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PDF for Sri Lanka | Elephants and a Private Island
A Private Island
Set along the country’s famous South Coast, just 30 minutes from the provincial capital of Galle, the
small, thickly forested island perches 100 metres from the soft mainland beaches, so close that guests may
choose to wade through the warm knee-high tide, or ride elephant-back to the island’s cliff-side dock. Facing out onto the turquoise Indian Ocean and with the lush South Coast jungles at its back, the island’s octagonal, 5-bedroom stone mansion has spectacular views in every direction- the sea views are particularly
romantic, since not a single speck of land can be found between Taprobane and the Antarctic. Combining
European colonial architecture with the languid, open style found in the tropics, the home has played host
to heads of state, famous authors, and some of the world’s most prominent business elite. Photo courtesy of Taprobane Island
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Leopards and
a Private Island
Photo Courtesy of Fiero9
This 13-day itinerary combines the cultural highlights of Sri Lanka, a private island retreat
with an eccentric history and a mobile camping safari through national parks with some of
the highest densities of leopards in the world.
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You’ll be met at the airport on arrival by our
local representatives and whisked through
immigration. Here, you can choose to take up
our option of spending a night or two at an
eco-resort in Anamaduwa, which would only
be a 2.5hour drive from Bandaranaike
International Airport. Please enquire with us
as to the costs of adding this option.
Alternatively,take a 4.5 hour transfer to the
cultural triangle, staying at the Vil Uyana.
The Vil Uyana is a magnificent hotel with a
view onto Sigiriya.
The last royal capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is
also the site of the Kandy Perahera, a
colourful festival featuring elephant parades,
Kandyan dancers and street festivities. Here
you’ll visit the Old Royal Palace compoundthe concubines’ quarters, the queen’s
chambers and the armory. Intricate wooden
carvings of 14th century shrines are also another
highlight of Kandy. This being the
cultural capital of Sri Lanka, you’ll find some
of Sri Lanka’s best artisans at work here, with
products being available for purchase.
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A place that would transport you to an ‘Out
of Africa’ experience, this park is one of the best
places in the world to catch sight of a leopard.
The presence of fantail peacocks reminding you
of your locality, Yala has a colourful history that
includes World Wartime renegades and was
once the ancient kingdom of Ruhuna.
Set up by a self-styled count, this private island
is accessible by wading through the water(waistdeep at high tide) or otherwise on the back of
an elephant. With a full household of staff, the
rustic chic of this house is complimented by an
infinity pool overlooking the ocean- a perfect
spot for sundowners!
Transfer today, to Galle. Based at either the
Tamarind Hill or The Fortress. While the
cultural attraction is the UNESCO World
Heritage site of Old Galle with its ramparts
and a port that attracted merchants who came
for its ‘gold, silver, ivory, apes and
peacocks’, New Galle by contrast, is its vibrant
counterside with a lively expat community,
chic cafes and a high concentration of
boutique hotels that have placed Sri Lanka
on the Conde Nast traveller circuit.
Photo Courtesy of Volker Schumann & Peter Aknai
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Drive back today to Colombo. Based at the
Tintagel/ Park Street Colombo. Spend a day
at leisure, possibly have tea at the Gallery
Cafe and prepare for your onward flight
The itinerary could be tweaked to include
other national parks in Sri Lanka, Taprobane
substituted for Geoffrey Bawa’s ‘Last House’
an exclusive beach retreat on Sri Lanka’s
coast or a few days in an eco-resort in the
jungles of Sri Lanka.
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Day 1-3: Vil Uyana Hotel
Day 3-5: Kandy House
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(Alternative) Day 3-5: Theva Residency
Day 10-12: Tamarind Hill
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(Alternative) Day 10-12: The Fortress
Day 12-13: Tintagel
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Total Price (Indicative Only): USD2550
per person on double occupancy basis
Price includes:
All domestic transfers and tours mentioned.
Accommodation on bed and breakfast basis throughout.
Price excludes:
All gratuities and tips, tours not mentioned and items of a
personal nature.
Minimum of 8 pax travelling.
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Important Notes
Trip Grading/Difficulty:
This itinerary is done at a relaxed pace, with no strenuous or overtly physical activities and is suitable for all ages.
It is essential that you give us your air schedule at least 60 days prior to departure, so that we may confirm your arrival and departure hotels.
You are strongly advised to contact your own GP or vaccination centre in respect of required vaccinations for Sri
Lanka. Check on recommended immunizations as least a month before travel. Among the items you might pack
are: sun creams (factor 12 and above), insect repellent, sting relief cream, antiseptic cream, a lightweight hat and
Important Note:
While we endeavor to make the itinerary as accurate as possible, it should be considered an approximate schedule
of activities rather than a rigid schedule of events. Trip itineraries are subject to revision due to weather, road and
trail conditions, government restrictions and other factors beyond our control.
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Booking Conditions
Booking your tailor-made holiday:
A booking is accepted only after we receive the completed signed booking form and/or the non-refundable deposit
required. If the booking is made within 60 days of departure, then full payment is required at the time of confirmation
except over the Christmas & New Year period when the full itinerary amount must be made at the time of booking.
The balance of payment due for your travel arrangements must bepaid by you not later than 60 days before departure;
otherwise we may treat the booking as cancelled.
Methods of payment:
Payments for deposits and final monies for Travel Arrangements may be made by bank transfer.
All cancellations must be advised in writing and will take effect the day we receive it. Urbane Nomads refunds all
recoverable costs after cancellation, subject to third-party cancellation and refund policies and a USD500
administration and travel planning fee.
In some cases hotels require prepayment in full for hotel rooms and services in the peak period. In such cases these
deposits are non refundable.
Travel Insurance
It is a condition of booking the Travel Arrangements that You are adequately insured for the full duration of the your
travel arrangements in respect of illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellation and
curtailment. The choice of insurer is the sole discretion of You. In signing the Booking Form or paying for your holiday
you confirm to us that you either have or will have procured such insurance before the commencement of your
travel arrangements.
Further Terms and Conditions apply. In signing the Booking Form or paying the deposit you confirm to us that you
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