September, 2011
Colloquium\n, pl: an academic meeting at which information is given on a topic or related
topics with questions answered related to them.
Dear Carmel Catholic Families,
I am pleased to be able to offer you this first edition of the reconstituted Colloquium.
After feedback and analysis we have decided that a paper copy of this communication serves
the community more effectively than an e-copy. We will publish this newsletter seven times
over the course of the year.
“Who knew 50 could look this good?” is our “unofficial” tagline for the celebration of our
golden anniversary. I think it is quite fitting because Carmel Catholic looks stunning in every
respect as she moves into the next decades of life. The vibrancy of a new year is contagious
among the faculty, students, parents, administration and staff. We have had a positive, smooth
start to the year.
On Sunday, August 21st we began our year-long celebration with an outdoor liturgy honoring
our founding communities, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Order
of Carmelites. A chartered bus from Dubuque arrived carrying the Sisters who reside in and
around Mount Carmel. Those who minister in the Chicagoland area joined them in the student
lounge for refreshments prior to mass. The Carmelites followed shortly thereafter which
completed our VIP guest list. An additional 1100+ people filled the home stands and chairs
which were set-up in Baker Stadium. The student soloists and choir were accompanied by
professional musicians and singers to round out the musical selections for the event. Against
the blue sky flew a plane pulling a banner which read “Happy 50th Birthday Carmel Catholic
High School.”
Guest homilist, Sister Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM (President of the Congregation) offered this
Community at Carmel is grounded in God. Certitude that divine life breathes in everyone
and everything is the primary source of our communion; sharing a common life in God; we
are one family. Even as specific events like Kairos retreats, liturgies and sacramental rituals
bring the presence of God to heightened awareness, the sense of being in sacred space
infuses the whole Carmel environment. It finds expression in a spontaneous greeting, in
unrequested kindness, in attentive mutual conversation, in selfless celebrations of another’s
success, and in generous compassion at times of tragedy. To be at Carmel is to learn by
heart that there is no separation between what is holy and our everyday life; wherever we
are and whatever we are doing, there is God.
May each of us live out this spirit so beautifully expressed as we begin another year together!
Judith Mucheck, Ph.D.
From the Principal’s Desk…
Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century
“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how
to learn…and change.” This wisdom comes from Carl Rogers, a noted
psychologist. His insights are especially applicable to education in the
21st Century, a time marked by accelerated growth of information and
the impact of globalization. The teacher-centered classroom, simple
coverage of material, and memorization of facts are ineffective. Authentic
learning, defined by in-depth study, and critical thinking skill development
in an atmosphere of collaboration and inquiry based education, lays the
foundation for an academic program that empowers students’ with the
ability to recognize relevant patterns and apply that knowledge to anything
that comes their way. As an academic institution, Carmel Catholic is
committed to meeting the challenge of empowering our students with 21st
Century learning skills.
In response to this demand, we have identified Understanding by Design
(UbD) as the framework around which to build our curriculum, a framework to educate students for the demands of the world today.
UbD is built on “big ideas” and “essential questions” that must be realized by each student in the process of “learning how to learn.”
Visitors to our building will notice these understandings and questions visible in each classroom, as well as the UbD unit designs for
each course posted to faculty Edline pages. Our curriculum is developed with the end results in mind – what students should know, be
able to do and understand.
The curriculum is supported by the redesigned use of assessments: formative, summative and common as well as the movement
toward student-centered learning. Formative assessments allow teachers to monitor student progress and adjust instruction as needed.
You might call it “measurement along the way.” Summative assessment allows measurement of standards achieved through the
traditional use of testing. The common assessment, which is both the standardized tests given each year as well as the internal tests
which are designed by teachers who share common courses and used to measure all students enrolled in the same course. These
common instruments provides data across the student body as well as some insurance that the student academic experience will be
consistent, no matter which teacher is teaching the class.
In addition, our students are challenged to take control of their learning through activities that require them to construct meaning
through experience-based study. They are called on to shape new learning built on a foundation of their culture, experience and
previous knowledge. Students learn best when in-depth inquiry and independent application experiences replace simple coverage.
We are building active learners with the ability to take what they have learned and transfer it across disciplinary and cultural
boundaries in order to generate innovative solutions. This project based learning is often supported by collaborative group work and
expanded boundaries of learning. This is one reason why technology integration throughout the curriculum is a priority. Expanding
access to technology through the one-to-one laptop program, currently in the planning process, will allow us to move beyond the
classroom walls like never before. At Carmel, we understand and accept the responsibility of preparing our students to be life-long
learners in this fast paced, ever changing world.
Mark Your Calendars!
Grandparents’ Day, 10 a.m., Aud/ Café
3-8 Homecoming Spirit Week
Faculty In-Service; No Classes, Offices open 8-3 p.m.
Powder Puff Program, 2:30 p.m.
