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the cannon - Titchfield High
June 2016
A quarterly publication of
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
Editor’s Corner
Greetings and best wishes, everyone!!
Welcome to the pages of The Cannon. I hope
that you enjoy this issue. I invite you to be a
part of our quarterly publications by submitting
articles that you think will be of interest to
others. We like to know what is happening.
This Newsletter is a medium through which we
reach a large sector of our supporters and we
aim to make it as interesting as possible. Don‟t
be reluctant to participate.
Thanks for your support of our recent
Memorial Day Weekend activities. It is always
refreshing to “see your face in the place”. We
have our “old faithfuls” who are a great source
of entertainment and we also have the “newcomers” who fall right in line and enjoy the
events. All of you make an invaluable
contribution to our Association and our Alma
Mater – Titchfield.
us all. DEH PUT
The recently launched Matching Gift
Challenge of $15,000.00 (an environmental
awareness and development project,
sponsored by Al and Patsy Merritt ) while
steadily picking up momentum is just past
the halfway mark at appx. $8,500.00.
We are again appealing to the generosity
amongst our alumni community, wellwishers and friends to help us achieve our
goal in this endeavor.
Our deadline is the end of this month (June
2016) and while it seems like a daunting task,
we have come through in a pinch before,
hence we can do it again.
No donation is considered too small or for
that matter too big. Challenge your
classmates to beat their contribution and
make a fun task of it all.
How many times have you heard someone,
upon returning from a trip to Portie, express
We are almost half way through the year and we
anticipate your continued involvement in our
activities. The Columbus Day Weekend Cruise is
foremost on the minds of some of us but we have
other events that may attract your interest. There
are plans for a Tea Party in November and a Yard
Sale in September. Do please keep abreast of the
We continue to be proud of our school, Titchfield
– 230 years old, and wish Principal, Staff and
Students a very happy and enjoyable Summer
vacation. We hope that the upcoming activities
relative to the Anniversary Celebrations will be
very successful.
Remember to include 3rd Saturdays, 2:00 pm –
5:00 pm in your Planner for our Monthly Alumni
Meeting and bring a friend.
Sept. 24
Yard Sale
Oct 7-10
Annual Columbus Day
Weekend Jamboree
3-Nite Cruise
Fri - Mon
Tea Party
H.E. Gem Leslie- Rhodd
Vice President/Dir. Special Projects
Event Proceeds
Yard Sale
disappointment in the physical state of the
school (never mind that they have not been
back since they left in 19xx and the fact that
the school is now 230 years old). Well, here‟s a
chance for you all to PUT YU MONEY
Portie Danc/Picnic
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, with
the sponsor subtly challenging our true
commitment to Titchfield. This can also be
used as a standard bearer for other similar
alumni organizations to pattern…A positive
reflection of us all.
For more information, please visit our website
at and DONATE
early and often (the same way you choose to
vote in elections).
Thanks to those of you who have already
donated and we encourage all others to join in
this effort.
Paul „Paca‟ Perry
Chairperson Annual Giving
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
 Needy Students Fund
 Adopt-A-Class
October Wknd
 Beautification Project
 Building/Maintenance
Fund Renovation
 Staff
A ClassBag Project
 „Green‟
Bag Project
 Cricket,
Sick Teams
Bay Project
$ 500
School Project
$ School
 Fellowship
 School's Challenge Quiz
 Sick Bay/Medical Supplies
 School Bus
 Math Lab., Computer Lab.
 Structural Improvement
 Geography Lab
 Document Center
Penny Drive
Local Donations:
 Food for the Poor
 Caribbean Heart Menders
 Kiwanis Club of
Lauderdale Lakes
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
An Observation
I am not sure if there is any scientific study relating to the
reasons why a high percentage of us have migrated. I venture to
say (tongue in cheek) that economics played a significant role in
the decision to make the move.
We can‟t have the best of both worlds, that is the simply awe
inspiring and beautiful environment that most of us grew up in
and also realizing that the avenues for development are limited,
as it relates to career and financial growth.
So we are here, and we visit the land of our birth, and we come
back to America or England or wherever we come back to, and
we complain and lambast every ill that befalls us in our
Many times we don‟t do it publicly, lest we risk the tongue ashing from our comrades who love Jamdung till dem dead, and
don‟t want to hear any negative talk about YARD, however
many times we do so on the social media platforms under
Regardless, we feel justified in any observations we make, even
if we draw the ire of friends and family. So we are here, and we
have all the solutions that befall our social, political, educational
systems on our island.
