Holy Ghost Catholic Church


Holy Ghost Catholic Church
Felix Joseph Barrias 1822-1907
Second Sunday of Lent
February 21, 2016
Holy Ghost Catholic Church
1041 North Central Street ■ Knoxville, Tennessee 37917
Most Reverend Richard F. Stika, D.D.
Bishop of Knoxville
Charles Walden, Director, Organist
William Lovelace, Director of Sunday 6PM
Mass Choir
Reverend John R. Dowling
Louise O. Wyman, Parish Composer
Special Schola: Mary Weaver
Reverend Doctor John Arthur Orr
LITURGY OF THE HOURS MondayFriday: Morning Prayer 6:00AM,
Evening Prayer 5:30PM
Associate Pastor
Hispanic Ministry
Deacon Michael Gouge, 865-966-9504
Deacon Gordon Lowery, 423-312-3185
Sunday in English
8:00, 10:00, 11:30AM and 6:00PM
in Latin 1:30PM Sunday
Mass in Spanish 7:00PM Saturday
Rectory and Mailing Address
6:30 and 8:00AM
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, MondayFriday 7-7:45AM
8:00AM and 7:00PM vigil in Spanish
111 Hinton Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee 37917
Phone: 865-522-2205  Fax: 865-525-6051
email: [email protected]
web: holyghostknoxville.org
PARISH OFFICE: Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 4:00PM
Dotti Morris, Parish Secretary
Catherine Cunningham, Business Manager
email: [email protected]
Jan Johnsson, Office Assistant
Second Sunday of Lent
Hispanic Community
Clarice Cuda
Karen Wampler
Rachael & Emily
David Kopp
Fr John Orr
Fr John Dowling
Andrew Beres
†Sue Armatulli
February 21, 2016
Welcome to Holy Ghost
Church. If you are a new
parishioner you are invited to
stop by or telephone the
Rectory Office to register and
let us know how we may be of
service to you. If you have not
received weekly offering
envelopes, please call the
Church office 522-2205.
Ronnie Kopp
7:00pm Hispanic Community
Sun 2/29 JRD
JAO 10:00
JRD 11:30
JAO 1:30pm
JRD 6:00pm
CCD - Sunday, 9-9:50am. Grades
6-12, Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm
BAPTISM - Call the Church Office,
Have you ever thought about becoming a Catholic or are you an
adult Catholic who has never received the sacrament of
confirmation? Adults who participate in RCIA learn about the
Catholic faith as they continue to grow in their own spiritual life.
Join us on Sunday at 7:15 PM, downstairs. Newcomers are always
welcome. Call Elizabeth Bunker, 584-2513 or Dianne Levesque,
687-1267 for more information.
Michael Berres
Amie Summers
7:00pm Stations of the Cross
Church (downstairs) Sessions held
mid-Sept. to May
Holy Ghost Catholic Church
RCIA - Sunday 7:15PM in the
MARRIAGE - Contact Church at
CONFESSIONS - Saturday 5:00-6:00PM or by
least 4 months in advance. Engaged
appointment (except Holy Saturday & Christmas Eve) Encounter required
Sunday 5-5:45PM
Sun 2/21 JRD
†Sue Amatulli
JRD 10:00
†Mary Torie by Carol Pettit
JAO 11:30
†Jeanne Emitt by family
JAO 1:30pm †Deacon Mark A Fredrick
JRD 6:00pm People of Holy Ghost
ROSARY - Each Saturday following
the 8:00AM Mass for world peace
and an end to abortion.
CHILD CARE: Use Cry Room at any Sunday Mass
Sat 2/20 JAO
First Friday - Eucharistic
Exposition, Holy Hour and
Benediction 8:30-9:45AM at Holy
Ghost Church
July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016
People of Holy Ghost
†Keith Harrell by Carol Pettit
Mineke Pieters
†Rev Daniel A Clements
†Jeff Emitt by family
† Indicates Deceased
Bulletin Deadline: Monday 4PM
Stewardship figures for weekends of February 6 & 7, 2016
Parish Building Fund
St. Joseph School Gym/Auditorium
Votive Candles
Offertory to date since July 1, 2015 - $256,760.15- Thank you!