The Tasting, 7 p.m., CCHS
Homecoming Pep Rally/Coronation, 1:50 p.m., Aux. Gym
Freshman Induction Liturgy, 7 p.m., Auditorium
Battle of the Bands, 7 p.m., Auditorium
Homecoming Football Game and End Zone Tent Party, Baker Stadium
Homecoming Dance, 7:30 p.m., Salvi Arena
Advancement News
We welcome the start of our academic year, 2011-2012! It is my
hope that the past two months have given us time to replenish our
energy, refresh our minds, and rejuvenate our spirits as we begin
another year filled with excitement, hope and optimism.
The start of school is always an invigorating time for most of us, as
once more we see Carmel come to life with our students, whose
faces, voices, and presence we have missed and whom we are
happy to have back in our watch and care for the next ten months.
We welcome the Class of 2015 who in some wonderful way is
starting their high school experience during a milestone year for
Carmel Catholic - our 50th birthday! We are also very pleased to
welcome the new members of our faculty, who bring their wealth
of experience, expertise, energy and initiative to the collective and
strong force of educators, administrators and staff that make up the
Carmel family.
The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) spent the summer
planning and preparing to gear up for another extremely busy
year. In August this year, we hosted five ZIP code parties. We were
thrilled to have more than 150 freshmen parents join us, as we
welcomed them to the Carmel family. We are grateful for our host
families including: Beth and Mike Brennan, Margaret and Bryan
Cloe, Annette and John Nikolich, and Ron and Janis Paulson.
We were happy to see the proud faces of parents during our
Welcome coffee drive-through as they dropped off their children
on the first day of school. We were also overjoyed to have 1,200
members of our Carmel community join us for our school’s
Opening Liturgy on August 21. It was heartwarming to be with so
many Carmel families and friends, and members of our founding
religious orders, the BVMs and the Carmelites grace our very first
event to commemorate our 50th anniversary.
To date, we have hosted five of the nine class reunions scheduled
for this year (2006, 1976, 1991, 1966, 1981). It is always a joy to
see alums having a good time, reconnecting and re-living their fun
memories of high school.
Coffee Drive-Thru
The past two months have allowed me the time to reflect on
what we have accomplished and to think forward to meeting
new challenges and opportunities. Earlier this month, I had the
privilege of participating in a leadership workshop for Carmel’s
administrators and department chairs which I found very timely
and most uplifting; as together we affirmed our roles as servant
leaders and our commitment to Carmel’s core values and mission.
Carmel has an extraordinary faculty, administration and staff,
who give their absolute best to ensure that students receive
excellent education and faith formation. It is both a humbling and
rewarding experience to serve alongside like-minded individuals
whose passion and dedication to provide transformative education
for our students.
Thanks to our very generous Carmel community of current and
past parents, alums, grandparents, staff and friends, we are able
to provide our young Corsairs with endless possibilities and
opportunities for growth and development.
There are many reasons to be grateful and to celebrate as we begin
another school year. Great and exciting times are ahead of us.
Please mark your calendars for our upcoming events and social
activities in the next few months. Please call the OIA for additional
information about these events at (847) 388-3390 or email
[email protected] We would be grateful if you can join us.
September 24 – Travel back to The Tasting, Carmel Catholic High
School, Mundelein, IL
October 7 - Homecoming Tent Party, Carmel Catholic High School,
Mundelein, IL
November 5 – President’s Dinner, Sanfilippo Estate, Barrington, IL
With deep respect and gratitude,
Claress S. L. Pettengill
Director of Institutional Advancement
Street Scenes Celebrates Carmel’s 50 Years!
Street Scenes, Carmel’s most important fundraiser, will take
place for the 38th consecutive year in February 2012.
Dr. Mucheck and her baristas pour coffee
for the parents on the first day of school.
There are some critical positions which need to be filled.
It’s a FUN event and it’s easy to fit in and get involved!
If you are willing to help out and need more information, please
make an appointment to see Dr. Mucheck as soon as possible.
Contact 847-388-3340 or email [email protected]
Thank you for your consideration.
Full service!
Golf Classic 2011
It was the best we have had in years! What
exactly? The weather, the location, the
participants, and the golf.
The Annual Carmel Catholic Golf Classic
was held at Stonewall Orchard Golf Course
in Grayslake on June 13, 2011. The event
raised more than $35,000 for the tuition
programs. Parents, alum, and friends of
Carmel enjoyed a round of golf, meals, and
a silent auction while supporting CCHS.
First place Golf Tournament Champions:
Ray Wienke, Peter Speranza, Tom Kloss
and Ed Tentes
Members of the White family at the Alum
Pro Hole: Garrett ’07, Joe ’75, Liz ’77, and
William ’10
Carmel Alum Working In Congressman
Dold’s Office
Mr. Greg Hirsch, Board of Directors Chair visits with Carmel Alum,
Nick Vallorano ‘08 during a trip to Capital Hill in June. Nick was
working for Congressman Dold and spent the afternoon taking Hirsch
and two Colonels on a tour of the Capital building. “It was great to have
a Carmel connection out here, and Nick was fantastic and represented
Carmel well.”