Taking me back to the issue of scientific studies. Has any been
done to verify the direct contributions Alumni have made to
their alma maters. We know the amount is significant, but for
those directly involved with organizations that reach out directly
to contributors within their respective communities, it‟s
comparable to pulling teeth.
It is different however for individuals giving back and
supporting family members directly, building homes and
investing in business ventures. This has always been a major
source of funding for our island. Large conglomerates have
benefited and grown significantly from remittances, hence it‟s
benefited and grown significantly from remittances, hence it‟s not
for the lack of resources in our diaspora communities.
Giving back to alma mater, directly or not, is a different issue as
culturally we see educational development as governments‟
responsibility, hence no urgency to contribute. That is not the
way it is anymore as government resources are limited and
disbursement of funds to schools is actually worse than pulling
Long gone are the days when the Ministry of education would
fund all and sundry activities undertaken on behalf of the schools,
and principals were just Bushas overseeing discipline and staff
personnel issues. A modern principal is akin to a C.E.O of a
major corporation, juggling all facets of human resources, budget
and plant maintenance.
We are hesitant because of the experience in public affairs of
corruption with government and public officials, but we can be
circumspect when we choose to contribute and demand
accountability of the organizations with which we associate.
TAATHS has been at the forefront of meaningful engagement
with Titchfield and its environs and we constantly try and find
ways to reinvent our approach to GIVING BACK. See more of
what we do at
I say all of this to reiterate the point that we need to be
supportive of the associations that display transparency and
accountability and while we will not be able to change the world
we certainly can clean up the corner we know.
Walk good
TAATHS Salutes Charles Berbick with heartiest Congratulations!!!
The last thirty years at the same hospital has been a patient
and determined quest towards service excellence. Charles
says that he has been rewarded in personal growth, education
and priceless experience, for which he is proud and
extremely grateful.
His role as a Radiologic Technologist (Cardiac) is the
embodiment of service to the healthcare of patients in our
local community as, also, national and international
visitors. The "caring touch" to thousands of adult and
pediatric patients gave him the most satisfaction, and, to be a
party to their healing process gives the greatest fulfillment.
Charles says, with great humility, “I have been honored to be
allowed to be a team member in the Jackson Health System,
where miracles are made daily”.
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Campus Update
Principal Richard Thompson
Aesthetic Improvement
Arising from the Environmental Aesthetic Project Proposal that was sent to the Florida chapter, we have begun to implement aspects of this project even
without any firm commitment from possible sponsors. We managed to plant several trees and flowers throughout the school, put up a picket fence and a
garden at Block H/Portmore giving the compound a new and refreshing outlook. We intend to continue these efforts in the summer and next school year.
Language Laboratory
We have written a proposal which seeks to establish a Language Laboratory similar to our Mathematics Lab. The intention is to equip a room at the school
with the necessary tools to improve the language skills of students in a specialized way. We expect that through this facility more of our students will master
the skill-sets necessary in those subject areas resulting in improved performances in both internal and external examinations. We are now seeking support for
this proposal.
Although we didn‟t enter the All Together Choir Competition this year our Choir continues to do well in the JCDC competitions. We received 2 gold, 8
silver and 3 bronze medals in the parish finals. We also received a national award in the reggae category and are in the finals of the Nation Children‟s Gospel
Song Competition.
Our athletics team represented us at the annual Boys and Girls Athletics Championships with approximately ten (10) team members. At the end of the
championships we managed three (3) points from a single competitor Shanice Burrell, who placed 6 th in the Girls Class 1 Long Jump. These 3 points gave us
a placement of 23rd out of 114 schools.
Table Tennis
We continue to dominate this competition among high schools in Jamaica. We are the current holders of the U19 Boy and U16 Girls All Island Titles and
also the holders of three (3) of four(4) Rural Titles (U19 Boys, U16 Boys and U16 Girls), making us the most dominant school in table tennis in the country.
