Norway 2016 - Gudbrandsdalslaget I


Norway 2016 - Gudbrandsdalslaget I
Join the Gudbrandsdalslag of America as they travel in the
steps of their ancestors and as they discover their roots in
Gudbrandsdalen and explore the Norway of the 21st Century
Norway 2016
If you are interested in participating in the Gudbrandsdalslag tour, please contact:
Jim Olson, Lag President at: [email protected] | 605-332-1321
Brekke Tours & Travel at: [email protected] | 1-800-437-5302
2016 Tour to Norway
The Gudbrandsdalslag has sponsored Some of the aspects of 21st Century
four tours in recent years to Gudbrandsdal Norwegian life that we are considering
and other parts of Norway, all of them in exploring include:
cooperation with Brekke Tours and Travel in
• The influence of the discovery of oil
Grand Forks, North Dakota. We are excited
upon Norway and today’s economy
about the possibility of a tour in 2016, that
(visit Stavanger and its oil museum
will build on our past experiences and
might be possible)
deepen our connection with our ancestral
• Modern day practices are changing the
role that fishing has played through the
We have been exploring the theme of
years (visit a fish farm in Hordaland)
“Norway in the 21st Century” for our next tour.
• The current political system with a visit
To be sure, we will travel in Gudbrandsdalen
to the Storting (parliament) in Oslo and
and visit the communities from which our
a lecture on Norwegian political life
immigrant ancestors came. There will be
• The significant changes in the E6
visits to many areas of Gudbrandsdalen, but
highway through Gudbrandsdalen
we also want to visit other parts of Norway
brought about by widening the road,
as we did in 2012 when we visited Trøndelag
even moving the road to the other side
and traveled down the Atlantic Coastal
of Laagen River and building tunnels
Highway before entering Gudbrandsdalen.
• What congregations and pastors
Many of those tour members expressed
are doing about the changes in the
appreciation for expanding their knowledge
relationship of church and state in
and understanding other parts of Norway.
We also want to focus on some of the areas
of life and culture of today that shape the Perhaps there are other areas of
Norwegian world.
contemporary Norwegian life that you might
suggest. We have some ideas of places
and resource people that can help us build
a great trip.
We are thinking that it would be best
to travel to Norway in early June 2016,
and that the tour would be about 14 days
long. The topics that have arisen so far
lead us to think that the area outside of
Gudbrandsdal that we could best visit would
be in Rogaland and some of its neighboring
fylker (counties). There are some significant
tourist experiences in those areas that can
enrich our travel as well.
We are in the beginning stages of planning
for this tour, thus it would be valuable for us
to learn of your interest and your ideas of
what would make an excellent tour. Please
speak with a member of the board, or
Lag President Jim Olson
[email protected]
Brekke Tours & Travel
[email protected]
You are also invited to visit our website
to learn about the plans.

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