Retail Solutions


Retail Solutions
Retail Solutions
Mitel offers retailers business communications and collaboration software and
services. Our Freedom architecture provides all retail businesses the flexibility and
simplicity needed to support today’s competitive and ever changing multi-channel
retail environment.
Retail communications challenges
Your employees are busy serving in-store customers, the
Head office needs to solicit, discuss and distribute weekly
phones are ringing unanswered; will missed calls result in
or daily updates from its regional managers concerning
missed sales opportunities?
store activities and promotions. How do you keep
Simple call routing allows questions relating to opening
everyone informed?
times, store locations and requests for job application
Audio, web and video conferencing enables highly cost-
forms to be routed to auto attendants. This ensures in
effective and extremely flexible conferencing between
store staff are free to assist purchasing customers.
remote locations removing costly outsourced conference
When implementing new solutions, retailers need to
benefit from new technology and protect investment in
traditional technology.
Mitel’s open architecture approach enables retailers to
benefit from the latest technology and protect investment
in traditional telephony wherever it makes sense. Mitel’s
costs. Intelligent notification and incident management
tools allow product recalls, produce issues, policy changes
to be automated and streamlined.
As a national retailer, your customer service contact
requirements vary dramatically from season to season.
How do you manage?
architecture allows retailers freedom to move between
Mitel Workforce Scheduling provides you with workforce
proprietary hardware, industry standard servers and
management, forecasting, and monitoring tools that allow
virtualised environments. This approach is ideal where a
you to effectively plan ahead and control costs. Remote
cloud based architecture is being considered.
contact centre agents can also be added quickly and easily
A customer is in a rush and has a question about a
to address unforeseen needs.
particular retail product. The sales associate is uncertain if
Your Customer Service staff are mobile and need to ensure
any are still in stock. The customer needs a quick answer.
they can direct customers around the store from a location.
Using wireless Mitel® phones, associates can be contacted
Mobile applications running on tablet devices allow sales
anywhere in the store or warehouse to quickly answer pricing
staff to direct shoppers around the store utilising mobile
or stock inquiries and consequently help close the sale.
store maps, removing the need for excessive fixed signage
and store directories.
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As a retailer, you’re under constant pressure. On the one
hand, business costs must be kept to a minimum, on
the other, the pressure to provide outstanding customer
service has never been greater. Striking a balance between
the two is critical for success. That’s where Mitel can help.
The advantages of
Mitel solutions provide value to retailers by addressing their
chain-wide communications. They reduce costs; improve
Mitel is helping retailers succeed in a challenging
responsiveness and enhances customer service and the
economic environment with a suite of powerful
shoppers shopping experience. Employees productivity can
communication solutions that support today’s dynamic
be enhanced whether in the store, warehouse, distribution
retail environment. These solutions are designed to
centre, head office or when mobile and teleworking.
improve responsiveness to customers, provide greater
efficiency across the business and dramatically reduce
communication costs.
Reduce communication costs across
the chain
For chains that have large amounts of smaller stores
located at various locations across the country or around
• Reduced communication and management costs.
the world deploying telephony to these stores can prove
• Improved information exchange through intuitive
expensive and difficult to manage. Mitel teleworker
communications, conferencing and collaboration tools.
• Increased customer loyalty and revenue through
improved marketing messaging and responsiveness.
• Rapid access to sales associates through easy-to-use
solutions allow for handsets to be deployed in smaller
stores at a fraction of the cost of deploying individual
systems. All locations can be centrally managed therefore
reducing large system management and support costs
delivering a substantial Return on Investment.
retail telephony features.
• Meeting customer demand 24/7 with scalable, flexible
Improve chain-wide communications
contact centres that can be set up with agents and
Maintaining regular communications with a diverse
associates at any location.
workforce that are located in offices, stores, contact
• Improved staff productivity via a full range of wireless
centres or at home is of paramount importance. Marketing
and wired IP phones that provide access to information
managers need to ensure that branding is consistent
and applications from anywhere in the chain.
across the chain, store and section managers need to be
• Create a personalised shopping experience
kept up to date with the latest corporate information such
incorporating mobile store applications.
as chain-wide promotions and compliance with health and
safety regulations.
Mitel’s Freedom Architecture enables fast and flexible
communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail
or simple voice and text messaging, to ensure the right
information is quickly passed to associates whether they
are in the store, at the office or on the road.
