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Issue Fourteen - Fall 2013
Have You Been to our Website? By Jean Kohler
The Friends of Our Chalet website is a part of the World Foundation for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts website. Check it out
- From the home page you can get information on all of the World Centres. The Our
Chalet tab also has copies of our past newsletters, stories from volunteers, and other contact information. The About Us
tab has options for the World Foundation’s latest annual report and information about recent grants funded via your
generous support. You can also get more information about the World Foundation structure which includes the Friends of
Our Chalet Committee. On the Resources tab, find links to the Our Chalet website and GSUSA’s toolkit for troops
planning trips. This link has step-by-step guidance both for the girls and adults supporting their dreams of a visit to Our
Chalet. Finally, you can make your donation on-line via the Support Us tab. Be sure to designate your Interest in Our
Chalet! You may also designate your Friends of Our Chalet committee member but that is not necessary—we will make
sure the committee member with whom you have been communicating is connected to your donation!
We Need to Blow Our Horns
for Our Chalet’s Future!!
By Dorcas Hardy
The Friends of Our Chalet (USA)
met in October at Edith Macy Center
for the 18th Annual Gathering of the
Friends of the World Foundation. The
World Foundation Board did a very
good job pulling together solid
information about the past year, as
well as developing workshops which
reviewed the roles of WAGGGS and
GSUSA as related to international
centers, and
new approaches to
fundraising, e.g. taking advantage of
the internet site, RAZOO, as well as
understanding generational differences when addressing prospective
Very important information and
conversations were those related
directly to the World Centers. Ms. Gill
(pronounced Jill) Sewell, the recently
hired WAGGGS World Centres Director, attended the Gathering and was
very forthcoming regarding the current
business issues facing the four World
Unfortunately, the World
Centres are struggling financially.
This is not a new occurrence but the
latest data are clearly of concern to all of
The Our Chalet property and facilities
are owned by a Swiss Foundation
where Diane White has represented the
USA (until April 2014). The Our Chalet
Association of WAGGGS oversees Our
Chalet as one of its five World Centres.
Since 2006, Our Chalet has been
operating at a loss with only 25% of the
beds fully utilized throughout 2012. It is
the most heavily subsidized Centre at
approximately $122,000 annually.
Only Sangam, in India, with its lower
costs, breaks even; Pax Lodge has
about a 40% occupancy rate and may
also need to be subsidized over the next
3 years, though they are hoping to break
even for 2013; and Our Cabana is also
under 39% with their significant decline
attributed to violence (not nearby) in
As Gill reviews the Centers’ options
for increased revenue, as well as the
2015-2017 Global WAGGGS Plan, we
all need to give considerable thought
to the role of the Friends of Our Chalet
and how to raise additional funds in
order to ensure the future of this
unique and wonderful property. The
best solution is to fill all our beds! ...
aka HEADS on BEDS!
We are seeking any solutions that
you might have including marketing
ideas, fundraising for participant
corporate support. Your ideas would
be appreciated - just let Diane and
Sue know! We want to be THE
Committee that stems the tide! Thank
you for all you do!
Diane White, Co-Chair, US Friends of
Our Chalet Committee
[email protected]
Sue Cunnold, Co-Chair, US Friends of
Our Chalet Committee
[email protected]
Girl Scouts Celebrate their
54th year Reunion!
By Sue Cunnold
2014 National Council Session
In September 2013, twelve of the to be held in Salt Lake City, UT
gals from Girl Scout Troop 324, class
By Sue Cunnold
of 1959, Mt. Lebanon H.S, suburb of
Every three years Girl Scouts gather
Pittsburgh, PA gathered together for a together at the National Council Session
week-long reunion in Washington, DC. and Convention to conduct the business
of the Movement, celebrate our
accomplishments and chart our future.
The 53rd GSUSA National Girl Scout
Convention will be held October 16-19,
2014 in the Rompton Salt Palace
Convention Center of Salt Lake City.