We budget $12,500 per week for offertory giving.
Deficit since July 1 $82,345.18
Priest’s Column
My dear Parishioners,
Peace! There are nineteen (19) In Brief articles in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which treat the Lord’s
Prayer or "Our Father." The following reflection considers CCC, 2797.
Here we consider the four dispositions required in order for us to pray the Lord’s Prayer properly. The Hebrew
words batah (trust) and aman (to support, confide in, to trust) conjure up the idea of assurance, as do the Greek
terms pistis (Faith) and plerophoria (full assurance).
Simple confidence is required to pray the Lord’s Prayer properly. Saint Paul exhibited simple confidence in
Philippians 1:6 when he wrote, inspired by God, "I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good
work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." We learn the simplicity of confident prayer in 1 John 5:14 where we are
reminded that "if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us." Simple confidence in prayer seems evidently necessary when
the Lord Himself teaches us that whatever we shall ask in prayer, believing, we shall receive (cf. Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24).
Faithful confidence is required to pray the Lord’s Prayer properly. In Sacred Scripture we read about faithful confidence in
Hebrews 4:16, how we are to "draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to
help in time of need." In Proverbs 14:26 we learn that we have strong confidence in the fear of the Lord and as His children we have
refuge in Him.
Humble assurance is required to pray the Lord’s Prayer properly. The Lord’s Prayer is part of the Gospel Saint Paul preached in
the Holy Spirit giving full assurance and hope (cf. 1 Thessalonians 1:5). The Lord Jesus Himself teaches us about the humble
assurance we should have in praying the Lord’ Prayer in John 14:13: "whatever you shall ask in My Name, that will I do, that the
Father may be glorified in the Son."
Joyous assurance is required to pray the Lord’s Prayer properly. With hearts full of faith, washed and made pure by God’s grace
we have assurance of God’s love and mercy (cf. Hebrews 10:22). The joyful assurance we have over the Lord’s resurrection and
our own on the last day is augmented by our prayer of the Lord’s Prayer (cf. Acts 17:31).
Without simplicity or faith, without humility or joy how could we pray at all, let alone the Lord’s Prayer? Without confidence or
assurance how deep is our prayer, our faith? It is better that we pray the Lord’s Prayer "as little children" that we might "be
converted" and in God’s mercy "enter into the Kingdom of Heaven" (cf. Matthew 18:3). The Lord Himself desires that we come to
Him in the simplicity and innocence of "little children" and we do so especially in the Lord’s Prayer (cf. Matthew 19:14). Jesus has
taught us how to pray (cf. Luke 11:1-13).
God bless you!
Father John Arthur Orr
“The Lord is my light and my salvation.”
Patience is a virtue that brings with it many rewards. One of the most rewarding benefits advanced by this virtue is found in the
habit of ‘delayed gratification’. We live in a culture that is constantly shouting, “You deserve it, and, you can have it right now!”
The result is many people fall prey to ‘instant gratification’. Instant gratification places a serious roadblock on our path to being
the best disciples and stewards we can be. This is where patience can reward us. One of the hallmarks of stewardship is generosity;
however, it is difficult to be generous if we too frequently give in to instant gratification. Advertisers would have us believe that we
can spend our way to happiness. The truth is that sharing first and spending second is the path to sustained happiness and greater
When it comes to developing patience with our spending habits, the best course of action is to preface every spending decision
with the question, “Do I need this or do I simply want it?” This question is at the heart of good financial stewardship. The modern
media feeds our subconscious minds with hundreds of images every day, all intended to blur the difference between what
we legitimately need and what we simply want. If we are not careful these images can have a powerful influence on our
attitudes. “Whoever controls the images controls the culture” (Bishop Robert Morneau).
