teatro e cinema in inglese per le classi prime seconde e terze


teatro e cinema in inglese per le classi prime seconde e terze
Anche quest’anno, a conclusione di vari e articolati percorsi didattici, tutte le classi della nostra
scuola media “A. Manzoni” si sono recate a teatro o al cinema per assistere a delle rappresentazioni
significative e in lingua originale, ossia in inglese.
Le classi prime, verso la fine di Febbraio, hanno assistito alla trasposizione teatrale di un celebre
romanzo americano The Wizard of Oz in versione musical.
Pochi giorni più tardi, tutte le classi terze, sempre all’auditorium Zanon e sempre a cura del Palketto
Stage di Milano, hanno potuto vedere la versione musical del celebre film degli anni 80 Flashdance.
Per poter guardare ulteriori immagini o info: www.palchettto.it
Disegno di Martina Moretti 2D
Infine nel mese di Aprile le classi seconde hanno assistito al Visionario alla proiezione del recentissimo
film della Disney -Pixar Inside-Out e hanno preso parte ad un dibattito sui temi del film condotto
dalla dott.ssa Marina Camodeca, docente di Psicologia dello Sviluppo all’Università Bicocca di
Milano e da Arianna Pittman, docente madrelingua del Wall Street Institute di Udine.
Le Docenti d’Inglese, Marta Cesare e Silvia Rizzardini, hanno anche nuovamente indetto l’ormai nota
“ Theatre Competition” e gli alunni hanno potuto presentare un loro breve elaborato che raccontasse
le loro opinioni sulla significativa esperienza. Quest’ anno, solo per le classi prime e grazie alla
collaborazione della Professoressa Anna Pittino, la competition è stata allargata, alla produzione di
disegni che raffigurassero scene o personaggi del musical The Wizard di Oz.
Ecco qui di seguito i tre migliori elaborati o disegni per ogni classe ( 1-2-3) e un
awesome job, indeed!
a tutti i partecipanti
The Wizard of Oz at the theatre
The story tells about the adventures of Dorothy, her dog, Toto, and her friends, the Tin
Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. In the play there were five actors only ,
and they personified three or four different characters each; only Dorothy was always
present on stage. The actors were very young. They were two girls and three boys. One
girl personified Dorothy, another girl personified aunt Em, the Good Witch of the North and
the Cowardly Lion. One boy personified uncle Henry, the Wicked Witch of the West, the
Wizard of Oz and a Munchkin; another boy personified the Tin Man and a Munchkin, the
last boy personified the Scarecrow. The play was a Musical and the most famous song
was “Over the rainbow”.
In my opinion the actors were very good, the best was the girl who personified aunt Em,
the Good Witch and the Cowardly Lion; but the staging was not so good. I found it a
beautiful play.
Carmen Buoro
1° Premio: disegno di Anna Measso 1E.
2° Premio: disegno di Gabriele Petrello 1 E.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Today l went to watch a performance at a theatre. The title is “The Wonderful Wizard
of Oz”. The story talks about Dorothy and her friends’ travel through a fantastic land.
Everyone looks for their own secret capacities. I like fantastic stories and this show is very
beautiful. The actors have talent because they act, sing, dance and enjoy the spectators.
Four actors play a lot characters and they move quickly. There are special effects like
sounds and smoke. The fog in the auditorium is a little bit excessive. I recommend this
show to everybody.
Giovanni Parri 1E
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
It’is the 26th of February. Our class goes to the theatre to see a show entitled “The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz”. It tells the story of Dorothy and her friends’ trip in the Land of Oz to meet the
Wonderful Wizard. The actors play, but sing and dance too. They are just five, but they are
very good because they play every character of the story. In my opinion, the best actor is the
I like this show, because it is in English!
Anna Panti 1H
3° Premio: disegno di Michele Baldini 1 E.
Inside out
On Tuesday, April 5th 2016 I went to watch te movie INSIDE OUT
in original language with my class and other second classes of
my school at the Cinema Visionario.
The film was spectacular and, even though I had already
watched it, it was very nice to watch it again.
