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UNITEN Alumni as Social
Shared by:
Dato’ Nik Ibrahim Nik Mohamed
Vice President
Investment Management Division
Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Thanks UNITEN and ARC for having
me here to share some of my
thoughts and feelings on this issue.
“ A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has
destroyed itself from within “
W. Durant
At the national level or an empire, it refers to one which grew totally based on
material development without consideration for the growth of the soul, care
for the environment and harmony between man and nature.
At the level of the human individuals, it is solely the development of the
intellect without divine guidance. The intellectual minds and the opinion of
the masses is considered supreme.
In business and as professionals, ultimate success is basically measured based
on short term profit maximisation without consideration for fair share of the
gains and the welfare of other stakeholders. There is little respect for where
and how the profits are derived and subsequently where and how these “filthy
profits” are spent.
Social Entrepreneurs:
a social entrepreneur
is “a person who identifies and solves
social problems on a large scale. Just as
business entrepreneurs create and transform
whole industries, social entrepreneurs act
as change agents for society, seizing
opportunities others miss in order to
improve systems, invent and disseminate
new approaches and advance sustainable
solutions that create social value.”
Their Roles
social entrepreneurs
primarily seek to
generate “social value”
rather than profits. And
unlike the majority of
organizations, their
work is targeted not
only towards
immediate, small-scale
effects, but sweeping,
long term change.
David Bornstein’s view
“Social entrepreneurs
identify resources, where
people only see
problems. They view the
villagers as the solution,
not the passive
beneficiary. They begin
with the assumption of
competence and unleash
resources in the
communities they are
(How to Change the World:
Social Entrepreneurs and the
Power of New Ideas, 2004)
a social entrepreneur
The job of a social entrepreneur is to
recognize when a part of society is stuck
and to provide new ways to get it unstuck.
He or she finds what is not working and
solves the problem by changing the system,
spreading the solution and persuading entire
societies to take new leaps.
a social entrepreneur
Identifying and solving large-scale social
problems requires a committed person
with a vision and determination to persist
in the face of daunting odds. Ultimately,
social entrepreneurs are driven to produce
measurable impact by opening up new
pathways for the marginalized and
disadvantaged, and unlocking society’s full
potential to social change.
Ashoka’s Bill Drayton’s View
“Social entrepreneurs are not content
just to give a fish or teach how to fish.
They will not rest until they
have revolutionized the
fishing industry.”
Social Entrepreneurship
This revolution is
changing the way
society organizes
itself and the way
we approach social
Characteristics of
a Social Entrepreneur
outside-the-box thinking
risk taker
people person
A reflection……….
We constantly ask ourselves this question; if I die,
do I want to have a big fat account or make this
place a better place for other people?
Measure of “success” should be determined at the
“finishing line”. And the “finishing line” is not
“here” but the “hereafter”.
Islamic Teachings on This Issue
This concept of social entrepreneurship is
very much in line with the teachings of
Islam. There are two most significant events
narrated in the Qur’an to deliberate on this
point. Firstly, the story of Prophet Musa (as)
helping women in Surah Al Qasas:23-24
and secondly the story of Dzulqarnain the
conqueror in Surah Al Kahfi: 94-98
Quranic References
A general injunction on doing charitable works
according to the Quraan can be found in many
more verses such as Surah Al Baqarah: 261,
Surah Ali Imran: 104 and Surah Al Mauun.
Surah Al Mauun, for example, enjoins the
meaning of true worship, which requires the
practical and helpful love of those in need, and
sincerity rather than sow in devotion and charity.
Some Well Known Social
Tan Sri Syed Moktar al Bukhari
Prof Muhammad Yunus
Maria Montessori
Vinoba Bhave
Jean Monnet
John Muir
Florence Nightingale
How Do We Produce Social
Extra Mural Activities
Training Camps
Visits to Charity Homes
Towards developing holistic
personalities who are sensitive
to the needs of the society and
who are able to manage
successes and also able to
manage failures
TNB’s Role in Being & Building Social
Entrepreneurs by involving staff & students in
Kelip-kelip Project in
Kuala Selangor
Bakti Siswa
Sponsorship for sports
Jom ke Mesjid
Philantropic activities in
Acheh, Kampuchea,
Palestine, Afghanistan etc
Electricity for all
Computers & internet
connection to rural
As said by Napoleon Hill, “You have
everything to gain and nothing to lose by
trying. Success is achieved and maintained by
those who keep trying.”
Man as a social being
We specialise
We are “survivors” and we yearn to do the
We cannot possibly be the best in
Specialisation encourages trade
“Win - Win”
Search for knowledge do not end on graduation
Search for useful knowledge from all sources
Mistakes while learning should be allowed
Mistakes and misappropriation should be
differentiated. But making similar mistakes
cannot be continuously tolerated.
A learning organisation allows mistakes,
encourages initiative and innovation.
It’s a collection of students and graduates with the
common goal for excellence in intelectual, professional,
business and human development;
Joint activities to bring in monies for the organisation
(Alumni) to support human capital development
(intelectual, emosional & spiritual) and member students
who require financial assistance. The setting up of a
Foundation may be considered;
Contribute, financially or otherwise in terms of organising,
creating and managing a venture or ventures to make
“social changes”
Let us, as individuals and Alumni as a group, say thank you for
what we are and striving to be, by giving back to society &
Thank you for having me to launch the IDS
and to share my thoughts and feelings on
the issue of social entrepreneurship.
InshaAllah, we strive hard together to make
Malaysia a stronger nation with caring
social entrepreneurs in every part of the
country we go.

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