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LUXAFLEX Window Fashions
Enhance your lifestyle with the beautiful Timeless Collection and Contemporary Series from the LUXAFLEX® Window
Fashions range.
For over 50 years, LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions has furnished homes with quality products that provide convenience,
living comfort, light control, privacy and style.
LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions provide high quality exterior shading solutions that effectively control heat and light
by shading your windows. LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are custom made and simple for you and your family to use
and operate.
Experience the elegant style and diversity of LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions Outside Living Collection today.
Light Control
Control of heat and glare can be achieved simply and easily with the installation of external
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens, not only over windows, but over courtyards and
Homes with efficient external LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions require much less cooling and
heating internally, improving your level of comfort, inside and out. LUXAFLEX® Awnings will
deflect between about 75% and 85% of the sun’s heat and light to help keep your home cool
in summer and reduce cooling costs1. By reducing heat from entering your home in summer,
you reduce the need for air-conditioning, improving your carbon footprint.
Having enough privacy is an important feature that adds to the safety and security of your
home. Improved privacy can be achieved with the addition of a LUXAFLEX® Awning or
Sunscreen to cover a window or enclose a verandah or balcony.
With its eye-catching textured fabrics, from dramatic to serene, external LUXAFLEX® Window
Fashions offer you a simple way to enhance your home’s natural outdoor landscape with a
vibrant array of options, styles, trims, colours, textures and fabric that sets the standard
in design.
Many of our awnings and sunscreens can be motorised providing a stylish alternative with
the convenience of full home automation. Sun sensors ensure the awning is extended to
shade your windows to provide optimal thermal efficiency in your home.
1. Results based on CSIRO, Information Service Sheet No: 10-38 of June 1978.
LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens
Featured Fabric: Sable, Panorama
Light Control
Providing you with excellent light and sun control, LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens control the level of light entering
your home at different times of the day. Sun sensors on a motorised awning or sunscreen will extend your awning when
the sun comes out and retract it in windy conditions to improve the longevity and efficiency of your Window Fashions,
even when you’re not home to keep your home cool.
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens are designed to shade your home from glare, heat and UV rays which can fade paint
finishes and furnishings.
Research indicates that exterior shadings are seasonally more effective for sun shading, glare protection and daylight control
than internal blinds1. Whether you want to protect a small patio, courtyard, window or door, LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions
provide you with an extensive range of both contemporary and stylish shading solutions to suit most exterior environments
whilst reducing your home’s internal temperature.
Light control varies by the material selected. Canvas in darker colours will make the room inside darker than a lighter colour.
Solaire allows a light glow through the fabric, while Panorama Screen Fabric reduces glare but lets in light and retains view
through the Fabric.
LUXAFLEX® Straight Drop Awnings
Featured Fabric: Moss, Panorama
1. Results based on CSIRO, Information Service Sheet No: 10-38 of June 1978.
LUXAFLEX® Folding Arm Awnings
Featured Fabric: A2800, Solaire
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens assist in controlling your home’s internal temperature resulting in reduced heating
and cooling requirements.
When it comes to improving your level of comfort in summer, turning up air-conditioning to over compensate for solar
heat entry is not the most efficient solution. External solar shading through external awnings and sunscreens is the
most effective source of passive cooling, or cooling that requires no electricity. Stopping the heat of the sun from
entering your home is obviously better than letting it in and then cooling your home down afterwards. The savings that
result not only benefit you, but also the environment.
Your health and well being are affected by your access to natural light, ventilation, colour, access to views, connection to
nature and personal control over environmental conditions. By installing a LUXAFLEX® Awning or Sunscreen you are creating
a positive impact on you and your family’s health and well being, as well as reducing your impact on the environment.
LUXAFLEX® Verandah Straight Drop Awnings
Featured Fabric: C6100, Canvas
LUXAFLEX® System 2000 Automatic Awnings
Featured Fabric: C907, Canvas
Maintaining privacy is an important consideration for many homeowners especially in areas where space is minimal.
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens can be used for both visual protection and privacy depending on the awning and
fabric you select, whilst also creating a secluded haven for you and your family to enjoy.