Each Council will send voting members
and observers. The business of the
The occasion was to honor our Troop convention will be led by the Board of
Leader, “Bee” Cole who passed on at the GSUSA. The WAGGGS World
the age of 97. The ceremony took
place at Arlington National Cemetery
tables/displays in the Exhibit Hall for the
where she was laid to rest beside her
nearly 10,000 girls and leaders who will
beloved husband. The rest of the pass through.
week was filled with fun and laughter
and sharing memories as we toured
museums and were reminded of our
many blessings that we share in “the
land of the free”.
and I plan to carry that movement
The friends of Our Chalet groups
are very important to our future and
we are blessed to have such active
groups as yours. In the next year I will
be looking at ways that we can
strengthen our partnerships with
Friends groups to benefit Girl Guiding
and Girl Scouting worldwide. Your
support is crucial to the future of Our
Chalet. I look forward to meeting
many of you as you plan trips over the
next few years to visit this world
centre that you so graciously support.
A Letter from the World Centre
Manager of Our Chalet
By Tanya Tulloch
Although “Bee” had led us girls
through ten countries in Europe, the
highlight was our stay at Our Chalet
World Center. In loving memory of
Bee, the troop had both a picnic
table/bench and a memorial trail
bench built and placed at Our Chalet.
Dear Friends of Our Chalet USA –
I would like to take a moment to
introduce myself. I am Tanya Tulloch
the new World Centre Manager at Our
Chalet. As a lifetime member of GSUSA
I most recently come from Columbia
River Council in Oregon, but grew up in
Wilderness Road Council in Kentucky
and spent time at camps in Pisgah
Council in North Carolina and Trailways
Council in Illinois. I am excited to be
spending time now in the Swiss Alps at
location. As each of you knows, Our
Chalet is a place where people’s
passions can be captured and nurtured.
My passion for Girl Scouting started as
a Brownie and is still growing.
I am getting settled in at Our Chalet
and I have been thrilled to find the
Centre thriving with careful upgrades
added to the facilities and a wonderful
staff in place. Sally Thornton’s legacy
has left Our Chalet on an upward swing
We Think You’ll Like It!
by Suzanne Bante
Friends of Our Chalet USA has
something you’re going to “Like.” Well,
that’s what we hope you’ll do when
our new Facebook Page launches
January 1, 2014!
So, how can you help?
1. “Like us”
2. Tell us what you think, and give us
feedback on the page!
3. Stay warm until January 1st!
Lianne Griffin, Editor
4016 Briaridge Circle,
Atlanta, GA 30340
[email protected]
. Help
Us Keep Costs Low!
by Jean Kohler
FOOC committee members all
strive to minimize administrative costs
while keeping you, our valued donors,
informed about all of the wonderful
projects and scholarship opportunities
you make possible as well as news
about Our Chalet.
To minimize
mailings, committee member Jean
Kohler maintains a database of
contact information.
Whenever we
have newsletters returned, Jean
member to get updates. But to make
sure you get our newsletters, you may
email [email protected] Jean
will then forward your updated
If at all possible, we would like to
use your email address to send our
newsletters. Right now we have a
donor who helps fund the costs of
sending The Chatter to those of you
who do not have email addresses on
file; however, we do not know how
much longer that funding will be
available. Our Chalet has already
limited mailing their annual Thinking
Day newsletter to the email addresses
Jean sends from our FOOC database.
Your contact information is never
shared with anyone other than your
FOOC committee member; Our
Chalet receives only the list of email
addresses for their newsletter mailing.
Please help us keep your contact
information current. And don’t forget
to add [email protected] and
[email protected] to your list of
approved emails — that is how you
will receive the newsletters!
The Bell Rings Again
By Diane White
This is the second recipe book from
Our Chalet. Many of you may remember
the first, which was called “The Bell
Rings,” put together by Kathi Hari who
was the Swiss Cook at Our Chalet for
many years. Jenny Egan, Girl Guide
Leader from East Yorkshire, UK, has
been Our Chalet’s Catering Coordinator
for several recent seasons. She has
compiled the best tasting recipes in the
new recipe book The Bell Rings Again.
The title of the book comes from a long
tradition of ringing a brass cow bell that
calls the guests and staff to meals. The
fifty plus international recipes represent
the truly unique and fun experience
shared by all at Our Chalet. Of course,
the most popular Swiss dishes of
Cheese Fondue, Rösti, Alpler Macaroni,
as well as
The recipe
book can
ordered or an electronic version is
available for purchase on Amazon Kindle edition. All proceeds will benefit
Our Chalet.