Carmel Catholic High School Welcomes
the Class of 2015
On August 18, 2011 Carmel Catholic High School officially
welcomed the Class of 2015. Approximately 340 new faces walked
through the many entrances of the high school, anxiously awaiting
the start of their Carmel Catholic experience. Students from over
65 different grade schools were beginning their academic journey
together. Although this was the first time this class came together
in a formal academic setting, these students were already familiar
with one another, with over 98% of the incoming Freshmen Class
participating in the Freshmen Experience.
The Freshmen Experience is a one-day retreat that serves as a social
catalyst, where the freshmen come together to participate in team-building and icebreaking
activities. Some activities are active and others are thought provoking, and participation in these
activities allows students the opportunity to branch out and meet other students in their class. The
Freshmen Experience is geared toward fostering new friendships within the freshmen class while
strengthening existing ones.
For the second consecutive year, the Freshmen Experience took place on the campus of Carmel
Catholic and was very successful. Hosting the Freshmen Experience on campus gives our
Freshmen Class a unique opportunity to have an organized event on campus prior to the start of
the school year allowing students to become more familiar with one another while acclimating to the larger campus.
On August 18, 2011, I expected the halls to be alive with more excitement than anxiety, and they were. These students reaffirmed my belief
that we are very fortunate to have them join the Carmel Catholic family! Their energetic and accepting nature has been on display from day
one and these qualities are certainly hallmarks of this class.
I am very proud to welcome the Class of 2015!
Brian Stith, Director of Admissions
Street Scenes Ad Drive
Notification Concerning Asbestos Content and
Management Plan for Carmel Catholic High School
The Street Scenes Ad Drive began
Friday, August 26th and extends
through Friday, September 30th.
Carmel Catholic’s operating budget
relies upon these funds to meet
normal operating expenses during
the year. This is one way we are
able to keep our tuition lower than
other Catholic high schools in the
Archdiocese. To the end, each student
is expected to bring in a mandatory
amount of $150, and if not, $150 will
be billed to students’ tuition accounts
during the fall semester. Selling ads for
the Ad Book or selling tickets to Street
Scenes can satisfy the amount due.
Thank you very much for all you do to
encourage your student to do his/her
part for this important fundraiser.
In 1986, Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). That
law requires all schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, to be inspected to identify
any asbestos-containing building materials. The law further requires the development of a
Management Plan, based upon the findings of the inspection, which outlines our intent in
controlling the potential for exposure to asbestos fibers in our school.
We are in need of volunteers, 8:30
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for the Street
Scenes Ad Drive Collection days;
September 20, 23, 28 and 30. Please
call Mrs. Collette at 847-388-3377 if
you can provide assistance any or all
of these days.
Every three years the asbestos in this school is required to be re-inspected. The re-inspection
report notes any changes in the condition of the asbestos since the previous report. The last
three-year inspection was conducted at this school in December of 2008 and has been
added to the management plan. This past summer, asbestos ceiling tiles and pipe insulation
were removed from the 700 hallway. A copy of the three-year inspection report and the
management plan is on file at Carmel Catholic High School in the Academic Office for
your review if you so desire.
In the past, asbestos was used extensively in building materials because of its insulating
and fire retarding capabilities. Virtually any building built before the late 1970’s contains at
least some asbestos in pipe insulation and structural fireproofing. We, too, have buildings
that contain asbestos materials. The primary concern arises when these materials begin to
deteriorate or become damaged.
The inspection of this school is complete and some asbestos-containing materials were
identified in the building. The materials are distributed in various locations and include pipe
insulations and mechanical areas not readily accessible to building occupants or students.
The Inspection Report and Management Plan outlines in detail the methods we will use
to maintain the materials in a safe manner. Carmel has had, or is in the process of having,
people properly trained to successfully administer this program.
Department of Student Services - A Resource for
Ministry Opportunities
Student Services is dedicated to helping our students be Carmel Strong this year!
As we celebrate our school’s 50th birthday, we welcome our new freshmen and
focus on helping them transition into their new school. We are proud of our school’s
freshmen orientation process, and stress with parents the importance of making
connections early with school personnel.
We encourage our parents to get to know their school counselor. Students are
assigned counselors based on the alphabet (first letter of their last name). Counselors
see students regarding academic, social, and general concerns that arise during their
daily activities. All students meet with their counselors a minimum of two times a
year. During these meetings counselors review their four year plans, grade point
averages, and discuss career goals. As students approach their junior and senior years,
counselors assist students in matching colleges with their career goals.
Carrie Egan, our College and Career Coordinator, hosted senior application meetings
on August 25, August 28 and September 12, 2011. Seniors who struggle with
completing their applications (or who may not understand how to get started) may
attend one of the last two senior application completion night in our computer
lab (Room 505). The Computer Application Nights are September 22 (3-5p.m. and
October 17 (3-5 p.m.). In addition, individual counselors will be meeting with
their senior students the first month of school to answer any questions about the
application process, to read college essays, and to help students with their college
Students- First Semester Ministry Contracts
(available on Edline) are due Monday
September 26…looking for places to serve at?