With Advanced Unified Messaging, store managers can
access and manage e-mail, voice mail and faxes by phone,
e-mail and web interface or by using speech commands.
Store managers can gain a unified view of all message
types from their e-mail while at their desk in the back
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office through Standard Unified Messaging. Regional
Sales Associate Login—which enables sales associates to
managers remain informed and productive at their home
log into any phone as a department member, enabling
office with the same voice and video communications they
customer calls to be automatically distributed to the right
have at the head office with Mitel’s teleworker solution.
people. Additionally, you can leverage your customer’s
And associates across the store network enjoy seamless
time on hold using the Mitel In-store Promotions and
connectivity and feature parity.
Music On Hold feature. This enables individual stores to
With Mitel’s video conferencing, at the touch of a phone
button video calls can be initiated between the head office
and stores. Staff training can be conducted from a central
location with employees in multiple locations all joining via
change the music, or promotional message, as often as
they like without incurring additional costs.
Improve staff productivity and
responsiveness in stores
a video conference call.
From affordable entry-level phones to products that
deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Mitel offers
a broad range of analog, digital, and IP phones, consoles,
conference units and peripherals.
Building on a legacy of success at the desktop Mitel
phones combine the ergonomics, feature-richness, and
voice quality users expect. These devices ensure a fast and
efficient customer response. The MiVoice 5304 IP Phone
has been designed to sit comfortable at the Point of Sale
location, offering a high level of features at an affordable
price for the retail store environment.
Mitel MiCollab Client gives retailers a single access point
for all business communication and collaboration needs. It
provides real-time access to everyone in the organisation,
on or off the premises, and enhances the effectiveness of
“in the moment” communications.
Increase customer loyalty and revenue
As a retailer, you understand that a missed call can result
in a lost customer opportunity. Depending on the nature
• Rich presence and availability
• Deskphone and softphone integration
• Corporate directory access
• Visual voice mail
of the retail business, it has been reported that customers
• Detailed call history
who call the store in advance can spend up to five times
• Secure instant messaging
as much when they subsequently visit the store. These
• Point-to-point video
customers are ready to spend and quick response times
are paramount to defining their experience.
Sales Associate Reach—where a number of sales
associates within a department are called at the same time,
enabling whoever picks up the phone first to answer the
call thus reducing wait times for customers.
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• Integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and Office, and
IBM® Lotus Notes® and Google®
contact with the entire retail communications network
and for employees who are mobile and find themselves
Your contact centre is often the primary interface to
travelling through the retail environment, going mobile
your organisation for your most valuable asset – your
with Mitel MiCollab Client is a simple way to connect and
customers. Providing excellent service that will nurture
communicate with your business associates so you’re
these customer relationships and ensuring operational
more productive while on the move. Mitel MiCollab
efficiency involves more than managing call-handling
Mobile Client installs as a client on supported BlackBerry®,
times and abandon rates. It requires that you:
Office based and travelling employees are always in
Android™, and iPhone® / iPad® devices and extends
key capabilities to mobile users. Search your corporate
directory, check visual voice mail, and automatically
update your presence status and call routing preferences
based on your location or time of day.
• Empower your customers to be served the way they
prefer and manage their expectations.
• Drive agent and supervisor productivity, enabling
your agents to handle customer inquiries quickly and
efficiently and allowing managers to improve business
• Streamline your contact centre operations with
technologies that seamlessly integrate with your existing
infrastructure investments and deploy reliably across
multiple sites.
The payoff? Service as a business differentiator, which
leads to greater customer acquisition and retention;
satisfied, more effective agents; and profitable relationships
that lead to increased revenue.
The power of centralisation
As a national retailer, you also need to ensure a consistent
level of customer service. With a centralised contact
centre, customer inquiries can be directed to product or
department specialists to better address customer needs.
Coordinated customer service across
multiple channels
As retailers continue to expand their business via online
ordering and mail-order catalogues or adopt new instore technologies such as self serve kiosks and mobile
Don’t forget!
•Reduce communication costs across the chain
applications M-Commerce; handling communications
•Improve chain-wide communications
through these channels, while improving responsiveness
•Increase customer loyalty and revenue
to the individual customer becomes even more of a
challenge. To facilitate business through these channels,
Mitel provides a range of contact centre solutions that
provide everything from simple responses to customers at
the store level, to handling customer inquiries by phone,
fax, e-mail and social media feeds via central or distributed
contact centres.
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•Improve staff productivity and responsiveness
in stores
•Coordinated customer service across
multiple channels
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