Try this Chocolate
(USA measurements adapted)
2 sticks +2 T butter
3 ½ Hershey bars(1.55 oz size bar)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup hot water
2 cups flour
1 t baking powder
¼ cup cocoa powder
2 eggs, beaten
3T Tia Maria
 Put chocolate, butter, sugar, and
hot water into a pan and slowly
 Sieve flour and cocoa together with
baking powder
 Whisk dry mix into wet mix then
beat in the eggs and Tia Maria
 Pour into spring form tin lined with
baking paper
 Bake 350 degrees for 45-50
 Cool—then slice in half and fill with
chocolate ganache, butter cream,
or whipped cream. Sift a little
powdered sugar over cake to
Thank you - Thank you!
by Diane White
On behalf of all of the Committee
members for Our Chalet, we want to
say thank you for your support and
generosity this past year. Most of the
funds were raised through our annual
solicitation letters. For fiscal year
2013—ended on September 30th—
you, our donors have contributed
$36,814.50. That is terrific! Through
the grant process with the World
Foundation for Girl Guides and Girl
Scouts, Our Chalet has received
grants for scholarship/visa fees for
volunteers, new guest-internet computers, furniture for the music room in
the staff house, a professional kitchen
mixer, relocation/refurbishment of Our
Chalet Shop, and significant funding
of the 9th Helen Storrow Seminar to
be held in March 2014. Thank you so
very much! Without your gifts, these
programs and special items would not
have been possible. Your gifts really
make a difference.
Sewell, presented information from
WAGGGS regarding the financial state
of the Centers.
Saturday evening we held the 8th
Annual Silent and not-so-silent Auction
which raised nearly $15,000 for the
administration of the World Foundation.
Many items of historical Girl Scout
significance brought in top dollars. The
Gathering concluded with the traditional
Macy Magic Ceremony in the Great
First-timers at Macy were
golden lamp of
friendship and learning pin.
Founder Juliette Gordon Low opened
the Great Hall doors for the 4th
WAGGGS World Conference in 1926.
Our Chalet Committee
Attends Annual Gathering at
Edith Macy Conference
by Sue Cunnold
Thirteen members of the Our
Chalet, USA Committee of the World
Foundation, met in Briarcliff Manor,
NY Oct. 17-21 to share with the other
condition of the WAGGGS World
Centers and our obligations as fund
raisers and promoters. The committee
chairs met with each other and with
the Board and discussed generational
differences in today’s society and
social media and ways of reaching
todays Girl Scout supporters. Each
committee discussed their particular
issues. The Our Chalet Committee
discussed again the possibility of
recording the songs from our
songbooks in digital form. Another
issue was the seriousness of
declining attendance at the World
Centers. It is imperative that we instill
in our leaders and girls the value of
international travel which fosters
global friendship and understanding.
Each committee presented to the
others an update of their World
Center. We were pleased to introduce
the first American World Center
Manager at Our Chalet, Tanya
Tulloch. World Centers Director, Gill
Committee Membership
By Diane White, edited by Lianne Griffin
Here’s to Joan Paull! An Our Chalet
Friends Committee member since 1995,
Joan has been selected to be an
Honorary Member. Although she will no
longer be sending out annual solicitation
letters, she will continue be included in
all meetings and updates. Joan, who is
from Silver Spring, Maryland, has
faithfully supported Our Chalet for
eighteen years and can boast to have
one of the largest donor lists. We thank
you, Joan, for your enthusiastic efforts
on behalf of Our Chalet.
The World Foundation for Girl Guides
and Girl Scouts recently appointed three
new members to the Our Chalet Friends
We welcome Kimberly
Ballard from Anchorage, Alaska. Kim is
a Global Action Volunteer, has traveled
extensively, and is currently a troop
leader for her granddaughters. Sandra
Cleary from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is
proud of her four generation Girl Scout
family history. As an active business
woman, Sandy has held many Girl
Scout positions. Dollene Quinn from
Roswell, Georgia, attended the Macy
Gold Award Training and specializes in
working with the older Girl Scouts. She
has traveled with several troops.
Dollene is also a member of the Greater
Atlanta Council Global Action Team.
