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fall color - Farmington Gardens
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September 2011
is for planting...
‘Sienna Sunrise’
Heavenly Bamboo
‘Yellow Leaved’
Japanese Barberry
Sienna Sunrise Heavenly Bamboo
Yellow Leaved Japanese Barberry
(Nandina domestica ‘Sienna Sunrise’)
(Berberis thunbergii ‘Aurea’) is a
is a versatile component in any
deciduous shrub that will add a splash
landscape. There is much to love
of color in any setting that can avoid
about this low maintenance, deerthe hot afternoon sun. Its small leaves
resistant, mostly evergreen shrub.
emerge a golden yellow in the spring
Its light airy texture and ability to be
and will take on a chartreuse shade
shaped makes for year-round interest. of green through summer. When fall
The spring new growth emerges a
begins, this Barberry will shine with
burgundy-red, changing to lush green
orange, yellow and pink hues that
over summer and bright red as the
give off a festive fall feel. If there is a
temperature begins to cool. Sienna
dark area in your shade garden that
Sunrise is a perfect companion
needs color, Yellow Leaved Japanese
plant to anything with variegated
Barberry covers a wide spectrum that
foliage or small evergreens. You will
catches light within its dense clusters
be delighted as it presents endless
of small round leaves.
3-4’ h x 3-4’ w
3-5’ h x 2-3’ w
shr u bs
‘Tiger Eyes’
Burning Bush
Tiger Eyes Sumac (Rhus typhinia
‘Bailtiger’) is a well behaved showy
specimen that can tolerate poor soil
and pollution. Foliage color begins
with chartreuse leaves in the spring
they lighten to a bright gold over
the summer and finally a striking
red-orange in fall. The reddish stems
stand out against the bright foliage
and add some winter interest. If color
is what you’re looking to achieve this
is it. Tiger Eyes will brighten even
the dreariest of days. It is especially
breathtaking when combined with
taller perennials. There is nothing
like seeing this Sumac against a
background of tall Russian Sage or
amongst a grouping of Agastache.
You will wonder why your garden has
gone so long without one.
8’ h x 8’ w
The Compact Burning Bush
(Euonymus alata ‘Compacta’) catches
the spectator’s attention like a house
fire. This compact branching shrub
has dense foliage giving it a neat
and tidy presentation. When autumn
arrives, the foliage turns from green
to a glowing fiery red making it a
very dramatic display of color that
from a distance could appear to be
burning. The Burning Bush makes for
a magnificent hedge or accent plant
that will hold its foliage weeks after
other deciduous shrubs. If intense
color combinations are your thing, this
shrub should be at the top of your list.
4-6’ h x 4-6’ w
FA L L COL O Rshade t re e s
Quaking Aspen
The Quaking Aspen (Populus
tremuloides) gets its name from its
fluttering leaves in the slightest wind.
A fast growing species that spreads
by its roots, it can easily form a
grove of speckled cream trunks and
twinkling round leaves at a mature
height of 40-50 feet. Tolerant of many
soil types it is especially striking in fall
when the leaves turn a bright gold.
Autumn Blaze
The Autumn Blaze Maple (Acer
The American Sweetgum
rubrum “Autumn Blaze”) hybridizes
(Liquidambar styraciflua) is a classic
the breathtaking orange-red fall color,
shade tree easily recognized by its
dense branching and strong wood
five point star leaves and spiky seed
of the red maple, with the vigorous
balls. It has one of the most complex
growth and poor soil tolerance of the
and long lasting fall colors often
silver maple, combining for an insect holding gold, orange, red, and purple
and disease resistant tree that has
leaves all on the same tree. Growing
quickly won the confidence of home 60-70 feet tall and 40-50 feet wide it is
owners and municipalities alike. It
a big tree that can be used in smaller
grows 40-50 feet tall and 30-40 feet
wide exceptionally quickly in a wide
range of climates.
The Japanese Stewartia (Stewartia
pseudocamellia) is a showcase tree
for either full or partial sun. New
leaves in spring emerge bronzypurple turning a deep green for
summer. White camellia-like flowers
bloom in mid to late summer turning
into green tear drop seeds. Red,
orange and purple fall color then
reveals the multi-colored peeling bark
with shades of lime green, tan, gold
and reddish brown in winter. Slow
growing, this tree will reach 40 feet
tall and 20 feet wide.
presents our 9th annual
Plan to join us Saturday September 10th for our 9th annual Tomato Festival, our favorite day of the year! If you love
tomatoes, you will enjoy sampling all the different varieties available. You might very well find some new favorites to grow
next year.
Plan to enter our Tomato Contest (Best in Show; Biggest in Show; Most Peculiar; Prettiest/Most Perfect Tomato)
Click HERE to download rules and entry form.
9am class What to do in the Garden in September – if you are new to gardening, or just need some reminders, this is
the class for you. We will guide you to all the important garden projects for September.
11 am class Tomato Talk – Learn which varieties are best for this area, and strategies for getting the earliest, best yield
possible. A staff member will lead this discussion.
2-4pm Demonstration Cooking with Chef Dan – Chef Dan Brophy from the Oregon Culinary Institute returns with his
favorite seasonal tomato recipes. Samples and recipes included, of course!
September 11, 2-4pm Demonstration Preserving the Harvest, with Chef Dan Brophy – Preserving your own food is
a great way to live well, by eating food you’ve harvested and made available for use when fresh fruits and veggies aren’t as
readily available. Chef Dan returns for this popular class – learn the basics of canning, as he takes you through all the steps.
Samples and recipes included. Reservations recommended. Email [email protected]
September In-Store Specials
Fall is for Planting!
Divide Peonies
and Iris
Plant daffoldils,
tulips, and crocus
for spring bloom
Fall Bulbs are
Control slugs as
necessary with
Protect fall
veggies from frost
with row covers
Mulch carrot,
parsnip, and
beets for winter
Apply copper
to peach and
cherry trees as
Harvest winter squash when the “ground
spot” changes from white to cream or gold
Compost any
disease-free plant
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
click here for more info.
50% off select shade trees
Stop irrigating
your lawn to
suppress crane fly
Aerate, Reseed and Fertilize Lawns!
on trees and
All roses 40% off
Your garden can help
to fight hunger.
Preserving the Harvest:
with Dan Brophy
Pick up spent
potatoes when the fruit and discard
tops die down
check for insects,
bring them indoors
check our website and blog for more info on events
Pick green
tomatoes and
ripen indoors if
frost threatens
Mushrooms in a Bucket
Register through PCC
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ph: 503-649-4568 [email protected] 21815 SW Farmington Rd
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