Making stewardship a way of life involves patience because it often requires that we make some adjustments to our lifestyle in
order to become better stewards. Being patient with myself helps me on my journey. As with all the virtues, gratitude is the parent
of patience. I try to be grateful in every situation, grateful for what I have, grateful for my job, grateful for my relationships. In
gratitude I find patience whenever things don’t go the way I think they should. Patience is more than the ability to wait; it is all
about how we behave while we are waiting. Sometimes God makes us wait in order to teach us to trust Him, to have faith, and to be
patient. There is nothing quite as exciting as waiting on God because we know whatever He has planned for us…it will be good!
Patience is more than the ability to wait; it is all about how we behave while we are waiting.
This article is part eight in a series of 12 reflections on stewardship virtues by ICSC member, Dan Potvin, Director of Stewardship for the Archdiocese of Winnipeg, Canada.
Please phone the Rectory (522-2205), and speak with Dotti
Morris to add names to the following:
Ann Adkins .. Tracy Adkins .. Bob Boyd .. Marian Braatz ..
Erin Brink .. Ruth Burch .. Sahara Burkey .. Hugo Canada ..
Leigh Chagnon .. Mary Pat Chandler .. Bishop David
Choby .. Art Clancy .. Libby Coleman .. Betty Collins .. Bob
Collins .. Bobby, Joanna & Leon Cook .. Pat Davenport ..
Sydnee Doherty .. John Dombrosky .. Maria Dulin .. Steve
Findley .. Elmer Haverly .. Sandra Hatcher .. Frankie Hicks ..
Bob Holifield .. Sara Dugan Howell .. Lisa Hurtt .. Baron E
Hyatt II .. Baron E Hyatt III .. Don Fiolkoski .. Dan Fritz ..
Stephen Hepenstall .. Brian Kibble .. Shelba Jean Fritz
King .. Gladys Kirchner .. Linda Knauer .. Jack Kramer ..
Lester Lane .. Hazel Inez Leach .. Carol Lefevre .. Tycen
Letsinger .. Wade Letsinger .. Patti Loveday .. Robert
Marshed .. Pauline Martin .. Jennifer Masters .. Hunter
McCain .. Beverly McKee .. Marsha Moneymaker .. Ruthie
Montgomery .. Grace O’Brien .. Victoria Ostermayr ..
Carolyn Payne .. Carol Pelicano ..Chris & Kim Petipren ..
Mia Roberts .. Dawn Sands .. Msgr. George Schmidt ..
Charles H. Sharp .. Jean Simpson .. Jimmy Smith .. Jane
Snidas .. Ann Swanson .. Ingrid Tillery .. Shirley Todd ..
Wayne Traffas .. Gen Vadeboncouer .. Carrie Vickers ..
Christin & Kyle Webb .. Grace Willard .. Chuck Williams ..
Claudia Wilson .. Jim Wright, Sr.
Jonathan E Alanis
U.S. Coast Guard Puerto Rico
TSgt Robert Ayala
U.S. Air Force
PFC Nathan Babcock
U.S. Army
2nd Lt. Miranda Bednar
U.S. Army
2nd PO Kyle Caton
U.S. Navy
PO Christopher Corum
U.S. Navy
SA Kegan A Drysdale
U.S. Navy
S Sgt. Francis (Joseph) Dunn Jr. U.S. Marines
U.S. Navy
LT Kevin Gouge
Maj. C.B. Hancock
U.S. Air Force
So. Korea
3rd CPO Karl Kolzow
U.S. Navy
Middle East
Sgt Joseph Nate Mankel
U.S. Army
CMSgt Charles A. Morris
U.S. Air Force Middle East
S Sgt Thomas J Morris
U.S. Air Force
Dr. Kenneth Nickle
TN National Guard
Capt. Kelly Padden
U.S. Air Force
Sgt. Edward Stamey
U.S. Army
3rd CPO Brian Wallace
U.S. Navy
Tuesday thru Saturday 8am - 6pm on the north
side of the Church. This lot belongs to Optical
Market (formerly Condry)
May souls of all our beloved faithful
departed through the mercy of God
rest in peace. Amen.
Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern
World, Gaudium et spes:
939. Upon what two things are objective moral standards based? (GS,
51.3) The nature of the human person, The nature of human acts
940. How are the full sense of mutual self-giving and and human
reproduction in the context of true love preserved in their full sense?
(GS, 51.3) By living and acting according to the objective standards
inscribed in our human nature
941. What specific virtue do the Council Fathers insist must be
sincerely practiced?(GS, 51.3) Conjugal chastity
942* How do the Council Fathers anticipate in 1965 the Encyclical
Letter Humanae Vitae of Blessed Pope Paul VI (25 July, 1968)? (GS,
51.3) By forbidding the use of methods of birth control which are found
blameworthy by the teaching authority (magisterium) of the Church in her
unfolding of the divine law
943. What should all be persuaded about as not being realities not
bound up with this world alone? (GS, 51.4) Human life, The transmission
of human life
944. What must always have a bearing on the eternal destiny of the
human person? (GS, 51.4) Human life, The transmission of human life
945. What is a kind of school of deeper humanity? (GS, 52) The family
946. What three things allow the family to achieve the full flowering of
its life and mission? (GS, 52) The kindly communion of the minds of the
spouses, The joint deliberation of the spouses, The painstaking cooperation
of parents in the education of their children
947. What is highly beneficial to the formation of children? (GS, 52)
The father
948. Who, especially, need the care of their mother at home? (GS, 52)
The younger children
Orr, John Arthur. Pastoral Questions and Answers from the Second Vatican Council.
Charleston, South Carolina: Createspace, 2015.
Dear Friends,
Please join me on a pilgrimage of a lifetime. People go on pilgrimages
for different reasons. Some undertake pilgrimages to give thanks, others
in fulfillment of a vow, still others as a penance. Whatever your reason,
you will cherish the graces received and the memories from this
pilgrimage in the Year of Mercy: daily Mass and prayers, fellowship and
adventure, the Major Basilicas of Saint John Lateran, Saint Peter, Saint
Paul outside the Walls, Saint Mary Major in Rome, and the minor
basilicas of Saint Francis, Saint Mary of the Angels in Assisi, Saint Mary
of the Flower and Holy Cross in Florence, the Holy House of Loreto,
Saint Benedict in Norcia, sites of miracles and lives of the saints like
Scholastica, Catherine of Siena and Pio of Pietrelcina, and so much
more... Come seek the intercession of the saints and deepen your journey
of faith.
Father John Arthur Orr
Info: http://www.unitours.com/client/FrOrrItalyPilgrimage.html
Pregnancy and Adoption Services, including post-abortion
counseling available 24/7/365 by calling 1-877-990-4673
Empowering and protecting the poor and vulnerable through:
Columbus Home Children’s Services
Housing for Special Populations
Outreach to Those in Hardship
Counseling & Education
Information or help, go to www.ccetn.org for services & contact
information in your community.
JUNE 5, 2016
6:00 PM Mass
All high school students who wish to receive the
sacrament of Confirmation in June and are not enrolled in
the Religious Education program at Holy Ghost must
contact the Church office at [email protected]
5 de junio de 2016
6:00 PM Misa
Todos los estudiantes secundaria que deseen recibir el
Sacramento de la Confirmación en Junio y no están
matriculados en el programa de educación religiosa en
Holy Ghost deben comunicarse con la parroquia
[email protected]
The Americans for Truth website points out that “since
1980, 350,000 men having sex with men have died of HIV/
AIDS.” The cost to society? Each HIV/AIDS victim
needs $24,000+ of anti-viral medication per year; treating
an HIV/AIDS victim from the disease’s onset through
hospice runs $400,000 to $600,000 per year.