Schools Challenge Quiz
The nation and parts of the world celebrated with us on March 31, 2016 when we finally claimed our first hold on the TVJ‟s Schools Challenge Quiz Title. As
you saw, our team represented us in true Titchfield spirit displaying sheer grit, determination and pride as they broke down the proverbial „second place‟ tag
that we have endured for generations. The celebrations were wild throughout Jamaica and especially in Port Antonio and we were featured in the print and
audio visual media throughout the island. Our team members; Rajae Chambers, Tajae Edwards, Demario Asquitt and Zedan Martin and coaches; Alpha
Sparkes and Chase Roberts deserved all the accolades and commendations that came their way. They received numerous prizes from the competition and
also received several offers for treats from members of the community.
230th Anniversary
Our 230th anniversary celebrations are on in earnest and have gotten relatively good support so far. We had the Mr. and Ms. Titchfield Competition in
February as planned. This activity saw several of our students competing for the respective titles supported by their schoolmates and family and sponsored by
members of the business community in the Port Antonio area. The event was largely successful and received good crowd turnout.
The 5k Run/Walk and Sports Rally was no less successful. We had approximately 100 participants in the actual run/walk, while many more supported
through the purchase of tickets and attendance at the sports rally aspect of the day‟s activity. All events during the day happened as planned and we receive
support and sponsorship from several entities, local and national. The event was also broadcasted live on Hitz 92 FM which gave exposure to the day‟s
activities, the general celebrations, as well as our partners. We are yet to determine which charity will benefit from the part proceeds as well as how much will
be given.
The Teachers‟ Day Activity was well received by our teachers and saw the vast majority in attendance. We got full support from the PTA which allowed us
to treat our teachers with style. The activity was in the form of a dinner and pool party in a casually elegant setting at Seabell Resort right here in Portland.
On Vacation and can‟t wait to visit the
school and share the memories with
family and friends???
We welcome you “home” but we ask that
you be mindful of the Visitors‟ Dress
Code that is posted at the entrance to the
school, and is strictly enforced.
See you on campus soon!!!!!
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Remembering Lorin Michael Pottinger (Mickey )
A favorite son of the Titchfield, Port Antonio, Portland Community of the 1950s & 60s
Mickey is remembered by his schoolmates as a very popular student and performer who was trusted by and had the respect of his teachers, his peers
and their parents. He was academically bright, athletic, loved to sing (he and 4 others founded a group, The Weavers) and was also an ardent amateur
As a student at Titchfield, Mickey excelled both in the classroom and in sports. He was a strong swimmer, was on both the school‟s cricket and
football teams and is well remembered as the Goal Keeper for the Da‟costa Cup teams for 1959 and 60. After graduation he returned to Titchfield
for a short period, where he taught Latin and was the Sports Master. Later, responding to the call to travel the high seas and see the world, he took a
job on one of those ocean liners that frequently came steaming up the Titchfield Channel and off he went. Years later and back on land, he settled
into the South Florida area.
For many of us, “Expatriates” in the South Florida area, Mickey became the link, reconnecting friends from the Titchfield, Port Antonio, Portland
Community. Long before LinkedIn became fashionable, you could depend on him to link you up with whomever you wanted to reconnect with from
our time together as young people in the Port Antonio Community. He was well known for his book of numbers. Whenever he learned that a friend
from the past was in town the rest of us would get a phone call asking when can we get together? So and so was in town and he was ready to cook
and organize a party. Another thing he would do each time he renewed acquaintances with someone from his past is, he would take out his phone,
dial a number, and after the usual pleasantries, say, “I have someone here I think you‟d like to speak with” and he‟d hand the phone over to you. Sure
enough it was always someone you had not spoken to in ages and who you were happy to hear from. Bringing old friends together was something he
enjoyed immensely and as one friend said; his contribution to the community of friendships is legendary.
Sadly, Mickey passed away on May 23, 2016 at his home in Miami
Florida. That link is now broken, and so, as we say farewell to our friend
and acknowledge with great regret that this son of Port Antonio, Portland
is no longer with us, we give thanks for having shared some really good
times with him and his gifts of friendships. We wish for him the
welcoming arms of loved ones who predeceased him and may his soul
know eternal peace, and contentment in his new community.
Barbara Chapman-Edwards
Congrats Graduate!!!
Congratulations to Graduate, Sabian Taylor, grandson of Beverley Michelin(Morris) from Nova Blanche
Foreman Elementary on June 6, 2016 to Nova Middle in the fall. Sabian has been on the Honor Roll all
4 quarters in both 4th and 5th Grades.