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens are safe and easy to use, assisting you to restore your levels of privacy with the
simple turn of a switch, handle or remote control. By installing an external window fashion you also reduce the need
to install interior window fashions in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is essential.
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens include a vast range of styles to suit many different home styles and designs.
LUXAFLEX® Automatic Awnings
Featured Fabric: R770, Solaire
LUXAFLEX® Verandah Straight Drop Awnings
Featured Fabric: C907, Canvas
Transform the appearance of your home instantly with an external shading solution from the LUXAFLEX® Window
Fashions Range. A modern and stylish LUXAFLEX® Awning provides your home with an immediate facelift whilst
protecting it from the harsh effects of the Australian sun.
LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens can add value to your home by making outdoor spaces an attractive extension of
your home’s internal environment. LUXAFLEX® Awnings and Sunscreens are an excellent way to add dimension and
shading to your home. Awnings come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, textures and materials from canvas and acrylic to
screen fabrics. LUXAFLEX® Awnings are flexible in design, and can be used to cover patio areas, entire decks, or other areas
of the home that require shading. Many LUXAFLEX® Awnings, such as Folding Arm Awnings, can be automatically opened
and closed depending on the weather, to help keep your awning in excellent condition for many years to come.
LUXAFLEX® Straight Drop Awning
Featured Fabric: A1800, Solaire
Featured Fabric: Shale, Panorama
LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions offer the reliability of over 50 years heritage in providing quality outdoor fabrics that are
suited to the Australian environment.
• A well earned reputation for quality and performance.
• Offer a wide variety of choice from classics to the latest contemporary
fabric styles, and aluminium metal colours.
• Offers light filtering options to allow light to flow into your home.
• Fabrics are made of the highest available quality yarns.
• Fabrics are stringently tested for durability and colour fastness.
• Fabric options include Canvas fabrics, Solaire fabrics, SUNRAIN® PVC
and Panorama Screen Fabrics.
• Metal awnings feature aluminium, coated with the HD COLOR-COTE®
Paint System, a proven finish for the harsh Australian environment.
• The specifically designed light weight PVC fabric available with
LUXAFLEX® SUNRAIN® Awnings, provide complete rain protection with
a wide range of colours.
Contemporary Series
• The new LUXAFLEX® Contemporary Series of Awnings combine high
quality sun shading solutions for your home with modern designs to
enhance your outdoor living area.
• The new range of Folding Arm Awnings are German designed and
engineered for enhanced durability in the harsh Australian climate.
• The LUXAFLEX® Contemporary Series of Awnings are designed to allow
maximum use of your outdoor areas with an attractive design created
to integrate into any Australian home style.
• Most Awnings in the Contemporary Series are corrosion resistant and
salt spray tested for homes close to the water.
• Available with optional sun and wind sensors, allowing automatic
control for optimal management of heat, glare and wind.
• The Contemporary Series of Folding Arm Awnings are suitable for large
outdoor areas with a maximum width of up to 13 metres and 4 metre
projection due to new joining technology.
Featured Fabric: PC8100, SUNRAIN® PVC
• The LUXAFLEX® SUNRAIN® Awning provides protection, rain or shine.
• Due to its unique double pitch design, rain water runs off the waterproof
PVC fabric and drains out both sides of the custom drainage front rail.
• The unique Middle Stringer braces the arm at the flexing point providing
extra strength and stability when the awning is fully extended.
• Easy installation with a variety of mounting options, ideal for patios,
terraces and pool sides.
• The standard pitch angle is set to 5 degrees to allow water run off,
additional pitch options range up to 15 degrees from Square Bar to
Middle Stringer. This option allows you to determine pitch placement to
best accommodate your sun control needs.
• Can withstand substantial wind forces when using the Telescopic Wind
Protect system.
Featured Fabric: R770, Solaire
LUXAFLEX® Como Awnings
• The LUXAFLEX® Como Awning is the top of the range awning that
provides complete fabric and hardware enclosure when retracted.
beams which integrates with any exterior facade to transform your
outdoor living area.
• The ideal solution for sun protection over expansive areas, making
the LUXAFLEX® Como Awning ideal for courtyards, patios and large
• Many options including manual or motorised control with sun or
wind sensors for complete convenience.
