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PathPlanner A5 - Eclipsetechno
PathPlanner A5
CAD based Software for Professional Airport Planners
PathPlanner A5 is a modular Airport Design Software containing four modules.
Each module holds features and library content tailored to specific user requirements.
PathPlanner A5:
From a Cessna power out
maneuver to a complex
A380 push back
Airport- and Design Vehicles
Comprehensive software
with unique features
Accurate and extensive
database with aircraft,
vehicles and boarding
Cost effective software
through modularity
From jet blast visualization to
aircraft docking at the gate
and turn around planning
More than 300 Boarding Bridges
From single movement
simulation to real-time
multiple animations
More than 300 Aircraft Types
PathPlanner A5
Four modules with specific features
Base Module
Is a requirement for all other modules.
Library with commercial aircraft and design
vehicles. For common parking and moving.
Plotting of wheel paths and wing tip paths.
The basis for every PathPlanner A5 license
Advanced Module (optional)
Additional aircraft types and airport vehicles.
Advanced maneuvering, e.g. push back.
Plotting jet blast and FAA/ICAO clearances.
Displays marking and simulation reports.
For planning and design of movement areas
Gate Module (optional)
Library with boarding bridges.
Boarding bridge connection to aircraft.
Aircraft front and side views.
Service points and door height information.
For detailed gate- and turn around planning
Presentation Module (optional)
Aircraft and vehicle color fill.
Display of single simulations.
Animation of multiple real-time movements.
Recording in AVI files.
For presentation and capacity analysis
In the past 10 years Simtra AeroTech from Sweden has developed the PathPlanner software
in to the leading software for airport planning and design it is today.
PathPlanner is used by airport planners, architects, civil engineers and manufacturers
in the aviation industry in more than 40 countries.
PathPlanner is marketed and supported in India, Nepal & Sri Lanka by
Ltd .
Simtra Aerotech AB (Sweden)
T: + 46 (0)31 60 43 60
E: [email protected]
Eclipse Technologies Pvt.
Eclipse Technologies Pvt. Ltd .
T: +91 11 64149848
F: +91 11 46023655
E: [email protected]

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