As well as participating in the City of Sunrise Sports Leagues:
* In Soccer he was the lead goal scorer of his age group - becoming the #1Team.
* In Baseball he was the lead Pitcher for 10 & under - Winning the Championship.
* Basketball will be next - he is already assigned to a team and looking forward to a great season.
Sabian is very respectful, loving and family oriented!!
Good Luck, Sabes , God Bless, Love you.!!!!
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Thanks for Supporting our Portie Dance Weekend
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Titchfield High Celebrates 230 years of Excellence
Staff members of Titchfield High pose for a group photo
Titchfield School has much to celebrate, given its impressive performance in Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency
Examination (CAPE) exams, yielding consistent performances of 85 per cent pass rates in CSEC and 88 per cent in CAPE over the last five years. The Portland institution has
a current population of 1,599 students.
The school which began in 1786 in Port Antonio under the Titchfield Trust offered Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Latin and Greek to boys. In 1883, the old military barracks
of Fort George was leased from the Government by the Jamaica School Commission for the relocation of the school.
Headmasters of the institution began with Major William Henry Plant (1885-1927), who in 1886 established a day school for both boys and girls. The school consisted of
infant, elementary and secondary departments. The infant and elementary were later separated from the Titchfield Trust and became the Titchfield School. Other headmasters
include Sam Brown (1927-1951), C.A.P. Thomas, Mortimer Geddes (1962-1974), after whom the Mortimer Geddes Trophy was named for Boys‟ Championship, Lloyd O.
Chin (1976-1993), Lincoln Thaxter (1993-2003), Ivy McKenzie (2003-2008) and Richard Thompson who is current principal of the school.
Principal Thompson, who was speaking at the Church Service, said Titchfield is celebrating 230 years of excellence on proud traditions. “A tradition of astute stewardship of
education in the parish; a tradition of excellent academic and co-curricular performance; a tradition of community involvement and inclusion; a tradition of humility while
recognizing and nurturing our talents; a tradition of moral and spiritual grounding and compass,” the Principal said.
Custos of Portland Major Lincoln Thaxter, who is also a past student, commended the school‟s staff and management. “In its 230 years the school has grown tremendously in
its capacity to deliver an education that is sound, relevant, and one that is propitiatory for the more robust demands that are expected of today‟s high school graduates,” he
said. “The principal, teaching staff, administrative and auxiliary staff, and Alumni have proven that they have the ingredients to continue to make Titchfield a good name and a
great high school for many more years to come.”
Chairman of the school board Lawrence Neufville said Titchfield has made an indelible mark in educating the population of Portland and the wider eastern Jamaica for the
past 230 years. “The institution has been brilliant in molding the lives of thousands who were fortunate to have passed through its gates. As the world changes, the global
education paradigm must similarly adjust to maintain its relevance. The Ministry of Education, the Board of Governors, and the executive management and staff of Titchfield
High are cognizant of this requirement to constantly adjust its education outcomes to satisfy these current and emerging dynamics.”
Titchfield High School, said to be the fifth oldest in Jamaica, celebrated its 230th anniversary with a Church Service at Christ Church in Port Antonio. The theme for the
church service was “Building 230 years of excellence on proud traditions‟, and the sermon was preached by past student Reverend Margaret Downer-Messias.
Titchfield High claims 2016 SCQ title
After a nerve-racking and intense match, Titchfield defeated
Campion College 41-39 to claim the title for the first time in 47
years. As the school celebrates its 230th anniversary, the win will no
doubt add to the string of accolades the institution has garnered
over the years.
Team Members: Taje, Rajay, Zedan, Demario
Coaches: Chase Roberts, Alpha Sparkes
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Biography of Lana Adams-Patterson
Distunguished Honoree at Recent TPSSA Event
We are from a place where excellence is commended, not envied, brilliance is embraced and distinction honored. As Jamaican Nationals, we stand proud. But more importantly, as students from a
school with a long legacy of unstoppable excellence, we are always honored by the achievement of those who passed through the gates of our great Alma Mater- Titchfield High School. Mrs. Lana
J. Patterson, one of our own past students and teachers. Lana‟s outstanding accomplishment in the field of education stands as a testament of the legacy our school has established over the years.