The following sites are in need of help from
Carmel Catholic students:
Elizabeth Carlson, our Social Services Director, will be providing group sessions
for transfer students to help them with adjusting to their new school. She will assist
in suggesting clubs or other activities for them to join to get them connected to our
school. Mrs. Carlson is also busy planning for our Red Ribbon Week and organizing
Sigma Alpha Delta.
Student Services invites you and your students to get involved and to connect with our
school community. We believe that together we will be Carmel Strong!
Homecoming Dance – Saturday, October 8th
The Homecoming dance will be held on Saturday, October 8th from 7:3010:30 p.m. in the Salvi Arena. Tickets will be on sale at the bookstore from
Monday, September 26th through Friday, October 7th. Ticket prices are $25
per couple/$12.50 single tickets purchased in advance at the bookstore or $30
per couple/$15 single at the door. Only seniors have the choice of attending as
singles or couples. Students from the freshmen, sophomore, or junior classes
are expected to attend as couples given the formal nature of the Homecoming
Female students wear either long or short party dresses and male students wear
either a suit, sports coat or dress slacks with tie. Please check with Dean Cathy
Smolka prior to purchase of dresses, if you are in doubt as to the appropriateness
of the dress (no bare midriffs, high slits, etc.) Pricing sheets and ordering
information for photography purchase available at the bookstore. Additional
questions should be e-mailed to the senior class moderator, Ms. Rebecca
Monterastelli at [email protected]
Please see the Ministry page on Edline or
Ms. Cappelle in the Campus Ministry office
for more information.
Parents – Do you work or volunteer at a non-profit organization that could benefit
from student volunteers?
Please contact Kambra Cappelle at
[email protected].org or 847-566-3000
ext. 438 to submit information to let students
know about your ministry opportunity.
Regularly check the Ministry page on Edline
to stay updated on the latest Ministry
Program news.
Seniors To Order Caps and Gowns and Announcements
Information on ordering caps and gowns, announcements, and other items
associated with graduation will be distributed in homeroom mid-October. All seniors
must order a cap and gown with correct sizing. The rental cost for caps and gowns has
already been included in the graduation fee. Todd Crandall, the representative from
Jostens, will be at Carmel on Thursday, October 13th and Friday, October 14th during
the lunch periods to take cap and gown orders and payments for announcements and
other items. Please e-mail the senior class moderator, Ms. Rebecca Monterastelli at
[email protected] with questions.
Great Lakes Adaptive Sports
Lake County PADS
Lake County PADS Emergency Shelters
Libertyville Sports Complex
Mundelein Fine Arts Festival
Odyssey Hospice
St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church
Jubilee Garden
St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church
Religious Education
St. Francis de Sales Emmaus House
St. Gilbert Athletic Program
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
Super Sibs of Chicagoland
Warren Special Recreation Association
Fine Arts Recap and Highlights
Band camp, which was held over eight days this summer, welcomed in 28 freshmen for
a total of 93 band students. Band camp consisted of learning the music, five marching
routines with 12 to 15 pictures each and marching techniques. Camp has a tradition of
starting with a new member or Freshman Day.
Carmel Catholic Announces the 2011-2012
Student Council
“The orientation for new band members was well received; it was fun and exciting work
for the new students. During that day and continuing throughout the camp, the existing
band members were supportive and always positive. The freshmen were welcomed with
open arms and appreciated getting to know upperclassmen in addition to other freshmen
before school started,” stated DiAnn Behrens, parent of freshman Jennifer Behrens.
Carmel Catholic High School conducted
student elections for the school’s Executive
Board and Class Boards under the direction of
Ms. Kambra Cappelle and Sr. Kathleen Sinclair,
During football season, the pre-game program
will consist of musical selections of “Big Noise
from Winnetka” and Toni Basil’s “Mickey”, while
the initial halftime show will be a collection from
The Blues Brothers. The second half time show
will be Icons of Rock and Roll: Elvis, Beatles and
Michael Jackson. The stand music theme for this
year is music through the decades of Carmel’s
50 years of excellence. Following an afternoon
practice on August 16, parents and siblings were able to see all of the band’s hard
work in a short demonstration. This was followed by the annual band picnic. The first
performance of the season was September 2, with subsequent home performances on
September 16, October 7 (Homecoming), and October 14. In addition, the band will be
travelling to Dubuque, IA on September 24 to perform during a game against Wayzata,
MN. The band also has a tradition of performing at every playoff in support of Carmel’s
football team. Band will also maintain its tradition of performing pre-game with the poms
and cheerleaders. Please make an effort to see one of the band’s performances this year.
Those elected to the Executive and Class
Boards will be responsible for a number of
community service activities including: Fall
Food Drive, Fall and Spring Blood Drive,
Clothing Drive, Operation Rice Bowl and the
Glass Slipper Project. In addition, the Boards
will organize student dances and assist with
the Annual Walk-A-Thon. The candidates
participated in a formal election process which
included producing their own campaign
promotional materials.
