Music at it finest. Bringing forward the Ancient meditation music as only
few bands have accomplished in this time. This Rastafari branch emerges from Barcelona, Spain.
Feel the Heavy Vibes as you listen to the latest release from Conscious Riddims Records a label
from the Big Island of Hawaii. Go A Chant band, Hailing From Spain with members from Europe,
South America and Africa, got together in 2008 and started making Conscious Roots Music. With
a mission to carry Jah Rastafari vibes all over the Earth.
Echo Bloom - Blue CD EBR- 001 IDC Cat #0551
San Francisco wasn't what I expected it to be. The SF of my imagination was a Life magazine
spread of Haight Ashbury deadheads, diners with wintergreen interiors, and beaches drifting off
into some Kodachrome haze. It was the 1960's version of Northern California I'd romanticized in
my head. The San Francisco I arrived to in 2010 was different - richer, grittier, and more homeless.
I'd been thinking about the record I wanted to make over the last couple years, letting the texture
of it slowly take root and bud in my mind. I didn't know exactly what it would sound like, but I
know what I wanted it to make people feel. I wanted it to make people feel sacred.
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