Our distinguished honoree was born to the late Charles and Joyce Adams in the small district of Toms Hope, Portland. The first of six children, Lana grew up in a home where education was of
paramount importance, as her mother was a notable teacher. From an early age Lana displayed great leadership skills which were first acknowledged by her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Vassell who
appointed her class four helper at Port Antonio Infant School. Ironically, it was Ms. Vasell, and not her mother, who influenced Lana‟s professional choice of becoming a teacher.
Another influential person who guided her educational path during early childhood was her primary school teacher the late Mrs. Ivy Townsend. Under the dynamic tutelage of Mrs. Townsend,
Lana was successful in her first attempt at the Common Entrance Examination, thus gaining acceptance to the prestigious Titchfield High School. Mrs. Townsend‟s dedication to her students and
love of teaching left an indelible impression on Lana, hence her determination on becoming a protégé of Mrs. Townsend. Along the way there were others who continued to leave an impression
on Lana. Mrs. Hyacinth Rhodd‟s organized approach and delivery of Home Economics lessons and Mrs. Millwood‟s exceptional skills as a math teacher blazed a trail for Lana to emulate and she
certainly did!
As a student at Titchfield, Lana was an active participant in many aspects of the school community, but stood out most profoundly as a netballer. She was a member of the Plant House team and
helped them capture the netball trophy on many occasions. She was also an aggressive player for her form team and served on the school team, even though her religious conviction prevented her
from playing on Saturdays when the team travelled to other locations. In addition, Lana was also a very active participant in Eisteddfod, where she performed piano recitals and displayed other
aesthetic qualities. She also worked assiduously on the PTA as Entertainment Coordinator for the many Easter fairs the PTA sponsored.
Lana‟s 38 years of teaching began immediately after graduating fifth form. Her first position was as a pre-train teacher. For four years she trudged through the Rio Grande Valley to gain valued
practice at Moore Town All-Age School. This experience further underscored her desire to become a teacher, thus propelling her to formal training at St. Joseph‟s Teachers‟ College. Since
migrating to South Florida Lana upgraded her qualifications at Florida Atlantic University.
Upon graduation from St. Joseph‟s, Lana began her professional career at Titchfield High School, where she taught Mathematics from first to fifth form. However, since she was the Mathematics
Coordinator for the Lower School, she focused mainly on first to third form. As a senior teacher and grade supervisor Lana was influential in shaping the lives of many of her students and
promoted many innovative approach to the teaching of mathematics at the school. As a teacher, Lana‟s involvement was not limited to the classroom but included her committed involvement in
her church.
For Lana, mathematics is everywhere, so she spends time immersing her students in this principle. For example, she makes it known to them that the letter X represents vertical angles, and the
number of feet you walk or run each day is distance- and that means MATH. To her Math is simply listening and following directions. With these philosophies, Lana convinces her students to
change their attitude towards math from negative to positive and the end results are stunning.
Lana‟s success as one of the most acclaimed math teachers in both Jamaica and the USA is accentuated by several factors. Firstly, she takes a personal interest in each student and believes the road
to success is dedication. Secondly, she fosters a classroom environment that builds confidence and encourages her students to try and try again until they achieve success. Additionally, Lana always
takes time to say something positive to each student, even to the ones who demonstrate very little interest in learning Math. Besides building confidence in her students, Lana works hard at
preparing her lesson plans and grading mountains of papers weekly.
Since her days of teaching at Titchfield High School, Lana has demonstrated a propensity for excellence. While there, she was recognized as the Junior Teacher of the Year for Portland by the
Kiwanis Club of Portland. This was especially humbling for her, since Mrs. Townsend, whom she revered, was also honored as the Senior Teacher of the Year at that same event. Numerous other
awards and recognitions would follow. These include a Sun Sentinel feature story in 2005 that highlighted the high FCAT scores of the students she taught. These scores showed that Lana was
among the top performing math teachers in Broward County.
Her trail of subsequent distinctive accomplishments includes:
2007-2008 D.J. McVis Teacher of Excellence 2008-2009 Nominee for Broward County Mathematics Teacher of the Year 2012-2013 Ranked in the top one percent of teachers in the state of Florida.
2013-2014 Nominee for Broward County Mathematics Teacher of the Year
2013-2014 William Dandy Middle School Teacher of the Year
2014-2015 Broward County Mathematics Teacher of the Year
2016 - High Impact teacher for the state of Florida. This recognition is especially important to Lana, since there are 182,000 teachers in the state of Florida, yet less than 10% are considered high
impact teachers. This is clear evidence that our Mrs. Lana Patterson is among the elite when it comes to educating students.
