June 23th through August 15th


June 23th through August 15th
Camp Carden
June 23th through August 15th
Camp hours: 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m.
Extended care: 8:15-9:00 a.m. & 3:15-5:00 p.m.
975 Evenstar Avenue, Westlake Village
Camp Information:
Mission Statement:
To provide the ideal outdoor environment,
and an extraordinary opportunity for children to learn valuable skills,
and make new friends through programs that promote imagination and
fun. We believe camp provides an opportunity for increased selfesteem as well as friendship building. We strive to create a place where
young people learn how to work as a group while gaining confidence in
their abilities as individuals.
Camp Director: Mr. Schlosser Email: [email protected]
Camp Counselors:
Mrs. Hill
Mrs. Brunasso
Ms. Murphy
Mrs. Echevarria
Ms. Woodruff
Camp Schedule:
1:00 – 2:30
3:15 – 5:00
Morning care (extra cost)
Opening and recess
Intro to the weeks theme
Lunch and free play
Afternoon activities,
sports, water fun
Afternoon snack, clean up
Afternoon Care (extra cost)
*Times subject to change
Week One: June 23 –June 27 “Roxaboxen”
This week of camp is based on a book by Alice McLerran, called “Roxaboxen”.
This is a story about a group of children who were given nothing but boxes and
rocks, and through their imagination created a city. The campers this week
will be creating their own city. Each child, or groups of children, will be
encouraged to use their imagination to decorate boxes to represent “a store”.
They will then bring in items from home to sell in their “stores”. Money is not
necessary, as the children will search for gold rocks at the beginning of the
week that they will use to purchase items at the “stores”. This is lots of fun
and it is great to see the children use their imaginations and interact with one
Week Two: June 30- July 4 Science
The children will have an amazing week by exploring how much fun
science can be with hands on fun every day. On Monday we travel
through space in the planetarium. While inside the campers will learn
about constellations and much more. Other activities include
experiencing potential vs. kinetic energy, centripetal/centrifugal force
inside the hamster ball, low friction while ice blocking and much more!
Week Three : July 7 - July 11 Nature and Animal
This year our nature week will be one that will not be forgotten. During the
week we will have a visit from the reptile man and all his unique friends.
Other events include planting a garden, nature walks, fun time at the park
with ice sledding and much more. All art projects will be centered on plants
and nature. On Wednesday we will be going on a field trip to the beautiful
“Thousand oaks’ Botanical Gardens.”
Week Four: July 14 – 18 Wild and Crazy
This week is full of crazy games, contest, and wild activities. A couple
of those activities include water balloon, Nerf, and color wars! This
weeks’ field trip we are heading over to “Laser Tag Extreme” in Simi
Valley on Wednesday. (We will have the color war Friday so bring
clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in)
Week Five: July 21-July 25 Cooking and Manners
The children will have the opportunity to express themselves through
cooking. They will not need lunch this week since we will be preparing
our own lunches each day. Throughout the week the children will learn
how to set a table, greet one another, and sit properly at a table using
table manners. Lunch will be prepared and served to the parents on
Friday at noon.
Week Six: July 28- Aug. 1 “Roxaboxen”
(Back for a second week)
Week Seven: Aug. 4 - Aug.8 Wet, Wild, & Sports!
We will enjoy water sports, slip-n-slide, water guns and balloon
battles, bubble exploration, water related crafts, capture the
flag, flag football, kick ball, and many other activities. There will
be walking field trips to “Baskin Robbins” or “Yozen Frogurt”, and
to the park. **There will also be a field trip to “Boulderdash,” on
Week Eight: Aug 11 – 15 Carnival /Performing arts
The children will have the opportunity to work with our talented
music teacher, Ms. Murphy, as we put together a show of the
childrens’ choice. On Friday we will be putting together a carnival
which is open to friends and family. Throughout the week we will
prepare our games and performances! The week promises to break
everyone out of any shells and help them shine in their best way
possible. From singing to dancing, and magic to comical acts! **We
are going to the Muvico free summer film fest on Wednesday.
Summer Camp Dates and Prices:
$59/day or $275 week Registered by May 30th
$69/day or $310 week
Registered after May 30th
(10% discount for multiple children if registered for 5 or more days)
Week One June 23 - June 27
Week Two June 30 – July 4
Week Three July 7– July 11
M T W(+$6) TH F
Week Four July 14 – July 18
M T W(+$12) TH F
Week Five July 21 – July 25
Week Six July 28 – August 1
Week Seven August 4 – August 8
M T W(+$10) TH F
Week Eight August 11 – August 15
M T W(+$6) TH F
Weekly Lunch $5 X _____ (days) =
Total Amount Due:
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
$ _______
**Highlighted areas have extra fees for transportation and other cost for that day.
Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds After June 7th.
After Care: Is $10.00 per hour, and will be collected at the end of each week.
Lunch: Is offered on a daily bases. Your camper will be supplied with a morning
snack, and at lunch they will be given a main course item (pizza, sandwich…etc.)
some fruit and a snack.
Checks payable to: “Carden Science n Sports” $50.00 deposit per week is
due upon registration. Final payment is due prior to June 24th, 2013.
This deposit is non-refundable and is intended for use of supplies.
Summer Camp Application
Name(s): ___________________
City:__________________ Zip:_______
Age(s):_______ Shirt Size:______(Free shirt when registered for 1+ week of camp)
Parent/Guardian Name(S):
Contact Information:
Cell: ______________________________
Home: ____________________________
Work: ____________________________
Allergies or food restrictions: Yes___No___
If yes, explain below:
As the parent/guardian of the above child/children, I recognize that too much
exposure to UV rays is a health risk for my child/children. Therefore, I give
permission for the staff at “Camp Carden” to apply a sunscreen product when
he/she will be playing outside. I will supply my own sunscreen if there are any
restrictions to what my child can apply/wear.
Parent/Guardian signature:
*Important Reminders*
*Children may bring razor scooters to camp as long as they have enclosed
shoes and a helmet to go with it. (No bikes, or skateboards)
*Morning snack and lunch are no included in the price, only an afternoon
snack. To order daily lunch mark the option on the registration!
*We are here to be safe, have fun, and make summer a great memory!
*Have your child bring the following to camp at the beginning of the week:
swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, lunch, snack, bottled water and a change of
clothes. Please have them wear comfortable shoes for walking and sports
activities. Packing a pair of water shoes is also recommended.
**Please label all items.**
Going south on CA-23
Going north on CA-23
Take exit 41 for Hampshire Rd
Take exit 40 for Westlake blvd
Turn right onto Hampshire Rd
Turn left onto Westlake Blvd
Turn right onto Evenstar Ave
(Destination will be on the right)
Turn right onto Evenstar Ave
(Destination will be on the left)