Friends of Our Chalet USA
Committee - Fall 2013
by Diane White
Susan Cunnold – GA - Co-Chair
Diane White - FL - Co-Chair
Kimberly Ballard - AK
Suzanne Bante - MI
Cuyler Boughner - AZ
Elinor Butt - NC
Carol Clanton - MD
Sandra Cleary - WI
Anne Connors - MD
Janet Coombs - MA
Lianne Griffin - GA
Kathi Hamilton - WA
Dorcas Hardy - VA
Nancy Henning - CO
Marcy Keeler - CA
Jean Kohler - FL
Kathy LaValley - WI
Jean Maassel - MD
Marie Odgers - NE
Kathy Place - CA
Dollene Quinn - GA
Laura Rathja - OR
Barbara Sumner - CT
Beulah Sutherland - DC
Emily White - MN
Margaret Townsend - NC
Nancy Hackett – IL
Ruth Hardy*
Kay O’Dea*
Joan Paull - MD
Carolyn Preische - NY
Margaret Sheriff – TX
Committee Personals
On November 17 , Lianne Griffin
completed her quest to run a
marathon in all 50 states! Lianne has
run a total of
81 marathons
including five
Lianne ran the
following her
visit to Our
Chalet for the
Friends Week
in 2008. She is now focusing on
speed training, preparing to run the
Boston Marathon in 2014.
The Legacy of Helen
Osborne Storrow
by Diane White
Helen Osborne was born on
September 22, 1864 in Auburn, New
York. She was the youngest of four
children born to David and Eliza
Osborne. Helen studied music in
Germany after high school and she
met her husband - to - be while
climbing on a mountain path in
Zermatt, Switzerland. In 1891 Helen
and James Jackson Storrow II were
married and took up residence in
Boston. They had one son, James
Jackson Storrow III, whom they called
Helen and Jim were outdoor types
who loved to explore and were
frequently found hiking and canoeing.
They purchased land and built a
Massachusetts. Both were very civic minded and worked to improve the
lives of immigrants in the Boston area.
Helen taught English, social manners,
and American culture to girls,
volunteered at the Boston Public
Library, and helped the Saturday
Evening Girls Club by financing the
business operation of the Paul Revere
Helen first heard about Girl Scouts
in 1915 and liked the motto “Be
Prepared.” She started her own troops
in Boston and Lincoln, and trained
leaders in outdoor skills. In 1917,
Helen organized and commanded the
first National USA Girl Scout Training
School for Girl Scout Leaders at the
Winsor School in Boston. Two years
later, she offered her property in the
Plymouth area of Massachusetts to be
the site of the first National Training
School for Girl Scouts of the USA. The
Edith Macy Center, still in operation
today, opened in 1926 and became the
second National Girl Scout Training
Helen arranged the acquisition of a
76 - acre farm for the Massachusetts
Girl Scouts. She personally financed the
conversion from farm to Camp Cedar
Hill in Waltham, Massachusetts. At the
1923 Cedar Hill dedication, Lord Baden
- Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts,
spoke. “The Girl Scouts are to my mind
of far greater importance than the Boy
Scouts because you see among them
the mothers of the future.” His wife,
Olave Baden - Powell, as well as
Juliette Gordon Low (seen here in photo
with Helen Storrow at Cedar Hill),
attended the dedication. Ninety years
later, Cedar Hill remains a premier Girl
Scout property, serving as a program
Camp center and home to the Girl Scout
Museum at Cedar Hill.
Helen continued with her passions
after Jim died in 1926. Helen bought
and repositioned 18 Century build ings to create a typical New England
Storrowton, in Springfield,
Massachusetts, features period houses,
a school, church, blacksmith shop, law
office, and an inn as part of the Eastern
States Exposition. Helen felt it was
because of the significant contribution
they were to our culture and our
Helen was asked to attend the 1929
Girl Guide - Girl Scout World
Committee meeting at The Hague as
the substitute USA delegate. She
loved hearing about all the activities
and offered to “give the house” for
international world meetings as long
as it was located in her beloved
Switzerland. She agreed to donate
money for construction and finance
the first four years of operations. Our
Chalet, The First World Centre, was
dedicated in 1932and still serves as a
friendship today. Helen traveled with
the Baden - Powells on their world
tour and wrote about scouting
activities in Egypt, Australia, and the
Pacific Islands. When World War II
broke out, she sponsored children
from England to come to the United
States. She also invited her Girl Guide
friend, Briggsie (Countess Dorothea
Gravina of Italy) and her three young
sons to seek refuge with her at her
country home in Lincoln for the
duration of the war.