Approximately 40 members of the Tri-M Music Society embarked on a special visit and
tour of the Place De La Musique on the grounds of the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington, IL
on September 1. The Estate features the largest selection of restored automatic musical
instruments in the world, a multitude of antiques, and the world’s largest restored theater
pipe organ. “What a wonderful opportunity this was for our Carmel Catholic music
students,” beamed Mr. Kent Parry, Choral Director at CCHS.
CCHS’ Fall play, under the direction of Mrs. Denise Sebastiano, will be ‘The Story of
Hansel and Gretel,’ the charming musical adaptation. This will be a great family show
complete with comedy, colorful costumes and pure enjoyment. The dates and times of
the performance will be: November 11 at 7:00 p.m., November 12 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00
p.m., and November 13 at 2:00 p.m. Join Hansel and Gretel as they venture into the
woods and meet up with a variety of characters and delicious adventures!
SAVE THE DATES: Battle of the Bands - October 6, Cabaret Concert - October 23,
Christmas Concert - December 8.
Art Student’s Photo Wins First Place
Congratulations to Abby Nierman who won First Place in the Illinois Art Education
Association Student Art Show. Abby’s photo depicts a stopped Metra Train. She is
currently enrolled in Art 3 and plans to major in photography in college. Abby will
receive her award at the Student Show Reception, to be held this year at Illinois State
University in Normal, Illinois, during the Illinois Art Education Association Annual State
Conference. The reception is Saturday, November 12, 2011.
Carmel Student Earns Full Athletic Scholarship
Congratulations to 2011 Senior Karrah Toby who received a full athletic scholarship to
Ashford University in Iowa. Karrah will be playing volleyball for the AU Saints.
Karrah was a three-time letter winner at Carmel Catholic High School and served as
team captain for the Corsairs this past season as a senior. During her sophomore, junior
and senior seasons at Carmel Catholic, Toby garnered Honorable Mention All-East
Suburban Catholic Conference accolades for her efforts. Toby was also tabbed to the
Daily Herald ‘Watch List’ three times during her career and was an All-Lake Forest
Tournament medalist in 2010.
Congratulations to the following students:
Executive Board
1st Vice President:
2nd Vice President:
Katie Skorcz
Kelley Dodge
Lauren Jones
Kelly McInerney
Seamus Quilty
Speaker of the Senate:
Assistant Speaker:
Secretary of the Senate:
Mitch Trychta
Kathleen Queenan
Gavin Tudor
Speaker of the House:
Assistant Speaker:
Secretary of the House:
Steven Fisher
Anna Avampato
Madeline Felipez
Sophomore Board
1st Vice President: 2nd Vice President:
Secretary: Treasurer: Melissa Quaiyoom
Elaine Foley
Jessica Heinz
Christian Santana
Ammar Ujjainwala
Junior Board
1st Vice President:
2nd Vice President:
Senior Board
President: Vice President:
Holly Sprow
Olivia Bounadere
Lexi Miles
Melanie Noonan
Michael Reed
Nikki Murgas
Nathan Holaday
Graham Misak
Freshman class elections to be held week of
September 19th.
Upcoming Carmel Catholic High School 50th Anniversary Events
A Brief History
Carmel Catholic is jointly sponsored by the Sisters
of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) and
the Order of Carmelites (O.Carm.). In 1960, the
Archdiocese of Chicago requested that these two
religious communities build a co-institutional Catholic
high school in Lake County. In September 1962,
Carmel High School for Boys opened its doors to a
freshmen class of 175 students. In September 1963,
Carmel High School for Girls admitted students.
In August 1988, the two schools merged and a
separate corporation was established for the newly
co-educational school.
The school occupies a fifty-acre campus with extensive
educational and athletic facilities. The school’s newest
addition is a state-of-the-art Science Wing—one of the
largest expansion and renovation projects in Carmel’s
history. The wing includes ten classroom laboratories
as 90 percent of Carmel students take science classes
all four years and 25 percent of Carmel Catholic High
School graduates pursue careers in the fields of Science
and Engineering.
In order to heighten awareness of the school’s Catholic
roots, Carmel High School was renamed Carmel
Catholic High School in 2005.
Today, our school operates at capacity with nearly
1400 students. We have 75 classroom teachers and
over 73% have advanced degrees. Our ACT scores are
among the highest in Lake County with a composite of
25.5 that is significantly higher than the state average.
We consistently have a 100% graduation rate and a
100% college acceptance rate. In 2009, the Carlos J.
Serna Learning Resource Center was established to
serve students who are admitted to Carmel Catholic
with learning exceptionalities and to strengthen our
commitment to a quality education for all students.
The Serna Center accommodates students in grade
9 through 12 who have an active Individualized
Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan.
The Board of Directors and school administration are
committed to keeping Carmel Catholic at the forefront
of Catholic secondary education. At the heart of
Carmel Catholic is a deep and abiding commitment to
community service and a deep respect for all people.