The homosexual lobby also tells us that same-sex
marriages should be celebrated for the “stability” they
bring to society. The Americans for Truth website points
to a Kinsey Institute report that “only one percent of men
having sex with men had achieved
relationships; only 9 percent had less than 25 partners; 32
percent had between 100 and 500; 15 percent between 500
and 1,000.” Whatever those numbers tell us, they do not
describe a “stable” force in society worthy of
Merry Widows will meet at Red Lobster on Merchants Dr
on March 1 @ 12noon.
Calling All Women Seeking Grace, Sowing Hope, and
Sharing Mercy in Times Such as These: The Knoxville
Diocesan Council of Catholic Women is having its annual
convention on April 14-16 at Holy Trinity in Jefferson City.
Come spend a faith filled weekend with women from our
diocese as we enjoy exciting speakers, celebrate Mass together,
and experience an opportunity for fellowship. Contact Judy
Collins, 423-639-0688, [email protected]; Pat Duda, 423231-2613, [email protected]; or Anne Wharton, 865-8502222, [email protected] for info about hotel arrangements
and convention. Convention registration forms are available
online at http://www.kdccw.org.
(All Services begin at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise indicated)
HOLY CROSS - Tuesday, February 23
SAINT ALBERT THE GREAT - Thursday, February 25
OUR LADY OF FATIMA - Tuesday, March 1
HOLY FAMILY (Seymour) - Tuesday, March 8
SAINT JOHN XXIII - Wednesday, March 9 - 7:30p.m.
SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL - all-day confessions on Ash
Wednesday, February 10, (9 a.m. - 9 p.m.) and Good Friday,
March 25, (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
Sign up at DynamicCatholic.com/Lent
In recognition of World Marriage
Day the Diocesan Office of
Marriage Preparation and
Enrichment conducted a search
for the longest married couple in
each parish of our diocese. We
are pleased to announce that Stan
and Ellen Pickering are the
longest married couple at Holy
Ghost. They were married July
14, 1951.
Please join us in
thanking them for the beauty of
their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life!
We are called to participate in our diocesan 40 Days for
Life vigil of prayer as a witness of hope across the street from
the Knoxville Planned Parenthood Clinic on Cherry St. Holy
Ghost Parish has signed up 4 of these 40 Days for Life.
The Holy Ghost Hispanic Community signed up for 3
Sundays in Lent: February 14 and 21 and March 13. If you can
join our Hispanic brothers and sisters on one or more of these
three Sundays, sign up on the table in the Narthex or at the
side entrance to the church as you leave Mass.
The 4th day we are responsible for is Saturday, March 5th
that is being organized by the Holy Ghost Bible Study Group.
The prayer vigil is from 7 am to 7 pm in 2 hour shifts (5-7 pm
shift may be done in church) with at least 2 persons present for
the prayer vigil shifts. You can sign up for March 5th on the
same form at the Narthex and side church entrance.
If you have any questions call Deacon Mike Gouge. Please
join us in giving a peaceful, prayerful witness to the Gospel of
It’s that time of year once again! Catholic Charities
Pregnancy Help Center will be handing out baby bottles
after mass on February 20th & 21st. Please take a bottle,
fill it with your spare change, cash or check and return it
the following Sunday. It is that simple. Your support
helps to assist those who have faced or who are facing an
unplanned pregnancy. We are very grateful for your
continued support and pray that you will bless us and those
we serve once again. Thank you!
Párroco: Padre John R. Dowling
Vicario: Padre Dr. John Arthur Orr
Misa en español todos los sábados a las 7 pm
Les damos la bienvenida a todos los que nos visitan por
primera vez y los que nos visitan de otras ciudades, condados,
estados y/o países. También a todos aquellos que se ingresan como
nuevos miembros de nuestra Iglesia. Les recordamos que para ser
miembros de la Iglesia deben registrarse como tal. Por favor
comuníquense con algún miembro de la Pastoral de Conjunto para
más informes.