My favourite characters are Joy, Disgust and Fear because I
think they reflect myself enough.
In my opinion the best scene of the movie is when Joy
understands Sadness’s role and she finally becomes “useful”;
instead the saddest scene is when Bing Bong, Riley’s imaginary
friend, disappears and falls into the dump, where, since Riley is
growing, he iwill be forgotten.
The message of the movie is very important: when you’re a child you feel the emotions one
at a time and it is difficult to manage them, but when you grow up emotions are mixed and
you have to learn how to manage them by yourself.
Adolescence is a difficult time because the personality becomes more and more complex,
but the love of parents helps to get through.
Giorgia Coppola 2F
Inside Out
On Tuesday, 5th April we went to see “Inside Out” a film that speaks
about the mind of a girl, Riley.
In the film there are also five emotions: Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger
and Disgust and in Riley’s mind there’s the “headquarters”, where
they work together.
The film is produced thanks to some phsicologists, in fact each
emotion has a special characteristic. They have also different colours:
Joy is yellow because it’s the colour of the sun, Fear is purple, Anger
is red because it’s the colour of fire, Disgust is green because it’s the
colour of broccoli and the colour of vomit, Sadness is blue because
“blue” means also “depressed” and it’s also the colour of tears.
So, this film talks about how our mind works. I liked this film because
it represents the mind as it is in real life.
Nicola Schierano
Report on the movie inside out
I loved the film and the part that struck me the most was when
Bing Bong sacrified himself to help Joy to return to Riley.
The part I liked the most was when all the 5 Emotions managed
to bring everything back to normality.
The meeting with the psychologist at the end of the film was very
interesting because she tried to involve all of us.
This experience made me realize that in life you must be sad
in order to be happy and sadness can help you to overcome
difficult times
Laura Nardini 2C
FLASH DANCE, the musical
From screen to stage: successful experiment!!!
It was not an easy bet to bring on stage the musical
version of a film that has remained in the memories
of an entire generation with its celebrated songs in
80’s style, become a timeless hit. But the bet has
been won thanks to the talented actors with their
magnificent and powerful voices, especially that
of the young actress who interpreted Alex, not as good
as a dancer in my opinion. Instead the girl who was Gloria had really a
lot of determination to sell, she danced lightly and nimbly and her acting was good.
Also the others actors were good, for example Jimmy was a really gifted boy at everything,
dancing, singing and playing. I liked the locations and costumes but, unfortunately the
scene when water is thrown at Alex failed because the water was a fake. Instead the best
scene is when Alex goes to “Carlo’s bar” and saves her friend Gloria, who runs into the
loving arms of Jimmy.
The pace of this show is never lost, the viewer’s attention is captured for the entire duration of
the show.
Emma Gigante 3F
One Day at the Theater
On 2nd of February all third grade classes went to
a musical. Its title was “Flashdance: The Musical”
and it was staged by an Italian-British theatre
company, Palketto Stage. The show was based
on the famous 80s movie, Flashdance.
I liked the musical, the actors were good
although they were so young (from 21 to
26 years old!) and that they also sang
and danced. They were all from the United
Kingdom. I think that having mother tongue actors is
a really useful idea: you can learn English better and get also
a correct pronunciation.
The scene that I liked most was one of the last: everyone of the cast went on
the stage, singing “We Will Rock You”. This wasn’t one of the most important scene
but the strength of the music made it become really amazing, the whole theatre applauded
loudly for a long long time!
I liked this experience because it wasn’t the classic (boring) lesson. We learnt having fun!
Montalbano Marianna 3F Flashdance
Flashdance is a romantic drama, but I think it is
first of all a film about talent and passion.
It was directed by Adrian
Lyne in Pittsburgh (USA).
We saw the film first to appreciate the musical
better. In fact the play was better than the film
because the actors sang alive and I was amazed
by how they managed to learn five songs and
the script by heart. Furthermore they spoke
English very well so I could understand almost
everything they said.
There are some differences between
the film and the musical: for example in
the musical some names were changed.
The musical was very good, so was the film
even if I don’t like romantic drama films as my
classmates because I think they are films for
Alberto Caschi 3D