• Designed with a sleek and unobtrusive appearance with no posts or
• Installed to suit your outdoor shading requirements, with an
adjustable pitch point of up to 45 degrees set at installation.
Featured Fabric: A1600, Solaire
LUXAFLEX® Garda Awnings
• The LUXAFLEX® Garda Awning is a semi cassette folding arm awning
with an oval design that will add an elegant appearance to modern
Australian homes.
• The LUXAFLEX® Garda Awning is easy to operate and provides
excellent glare and heat control making it ideal for balconies and
small verandahs
• Installed to suit your external shading requirements, with an
adjustable pitch point of up to 45 degrees.
• Available with a sleek and modern solid aluminium Rain Hood that
mounts flush against a flat wall surface ensuring no water run off.
• Can also be fitted with heating and lighting options that will
revolutionise your outdoor living area.
Featured Fabric: A2200, Solaire
with optional Trend Hood
LUXAFLEX® Ventura Awnings
• The LUXAFLEX® Ventura Folding Arm Awning has been engineered for
advanced sun shading and has a unique modern style.
• The optional Ventura Trend Rain Hood covers the awning and
protects the fabric and components when it is fully retracted.
• Available with an optional variable valance option which is a drop
down screen for superior glare and heat control and increased
daytime privacy. This can be used when the awning is projected or
• Easy installation with a variety of mounting options, ideal for
balconies and eaves.
• Installed to suit your outdoor shading requirements, with an
adjustable pitch point of up to 90 degrees set during installation.
• Can withstand substantial wind forces when using the Telescopic Wind
Protect system.
• Can also be fitted with heating and lighting options that will
revolutionise your outdoor living area.
Featured Fabric: Schist, Panorama
LUXAFLEX® Tempo 100 SD Awning
• The LUXAFLEX® Tempo 100 SD Awning provides a great,
contemporary solution for effectively reducing glare and UV
entering the home.
• Available in widths up to 5 metres the awning suits wide applications
such as verandahs, patios, and external windows.
• The slim line designer bottom rail has a sleek minimalistic look and
has an understated appeal.
• The LUXAFLEX® Tempo 100 SD Awning has a wide variety of guiding
options including blackout guide, side guide, cable guide and no
guide hold down to suit a variety of applications.
LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters
• Modern styling for external light and heat control for your home.
• Made from a polyresin compound that is colourfast with UV
stabilisers designed for strength and durability.
• The shutters will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade and will never
need painting, making them suitable for outdoors.
• High degree of light control as louvres can be rotated 180 degrees to
open or close in both directions and held open in the wind using the
wind comb.
• Available in hinged, bi-fold and sliding models and a range of colour
and louvre options.
• LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters have a 20 year warranty*.
* Conditions apply. Five Year Warranty applies to shutter hardware. Visit for warranty document.
External Sunscreens
LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens with Blackout Channels
Featured Fabric: Ninja, Panorama
LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens
LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens provide a fresh innovative approach to controlling light and heat
from entering your home. Available in a modern colour range designed to suit most Australian exteriors, LUXAFLEX®
SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens complement any exterior setting. With the ease of operating them from the
inside or outside using manual or from the motorised control options, they are both convenient and stylish.
Featured Fabric: Platinum, Panorama
LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens
• LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens seamlessly integrate
with any design style and are especially suited to large external
windows. The flexibility of LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External
Sunscreens allows them to be lowered and raised to make the most
of natural light, daytime privacy and reduce solar heat gain.
• Our exclusive Panorama Screen Fabric assists in controlling light and
UV transmission in a durable system.
• Optional side channels (inset), blackout channels or cables, can be
chosen for aesthetic enhancement.
Timeless Collection
LUXAFLEX® Automatic Awnings
Featured Fabric: A1600, Solaire
• The LUXAFLEX® Timeless Collection are reliable Awnings that have been
proven to suit the Australian climate and homes for the past 50 years.
• The Timeless Collection includes System 2000, Automatic Awnings,
Canopy and Metal Awnings.