Se les recuerda apagar todo aparato electrónico antes de entrar
a la Iglesia.
PADRES DE FAMILIA: Favor de no dejar que los niños corran
entre los pasillos o las naves durante la misa; no andar sobre las
bancas; no andar solos en el estacionamiento; no dejar que jueguen
con los misales o libros de canto. Los Ujieres regresaran a todo
niño que no vaya acompañado por un adulto si es que quieren
bajar al sótano o al baño. Todo esto se les pide con el propósito de
que la misa sea una experiencia agradable para todos y por la
seguridad de sus hijos.
Si tiene una necesidad específica, una misa de aniversario,
acción de gracias o cualquier otro tipo de necesidad de esta índole,
comuníquese con un miembro de la Pastoral de Conjunto. Ellos le
podrán dar los informes necesarios para su necesidad. Recuerde
que todo tipo de misa requiere notificación anticipada. Gracias.
Caminando hacia la nueva Jerusalén – Este grupo se dedica a la
alabanza y oración de Dios y reúne los domingos de 3:30-5:30 pm.
Para más información llame a José Ramírez 828-448-2389 o
Angelina Pedro 865-237-7487.
Peregrinos del Señor – Este grupo se reúne los miércoles a las 8 pm y los
domingos a las 4 pm a rezar el rosario. Llamar para obtener localidad
actual. Comuníquese con Candelaria 865-388-9505, Benjamín 865-6927167, Tomas 865-643-5988 o Rigoberto 865-255-5137.
Juan XXIII – Este grupo se reúne todos los martes a las 7 pm en el sótano
de la Iglesia.
Clases pre-bautismales:
Segundo y cuarto sábados de enero, abril, julio y octubre. Se imparten
después de misa comenzando a las 8 pm. Se requiere la presencia de los
padres y los padrinos a menos que sean miembros de otra Iglesia Católica
y esta les de la constancia de cumplimiento con las clases. Preguntas se
pueden dirigir a Oswaldo Cárdenas o con un miembro de la Pastoral de
Actividades mensuales:
Todos los sábados:
Confesiones en español de 6pm -6:45 pm
Bendición de imágenes y/o artículos – después de misa
Primer sábado: Exposición del Santísimo Sacramento – después de misa
Tercer sábado: Reunión de la Pastoral de Conjunto – después de misa
Si le gustaría participar como miembro de la Pastoral de Conjunto, por
favor atienda a la próxima reunión y comuníqueselo a los miembros de la
Pastoral de Conjunto.
Cuarto sábado:
Noche de la comunidad. Este espacio está reservado
para eventos que conciernen a la comunidad hispana y para convivencias.
Si Usted, su grupo o su negocio tienen algún evento que quisieran celebrar
en la Iglesia y quiere invitar a la comunidad, este sería el mejor espacio.
Comuníquese con algún miembro de la Pastoral de Conjunto para más
At Ladies of Charity, we provide opportunities for
our members and volunteers to engage in
meaningful action, enjoy fellowship with one
another, and purposefully live out the call to “love
our neighbor” through the Works of Mercy. If you
might be interested in this ministry, please contact us. Email:
[email protected] or call 865.247.5790 120.
West Baxter Avenue
A thank you to all those who served as greeters at Masses
the past year. You do a wonderful service for the church.
You are the friendly face of the congregation. We need a
few more volunteers. We need two people for the 11:30
Mass and four for the 6:00 PM Mass. Greeters usually
work two months a year. If you would like to volunteer
please call Linda Bolen at 524-7957. This is a wonderful
volunteer opportunity for parishioners to meet others in
their parish family.
NO estacionamiento martes a sábado 8am - 6pm en el lado
norte de la iglesia. Este terreno pertenece al Optical Market
(anteriormente Condry)
Diocese of Knoxville Bilingual Jail Ministry, if interested
please contact Lorie C Weeden at 865.806.1425 .
