Innovative Product Support



Innovative Product Support
Innovative Product Support
EZ iSupport is a product support system designed to efficiently
manage the performance of your Noritsu equipment. This support system
consists of three key features:
Remote diagnostics
Certified Noritsu technicians can access your printer, computers
connected to your printer and even CT Kiosks via the Internet.
Your Noritsu systems have immediate access to diagnostic
intervention. No more waiting for the technician to arrive to
perform a first level of service. Access to a certified Noritsu
technician can also reduce the time your printer is offline,
increasing uptime and ultimately saving you money.
Remote software upgrade capability*
Software upgrades can now occur during off hours without
the need to occupy store personnel. Printer workflow continues
unhindered, while providing you with the latest software available.
Printer status information
3 This feature provides Noritsu technicians with error reporting
and printer status data. Your consumable usage will be maximized
and your printing systems will be operating at peak efficiency.
The bottom line: this innovative and intuitive system minimizes the
downtime of your printer and maximizes your return on investment.
*Eligibility for these services depends on your service agreement with Noritsu.
EZiSupport technical contact:
[email protected]
Sign up and enjoy the benefits of the Noritsu EZ iSupport System right away
• Automatic software updates*
• Fast technical support via remote diagnostic connection
• Proactive technical support with error report notification
• System version monitoring keeps your machines up-to-date with the latest program version*
• Ability to receive online operational training by remote control
• All data transactions secured by VPN
• All inbound access ports can be blocked
• Web access from the machine can be blocked
• Remote diagnostic connection is only established during support related issues
• One-time password security for remote access
• You control access to your systems. The connection for remote diagnostics is only established after you
provide an authorization number to a Noritsu technician via telephone
• Information collected consists only of error reporting data and consumable usage
System Requirements
• Broadband Internet connection
• Router
• Two open outbound UDP ports (53 and 49601). Port number 49601 is dependent on the network environment, please
confirm with the local EZ iSupport administrator for the actual number
• IP addresses of the group “” may be used with a virtual network card (TapWin32), so specifying this IP
address should be avoided
To sign up or if you have additional questions, please contact your Noritsu sales representative or
*Eligibility for these services depends on your service agreement with Noritsu
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