• The Timeless Collection provide shading solutions from the traditional
to modern Australian home.
Internal Winch
Rope operation
System 2000 Pivot Arm
Featured Fabric: A900, Solaire
LUXAFLEX® System 2000 Awnings
• LUXAFLEX® System 2000 Awnings provide flexibility and are perfect
on homes that are more than two stories high to allow for a
consistent visual aesthetic. Manual operation for ground and lower
level awnings, where access is easy, can be integrated with an internal
winch or motorised remote controlled awnings on upper levels for
ease of operation. In fact there are four different methods of
operating a System 2000 Awning: rope; tape; automatic; or motorised.
• Available in a wide choice of colours and fabrics from Canvas,
Panorama Screen Fabric and Acrylic. Spanning widths up to 4.2
metres and drops of 3 metres almost any window can be covered.
Optional sliding arm set
on pivot arm
Optional sliding arm set (Pivot Arm)
Automatic arm (close-up)
System 2000 Automatic
Featured Fabric: C9 Canvas
LUXAFLEX® System 2000 Awnings
• The Pivot Arm Awning can be operated from inside the house by winch
or cord and can be motorised for easy operation. It is ideal for
installations high above ground level.
• The System 2000 Automatic Awning coordinates with the Pivot Arm Style,
which are suitable for ground floor applications. They operate on fixed
guide rods with easy function self locking arms.
• Double arm casement options allow clearance over outward opening
doors or windows providing a canopy that can be retracted.
• Straight drop option: Manual rope on a spool, external crank or motorised
operation with optional wind sensors. Spans up to 4.2 metres wide with
a 3 metre drop.
Featured Fabric: Schist, Panorama
LUXAFLEX® Channel Roll Up Awnings
• Channel Roll Up Awnings are a modern alternative to the Automatic
Straight Drop Awning range which incorporates side channels.
• LUXAFLEX® Channels are especially designed with indents so that the
awning can easily be pulled down and locked into position. The
spring loaded axle helps the awning to be tensioned thereby
preventing the bottom rail from sliding upwards in strong winds.
• The channel awning assists also to eliminate light gaps providing
complete UV coverage.
Elliptical Canopy Awning
Dutch Hood Canopy Awning
Featured Fabric: C859, Canvas
LUXAFLEX® Canopy Awnings
• Add a touch of style to your home whilst shading windows and
doors with a simple LUXAFLEX® Canopy Awning. Available in a wide
range of shapes, making it a truly custom made product. Available in
either fixed or retractable applications they can be situated over
windows, doors or walkways in virtually any fabric design.
• Capable of spanning widths up to 6 metres with drops up to
1.65 metres, depending on the model.
Metal Awnings
Sunguard Metal Louvre Awning
Adjustable Trinidad Awning
Colour: Torres Blue
LUXAFLEX® Metal Louvre Awnings
• LUXAFLEX® Metal Louvre Awnings are extremely effective for providing
privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows.
• LUXAFLEX® Metal Louvre Awnings are painted using the proven HD
COLOR-COTE® Paint System which is extremely durable.
LUXAFLEX® Fixed Louvre Awnings
LUXAFLEX® Adjustable Trinidad Awnings
• The LUXAFLEX® Fixed Louvre Awning not only blocks the heat whilst
allowing the breeze to pass through its horizontal blades, but allows
you to choose the level of privacy and shading you require.
• LUXAFLEX® Adjustable Trinidad Awnings provide the maximum light,
heat and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the awning
panels by using either external or internal control.
• Other fixed louvre styles available are Trinidad, Sunguard and
Sonnenblenden, each offering a different louvre angle and blade
width for optimum sun control.
• LUXAFLEX® Fixed Metal Awnings provide perfect shading to patios, verandas,
external windows and doors to enhance the look of your home. Available in
six different styles, depending on your needs, they can span widths of up to
5 metres and projects up to 2.5 metres depending on the style you choose.
They are available in a range of colours to perfectly complement your home.
Design your own pattern with our panel selector when ordering.
• LUXAFLEX® CARIBBEAN® Awning is the most decorative of the fixed range
featuring a wide and narrow panel configuration.
