DOWNLOAD BROCHURE MSI Roof Shingles - Multi-Line



DOWNLOAD BROCHURE MSI Roof Shingles - Multi-Line
Why are algae resistant shingles important to you?
Can you see the difference?
“Why do people want shingles for their
Answer: Shingles look distinctive, give a natural
look, and provide the architectural style desired
for the house. In one word, aesthetics.
“What in shingles can defeat this goal?”
Answer: Through the years, algae can infect the
roof in highly humid areas.
“What happens to roofs infected with
Answer: Roofing materials that are exposed to
high humidity get discolored and stained. This is
true not only for shingles but also for other types
of roofs.
These dark stains are algae growth. They can
cover the entire roof after some years and make
the roof look ugly indeed.
“How do we prevent algae from attacking
the roof?”
Answer: To eliminate algae growth, CertainTeed
produces Algae Resistant (AR) shingles.
“How are shingles made algae resistant?”
Answer: Shingle surfaces are covered with
ceramic granules to give color.
In AR shingles, these granules are embedded
with copper oxide. The copper leaches gradually
over time, especially when it rains, and kills algae
organisms that come in contact with shingles.
With this protection, CertainTeed AR shingles
help maintain the natural beauty, color and
distinctive appeal of your roof for years.
“Why is it worth your money to invest in
AR shingles?”
Answer: An important part in the appeal of your
house comes from your roof. It represents more
than 50% of its exterior.
roof to heat, cold, wind and rain, the paint may
peel and wash off the granules, unlike the AR
shingles' copper oxide which is embedded within
the ceramic granules.
“What models of CertainTeed are Algae
Resistant (AR)?”
A roof that is unprotected from algae attack suffers
more than discoloration. The roof is stained and
loses its beauty and natural look.
Answer: The following shingle models have
algae resistance with a warranty of 10 years:
CT20 AR and Landmark AR Series. The following
have a warranty of 15 years: Grand Manor,
Carriage House, Presidential Shake, Landmark
“Instead of buying AR shingles, may we just
apply paints with algicide on shingles?”
“But your AR shingles may be more expensive than others.”
Answer: Paints with algicide may apply well on
concrete and metal roofs without side effects.
But their chemical composition may damage the
integrity and performance of asphalt shingles.
Answer: We are the exclusive distributor of the
largest manufacturer of shingles in the world CertainTeed (USA).
“Do shingle manufacturers provide warranties on roofs coated with algicide paints?”
Answer: Because of the possible harm on the
asphalt, asphalt shingles manufacturers will
withdraw the warranty on their roofing material
applied with such paints.
“Does algicide coating of shingles offer long
term solution to algae attacks?”
Answer: Application on shingles of paints with
algicide offers dubious protection from algae
Asphalt Fiberglass
Roof Shingles
We sell the largest volume in the industry and
carry the most number of models and colors.
What we save from our volumes, we pass on to
you as discount.
We guarantee we have the most competitive
pricing in the industry. Believe it or not.
Ceramic coating
Copper layer
Mineral core
Granule with
algae protection
These paints are brushed on the exterior of
ceramic granules. With the direct exposure of the
Made in the U.S.A.
Manila:  410-1155, 929-9911 • Alabang Home Depot:  771-1752 • Sta. Rosa Depot:  544-2083 • Cebu:  346-5413 • Davao:  282-8606
[email protected] •
Made in the U.S.A.
Standard 3-tab strip shingle
20-year limited transferable warranty
5-year 100 km/hr wind-resistance warranty
UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
Class A fire-resistance rating
ASTM D3161 wind resistance
3 bundles/sq.
Cedar Brown
Slate Gray
Dove Gray
Tile Red Blend
Evergreen Blend
Timber Blend
Moire Black
Two-piece laminated fiber glass-based shingle
Class A fire resistance
StreakFighter warranty
Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
Class A fire-resistance rating
ASTM D3161 wind resistance
30-year warranty
Birchwood **
Hunter Green
Burnt Sienna **
Mountain Timber
Resawn Shake **
Wathered Wood
Georgetown Gray **
Forest Gray
Weathered Wood **
** Also available in 10-year SF warranty.
* Availabe only in 10-year SF warranty.
Ocean Blue (Firescreen)
•Also available: Black Walnut, Granite Gray **, Moire Black **, Heather Blend and Spanish Tile *
Standard 3-tab strip shingle
25-year limited transferable warranty
5-year 100 km/hr wind-resistance warranty
StreakFighter warranty
UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
Class A fire-resistance rating
ASTM D3161 wind resistance
3 bundles/sq.
Cedar Brown
Cinnamon Frost
Gray Frost
Dove Gray
Two-piece laminated construction
Wood shake-like appearance
Class A fiber glass shingle
50-year limited transferable warranty
5-year 175 km/hr wind-resistance warranty
StreakFighter warranty
355 lbs./sq. weight, 14 1/4” x 40” size, 4” exposure
Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
ASTM D3018 Type I, UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
Class A fire-resistance rating
ASTM D3161 wind resistance, 5 bundles/sq.
Augusta Green
Chaparral Cedar
Autumn Blend
Charcoal Black
Bark Brown
Slate Gray
Slate Gray
Evergreen Blend
Tile Red Blend
Mint Frost
Timber Blend
•Also available: Black, Moire Black, Nickel Gray, Star White and Weathered Wood
•Also available: Shadow Gray, Sunrise Cedar, Weathered Wood and
Wood Tone

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