We Give Heritage a Future



We Give Heritage a Future
DSM Series
We Give Heritage a Future
forebears. They influence each
other, and that reciprocation yields
each amp’s trademark subtleties in
frequency and dynamics. Dynamic
Sector Modeling™ (DSM™) is more
than mere mimicry it replicates
rather than imitates the original
Imagine an amp that supplies the milestone sounds of every great guitar
rig of the past 50 years. The best classic and modern effects. Spellbinding,
top-drawer tone in the studio, on stage, at rehearsals and by the hearth.
Imagine no more, because that new breed is here!
Hughes & Kettner ® DSM™ Series amps mark the beginning of a new
era for discerning guitarists.
Consummate tone, sublime
response − that’s what we strive
for. It’s a dream we share with
all guitarists who are dedicated
seekers of serious sound. Like a
Stradivarius is the measure of all
things stringed for violin makers,
our benchmark for happening tube
tone is a handful of amps made
in the past five decades. Each is
synonymous with a distinctive
tone. Curious to explore their
wonderful workings, a few years
ago we set out to crack these
classic amps’ secret sonic code.
We poked and probed with
leading-edge measuring devices,
and relied on the most sensitive
gauge of them all − the ears of
seasoned musicians. Our research
revealed today precisely which
details decide tonal between
majesty and mediocrity. It’s the
musical quality of every component
group and the dynamic interaction
of these sectors that makes all the
difference. Hip tone is kinetic rather
than static.
State-of-the-art, high-end signal
processors have advanced to a
point enabling us to accurately
emulate the acoustical and
electrical properties of these amp
sectors using elaborate models.
Our DSM™ amps’ virtual sectors
interact just like the hard-wired
components in their physical
In a painstaking engineering effort,
we managed to port classic and
modern milestone amps into the
virtual realm and create DSM™
models. Each amp can be called
up at the touch of a button with all
its character and dynamic response
intact – without the tonal drawbacks
of earlier digital amps. With DSM™
Series amps you get both – the
convenience and versatility of
digital technology and the punch of
top-notch analog amps.
Stephen Duffy, Robbie Williams
The Amp-System for
Professional Players
Looking for total flexibility, but refuse
to compromise your ideas about
sound? Then the zenTera® is your
ticket to transcendental tone. As
this amazing amp attests, we were
able to turn years of tube amp
design experience and powerful
digital technology into an amp
convincing enough to convert even
true tube believers.
Though few guitarists are likely to
use 17 amps on stage, the ability to
conjure the right sound at the right
time and place is tremendously
inspirational. It makes all the
difference between mundane and
divine performances. Three to
four amp models and a handful of
effects combinations figure in the
average gigging setup. That’s all
the tonal palette many players need
to paint a varied sonic picture.
But as practical as a streamlined
setup is on stage, it’s hard to resist
tapping the zenTera’s potential in
the studio. 17 models of milestone
amps and oodles of effectors await!
Its strikingly authentic-sounding
recording out even makes the
often agonizing process of
neighbor-friendly silent recording
a gratifying experience. In contrast
to conventional tube amps, which
require unrewardingly loud levels
to deliver prime tone, the zenTera ®
yields at low levels the buoyant
dynamics of the originals cranked
to the hilt. If paint-peeling volume
is your thing, fear not for the amp
is also a heavy hitter. Able so sing
softly, it carries a big sonic stick
that bats your musical message
home across every playing field.
Sporting a muscular 200-watt
power amp, the two zenTera ®
models offer headroom galore.
The zenTera ® is a professional rig
featuring a classic control panel.
Built to handle intuitively, it affords
easy access to standard functions
and customizing options for every
conceivable feature. This powerful
tool lets you tailor the amp to your
needs. No matter how far-out your
sonic nirvana may be, the zenTera ®
has the sound-sculpting power it
takes to get you there in style.
Designed with the working guitarist
in mind, the zenTera ® is made
for professionals seeking sound
quality, reliability and long-term
satisfaction in a definitive rig.