Commemorative Legacy Book
A 100-page commemorative 50th Anniversary
publication is currently in production. The book
provides an overview of Carmel’s rich history
spanning five decades. Copies of the book will be
available for purchase in November, 2011.
Friday, October 7, 2011
7 p.m.
Baker Stadium
Homecoming Game
Saturday, November 5, 2011
5:30 p.m.
Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington
President’s Dinner
Sponsored by the Carmel Catholic Board of Directors to benefit Carmel
Tuition Assistance Endowment. Invitations will be mailed.
Friday, February 24, 2012
7 p.m.
Carmel Auditorium
Estemmed Speaker Dan Mulhall
Join us for an enlightening presentation and conversation about
adolescent catechesis and faith development. Mr. Mulhall is the former
Assistant Secretary for Catechesis and Inculturation, United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops Department of Education. He was also
the 2008 Winner of the Emmaus Award for Excellence in Catechesis,
National Catholic Education Association, and the current Director of
Consultant Services for RCL Benziger. This event is co-sponsored by the
Archdiocese of Chicago.
Sunday, March 18, 2012
10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Carmel Campus
Build Your Own Retreat Experience
Carmel Catholic’s retreat experiences are often referred to as “life
changing.” Here is an opportunity for the Carmel Community to choose
one of three retreat sessions for your own spiritual renewal! Specifically
designed for adults. Close with Sunday Mass.
Saturday, April 14, 2012
6:30 p.m.
Location to be announced at a later date
We Are Carmel! 50th Anniversary Celebration
Alums, current and past parents and friends of Carmel are invited for an
evening celebration of dinner, music, auctions…and a special surprise
show! This will be THE must attend social event. The celebration is
designed to give the entire Carmel community the opportunity to show
their support and love for Carmel Catholic High School.
Sunday, April 29, 2012
8:30 a.m.
Carmel Campus
5K Community Run/Walk
Run or walk a trail, push a stroller, or walk your dog! Carmel’s 50th
Anniversary Run/Walk is slated to be a true community builder. Plan
to be a part of the festivities! Event proceeds to benefit the BVM and
Carmelite retirement fund and the CCHS Tuition Assistance Endowment.
Everyone is Welcome!
Sunday, November 11, 2012
3 p.m.
Holy Name Cathedral
Closing Liturgy at Holy Name Cathedral
Drive or take a chartered bus from CCHS to celebrate the close of the
anniversary year at Chicago’s historic home of the Church!
Carmel Catholic High School
Semester Two Honor Roll
2010-2011 School Year
AP Superior Honors (GPA of 4.25 or above)
Jessica Bond
Margaret Burke
Daniel Carvill
Ellen DiVenere
Christopher Georgen
Elena Gonzalez
Julia Hart
Christopher Heinlen
Kelly Knight
Rachael McGillivray
Brittney Mertins
Jasmine Minor
Junsoo Park
Allison Patnoe
Ryan Ruddell
Tony Russo
Joshua Sagartz
Daniel Simpson
Sierra Slade
Lauren Stark
Kathleen Szotek
John Thumel
Helen Wagner
Adam Warkenthien
Christina Fleres
Ryan Geusz
Patrick Hannon
Thomas Hauff
Michael Logue
Grant Matelski
Sarah Matthews
Nicholas Metzger
Brian Miller
Brandon Motzel
Nicole Murgas
Nicole Nerup
John Nikitas
Lauren Nonnenmacher
Cindy Nunez
Katherine Oosterbaan
Seamus Quilty
Alexa Rollins
Nicole Roy
Brendan Schedler
Kathleen Skorcz
Katherine Speth
Cameron Wieczorek
Christina Clement
Emily DeCicco
Krista Gauger
Laura Hefner
Sarah Heimberger
Nicholas Heinlen
Bryan Hunt
Peter Kolb
Mary Elizabeth Koptik
Brienne Lubor
Alexis Miles
Caitlin Murphy
Michael Norek
Margaret Ramont
Michelle Ross
Daniel Santos
Michael Scheer, Jr.
Martin Schwartz
Holly Sprow
John Sullivan
Caroline Thompson
Dana Wegge
Lynn Zemaitis
Michael Hendricks
Timothy Karich
Kathryn Kehoe
Leah Lach
Anne Lentino
Sophie Lombardo
Dillon Novak
Elizabeth Rengers
Yujin Shin
Sanjana Singh
Megan Sullivan
Timothy Vanco
Ashley Eccles
Shane Einloth
Corinne Fox
Laura Hojnacki
Katelynn Johnson
Jacqueline Jung
Sophia Kannenberg
Jacob Klahs
Shannon Kouba
Zihui Li
Lisa McCarthy
Chloe Morris
Nicole Murnik
Emily Nierman
Jordan Nuzzo
Hillary O’Toole
Matthew Porter
Christina Puzzolo
William Riedl
Margaret Scheer
Jeffrey Schroeder
Beth Scudder
Brian Serio
Megan Swindell
Brian Waldron
David Wilson
Mary Zizzo
Hannah Zupec
James Fagan
Madeline Felipez
Mason Fiascone
Allison Gauthier
Patrick Gray
Brigitte Hartnett
Michelle Hill
Natalia Jelen
Lauren Jones
Brian Kadowaki
Margaret Karich
Sonya Lara
Matthew Maher
Alex Marsalek
Marybeth Martin
Sarah McHugh
Kelly McInerney
Graham Misak
Emily O’Connor
Ryan Packer
Megan Reily
John Samuelian, Jr.