Retrouvaille …a lifeline for Marriages
The Retrouvaille Program consists of a weekend experience
combined with a series of 6-12 post-weekend sessions over 3
months. It provides the tools to help put your marriage in order
again. The main emphasis of the program is on communication
in marriage between husband and wife. It will give you the
opportunity to rediscover each other and examine your lives
together in a new and positive way.
The next weekend is
scheduled for March 4-6, 2016 in Nashville, TN. For
confidential information and to register please contact Tom or
Pat Ackerman at 615-523-0631 or [email protected]
Visit http://www.helpourmarriage.com/
7:15pm RCIA – JPII Room, Info, Elizabeth Bunker (584-2513).
Mystagogia Schedule for RCIA – 2nd Sunday, Music Room
CCD - 9-9:50am
Adult Formation - 9:05 –9:50am
7-9:00pm Special Schola Practice
6-9:00pm KOC 645 - 1st & 3rd Mondays
7-9:00pm Opus Dei Women’s Night of Recollection - 2nd Monday
10:00am Bible Study call Lorraine McWilliams,922-2286. JPII Rm
6:00pm Parish Pastoral Council - 2nd Tuesday - JP II Room
7-9:00pm Opus Dei Men’s Night of Recollection - 2nd Tuesday
After school Junior Presidium - When school is in session.
6:00pm Legion of Mary (adult group) - Fr. Henkel Hall, JP II Room
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal - St. Cecilia Room
CCD, Grades 6-12 - 7-8:30pm
10:00am Share the Word Scripture Study
Led by Lorraine McWilliams - JPII Room
7-8:30pm Pope Benedict XVI Schola
7-9:00pm Adult Education - Matthew’s Gospel
9:00am Rosary for Life – Held every Friday in front of the Planned
Parenthood Clinic on Cherry St., Knoxville.
Information call Lorie Weeden, 546-7622 or 806-1425
7:00pm Hispanic Bible Study - Oswaldo Cardenas
8:30am Rosary for Peace – Following 8am Mass.
3rd Saturday Hispanic Leadership Meeting (8pm in Church)
4th Saturday Hispanic Community Night (8-9pm in Church)
8:00 a.m. William Edward Lovelace, Quintin Rhodes,
Daniel Rhodes
10:00 a.m. Katie Whittaker, Meredith Thomas, Riley
11:30 a.m. Alec Connolly, Luke Connolly
6:00 p.m. Scott Maentz, Arun Arepalli
8:00 a.m. Carol Cortese, Tona Neal
10:00 a.m. Anne Alley, Deb Quintois
11:30 a.m. Karen Hensley
6:00 p.m. Deacon, Elizabeth Bunker
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
11:30 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Frank & Leticia Pickering
Paul Dunn
Bill Sullivan
Dianne Levesque
8:00 a.m. Bill & DeeDee Hansen, Steve & Betsy
Moore, Carol Henderson
10:00 a.m. Patti Roach, Terry & Shirley Moore
11:30 a.m. Charles & John Matlock, Mary &
Maria Wilson
6:00 p.m. Jeff & Sharyn Gick
Pastoral de Conjunto:
Baptism Preparation:
Isabel Santiago
Jose Luis Santiago
Oswaldo Cardenas
Jose Sandoval
DID YOU KNOW? LADIES OF CHARITY has a truck and you
may call to request a donation pickup! If you have large items or
a large quantity of small items please call 865- 247-5790.
Catholic Charities
Annual Dinner 2016:
Come join Catholic
Charities for a night
fellowship at the 31st
Annual Emerald
O’ccasion Dinner
on March 10 at the
Knoxville Marriott.
This year’s event
features keynote
speaker and local radio celebrity Hallerin Hilton Hill, plus a
program emceed by WATE-TV’s Kristin Farley. Bring a group
from your church, invite your friends and help support the
programs at Catholic Charities of East Tennessee! Tickets are
$125 each or $1,250 for a table of 10. Special group and church
sponsorships are also available. For more information: 865-684
-1894 | [email protected] | www.ccetn.org