Features Head & Combo
• 2x Sharc 32-bit floating point DSP
• 24-bit A/D converter, 116 dB dynamic range
• 17 amp types
• 4 effect groups: 11 insert effects,
9 modulation effects, 8 delay types,
8 reverb types
• 2 x 100 watts at 4 Ohms
• 128 presets
(001-100 user programmable)
• Stereo headphone jack
• Analog and digital (S/PDIF)
stereo recording outs
• Stereo FX loop, serial
• MIDI In, Out, Thru
• 740 x 300 x 250 mm; 19 kg/42 lbs (head)
• 755 x 600 x 295 mm; 29 kg/64 lbs (combo)
• 2 x 12" Celestion ® Vintage 30 speaker
Z-Board (optional)
The ultimate Control-Board
for zenTera ® & zenAmp ®
• Built-in Tuner
• Stainless steel housing
• 7 kg/15 lbs
The unrivaled quality, reliability and excellent
sound of the zenTera & TriAmp make me
proud to be associated with those models.
Plug in, turn on and then blow them away!
Alex Lifston (Rush)
Alex Lifeston, Rush
Flexible & “Toneful“
Ultra flexible fresh tones, hip effects and a manual destined for the desk
drawer: The zenAmp ® offers the DSM™ audio technology’s benefits
without complicated menu-driven controls. It fuses a full-fledged, extremely
versatile sound generator to an intuitive control panel affording effortless,
performance-enhancing control in every situation.
Despite its phenomenal ease of
use, the zenAmp ® is no onetrick pony. Courtesy of Hughes &
Kettner ®’s multiple award-winning
DSM technology, this renaissance
man among amps offers unrivalled
sound quality and flexibility.
Players put off by the frequently
disappointing tone of digital amps
are sure to be delighted by the
zenAmp’s sonic sorcery.
Do you play in several bands?
Or in a top-40 cover band
and need all the great amps’
sounds within reach? Are you an
intrepid experimenter eternally
searching for new means of
musical expression? Do you own
a collection of cool guitars and
long to match each to the amp that
makes the most of its potential?
Then the zenAmp ®, with its 16
astonishingly authentic-sounding
amp models and a battery of stellar
effects, is right for you!
In spite of its staggering versatility,
the zenAmp ® handles so readily
that you may not crack the manual
for weeks. Simply twist the 16-way
selector to zero in on the desired
amp model, set Gain, EQ and
Master to taste, and let ‘er rip.
Though its FX arsenal comprises
more than 30 high-quality
sound-sculpting and three group
assignment options, it handles with
equal ease.
Built for the real world, the
zenAmp ® packs two 12" Celestion ®
speakers into a standard 1x12"
combo’s chassis. Its 120-watt
power amp delivers plenty of
power. Generating tone sharp
enough to cut through in every
sonic scenario, its DSM offers at
low levels the aural glory and hairtrigger response of a revved-up
tube amp. That spells less stress on
small stages and makes practicing
a pleasure. And with the audio
advantage of the built-in stereo
Red Box®, the zenAmp ® makes
the direct-to-board option viable,
if not preferable, at gigs and in
the studio. Say goodbye to mike
placement hassles and hello to
plug-n-play bliss!
Features Head & Combo
• 1x Sharc 32-bit floating point DSP
• 24 bit A/D converter,
116 dB dynamic range
• 16 amp types
• 7 insert effects, 8 modulation effects,
16 delay types, reverb
• 2 x 60 watts at 8 Ohms
• 30 presets (1 -5 user programmable),
with optional Z board 125 presets
(001-100 user programmable)
• Stereo headphone jack
• Analog stereo recording out
• Stereo FX loop, serial
• MIDI In, Out
• 740 x 300 x 250 mm; 17,5 kg/39 lbs (Head)
• 650 x 500 x 270 mm; 21 kg/46 lbs (Combo)
• 1 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker,
1 x 12" Celestion RockDriver Junior speaker
zenAmp ®. The easiest way to a
great sound!
Z-Board (optional)
The ultimate Control-Board
for zenTera ® & zenAmp ®
• Built-in Tuner
• Stainless steel housing
• 7 kg/15,4 lbs