Charles Santoro
Matthew Schultz
Mary Schuster
William Topel
Luke Urbanik
Michael Varney
Sean Walsh
Elizabeth Bergen
Geoffrey Butler
Alexander Case
Henry Dominicis
Elizabeth Edwardson
Steven Fisher
Nolan Bedward
Olivia Bounadere
Mary Brinkman
Claire Bufalino
Margaret Carvill
Arielle Casaclang
Olivia DeKeyser
Michael Georgen
Theresa Gray
High Honors (GPA 4.0 to 4.25)
Kyle Belting
Lindsey Bezouska
Elizabeth Bierman
Carly Buschman
Stephanie Caghan
Emily Carton
Wesley Chiasson
Daniella Clement
Brittany Blum
Anna Brandmeier
Tayler Covers
Emily Davenport
Philip Davies
Kelley Dodge
Kelly Edwards
David Esterquest
Sebastian Allen
Cristian Avalos
Paul Cho
Luciano ConsdorfMozzone
Matthew Crisp
Caitlyn Cuba
Anne DiVenere
Jacklyn Durnil
Stephen Feely
Natalie Geoffroy
Kyle Henn
Alyssa Karim
Mariana Kolomayets
Colleen Loverde
Erin Miller
Erin Noll
Lillian Noonan
Ryan O’Toole
Nara Park
Corey Pitzo
Danielle Pullano
Matthew Schafer
Erika Schoenfeld
Emily Smith
Clarine Stephens
Kara Todoric
Alex Warkenthien
Mitchell Wimmer
Rachael Wulf
Zachary Gleason
Rebecca Hickey
Joseph Kenar
Caleb Klahs
Inessa Kolomayets
Isabella Kwiecinski
Joseph Lacher
Jamie Alyssa Reyes
Joseph Salvi
Megan Thompson
Jacqueline Timmins
Brooke White
William Winegard
Caroline Federer
Ryan Fraher
Meghan Hartnett
Jacob Haugen
David Heath
James Heid
Rebecca Henn
Eric Hessing
James Hessing
Jacqueline Hoeft
Dylan Hughes
Bradley Kamins
Andrew Kampe
Quinn Keller
James Kelly
Grace Kim
Michael Kolb
Eric Kosik
Jonathan Lythcke
Alexander Majewski
David Markiewicz
Natalie Masini
Erica Massarelli
William Mathe
Ryan McArthur
Monica McClure
Allison Michel
Adam Michniak
Jacob Miles
Patrick Mulroy
Gregory O’Block
Aaron Ogunro
Evan Palmer
Michael Patrone
Emelia Patterson
Leo Petrucci
Erin Quinn
Tylee Resetich
MacKenzie Rinella
Ryan Roessler
Kyle Ryan
Nicholas Sacca
Nicolas Sacramento
Mary Salvi
Jessica Scarpelli
Ashley Serrano
Karen Silvasy
Richard Sledz
Thomas Snyder
April Sorby
Paige Stickle
Andrew Stolzer
Kathleen Sullivan
Tyler Sullivan
Ryan Urbanski
Leah Varner
Katherine Wiacek
Shawn Wolf-Lewis
Lukas Zizzo
Jenelle DeWald
Nicole Doetsch
Alex Dunlap
Danielle Easter
Elizabeth Edwards
Katelyn Edwards
Lauren Engel
Theodore Eppel
Blair Feldman
Alexander Garabedian
Patrick Gerli
Nicole Granato
Chrishelda Green
Stephanie Hartnett
Megan Hebb
Brian Hefferan
Ian Heinrich
Maxwell Heinrich
Eleanor Henning
Connor Higgins
Todd Holup
Christian Horcher
Megan Hunzeker
Joseph Imburgia
Paul Jedrzejewski
Caitlin Jung
Kadre Kappes
Jennifer Kargol
Katherine Kephart
Peter Kimball
Kelly Klein
Damyan Kolomayets
Alexander Kramer
Crescenza Lappo
John Laughlin
Megan Linson
Michael LoMastro
Brigitte Lyman
Kaitlyn Lynch
Morgan Mason
Carlos Medina
Matthew Michalak
Abigail Monsalud
Shannon Moree
Jacqueline Moriarty
Megan Mowery
Mary Alise Murawski
Peter Murphy
Mitchell Nelson
Ronald Paulson
Elise Payette
Victoria Prybell
Kathleen Queenan
Colin Quinn
Michael Reed
Lauren Rejman
Anthony Rengers
Nicole Reynolds
Matthew Riedl
Kimberly Risos
Marissa Ritter
Hayden Roos
Mackenzie Rutledge
Nathan Rydel
Joseph Salvi
Amanda Seidl
Melody Shearron
Emily Sheridan
Emily Solan
Stephen Sullivan
Thomas Tomsovic
Shane Toub
Jessica Trunzo
Mitchel Trychta
Kathryn Vallorano
Taylor Welborn
Jonathan Wloch
Maria Yakovleva
Brendan Zawaski
Tina Zenzola
Sarah Applebey
Michael Barr
Derek Clement
Kathryn Edwards
Honors (GPA 3.5 to 3.99)
Matthew Abel
Emily Andras
Nicole Bakirtjy
Edwin Banderowicz
Mary Beth Berg
Karrah Bernat
Mario Bucci
Morgan Buschman
Mary Cipolla
Matthew Cullen
Kevin Deasey
Jessica Dennis
Michele DiNella
Amy Drangines
Nicole Drechsel
Nikko Alba
Justin Andreasik
Gwyneth Armour
Anna Avampato
Brian Badyna
Jessica Bautista
Heather Bear
Devin Becker
Colleen Black
James Blaida
Antonio Bosco
Laura Brandmeier
Brian Brennan
Gabriel Brouillette
Megan Burns
Megan Butz
Elizabeth Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Hayley Carlson
Madelyn Collins
Peter Alnajjar
Emily Anderson
Mark Atkins
Mystica Barrera
Caitlin Barry
Lauren Beres
Brett Blum
Matthew Boston
Martin Buckley, Jr.