LUXAFLEX® Kingston Metal Awning
LUXAFLEX® Kingston Metal Awning with post supports
LUXAFLEX® Kingston Metal Awnings
• LUXAFLEX® Kingston Fixed Metal Awnings not only reflect the heat
and light but they have the added benefit of being fully waterproof
and are therefore designed to provide protection regardless of the
weather conditions.
• Optional closed side are available on Arm Support model.
• Available in post or arm support styles.
LUXAFLEX® Bahama Awnings
• LUXAFLEX® Bahama Awnings feature a series of wide horizontal
• This awning is ideal for the budget solution for shading windows,
doorways or patio areas.
• Available in post or arm support style.
LUXAFLEX® Arcadia Metal Awning
LUXAFLEX® Meridian, Arcadia and Aurora Metal Awnings
• Meridian, Arcadia and Aurora Awnings are very similar in style and
offer a neat and compact design capable of blocking the light and
heat from entering your home.
• LUXAFLEX® Arcadia Door Canopy Awnings are the perfect choice for
doors and windows that open outwards. Mounted at 7.5° they
provide excellent protection against the sun for shallow shading.
They also span up to 2 metres.
Technical Information
Our designers are constantly monitoring global and Australian decorating and lifestyle trends to provide you with the very latest in
innovative and stylish window treatments for your home.
Our commitment to quality for the last 50 years is emphasised by the fact that our manufacturer is accredited as a Quality Endorsed
Company to the International Standard ISO 9002.
LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are beautiful products, designed to last.
Ease of Use
To ensure our products meet your
requirements and are easy to use and
operate, most LUXAFLEX® Fabric
Awnings and Sunscreens can be
motorised for added convenience.
All our products are created to ensure they
are easy to handle and use. We only use
operation devices that can be easily turned
or pulled, that aren’t heavy and are strong
and robust enough to allow for constant use.
The motors supplied are of the
highest standard, are reliable, safe
and created for simplicity, reduced
noise and increased internal comfort.
Motorised electric awnings with
switch or remote control are ideal for
hard to reach window coverings and
for people who may have difficulty
with manually operating an awning.
incorporated in “Smart Home” and
LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are designed
and constructed to the highest quality
standard. Many of our Canvas Fabrics in the
LUXAFLEX® Product Range are coated with
DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector which
effectively repels most stain causing agents.
building management systems to
minimise energy usage for heating
and cooling.
Methods of Operation
Whether it’s an internal or external handle or a remote control device, all LUXAFLEX®
Products come with a range of operation types and systems to suit your light, privacy,
comfort and style requirements. In fact LUXAFLEX® has the largest range in Australia.
Custom Made to Measure
All LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are custom made to your exact requirements, so
they fit perfectly.
Training & Knowledge
Our representatives undergo regular
training to ensure they can provide the
expert advice you need to make selecting
your perfect window fashion easy. Their role
is to assist you in transforming your home to
suit your needs.
We provide 5 year warranties for our external Awnings and Sunscreens and 20 year
warranty on LUXAFLEX® Polyresin Shutters, to ensure your peace of mind*.
Your LUXAFLEX® Representative can assist you to find the best product to suit your
shading needs and co-ordinate to the aesthetics of your home.
* Conditions apply. Five Year Warranty applies to shutter hardware. Visit for warranty document.
LUXAFLEX® Product Selector
The following table will give you guidance in making your initial product selection.
Product Selector
Product Selector Legend
The Product Selector has been developed to assist you in selecting the right window
covering for every situation. The rating has taken into consideration the materials,
operation method and assumes the awning is in its optimum position to provide the
best result. The external scale can in no way be compared to the Inside Living
Product Selector for internal LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions and is only a guide. A
consultation with a LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions representative will provide a
customised assessment to the most suitable awning for your application and needs.
Highest level of protection/performance
High level of protection/performance
Medium level of protection/performance
Low level of protection/performance
No protection/performance
L U X A F L E X® W I N D O W
L U X A F L E X® W I N D O W
With the extensive range of LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions, we have your home shading needs covered,
both inside and out. For a quick product summary, visit our stores to obtain a copy of LUXAFLEX® Ideas
for Living or visit the website at
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