Helen donated a great deal of money
to redirect the Charles River in Boston
to allow for open park space and
suitable boating conditions. Today
wonderful concerts are held on the
Esplanade, there is ample recreation
area and plentiful boating on the
Charles River. We also have the
Storrows to thank for the Boston
Community Boat House and as you
may suspect, Storrow Drive was
named in their honor. Helen Storrow
was a multi - faceted woman, ahead
of her time, with a vision for the future,
by a
philanthropy. Her influence on Juliette
Low and the evolution of the Girl
Scout Movement in the United States
is well documented
.Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around
the world still benefit from her legacy
in the 21stCentury.
The 9th Helen Storrow Seminar,
organized jointly by WAGGGS and Our
Chalet, is a high profile event that has
been offering leadership development
opportunities for young women since
1986. The next Helen Storrow Seminar "Young Women Leading for a Greener
Future" - will be held in March 2014.
Applications are now being received at
Our Chalet. Check the website,
[email protected] The deadline to
apply is 1 January 2014.
Experience for you! Some of the
exciting events being offered include
Ski Weeks, Winter Adventure Weeks,
Mini Breaks, a meeting of the Olave
Challenge Summer Events, Autumn
Experience Weeks, Walking Week,
and a special Friends of Our Chalet
2014 – 2015
Events at Our Chalet
Edited by Lianne Griffin
The special New Year Break –
Jump into the Winter Magic! - is
available to individuals, groups, or
families. Three or four night options
are available. Winter week programs
can be individualized for all groups –
just contact Our Chalet.
The Men’s Slalom World Ski Cup
competition is coming in January, and
there are many ski weeks and winter
adventure weeks planned.
The Helen Storrow Seminar for
Young Women (ages 18 - 25) is set
for March 22 – 30 .
Over the
summer, there are multiple Swiss
Challenge Weeks offered. If walking
and exploring the luscious nature,
meeting new friends, challenging
yourself and finding peace is an idea
of your perfect getaway then the
International Friendship Event held in
September is your perfect match.
Won’t you plan to join us – High up on
the Mountain?!
Visit the website for more details or
to book online!
Helen Storrow Seminar
by Diane White, edited by Lianne Griffin
The Helen Storrow Seminar, an
annual event at Our Chalet, was held
in March 2013.
All five regions of
WAGGGS were represented. The
development and outdoor challenges,
“Young Women leading for a Greener
Future”. The evaluations were very
The USA participant was
Rhianna Taniguchi, a Senior at
Oregon State University. She wrote
that she was truly blessed to have
been chosen to represent GSUSA.
The highlight of the event for Rhianna
was listening to the Japanese young
woman, Chihiro, talk about her work
after the tsunami, earthquake and
nuclear reactor incidents. She asked
us “…not to forget — such powerful
words that I cannot and will not let go
The World Foundation for Girl
Guides and Girl Scouts sponsors
these Helen Storrow Seminars
through the grant process. Your gifts
can be designated for the Seminar
and can be designated to sponsor an
American woman at the conference.
Throughout the year, Our Chalet
organizes many International Events for
all age groups with focus on traditional
Our Chalet values such as adventure,
challenge, fun, personal development
and international friendship as well as
various events and seminars focusing
addressing current issues of modern
society. We invite you to fully enjoy
discovering the best of what Our Chalet
and Switzerland have to offer:
 as an independent guest or with
your group, planning your own
program or,
 as the participant in an International
event or Seminar
 as the participant in a specially for
your group tailor made program,
 join in special celebrations days,
 come for a day and have a tour of
the Our Chalet, or simply
 Choose among many day and
evening program activities that we
offer during your stay.
The experienced program team at Our
Chalet will gladly assist and advise in
Lianne Griffin, Editor
Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc.
c/o Sue Cunnold
1898 Stapleton Ct.
Dunwoody, GA 30338
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