Christopher Calvert
Matthew Campbell
Nicholas Caracciolo
Adriana Castanos
Zeus-Deo Ceniza
Kathryn Clements
Nellie Cocks
Desmond Cooney
Joel Dodich
Kasey Duffy
Lauren Feely
Gabrielle Fiandaca
Dominic Fusco
Andrew Gauger
Peyton Gibson
Raymond Godlewski
Elyse Gomez
Leslie Gomez
Taylor Gries
Jacob Gromala
Tanya Gupta
Connor Gustafson
Christopher Gutkowski
Andrew Harwardt
Mary Housner
Clare Howard
Rita Hull
Andrew Izban
Gretchen Jaraczewski
Alexander Jarencio
Alexia Kaminski
Allison Kane
Elizabeth Kelly
Crystal Knauf
Julia Koukol
Graham Kowalke
Kimberly Krause
Kathryn Larson
Lindsay Laske
Connor Lynde
Nathan Maciag
Eleonora Markosyan
Paige Massarelli
Hayley May
Ryan McCarthy
Hannah McClellan
Nicholas McGuire
Cristian Migliarese
Brett Milazzo
Kelly Moon
Anna Morley
Joseph Morris
Brigit Murphy
Samuel Nguyen
Landen Nickel
Reed Nikolich
Noah Nlandu
Melanie Noonan
Lillian O’Connell
Claire Ogrinc
Madeline Olson
Jamie Pabst
Seoyeon Park
Mary Paterkiewicz
Craig Paulson
Kara Podgorski
Brianne Pomierski
Blaze Pullman
Ellen Repeta
Emily Rhine
Chase Rieger
Kathryn Riley
Anna Santowski
Isabella Schneider
Jacob Schneider
Emma Schuckenbrock
Alexandra Senycia
Elizabeth Short
Mollie Shutter
Marisa Smith
Taylor Smith
Michael Speranza
Molly Stickle
Matthew Szotek
Kathryn Voight
Adam Wojciechowski
Maura Zawaski
Kathleen Felicelli
Christopher Fernandez
Brandon Fleres
Elaine Foley
Lauren Fournier
Rebecca Galuska
Paige Gauthier
Tara Grandolfo
Elizabeth Gutierrez
Megan Healy
Jessica Heinz
Emily Helle
William Higgins
Adam Jenke
Theodore Johnson
Kotryna Jukneviciute
Sadie Jung
Jacob Kane
Michelle Kannenberg
Lauren Kenny
William Kirby
Cassidy Kloss
Thomas Kobitter
Kelly Kolpack
Nathan Lowe
Gabriel Matelski
John Nonnenmacher
Ian O’Connor
Theaphania Patterson
Cecelia Payette
Hannah Pelfresne
Jerry Pitts
Abigail Poplawski
Lukas Porter
Alyssa Rao
Anica Rebollar
Martha Reilly
Emily Ritter
Steven Russell
Natalie Santoro
Thomas Seabright
Ariel Serrano
Kyra Strutzel
Blake Sullivan
Alexandra Svoboda
Brittany Tarpey
William Thompson
Veronica Tutaj
Ammar Ujjainwala
Andrew Warzecha
Cassandra Wilson
Andrew Wloch
Kelly Zeller
Amy Abel
Abigail Andrejek
Collin Barber
Sarah Bergen
Kaitlin Buckley
Sarah Burke
Sophia Butz
Nicole Caratas
Jihyun Choi
Adam Cloe
Ronald Cox
John Daniels
Madison Dollenmaier
Bradley Egan
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