And on a Lighter Note....
Contributed by Paul Perry
Market day at Coronation was an early morning excursion with
your mother to get the fresh beef in market back.
No fridge, so food is served fresh and quick all the time. Soursop
ice cream made on Sunday with cream bucket eaten right away.
No TV, so you watch Bonanza and the news outside at the one
house that had a unit on your street, in my case Mr. Cunningham
No indoor plumbing so bathe outside and find a dry path to the
house to wipe your foot on door cloth (not doormat).
You hid under the bed when Johnkanoo came around at
Christmas time
Summertime trips was walking to Boston beach (all day), now it
seems like just around the corner.
When you went on school trips your mother would stuff your
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
When you went on school trips your mother would stuff your chest
with newspaper to prevent travel sickness.
Ms. Sala was the first minibus, she went to Kingston twice daily and
brought back the Star and Gleaner.
We raced paper boats in the drains all the way to seaside, and made
cotton reel trucks.
Couldn‟t understand what your mother meant by she want to rest her
head. Now you have kids and grandkids.
This is just a general starter list, we would like a ten point list for our next
publication and then have top ten list for the future.
Please contribute your list and it can be categorized
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Summer Punch
(Serves approx. 30 persons)
1 gallon Water
4 ozs. Root Ginger (blended with 2 cups of the water)
1 cup Lemon/Lime juice
4 packets Kool Aid – miscellaneous flavors
6 11oz cans Nectars – miscellaneous flavors e.g.
Pear, Peach, Mango, Guava
1 46oz. Pineapple Juice
3 lbs Granulated Sugar
1 16 oz. can Fruit Cocktail
1 64 oz. Ginger Ale (added when time to serve)
Salmon Linguine with Cheese
1 package (6 oz.) Linguine, cooked & drained
1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
1/4 cup Vegetable oil
3/4 cup Chopped onion
2 gloves Garlic, minced
1 (10) oz. package Frozen Peas – partially thawed
¾ cup Frozen Baby Carrots, thawed
¾ tsp. Dill Weed
2 cans (6 1/8 oz) Chicken of the Sea
Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon, drained
1. On a serving Platter, combine Linguini and Parmesan Cheese
2. In a large skillet, heat oil over high heat
3. Cook Onion and Garlic for 1 minute
4. Add Peas and Carrot cooking an additional 2 mins. until crisp & tender
5. Add Dill, reduce heat to medium and cook 1 minute
6. Remove from heat, gently fold in Salmon and place mixture over Linguine.
7. Serve immediately.
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The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter
Who We Are
The Alumni Association of
Titchfield High School
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Winnifred „Junie‟ Myrie, Ferron McKenzie-Okewole, Paul
Perry, Courtney Pottinger, Nigel Radlein, Calvin Reyes,
Alwyn Rhodd, Andrew Rhodd, Gem Leslie-Rhodd, Carmen
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Rose Walsh-Shim, Angela Francis-Smith, Angela WoodStewart, Nicole Stewart, Vivienne Strachan-Taylor, Anthony
Thompson, Winsome Hyde-Turnbull, Theresa Scott-White,
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Grace Hosang-Barton
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Charles Berbick
Birthdays this Quarter
Sydney Lester 1/15
Dr. Bradley Dennis 4/4
March 1/18
Jean Seymour
Jenifer Thompson
Chapman- 1/18
Braithwaite 4/14
Claudette Deacon-Steele
Karleen Parker-Samuels
Stephen Neufville 5/17
Vivienne Strachan-Taylor
Larry Brown 6/1
Jean Chin-Kong 6/6
David Thompson 6/7
Sherryl Beckford-Scott
Dahlia MurdockCampbell 6/17
Chadwick Maturah 6/20
Ian Buchanan 6/23
Sandra Burke 6/24
Nigel Radlein 6/24
Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!
Congratulations! Way to go Ian Buchanan. Ian is now a lifetime
member of TAATHS – South Florida (impressive). Thanks Ian.
Let‟s see who will be inspired and challenged to follow you into
this exclusive club. All it takes is a one-time membership
payment for 10 (ten) years - $300. Think about it?
Congratulations again, Ian. Well done!
Maureen Wood – Carter
Director of Membership
Tel: 954-240-3296 Email: [email protected]
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
South Florida Chapter